2014 - Mill Springs Academy



2014 - Mill Springs Academy
Mill Springs’ Class of 2014!
hirty-five happy graduates of Mill Springs Academy, completed their
academic requirements and made one last walk up the hill from the
Upper School/Communication Arts classroom building to the Tweetie
Lewis Moore Student Activity Center, where family, friends, teachers,
administrators and returning graduates cheered their success.
Graduation ceremonies began with processional music played by PreUpper student, Sam Mishkin.
Graduates Joshua Moore and Anthony DeSantis and juniors David Wells and Paul Bain presented the
American flag, then graduate Kylie Reynolds sang the national anthem followed by a warm welcome
from MSA Board Chair, Angel Murr who shared brief but emotional stories about some of the graduates in their younger years. Graduate Isabella Omohundro offered the invocation followed by guest
speaker and MSA ‘05 alumnus Chas MacNeill, who encouraged graduates to come to grips with their
exceptionalities and to embrace their differences as gifts, rather than impediments.
MSA is known for heartfelt graduations because only our students speak to the audience. This year’s
graduation speakers included Lindsey Flax, Courtney Jones, Adam Robinson, and Andrea Carlos.
Valedictorian Joshua Moore addressed his classmates, accompanied by junior Paul Bain’s guitar. Paul
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Graduation . . . . . . . . . . . 1–2
Baccalaureate . . . . . . . . . . . 3
Honors Day . . . . . . . . . . . 4–5
Students Learn About Careers 6
Spring Art Show . . . . . . . . . 6
Guys and Dolls . . . . . . . . . . 7
Spring Band Concert . . . . . . 7
Diversity Leadership
Conference . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8
Nat’l Geography &
Spelling Bees . . . . . . . . . . . . 8
GISA Literary &
Music Competition . . . . . . . 8
8th Grade Literary Adventure 8
CA Meets Sister School . . . . . 9
Students Volunteer with
United Way . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9
Counseling Conference . . . . . 9
Save the Date! Polo Party . . . 9
World Food Day . . . . . . . . 10
MSA Art Teacher
Commissioned . . . . . . . . . . 10
Teaching Afghan
Kids English . . . . . . . . . . . 10
Spring Break in Greece . . . . 11
Principals’ Institute . . . . . . 11
ATL Shakespeare Company 11
Prom . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12
Ides of March, CA-Style . . . 12
Alumni News . . . . . . . . . . 13
Book Fair . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13
Senior Presentations . . . . . . 13
Become a Park Ranger . . . . 14
Real World Science . . . . . . . 14
Sports Banquet . . . . . . 15–17
Annual Fund . . . . . . . . 18–19
Success in
Success in
Class of
Adam Robinson was selected by his classmates as the 2014 Class
From left: Graduates Carter Cassel, Salutatorian, John Chisholm, Alex
Hurtsellers and MSA Alumna, MaKinzi Wright, enjoy themselves at a
reception in the Upper School Great Room after graduation.
Class of 2014 Valedictorian and Eagle Scout, Joshua Moore, and former
MSA math teacher, Maritza Gracia.
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then accompanied graduate Will Domenico and Junior Elyse
Meyers, who sang in harmony.
Headmaster Robert Moore, Upper School Principal Cynthia
Traylor, Communication Arts Principal Kay Morrison, and
Counselor Susan Day continued the program with the presentation
of several awards before students approached the stage one-by-one
to receive their diplomas.
Each graduating class selects an Alumni Ambassador to keep in
touch with faculty and all the members of his/her class for future
events. This year’s Alumni Ambassador selected by his classmates,
was Adam Robinson. Emily Pierson closed the ceremony by delivering the benediction with graduates, families and friends gathering
in the Upper School Great Room for a catered reception and final
2 Mill Springs Academy Matters
Honor and Awards
The following honors and awards were
presented to individuals during this year’s
graduation ceremonies:
SALUTATORIAN | John Chisholm
MOST IMPROVED | Brett Jackson
In keeping with tradition, Annie Carter
addresses the group with a heartfelt speech.
From left: Andrew Walker, Will Domenico, Shivani Patel, Emily Pierson, Caroline Dyer,
Lisa Imsand, Anthony DeSantis, Kylie Reynolds and Annie Carter (front) gather before the
Baccalaureate ceremony.
n May 9, Mill Springs’ graduating seniors, along with their proud parents, family
members, friends and MSA faculty and staff gathered for an evening of celebration
and recognition at the Birmingham United Methodist Church in Alpharetta for
Baccalaureate services. Teachers acknowledged student accomplishments and triumphs with
certificates, pins, honor cords, and trophies. And as an ongoing MSA tradition, instead of
inviting speakers from outside the Mill Springs’ community, the program featured speeches
from graduates who called to mind their reasons for attending MSA, their successes and
friendships, and also used the opportunity to thank family, teachers, staff and friends for
their valuable support.
The following honors and awards were presented during this year’s Baccalaureate services:
Academic Excellence | Shayna Lopp,
Francis Abernethy
Most Improved | Daniel Gillen
Academic Excellence | Zachary Skinner,
Joey O’Connor
Most improved | Dera Anueyiagu
Academic Excellence | Adam Robinson,
John Chisholm
Most Improved | Carter Cassel
Most Improved | Lenny Kay
Academic Excellence | Annie Carter
Most Improved | Tyler Buice
Academic Excellence | Kylie Reynolds
Most Improved | Lenny Kay
Academic Excellence | Alex Hurtsellers
Academic Excellence | Annie Carter,
Joey O’Connor, Shayna Lopp
Most Improved | Dera Anueyiagu
Academic Excellence | Carter Madison
Most Improved | Shayna Lopp
Academic Excellence | Josh Moore
Most Improved | Will Domenico
Andrea Carlos | Art 4
Anthony DeSantis | Art 5
Peyton Lockwood | Art 5
Carter Madison | Art 5, Art 6
Awesome Attention to Detail Award
Erin McCallum | Art 6
Courtney Jones | Sketchbook
Brandon Pike | ‘Life Saver in the Studio’
Emma Holden | Paint Brush ‘Flower’
Andrew Walker sings The River at Baccalaureate.
Vase & ‘Creative Genius’ Pin
Lindsey Flax | Camera Sculpture &
Paint Brush ‘Flower’ Vase
Kylie Reynolds | Musical Theatre
Andrea Carlos | Musical Theatre
Jasmine Steinway | Musical Theatre
Dera Anueyiagu | Vocal Excellence
Courtney Jones | Vocal Excellence
Meghan Kern | Musical Excellence
Will Domenico | Musical Maestro and
Drama King
Annie Carter | Second year member
Alex Hurtsellers | Second year member
Lindsey Flax | New member
Joshua Moore | New member
Carter Cassel | Certificate of Merit
John Chisholm | Certificate of Merit
Emma Holden | Certificate of Merit
Mill Springs Academy Matters 3
Honors Day Awards
*Denotes seniors
On the last day of school, MSA’s students and their families are joined in the Tweetie Lewis Moore Student Activity
Center by faculty and staff who honor students for their academic and social achievements.
President’s Award for Outstanding Academic Excellence | GOLD
The gold award recognizes academic success in the classroom. To be eligible for the
President’s Award for Educational Excellence, the following requirements must be
met: Earn a grade point average of 90 on a 100 point scale AND either (a) be in the
85th percentile or higher in math or reading, or (b) be recommended by a teacher
(based on test results or projects from any other course) plus one other staff member
witnessing community service or co-curricular activities such as tutoring other
students or demonstration of creativity and achievement in the fine arts.
Jack Abram (PU)
Paul Bain (U)
Jeremy Border (U)
Rosa Brown (PU)
Brandon Carr (U)
John Chisholm (CA)*
Corinne Davenport (CA)
Alex Diaz (U)
Hayden Draycott (U)
Maddie Hahn (PU)
Alex Hurtsellers (U)*
Emily Hyman (PU)
Isaac Jacobson (CA)
Neil Jensen (U)
Christian Kelm (PU)
Shayna Lopp (U)*
Jessica Lublin (U)
Drew Maichle (PU)
Michael Martin (CA)
Sammy Mishkin (PU)
Parker Mosley (U)
Austen Mudd (U)
Eli Musgrave (PU)
Matthew Plunk (CA)
Daniel Schmidt (U)
Alex Silverman (U)
Levi Smith (U)
Sam Smith (U)
Ryan Super (L)
Trevor Tencza (U)
Nicole Thomas (U)
Henry Wallace (M)
Max Woods (PU)
President’s Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement | SILVER
The silver award recognizes outstanding educational growth, improvement,
commitment, or intellectual development in their academic subjects but do not meet
the criteria for the President’s Award for Educational Excellence. This award should not
be compared to the President’s Award for Educational Excellence or seen as a second
tier award, for it recognizes a very different type of academic achievement. It is meant
to encourage and reward students who work hard and give their best effort in school,
often in the face of special obstacles to their learning.
Michael Antonucci (U)
Rhen Avritt (U)
Cartwright Ayers (PU)
Nathan Beard (U)
Brittany Blocker (U)
Caroline Bonds (U)
Andrew Border (PU)
Richard Brooks (U)
Aaron Brown (PU)
Jack Buck (U)
Will Caldwell (PU)
Andrea Carlos (CA)*
Annie Carter (U)*
Carter Cassel (U)*
Sagan de Castro (PU)
Raymond Cobb (U)
Elliot Cohen (PU)
Peter Cook (PU)
Lauren Crisp (U)
Garrett Cutchin (PU)
Matthew Dalluge (PU)
Caitlyn Doucet (M)
Caroline Dyer (U)*
Aidan Fitzpatrick (PU)
Michael Flanigan (U)
Quint Foster (U)
Tyler Goodwyn (M)
Morgan Graves (U)
Andrew Guest (PU)
Ty Harrell (PU)
Emma Harris (PU)
Abby Hayman (PU)
Devin Hazzard (CA)
Michael Healey (PU)
Alexis Herrington (U)
Emma Holden (U)*
Chandler Holt (U)
Sydney Itzkovitz (U)
4 Mill Springs Academy Matters
Brett Jackson (U)*
Russell Jones (U)
Spencer Kelly (PU)
Alli Kogoy (PU)
Peyton Lockwood (U)*
Cori Lowenstein (U)
Sam Lynch (U)
Carter Madison (U)*
Jake Martin (PU)
Jake May (PU)
Garrett McCarthy (CA)
Brandon McCormick (U)
Darby McHugh (PU)
Elyse Meyers (U)
Jack Minozzi (U)
Joshua Moore (U)*
Thomas Moore (U)
Mac Morris (CA)
Joseph Murphy (U)
Joey O’Connor (CA)*
Isabella Omohundro (U)*
Devin Orkin (CA)
Austin Palmore (U)
Brett Parks (U)
Carter Paul (L)
Emily Pearman (U)
Matthew Petty (PU)
Kyle Phillips (U)
Emily Pierson (U)*
Dylan Porper (U)
Matt Rankin (U)
Johnny Ray (CA)
Cole Reed (CA)
Trey Reid (PU)
Kylie Reynolds (U)*
Rachel Robertson (U)
Adam Robinson (U)*
Griffin Rudd (CA)
Connor Samsky (PU)
Ryan Sarver (CA)
Grace Shelton (PU)
Luke Sherrill (PU)
Eric Siegel (U)
Maritza Silva (U)
Caroline Skinner (L)
Zack Skinner (U)*
Andi Smith (CA)
Jacob Smith (CA)
Evan Smith (U)
Parker Stanley (U)
Tommy Sweeney (PU)
Morgan Taylor (CA)
Victoria Toscano (U)
Will Treace (U)
Nolan Waits (CA)
Christopher Walker (PU)
Andrew Walker (U)
Emily Wright (U)
Natalie Yager (PU)
Parker Zaglin (PU)
Academic Accomplishment
Given in recognition of the student whose outstanding academic achievement and
quest for knowledge reflects superior intellectual curiosity.
Alex Agcaoili (L)
Alex Hartsellers (U)*
Rosasharn Lilly Brown (PU)
Matthew Plunk (CA)
John Chisholm (CA)*
Levi Smith (U)
Grace Gersack (M)
Most Improved
Awarded in recognition of the student whose academic, social, and athletic growth
demonstrates noteworthy improvement.
Andrea Carlos (CA)*
Sara Browning Edge (PU)
Daniel Schmidt (U)
Alana Green (CA)
Caroline Skinner (L)
Brett Jackson (U)*
Joseph Stanley (M)
Given in recognition of the student who is exceptional in areas of leadership,
character, and community responsibility. This student has chosen to do what is right
instead of what is popular.
Lindsey Flax (CA)*
Brendan Nemesh (M)
Nate Lewis Foster (PU)
Johnny Ray (CA)
Quint Foster (U)
Alex Yager (L)
Lenny Kay (U)*
The Bruce Brownlow Scholarship | BRANDON MCCORMICK
The Bruce Brownlow Scholarship Fund was established in 2013 by anonymous
donors in honor of retiring Upper School Principal, Bruce Brownlow. The purpose
of the Fund is to provide scholarship support for a returning Mill Springs Academy
Upper School student, the scholarship will be applied toward the cost of that
student’s tuition during the following school year.
The Phil Hanson Scholarship | PAUL BAIN
This Scholarship was established in 2013 by an anonymous donor in honor of Coach
Phil Hanson. The purpose of the Fund is to provide scholarship support for a returning
Mill Springs Academy Upper School student; the scholarship will be applied toward
the cost of that student’s tuition during the following school year. The student
selected each year by Phil Hanson should be an athlete whose presence on the team
makes a positive difference for everyone because of the quality of his or her efforts
and attitude. This individual does not have to be the “best” athlete and need not be
one that Phil personally coaches. As such, Phil may consult other MSA coaches in
looking beyond his own teams when making his selection.
The Sherry Robinson Scholarship | CHASE WATSON
This Scholarship was established in 2013 by an anonymous donor in honor of
Upper School English teacher, Sherry Robinson. The purpose of the Fund is to
provide scholarship support for a returning Mill Springs Academy Upper School
student; the scholarship will be applied toward the cost of that student’s tuition
during the following school year. The student selected each year by Sherry
Robinson shall be one who possesses the special quality of being an encourager to
others. The student should be one who reaches out to those who need a friend and
strives to bring out the best in others.
The Susan S. Sanders Scholarship | GRACE ELIZABETH SHELTON
The Susan S. Sanders Scholarship Fund was established in 2009 by Jeff and Valerie
Levy in honor of PreUpper Principal, Susan Sanders. The purpose of the Fund is to
award scholarship support to a returning Mill Springs Academy PreUpper School
student who best embodies the overall qualities of excellence in his/her academic
work, social interactions and extracurricular activities. The student receiving the
award shows by example what it means to be a role-model and good school
citizen of high moral standard, and makes a significant contribution to the Mill
Springs’ Community which reflects the best qualities of a PreUpper student—
character, integrity, leadership and responsibility.
The Alex Levitt Citizenship Award | DEVIN ORKIN
This award is given to the student who most embodies the qualities that made
Alex Levitt so special. He participated in all aspects of campus life, excelled in
academics, performed in all the plays and cabarets, served as the music librarian,
and enjoyed using his artistic talents. Although he struggled physically, Alex never
gave up. He raised money for a camp for children with serious illness, sang in the
choir and went out of his way to help others – regardless of the physical cost to
himself. Alex Levitt was a role model and inspiration to every person who was
lucky enough to get to know him.
The Nelle Lewis Memorial Award | MARTHA MUIR, ED LITTLE
Nelle Lewis was one of MSA’s most enthusiastic supporters from its very early
beginnings. She contributed toward making the school’s Scholarship Endowment
Fund a successful venture and she always had something for “Robert’s Fund”,
which is what she termed the Mill Springs Academy Annual Fund. Most of all, Nelle
knew and loved MSA’s teachers and staff, as well as students. The Moore Family
established this annual award for teachers who go “the extra mile” year upon year
in memory of this wonderfully kind, attentive lady!
Matan Rabman, Mason Miscio, Catie Claire Coyle, and Maxwell
Small conduct a group project during Science Week.
Mill Springs Gets
“Hands-On” With Science
SA students were treated to
an extraordinary opportunity
to learn about science
directly from college professors during
Science Week. Professors from Georgia
Tech, Emory, and Gwinnett Tech
set up demonstration tables in the
Students visit the many
MSA gym, where students stopped
exhibits set up in the MSA
to learn about oil and bacteria
gym during Science Week.
separation, nanotechnology, brains,
vertebrae, skeletons, air quality, health, physics, and chemistry.
The students actively participated in the experiments, and were
able to complete activities such as handling snake skeletons,
observing slides of brain tissue and assisting in nanotechnology
experiments. Upper School science teacher Vaidehi Rallapalli
arranged the “Science Fair” featuring the college professors. She
stated, “I think our students learn best when they can observe,
touch and truly feel, science. They all seemed to be extremely
engaged in the experiments and presentations.”
One of the highlights of Science Week was the Earth Orbit
Expo which featured giant inflatable planets, moons, and suns.
Students manipulated a 16 foot earth and a 4 foot moon to create
the cycles, systems, and relationships between the earth, moon, and
sun. They learned about the phenomena such as eclipses, seasonal
and lunar cycles, patterns in space, rotation vs. revolution, the tides,
gravity, characteristics of the sun, and the order of the planets.
Students especially enjoyed “walking” the earth in its revolution
around the sun. “This was really fun,” said 7th grade Communication Arts student Brennan Burstein. “I think every science class
should have giant planets like this for their classroom.”
Upper and CommArts students were also treated to a
presentation on Applied Robotics by John Johnson, a graduate
student in applied physiology at Georgia Tech. Mr. Johnson is
currently doing research in the field and has already built a
robotic hand prototype. Through the course of John’s presentation, students learned about the history of prosthetic devices, as
well as how John built his prototype from the ground up.
Mill Springs Academy Matters 5
Communication Arts
Students Learn
“How to Choose a Career”
Bill Taylor (center), poses for a picture with CommArts students after his
James Torrance shows off his Donut Man painting at the front register
of DaVinci’s.
Making Masterpieces with
DaVinci’s Donuts
n awesome new donut shop in Alpharetta has been so great
for MSA artists! The owners of DaVinci’s Donuts donated
200 donuts and toppings for MSA Art Show guests to make
their own donut masterpieces! Fruity Pebbles, Sprinkles, and Oreos
were a few of the ‘materials’ used to create food works of art!
Janet Ford’s ‘Art in the Community’ class has created DONUT
inspired art work that is on display at DaVinci’s. Canvas paintings
and mixed media art with cardboard, plaster, beads, paint, sculpting
wire, etc. were created by Upper, PreUpper and Communication
Arts artists. The students visited DaVinci’s to deliver their custom
created artwork for the donut gallery! “The shop has a ‘local artists’
gallery inside,” said Janet. “This month, WE are the local artists!”
6 Mill Springs Academy Matters
hat do you want to be when you grow up? Communication Arts students were challenged to think about that
as Bill Taylor, father of 11th grader Morgan Taylor, talked
about the steps in choosing a career that matches your abilities with
your interests. Mr. Taylor retired from Evian Corporation as the
Head of Human Resources for the North American Division. He
recommended that students intern in particular jobs while still in
school to see if it’s the “right fit”. And in order to refine your search for
a career, Mr. Taylor suggested using a self-awareness assessment. The
students especially enjoyed his descriptions of unusual careers such as
“snake-milker”, “road kill collector”, and “pet food taster”. Student
Alex Orred stated, “I want to drive big fast cars, and since I probably
won’t be able to afford one, maybe I’ll just test them for a living.”
Alexa Shuster stands next to her brother and dad as she displays her
sculpture at this year’s art show.
Student Art Show
his spring, MSA hosted yet another
amazing Student Art Show
where students in 1st–12th
grades displayed their artwork.
The event was held in the
MSA gymnasium which
was transformed into an
intimate gallery setting
with many students playing a role in
the set up and maintenance of the affair.
A special thanks to Emily Wright, Lindsey Flax, Emma Harris,
James and Jim Torrance, and Levi Smith for going above and
beyond to make the event fantastic!
Abby Hayman (left) impatiently waits for Taylor Bunker (right) to hurry
up and fork over some spending money.
Guys and Dolls
n April 23–26, the MSA Fine Arts Department presented
its spring musical, Guys & Dolls Jr.! The story concerns
two gamblers in 1940s New York City trying to figure
out how to balance their gambling ways with the girls they most
desperately love. MSA students helped in every aspect of the
production, from set and prop construction to makeup design to
running the tech elements during performances.
Many people worked very hard this year to help make the
production a success. Special thanks to Judy Shurling who was
Alex Diaz (left) and Andrew Walker (right) end their song on a high note.
instrumental in sourcing as well as creating the gorgeous costumes.
Gwyneth Hummel-Levy and Morgan Newman were irreplaceable regarding Tech! Levi Smith had a hand in EVERY facet of the
show—props, set, tech, and even acting! We are so thankful for
these folks and ALL the awesome cast parents who donated time
and materials during the show process.
Spring Band Concert
n Tuesday, May 6, 2014, the MSA Band put on 2 fantastic
concerts for friends, family, students, and staff. They
opened with a fun rendition of the theme song from “The
Office” by the Scrantones, ending the piece with a burst of paper
airplanes. We’re happy to report that no one lost an eye.
The concert continued with Charlie Clouser’s “Hello Zepp”,
from the movie Saw. This chilling music was followed by the ever
exciting Queen sing-a-long, “Bohemian Rhapsody”. Both pieces
were Senior requests by John Chisholm and Tyler Buice, respectively. Next came a mash up of “Demons” and “Radioactive” by
Imagine Dragons. This was a particular Band (and crowd) favorite,
as extra Band members put down their regular instruments and
picked up drum sticks to incite an all-out percussion frenzy midsong. It was quite exciting! The program closed with “Ecstasy of
Gold” by Ennio Morricone with special guest, Kate McElliott,
lending the soaring soprano line to this majestic orchestral tune.
A good time was had by all!
Thomas Moore takes a break between songs during this year’s Spring
Band Concert.
Mill Springs Academy Matters 7
Student Diversity Leadership Conference
or two years, Mill Springs’ students have had the opportunity
to attend the Student Diversity Leadership Conference
(SDLC). This year’s group from MSA went to Washington,
D.C. in Dec. 2013 to attend the conference where they participated
in fun, critical thinking activities designed to help participants
gain increased confidence, compassion, and character. Conference
participants were challenged to “lean into discomfort” and not
be afraid of what or who they don’t know. A very helpful skill for
anyone to take with them into adult life. During the four day
conference, the students had the opportunity to share their fears
and to learn how not to be judgmental, how to appreciate a person’s
honesty, and how to respect values and opinions through a diverse
perspective. Students also met thousands of other students from
independent schools around the world; learned that they are not
the only ones with learning differences; were given the opportunity
to express themselves without being judged; and shared ideas and
experiences in a confidential environment. Students are already
looking forward to next-year’s conference, which will be held in
December, 2014 in Indianapolis, Indiana.
Matthew Plunk
National Geography
and Spelling Bees
ongratulations to MSA’s 2013
National Geographic Bee champion,
7th grader and Communication Arts
student, Matthew Plunk!! This year’s second
place finalist was eighth grader PU student
Connor Samsky. The National Geography Bee is a
nationwide contest in which the first place
prize is a $25,000 college scholarship.
This year’s MSA competition was held
in the PreUpper School and was a huge
success with 50 students from grades six
through eight competing in the event.
Matthew went on to compete at the state
level bee where he took 9th place out of
100 participants. Matthew also competed
on the state level for spelling and placed
9th overall as well. Congratulations to all
the students who participated in this year’s
bees. Everyone did a great job.
8 Mill Springs Academy Matters
Rosa Brown holds up her score sheet from the
GISA State Literary & Music Competition.
2014 GISA State
Literary & Music
n Tuesday, March 18, PreUpper
student, Rosa Brown competed in
the Class AAA—2014 GISA State
Literary & Music Competition in Valdosta,
GA. Previously she won the Regional
competition for the Argumentative
Essay category, writing on the topic of
Technology. At the State competition she
wrote on Bioethics and placed 4th in the
state. Students in 8th–12th grades are
invited to participate in the competition.
Shilpee Kathuria, Upper School teacher
and competition sponsor remarked, “Rosa
makes us proud!” Congratulations!
PreUpper student, Megan Brown, displays her
Mississippi River
tudents in Michael Griffith’s 8th
grade Literature classes created
adventure maps this spring, which
chronicled Huck and Jim’s adventures
down the Mississippi River (taken from
Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Huckleberry
Finn). Coursework culminated into
a multi-media project following the
completion of the American Novel Unit
giving students the opportunity to connect
literature to art and American history.
CommArts Meets its
“Sister School”
n continuing their study of Native American cultures, the
Communication Arts School has chosen a sister school located
on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. The name of
the school is “Little Wound School”, named after a famous Lakota
warrior with ninety-five percent of the students and staff direct
decedents of the Oglala Lakota tribe and dedicated to maintaining
the language and culture of the Lakota people.
For their first Skype session, CommArts students practiced
their Lakota phrases and told the Little Wound students about Mill
Springs Academy. Students continued Skyping each other throughout the semester and began emailing each other as individual “pen
pals” toward the end of the school year. “Eventually we hope to
be able to have a student and faculty exchange for a week”, stated
teacher Taniah Jones. “We are looking forward to a long and valuable friendship with our Lakota friends, and learning even more
about their culture,” added teacher Chelsea Michelson.
Jacob Budwitz played a tune on his Native American flute for the Lakota
students at Little Wound School.
Volunteering with
United Way
Natalie Yager and Darby McHugh pack shoeboxes for the United Way
on Good Friday.
SA students, Natalie Yager and Darby McHugh,
volunteered with the United Way to decorate and fill
shoeboxes with personal supplies (soap, shampoo, socks,
toothbrushes, toothpaste, etc.) for homeless women and children.
The United Way expected to receive over 50,000 shoeboxes to be
distributed to 13 counties across Atlanta during the week leading
up to Mother’s Day. This is Natalie’s 3rd year of volunteering for
this worthy cause, and she was thrilled to recruit Darby to help this
year as well. The girls had a great time and the organization was very
pleased with their help!
Counseling Conference
his spring, Susan Day, Director of Counseling at
MSA attended the annual Southern Association
for College Admissions Counseling (SACAC)
conference. Some of the sessions Susan was able to
attend included information about students who are
not developmentally ready for college, programs for
Juniors, gap year programs, building relationships with
regional college representatives and how to help students
get the most out of meeting with college admissions
representatives. “It was a very informative conference and I
came back with lots of ideas,” said Susan.
Mill Springs Academy Matters 9
World Food Day
PreUpper students, Christian Kelm and Natalie Yager show off their
projects on World Food Day.
n Friday April 25th, PreUpper 7th grade students
celebrated World Food Day by bringing in homemade
food dishes from around the world. Students made posters
giving facts about the country, food, and people associated with
their dish, which was prepared with little to no help from mom
and dad. The poster and food were judged solely on presentation
rather than taste, with students’ grades counting toward 30 percent
of their overall World Cultures grade. “Everyone was very creative
with their dishes,” said PreUpper Principal, Susan Sanders. “Foods
ranging from French pastries with grape and strawberry jelly, to
Mexican beans served with dipping chips and ground beef.” Various
MSA Faculty as well as 7th grade students, all had a great time
sampling the tasty foods.
MSA Art Teacher
SA art teacher, Brian Buxton was commissioned to create
a drawing for a retiring chorus master of the Atlanta
Opera Company, Walter Huff. The commissioned art was
to be a portrait of Huff and
given as a surprise gift from
company members, after
his many years of service.
Brian used pastels in the
creation of the portrait.
Brian’s wonderful artwork
was truly a welcomed
surprise to the receiver.
Walter Huff is presented with a portrait of himself painted by MSA art
teacher, Brian Buxton.
Teaching Afghan Children English
ower School has been working with MSA parent, Bre
Carlson, Matthew Carlson’s mom, on gathering things
to send to Afghanistan where Matthew’s dad is currently
stationed. Mrs. Carlson said, “They are at Camp Phoenix in the
center of Kabul. Every week there is a bazaar where locals come to
Camp Phoenix, located in Kabul Afghanistan.
10 Mill Springs Academy Matters
sell things like jewelry and scarves. Interestingly the ones bargaining
are the children as they learn to speak English. The soldiers have
grown close to these children and they are loving learning English.”
The children recently received a soccer ball so the soldiers made
them a goal which has been a huge hit. “It is quite the site to see
the pictures of the children there interacting with the soldiers,”
continued Bre. “I know it also brings comfort to the soldiers who
are missing their own children to be able to help these children.”
Many Lower School parents sent children’s books, balls, and
notebooks, with MSA’s Administration sending notepads and
pencils, and the Phys. Ed. Department providing Mustang Tennis
and KK’s Club t-shirts. Lower School students also wrote letters to
the soldiers which were mailed separately.
Spring Break
hy of course! Seventeen Upper
School students and four
chaperones spent Spring Break
touring Ancient and Modern Greece. The
group marveled at the science, technology,
engineering and math applications of the
past and present. Past wonders included
the Temple of Zeus, Acropolis and
Parthenon, ancient Olympia and sacred
Delphi. Modern sites included the Canal of
Corinth and the Rio Antirrio Bridge, which
was the longest cable-span bridge in the
world when it opened in 2009.
The group also enjoyed a modern one
day cruise to the Greek Islands of Hydra,
Poros, and Agina. Their visit to the land
of Greek gods was both educational and
While in Greece, students and teachers visit the Acropolis, constructed on the high Acropolis plateau.
The monument offers spectacular views and buildings that include the Parthenon, the Erechtheion,
and the Temple of Athena Nike.
Atlanta Shakespeare Company
n March 5, the Atlanta Shakespeare Company brought their touring performance
of “Shakespeare: the Language that Shaped a World” to our students. The
performance was made possible by funding from the Fulton County Arts
Council and a matching gift from MSA. The 45 minute show was a mash up of scenes &
monologues from some of Shakespeare’s most famous plays interspersed with narration
giving the students some connections on Shakespeare’s impact on our language and culture
today. After the performance, the 7 actors led a Q&A session with our students providing
insight into what it is like to be a Shakespearean Actor.
essica Connell, Assistant
Principal in Middle
School has applied
to the Principals’ Institute
of Harvard University’s
Graduate School of
Education this past fall with
the encouragement of the
Dean of Graduate Students
at KSU. She received notice
that she made the final round
of acceptances and will
attend her first professional
seminar in June and another
over a long weekend in
November. All of this while
she works on her doctoral
dissertation in Educational
Leadership at KSU. She is
really looking forward to
this fantastic opportunity.
Mill Springs Academy Matters 11
Little Bit of Japan
Students pose for a group shot at this year’s Prom.
n Saturday, April 12, MSA’s high
school students experienced a
little bit of Japan at this year’s
Prom. Holding this year’s event in the
Great Room of the Upper School allowed
students to be able to decorate and truly get
involved in ways they haven’t been able to
when it was held off campus. They adorned
the room with pagodas and arches that
they built; decorated the tables with their
own centerpieces; and put up studentmade art created by Janet Ford’s art classes.
One of the highlights of the night was the
band MIDNIGHT, whose members are
MSA’s own students Tim Herbert, Dylan
Porper, Evan Smith, Daniel O’Keefe, and
Trevor Tencza. This year’s Upper School
King and Queen were Alex Hurtsellers and
Emma Holden and Communication Arts
King and Queen were John Chisholm and
Lindsey Flax.
The Ides of March
CommArts Style
ommunication Arts student Joey
O’Connor meets a deadly end
on the Ides of March as he plays
the part of Julius Caesar. Every year
Communication Arts students get to
choose a new way to kill Caesar. This year’s
toga-clad citizens chose to kill him with
their lunches. As Caesar yelled, “Et tu,
Brute?”, he was pummeled by a bevy of
sandwiches and cookies.
12 Mill Springs Academy Matters
Alumni News
Austin Coleman was recognized for
earning a spot on the Dean’s List at
Piedmont College with a grade-point
average between 3.5–3.99. Austin
is majoring in Communications at
Piedmont and is scheduled to
graduate in 2017.
Philip had a great freshman year at
Georgia Southern, maintaining a B
average while also enjoying the outdoor adventure club, Bible study and
intramural soccer. “GSU has a great
Student Services group which provides
much academic support, including a
Writing Center, free note takers and
early registration,” said Philip. “Many
thanks to MSA for preparing me for a
successful college experience!”
Tara and Jim Paul with their son Carter Paul
at this year’s Barnes and Noble Book Fair.
Spring Book Fair
a Big Success!
SA’s Barnes and Noble Book Fair
was a huge success! A great big
thanks to all the MSA artists,
actors, readers, faculty, and families for
making this a fun off-campus event. Thank
you, also, to parent volunteer Judy Norris
for manning the MSA table and to the
wonderful Fine Arts staff for setting up the
art and performing songs from this year’s
Spring Musical, Guys and Dolls. The event
not only raised money for the library, it
served as a showcase for our wonderful
A big thanks to Levi Smith for designing a special purpose podium (pictured), platform and screen,
and Patrick Rose’s Theater Tech class for building it.
Senior Presentations
hirty-five seniors impressed the community this spring with their documented
research and public speaking skills, when they performed in a 12-year MSA tradition
known as Senior Presentations. Students rose to individual excellence as they
analyzed a controversial issue or provided process analysis for a complex procedure. After
their speeches in the Upper School Great Room, parents and staff were overheard saying:
“Fantastic! I can’t believe my child rose to such a high level.” And… “I feel like the Seniors
became college freshmen before my eyes today.” And… “WOW! Great Job. Every year gets
better and better. Very impressive!”
Mill Springs Academy Matters 13
Love the Outdoors?
Become a Park Ranger!
Park Ranger Marjorie Thomason with Comm Arts students (left rear)
David Flamini, Thomas Chiu, Austin Nam, Andi Smith, Corinne
Davenport, (front row) Devin Hazzard, Alana Green, Kaitlin Bolander,
and Matthew Plunk.
ove the idea of tramping through the woods as your career
choice? The students of Communication Arts were treated
to a lecture by Majorie Thomason, a Park Ranger who is
Educational Coordinator for the Chattahoochee Nature Center.
Ms. Thomason described the varied job opportunities available
as a National Park Ranger, including law enforcement, resource
management, maintenance, education, and administration. She
then detailed the individual tasks that Park Rangers perform in each
of these divisions, such as digging for artifacts, monitoring water
quality, watching out for fires, keeping track of endangered species,
keeping trails clean and clear, and keeping the peace.
Can a student who’s interested in a career as a Park Ranger get
started early? Absolutely, explained Ms. Thomason, who told the
students about the Youth Conservation Corps, a program which
pays minimum wage and prepares America’s youth for maintaining
and managing park resources. This idea excited student Corinne
Davenport, who wants to be a Park Ranger as a career. “I can’t wait
to sign up for this,” she stated. “It’s my dream job and I can start it
now,” she added.
Real World Science
ommunication Arts Science teacher, Jay Hudson, used a
coworker’s bad luck as the inspiration for a lesson in science,
life skills, and good citizenship. Walking in to school,
Mr. Hudson noticed his coworker’s flat tire. He promptly offered
to change the tire, with the condition that he be allowed to teach
his entire science class this useful skill! Jay and his eager 9th graders
worked through the process of changing a tire, from locating and
identifying necessary tools to testing the pressure of the spare.
Leave it to Jay to turn a stressful event into a useful lesson! Thank
you Jay for your keen eye, your hard work, and your ability to
make science fun and interesting!
MSA Matters reflects the collective work of various
MSA Faculty and Staff as well as the student
writers and photographers involved with Kickin’
It Magazine—a monthly publication conceived,
written, illustrated, and published by the students
of Mill Springs’ Upper and Communication Arts
Schools. All of Mill Springs’ official publications can
be accessed through our website by visiting www.
Jay Hudson teaches his students how to fix a flat.
14 Mill Springs Academy Matters
MSA Athletes Honored at Sports Banquet
n addition to participating and often
hosting the AAC banquet, MSA
also has its own awards ceremony to
celebrate the achievements of our superb
athletes. Congratulations to the following
individuals who were recognized at this
year’s MSA Sports Banquet.
Volleyball—Sara Nedblake
Soccer—Zack Dickerson, Eric Siegel, John Wilson,
Chandler Holt
Girls Cross Country—Grace Gersack
Boys Cross Country—Sam Lynch, Devin Hazzard
Boys Basketball—Chandler Holt
MSA’s senior athletes. FRONT ROW: Brett Jackson, Francis Abernethy, Carter Cassel, Zack
Dickerson, John Wilson, Josh Moore, Anthony DeSantis, Adam Robinson, Tyler Buice. Peyton
Lockwood. MIDDLE ROW: Meghan Kern, Lindsey Flax, Shayna Lopp, Emily Pierson, Shivani
Patel, Kylie Reynolds, Caroline Dyer. STANDING: Athletic Director James Sampson and
Assistant Athletic Director, Jennifer Kramer.
Girls Basketball—Kylie Reynolds
Girls Tennis—Shivani Patel
Girls Tennis
Boys Tennis—Matt Rankin
Most Improved—Jack Minozzi
Most Valuable Player—Shivani Patel
Girls Track—Maritza Silva
Coach’s Award—Chandler Holt
Coach’s Award—Alli Kogoy
Boys Track—Devin Hazzard, Zack Dickerson
Mustang Award—Josh Moore
Most Improved Player—Sophie Lane
Golf—Brett Jackson, Francis Abernethy
Baseball—Chandler Holt, Josh Moore,
Zach Goodelman
Most Valuable Player—Chandler Holt
Most Improved—Sam Lynch
Most Improved Player—Noah Altman
Coaches Award—Parker Mosley
Golden Glove—Zach Goodelman
MVP/ Mustang Award—Peyton Lockwood
Soccer—Zack Dickerson
Coach’s Award—David Wells
Cross Country—Devin Hazzard
Jack Withrow Mustang Spirit Award—Josh Moore
Baseball—Chandler Holt
All ACC—Chandler Holt
Golf—Brett Jackson
All ACC—Josh Moore
Track & Field—Devin Hazzard
All ACC—Zach Goodelman
Athlete—Chandler Holt
Sportsmanship—Shayna Lopp
Spirit Award—Josh Moore
Coach of the Year
Phil Hanson (Basketball / Soccer)
Coaches Award—Lauren Yelverton and Anna Patrick
Spirit Award—Caitlyn Doucet
Most Improved—Steffi Schneider
Boys Tennis
Most Valuable Player—Matt Rankin
Most Improved—Richard Brook
Coach’s Award—Josh Moore
Coach’s Award —Matthew Murr
Coach’s Award—John Wilson
MVP/Mustang Award—Spencer Kelly
Coach’s Award—Morgan Taylor
Coach’s Award —Eric Siegel
Coaches Award—Jack Buckley
Swimming—JV (girls)
Coach’s Award—Jack Minozzi
Coach’s Award—Zack Dickerson
Most Improved—Andrew Guest
Individual Sports Awards:
Most Improved—Chandler Holt
Swimming—JV (boys)
Most Improved—Michael Healey
Coaches Award—Reid Cohen
MVP/Mustang Award—Matthew Murr
Girls Basketball
Most Valuable Player—Sara Nedblake
Coach’s Award—Kylie Reynolds
Most Improved—Emily Pierson
Most Improved—Maritza Silva
MVP—Sara Nedblake
Coach’s Award—Sara Edge
Mustang Award—Evan Smith
Mill Springs Academy Matters 15
by James Sampson
t was a hectic but great season for our young tennis team this
year, who despite the rain, managed to finish with grace and
dignity. In the Region 1-AAA GISA (Georgia Independent
School Association), Individual Tennis Championships in Peachtree
City we had two students who nearly made it to state, Shivani Patel
and Matt Rankin. They both met the number one seed in their
prospective division and lost to two outstanding tennis players.
In the AAC (Atlanta Athletic Conference), our girls finished
second and the boys third in the team event at Cherokee Tennis
Center. Overall we were impressed with the level of sportsmanship
demonstrated by all of our team members this season. On behalf
of coaches Karen Bradley, Brian Buxton and myself we are truly
appreciative for the opportunity to work with all of our kids.
Jacob Cutchin drives the ball.
by Matthew McConnell
014 was another exciting and successful season for the Mill
Springs Academy golf team. After losing two very strong
seniors from the team at the end of last year, we were unsure
of exactly how competitive we were going to be. However, under
the leadership of seniors Brett Jackson and Francis Abernethy, we
ended up going 6–2 in the regular season and winning the AAC
championship over runners-up Brandon Hall at the end-of-year
It was certainly a golf season I will never forget. We had our
first ever under-par round in a tournament (Brett Jackson against
Loganville Christian School), our first time with a player making
three birdies in a nine hole match (Francis Abernethy against The
Weber School), and several of our golfers turning in scores in
tournament play that were 15–20 strokes better than what they
shot last year (Jacob Cutchin, Michael Martin, and Tyler Buice).
Also, at the GISA regional tournament at White Oak Country
Club in Newnan, Brett Jackson made only the second eagle in Mill
Springs tournament history (and the only one of that tournament)
by holing out an iron shot on the par 5 11th hole from about 110
yards away.
Every single student that participated on the golf team this
year worked hard not just to get better at their game, but to learn
how to use their heads better and control their emotions under
stressful circumstances. The Mustang golfers are a group of kids that
represent our school with class and style, and this championshipwinning team has given the school something to truly be proud
of. Congratulations to them, and I look forward to another great
season next year.
16 Mill Springs Academy Matters
Matt Rankin in action.
by Jack Withrow
ill Springs Baseball team got off to a soggy start after
the first three games were postponed due to weather.
After several days of working inside at the batting cages,
MSA finally got going with back to back wins against perennial
rival Cottage. The Mustangs blasted their way to victory in home
and away games winning by margins of 10–0 and 14–3. Old rival
Brandon Hall came to town next and were sent away on the losing
end of a 7–5 contest. On March 27th, a higher classification team,
Covenant Christian, handed our green clad warriors their only
setback of the season. With ace Chandler Holt having already
thrown his game two days earlier, Covenant easily handled MSA’s
8th grade pitchers.
Just before spring break the young Mustangs traveled to Roswell
Park for a rematch with Brandon Hall. The game featured the most
dramatic moment of the season. In a time limit game, MSA trailed
in the last inning by a score of 3–2. With two outs, no runners
victory and was named the Tournament MVP. Final score Mill
Springs 8, Howard 4. Another
AAC Championship sign will be
ordered and hung opening day in
2015. The Mustangs finish the 2014
season with a shining 9–1–1 record. With 12 returning players the
Mustangs should be a force to be reckoned with next season.
Back row/standing/ left to right- Ben Arculeo, Tim Schultheis, Zachary
Goodelman, Carter Cassel, David Wells, Joshua Moore, Michael
Flanigan, Chandler Holt, Tommy Ray, Noah Terpstra
Front row/ left to right-Luke Sherrill, Tyler Goodwyn, CJ Espinoza,
Noah Altman
aboard and two strikes against him, Chandler Holt came through
with a monstrous home run over the left field fence to tie the score
3–3. The Mustangs were unable to score again ending the game in
a 3–3 dead lock as time ran out.
After the break, the rainy days caused another postponement and
Mill Springs was unable to play Johnson Ferry Christian again. Finally, AASD came to play in their first ever baseball season and ran into
a “Green Machine” buzz saw. The overmatched young visitors fell
15-0 in a game in which 5 Mustang starters were pulled in the first
inning. The reserves showed their mettle bringing in the final 7 runs.
At this point, the Howard Hawks were due to visit but rain kept
them away. MSA graciously accepted a double forfeit when Howard
chose to play outside the league then rescheduled their game.
With a league record of 7–1, the Mustangs earned the number
1 seed for the AAC Championship Tournament. Even sitting as top
seed in the bracket, the Howard Hawks were considered the team to
beat. The team from mid Atlanta had destroyed Cottage 15–5 with
a lineup that featured 8 starting seniors. In the tournament opener,
they demolished Cottage again by a score of 14–0. MSA repeated
a 15–0 win against the young AASD team, setting the stage for the
showdown. It would be the tall, rangy, and confident Hawks against
a Mustang team that featured a starting lineup of a 6th grader, three
8th graders, and a 9th grader. Two 11th graders and two seniors
completed the MSA lineup. A beautiful Georgia spring day ushered in the Championship game. The young Mustangs fell behind 3–2 and the talk was
loud from the big kids from Howard. Eighth grader Noah Terpstra stopped the chatter in the 3rd inning with a crushing line
drive to left with two outs driving home two runs. When Zach
Goodelman scampered home on a wild pitch, Mill Springs moved
ahead 5–3. The black clad Hawks were starting to realize that these
young men from MSA came to play. And when another eigth grader,
Noah Altman, ripped a two run double to deep left field in the
5th inning the game was out of reach. In the meantime, pitching
ace Chandler Holt had settled down gliding to a 9 strikeout, 2 hit
MSA’s 2014 Track & Field Team at the AAC Championship in Albany.
Track and Field
by Victoria Jones
hat an amazing 2014 season for track and field!
The Mustangs ended up with a total of 44 athletes
participating this season (19 Junior Mustangs and 25
Varsity), finishing with 10 new school records. Six of these records
were set at the GISA State Championship in Albany. The kids all
worked very hard and we saw a lot of improvement from start to
finish. Our Lady Mustang team grew to one of the largest ever
with Senior Shayna Lopp keeping it together as team captain and
Maritza Silva rising to the top in the throwing events. The Junior
Mustangs are showing a lot of promise as they approach eligibility
for varsity competitions in 8th grade. Several of the Junior athletesGrace Gersack, Darby McHugh, Jake Martin and Mac McCullough
jumped in to assist the Varsity team by competing at the AAC
League Championship in March. We can’t wait to have these kids
on the Varsity team full-time very soon!
We had a lot of new faces on the Varsity boys team and everyone
worked together to fill in the gaps to make sure that we had all
events covered. Some kids even discovered strengths in events that
they did not plan on doing- like Austin Palmore’s amazing stride
in the 300m hurdle event and Brandon McCormick’s transition
to middle distance. Even as we wrap up this season we are already
making plans for the next year with summer running club schedules, camps at Brevard College and the University of Georgia, and
year round pole vault training. The next season starts today!!! GO
Mill Springs Academy Matters 17
ANNUAL FUND 2013–2014
Annual Fund 2013–2014
GREAT NEWS! Mill Springs’ has exceeded our Annual Fund
goal of raising $250,000!
$274,537 raised as of 6/15/14
• Staff/Faculty
• Board of Trustees 100%
Board of Trustrees
Daniel and Christine Abernethy
Richard and Cathy Abram
Kim Adair
Carol and Tarpley Adams
Michael and Kim Adams
Samuel Adams
Philip and Cynthia Agcaoili
Sandra Ahern
Nick and Debbi Alex
Robert and Maureen Alexander
Jean Altman
Nina Altman
Anonymous Parent
Mike and Courtney Antonucci
Okey and Hadiza Anueyiagu
Kevin and Kimbrel Arculeo
Joe and Fran Arena
Sue Arenstein
Howard and Colleen Austin
Wesley and Jenny Avritt
Carolina Ayerbe and Damian Farrier
Tim and Leigh Ann Ayres
Heather Bailey
David and Janet Bain
Joe and Cheryl Balog
Paul and Mary Barkley
Jerry and Janet Barnett
Janice Barton
Laura Barton
David and Stacey Baum
Nathan and Ann Beard
Gretchen Beck
Garey and Kim Bell
Stanley and Marcia Bell
Gil Benton
Kathy Benton
Garry and Kathy Berardi
Donna Berkowitz
Mark and Cathy Berman
Matt and Virginia Billips
Gregory Bodeep
John and Liz Bolander
John and Kelly Bonanno
Jill and Russell Bonds
Will and Jackie Border
Randy and Rita Botnick
Randy and Vicki Bott
Bruce and Deena Bowers
Mike and Bette Rose Bowers
Steve and Trish Boyer
Karen and Justin Bradley
Richard Brandt and Carmen Neyra
Adam Branson
Richard Breitkopf and
Judith Wellen
Judy Brick
Lisa Brinkley
Margaret and Robert Brito
Lee and Edita Brooks
Elizabeth Brown
Jeff and Traci Brown
Jeffrey and Jessica Brown
John and Patrice Brown
Scott and Michele Brown
Doris Bryant
James and Coleen Bryant
Kelly Buchwald
Robert and Lynn Buck
Buckhead Uniforms
Ross and Cynthia Buckley
Bill and Lori Budwitz
Erin Buice
Don and Kim Bunker
Derek and Mindy Bush
Ron and Sharon Bush
Brian and Lisa Buxton
Stephen and Amy Caldwell
Grier and Ashley Campbell
LaVerne Cantrell
Capital City Club
Wayne Carey and
Yvonne Satterwhite
Michael and Bre Carlson
Daniel and Deb Carmody
Leath and Marianne Carr
Andrew and Jinny Carter
Wendy Carvotta
Juliana Cassel
Craig and Laurie Cates
Don and Bev Chapman
18 Mill Springs Academy Matters
• Veteran Families
• New Families
Thank you to the following families and individuals for making
this year’s campaign such a big success!
Thomas and Kathy Cheek
Heidi Chisholm
Wayne and Beth Chiu
Claire and John Christerson
Tom and Belle Christerson
Michael and Jinjie Cicco
Bruce and Mary Clayton
Fran Cline
Raymond and Devonda Cobb
Ed and Jill Coco
Mark and Sheila Cohen
Jim Coleman
Joyce Coleman
Richard and Leslie Collins
William and Rita Collins
Carlos Colon
Allison Comis
Joe and Judy Comis
Jessica and Mark Connell
Greg and Frances Connor
Steven and Heidi Cook
Charlie and Laura Covert
Michael Cowan
Dean and Alice Cowart
Fred Coyle
John and Cheri Coyle
John Crisp and Sharon Odell
Alan and Cathy Crowley
Bob and Mary Cullerton
John and Julia Cullerton
John and Sylvia Cutchin
Robert and Penny Daigle
Tom and Martha Dalluge
Lee and Shewjen Davis
Robert and Patricia Davis
Barbara Day
Susan Day
Chris and Laura de Castro
Ericka De La Garza and Kermit
Darla DeRosa
Peter and Lorrie DeSantis
Jorge Diaz and Karen Hallock
Bruce and Sylvia Dick
Don and Laura Dickerson
Terry and LaDawna Dickerson
Ralph and Gina DiClemente
Thomas and Debbie Dobbs
Larry and Karen Domenico
Rich and Julie Doucet
Margot Draycott
Justin Draycott and
Alexandra Nicolescu
Mark and Monique Droege
Art and Evelyn Dugger
Kevin Dugger and Beth Denker
Jewell Duplantis
John and Leslie Dyer
Jim and Nancy Dykhouse
Jae and Lee Ann Early
Johnny and Renee Easterling
Jodi Easter-Smith and Bruce Smith
Dexter and Kimpy Edge
Victor and Josephine Ekworomadu
Brittany Emge
George Emmert and Cindy Patrick
Mark and Shannon Encinger
Chris and Kathy Espinosa
Jamie and Valerie Fambrough
Frank and Cece Farrell
Laurie Fields
Jay and Jan Fisher
Sheila and John FitzGerald
John and Joanne Fitzpatrick
Bob and Gail Flamini
Tom and Gail Flanigan
Hugh and Robyn Flax
Connie and J.B. Floyd
Janet and Scott Ford
Jim Foster
Ryan and Loryn Franco
Jean Fraser
David and Stephanie Gaitan
Sue and Gerry Garrick
Colleen Garrick-Bisacca
Dan and Nancy Garrison
Neil and Jacki Gass
Bryan and Leslie Gersack
Gerald and Patricia Ginger
Bobby and Lainy Goldstein
Chip and Lora Gonzales
Leonard and Deborah Goodelman
Mike and Joane Goodroe
Pete and Leigh Goodwyn
Todd and Lauren Gordon
Esteban and Jennifer Gorgoll
Fred and Lauren Green
David and Kerry Greene
Jack and Lala Greene
Mildred Gregory
Sheila Gregory
Michael and Meredith Griffeth
Melissa Grizzle
Jerry and Sally Gross
Rael and Vicki Grosswald
Paul and Jacqueline Grupe
Jimmy and Melanie Guest
Jaime Gutierrez
Katie Hadaway
Paul Hagedorn
Brad and Tracy Hahn
John and Marlene Haigh
Randy and Sandra Hain
Lamar and Arista Hall
Glenn Hallerman
Phil Hanson
Steven and Sandy Harrell
Donald and James Harris
Ann Hartin
Cheri and Jim Harwood
Michael and Kari Haverland
Kris Hawksworth
Scott and Linda Hayman
Paul and Dawn Hazzard
Ruth Healey
Tom and Lee Healey
Andrew and Karen Hebert
Jennifer Heiner and Tim Gustafson
Charles and Amber Henderson
Joseph Hendrix
Wayne and Brenda Herrington
Josh Hersko
Annette Higgins
Tobias and Stephanie Holden
Anne and Jeff Holland
Michael and Vicky Holt
Darren and Stacy Horst
David and Merle Horwitz
Jay and Vicki Hudson
Jim Hudson
Dan and Mona Huffman
Branigan and James Hughes
Jim and Liz Hughes
Rolf and Waldtraut Hummel
Sirka Hummel
Amy and Matt Hurst
Jim and Christine Hurtsellers
Barry and Sylvia Hyman
Joseph Ibrahim and Meg Garrison
Lisa and Michael Imsand
Bryant and Kim Isaacs
Mark and Juli Itzkovitz
Stuart and Diane Jacobson
Dick and Janna Janes
Steve and Wendy Jensen
Stan and Cristy Johnson
Bette Jones and Christopher Behr
Laurie and Will Jones
Taniah Jones
Victoria Jones and Dave Fairley
Bill and Cammi Jones
Steven and Carol Julian
Katy Kane and Keith Rateliff
David and Lori Kaplan
Shilpee Kathuria
David Katz
Mark and Nancy Kaufman
Stanley and Rosalyn Kaye
Betty and Danny Kellenberger
Donald P. Kelly, Jr.
Marguerite E. Kelly
Marilynn Kelm
Steven and Nicole Kennedy
Greg and Amy Kern
Kelli King
Douglas and Julie Kirby
Ward and Karen Kirby
Eric and Chris Kiser
Martin and Bobbie Kite
Shannon and Patrick Koch
Andy and Lori Kogoy
Jennifer Kramer
Gail and G. Paul Kreher
Steve and Deb Kushnick
Richard and Malinda Lackey
Michael and Susan Lake
Joe and Becky Lamp’l
Roy Lander
Lori Lane
David and Leslie Langford
Jack and Margaret Langford
Mary Lanning
Andy and Helaine Lasky
Rachel Lasky
Parley and Sharon LeeMaster
Sally A. LeFevre
Paul and Dottie Leoci
Jay and Lisa Liban
Laura Link
Ed and Laura Little
Robert and Kristi Lockwood
Wilton and Martha Looney
David and Leslie Lopp
Peter and Michele Lublin
Anthony and Kelly Lynch
Jason and Stephanie Mack
Charles and Gale MacNeill
Bill and Joan Madison
Andrew and Kim Maichle
Bill and Anita Marco
Norman and Simone Marinoff
Michael and Ashley Martin
Rob and Julie Martin
Mike and Nancy Mattox
Scott and Wendy May
Michael and Barbara McCarthy
Matt McConnell
Jeff and Carrie McCormick
Walter and Sammye McCreary
Hershel and Carolyn McCroan
Ross and Cindy McCullough
Kate and Don McElliott
Patrick and Tammy McHugh
Samuel and Audrey Meline
Kenneth and Sandra Meyers
Steve Micham
Chelsea Michelson
John and Liz Minozzi
Matt and Linde Miscio
Greg and Christine Mishkin
Lonnie and Joyce Moffitt
Steve and Wendy Moffitt
Donna and Patrick Moore
Doug and Donna Moore
Robert Moore
Robin Moore
Thomas Moore
Robert and Laurie Morella
Karen Morris
Scott and Caroline Morris
Kay and Cliff Morrison
Andreas and Lynn Mowinckel
David and Deborah Mudd
Martha A. Muir
Keith and Kathy Muma
Christopher Murphy
Angel and Dan Murr
Bill and Neely Musgrave
Jeff and Leah Nedblake
Carissa and Kevin Nelson
Mike and Sue Nemesh
Rob and Winona Newman
A.E. and Georgia Nivison
Jim and Judy Norris
Rochelle and Vic Northrup
John and Frances O’Brien
Jerome and Sharyol O’Connor
Michael and Amy O’Connor
Office Max North Am, Inc.
Danny and Cinda O’Keefe
Meryl Oliphant
Tom and Amy Olney
Robert and April Omohundro
Adam and Amy Orkin
Matthew and Susan Orred
A.G. and Patricia Palmore
Alan and Lisa Palmore
Jimmy and Nancy Parker
Matt Parkey
John and Liz Parks
Matt Partain and Yoke Ching Wong
Jim and Tara Paul
Scott and Danyelle Paul
William and Christina Paxton
Michael and Janine Pearman
Scott and Amy Peeples
Steve and Brooke Pena
Frances and Bob Pennington
Scott and Kathy Petty
Ed and Diane Phillips
Matt and Patti Phillips
Bill and Cindy Pierson
Linda Pike
David and Lezlie Pipes
Jeffrey and Jennifer Plunk
David and Luanne Porper
Stephen and Ruth Posner
Deidra Pratt
Elouise Pratt
Publix Super Markets Charities, Inc.
Billy Putman and
Franziska Marchant
Ethan Rabman
Shawn and Tracey Rae
Vaidehi and Murthy Rallapalli
Mary and Felipe Ramirez
Steven and Julie Rau
Timothy Ray
Jim and Beth Reaves
Lou Reaves
Eric and Chrissie Reed
Elizabeth Regas
Wayne and Rubye Reid
Wayne and Ginger Reid
Kenneth and Sherrie Reish
Martin and Ralda Reish
Ed and Eileen Reitler
Russell and Lisa Reynolds
Lavone Rippeon
Michael and Debra Robertson
Stacy and Cliff Robinson
Gene and Edna Robinson
Jarvis and Lenarda Robinson
Sherry and Terry Robinson
Edward and Marsha Roepe
Colin and Beverley Rogoff
Patrick and Heather Rose
Ed and Tanya Rosenblatt
Eric and Stacey Rothberg
Irwin and Ruth Rothchild
Carol and Rick Rothschild
Nicky Rudd
Jeff Ryer
James and JoAnn Sampson
Louise and Brett Samsky
David and Lana Samsky
Susan and Errol Sanders
Jeff and Anne Sargent
Shawna Sarver
David and Sandy Schaffer
Brian Schiff
Brian and Jody Schiltz
Tom and Nancy Schmidt
Mike and Ingrid Schneider
Dana Schneiderman
Dirk and Carol Schrader
Andrew Schultheis
Mike and Carla Schultheis
Bill and Ruth Schwartz
Pat and Patricia Shannon
Nan Shaw
Brian and Kristin Shelton
Ronnie and Paulette Sherrill
Stuart and Cameron Sherrill
Linda Shilling
Paul Shlanta and Mary Long
Sylvia Shurling
Helen Shuster
Russell and Traci Shuster
David and Elisa Siegel
Steve and Carolyn Sigman
Manny and Elke Silva
Don and Beth Singleton
Walter and Kim Site
Ann Marie Skinner and Gary Fannin
Bob and Beryle Slayden
Wendy Small
Brad and Brandi Smallwood
Aaron and Robyn Smith
Dan and Rhonda Smith
David and Caroline Smith
Donald and Jennifer Smith
Gil Smith and Judy Shurling
Joe and Jill Smith
Lee and JoEllen Smith
Leila and Rusty Smith
Michael Smith
Mike and Sharon Smith
Paul and Pam Smith
Russell and Courtney Smith
Rick and Jill Snelling
DeShawn Snow
Mitch and Paulette Solis
John Speir and Mary Sams
Diane Sprous
Ken and Barbara Stander
Christopher and Christine Stanley
Jeff and Karen Stanley
Gary and Jackie Steffey
Stan and Diana Stokey
Susan Story
Jeff Strode
Wayne and Deborah Super
Sue Swanson
John and Alison Sweeney
Tom and Deanie Sweeney
Kathleen Swift
Bill and Cheryl Syrett
Heather and Brian Tansy
Robert and Renee Taylor
Bill and Sherry Taylor
Bill and Sylvia Taylor
Joe and Janelle Tencza
Peggy Thieriot
Bill and Leena Thieriot
Patrick and Renee Thomas
Cindy Thorne
Rolando and Alda Thorne
Roberto Tijerina
Heather Toennemann
Jim Torrance
Joseph and Susan Toscano
Cynthia Traylor and
Daniel Deleveaux
Anthony and Jeneane Treace
William and Molly Turner
Hector Turrado
Ray and Jane Vaughters
Chris and Angela Veal
Jerry and Judith Volcy
Howard and Kathy Waits
Al and Wilma Walker
Tom Walker and Suzanne Moon
Johnny Walker
Betty Wallace
John and Caroline Wallace
Jerry and Sharon Weicken
David and Michelle Weiss
Penelope Weiss
Richard Wells
Kevin Westray
Kevin and Cindy Whelan
Angela White
Kathleen White
Chip and Stormy White
Adam and Shannon Wickley
Joseph and Jacqueline Wickley
Bill and Judy Wilkes
Casper and Helen Will
Hal and Jane Williams
George and Carole Wilson
Larry and Betty Wilson
Skip and Dixie Wilson
Brad Wolff
Brad and Betsy Wolff
Virgil and Barbara Wolter
Mark and Julie Woods
John and Kimberly Wright
Jerry and Sharon Yelverton
Todd and Rachelle Yelverton
Holly York
Sandra Zelley and Dwight Long
Scott Zimmerman
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