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March 2015
Happiness HELPS
Spiritual Growth. Have a look at the Blog for daily posts as part of
the Vista Clinic Happiness HELPS campaign.
Are you ready to grow Spirituality?
Help Others
The Happiness HELPS theme for March 2015 is
Spiritual Growth
How do we grow Spiritually?
By Dr Colin Finucane
Well I think it all starts with God’s great love toward us (John 3:16, 17), and that
He has adopted us as His children (1 John 3:1 & Romans 8:14-17). There is no
process of becoming a child but rather a miraculous moment of adoption
driven by God’s love. – “Do you believe it?”
Let me ask you a question. “What did you do in order to become a child of your
parents?” “Nothing!” Another question: “How do you know that your parents
are your parents and that your mother gave birth to you?” Well, because she
told you. – “Do you believe it?”
So what is spiritual growth? Well it is much like growing physically from the
moment of conception. You do not focus on “growing”, but you rather did that
which comes naturally and the growing took care of itself. You have a hunger
and consume food, you have a thirst and drink fluids, you exercise, and you rest,
and of course don’t forget to breath. You did these and the growing happened
all by itself.
Spiritual growth has got something to do with believing that you are God’s child
and being willing to live in His family.
Having a hunger to know your adoptive parent can be satisfied by contemplating His creation in nature and reading His word – the Bible (Psalm 119:105).
Keep a journal of all the blessings you receive each day – the big one
and especially the little ones – Psalm 103:1-2.
Fellowship and share with others – “Carry one another’s burdens and in
so doing you
fulfil the law of Christ” Galatians 5:2.
Make time to worship, praise and thank your adoptive parent for all He
do for you – Philippians 4:4 – 7 & 19.
And don’t forget to pray. Speak to the LORD as to a friend – John 16:24,
26 &27.
Spiritual Growth
Do that which takes care of growing and the growing will take care of itself.
Play - Play with Love (Bubbles)
Vista Clinic celebrated the Play Happiness HELPS theme by dressing up in the
theme colour Pink on Friday 13 February 2015. Valentine’s Day was also
included into the Play theme.
The “Play team” surprised staff, patients and
clinicians with a big bunch of bubbles, posters with love quotes and bubbly
chocolates to brighten up the day. See all the fun photos on Facebook.
The “PLAY” Team
Ward Hibiscus Staff
Dr Jerrie Bezuidenhout
Tamryn, Yolanda & Juan
Dr Ferreira
Louise Du Preez
Ward Camellia Staff
Ward Fuchsia Staff
Dr Pierre Nel
Upcoming events
Frik Horn
Ward Azalea Staff
Bronwen Stokes
René Lindeque
Louwdine Swanepoel
Jolandi Barnard
Halima & Prudence
Rina Human
Occupational Therapy
Lize Beekman Mandala @ Vista Clinic
Well known Afrikaans singer and artist Lize Beekman has created a beautiful
Mandala art piece for Vista Clinic. The mandala is called “Flower of Life”
About the Artist:
Lize Beekman is acknowledged as one of South Africa’s leading singersongwriters.
Her creativity is, however, not limited to music only. Beekman’s
visual art includes a gripping collection of mandalas. She re-invents and
re-interprets this centuries-old art form in a fresh and unique way, inventing circles
and whorls in order to represent a very personal journey.
She explains…
“Music and lyrics have always been channels for me to express my
emotions. However, in an extremely traumatic and hurtful time in my life I simply
could not express my grief through words. I had no knowledge of mandalas –
they presented themselves to me unannounced. I did not search for them; they
were simply there. I often draw for hours and days on end and sometimes lose
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track of time; for me the mandalas have become the letters, conversations, and
the prayers of my heart and thoughts. The creative process brings me immense
peace and healing – it means a lot to me.”
About the Artwork
Says Lize...“Flower of Life is a perfect metaphor illustrating the connectedness of
all life. It is considered sanctified among many cultures, both ancient and
modern, throughout the world.”“For me the thing in this world that most trumpets
life is the sunflower. It is because of the reason behind its name: not because it
looks like the sun, but because it
follows the sun. Every day the head of the
flower tracks the journey of the sun across the sky - like a satellite dish for sunlight.
Where ever there is light, no matter how weak, these flowers will find it….and that
is such an admirable thing and such a lesson in life.”
Article about Vista Clinic in Maranatha Magazine
Maranatha Magazine is the official magazine of the Southern African Union
Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Vista’s 30 year celebration
event is featured in the latest edition. See the article and photos below.
Team Vista Cape Epic 2016 Sponsorship
Upcoming events
Vista Clinic will be the proud sponsor of Fritz Vermaak and James Ross-Marsh to participate in the
2016 ABSA Cape Epic. James shares some of his thoughts on training with us in this Blog post

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