The Philadelphia Two-Hand Touch Football League`s



The Philadelphia Two-Hand Touch Football League`s
The Philadelphia Two-Hand Touch Football League’s Administration
The League’s Commissioner, Michael (Blade) Wallace has been very instrumental in steadily expanding the
league from 7-8 teams per season to 16-18 per season. His administrative duties also include sanctioning of the
league and the team; as well as, the securing of proper permits for playing fields. Scheduling and public relations duties also fall under the Commissioner’s long list of responsibilities. To assist with maintaining the integrity of the fields and having them prepared weekly for games, Coach Jerome (Bus) Rogers of the Championship Cobra organization is always available to lend a hand as the Head grounds man.
The league’s board and Administration includes Vice Commissioner- Bobby Johnson, Lieutenant Commissioner- Randy Carpenter and Advisory Board Member -Steve Rocket Johnson. Together they pool resources
to assist the league commissioner with outreach opportunities; as well as, organizing league fund raisers. They
are also responsible for maintaining an official league presence in the absence of the commissioner and if required to exercise all duties in his stead if so required.
Other individuals who have very instrumental in the success of the PTTFL in recent years are Coach Ben of
the long standing championship Seminole Organization and Carl (Bo) Bohannon of the perineal powerhouse
and previous team of the decade UT Championship Organization. They both have helped in many ways to
propel this league and its teams into the National spotlight. A special word of consideration goes to Archie
Alston who recently retired from the league and the board as he was very involved in the recent growth of the
About the PTTFL...
The Philadelphia Two-Hand Touch Football League is organizationthat was founded to empower and mentor men ages (18 and older)
of Philadelphia / Tri-state area. The founders, all Philadelphia natives, knew first hand the benefit and discipline football provided
for his life as teenagers. Thus, they created a program which enables young men to constructively channel their aggression; while
growing and developing their knowledge and skills in the areas of
financial literacy, career and skill assessment, planning and interpersonal relationships. As of 2016, the PTTFL has added numerous teams to expand from two conferences to 4 and total of 14
teams represents the North, East and West sections of Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley.
The 14 teams are: the Enforcers, F.O.E. (Family Over Everything),
Barbarians, Spartans, Tri-State Bullies, Warhawks, the Untouchables, Chargers, 49ers, Trojans, Warriors, Falcons, Nomads and
Seminoles. The Northwest section teams include Barbarians,
49ers, Seminoles and Untouchables. The North Central teams are
F.O.E., the Falcons, Warriors, Trojans, Chargers and Enforcers. The
Warhawks are based out of West Philadelphia. The Philadelphia
Two-hand Touch Football League has been in existence since
1963 and some renowned native Philadelphian former pro football
players Raheem Brock, the late Johnny Sample and NFL Hall of
Famers Leroy Kelly and Herb Adderly.
The league recent champions include the Bombers (Fall 2014) and
the Cobras (Spring and Fall of 2015)….
The Untouchables
The Untouchables
The Spartans
The league’s All-Star Team, the Philly Road
Warriors is made up of various players from teams in the
PTTFL. The Road Warriors currently ranked No.15 in the
nation. The team is currently preparing to play in several
upcoming local and national
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