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Flexite ad Aug06 - PRO-ART Dental Laboratory Toronto
Flexite ad Aug06
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Flexite Clasp Combo
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Flexite Plus
Imitation is a form of flattery. We must be doing something right,
so many others are getting into the act. We welcome
competition, but when the dust settles, the Flexite Company
will still be way ahead of the flock with over forty-three years of
proven reliability, dependability and innovations.
Flexite is a trend setter for the dental industry:
– First to develop patented prefab clasps.
– First to develop technique to add and reline flexible partials
without re-investing in flasks.
– First to introduce tooth colored clasps to the dental industry.
– First to introduce adjustable bruxism or TMJ’s with Flexite M.P.
– First to offer free Shade Guides for our Flexite laboratories.
Flexite Guard
The Flexite system has a variety of proven thermoplastics with
thousands of satisfied patients. Each plastic has its own unique
characteristics fulfilling the various needs in prosthetic dentistry.
Flexite Plus and Flexite Supreme (nylons) are ideal for
removable partials. Flexite M.P. (a multi-polymer acrylic) is ideal
for full mouth restorations and bruxism appliances.
If you are looking to increase your sales, consider offering your
dentists Acetal tooth colored frames and clasps, a unique way of
improving esthetics for discerning patients.
Acetal is exceptionally durable and is easy to keep clean.
Acetal tooth shades are available in different size cartridges to fit
most injection systems.
Flexite Supreme
To view technical articles and innovations, please visit our web site:
Flexite M.P.
Anti-Snoring Device
Flexite Repair Kit
Flexite Soft Liner Kit

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