Individuals play the game, but TEAMS beat the odds.



Individuals play the game, but TEAMS beat the odds.
Hosted by American Kids Sports
October 3-4, 2015
Compulsory Levels 2-5
Gymnast fee-Level 2-5
Sunday Team Fee
Entry Deadline
September 5, 2015
Admissions: child: $8
adult: $13 senior: $10
IMAGINE that your athletes could experience
a competition like the NCAA Championships. It
all starts with an amazing march out with a
Laser Light Show. Parents are cheering as
loud as they can for the entire team, not just
their child. They even have noisemakers and
organized cheers. And everyone is focused on
one thing: Team Glory!
Now don’t just imagine it! Experience it!
AAI Equipment Medals
and Banners
Meet Director- Vanessa Atler
[email protected]
American Kids Sports Center3622 Allen Rd. Bakersfield, Ca 93314
“Individuals play the game, but TEAMS beat the
odds.”- The Navy SEAL
The Sunday “Team Competition” is a combination of Level’s 3,4,and 5.
Each team puts up their top 5 (any combination of levels) on each
event, with four scores counting.

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