THE WHITE COMPANY Pure White Indulgence



THE WHITE COMPANY Pure White Indulgence
An introduction
Founded in 1994 by Chrissie
Turnover in 2011 was over £100m
45 stores in the UK and UAE alone
Global retail expansion
Website, call centre and mail
order all available around the
Product innovation - multiple fragrance ranges
Children's range available from The Little White Company
Versatile elegance
The Owners of Sleep
Press coverage…growing success
“The high end
retailer known
for its white
clothing and
revenues of
£102m in the
“It’s fastest
growth in the last
four years”
Brand positioning
Lower Price
Mass Market
Higher Price
The presence of The White Company in
the global market
The White Company has over 45 stores in the UK alone. With further
stores in the UAE and exciting expansion plans for 2012/2013, - this
brand has growing global presence. Over 7.9 million hits online, per
annum, around the world.
Bring the soothing calm of home into your hotel room. Beautifully fragranced with a fresh and zesty citrus combination,
presented in stylish minimalist packaging to complement chic, contemporary interiors.
Liquids available in 30ml, 50ml and 150ml PETG bottle sizes. 300ml Dispensers sizes fit the revolutionary new tamper-proof bracket.
Pleat wrapped triple-milled vegetable soap sizes: 30gm (1oz) and 50gm (1.75oz). Elegant black and white amenities in simple, stylish packaging.
Exclusive citrus fragrance to suit an Unisex/International audience – deliciously fresh and zesty.
A striking & alluring new addition to the range with sleek black lines, and an inspiring new fragrance
The ultimate in desirable luxury
The range is available in 30ml, 50ml, 300ml (with new single and double brackets). Pleat wrap
soaps also provided in 30g and 50g sizes
Tubes available on request only
What The White Company can provide you
• A contemporary, highly desired brand
• A Choice in Luxury, with two contemporary
fragrance ranges: the Original range and Noir
• Trade discount on luxury retail items for you to
display in your hotel
• Extended complementary offering : Relaxing
Pillow spray and a wide range of turndown
• Retail-matched formulations that perform and
ensure guest satisfaction
• Flexible sizes to meet single night or longer
stay guests
What The White Company can provide your guest
The White Company complements your guests environment, bringing the home
to the hotel room
A choice of two unique fragrance ranges
A brand they are familiar with
Exclusive rates for guests at their nearest retail store or on online purchases