Holiday magic is real at TSRHC.



Holiday magic is real at TSRHC.
Holiday magic is real at TSRHC.
Angie Perryman and Scott
Perryman, Administration
Check out some of 2014’s most memorable holiday moments.
trees decorated
the hospital
tins of
Rachel Trippet,
Volunteer Services
bags of toys
delivered to
Meg Boyd,
Volunteer Services
Amanda Moualeu, Research;
Harry Kim, M.D., M.S., Orthopedics;
and Terri Beckwith, Research
Santa with children
President/CEO Robert Walker,
Administration; and DeRaan
Collins, Movement Science
›› Event
Recaps – 2014 MetroPCS® Dallas Marathon®
As runners raced across Dallas for the 44th
running of the Dallas Marathon on Sunday, Dec.
14, TSRHC was there every step of the way. Despite
the chilly drizzle, the race went off without a hitch.
At mile 7, TSRHC staff and patient champions
encouraged runners with noise makers and signs at
the hospital’s cheer station. Several staff members
showcased their athletic ability by participating in
the race. Congrats to everyone involved on another
successful year as the Dallas Marathon beneficiary.
1. Sheena Black M.D., Orthopedics; Johanna Pool, Ambulatory Care
2.2014 Race Start Line
3.Megan Mattingly, Administration; Allison Tabor, Administration; and Taylor Fisher, Staff Wellness
4.McKay Heim, Communications; and Marianne Crook,
Special Events
5.Lane Wimberly M.D. and Henry Ellis M.D., Orthopedics
6.Patient Champion Max, age 9 of Arlington
7. Amanda Brown, Orthotics
8.Mark Bateman, Administration
9.Roni Stern, Orthopedics
›› Hospital
›› The 2nd floor construction in the C building is coming along
nicely. The relocation of the Orthopedic offices complete.
This new space brings the Orthopedic surgical staff together
along with the ortho fellows, residents and hand surgeons. The
POSNA archive will be relocated to the new space as well.
Check out the hospital’s new Giving Wall. Beautiful colored
glass panels near the main hospital entrance have been engraved
with names to honor the countless friends of TSRHC who so
generously support the hospital’s research, education initiatives
and most of all - the patients we love.
John G. Birch M.D.
Q:What is your favorite TV show?
A: English Premier League Soccer
›› News
You Can Use
et a clean start to the new year. Set a goal to make 2015 your
year to de-clutter and clean up your work area.
Tips and tricks:
•Get rid of old documents you no longer need. This can free up a lot of space and re-energize your work area.
Make sure you follow proper procedure when throwing away important or sensitive paperwork. If you are unsure about a document, read the records retention policy on the intranet or talk with your manager.
•Recycle what you can.
•Shred important documents that are okay to be thrown away.
•Dust! This can be a great way to freshen up your desk and keep the sniffles away.
•Change out your décor. If you have been looking at the same pictures for a while, swap them out for something new. This is an easy way to rejuvenate your space.
Mark your
calendars, for the 17th
annual Reverchon Roundup on
February 28th! Give back to this
gorgeous park and enjoy a day of fun and
service in the fresh air. Help pick up trash,
spread mulch and clean out underbrush!
Q:What is your favorite food?
A: Northern Italian
Q:Would you rather have the ability to
fly or be invisible? A: Fly
Q:What is the best compliment you have ever
received? A: Having a co-worker ask me to
look after their child
Q:If you could go back in time, where would
you go and why? A: Salisbury Plain, 2,500 B.C.,
to learn who built Stonehenge, how they did it,
and why
Q:What was your first job?
A: Junior Forest Ranger in Northern Ontario
Q:When did you know you wanted to be a doctor?
A: In high school
Our wonderful neighbor is celebrating its
100th anniversary this year, so be sure to
join in the centennial celebration.
Things to bring:
•Comfortable shoes
•Water bottle
•Gloves, rakes and any small
gardening tools
•Clothes you can get dirty •Your love for the great outdoors!
For more
or to
Brooks at
ext. 6832.
›› Sharp
February 18 – Pancake Breakfast:
You’ll flip for these flap jacks at the annual pancake
breakfast. Join us in the cafeteria. 7 a.m. - 9 a.m.
February 28 – Reverchon Roundup:
Lend a helping hand to our neighbor Reverchon
Park. 9:30 a.m. - noon
April 1 – Spring to Health:
Kick off a healthy lifestyle the Rite way with the
annual Spring to Health program. Sign up March
23rd to participate.
April 25 – Bike
Rodeo and Child
Safety Day:
Grab your friends,
kids, neighbors
and family.
This free event is
open to the public.
10 a.m. - 1 p.m.
Shout Out
›› The William B. and Brandon Carrell Humanitarian Award
for outstanding service to Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for
Children was given to Stephanie Brigger in Waco, Texas,
on Dec. 4th., by the Grand Lodge of Texas. This is the highest
Stephanie Brigger,
honor a non-Mason can receive. ›› John Birch, M.D., was
honored for his 30 years of service as Chair of the Brandon
Carrell, M.D., Medical Library Committee, 1984 -2014. Thank you for your
excellent service and dedication. ›› Amy McIntosh, M.D., will replace Dr.
Birch as the new Chair of the Medical Library Committee. ›› Megan Mignemi
came in 2nd place at the International Pediatric Orthopedic Symposium, for the
case presentation competition for fellows and residents. Way to go Megan!
Big congratulations to the outstanding Luke Waites Center for Dyslexia
and Learning Disorders. They are the recipients of the SMU Simmons
Luminary Award for 2015. The Luminary Award honors those who
use education to change lives. This was a tremendously special
award for the hospital and for the dyslexia department, who was
recognized for all the transformative work they perform for children
with learning differences. The breakthroughs they have made have
not only benefited the children of Scottish Rite, but have changed
the lives of children all over the world. Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for
Children could not be more proud of the outstanding work done by
the dyslexia department and is honored to be recognized by SMU
with this prestigious award.
›› Department
Jeff Black, M.D., and Gladys
Kolenovsky, both Dyslexia
Spotlight – Dietary
ospital food can have somewhat of a bad reputation - but not at TSRHC.
We are so lucky to have an outstanding Dietary department who debunks that
stereotype. The men and women who make up the Dietary department work
hard every day planning, ordering, prepping and cooking food for the entire
hospital. It’s no small task, and they make it look like a piece of delicious cake.
From private catering to the cafeteria, the 40-plus members of the Dietary
staff pull out all the culinary stops on a daily basis. Not to mention cooking
healthy, nutritious and yummy meals for our patients to enjoy. Clinical
dietitians have the tricky job of creating healthy patient meals that kids of all
ages will love. This entire department uses culinary creativity and skill to cook
up meals that make the myth of bad hospital food a thing of the past.
1. Marsha White, Rose West and Joan Kabella, all of Dietary
2. Demetria L. Rector, Dietary
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