i>-fondant .YILELIa/l 37IUCK (Neumann rough draft, unedited) PhlC



i>-fondant .YILELIa/l 37IUCK (Neumann rough draft, unedited) PhlC
i>-fondant .YILELIa/l 37IUCK
(Neumann rough draft, unedited)
PhlC^, en early and prominent muinbor of tho
Nazi xorc;*, participated in the orauhaus putsch of 192c.
As Q result, ho w as bricd r.nd sontoncod to 18 months imprisonment but was never actually imprisoned,
In 1924 ho
was o lee tod to the Rulchstag r.nc wna selected chairmen
of tho kuai Party parliamentary group end later REICKSI^SITER,
positions which he retained until the downfall of the Kazi
systom, and which placed him in tho highest rungs of tho
Nazi hierarchy.
On 2c January 19c0, the defendant became the first
Nazi minister in Germany, having boon uppointod Minister of
home Affairs and Education in iliuringia.
In this position,
his main uDjoCtivo was the speedy nnzlfication'of Thuringia,
uspecially of its educational system.
No was, howuver, .com-
pelled to resign in April 192,1 because ho imposed three
Nazi ''praters'' upon the Thuringian schools.
In 1922, the
defendant became Bavarian Government Councillor, using
his position to further the Nazi cause in 3~varia.
On cO January 19c£, tho defendant was made Reich
minister of the interior, a position he held until his
dismissal in «ugust 194v.
following th: resignation of
Hermann Gooring on 1 i.a.a.- 1954, he also assumed the position
of Prussian minister of the Interior, thus becoming the
prime a -ent in the pollticcl coordination of Prussia and the
Roich. 1/
As Roich iiinistvr of the Interior, the defendant
was responsible for all internal ?.üJaini3tration, Including
that of the Reich, the'Länaor, bhc provinces and the
ho was in charge of the purge of civil
sorvico personnel,
ho w as responsible for the preparation
and execution of elections«
in particular, v,:iihcl.o FRIC'Ä,
the defendant, had jurisdiction over the following J
As Reich Director of Elections and Roich
CojuiViissioner for the Review of Elections,
the preparation of the elections for
the Reichstag of 5 March 13Co;
The onactjaont of the presidential decree
of 28 February 19te which abrogated the
civil liberties;
The dissolution of all parties, except
the tiazi Part"r, and the expropriation of
their proper tics;
The enactaeht of the statuto for the
Restoration of the Civil Service of
7 April 19£3j
The enactuient'of the Law of el March 19c?
for the coordination of the Länder with
the Reich.
1/ The lot tor" of appointment in i^c"kurne"n'ET" dor Loutschcön
Politik Vol. 11, pp. 112/5.
The enactment of tho Reich Governor
Law of 7 April 1935;
Tho anactaunt of tho Law of 1 Locomber
securing tho Unit;; of tarty and State
and tho Amendment of 3 «July 1954 by which
hit lor'a deputy was wr.de a member of the
Reich Cabinet;
Tho enactment of tho Lew of 1 August 19C4
which merged thw functions of tho Chancellor
and Reich ^resident r.nd which arranged for
the piebeseite;
Tho enact/aunt of all laws coordinating
Stato and Party;
Tho unuctment of all laws prohibiting the
formation of now parties and giving special
privileges and functions to the Nazi Party;
•Oho Re ich Plag Law of IE September 1935;
The Reich Governor Law of 30 January 193 5
which was prepared by the defendant's
i -inis try.
The Gorman Municipalities Act of 50 January
1935, which was crafted by tho ministry
of the interior and. r.dministerod by thu
All anti-Somotic legislation, notably the Lurcmburg
laws of 15 September 195 5, were signed by tho defendant and
administered in his office.
In a speech delivered to the
diplomatic corps on 15 t'obruary 19Z.4, tho defendant praised
Germany's racial legislation,
he was, moreover, in charge
of all Health and Eiugonics legislation.
hot only was the
health office subordinated to the ministry of the Interior,
but Ldvlsion IV of the ministry of the Interior was
spocifically responsible for health police, racial hygiene,
popular health education, a nd for the supervision of the
medical and pharmaceutical professions, ana the Lisciplinary
1'ho defendant drafted the hiugonics legislation
of 14 July 19'cc ana was charged with the supervision cf the
Eugenics courts.
AS Reich Uinister of the Interior, the defendant
supervised the hoich Physical draining Academy ana the Reich
Sports Office, both of which wore cf prime importance in
Germany's preparation for war,
i*e also supervised the
administration of the la'.-; establishing compulsory military
service in Germany and among the Germans in border regions,
Until Juno 19G6, when attoichS3 leader end chief of police
.wore appointed, the defendant was, moreover, in charge of
all police matters, both in the Hoi oh as a whole and in
He continued to bo technically in charge of the
police ana Reich Labor Service until hie resignation in
•august 1945..
i'ho acfondant w as also in charge of the expropriation cf property and in Cooperation with thu GLw
• 4-
It i3 thus clour that prior to the outbreak of
hostilities the defendant played a decisive rolo in: a)
the Rozi seizure of power in acvaria, Thuringia, end the
Reich a 3 t whcloj and (b) tho forb tion and execution of
all major l*a2i policies
after 19£5.
fho fc.ee that the
defendant hold high positions In both tho party and tho
government strongly suggests that ho also was closely
involved in Germany's preparation for aggressive warfare.
After thw outbreak of hostilities, tho defendant's
power wna greatly expanded,
Retaining '^s position 0.3
uinistor of the interior and as Chairman of thoftczigroup
in tho Reichstag, no also bocamo e-n^ral Plenipotentiary for
the administration of the Ho ich (General bevollmachtigor
für die Reichsvorwaltung) and a member of tho ministerial
Council for the Lefunso of tho Reich (Ministorrat fur
As General Plenipotentiary for the
Administration of the Koich, the defendant exercised control
over all of bho Reich i.Iinistcrics except these under the
jurisdiction of tho CAW and the General Plenipotentiary for
the Economy,
KS a member of tho ministerial Council for the
Defense of che Reich, he sat on the highest war legislative
b ooy«
Luring the
war rll administrative functions in-
volving the coordination of the occupied territories were
'^ lcTttcr written by thö Chief of the ^HTn Staff
office of the SS doted CO Aar eh 1942 and addressed
to Piirnxulur indicates that tho defendant applied his
decree of 26 April 1940 on the use of public buildings ...gainst ecclesiastical property at the request
0x wno ÜO»
concentrated in thu Reich ministry of the Interior, end the
dofendent was .specifically given wide supervisory powers
over the occupied territories.
On £0 «January 1955, the
defendant w r.s given supervisory control over the administration of the Reich Coiumissar for the Saarland (later Saar
After the conquest of Austria, the defends n't
became the hoed of "the Central office (Zentralstelle)
for the execution of the ro-unification of Austria and
the C-orman ^eici:'1 ^accordln^ to Secretary of State
W. Studkart to
whom che defendant delegated his power Su
as 'director ef che Centn 1 Office, the defendant combined
the most important functions in the reunification1'.
The dafoncrint was made director of the Control
Office for the incorporation of the Sud^tenland by Hitler
Edict of' 1 October 1930,—/ for che incorporation of Kernel
on 22 uerch 1339,2/ for .ur.nzig on 1' September 1939, for the
Eastern incorporated territories immediately after their
annexation, and for Supen, i«almod,T and were snot on 18 '^zy
7 '
1940. 3y the Lecrec of 22 March 1923 ~y the defendant was
made biroctor of the Central
ffico for the so-called Pro-
tectorate ef bohemia end Moravia end was made responsible for
the ''uniformity1' of all measures taken by ehe supreme Reich
bucroe of 10 i.isrch 192b, R e 2 1 I, p. 249
On 24 inarch 19cü sec bokumonto p. 159
v., Stuckart and R. Schiodermair, i h u o s St a a t s r o_ch_t II,
Leipzig 1941, p. 24
Stuckart, p. 47
R G 21 I, D. 569
Authorities" in the trotcctcrato.S/
The defendant hold
similar positions in the f.cLainistraticn of the G-cvornment
General,—/ cf Lower Styric v nd Upper Corinthin, or Uorway,
of Alsace and Lorraine and, apparently, of oil other
occupied territories,
The defendsnt thus hold ;... key position in the
administration of •:. 11 occupied territories and consequently
bears the ul.tj.-ote responsibility for aajor legislative acta,
such as the citizenship laws 'for incorporated, annexed and
appended territories.
In brief, the defendant PRICK boors Linjor responsibilities for the illegal annexation and incorporation of:
Üupen, »'if.lmudy and l-orosnet
Lastern Incorporated Territories
Lower Styria
Upper Corinthia
In aduition, he bears a major responsibility for the occupation
policies carried out in all other occupied countries.
The t the defendant's responsibility for occupation
p o l i c i e s was by no uieans läcr^ly o l e g a l and t e c h n i c a l one,
d e m o n s t r a t u d i n c l e t t e r w r i t t e n by t h e Heich L i n i s t o r
(signed Schlagelborgor)
on 17 A p r i l 1941 and a d d r e s s e d
t o t h e Reich m i n i s t e r and Chief of the Reich
d e a l i n g with P e n a l Low a g a i n s t J.-ol,s and Jews in t h e onnexed
Op. c'i't. p . 03
Op. c i t . p . 90 Decree of 12 October 1909
Eastern Territories.
The lottcr states that the "provisions
(namely the Ordinance of 6 Juno 1940) were established in
agreement with tho Roich Minister cf tho Interior''.
On 20 August 194£, after hc-ving relinquished his
positions as Reich minister of tho Interior, Plenipotentiary
for the iidninis tret ion cf the Roich, and member cf the
Defense Council, tho defendant was made Reichsprotoktor
for üohomio and L-orr.vin. —J Although nost powers in the
trotoctorc.ee v/cre vested in the German Minister of State
(karl R. Prank), the defendant retained tho following spocific
pewors :
xhe approval of nominations to tho
autonomous Czech cabinet;
The copointmont and dismissal of German
officials in the Protectorate;
Tho right to grant pardons and to grant
The defendant, moreover, lent his name to all
policies carried out in tho Protectorate, where he continued.
to represent the Reich interests.
R G 51 I, p. 527

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