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beschriftung komplettsystem_gb
Blissenbach Range of High Quality
Systems for Inside Tube Scarfing.
Inside tube scarfer
Seam monitoring
Cutting edge chipping, scarfing
depth, as well as misalignment
of weld edges due to imprecise
forming will now be closely
monitored with our patented
new product feature, thus
significantly reducing the amount
of defective work.
(Available for tube > ID 95 mm)
The range of applications of
our inside tube scarfers and
impeders for longitudinal weld
tubes includes inside tube
diameters of 12 to 270 mm.
These tools debur steel,
high-grade steel and aluminum
alloy tubes with equal ease.
We supply both mechanical
and hydraulic inside tube scarfers.
An in-house design, the mount
is individually tailored to
your tube welding system.
In addition to a high level
of overall system stability, the mount offers a
variety of adjustment
options to ensure optimum cut application of
the inside tube scarfer.
Tube penetration with tow bar impeder
Both impeder and inside tube scarfer are connected to this component by way of a special coupling
New, patented design – the large ferrite component within the
impeder cross-section ensures maximum power transmission
efficiency to the strip edges.
Cutting ring cooling
The Cutting ring cooling is an extra plus when it comes to aluminium-coated pipe: this feature prevents
material buildup around the cutting ring during deburring.

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