EBEW 486 3rd Shift (2300-0700) Coverage Aereement The parties



EBEW 486 3rd Shift (2300-0700) Coverage Aereement The parties
Massachusetts Electric Company
Nantucket Electric Company
each d/b/a National Grid
D.P.U. 15-155
Workpaper NG-RRP-14
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EBEW 486
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3rd Shift (2300-0700) Coverage Aereement
The parties to this agreement are the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 486
(“IBEW” or “Union”) and National Grid (Company). This agreement applies to the
Northampton, Great Barrington. and North Adams Overhead platforms. If this Agreement does
not work for either party after 90 days from execution, this current Agreement will remain in
place until both parties can agree to an alternative 3 Shift (2300-0700) coverage arrangement.
Coverage will be assigned in one week increments starting Thursday at 2300 and ending the
following Thursday at 0700. Name to be provided to management on the preceding Monday. The
person covering shall be provided with a company cell phone and or reliable means of
communication and will be expected to check in with Dispatch on a daily basis. This person shall
be a rated line worker with 2 years in grade. A company pickup or light duty bucket will be
provided and taken home for company use only. When a crew is scheduled for 2300 to 0700 this
person shall be the first person assigned to work.
If additional resources are required with managements approval ARCOS will be used. The
coverage person will be paid as per the CBA.
The weekly stipend will be $520 per week ($70 for Monday-Friday and $85 for Saturday and
Sunday per current CBA). If an employee assigned to 2300 to 0700 coverage on a holiday is
called in to work, he shall receive four (4) hours of additional holiday time.
The coverage person shall be responsible to return the truck with no additional compensation
prior to 3pm on the day that coverage has ended.
When the coverage person is called in he is expected to be on the property for a minimum of two
(2) hours and take priority I and no power calls. At no time shall the addition of minimums and
time worked exceed eight (8) hours for the shift.
IBEW 486

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