October 2015 Boro Bits Newsletter



October 2015 Boro Bits Newsletter
A quarterly newsletter for the residents, businesses and property owners of
Spring Grove Borough, York County, Pennsylvania
Volume 20
Issue 83
October 20, 2015
Your Elected Officials
Borough Council
Richard P. Legore
Vice President
William T. Gentzler
Phase II of Community Park Complete
Work is nearing completion on Phase II of the Community Park.
Improvements to the park include, a small and large dog park, basketball
court, volleyball court, paving of the parking lot, water and electric service,
as well as stormwater improvements to the entire area.
President Pro Tempore
Michael H. Altland
Kyle Heidlebaugh
Peter A. Lombardi
Vincent Catalano
James Graham
Dolores J. Aumen
Once construction is completed,
new park regulations will be posted
Monica Eckenrode
and strictly enforced. These
regulations will include how dog
Holiday Closings
owners are expected to handle and
control their dogs while in the dog
November 26 & 27 - Thanksgiving
area. Electric in the pavilion will
December 24 & 25 - Christmas
only be provided to those who
January 1 - New Years
contact the Recreation Center
extension 3) and properly
Please note that the
two hour time limit for reserve the facility. Water will also be available from April 1 to October 31.
parking on Main Street will not be
enforced these holidays.
Fall Leaf Collection Notice
Tax Collector
Tax Collector Information
Monica A Eckenrode
46 North Water Street
Spring Grove, PA 17362
[email protected]
Collection Hours at Municipal Office
November 11
5:00 PM to 6:00 PM
November 16
5:00 PM to 6:00 PM
1 Campus Avenue
Spring Grove, PA 17362
Leaf collection notices are available on the
Borough’s website and for pickup at the
Borough Office. Please remember
to follow the guidelines
outlined in the notice.
Leaves WILL NOT be collected where
guidelines are not followed.
Remember, if the rear of your property abuts an
alley, place leaves in the alley.
E-mail: [email protected]
Tel: (717)225-5791
Cleaning Up After Pets
Santa in the Grove
December 5
1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Spring Grove Regional Park and Recreation
Center Gymnasium
Come out to this free event and visit Santa
and enjoy cookie decorating and hot
The Borough Office has received numerous complaints
recently regarding residents walking their dogs and not
cleaning up after them. The Code of Ordinances of the
Borough of Spring Grove defines this
violation as a pet owner allowing their
pet to defecate upon any street,
sidewalk, passageway, park or any
other public place where people
congregate or walk; or upon any
private property of another person without the permission of
the owner of said property, unless such pet owner
immediately removes and disposes of the feces in a sanitary
manner. Clean up after your pet or you will be fined!
Treatment Plant Upgrade Process
The Borough has received a permit allowing the treatment
and discharge of wastewater to Codorus Creek, once the
upgrade project is complete. A pre-bid meeting was held on
October 13 with multiple interested contractors. Bids will be
opened on November 12. Construction is expected to begin
in Winter of 2016.
General Election Day
The General Election will be held on
Tuesday, November 3. Vote for your
favorite candidates at the Municipal
Building, 1 Campus Avenue, where
the polls are open between the hours
of 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM. Sample ballots are available at
Snow is Coming!
In the event the Borough declares a snow
emergency you may find relevant information
posted on the following sites:
 www.springgroveboro.com
 Facebook - Borough of Spring Grove
 NIXLE.com– A free program that sends alerts to
you via text message or email. Sign up on the
Borough’s website.
 TV: Channel 8 (NBC), Channel 27 (ABC)
 Radio: FM107.7 and FM 98.5
When a snow storm has been forecast, it is
important that you turn to one of these sites to see
if a snow emergency has been declared. Residents
will have two hours to remove all vehicles from
snow emergency routes once
the emergency is announced.
All vehicles must be removed
from the designated snow
emergency parking lots within
24 hours of the termination of the snow emergency.
Meeting Dates
All meetings begin at 7:00 PM at the Borough
Municipal Building and are open to the public.
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