Cardinal Spellman
High School
Brockton, Massachusetts
July 2016
The School
• To offer our students a strong educational
background, which, when combined with a
desire to learn and self-discipline, will provide
the necessary foundation for achievement on
the college level.
• To provide prayer and worship opportunities
within the school community, calling on one
another to further develop their relationship
with God and live Gospel values.
• To foster within our students an awareness
of their personal worth and dignity and to
develop an appreciation of and respect for the
differences and diversity of others.
• To encourage in our students a personal
commitment to be responsible and contributing
• To teach critical thinking skills as an integral
part of intellectual development.
Fast Facts
Total students: 633
Faculty members: 53
Student/teacher ratio: 12:1
Faculty with advanced degrees: 65%
Endowment: $2.4 million
Financial aid awarded this year: $935,000
Students receiving financial aid: 51%
Student body of color: 25%
Cardinal Spellman High School is dedicated to
offering students the opportunity to develop personal
potential, to pursue truth in knowledge, and to guide
them in acquiring the principles needed to live
in society as caring, Christian citizens. Within a
structured environment and a broad curriculum, CSHS
encourages students to develop their academic skills,
to prepare for later studies, and to value learning for
its own sake. The school’s motto, “Sequere Deum” –
Follow God – challenges all members of the school
to be compassionate and contributing members of the
global community, which students carry that out with
enthusiasm, commitment, and energy.
Cardinal Spellman High School’s mission still reflects
the goals of the Archdiocese of Boston and the values
of the school’s religious founders. CSHS is a school
built on a strong foundation, with an ambitious strategic
plan and a mission that means a great deal to everyone
in the community. Spellman is committed to being a
source of pride and hopes to become the best Catholic
coeducational high school in Massachusetts. Most
years, over 98% of Cardinal Spellman’s graduates
enroll in colleges and universities throughout the
country (91% of the graduating class of 2015 attended
four-year colleges, and a high percentage plans to
pursue graduate studies). The school draws from
over 40 communities that contribute to a diverse
student population yet has the sense and close feel of
a smaller, tight-knit family.
In 2012, Spellman was honored as the only Catholic
school in the country to receive the Sadlier Award for
Catholic Identity. This prestigious award from the
National Catholic Educational Association recognizes
the commitment of the faculty and staff who work
hard to instill Catholic values in students. Spellman’s
masses, prayer services, daily devotion to doing God’s
will, and service to the Church and the community
are true reflections of the school’s mission. This is
an authentic mission and spirit that avoids piousness,
formality, or special interest. It is distinctive, genuine,
and moving.
Cardinal Spellman High School was granted continued
full accreditation by the New England Association of
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Schools and Colleges in 2009. A five-year interim report was approved in 2014 and strategic plans in the areas
of technology and academics are underway. The school is up for reaccreditation in 2019. The school is also
affiliated with the National Catholic Education Association and the College Board.
Academic Program
Spellman offers a strong liberal arts education with an academic program designed so that each student may
acquire the appropriate background for a successful post-secondary education. Students take courses that
are as demanding and challenging as possible in order to: (1) develop their God-given talents to the fullest;
(2) increase their chances for admission to college; and (3) expand their options and potential for success in
college and life. All courses at Spellman are college-preparatory, many with Honors and Advanced Placement
options. Required courses in English, Mathematics, Foreign Language, Religious Studies, Science, and Social
Studies form the core curriculum and elective courses are offered in those subjects, plus Art, Accounting,
and Computer Studies. Spellman has embraced 21st Century teaching and learning, with student-centered
instruction and increased emphasis on student achievement and engagement, and classroom instruction focused
on student needs and ownership of their learning.
Recent academic advancements include more Advanced Placement offerings, independent research, and
Virtual High School. A commitment to technology now brings a one-to-one iPad program to the classroom
with a clear focus: “Educate, Engage, and Empower for Excellence.” CSHS has embraced the iPad initiative
and the technology is smoothly being integrated throughout the educational program. Going forward, the plan
is to maintain an enrollment that preserves the family feel of the school community yet is large enough to offer
a rich selection of courses and a variety of relevant, interesting electives. See the detailed Program of Studies
for more information. Last year, seniors achieved the highest SAT scores of the last seven years.
To assist Spellman’s teachers in developing 21st Century education offerings, a new Library/Media Center
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is currently under construction, with a
targeted completion date of November 1,
2015. The new space will boast a learning
environment that will support and
enhance the education of all Spellman’s
students. The school anticipates that
the space’s exceptional new resources
and technology will combine to form
an atmosphere that will engage students
to collaborate, create, and expand their
critical thinking skills. That will be a
place where students can engage in their
own learning and faculty can prepare
them for optimal success in their futures.
This year, Spellman is entering into a
year-long professional development
partnership with Teachers21, with a measured focus on teaching, applying, and practicing critical thinking
skills across the curriculum. Through the professional development process, teachers will be gaining and
refining skills and teaching strategies, collaborating with one another, building professional camaraderie and,
ultimately, emerging better equipped to instruct with greater effectiveness and sensitivity for the learner.
Recent enhancements have been made to faculty professional development, and the school has more
intentionally and systematically approached its review of curriculum and instruction. PLCs have been enacted,
and the school’s tech initiatives have been lauded and duplicated in many peer schools.
Religious Studies/Campus Ministry
A strong curriculum in religion aligns
with the guidelines established by the
Archdiocese of Boston and includes
courses in Catholicity, Scripture,
Service, and Morality. The Religious
Studies/Campus Ministry Department
aims to teach, encourage, support,
nurture, and direct students to a more
mature understanding of their Catholic
Christian heritage and to educate others
in the Catholic Christian faith and
tradition. The curriculum is designed so
that the study of the Hebrew and Christian scriptures, Church tradition, and the sacraments is the foundation
for further study, understanding the paschal mystery, and active participation in opportunities for faith
development. Retreat experiences at each grade level and a Christian Service graduation requirement are
features of the religious studies department, which works diligently to challenge individuals and the school
community to live out their faith through commitment and personal witness as well as through acts of justice,
compassion, and service.
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Visitors will be impressed with Spellman’s
enthusiastic and respectful student body and find
student-faculty relationships that are warm and
genuine. CSHS students are drawn from a wide
network of towns and cities in the Boston and
Providence corridor, representing a broad range of
family income level and backgrounds. It is considered
a “school of choice” for the region. The students
are academically, ethnically and culturally diverse.
The school has continued to maintain a student body
that is approximately 25% students of color. In
an effort to diversify the student body and expand
the global perspective, CSHS has contracted with
EDUBOSTON to bring approximately 10 students
from China to study at Spellman next year. For the
2015-2016 school year, 278 students applied for 200 places and 50% of students who were offered admission
enrolled. Spellman’s enrollment has fluctuated between 600 and 800 students over the last 20 years. Parents
are very appreciative of what the school does for their children. Students are grateful for the commitment of
each faculty member to their individual successes.
Facilities and Location
Cardinal Spellman is situated on a substantial 42-acre campus in a residential section of Brockton on the crest
of a hill overlooking the city to the west. The school’s football field abuts the Mary E. Baker Elementary
School. Recent campus upgrades include the media resource center (set to open late fall 2015); a new fitness
center with a weight room, cardio machines, and athletic trainer’s facilities; science labs to supplement all
science curricula; and a fully renovated cafeteria. When the Sisters of St. Joseph left the campus in 2009,
much of their convent facility was renovated for key administrative offices and conference space. More recent
improvements include spaces for both visual and theater arts classes, and another 4,000 square feet are still
available for repurposing. The convent and main academic building are connected by a tranquil stained glass
chapel, which helps to foster Spellman’s Catholic identity. In addition, the school owns undeveloped property
both on its main campus and across the street with an eye to additional field and court space.
Brockton and Boston
Brockton is located in Plymouth County, 25 miles south of Boston and 35 miles north of Providence. The city,
population 94,000, prides itself on its diversity of cultures. Brockton’s population has been on the rise, with
dramatic demographic change in the last decade. The city is spirited and diverse and traditionally a heavily
middle working class community. Southeastern Massachusetts continues to be the state’s fasting growing
region. The Middleborough/Lakeville Line of the MBTA’s commuter line passes through Brockton, providing
service north to Boston and south to Providence.
Incorporated in 1881, Brockton grew into a major industrial center with more than 100 shoe and textile factories
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at the turn of the century. Nicknamed the City of Champions for its rich sports history, Brockton is hometown
of boxing greats Rocky Marciano and Marvin Hagler.
Brockton has successfully developed a wide variety of effective programs, activities, and services its youth.
Now in its 11th year, Brockton After Dark provides athletic and enrichment opportunities to teenagers
throughout the summer. Thanks to programs like this, Brockton has been named one of the Best Communities
for Young People four times in the last decade.
The city offers numerous cultural and recreational opportunities as well – from golf courses and open spaces
to museums and theaters. Now in its
65th season, the Brockton Symphony
Orchestra is one of the leading community
symphony orchestras in Massachusetts
and one of the best regional orchestras
in the country. Brockton’s Fuller Craft
Museum is an art museum and cultural
center situated on a serene 22-acre campus
that provides a rare combination of art,
culture, and an idyllic natural setting.
The Museum is surrounded by 700
acres of scenic woodland and Frederick
Law Olmstead’s D.W. Field Park. The
Brockton Historical Society operates a complex of three historic sites, each dedicated to a separate facet of
the city’s long history: the shoe industry, firefighting, and an early homestead. For baseball fans, the Brockton
Rox compete in the Futures Collegiate Baseball League and play approximately 25 home games each summer
at Campanelli Stadium in Brockton.
Nearby Boston is one of the world’s premier cities, home to world-class cultural and educational resources.
Harvard, Tufts, MIT, BU, BC, Berklee College of Music, Northeastern, New England Conservatory and
Wellesley contribute to the area’s youthfulness, vitality, and pride. Rich in history and central to the birth of
our nation, Boston also gave us the nation’s first college, secondary school, public park, subway, and periodic
Strengths and Unique Qualities
of the School
• Clear mission, focus, identity, and success as a preeminent Catholic, college-preparatory school;
• Deep commitment to Brockton and commensurate respect within the local community;
• Proud, appreciative, and generous alumni body with active interest and genuine respect for their Spellman
• Effective, forward-focused governance, leadership, and management;
• Talented professional community of faculty and staff dedicated to their students and their school;
• Comprehensive programs providing opportunities for all students.
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The Next President
The President is the chief executive officer of Cardinal Spellman High School and is responsible only to the
Board of Trustees for the management of the entire campus, all programs, and all personnel. The President’s
major goals are to provide leadership in developing, achieving, and maintaining the best possible educational
programs and services for the school. The President is responsible for long-term planning, fiscal management,
alumni affairs, board leadership, recruitment, institutional advancement, Catholic identity, public representation,
and fundraising and development efforts.
The President must also exemplify the Catholic values of the school. S/he is expected to be an active participant
and leader in the service, ministry, prayer, and liturgical life of the school. The President must demonstrate a
strong Catholic presence and serve as a model in all ways for the school. S/he is responsible for developing
a fully inclusive Catholic Community for Cardinal Spellman. The President is appointed by the Board of
Trustees. S/he is expected to be a leader in the academic life of the school and to serve as the school’s major
fund raiser and responsible fiduciary agent. The President maintains final authority in all matters related to the
functioning of the school.
The President serves as the public face of the school for community outreach, events, donor relations,
and publicity. S/he focuses on the major issues of the school, overseeing the Principal and Directors of
Advancement, Admission, Communication, Finance, Facilities, and Athletics.
Priorities for the President
The new President will find a school with positive momentum and tremendous potential for growth and
development. A current strategic plan, which extends through 2017, enumerates campus development,
curricular innovation, broader enrollment outreach, and increased capital giving while maintaining the rich
traditions of the school and its commitment to Catholic education and mission. The school has seen significant,
positive change over the last six years, and the Board and school community wish that progress to continue on
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all fronts. Spellman is a school committed to maximizing the potential in each student; the President should
help the institution maximize its resources as well. This will include focus on advancement efforts including
fundraising, friend-raising, and corporate and community relations.
Experiences and Qualities Desired in the President
At this exciting juncture in the school’s history, the Trustees seek a dynamic, entrepreneurial leader with
outstanding institution-building skills. This includes fundraising, friend-raising, corporate and community
relations, Archdiocesan relations, enrollment management, and family engagement. The President will be
expected to raise the profile of the school in the community and communicate with passion and eloquence the
unique strengths and compelling features of the “Spellman Experience.” The President should also believe
in the kind of Catholic ministry that exists at Spellman and should be committed to enhancing the student
experience at the school – academically, artistically, athletically, spiritually, and personally. S/he must have
the experience and sagacity to guide the school through the large and sometimes sensitive issues that can
arise in the life of a school and must understand the needs and resources of the constituents and communities
Spellman serves.
Cardinal Spellman operates within the President/Principal leadership structure, the most popular model among
Catholic secondary schools in the country. In this structure, the Principal functions as the chief academic
officer reporting to the President, who serves as the CEO of the institution. Since the Principal assumes
responsibility for the day-to-day academic operations including curriculum, faculty development, scheduling,
and student services, the President has an opportunity to focus on strategy, fundraising, friend-raising, and
other essential institution building activities. Although the President is not directly involved in teaching and
learning, s/he is expected to enable and inspire focus on academic excellence by empowering the work of the
Principal and allocating all resources necessary to achieve the core academic objectives of the school. The
President is also expected to work closely with the Board in establishing priorities and budgets and setting the
near-term and long-term agendas of the institution. The President/Principal model relies on the two leaders
working effectively as partners under the direction of the Board of Trustees.
The President must have confidence in his or her ability to fund-raise and to help drive enrollment and
marketing of the school and should be able to motivate the teams of people in the school community to reach
their goals. Finally, Cardinal Spellman seeks a President who will blend easily with the family nature of the
community, who enjoys students and the camaraderie of a committed faculty.
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To Apply
Interested candidates should submit the following materials confidentially as separate PDF attachments in
one email:
• Cover letter expressing interest in the Cardinal Spellman High School position and aligning your skills
and experiences with the needs of the school, as you understand them;
• Current resume with all dates included;
• Statement of educational philosophy and leadership practice;
• List of five references with name, phone number, and email address of each (references will be contacted
only with the candidate’s permission and not before a mutual interest is clearly established).
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