attract tv media player



attract tv media player
Attract TV is an exciting, easy-to-use digital messaging, entertainment, and engagement platform for
bars and restaurants that works with the TouchTunes jukebox and TouchTunes mobile app to create a
unique social and music experience. Attract TV is powered by a custom-built Media Player that is easy to
install and that optimizes the dynamic Attract TV experience.
• Built on Linux, the most widely accepted operating system for embedded devices. Among other
benefits, Linux allows for easier integration with third party apps and content.
• Optimized for Attract TV and cost effective. The Media Player was custom-built for Attract TV
enabling a superior performance / cost ratio compared to off-the-shelf players.
• Easy to install. The Media Player’s small footprint requires only power, Ethernet, and HDMI connections.
• Low power. The Media Player consumes only 5 Watts.
• Reliable. The Media Player has a robust hardware design and includes built-in diagnostics to help
keep Attract TV running uninterrupted.
-- Media Player does not need to be accessed for
regular maintenance
-- Watchdog timers automatically reboot the Media Player
if a fault is detected
-- Oversized heat-sink keeps electronic components cool,
helping to reduce failures

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