Milltronics 8200-B Control



Milltronics 8200-B Control
Milltronics 8200-B Control
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The 8200-B CNC is standard with a PC-based control which allows
for advanced processing speeds that are imperative for high speed
and multi-axis machining.
The 8200-B has all of the user-friendly features Milltronics CNC
controls are known for and more: compatibility with all G & M Code
programs plus macro programming, auto routines, trig help, and all
the shop floor programming benefits of conversational programming.
The 8200-B CNC has conversational visual aid programming help
screens. This is helpful for new programmers to help determine
what is being prompted for the fields within a conversational event.
The new “Mill Away” function has been added for mid-program
offset adjustment; especially helpful for 3D contouring operations in
mold making.
The 8200-B CNC has a state-of-the-ar t user interface with wire
frame and solid model graphic modes for tool path and por t
verification. By selecting the “Fast Verify” feature, the operator can
run the program at 100 times speed. Both graphic modes look ahead
of actual machine position when executing so the operator can see
where the tool is going before it gets there.
File management convenience is enhanced with USB and Ethernet
networking capabilities. Establishing communication of shop floor
production data is easier since this control is compatible with MT
Connect (communication standard sponsored by The Association
for Manufacturing Technology). Examples of production data may
include operating state, job numbers, par t count, feeds, speeds and
times, axis and spindle loads, tool life and much more.
With an ultra fast 2000 blocks per second processing speed, the
8200-B CNC is able to control the acceleration and deceleration
times of the commanded axes to tailor motion control performance
for specific applications. With selectable G187, G188, and G189
cutting modes, the programmer can select between different motion
control parameters to optimize tool path and feedrates of the axes in
motion and reduce the overall cycle time.
The Milltronics CNC Control, along with the work offset probing
option, has the probing macros built into the conversational menus.
These macros are easily added to any program to allow the operator
to measure bores, single surfaces, webs, and slots. The probe
option can be used for automatically updating the work offsets
eliminating human error. In addition probing can be used on the
Milltronics control for broken tool detection, in-cycle gauging, and
inspection. Probing allows for more accuracy and as well as faster,
more efficient setups.
• PC-based 8200-B CNC includes 1 GB par ts storage memory
• Enhanced CPU with block processing speed of 2000 bps
with enhanced jerk control and look ahead
• 12" LCD active matrix color display
• Conversational plus G & M code programming including
coordinate rotating, Scaling, mirror image, thread mill
engraving, helical interpolation, auto routines, trig assist
and irregular pocket clearing
• Auto DXF file impor t
• 3D par t and wire frame tool path graphics plus solid
modeling graphics
• Management software that allows editing of very large
program files at the machine
• High torque AC digital servo drives
• Spindle load meter
• User definable macros
• USB connectivity
• MTConnect compliant
• Networking
Milltronics has designed and manufactured quality CNC machines
for the metal cutting industry for over 40 years. Milltronics markets
its 50+ diverse product models in over 40 markets worldwide.
We are a growing, family owned and operated company based in
Minnesota, and a division of Liber ty Diversified International, Inc.
The Milltronics Graphics Advantage — powerful graphics of the Milltronics CNC control show the programmer the part geometry as it
will look when completed. The graphic screens shown above shows the operator exactly where the tool is relative to the workpiece at
all times. This user-friendly screen shows the tool path (green) and the diameter of the active tool. The graphic verify features show the
operator the entire machining operation either in real time or in a dry run, each posting estimated runtimes including tool changes.
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