Patients Served by Town in FY13



Patients Served by Town in FY13
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FY 2013 - Genesis Behavioral Health
Partners in Health:
Genesis Behavioral Health & Prescott Farm Environmental Education Center
At Genesis Behavioral Health, we value the many partnerships
we have in the Lakes Region. Together, we are able to utilize our
collective – and limited - resources more efficiently and effectively
while making a difference for children and families. This past year,
we were fortunate to forge
have had something difficult, even tragic, happen to them. The children
who recover the quickest often have found their own way of tapping
into a source of strength or finding something that nurtures their
resiliency. Many times, children report they have found this strength
through contact with nature. An 11-year-old says “When I am feeling
really upset, I go out back, into the woods, and find a
tree to sit under. There I find the space and quiet to
sort things out, and calm myself down.”
Unfortunately, for many children with mental illness,
participation in such activities is limited. Families
a partnership with Prescott Farm
Environmental Education Center (PFEEC) in Laconia.
Recreation activities, such as the summer and vacation camps
offered at PFEEC, have multiple benefits for children with mental
illness. These include a reduction of symptoms; increased selfconfidence and self-esteem; increased communication, trust and
cooperation skills; improved social skills and peer relationships;
increased ability to manage stressors and anxiety; enhanced feelings
of well-being; and increased problem-solving skills. Regular
recreational activities can reduce the severity of many mental health
disorders, allowing participants to achieve positive outcomes.
In particular, spending time outdoors and in nature is invaluable
for our children. In fact, it is a natural stress reliever. At Genesis
Behavioral Health, we work with many children who
may be struggling to meet their child’s basic needs,
and may not have the financial ability or the time
to participate in recreational activities. PFEEC
recognized that need, and received a grant from
Meredith Village Savings Bank Fund to provide
children receiving services from Genesis Behavioral
Health with scholarships to attend camp. Sarah
Dunham, Executive Director of PFEEC, remarked,
“We are so grateful to MVSB for working with
us to provide Genesis kids with a summer camp
experience at Prescott Farm!” The generosity of
MVSB and PFEEC gave 10 children an enriching
experience that improved not only their mental
health, but their physical health as well by getting
them outside to play and learn. A 5-year-old says it best - “When I am
outside, everything is just so beautiful! It makes my heart happy.”
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FY 2013 - Genesis Behavioral Health
Genesis Behavioral Health - FY 2013
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Success Story:
A Healthy Choices, Healthy Changes Story Shared With Genesis Behavioral Health
On my 28th birthday, I weighed 345 lbs and probably more because
that was the last recorded weight at my doctor’s visit and it had been
a while since I had seen him. I was in a deep depression and walking
just a hundred feet seemed like miles in my eyes, because I was in
so much pain. I really didn’t care about anything. My boyfriend
approached the subject of my weight by using my health as a reason
to lose it. I started thinking about it.
One day I decided to walk to the library and found they had an
entire section on health and fitness. I took a workout DVD home
and watched it all the way through. I thought to myself “they want
Getting compliments from
people who noticed my
weight loss pushed me
to work harder! I started
noticing that I had less
pain, and I could move
more swiftly. I started
walking around the block
and bicycling. Once I had
a good workout routine, I
started working on my diet.
I tried to figure out portion
control and I stopped
eating when I felt satisfied.
I read everything. I learned
about good carbohydrates
and bad carbohydrates
and lean proteins. I would
take weekends off from
working out and just focus
on my diet so I did not feel
When I was introduced to
Healthy Choices, Healthy
Changes (HCHC), I had already lost 100 lbs but would never have
had the confidence to go to a gym and work out, or even ask people
to show me how to use the machines. From the beginning, my
trainer was upbeat and pushed me closer to my goal. I was able to
push myself harder than I had before.
Being able to go to a gym takes away any excuse I could come up
with to not exercise at home. The program even pays for me to go
back and forth to the gym by taxi so I don’t have an excuse to not go!
I was also able to join Weight Watchers through the HCHC program.
This helped tremendously with my diet and motivated me even
more to continue my weight loss. I get weighed in weekly at Weight
Watchers and I get excited each week to see how much weight I have
lost or gained.
My confidence and strength are at an all-time high, which has
motivated me to go back to college. I have lost a total of 147 lbs (60
with HCHC). My own hard work and the HCHC program has not
only helped with my weight loss, but with my mental health as well.
I weigh less than 200 lbs for the first time in 10 years. Each day, my
mental and physical health gets better – and I am grateful.
me to do that!?” After all, walking up and down the stairs
made me breathe heavily. So heavily, in fact, I would
sometimes have to stop and rest half way up or down the
stairs just to catch my breath.
The next day, my boyfriend went to work and I decided to
try the DVD exercises in my living room. I started doing
as much as I could; pushing myself to the limit. Slowly I
felt more confidence and perseverance; I just felt better
all around, mentally and physically! I tried to exercise at
least 4 days a week, if not 5. I did not want to overwhelm
myself with diet yet so I just pushed myself through
the exercises as much as I could, doing more while my
confidence grew!
Genesis Behavioral Health - FY 2013
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FY 2013 - Genesis Behavioral Health
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Donations &
Grants & Public
Bureau of
Behavioral Health
County & Town
Other Revenues
Program Sales
M edicare
M edicaid
Private Insurance
Program Sales
Private Insurance
Other Revenues
Grants & Public Support
County & Town Funds
Donations & Contributions
Bureau of Behavioral Health
“There is much to be said about standing tall and persevering. It takes extra effort to succeed when challenges
continue to mount. Yet, Genesis Behavioral Health, our patients, staff, and Board members face their personal
and organizational struggles with an energy, enthusiasm, and commitment that outshines the best. We are
proud of our accomplishments and embrace our vision for a brighter future. We are so thankful for all of you,
who continue to help us support our communities with recovery and hope.”
Maggie Pritchard, Executive Director
Susan L. Stearns, President, Board of Directors
“The mission of Genesis Behavioral Health is to provide essential services that enhance the emotional and mental
health of our communities.”
Benefits & Taxes
Professional Fees
Other Expenses
Communications Insurance
Professional Fees
Other Expenses
Benefits & Taxes
Audited Financials for FY13, Administrative Expenses 9.3%
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FY 2013 - Genesis Behavioral Health
Genesis Behavioral Health - FY 2013
Annual Report | page 4
Board of Directors
2012 to 2013
Susan Stearns, Northfield
Deborah Pendergast, Gilford
Dr. Jim Hundrieser, Plymouth
Cinde Warmington, Esq., Concord
2013 Marilouise McCaffery Mission Award Nominees, from left:
Stephanie Huckins, Anne Smith, Paula Clearwater, Michele Goss, Linda Hagan, Maggie
Pritchard, Boni Gross, Kathy Randazzo, Stephany Cameron, Brian Harvey, Jane Merrithew.
Missing from photo: Tom Gross, Amanda Hoyt, Jimi Labonte, Stephanie Vazzano.
Elizabeth Baker, Gilford
Lori Boelig, Gilford
Jack Eltzroth, Gilford
Trudy Fletcher, Belmont
Dr. Miller Lovett, Meredith
Ed McFarland, Laconia
Rae Mello-Andrews, Gilford
Liz Merry, Laconia
Carol Pierce, Laconia
Jennifer Sereni, Sanbornton
Cydney Shapleigh-Johnson, Alton
Matthew Soza, Laconia
Peter Stewart, Laconia
Jannine Sutcliffe, Holderness
Dr. Kelley White, Gilford
Community Assistance
by the Numbers
Fiscal Year 2013
Honorary Member: Esther Peters
Grants Received
3M – Tilton
To create an internal training manual for the Electronic Health Record.
New Hampshire Charitable Foundation – Bellis Family Fund
To provide enrichment programming for children and adolescents with mental illness and/or emotional distress.
Belknap County
To support short-term therapy for adults ages 18 and older who are uninsured and do not meet State eligibility requirements.
State of New Hampshire, Bureau of Developmental Services
To fund the facilitation of the Lakes Region Workforce Coalition.
Franklin Savings Bank Fund for Community Advancement
To improve mobile technology for community-based staff.
U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development
To provide permanent supportive housing for homeless individuals with mental illness.
Grafton County
To support short-term therapy for adults ages 18 and older who are uninsured and do not meet State eligibility requirements.
WLNH Children’s Auction
To provide funding for basic needs of children and families with mental illness and/or emotional distress.
Meredith Village Savings Bank Fund
To fund an Information Technology audit.
Genesis Behavioral Health - FY 2013
Annual Report | page 4
page 5 | Annual Report
FY 2013 - Genesis Behavioral Health
Patients Served by Town in FY13
Charity Care
Center Harbor
New Hampton
Out of Catchment
In Honor of Lynnellen Ayer
In Memory of Marilouise McCaffery
Robert Ayer Family Irrevocable Trust of
Beth Bean
Dave Bouchard
Diane Desharnais
In Memory of Thomas Beaudet and
Jennifer Schmidt
Robert G. Holbrook
Helen Beaudet Holbrook
In Memory of Charlotte L. Perrier
Charlotte-Ane Hassett
In Memory of Dr. George “Pete” Harris
Jane A. Foster
In Honor of Rep. James P. Pilliod, MD
Martha and Don Dolben
Sharon Pilliod Grant
Barbara B. Harris
Susan L. Stearns
In Memory of the Victims of Sandy
Walter and Shirley Strauch
Hook Elementary
Dr. Kelley White
Jen Sereni
Patients Served by
in Fiscal Year 2013
Duplicated count to include patients served in multiple programs.
We are grateful to the following municipalities for their
support of Emergency Services:
Town of Alexandria
Town of Alton
Town of Ashland
Town of Belmont
Town of Bristol
In Memory of Marshall B. Hatch, Jr.
Sally Hatch
In Memory of Jason Seraiva
Shelley Proulx
Town of Center Harbor
In Memory of Robert J. King
Patricia Baker Goguen
In Memory of M.J. and L.D. Soza
Matthew Soza
Town of Gilford
In Memory of Beverly Lutcovich
Patricia Baker Goguen
In Honor of Gordon and Barbara
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Hattan
Town of Ellsworth
Town of Gilmanton
Town of Groton
page 5 | Annual Report
Town of Hebron
Town of Holderness
City of Laconia
Town of Meredith
Town of New Hampton
Town of Plymouth
Town of Rumney
Town of Thornton
Town of Wentworth
FY 2013 - Genesis Behavioral Health
Genesis Behavioral Health - FY 2013
Annual Report | page 6
We gratefully acknowledge our contributors for their generous support of our mission. Contributions are listed from July 1, 2012 to June 30, 2013. We make every effort to recognize
our supporters accurately and apologize for any unintentional errors or omissions. Please contact the Development Office at 524-1100 x445 so we may correct our records.
Auction Sponsors
Anonymous (3)
Art Escape
Barking Brook Sled Dog Adventures
Bayside Service
Berry Delicious Bakery
Blue Tree Marketing
Boston Red Sox
Dave Bouchard
CADY (Communities for Alcohol and DrugFree Youth)
Ciao Pasta
Lucy Clark
Congregational Church of Laconia – United
Church of Christ
Linda DiRosa
Sue Drolet
Ed Drury
Doris Duff
Sarah Gellert
Great New Hampshire Restaurants
Boni Gross
Cristina Guarneri
Linda Hagan
Hart’s Turkey Farm
Northway Bank
Marshall Hatch
Dr. Richard Hattan
Tina Hayes
Heavenly Confections by Jean Cadrette
Heritage Farm Pancake House
Frank Hewitt
Innisfree Woodwork
Ippolito’s Furniture, Inc.
Irwin Automotive Group
Jordans Ice Creamery
John Kealey
Laconia Fire Department
Laconia Police Department
Lakes Region Community College
Woodie & Susan Laverack
Julie Leighton
Lochmere Golf & Country Club
LRGHealthcare Employees
Made by Jaddey
Magic Foods Restaurant Group
Manchester Monarchs
Meredith Village Savings Bank
Mill Falls at the Lake
Auction Donors
Kayleigh Moran
Susan Stearns
Mr. B’s TaeKwon Do
Steele Hill Resorts
Music Clinic
Jennifer Stevens
Michael Palmer
Peter & May Stewart
Patrick’s Pub & Eatery
Jannine & George Sutcliffe
Petal Pushers Farm
Rich Teed
Charles & Nafeesa Peterson
The Boulia-Gorrell Lumber Co.
Carol Pierce
The Children’s Museum of New Hampshire
Plaistow Army & Navy Store
The Common Man Family of Restaurants
Prescott’s Florist, LLC
The Fitness Edge
Rain Water Arts
The Galleria Salon & Day Spa
Tina Retell
The Home Beautiful
Rhino Bike Works
The Meat House
Lise Roy
The Studio
Peter Russell
Tiffany’s Beauty & Tanning Salon, LLC
Salty Dog Pottery
U-Frame We Frame
Sanborn’s Auto Repair, Inc.
Vintage Emporium
Seabrook Enterprises
W.B. Mason Co.
Shooter’s Tavern & Pizzaria
Dr. Kelley White
Skate Escape Roller Rink
Whittemore’s Flower Shop
Dawna Smith
Zulu Nyala Game Lodge
Squam Lakes Natural Science Center
Staff and Board of Genesis Behavioral Health
Starbucks – Tilton
Financial Donors
Anonymous (2)
Meagan Francis
3M - Tilton
Nancy Fuchs
Rep. James Aguiar
Dave Garneau
Sara Allen
Sarah Gellert
Pamela Ambrose
Rev. Paula and Bill Gile
Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield
Kim Giles
Bank of New Hampshire
Granite United Way
Berry Dunn
Boni Gross
Gloria Bester
Cristina Guarneri
Ray and Lori Boelig
Susan Gudzinowicz
Sonya Bomster
Linda Hagan
Dave Bouchard
David and Lee Hart
Dawn Bourret
Marshall B. Hatch, III
Richard and Eleanor Brouillard
Sally Hatch
Diane Brown
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Hattan
Judith Brown
Tina Hayes
Kim Bruneau
Katie and Viking Hedberg
CADY - Communities For Alcohol and
Cynthia Hemeon-Plessner
Drug Free Youth
Rebecca Herr
Lori Champion
Cathy Hollow
Mary Chase
Amanda Hoyt
William Christie
Dr. Jim Hundrieser
Paula Clearwater
Charles A. Hutchins, Jr.
Congregational Church of Laconia - United
Innisfree Woodwork
Church of Christ
IPG Employee Benefits
Contigiani’s Catering Service, Inc.
Ippolito’s Furniture, Inc.
Martha Copithorne
Irwin Automotive Group
Dennis and Phyllis Corrigan
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Irwin
Rosemary Cronin
Mitchell B. Jean
Andrea DiDonato
Walter Johnson
Norma Diehl
Jump N’ Joy
Julie Dietrich-Cote
Dr. and Mrs. Frederick Kelsey
Gary Dionne
Kittell Branagan & Sargent
Linda DiRosa
Sue Knowles
Sue Drolet
Jessica Lacasse
Edward T. Drury
Laconia Rotary Club
Evan Drury
Dawn and David Lacroix
Doris Duff
Lakes Region Community Services
Michelle Duford
Lakes Region Partnership for Public Health
Rodney and Gail Dyer
Lavender & Wyatt Systems, Inc.
Jack and Kathryn Eltzroth
Susan and Woodie Laverack
Tammy Emery
Robert A. LeCount
Rep. Donald and Mrs. Lorraine Flanders
Ginny Lovett
Trudy Fletcher
Dr. Miller C. Lovett
Mary Margaret Ford
Marty Fox
Teresa Mullen
Community Wellness Center
Gilford Youth Center
Goffstown State Prison for Women
Goodwill of Northern New England
Local Kid Productions
Merck Pharmaceuticals
Nancy Morse
John Moulton
Northeast Delta Dental
Willard Martin and Margaret Demos
Rice Law Office
David H. McBride
Michelle Rich
Mary McEvoy-Barrett
Vicki Rines
Edward and Brenda McFarland
John P. Rogers
Cindy McKusick
Lise Roy
Dr. Gail Mears
Micheline Roy
Rae Mello-Andrews
Peter Russell
Meredith Village Savings Bank
John and Valerie Scarborough
Liz Merry
Sharon Seabrook
Mid-State Health Center
Jen Sereni
Kate Miller
Shaheen & Gordon, PA
Patrick Miller
Cydney Shapleigh-Johnson
James Millette
Georgette Shastany
Peter J. Minkow
David Smith
Minkow & Mahoney Mullen, PA
Kim Beardwood Smith and Scott Smith
Claire Moorhead
Susan Smith
Kayleigh Moran
Stacy Sorrell
Terri Morrill
Speare Memorial Hospital
Larry and Sandy Mosbrucker
Sheldon Spector
John Moulton
Susan Stearns
Dr. Thomas R. Nadeau
Steele Hill Resorts
Peter and May Stewart
Debra and Timothy Naro
Ruth Stuart
New England Wealth Advisors
Amy Sullivan
Ann Nichols
Jannine and George Sutcliffe
Northeast Delta Dental
Rich Teed
Operation Klean Sweep
The Common Man Family of Restaurants
Joyce Palmer and George DeWolf
The Pero Consulting Group, LLC
Michael Palmer
Amber Theos
Lynne and Geof Pedersen
Michelle Therrien
Samantha Pedersen
Barbara M. Thomas
Deb Pendergast
Paul and Mary Tierney
Penny Pitou & Milo Pike Charitable Fund of
Kelly Untiet
the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation
USI New England
Patricia Petitpas
Virginia Villani
Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program
Cinde Warmington
Carol Pierce
CJ Warren
Plymouth Chamber of Commerce
Kristen and Michael Welch
Plymouth State University
Dr. Kelley White
Joy Power
Whittemore’s Flower Shop
Bette Pratt
Wilkinson-Beane Funeral Home
Prescott Farm Environmental Education
Christopher Williams
David C. Williams
Maggie Pritchard
Rick and Wendy Wilson
Kathy Randazzo
Ellen Wolff
Sherry Reichel
In-Kind Donors
Pemi-Baker Aquatic & Fitness Center
Piche’s Ski & Sport Shop
Planet Fitness - Belmont
Plymouth State University
Cynthia Robinson
Genesis Behavioral Health - FY 2013
Teva Pharmaceuticals
The Guest House - A Creative Studio
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