Water We Gonna Do About It? - First United Methodist Church of



Water We Gonna Do About It? - First United Methodist Church of
Water We Gonna Do About It?
For months before March 3, 2016, Jesus’ hands and feet were moving under God’s guidance in preparation for
‘WATER We Gonna Do About It?’ at First United Methodist Church of Windsor. The event was designed for the
churches of the Peaks Sub District to increase awareness of the need for clean water globally and to help people
realize that each of us CAN do something to help.
Registrars, Bill & Chrys Cosbey
Wilma Romero w/refreshments compliments of UMW
IT: Mark & Susan Cook
On March 3, Mike Barbee, Water, Sanitation, Hygiene (WASH) Technical Officer of UMCOR, gave an overview of
Global Ministries and UMCOR and the desperate need for clean water globally and the consequences of unclean
water. He illustrated UMCOR’s role in improving the standard of living throughout the world by working with
communities on water, air, sanitation and hygiene issues.
The participants rotated through 3 different interactives.
Although we couldn’t turn off the water, we wanted to make people aware of all the ways we use clean water:
toilets, drinking water, coffee, lemonade, food, sinks for washing hands and utensils.
Our photographer, Rob Bradley, is pondering
the idea of ACCESS really being DENIED.
Timekeeper: Deb Covert
Water We Gonna Do About It?
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What’s In YOUR Water?
A microscopic view of Windsor pond water and information about bacterial, parasitic and viral water-borne
diseases by Cathy Bell and Pat Ferrell
Water: A Growing Crisis. An interactive on the economic and physical scarcity of water by Jerry Carson
Together We CAN Change the World
A look at the metal recycling program at First UMC of Windsor inspired by a church-wide book study of
The Hole in Our Gospel in 2011 by Jason Burghart.
Water We Gonna Do About It?
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Questions and Answers with Mike
Short demonstration by Mike Rowley of Broomfield UMC of
water filters they take to Haiti.
On March 6, 2016, Mike gave the message, WASH and Spiritual Hygiene, at both services based on Jeremiah 2:13.
The interactives were repeated, a video, “Creating a Climate for Change”, was shown in the sanctuary, and there
was a Question and Answer period with Mike during Fellowship.
The planners of WATER We Gonna Do About It?: Kathy Carson, Cathy Bell, Jason and Kelly Burghart, Mike Barbee, Wilma
Romero, Pat Ferrell, and Chrys & Bill Cosbey. (Not pictured: Deb Campbell)
Stephen Ministry – A Li’l Bitta’ Feel Good
FUMC Stephen Minister Message from the pew. Author unknown.
Could a Stephen Minister be for you or someone you know?
Contact your Stephen Ministry at Windsor FUMC Todd Everhart 970.686.2368
or your Stephen Leaders Mark Cook 970.302.0150 or Ken Iliff 970.215.4773