Winter 2015/2016 Yankee Newsletter



Winter 2015/2016 Yankee Newsletter
Yankee Jack Russell Terrier Network: Winter ’16
Letter from Joanne Guilmain, YJRTN Co-chair
i folks, I hope everyone had a happy holiday season and has a
prosperous New Year.
Congratulations to all the Yankee members for the great turnout
at the Nationals and for all the ribbons and trophies won by their
terriers. Also, congrats to all the Yankee folk who received awards at the Breezewood
As you all know it is already time to focus on the 2016 Yankee Trial in May. Perhaps it will
distract us for a while so we do not have to think about the cold and the ‘s’ word. I would
much rather focus on warm weather and terrier fun. In that vein, the trial will be held on
May 21 and 22, 2016 at the Hebron Fairgrounds in Hebron, Conn. again this year.
We already have the conformation judges lined up. We are fortunate to have Sandy Ferber
on Saturday and Doug Tack on Sunday for our 2016 trial.
The racing judge will be Doug Loranger.
GTG and Super Earth will be Doug Loranger and Jenn Carr.
Sue Farmer will be doing Barn Hunt.
We have Walt Lutter for agility one day and
we are still looking for a second agility judge.
Anita Storm will be doing Lure Coursing. It is
our intention to build a catch pen for lure
coursing over the winter.
Renee Gamba has been gracious enough to do ball toss for us again.
We are in need of volunteers. If you can lend a hand, please contact Jen Pierce or myself. We
can use help in the tent and at various stewarding positions. If you are interested in
announcing on Saturday or Sunday we would be very grateful. Please think about
volunteering some time for the trial as it is difficult to put on a trial without volunteers. We
will be passing around signup sheets for volunteers at the AGM in the spring. If you generally
attend the AGM, thank you, and if you don’t, please consider joining us as everyone’s ideas
are welcome. Last year the turnout for the AGM was abysmal. We need your help and input.
The club cannot survive with only a handful of folks doing all the work. I know we all like to
attend a trial, but a lot of work is needed to put a successful trial together. Please consider
volunteering for a few hours.
The AGM will be held at noon on March 20 at the Eagle Brook Saloon, located in Norfolk,
Mass, as in the past several years. They provide us with a meeting room which makes it convenient place to meet. The club will provide pizza and soda. Hope to see you at the meeting.
Joanne Guilmain
Yankee Jack Russell Terrier Network contacts:
Jen Pierce, Co-chair, [email protected]
Joanne Guilmain, Co-chair: [email protected]
Pat Marcheti, Treasurer: [email protected]
Erin C. Healy, Secretary/Newsletter Editor/Membership:
[email protected]; 774-313-6370 Members Only Access:
This section has been discontinued. Trial results are posted on the website.
Current members receive the newsletter by e-mail.
Your club needs you...
The club will have two spots up for election: Jenn Pierce’s Co-Chair position and Erin Healy’s Secretary
position. We will be sending out ballots for voting after the New Year but we need to have names on the
ballots in order to do so! New positions begin June 1, 2016 and run for 2 years.
In part, here are some of the responsibilities for each position:
This person must be organized and willing to put significant time into planning annual trial. This includes
procuring judges, vendors, negotiating trial grounds contract, insurance, ordering ribbons and prizes to name a
few tasks. Must be flexible and work well with others.
Work with present Co-Chair to plan, organize and implement a JRTCA sanctioned trial
Participate in the Annual General Meeting held in March each year
Contribute Co-Chair letter to the membership via Newsletter
Represent the Club at any other trials you may attend
Any other initiatives you would like to present to the membership (this is EVERYONE’S club so feel free to
be creative here!)
Do the club newsletter
Manage member database and annual membership renewals
Deposit dues and send report to treasurer
Record minutes at meetings
If you’d like to run for either position, please email Jen at [email protected] by 1/18/2016!
Escaped Jack Russell from Croydon
makes seven mile
journey on foot to
'second home' in
By Croydon Advertiser | Posted: November 02, 2015
AN ESCAPED Jack Russell who turned up seven miles from home at the house of his owner's friend used the Crystal
Palace Tower for navigation, his owner said.
Billy, a two-and-a-half year old Jack Russell/fox terrier, was on an afternoon walk in Ashburton Park with owner Ernest
Bado when he made a bid for freedom last week.
He was found ten hours later at his 'second home' in Lewisham.
Something had spooked the pup and at 4.30pm on Friday October 16 he shocked Ernest by running out of the gates of
Addiscombe park close to where the pair live.
Ernest, 58, said he tried to follow Billy across the road but quickly lost him.
"I was talking to a woman and suddenly she said 'your dog has gone'. Something had scared him, I looked at him and
he looked at me and he ran out of the gates, it was quite frightening," Ernest said.
Billy spends half of his time living with retired trading standards worker Ernest off Lower Addiscombe Road, and half
his time with Ernest's friend Jane Dyer near Hilly Fields in Lewisham.
Ernest's neighbour spotted Billy as he sat on his Addiscombe doorstep at 6.30pm that evening but was unable to catch
the agile hound.
An Internet appeal revealed Billy had been spotted in Anerley Road two hours later at 8.30pm, but a thorough search
by Ernest left him still unable to locate the animal.
"I thought it was quite amazing he had made it that far, that's miles away from home," Ernest said. "My fear was he
would be hit by a car. I thought he was gone and I would never see him again."
But at 2am – hours after Ernest had given up the hunt for the night – he received a phone call from Jane saying Billy
was sitting on her doorstep.
"I have no idea how he got there," Ernest said. "When I take him there I usually drive and he is not looking out of the
Ernest said he is certain Billy made the seven mile journey on foot – "I think he legged it all the way," he said.
"Apparently he was exhausted when he got there.
"It may be that he used the Crystal Palace transmitter tower to find his way.
"The most astonishing thing is that he wasn't run over by a car because he has got no road sense.
"And he would have been going here there and everywhere so he must have walked more than eight miles."
Ernest added: "We still can't believe what he has done but are very happy that he is back with us."
Captain Jack:
Meet Skipper the globetrotting terrier who has
sailed to the Caribbean,
toured round Europe (and
was even banned from a
boules competition for
interfering with the balls)
Skipper has sailed a 54-foot yacht to the Caribbean.
The 10-year-old pooch enjoys accompanying owner Jon Taylor from Shropshire on his exciting adventures
Their latest holiday, a nine-week European tour by van, took in France, Switzerland, Italy, Andorra and Spain
Along the way Skipper ran round the Leaning Tower of Pisa and posed on a Harley Davison at a biker rally in
By Becky Pemberton For Mailonline | 16 November 2015
Talk about needing a pass-pawt!
Here's the globetrotting dog who's toured Europe and even sailed to the Caribbean.
Skipper, the 10-year-old Jack Russell, has sailed a 54-foot yacht to the Caribbean, sat on a Harley Davidson at
a French biker festival and even been banned from the Mount Blanc boules competition for interfering with
the balls.
He and his travelling partner Jon Taylor, 48, from Weston-under-Lizard, Shropshire, have recently returned
from their latest holiday, a nine-week European tour by van that took in France, Switzerland, Italy, Andorra
and Spain.
Jon, a property developer, said: 'He's a fantastic travelling companion. He'll eat anything - including a nice bit
of steak - and gets on with everyone.
'When we were in the Caribbean he even caught lobster with his bare teeth.
'A lot of people wouldn't consider taking their dog everywhere but Skipper showed he could easily adapt to
any situation from the moment I had him.'
Skipper's first venture abroad came not long after Jack had taken him on as a puppy when the pair flew to the
Canary Islands in 2008.
From there they sailed on Jon's 54-foot Hallberg-Rassy yacht to Rodney Bay in the Caribbean island of St
Jon said: 'Skipper took to travelling like a duck to water. He loved it straight away.
The 10-year-old adventure dog has even tried paddleboarding with his owner Jon
Taylor on the canal in Wheaton Aston, England.
Skipper and his travelling partner Jon Taylor, 48, from Weston-underLizard, Shropshire, have recently returned from a nine-week European
tour by van that took in France, Switzerland, Italy, Andorra and Spain.
'I put a patch of astro-turf around the mast for him to do his business and he was right at home.
'Because the yacht was a decent size he had plenty of room to stretch his legs and he absolutely loved the water.
'He taught himself how to catch lobsters with his teeth and he had a go on a paddle board. I've struggled to get
him off it since.'
In 2011, the duo embarked on a boat trip from Falmouth to the Azores and spent five months sailing around
the coast of Portugal.
This summer they ditched the yacht and loaded up a silver VW Camper van for a European adventure.
Accompanied by Jon's partner, Frances, the intrepid travellers went through the Channel Tunnel and passed
through the champagne region of France before heading into Switzerland and on to Mont Blanc.
Jon said: 'He caused a few problems during the local boules competition.
'At one point he ran onto the playing area and ended up getting banned for interfering with play.
'They take it very seriously over there but I think they saw the funny side of it.'
Skipper then proved a star turn at a biker rally in the French beach town of Cap d'Agde, posing for pictures
with bikers while sitting on a Harley.
He also fetched some holy water in Lourdes, chased around after birds of prey at a medieval festival in Andorra and ran around the Leaning Tower of Pisa.
But despite all the fun, travelling with Skipper can be expensive and often complicated.
During flights Skipper is placed in the hold at a cost £750 for a flight to the Canary Islands and over £1,000
for transatlantic.
Before departing he is inspected at St George's Vets in Wolverhampton where any injections that are required
are also administered.
He then has to be looked at again on his return to the UK. For long haul flights a dog passport is required.
Jon said: 'When we sailed to St Lucia he couldn't get off the boat until a local vet had come and given him the
once over.
'It was the same every time we sailed into a new port. It's a strange situation as he is classed as a livestock import and once he sets foot on land he is deemed a resident of that particular country.
'In other places, such as Morocco, he stays on the boat because he has to go in quarantine if he enters the
'It is a costly and time consuming process so I tend to research the places we plan to visit.'
It's not stopped Jon though, who's now planning a tour of Scandinavia on a large adventure motorbike.
He said: 'He is like an extension to my family and he'll always be part of my travel plans.
'We'll need to get a special box made for him so he can fit on the motorbike and if it goes well then who
knows, maybe we'll take on Route 66.'
A doggone
The New Zealand Herald National |
28 November 2015
By Matthew Theunissen
Firefighters had to abseil down a cliff today to rescue a dog
that had spent three nights precariously perched on a
Tammy, an 11-year-old Jack Russell terrier, was indulging in her favourite
pastime of chasing rabbits when she disappeared. Photo: Neville Marriner
Owner Brian Waters said Tammy, his 11-year-old Jack Russell terrier, got into strife on Wednesday afternoon while they were out walking in the fields off Laurie Southwick
Parade in Gulf Harbour on Auckland's Whangaparaoa Peninsula.
Tammy had been engaged in her favourite pastime of (unsuccessfully) chasing rabbits when she disappeared.
"I thought she might have been stuck down a rabbit hole, or worse," Waters said. "We were very worried."
He had been back to the area every day since to search for the beloved family hound but it wasn't until this
morning that he spotted a flicker of white on the side of the cliff face.
"It turned out to be her, I couldn't believe it," Waters said.
He called the Fire Service, who arrived with abseiling equipment about 9am.
It didn't take long for them to secure Tammy and hoist her up the cliff.
"She's good as gold," Waters said. "When she came up the top, she started looking for rabbits again straight
Tammy and the Waters family have been in the country only since February, when they arrived from the United
When she returned home to Stanmore Bay, Tammy was treated to a hearty meal of chicken before hunkering
down for a long snooze -- no doubt dreaming about rabbits.
Brian Waters feared that
Tammy had got stuck down
a rabbit hole. Photos: Neville Marrine
Brian's granddaughter Alba
was delighted
to see
Tammy safe.
The majority of the news items you read in The Terrier Connection are
collected and submitted by our rover reporter,
Mary Baier.
Thank you, Mary! She also keeps our Facebook
Page lively. Be sure to join us at:
Yankee Jack Russell Terrier Network (YJRTN).
Castlewood's Moby earned his second
tracking title, TDU (urban tracking)
Track Requirements. The following are the restrictions and minimum requirements for a TDU track:
The track must be at least 400 yards and not more than 500 yards in length. The first turn must be at least 30 yards from the
second flag. The length of each of the legs thereafter must be at least 50 yards. The track will have a minimum of two (2) different surfaces, vegetated and non-vegetated. At least 10% but not more than 30% of the total length of the track will be plotted
on non-vegetated surfaces. A track may be plotted on paved sidewalks, lightly traveled roads, baseball diamonds, parking lots
and other non-vegetated surfaces. The track may cross areas devoid of vegetation as many times as necessary to fulfill the nonvegetated requirements. The start, and first turn must be plotted on a vegetated surface. The scent on the track must be not
less than thirty (30) minutes or more than two (2) hours old. A total of three (3) to five (5) turns must be used and will include
both left and right 90-degree angle turns. At least two (2) of the turns must be 90-degree turns, and preferably more than two
(2) such turns. Tracks having a total of three (3) turns are required to have three (3) 90-degree turns. No acute angle turns are
to be used. At least two (2) of the 90-degree turns will be well out in the open. No turns will be plotted on non-vegetated surfaces. No part of the track may be within 50 yards of any other part of the same track or any other track. A track will not cross a
body of water that would be considered an obstacle in TDX. No cross-tracks will be used. There will be no physical obstacles,
barriers, or obstructions such as those used on a TDX track. Stair steps are not considered to be an obstacle. Tracks may be laid
in the vicinity of buildings and other structures such as fences, breezeways, ramps, stairs, bridges, shelters, roofed parking garages, courtyards, and buildings with two or more openings. Tracks will be as equal in complexity as possible in this regard.
Yankee Jack Russell Terrier Network
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Adult members must be 18 years of age. Youth and adult membership includes newsletter and full network privileges. Youth membership excludes voting privileges. All memberships expire annually on December 31st. Please send to Erin Healy at the above
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Hillside Rosie
Deadline for the SPRING newsletter:
FEB. 15, 2016
Anyone who is an up-to-date member of the
Yankee Jack Russell Terrier Network can submit
pretty much anything to the newsletter to do with
our favorite breed: brags, litter
announcements, adult-dog availability, memorials, milestone celebrations, health notes, training tips, pictures of how cute your Jack looks covered in mud.
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Annual General Meeting
The AGM will be held at noon on March 20th at the Eagle Brook Saloon, located at
258 Dedham St. in Norfolk, MA 02056, as in the past several years. They provide us with a
meeting room, which makes it convenient place to meet. The club will provide pizza and
soda. We need your help; please come. It’ll be fun!!
Deadline to submit your name to run for YJRTN office is JAN. 18, 2016!
The club will have two spots up for election: Jen Pierce’s Co-Chair position and Erin Healy’s
Secretary position. We will be sending out ballots for voting after the New Year but we need
to have names on the ballots in order to do so! New positions begin June 1, 2016 and run for
two years. See Page 3 of this newsletter for more details.
If you’d like to run for either position, please email Jen at [email protected] by
Next Season’s Topic: How
do you
minimize barking at people who
walk by your house?
Tell us how you maintain quiet, or not. Do
you only positive train? Or do you use
correction for this one. It’s probably a
challenge for a great many of us. Please
share your tricks. E-mail your submission
to [email protected] by Feb. 15.