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Norwood, MA
Permit #7
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Vol. 3 No. 9
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Ice Bucket
Standing up for Dino
By Patrick Coleman
A Wrentham resident and local
culinary legend is facing a daunting medical battle and his friends
are trying to help. Richard DiNozzi,
a.k.a. “Diz” or “Dino,” might be
best known in these parts for being
an early partner in the Eagle Brook
Saloon, but for others he is known
as a close friend with a big heart. A
man whose table, either at home or
in his restaurant, is open to everyone.
Now he is faced with a diagnosis of
stage IV colon cancer. The diagnosis
has brought seven months of chemo
treatments and added financial stress.
“He makes people smile and being
with him is fun,” says John McTernan, a lifelong friend. “A rare talent
that is his, even while he is sick.”
McTernan and DiNozzi’s friends
are trying to raise money to help ease
the financial challenges caused by
his cancer fight. While DiNozzi has
medical insurance, there are significant out of pocket expenses associated with his treatments. He has a
$500 co-pay every two weeks for
the use of an infusion pump. Many
of the prescription drugs have large
co-pays, and then there is the expense
of traveling and parking at hospitals, along with rising heating bills.
DiNozzi always feels cold. “Dino has
By Patrick Coleman
*Based upon MLSPIN Market Share Reports for residential
sales in Norfolk for years 1999 through 2013
Little waves of icy water swept the country this
summer and both Wrentham and Norfolk were
part of the viral experience. The concept was
simple. Friends would challenge each other on
social media to take a bucket of ice water and pour
it over their heads in an effort to bring awareness
to amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). Then the
newly chilled and wet person would challenge
more people and on and on it went. Quickly, the Ice
Bucket Challenge to strike out ALS became the biggest trend of the summer.
Friends of Richard DiNozzi are raising funds to help in his fight
against cancer.
been really anxious and distressed
about these rising bills and thinks
the only way to pay them would be
to sell their house in Wrentham and
move while he is still getting chemotherapy,” McTernan says. “The only
joys and peace Dino has right now
are in his garden and kitchen, and I
feel it would be too much burden on
him and a terrible time for someone
in treatment to have to move.”
many fundraisers for other needy
folks and has always given back to
the community,” he says. “It is hard
for him to ask for help, but he needs
it now.”
While the ice bucket phenomenon started with
Pete Frates, a former Boston College baseball
player and Massachusetts native with ALS, many
locals made adjustments to the challenge and did
it in honor of people close to them. The entire
Wrentham Youth Baseball and Softball Association
took the challenge and dedicated it to Tim Gemelli,
a beloved Wrentham resident diagnosed with the
disease in 2013. The Wrentham Holly Club also
took the Ice Bucket Challenge in honor of Gemelli
and donated to The Tim Gemelli Fund, a charity
setup to help his family and him face the challenges
that come with the brutal disease that affects nerve
cells in the brain and spinal cord.
McTernan hopes people will donate
through the website so “Dino”
doesn’t have to worry about the bills,
stay in his house and focus on fighting the cancer. The two men have
known each other “forever” both
growing up in Norwood, playing
sports and graduating high school
together. As adults they were neigh-
To help out, a GoFundMe campaign
(http://www.gofundme.com/ctczfg) ,
The Dino Fund, was started to raise
money and according to McTernan, is
only fitting since DiNozzi has spent
his life helping others. “He has run
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ice bucket challenge
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John F. Hatch, M.D.
Roger M. Kaldawy, M.D.
Kameran Lashkari, M.D.
James I. Merlin, M.S.,O.D.
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Kennedy Allstate Insurance –
Doing Something that Matters
Allstate Insurance Company, at
74 Main Street (Gould’s Plaza) in
Kennedy looked at lots of business ventures before choosing to
pursue representing Allstate. Not
only did it made good financial
sense, but also, she says, “Allstate
does a lot in terms of support and
training for their agents.”
“Ultimately, what brought me
to this decision, was that I didn’t
really feel like I was doing a job
that mattered,” says Kennedy,
who confesses she sought something more fulfilling.
Ellen Kennedy spent 25 years in
corporate finance, but that’s not
where her heart was. She toyed
with the idea of opening her own
business, and moreover, longed
“to do something that was helping
other people,” she says, “What’s
more important than helping
people protect their families?”
In July, she opened The Kennedy Agency, representing
“I chose Medway, because I
feel a connection to this area. I’ve
lived here a long time,” says Kennedy, a married Holliston mother
of two. She envisions becoming
a trusted advisor to those in the
area who recognize the importance of protecting not only their
valuables, but also their families.
“I’m a small business owner,”
says Kennedy, who stresses that
although she has an appointment
to sell Allstate products, she is
not employed by Allstate. She
has free reign in terms of how she
runs her business.
To begin with, Kennedy has
partnered with an Allstate
Exclusive Financial Specialist,
Merideth Falconer, who offers
customers a unique opportunity
for a free financial review.
“She is just one of these very
enthusiastic people, very easy to
talk to, and she’s really knowledgeable,” says Kennedy. “She’ll
consider what you have to spend
and what you are trying to accomplish. The solution is different for each individual.”
Kennedy is also building a staff
she feels bring their own unique
style to her long-term business model. So far, she’s hired
two sales producers, who also
live locally. Currently, they are
focusing much of their attention
on educating consumers on the
Allstate auto insurance product
with its many discounts and other
great features. The also offer life
insurance, which provides an additional discount on auto.
“I give my staff the autonomy
to find the right style that works
for them, rather than fit into a
mold developed by a big corporation,” says Kennedy, who adds
that she’s not necessarily seeking someone with an insurance
background, but people who “can
connect, build rapport and are
Kennedy also plans to be an
active community partner. The
Kennedy Agency is already sponsoring Medway Youth Soccer,
and the entrepreneur plans to join
the Medway Business Council.
The former cheerleading coach,
who also enjoys performing as a
dancer in her free time, says community involvement is important
to her family, active members of
St. Mary’s Church in Holliston.
In the end, says Kennedy, “it’s
about feeling good about what
I’m doing every day.” In her
former career, “I would wish the
day away before it even started.
The example I was setting for my
children was you can’t be successful and happy at the same.”
That higher mission drives Kennedy to sell the insurance people
need, including offering life insurance, something people “often
put on the back burner.”
Kennedy says she intends to
stand by her clients, not just
September 1, 2014
harness their business and then
ignore it.
“Part of our business model
is an annual insurance review,”
says Kennedy. “Circumstances
change. We want to make sure
people are covered appropriately
for their current situation.”
More than anything, Kennedy is
interested in creating strong, lasting business relationships with
her customers.
“I want them to know that we’re
not just in the business of selling
policies. We’re making sure that
everything that’s important to
them is adequately protected.”
The Kennedy Agency will hold
an open house on Wednesday,
September 10th, 5 – 7 p.m.,
giving local residents a chance
to come in and meet her and the
staff with a few light refreshments and a drawing of some
“It will be a fun way to get to
know us,” says Kennedy, who
says that, at the end of the day,
paying a few dollars more or less
for insurance does not make the
“The difference is having an
agent you can trust and establish
a long term relationship with.,”
says Kennedy.
I'd like to invite you to my
grand opening celebration.
Ellen Kennedy
Stop by my Open House
on Wednesday, September
10th from 5PM - 7PM for
refreshments and fun!
Subject to terms, conditions and availability. © 2011 Allstate Insurance Co.
I’d like to
introduce myself.
74 Main St.
Medway, MA 02053
[email protected]
continued from page 1
bors and were partners in Eagle
Brook until DiNozzi left to run
his own place, Pelican Seafood
in Norton, where he ended up
meeting his wife. Cooking was
seemingly in his genes learning
from his grandfather, a ‘black
hat’ chef in Italy. “He still makes
the best gnocchis and braciole of
anyone I know,” McTernan says.
According to McTernan,
DiNozzi played an important
role in the design of the Eagle
Brook Saloon where he cooked
rabbit and bison stew and tended
bar. For 10 years he cooked at
Lewis’ and was known for his
calamari appetizer with banana
peppers. Also you can’t talk
about DiNozzi’s cooking without
mentioning his pizza with its
delicious crust.
For McTernan, it’s not right
that “Dino” and his wife would
have to sell their home while he
battles cancer. The two saved for
retirement and have health insurance. “It seems wrong to me
that someone who has worked
all their life and helped others
should have to sell their home
to pay for uncovered medical
costs, even when they have good
insurance,” McTernan says. “A
move would also be exactly the
wrong thing to support a good
treatment regiment, where he
needs rest and stability, not stress
and anxiety.”
As of today, the GoFundMe
campaign has raised over $6,000
with a goal of $25,000. Over 47
people have donated but more
help is needed.
In addition to raising money,
friends and family have pitched
in to help with transportation and
staying with him while his wife
does errands. They drop in for
short visits to play some cards
or share a laugh. “If people can
help with donations, to help with
medical and living expenses it
would help him focus on fighting the cancer, cooking for his
grandsons, and growing his garden, rather than worrying about
needing to move,” McTernan
To learn more about DiNozzi
or to make a donation visit the
Dino Fund page on GoFundme.
com http://www.gofundme.com/
Local Town Pages www.norfolkwrenthamnews.com September 1, 2014
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insurance is required. Payments do not include taxes and insurance. Mortgage insurance may be required
account may be
equired at borrower’’s cost. An escrow (impound) ac
required. Actual payments may be greaterr. Rate is variable. The interest rate may increase after consummation of loan, based on current market conditions. Borrowers and
properties must qualify under FNMA guidelines. Offer effective as of 4/25/14 and is subject to change without notice. $500 toward closing costs credited at closing provided
customer has or opens a Dean Bank checking account with direct deposit and payment is made via an auto debit. Not all consumers will qualify for these monthly payment
terms. Other terms available.
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Page 4
many people care about
finding a cure,” Dooley
says. “It really gave
me an entirely different
perspective- knowing
that others are thinking
of you, praying for you,
doing something silly
for you - actually helps
and comforts those
who are suffering. An
added benefit above the
money and the awareness.”
ice bucket challenge
continued from page 1
For Wrentham’s Jim Killion
the challenge struck home and
he was happy to participate.
“I’ve known a few people that
have been stricken with this disease and it’s just awful how it
breaks down a person so slowly
over time,” he says. “I don’t
think we can do enough to raise
funds for a cure.”
Local politicians including
State Senator Richard Ross
and local town officials including Wrentham selectman Joe
Botaish, Charlie Kennedy, and
many others have also taken the
Norfolk resident and State
Representative Shawn Dooley
took the challenge twice, once
on his own and a second time
with the Norfolk Fire Department and also made a donation.
Published Monthly
Mailed FREE to the
Community of
Circulation: 7,000 households
and businesses
State Representative Shawn
“It is amazing how much we are
connected on social media and
it is wonderful that it is being
used for such a great cause,”
Dooley says.
Dooley believes the Ice Bucket Challenge not only raises
awareness but provides support
and comfort to those facing the
disease. “I got an email from a
family friend who I didn’t know
had been recently diagnosed
with ALS thanking me for helping to spread the word. And that
the Ice Bucket Challenge has
helped him by knowing that so
September 1, 2014
Former St. Mary’s
Pastor Chip Hines
Others that took the
St. Mary’s Pastor William
challenge include both Schmidt
St. Mary’s former
pastor, Fr. Chip Hines,
between July 29 and August
and current pastor, William
17 it has received $13.3 milSchmidt, as well as local busilion in donations compared to
ness owners like James Arse$1.7 million during the same
nault of James’ Breakfast and
time period last year. But the
More and Charlie and Kim Fru- awareness of the disease is at
ci and Fran and Cindy Sebio.
an all-time high and that type
The Fruci and Sebio challenge
of exposure is hard to quantify.
was done together and used not
“We have never seen anything
your average bucket but rather
like this in the history of the
the bucket of a front loader to
disease,” said Barbara Newdump galloons of ice and water
house, President and CEO of
on both couples. “The kids
The ALS Association. “While
loved doing that to us,” said
the monetary donations are abCindy Sebio.
solutely incredible, the visibility
What’s the impact of the
Ice Bucket Challenge? The
ALS Association reported that
Chuck Tashjian
Patrick Coleman
that this disease is getting as a
result of the challenge is truly
invaluable. People who have
never before heard of ALS are
now engaged in the fight to find
treatments and a cure for ALS.”
Kim and Charlie Fruci, and
Fran and Cindy Sebio called in
the heavy equipment for their
Ice Bucket Challenge.
helping raise funds for the Tim
Gemelli Family fund, donations
have increased thanks to the Ice
Bucket Challenge. “Not only
has the National ALS association seen a dramatic increase
in fundraising efforts, the Tim
Gemelli Family Fund has also
seen donations pour in,” McDevitt says. “Over the last week,
nearly $3k has been donatedwith nearly all directly related
as a result of the #icebucketchallenge. To date, nearly $52k
has been donated through the
Tim Gemelli Family Fund You
Caring website.”
If you’d like to make a donation to theTim Gemelli Family
fund, visit http://www.youcaring.com/medical-fundraiser/
The local impact has been of
value too. According to Tim
McDevitt, one of the organizers
(This article originally appeared in The Wrentham Times.)
Wrentham’s Jim Killion.
State Senator Richard Ross.
Tiffany Corliss
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Lori Koller
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Local Town Pages www.norfolkwrenthamnews.com September 1, 2014
Local Scout to Host Art Exhibit
and Art Supply Drive
Local Boy Scout of Wrentham’s Troop 131, Benson
Colella, will host an art exhibit
and art supply drive as he works
toward the rank of Eagle.
The exhibit will highlight the
work of a group of homeless
artists who participate in the
Common Art studio opportunity offered weekly in Boston
through Ecclesia Ministries.
The one-day exhibit will take
place in the Wrentham Cultural
Council’s gallery of the Old
Fiske Museum on Saturday,
September 6th from 9 a.m. to 3
p.m. in conjunction with Wrentham Day. Select pieces will be
offered for sale, with 100% of
the profits going to the artists.
At the one day exhibit,
donations of much needed art
supplies will be accepted to
benefit Common Art. In the
days before and following the
exhibit, donations will be accepted where bins are located at
the Fiske Public Library and at
the King Philip Regional High
School in the main lobby. Some
items always needed by Common Art include: Acrylic paints
(especially red, blue, yellow,
white, and black), paint brushes
(all sizes), canvas boards or
stretched canvases (all sizes),
old paintings (to be painted
over), sketch books (all sizes),
beads (all types), costume
jewelry and beaded jewelry (to
be disassembled and made into
new pieces), pencils, pencil
sharpeners, erasers, masking
tape, yarn for knitters, paper hot
and cold cups, powdered drink
mix, hot cocoa mix, regular
coffee, sugar and sugar substitute, and gift certificates for
Dick Blick Art supplies (www.
The public is invited to support the Common Art program,
homeless artists, and the efforts
of local scout Benson Colella
by attending the exhibit and
making art supply donations.
For more information about
Common Art and Ecclesia
Ministries, please visit www.
ecclesia-ministries.org. Contact
Benson Colella at
[email protected] with
any questions regarding the
exhibit and supply collection.
Boston’s 34th homeless
census from 2013 found that
7,255 homeless men, women,
and children live within Boston.
Of that population, 180 people
were found living on the street
on the night the census was
taken. Common Art of Ecclesia
Ministries opens the doors of
the Emmanuel Church Parish
Hall every Wednesday. Here,
everyone is welcome to build
community in a safe environment with others experiencing
similar situations. Artists share
a meal and develop talents to
express themselves and provide
a means of income.
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Cracker Barrel Fair
Road Race
The Cracker Barrel Fair 5K Road Race is set for September
13. The course is a 3.1 mile loop around scenic country roads
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14 East Central Street
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Page 6
FSPA Launches 30th Anniversary
Year with September Open Houses
The Franklin School for the
Performing Arts (FSPA) celebrates the start of its 30th
anniversary season with a series
of Open Houses for prospective students and families. The
community is invited to tour
the downtown Franklin facility,
observe rehearsal and classes,
speak with faculty and staff, and
learn more about FSPA programs
in music, dance and drama.
Students are also encouraged
to try a complimentary class. A
Saturday Open House is scheduled on September 6 from 10
a.m. - 4 p.m., with weekday
Open Houses from 4-8 p.m. on
September 11, 15, 24 and 30 at
38 Main Street.
Since 1985, FSPA has been
dedicated to the enjoyment of
the arts for all ages and to the
artistic growth and development of young people. Founded
by Director Raye Lynn Mercer
and built upon the notion that
arts experiences are an integral
part of a well-rounded education, FSPA provides a nurturing
environment where students
grow skills for the stage – and
for life. Children develop a sense
of independence and accomplishment at an early age, while
gaining confidence, poise and
self-esteem. The performing
arts impart life skills, expanding
students’ ability to communicate
effectively, whether in the secondary school classroom or other
public speaking opportunities.
The arts also enhance creativity and imagination, developing
improvisatory skills to navigate a
rapidly changing world.
With a distinguished faculty of
Boston-area artists, expansive
roster of classes and extensive
calendar of wide-ranging performance opportunities, FSPA
serves students of all ages and
The 34th Annual Cracker-Barrel Fair
Get ready for the 34th Annual Cracker-Barrel Fair. This year, the fair will be held Thursday, September 11th through Sunday, September 14th. There will be live musical entertainment each day of
the fair. The fair will feature hayrides pulled by antique tractors, Norfolk County 4-H Clubs will host
various agricultural exhibits. There will be craft displays by local artisans, magicians, animal shows,
jugglers and face painters throughout the weekend. Food booths will be up and running too.
Saturday morning, the Cracker-Barrel 5K will start at 9 a.m.
The Fair hours are Thursday, 5 p.m. to 10 p.m., Friday noon to 10 p.m., Saturday and Sunday from
12 p.m. to 7 p.m. On Sunday it will be bracelet day from noon to 6 p.m.
levels of ability,
whether for recreational enjoyment
or serious study.
FSPA’s Music
Department offers
private voice lessons and instruction on all instruments, along
with group voice classes, music
theory and chamber music,
jazz and percussion ensembles.
Performing opportunities for
singers include the FSPA Glee
Club, studio voice recitals, opera
scenes, acoustic coffee houses
and musical theater showcases.
FSPA’s innovative Little Music
School teaches children as young
as 18 months to play the piano
and offers creative and engaging general music classes for
children ages 1-5.
The Dance Department
provides programs for all ages
and levels in ballet, jazz, tap,
modern, hip-hop and lyrical, and
also features classes for boys,
adults and beginner teens. Expanded dance offerings include
Acro, Character Dance, Dance
Conditioning, Horton Technique
and Dance for Musical Theater. Performance opportunities
include two dance companies,
Spring Concert, Ballet Conservatory Repertoire Series and
September 1, 2014
Ballet Conservatory Variations
Ensembles. Many dancers are
also cast, by audition, in Franklin Performing Arts Company’s
annual holiday production of
The Nutcracker, featuring professional orchestra and special
guest artists.
For drama students, beginning
in kindergarten, FSPA offers an
extensive range of acting and
musical theater classes that build
performance skills and explore
theater games, improvisation,
character development and scene
work. Musical theater troupes
for students in grades 5-12 are
cast each year, with annual
performance trips to Walt Disney
World for select ensembles. This
fall, FSPA introduces a Musical
Theater Conservatory program
with a comprehensive curriculum designed to engage dedicated students in grades 8-12. FSPA
students also perform, through
audition, in Franklin Performing
Arts Company’s annual season
of shows.
Fall classes begin on September 8 and registration for
all programs is ongoing. For
more information or to request
a course catalogue and class
schedule, call (508) 528-8668 or
visit www.fspaonline.com.
Dance & Theatre
By Aristophanes
By Arthur Miller
Main Stage, 109 West Central Street, Franklin, MA 02038 • %R[2IÀFH
Local Town Pages www.norfolkwrenthamnews.com September 1, 2014
Window Treatment Trends
Dressing the window is
something that should always
be considered when designing a space. It will complete
the look, soften the edges, add
sophistication or whimsy and
offer function: acoustic value,
added insulation, filtering of
light and/or privacy.
As with all design genres,
interior styling undergoes cyclical changes based on evolving
trends. Window treatment
styles follow along, gradually changing over time. The
overall trend today is a clean,
uncluttered look on windows
while addressing the desired
function at the same time.
With this in mind, the window
treatment should accentuate the
interior space without drawing
a lot of attention or creating
too much “fuss” at the window.
Designers will often strive for
a blended overall look with
the walls and windows, adding
subtle decoration or color rather
than large, bold statements.
Styles are moving far away
from swags and jabots, ruffles
and overall “frilly” and heavy
looks for window treatments.
It should be noted that in New
England where there are so
many historic homes, these
styles may still apply in some
cases. But generally, the more
transitional, minimalist look
has gained in popularity and the
simpler lines have taken over.
Nancy Werneken is the lead
designer at Masters Touch, a
local design build firm. Send
questions or comments to
[email protected]
and blinds, shutters and valances. There are many more styles
and colors available today than
ever before. The advantage
is they can be ordered to the
precise dimension needed and
they usually come with a good
warranty. They are generally
more expensive than readymades and generally less expensive than custom. The colors
and fabrics are more plentiful
than before but still limited as
compared to custom. With the
proper measuring and installation, manufactured window
products can successfully add
Window coverings fall into
three basic categories: readymade, manufactured and
Ready-made window treatments are previously manufactured and come in several
standard sizes. They can be
purchased from retail stores or
on-line. The main advantage
is the cost: they are clearly the
least expensive option. However, the disadvantages are:
they often don’t fit properly; too
long, too short, not full enough
or too full. The selection is
limited to the fabrics and colors
offered and the level of workmanship is inferior to custom
widow treatments.
Manufactured treatments are
predominantly limited to shades
Page 7
texture and function (light
control, privacy) to a second
softer treatment layered over or
above it. Designers know how
to coordinate the use of manufactured treatments with custom
treatments to compliment the
décor and provide the desired
Custom window treatments
are limited only by the imagination. They are hand-made by
a “workroom” of seamstresses,
precisely styled (designed),
exactly fitted to the desired
height, width and fullness and
there are millions
of fabrics and
drapery hardware
options to select
from. They are
the most expensive choice. But,
when we consider the expense
that goes into a
room design and
furnishing it, the relative cost is
easily justified. The treatment
won’t be duplicated anywhere
else and the fabric, workmanship and overall quality is obviously superior.
The most popular window
treatment styles today are: roman shades (in several looks),
drapery panels (in various
simple headings and installation types) plantation shutters,
padded cornices 9in simple
shapes), pleated valances, butterfly shades and woven woods
The incorporation of the
window treatment material(s)
and style(s) into the interior
design is integral to the success
of the overall space. It is too
often done incorrectly. The use
of pattern, color and texture
is very tricky and requires a
trained eye. Always consult
with a professional designer for
your window treatment ideas
and installation.
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Local Town Pages www.norfolkwrenthamnews.com
Page 8
Ted 2 Rolls into Norfolk
Norfolk turned into little Hollywood last
month. The crew for Ted 2 rolled into town
filming on Keeney Pond, Trailside Road off
Grove Street and supported local businesses
like Eagle Brook Saloon. Ted 2 is the sequel
to Ted, an R-rated comedy about a teddy bear
that is alive and speaks with an off color vocabulary and enjoys an adult beverage from
time to time. The movie stars Mark Wahlberg
and features the voice of Seth McFarland.
The film crew spent about a week in town
filming. Eagle Brook Saloon posted a thank
you on its Facebook page that read, “Thanks
to the cast and crew of ‘Ted 2’ for letting us
cater your filming in Norfolk the past two
days! Hope you enjoyed the food and your
stay in the wonderful Town of Norfolk, Massachusetts! Good luck with the rest of the
On Thursday, August 7th the altar servers of St. Mary’s Parish in
Wrentham and St. Martha’s Parish in Plainville were treated to a
day at Canobie Lake Park for their great service to both parishes.
Not only did the young people have a great time at the park, but
the countless compliments they received throughout the day as
being an example of young people served to demonstrate the great
kids we have in this area.
There is a chance that the Ted 2 Crew will
return in September, so be on the lookout for
Marky Mark and his fluffy beer swigging
The highlight of the day was when Fr. Joe Mozer, the new Parocial Vicor in both parishes, allowed the servers to pick a ride for
him to go on. The caveat was that they had to go too. Let’s just
say that fortunately he has a strong stomach!
(This article originally appeared online in
The Norfolk Times, www.thenorfolktimes.
The Rat Pack Is Back
Bon Jersey
For 14 years The
Rat Pack Is Back
has been
performing in Las
Vegas and
traveling the globe.
Watch the
members of The
Rat Pack Is Back
bring to life the era
of Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Dean Martin, and Joey
Bishop. Enjoy classics like “Fly Me To The Moon”, “New
York, New York”, and many more.
The ultimate Bon
Jovi tribute show!
Winner of
Magazine’s 2010
Tribute Band Of
The Year, Bon
Jersey has been
playing to packed
houses for the past 5 years. The band’s frontman, Joe
Ventura, gets mistaken for Jon Bon Jovi on a regular
basis and has all the stage moves and signature sound
down to a tee.
The Amazing Kreskin
North Sea Gas
ranging from
Johnny Carson’s
“The Tonight
Show” to “The
Daily Show with
Jon Stewart”, The
Amazing Kreskin
has been the world's foremost mentalist for the last 50
years. Don't miss as he performs a live seance on The
Norwood Theatre stage.
For over thirty
years North Sea
Gas have been
one of Scotland’’s
most popular folk
bands with great
vocals and
tremendous three
part harmonies.
Guitars, Mandolin,
Fiddle, Bouzouki, Whistles, Bodhrans, Banjo and good
humour are all part of the entertainment.
September 20: Norwood Arena: The Movie
October 25: The British Invasion Tribute
September 21: The Rat Pack is Back
November 8: Comedy Night with Steve Sweeney
September 27: An Evening with Ronan Tynan
November 22: Livingston Taylor
October 4: Bon Jersey
November 23: The Country Jamboree
October 10: The Amazing Kreskin
November 29: Ornament
October 19: North Sea Gas
December 14: Holiday Variety Show
Friday, October 10th at 8:00pm
Altar Servers Visit
Canobie Lake Park
The news that Ted 2 was filming in Norfolk
caused a bit of a flurry on Twitter. “So sick
that part of Ted 2 is being filmed in Norfolk today,” posted @kylegalvin1, while @
dukefan163 wrote, “Ted 2 is about to be unreal with the Norfolk scene.” @ToryAtkins
posted “The cast &crew of Ted 2 have taken
over Norfolk and all of the parking uptown
109 Central Street, Norwood • 781.551.9000 • www.norwoodstage.com
Box Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 10 am - 12 pm & 3 -5 pm
Sunday, September 21st at 2:00pm
September 1, 2014
Altar servers enjoy the rides at Canobie Lake Park.
Saturday, October 4th at 8:00pm
Sunday, October 19th at 2:00pm
• Eye Exams and Contact Lens
fitting by Appointment
• Sunglasses - Prescription
and Non-Prescription
• Protective Sports Eyewear
Amy Lewis
Licensed Optician
Milliston Common, Millis MA
Open: Tue 9-6, Wed 9-7, Thur 9-6, Fri 9-5, Sat 9-4
Local Town Pages www.norfolkwrenthamnews.com September 1, 2014
Page 9
Halfway to St. Paddy’s Day Bash
While the calendar says
September, for a few hours this
month it will feel like March 17.
The first Halfway to St. Paddy’s
Day Bash will be held at Lake
Pearl Luciano’s to support the
Massachusetts Chapter of The
Cure Stars Now. The fundraising
event, to benefit efforts to find
a cure for stem tumor (DIPG),
will provide a complimentary
beer and wine happy hour from
7-8pm, followed by an Irishthemed buffet dinner and dessert.
There will be live music by the
local group, Band MLC, and an
Irish step dance presentation,
along with an impressive silent
The driving forces behind the
event are John and Lisa Mackintosh whose 3-year-old daughter
Nicole died from DIPG in 2011.
DIPG is also the same cancer
that affects Danny Nickerson, the
young boy from Foxboro who
received hundreds of thousands
of birthday cards. “Because
there is little industry investment
in childhood cancers,” explains
John Mackintosh, “Most do not
garner the media attention that
Danny has. Many children have
died from DIPG in our area. The
disease typically strikes children
in the 5-10 year age group. It’s
the worst disease I’ve encountered. There has been VERY
little investment in understanding
the disease so the news to parents
at diagnosis is the same today as
it was 30 or 40 years ago. No
cure. No known cause. This is
simply unacceptable and this is
why we are committed to funding
research that will make a difference for children in the future.”
All proceeds benefit The Cure
Starts Now Foundation to fund
vital pediatric cancer research
in honor of Nicole. It is in her
memory that her parents continue
to raise money to help other
children who face a similar battle.
“With over $2 million in research
already funded through The Cure
Starts Now, we hope this event
will allow us to take one more
step towards the cure,” Mackintosh says.
Tickets are $50 and are available online at https://thecurestartsnow.webconnex.com/
Buy at lleast
east 5 yar
ds, g
et 1
additional yar
Screened Loam, Screened Compost
or 50/50 Loam Compost Mixes only
Local Delivery Only.
Not valid with any other discount.
Photos courtesy of berryphotos.
Absolute perfection. Inside and out.
@ The Four Points by Sheraton Norwood
1125 Boston-Providence Turnpike (Route1)
(781) 255-3159 | [email protected]
Earn Star Points towards your
dream Starwood honeymoon!
Local Town Pages www.norfolkwrenthamnews.com
Page 10
FPAC Announces Open Auditions
for 2014 Holiday Productions
The Franklin Performing Arts
Company (FPAC) will hold
open auditions for three 2014
holiday productions, Tchaikovsky’s timeless ballet The
Nutcracker and the original
FPAC musicals Humbug! and
’Tis the Season!
artists from such prestigious
companies as American Ballet
Theatre and Boston Ballet. A
family favorite since debuting
as part of FPAC’s 2008 season,
Humbug! is an original musical
adaptation of Charles Dickens’
A Christmas Carol. With musical hits of every genre and live
accompaniment by a 10-piece
band of professional musicians,
Humbug! transports audiences
from Dickensian England to
contemporary America as the
novel’s iconic characters and
storyline are reimagined with
modern setting and dialogue.
’Tis the Season! is an original
The Nutcracker remains a
highly anticipated and treasured
part of the FPAC season – a
popular holiday tradition for
more than 20 years. Presented
with live professional orchestra, FPAC’s magical journey
of The Nutcracker showcases
more than 100 area dancers and features special guest
I gave my “ To-Do” list
to Mr. Handyman...
and he took care
of everything!
To-Do list
Put up shelving
Ha ng window treatments
Grout tile f loor
Powerwash deck
Repair kitchen drywall
F ix ca binet hinge
Install smoke detectors
Paint living room
Ca ulk arou nd tu b
Install moulding
Repair wood on deck
Install backsplash
Ha ng mirror in hallway
Cha nge ceiling light bulbs
F ix door knob
Get more free time...
call Mr. Ha ndyma n!
508-231-HNDY (4639)
MA HIC #146014
large cast musical
first presented by
FPAC in 1995. The
upbeat, jazzy holiday extravaganza
features a professional orchestra
and contemporary
arrangements of
favorite holiday
classics in many
musical styles including R&B, jazz,
rock, Motown, gospel and Broadway.
FPAC will present
The Nutcracker on
December 6 and
7, Humbug! on
December 12-14
and ’Tis the Season
on December 20
and 21. Humbug!
will be staged at
FPAC’s new home
and performance
venue in downtown
Franklin. Both The
Nutcracker and ’Tis
the Season will be
performed at the
new Franklin High School
Open auditions for The Nutcracker will be held on Satur-
September 1, 2014
day, September 27 at
West Central Street, in
Franklin. Students, ages
6 and older, from all area
dance schools are welcome.
Ballet attire is required. Audition times are 9:30-10 a.m. for
ages 6 and 7, 10-10:45 for ages
8 and 9, 11-11:45 for ages 10
and 11, 11:45-12:45 for ages
12 and 13, 1-1:45 for ages 14+
(off pointe), and 2:15-3:15 for
ages 12+ (pointe audition; must
be on pointe for at least one
year). Off-pointe callbacks are
scheduled at 1:45-2:15 p.m.,
with pointe callbacks from
Open auditions for
Humbug! and ’Tis the
Season! will take place
on Sunday, September
28 at 1 p.m. for ages 6
and 7, 1:30 for ages 8
and 9, 2:00 for ages 10
and 11, 2:45 for ages
12 and 13, 3:30 for
ages 14+, and 4:30 for
adults. Students must
be 6 years of age or
older on the audition
date to participate. Beginners and all levels
are welcome. Please
prepare 16 measures
of a musical theater
or pop song. A simple
dance combination
will be taught at the
A distinctive suburban non-profit arts
organization founded
in 1991, FPAC brings
together professional
artists, community performers and students
of the arts in a collaborative and creative
environment. With a focus on
youth development and a commitment to live music, productions draw performers and
audiences from more than 100
communities throughout the region. For more information, call
(508) 528-8668 or visit online
at www.fpaconline.com.
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September 1, 2014
Local Town Pages www.norfolkwrenthamnews.com FPAC Kicks Off 24th Season with Grand
Opening Celebration in the Black Box
This September, the Franklin Performing Arts Company
(FPAC) debuts a transformative
new performance and event
venue, raising the curtain on
THE BLACK BOX in downtown Franklin. FPAC kicks off
the company’s premiere season
in its new home with a grandopening weekend September
20-22 to introduce the theater
and event space to the community. Anchoring a series of signature events, FPAC’s annual
Gala on Saturday, September
20 features a special, one-nightonly performance by TONY®
Award winner Beth Leavel
and Broadway star Alexander
Gemignani. On Sunday, September 21, FPAC hosts an Open
inviting the public to come
celebrate, tour the facility, and
learn about upcoming programming and
arts opportunities for
Franklin and the surrounding region. The
weekend’s events conclude with the FPAC
Golf Tournament on
Monday, September
22, featuring a day on
the links at Franklin
Country Club.
“This is a very
exciting time for our organization as we plan for the opening
establish a long-awaited home
for the Franklin Performing
Arts Company,” noted FPAC
Executive Director Raye Lynn
Mercer. “As a lifelong resident
of Franklin, I am happy that this
new venue will play an important role in the revitalization of
our downtown.”
FPAC opens its 24th season
and first year in THE BLACK
BOX with the family favorite
musical, Peter Pan, on October
17-19 and 24-26. The TONY®
Award winning musical, an adaptation of J.M. Barrie’s 1904
play and 1911 novel, features
iconic characters and memorable songs. FPAC’s production
of this soaring, magical adventure will be presented with
live professional orchestra and
Flying By Foy.
Following Peter Pan, FPAC
stages Mark Twain’s The
Diaries of Adam and Eve on
November 20-23 and three holiday productions, including the
classic ballet The Nutcracker
on December 6 and 7, and the
original FPAC musicals
Humbug! and ’Tis the
Season!, with performances on December
12-14 and December 20
and 21, respectively. The
remainder of FPAC’s
2014-2015 season, to be
announced shortly, will
present wide-ranging
entertainment, from
main stage musicals and
small-cast plays to live
music series, including
a New England Artist Series,
Children’s Series, Cabaret
Series, Jazz Series, Family Concert Series and Conservatory
Series. Expanded free concert
presentations for audiences of
all ages will build upon FPAC’s
history of community outreach
and programming.
Founded in 1991, the nonprofit, community-based FPAC
brings together professional
artists, amateur performers and
students of the arts in a collaborative and creative environment, with a special focus on
Page 11
youth development and a commitment to live music. FPAC
audiences hear production
scores performed by professional artists such as drummer
Kenny Hadley, who’s played
with music legends Van Morrison, Dizzy Gillespie and The
Drifters, and renowned violinist
Olivia De Prato, who recently
toured with Grammy-winning
Esperanza Spalding.
Through a sustained commitment to youth development,
FPAC has empowered children
and teens with performing and
life skills, fostered arts appreciation and learning, built the
audiences of tomorrow, and
prepared the next generation of
performing artists. As company
performers and alumni make
their mark in top college and
conservatory programs, national
Broadway tours, the American
Idol finals, cruise line casts,
film, television and regional
theater, their successes demonstrate the quality of preparation
and level of entertainment value
found in FPAC productions.
For more information about
and grand-opening events, call
(508) 528-8668 or visit www.
Encore Music Academy
and Recording Studios
352 Village St., Millis, MA 02054
Encore music Academy comes to millis.
Please join us at 352 village street in millis
as we celebrate the grand opening
of our second location.
www. EncoreMusicAcademy.net
[email protected]
Local Town Pages www.norfolkwrenthamnews.com
Page 12
September 1, 2014
Summer Sounds and Images
Photographs and Story By Jackie Gately
The Daybreakers Band drew in a crowd on a cool summer evening in Wrentham for one of the
summer’s last Concerts on the Common. To find out more about the band,
visit www.daybreakersband.com.
(This article originally appeard in The Wrentham Times.)
The DayBreakers Band has strong
lead vocals with Corey Routh,
who covers a wide variety of
tunes with ease.
It was a family-friendly show, with music to be
enjoyed by all ages. The setlist spanned decades, including Red Hot Chili Peppers, Dave Matthews Band,
Sublime, Doobie Brothers and other classic rock, as
well as some excellent originals.
Guest member John Hanson carried rhythm on acoustic electric
Wrentham residents had front row seats to the DayBreakers’ show, one of the summer’s last Concerts on
the Common.
Run Your Ads With Us!
Call Tiffany
(508) 203-0890
Time for a
New Driveway?
Bass guitarist, Matt Schairer,
plays a smooth base.
The band is gaining notoriety, playing locally and in Boston, Plymouth,
and throughout the Commonwealth. Their next gig is opening for The
Fab Four on Aug. 24th at Webster’s Indian Ranch, a venue known to
host some reputable bands.
at www.localtownpages.com
Interior • Exterior
Power Washing
Owner Mike Levesque
W alkways
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Sport Courts
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MILLIS, MA - 508-376-8900
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Local Town Pages www.norfolkwrenthamnews.com September 1, 2014
My Adventures in Alaska
natives used them. We could
actually see the constellations
while lying in our beds.
By Camden Schweitzer
We went tide pooling at
Peterson Bay and I discovered sea cucumbers, starfish,
crab, and sea anemone. On
our hike, I got to try many
different berries. There were
blueberries, “skunk berries”,
watermelon berries, and lots
more (I didn’t like any of
them). We had a pretty big
campfire, and we sang silly
campfire songs.
As a Student Ambassador, I was
able to travel with about thirty other
5th and 6th graders from Massachusetts, Connecticut and Indiana,
to Alaska with the People to People
Program. We spent 11 days sightseeing, touring and learning this
past July.
When I boarded the plane in
Boston, I was so excited to travel to
Alaska! Once we got off the plane
in Anchorage, I couldn’t believe it
Schweitzer pictured with her group aboard Wilderwas real and that this opportunity of ness Express Dome Train
a lifetime was finally happening!
rel, red squirrel, caribou, golden eagle,
Just sitting on the bus didn’t seem
and huskies. Also, I saw Denali, or Mt.
like Alaska, but then came the scenery.
McKinley, whichever you want to call
The mountains, the buildings, the little
it. Since I am one of only 30% of people
cafes, it was all just so beautiful.
who actually see the entire mountain
I learned a lot about Native Alaskan
when they go to Denali National Park, I
culture. We listened to different cultural
am part of the 30% club. The mountain
songs and chants, got to go inside tribal
is usually behind fog or cloud cover.
houses, and tried many different foods
We then went to Crow Creek Mine.
such as native Alaskan salmon, caribou,
we learned to pan for gold. I
and reindeer!
found a little bit, but it’s not worth a
I got to visit two different places inwhole lot.
volving puppies: The Iditarod HeadquarThe group and I visited Alaska
ters and The Happy Trails Dog Kennels.
Wildlife Conservation Center, which
At the Iditarod, I got to ride in a sled
is a fancy name for an Alaskan zoo.
pulled by dogs that have raced in the
I got to see reindeer, American bald
race! At Happy Trails, we met four time
eagle, moose, bear, musk ox, and lynx
Iditarod winner Martin Buser and his
up close.
dogs. What an accomplishment!
When we visited Denali National Park,
I saw a lot of different species of animals
such as doll sheep, Arctic ground squir-
Once I found out we were staying
in yurts, I was pretty excited! A yurt
is a type of tent that has an opening at
the top for fire to come through when
Page 13
Another activity I enjoyed
was hiking up to Exit Glacier.
Camden Schweitzer under train bridge in Denali
It was pretty cool to see a
glacier up close. I was a little National Park
disappointed that we weren’t
the views than in a normal train because
able to touch it, though. For some
of the glass dome roof.
reason, it was roped off during our visit.
We visited a museum located in
Better luck next time.
Seward, Alaska to learn about Seward’s
Instead of riding in the coach bus,
history. I learned a lot of interestour transportation to the little town of
ing information like the humongous
Talkeetna was a dome train called the
earthquake in 1964, Alaska Nellie who
Wilderness Express. It was easier to see
operated a roadhouse, and an owner of a
daycare who had to move her school.
I had an amazing time in Alaska with
People to People. I made great friends,
met some amazing people, and learned
so much about Alaskan people and their
culture. Thank you to everyone who
made my Alaska adventure happen. It
truly was an experience of a lifetime.
Camden Schweitzer is a 6th grader at
Wrentham Public Schools.
Native moose at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center.
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131 Morse Street | Foxboro | 508-543-9417
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7 a.m. - 3 p.m.
Saturday & Sunday:
Page 14
Local Town Pages www.norfolkwrenthamnews.com
September 1, 2014
Local Man Finds
Weight Loss Answer
My name is Ray Auger and
I am from Milford, Ma. Until
recently, I was on my way to
becoming a very large short
guy. I felt 5’ 7” was average,
however, 225 lbs. wasn’t faring
well for my body structure. I
turned 42 this year and started
to feel it physically. I was becoming tired, out of breath, and
sluggish. Resting beverages on
my gut was becoming some-
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what of an embarrassment. Was
this my fate? I come from a
family of “stocky” men. I wondered, should I just embrace my
destiny and learn to live with
it? Luckily the answer that Dr.
Johns helped me realize is NO!
My introduction to New
England Fat Loss was met with
understandable hesitation.
All this talk about losing over
20 lbs in just 40 days, left me
skeptical. But then I watched
the newenglandfatloss.com
video a few times. After speaking to the doctor and his staff
I was left feeling that I needed
to try. What did I have to lose?
Well, in the end it was 35 lbs
in 40 days, that’s what I had
to lose! On top of the weight
loss, the program balanced my
hormones which produced other
great health benefits like relieving my allergy suffering, my
complexion became clearer, and
now people say I look younger
than ever. I am moving quicker,
have more energy and eat well.
All the hesitation I had originally was quickly alleviated
after a few days of stepping on
the scale and seeing the pounds
drop off while still feeling full
all day!
My program is now complete
and I am down 35 lbs. Interestingly, I no longer desire to
eat poorly. I am not giving up
everything. I allow myself to
indulge occasionally for special
occasions. I am now very
careful about what and when
I put something in my body
that is not necessarily healthy.
It is comforting to know when
I have an “off” day that I can
simply go back to the list of
foods that Dr. Johns provided.
A list that is specific to my
body and which contains foods
that cause my body to burn the
unwanted fat.
New England Fat Loss truly
changed my life. I now manage
my weight with pride. I found
the program very easy, and
would recommend it to anyone
that wants to get healthier.
Call Tiffany
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√ NO Exercise Needed
√ NO Cravings
√ NO Hunger
√ NO Drugs
√ NO Hormones
√ Burns Fat
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Look Great this
Holiday Season!
September 1, 2014
Local Town Pages www.norfolkwrenthamnews.com Page 15
Falling, Balance and
Physical Therapy
portant aspect of fall treatment
and prevention. For starters, a
physical therapist will assess
your footwear and the safety of
your home to eliminate factors
that could result in an inadvertent fall.
Contributed by John
Vacovec, Physical
Therapist and CEO of
Physical Therapy and
Sports Rehab, Inc.
Falling is a common problem amongst the elderly,
and it can result in serious
injury. It is estimated that
one in every three adults
aged 65 and older suffer from a fall every year.
Fall related injuries range
from hip fractures to head
trauma. After a fall, patients
experience a significant loss
of confidence and a fear
of falling when walking
unaided. Recovery from a fall
involves physical as well as
psychological elements. It is
important for the patient to seek
physical therapy for treatment
and fall prevention.
Why do elderly patients
Visual problems, muscle
weakness and low blood pressure can cause a loss of balance,
which leads to a fall. Other
reasons include conditions
such as Parkinson’s disease and
other conditions that affect the
Occasionally, middle ear
problems (vestibular problems)
can occur and balance can be
affected. The good news is, falls
can be largely prevented with
the right precautions.
Your therapist will use
several techniques including
core stabilization exercises
and manual therapy to improve balance and stability.
Your bodyweight is an excellent source of resistance for
your muscles. The therapist
will challenge your sense
of balance in a controlled
environment by shifting
your center of gravity. This
activates important muscle
groups in the neck, trunk,
abdomen and hip muscles.
which you can use your own
bodyweight as a source of
Balance exercises such as
single-leg standing under the
supervision of a physical therapist are beneficial. Different
activities to improve balance
while walking and changing
positions and direction train
the body to prevent falls. The
objective is to be able to handle
different tasks at the same time
while staying in an upright
Multiple Benefits of
Physical Therapy
Physical therapy is an im-
As the body adapts to these
exercises over a period of
time, the risk for falls reduces.
The therapist will also provide
you with a simple exercise
program that you can do at
home, without the need for any
equipment or devices.
Call us today to schedule an
appointment. We have therapists specializing in fall and balance issues. Physical Therapy
and Sports Rehab. Inc has 2
convenient locations. Call
our Norwood office (at 781769-2040) or Norfolk location
(at 508-384-7020) today! Go
to www.ptandsr.com to learn
formerly Quiggs
Programs: Pre School, School Age, Tumbling,
B-day Parties and Team Gymnastics
Fully AC Facility
We are taking registration for All Programs!
260 Maple Street • Bellingham
(Just mins. off Rts. 495, 140, 126)
See Our Website for Class Schedule
$10 off for
new students only
$25 OFF
Can Your Body Act as
A physical therapist is trained
to help individuals improve
balance between muscle groups
and increase joint stability. The
physical therapist will begin
with a detailed neuromuscular
assessment to identify muscle
imbalances and integrity of the
nervous system.
The physical therapist will
conduct different tests to determine your sense of balance
as you sit, stand and walk. The
speed and the stability with
which you walk are also evaluated. This becomes the foundation for a balance program, in
CALL Today
227 Dedham Street, Rtes. 1A & 115
(508) 384-7020
Guild Medical Center
825 Washington Street, Ste. 280
When you massage away stress you look and
feel younger. A body massage not only
relaxes you, it will improve circulation, break
up toxins and alleviates aches and pains.
Our massage therapists are also trained in
total body skin care to keep you body looking
younger longer.
Make an appointment now.
Call 508-520-2257
to book your appointment!
(781) 769-2040
130 Franklin Village Dr. • Franklin MA 02038
* Cannot be combined with other offers, discounts or
gift certificate redemptions. Not Valid on ½ hour Massage.
Expires 9/30/14.
Local Town Pages www.norfolkwrenthamnews.com
Page 16
September 1, 2014
Correcting Astigmatism During Cataract Surgery
By: Roger M. Kaldawy, M.D.
Milford Franklin Eye Center
Many of us may one day need
cataract surgery. A cataract
happens when the clear lens
inside our eyes becomes cloudy,
causing problems with reading
and seeing well in the dark, in
particular when driving. Modern
cataract surgery is now more
than replacing the cloudy lens
with a clear lens implant. While
achieving this goal, we can also
correct vision problems, including the need to wear glasses for
reading and astigmatism.
Astigmatism describes visual
blur caused by a cornea that
is oblong instead of spherical.
The cornea is the clear structure
in front of our eyes, and is the
window through which light
goes inside the eye. When there
is astigmatism, the cornea is
football shaped (different lines
of curvature) instead of basketball shaped (same lines of curvature no matter how you look
at the basketball). Astigmatism
is present in many people as a
natural part of their eyeglass
prescription. Patients that are
nearsighted and farsighted can
Speech-Language & Hearing
Associates of Greater Boston
Now Offering Social Cognitive Groups for Adolescents
9 week sessions - topics include reading nonverbal cues,
pragmatics, self-advocacy. Call for further information.
Insurances Accepted/
Private Pay-Sliding Scale Available
Free Consultation
• Preschool Assesments and Intervention
• School-Age Speech-Language and
Literacy Evaluations and Therapies
• Hearing and Auditory Processing Tests
• Hearing Aid Fittings
• Reading and Writing Strategies
• Wilson, Orton-Gillinham
• Tinnitus Evaluations and Treatment
Two Convenient 5 North Meadow Rd, Medfield 30 Man-Mar Drive, Plainville
(508) 695-6848
(508) 359-4532
Visit our website:
We’re Moving This Fall
also have astigmatism. Astigmatism causes blurred vision
at near and far, but is easily
corrected by glasses or contact
lenses. When a patient without
astigmatism has cataract surgery, the standard implant lenses
result in excellent distance vision. Patients with astigmatism
will still need glasses for far and
near after cataract surgery if a
standard lens is used because
standard lenses do not correct
There are currently three good
choices to reduce or eliminate
astigmatism in cataract surgery,
leaving a patient with clearer
vision without glasses or contact
lenses. When we correct astigmatism in the setting of cataract
surgery, patients are generally
very happy and they need their
glasses less often than before…
and in many cases they don’t
need the glasses at all. Here are
the 3 ways we can correct the
cataract and astigmatism:
Limbal Relaxing Incisions
At the time of cataract surgery,
we can perform limbal relaxing incisions on the cornea to
correct a moderate amount of
astigmatism. We use computer
programs to attempt precision
corrections of smaller amounts
of astigmatism. At the time of
surgery, we will simply make
small relaxing incisions using
a state-of-the art femtosecond
laser available in few and select
centers only. We are glad to
have access to this laser and
offer this procedure to our
patients. Not only do we use
the laser to correct astigmatism,
but the same laser can perform
a blade-free procedure, in essence performing the entire
procedure without the need for
manual blades, and relying on
the accuracy and precision of
the femtosecond laser to perform many steps of the surgery.
Limbal relaxing incisions work
well, but if patients have larger
degrees of astigmatism, limbal
relaxing incisions are not powerful enough.
Toric Intraocular Implants
For patients with higher
amounts of astigmatism, a Toric
Intraocular Lens implant can reduce astigmatism. A Toric implant is a high tech implant that
corrects astigmatism. Instead
of correcting astigmatism in
the cornea like limbal relaxing
incisions, these specialty lens
implants correct astigmatism
at the lens plane. After removing the cloudy lens, we replace
this lens with this special Toric
implant so as to correct both the
cataract and the astigmatism in
one single procedure.
Laser Vision Correction
We can perform Laser Vision
Correction to reduce or eliminate astigmatism. In this case,
we give a chance to the eye to
heal and then correct the astigmatism with laser vision correction. At times, a limbal relaxing
incision or a Toric implant can
leave a small amount of residual
astigmatism. We can eliminate
this residual astigmatism with
laser vision correction. Patients
feel comfortable that if they
are left with a small amount of
astigmatism, there is a safe, precise and effective method to try
to achieve as perfect of a result
as possible. If a patient elects to
have a standard intraocular lens
and later decides that astigmatism reduction is something
that they desire, Laser Vision
Correction can also be used to
eliminate it.
If you have cataracts and
astigmatism, there is an answer
for you. We have three unique
techniques to eliminate or
reduce astigmatism. All have
been tested and the results are
impressive. At Milford Franklin Eye Center, Dr. Kaldawy is
the first to offer bladeless laser
cataract surgery in the area and
among the first in New England.
We are proud to bring this technology to the area allowing us
to correct the cataract and astigmatism all in one procedure.
For more details, see our ad on
the front page.
Discover the Difference at…
Whitcomb House
Assisted Living and Memory Care
Twenty Years of Caring for Seniors brings
Stability, Satisfaction & Smiles.
Call to schedule a complimentary lunch and tour
to see if Whitcomb House is the right choice for you!
Our New Address will be:
An Assisted Living and Memory Care Community
245 West Street
Milford, MA 01757
tel 508-634-2440 | fax 508-473-6366
Visit us online at whitcombhouse.com
September 1, 2014
Local Town Pages www.norfolkwrenthamnews.com Page 17
High Expectations For KP Girls Soccer Squad
By Ken Hamwey
Staff Sports Writer
Gary Pichel is no stranger to
building championship teams
in soccer and that’s his goal for
the King Philip girls program.
When he was coaching Nipmuc Regional, his teams rolled
to a pair of state titles. He
also coached varsity soccer at
Hudson Catholic for a year and
served as an assistant at Fitchburg State for two seasons. In
nine campaigns, his teams won
123 games and qualified for the
tourney ever year.
When he took the Warriors’
head-coaching reins two years
ago, he inherited a program that
had seven consecutive losing
seasons. His first season at
KP was his first with a losing record. The Warriors went
6-8-4. Last year, however, his
squad finished 9-6-2, qualified
for tourney play and definitely
rejuvenated the outlook for the
“We had great chances to win
those four ties two years ago
and get into the tourney in year
one,’’ Pichel said. “Last year,
the girls knew what to expect,
they got into better condition and they had a winning
captains Erin Machado
(fullback), Kelly Halnen
(fullback) and Madison
Whitney (center midfielder).
“Erin is a three-year starter
who’s tenacious on defense,’’ Pichel emphasized.
“Kelly is another threeyear starter who’s quick,
strong and instinctive, and
Madison works hard on her
transition game, is excellent
moving the ball and she can
record. And, instead of
being routed by powerful
Franklin as we were in my
first year, we lost a pair of
games to them, but only
by 2-0 scores.’’
As Pichel gets ready for
his third season at KP,
there’s an atmosphere
buzzing with excitement
and anticipation. During August at pre-season
practice, 70-plus candidates turned out. “We had
eighth-graders watching
our progress last year and
now they’re with us as
freshmen,’’ Pichel noted.
“Parents aren’t as quick to
use school choice so their
daughters can play soccer at
private schools. They’re staying at KP.’’
Pichel is acutely aware that
his third season, which gets
under way on Sept. 5 at home
against Sharon, is generating
high hopes for the Warrior
girls, and he’s eager to take the
program to a higher level.
“There’s definitely more
expectations now,’’ the 56-yearold Pichel said. “I want us to
be a more technical team and
I want to move the ball on the
ground quicker. Our condi-
tioning has to keep improving and once we qualify for
tourney play, we want to focus
on advancing deep into the
Pichel’s style is built around
a mix of offense and defense
with an aggressive tone at midfield. “Good transition play at
midfield is very important,’’ he
said. “That’s where endurance
and conditioning play a role.
Being instinctive and having
good field awareness also are
Some of the players who’ll
form KP’s nucleus are senior
Five other keys include
Madeleine Purdue (midfield), Katherine “Bulldog’’
Turner (fullback), Brooke
Thomas (stopper), Makenzie Nickerson (stopper) and
Maggie Hall (goalie).
Madeleine is fast and athletic,’’ Pichel said. “Katherine
has improved and is as tough as
nails. Brooke and Makenzie are
defensive-minded, can handle
the ball and have shooting ability. Makenzie has probably the
best shot on the squad. Maggie
was our backup goalie last year.
She’s instinctive and technically sound.’’
Pichel is working to improve
KP’s offense by developing quality strikers. “I want
strikers and snipers,’’ he said
with a smile. Expecting to
have another plus-.500 season,
Pichel rates Franklin as the
team to beat with Oliver Ames
and Mansfield in the mix with
KP to challenge for the Hockomock League crown.
Expecting to work with a roster of 18-20, Pichel notes that
95 percent of his varsity players
compete year-round. “Our kids
are playing club soccer and
they’re in winter, spring and
summer leagues,’’ he said.
Pichel, who’s lived in Cumberland, R.I., for the last five
years with his wife and children, works in stock trading.
One thing he won’t trade is
coaching soccer. As he says:
“Winning two state titles at
Nipmuc was a dream come
true. My two daughters were on
those teams and I’m having fun
going after another title with
the KP girls.’’
Before losing, 1-0, to Natick
in the tourney last year, KP
players and parents held a rally
and a bonfire at Pichel’s house.
“That told me we’re starting
to build tradition and that we’re
going to be a factor in the
Hockomock League,’’ Pichel
Hope for Competitive Cross Country Squad
By Christopher Tremblay
Having not only run spring
and winter track while attending King Philip, Plainville
native Mitch Roberts was also a
member of the Warrior’s cross
country team for three seasons.
The 2012 graduate participated
in all three sports during his
freshman, sophomore and
junior years before switching
sides to take on a coaching role
in his senior season.
Roberts, who ran the 600
and was part of KP’s 4x4 relay
team during the winter and
the 400 and 800 in the spring,
bypassed the actual running
to became an unofficial coach
or a volunteer after his senior
campaign. Following his graduation from the school, Roberts
continued as an assistant coach
for the girls track team at KP
before being named the boys
cross country team coach this
upcoming season.
“I enjoyed running, I was
more of a long distance runner,” the new coach said. “But I
really loved the whole aspect of
coaching and giving back.”
Having been giving back for
three years now, Roberts truly
understands why the coaches
did things the way they did
when he was the athlete.
“As a runner I respected my
coaches, but I didn’t quite
understand their reasoning.
Now as a coach I understand
the mechanics and fundamentals of it and why they had us
doing things the way they did,”
Roberts said. “Having been a
runner myself, I know how I
felt and having that experience
will allow me to portray it to
my runners now.”
unbelievable,” he said. “This
team will be competitive and
push one another to achieve
greatness. The numbers have
also increased, so that also
gives us hope.”
Coming into the new season
as a first time head coach, Roberts is unaware of what runners
he actually has coming back
this fall for the cross country
team, but he does know a few
had also taken part in track for
the Warriors.
One runner that the coach is
sure will be back and provide
positive leadership to the
younger athletes will be Seth
Sullivan. According to Roberts,
Sullivan had himself a decent
campaign last fall and he is expected to take his talent to the
next level while providing the
team with some positive cross
country running.
“I do know that we lost a lot
of talented runners from last
year’s team and that we have
an incredible talent pool that is
Outside of Sullivan, King
Philip looks to possibly have a
lot of new faces in the crowd
when the season rolls around.
“We will have a lot of new
runners who have never run
cross country before, but things
are promising as some of them
have taken part in our summer
track program,” Roberts said.
“Last year was successful and
we hope to once again be competitive. We definitely won’t be
on the same level as Mansfield
or Attleboro, but individually
we will be strong within the
Hockomock League.”
Local Town Pages www.norfolkwrenthamnews.com
Page 18
September 1, 2014
5K Race with a Sweet Twist to
Benefit Wrentham Family
Registration opens for “Donut Dash” in Plainville
Online registration has
begun for the Second Annual “Donut Dash,” a 5K
Race that will take place on
Sunday, September 28th at
8:30AM at the Old Beatrice
Wood School in Plainville.
This event will kick off the
annual Plain-ville Day Fall
Fest. All proceeds will benefit the Tim Gemelli Family
There are three Divisions in
this event: “Old Fashioned,”
for the traditional 5K runner/
walker; “Glazed Donut,” for
those who choose to eat donuts
along the course; and “Box of
Munchkins,” for families of
three or more.
The Donut Dash is a 5K Race
with a sweet twist. Participants
may optionally eat donuts at various stations throughout the race,
subtracting three minutes per
donut from their final race time.
All proceeds benefit the Tim
Gemelli Family Fund. Tim, his
wife AnnMarie, and their three
children have resided in Wrentham for over 18 years. Tim was
recently diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS),
also known as Lou Gehrig’s
Disease, after going for a routine
checkup for a sore shoulder. All
(Please note that participant may
choose NOT to eat any donuts.)
It is a family friendly event open
to runners, joggers and walkers
of all ages and abilities, as well
as teams.
The Norfolk Community Federal Credit Union is Teaming Up with
Call our office for more details (508) 528-3360
Or visit our website www.norfolkcommunityfcu.org
Set up an appointment
today with Mass Save
or visit their website at
for future questions.
Federal Credit Union
Telephone: 508-528-3360
194 Main Street, Norfolk, MA 02056
WAS $89.95 - NOW $69.95
SAVE $20
The racecourse will approximately begin and end at the Old
Beatrice Wood School, 200 South
Street, in Plainville, MA. The
course travels up Fuller Street,
across Walnut Street, down West
Bacon Street, and then returns to
South Street to the finish line.
Prizes will be awarded to the
top finishers in each category.
Early registrants receive free
Free parking is available on-site
at the Old Beatrice Wood School.
Please note that event registration the day of the race will be
held at the Plainville Library, ad-
jacent to the Old Beatrice Wood
To register for this event online,
visit donutdash.racewire.com.
Visit our Donut Dash 2014 Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/PlainvilleDonutDash
to view last year’s photos and
leave comments for the upcoming
race. To find out about the Tim
Gemelli Family Fund, visit http://
The Donut Dash Committee
is currently accepting business
sponsors for t-shirts and flyers,
as well as corporate donations.
If your business would like the
opportunity to participate in this
fun and philanthropic event,
please email Sheila Malacaria at
[email protected] .
proceeds from the Donut Dash
will help fund home renovations,
equipment needs and medical
20th Anniversary
Celebration Savings
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Harvest Festival
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Not to be combined with any other offer or
coupon. Expires 9/30/14
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Not to be combined
with any other offer or coupon.
Expires 9/30/14
Community Mural Raffle Tickets $5.00
11 East Central St, Franklin, MA
Valid on Most
Vehicles 10 Lugs
Slightly Higher
Plus FREE Brake Inspection
with Multi Point Inspection
Must present coupon at time of write-up.
Not to be combined
with any other offer or coupon.
Expires 9/30/14
includes up to 5
quarts of oil, oil filter,
free multi point
Not to be combined with other specials or
offers. Diesels, Full synthetics extra.
Must present coupon upon arrival.
For Lincoln and Mercury Only.
Expires 9/30/14
Tues, Wed & Fri: 9:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.,
Thurs 9:30 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.
Saturday 10 a.m. - 3:00 p.m., Closed Sun & Mon
September 1, 2014
Local Town Pages www.norfolkwrenthamnews.com Calendar of Events
September 5
September 11
Baby/Toddler Playgroup - Birth
to pre-walkers with Mom, Dad or
caregiver meets on Fridays at 9:30
a.m. Toddlers (walkers) to age 2
1/2 with Mom, Dad or caregiver
meets on Fridays at 10:30. Meet
new friends, play with the new toys
and gym equipment purchased with
funds from the Friends of Fiske!!!
Come join the fun! No registration
required just DROP IN. If arriving
before 10AM please ring doorbell.
Fiske Public Library, 110 Randall
Rd., Wrentham.
The Franklin School for the
Performing Arts to hold a series
of Open Houses for prospective
students and families. The community is invited to tour the downtown Franklin facility, observe
rehearsal and classes, speak with
faculty and staff, and learn more
about FSPA programs in music,
dance and drama. Students are also
encouraged to try a complimentary
class. A Saturday Open House is
scheduled on September 6 from 10
a.m. - 4 p.m., with weekday Open
Houses from 4-8 p.m. on September 11, 15, 24 and 30 at 38 Main
September 6
Wrentham Wroad Wrace – The
30th anniversary of the Wrentham
Wroad Wrace starts at 10 a.m. Registration for the 5K is open at 8:30
a.m. in Wrentham Common. For
more information call Jeff Plympton or Donna Burt at 508-384-5427.
Wrentham Day- Infractions to
perform 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.
The Franklin School for the
Performing Arts to hold a series of
Open Houses for prospective students and families. The community
is invited to tour the downtown
Franklin facility, observe rehearsal
and classes, speak with faculty and
staff, and learn more about FSPA
programs in music, dance and
drama. Students are also encouraged to try a complimentary class.
A Saturday Open House is scheduled on September 6 from 10 a.m. 4 p.m., with weekday Open Houses
from 4-8 p.m. on September 11, 15,
24 and 30 at 38 Main Street.
Paint Your Own Pottery - For
students entering 7-12 grade and
recent high school grads. Create
a pottery masterpiece! Materials
will be provided to paint your own
mug. You may choose between a
zigzag mug and an owl mug. Pieces
will be fired and returned to the
library for pickup. Materials fee
of $15 must be paid prior to class
and is non-refundable if you cannot
attend. Details regarding payment
will be emailed to you after you
register. Norfolk Public Library,
139 Main St., Norfolk, MA. 1 to
2:30 p.m.
September 9
Elections – State Primary 7 a.m.
to 8 p.m.
September 10
Wednesday Evening Book DIscussion Group - Spend an enjoyable evening at the Library with
people who are passionate about
reading. Formerly the History Book
Discussion Group, this group now
reads a variety of non-fiction titles
and meets on the 2nd Wednesday of
each month @ 7pm. New members
are always welcome. The current
title may be obtained by calling the
Circulation Desk at 508-528-3380
x.2. Norfolk Public Library, 139
Main St., Norfolk, MA.
911 Wreath Ceremony, 79 South
St., in front of Town Hall. Led by
Wrentham Troop 131. 6:30 to 7:30
Cracker Barrel Fair Opens, 5 to
10 p.m. at Wrentham Developmental Center, Emerald St., Wrentham.
September 12
Cracker Barrel Fair 12 to 10 p.m.
at Wrentham Developmental Center, Emerald St., Wrentham.
Baby/Toddler Playgroup - Birth
to pre-walkers with Mom, Dad or
caregiver meets on Fridays at 9:30
a.m. Toddlers (walkers) to age 2
1/2 with Mom, Dad or caregiver
meets on Fridays at 10:30. Meet
new friends, play with the new toys
and gym equipment purchased with
funds from the Friends of Fiske!!!
Come join the fun! No registration
required just DROP IN. If arriving
before 10AM please ring doorbell.
Fiske Public Library, 110 Randall
Rd., Wrentham.
Halfway to St. Paddy’s Day Bash!
To benefit The Cure Stars Now.
Lake Pearl Luciano’s Wrentham.
Tickets are $50.
September 13
Cracker Barrel Fair 12 to 10 p.m.
at Wrentham Developmental Center, Emerald St., Wrentham.
September 14
Boots & Strings Food & Music
festival in support troops serving
overseas and at home. Lake Pearl
Luciano’s in Wrentham, MA, www.
musicdrivesus.org. Noon to 6 p.m.,
features live entertainment from
Boston’s best country band, Dalton
and the Sheriffs, and other local
bands. Food will be provided by local restaurants. There will be family
fun activities including “toucha-truck,” games, face-painting, a
bouncy house and much more.
Cracker Barrel Fair 12 to 10 p.m.
at Wrentham Developmental Center, Emerald St., Wrentham.
September 15
The Franklin School for the
Performing Arts to hold a series of
Open Houses for prospective students and families. The community
Page 19
Clip and save this coupon
50 OFF
Your next plumbing
or heating repair*
Visit our website for
more coupons and
special offers on heating
system installations.
*Not valid on trip or diagnostic fees. This offer expires September 30, 2014. Offer code OT-A-50
is invited to tour the downtown
Franklin facility, observe rehearsal
and classes, speak with faculty and
staff, and learn more about FSPA
programs in music, dance and
drama. Students are also encouraged to try a complimentary class.
A Saturday Open House is scheduled on September 6 from 10 a.m. 4 p.m., with weekday Open Houses
from 4-8 p.m. on September 11, 15,
24 and 30 at 38 Main Street.
September 16
Afternoon Book Discussion
Group - Spend an enjoyable Tuesday afternoon at the library with
people who share similar interests.
This is a general book discussion
group that explores a variety of
contemporary and retrospective fiction as well as selected non-fiction
titles. This group meets at 1:30
p.m. The September meeting is on
the 16th. The September book is
The Interestings by Meg Wolitzer.
1:30 p.m. Norfolk Public Library,
139 Main St., Norfolk, MA.
September 17
Author of Black Skies, Leo J.
Maloney will speak at Fiske Public
Library in a lecture entitled An
Inside Look at the Life of a Black
Ops Contractor . The event starts at
7 p.m., 110 Randall Rd., Wrentham.
September 19
Baby/Toddler Playgroup - Birth
to pre-walkers with Mom, Dad or
caregiver meets on Fridays at 9:30
a.m. Toddlers (walkers) to age 2
1/2 with Mom, Dad or caregiver
meets on Fridays at 10:30. Meet
new friends, play with the new toys
and gym equipment purchased with
funds from the Friends of Fiske!!!
Come join the fun! No registration
required just DROP IN. If arriving
before 10AM please ring doorbell.
Fiske Public Library, 110 Randall
Rd., Wrentham.
September 23
Dean College is honored to host
Thomas C. Werner, Chairman of
the 2013 World Series Champion
Boston Red Sox, for the Dean College Leadership Institute Executive
Lecture Series on September 23,
2014. The Executive Series offers a
unique and interactive opportunity
for students, alumni, and the local
community to interact with today’s
business leaders. The speaking program will begin at 6:00 p.m. in the
Guidrey Center at Dean College, 99
Main Street, Franklin, MA
September 24
The Franklin School for the
Performing Arts to hold a series of
Open Houses for prospective students and families. The community
is invited to tour the downtown
Franklin facility, observe rehearsal
and classes, speak with faculty and
staff, and learn more about FSPA
programs in music, dance and
drama. Students are also encouraged to try a complimentary class.
A Saturday Open House is scheduled on September 6 from 10 a.m. 4 p.m., with weekday Open Houses
from 4-8 p.m. on September 11, 15,
24 and 30 at 38 Main Street.
Foreign Film, title to be announced, 7 p.m. Fiske Public Library, 110 Randall Rd., Wrentham.
September 25
Evening Book Discussion Group,
Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton. Copies are available at the circulation desk at the end of August.
LIMITED! . Fiske Public Library,
110 Randall Rd., Wrentham. 6:30
September 26
Baby/Toddler Playgroup - Birth
to pre-walkers with Mom, Dad or
caregiver meets on Fridays at 9:30
a.m. Toddlers (walkers) to age 2
1/2 with Mom, Dad or caregiver
meets on Fridays at 10:30. Meet
new friends, play with the new toys
and gym equipment purchased with
funds from the Friends of Fiske!!!
Come join the fun! No registration
required just DROP IN. If arriving
before 10AM please ring doorbell.
Fiske Public Library, 110 Randall
Rd., Wrentham.
September 27-28
The Franklin Performing Arts
Company (FPAC) will hold open
auditions for three 2014 holiday
productions, Tchaikovsky’s timeless ballet The Nutcracker and the
original FPAC musicals Humbug!
and ’Tis the Season! Open audi-
tions for The Nutcracker will be
held on Saturday, September 27 at
THE BLACK BOX, 15 West Central Street, in Franklin. Students,
ages 6 and older, from all area
dance schools are welcome. Ballet
attire is required. Audition times
are 9:30-10 a.m. for ages 6 and 7,
10-10:45 for ages 8 and 9, 11-11:45
for ages 10 and 11, 11:45-12:45
for ages 12 and 13, 1-1:45 for ages
14+ (off pointe), and 2:15-3:15
for ages 12+ (pointe audition;
must be on pointe for at least one
year). Off-pointe callbacks are
scheduled at 1:45-2:15 p.m., with
pointe callbacks from 3:15-4:00.
Open auditions for Humbug! and
’Tis the Season! will take place at
THE BLACK BOX on Sunday,
September 28 at 1 p.m. for ages 6
and 7, 1:30 for ages 8 and 9, 2:00
for ages 10 and 11, 2:45 for ages 12
and 13, 3:30 for ages 14+, and 4:30
for adults. Students must be 6 years
of age or older on the audition date
to participate. Beginners and all
levels are welcome. Please prepare
16 measures of a musical theater or
pop song. A simple dance combination will be taught at the audition.
September 28
Second Annual “Donut Dash,”
a 5K Race that will take place on
Sunday, September 28th at 8:30
a.m. at the Old Beatrice Wood
School in Plainville. This event
will kick off the annual Plainville
Day Fall Fest. to benefit the Tim
Gemelli Family Fund, a charity
design to help a Wrentham family.
To register for this event online,
visit donutdash.racewire.com.
September 30
The Franklin School for the
Performing Arts to hold a series of
Open Houses for prospective students and families. The community
is invited to tour the downtown
Franklin facility, observe rehearsal
and classes, speak with faculty and
staff, and learn more about FSPA
programs in music, dance and
drama. Students are also encouraged to try a complimentary class.
A Saturday Open House is scheduled on September 6 from 10 a.m. 4 p.m., with weekday Open Houses
from 4-8 p.m. on September 11, 15,
24 and 30 at 38 Main Street.
Local Town Pages www.norfolkwrenthamnews.com
Page 20
Hero Helpers of America and
Ernie Boch Jr’s Music Drives
Us Foundation have teamed up
to host their first annual Boots
& Strings Food & Music festival in support of our beloved
troops serving overseas and at
Last month, the
House and Senate
enacted a bill aimed
at protecting animal
welfare and safety in
the Commonwealth.
Senator Ross was a
cosponsor of the original bill, filed by Senate
Minority Leader Bruce
Tarr (R-Gloucester),
which passed the Senate unanimously just
before the end of the
formal legislative session on July 31st.
The bill, which garnered both
bipartisan and bicameral support, increases fines for those
convicted of animal cruelty
crimes from $2,500 to $5,000
for a first offense, and raises
the maximum prison time from
five to seven years for a first
offense. The legislation also
creates a task force of experts
designed to review animal
abuse prevention methods and
offer recommendations for further action. Under the new law,
veterinarians will be required to
report suspected acts of animal abuse to law enforcement;
better equipping public safety
officials targeting these acts of
447 East Central Street
Franklin, MA 02038
Check Out Our New Products And Services in our
Newly Expanded Grooming Center & Re-Tail Store
• Doggie Bakery
$5 Off NEW Grooming
• Grooming Supplies
Clients and 10% Off
• Leashes/Toys
Retail Purchases
• Spa Packages & More!
must present coupon
Call Us Today! (508) 528-6556
Healthy Pet Supply
Store Hours:
Mon & Fri
10am - 6pm
Tue, Wed & Thu
9:30am - 7pm
10am - 2pm
(Formerly TK Pet Supply)
Organic Treats
Top Quality
Pet Food
We are
right at the
Train Station
158 Main Street, Norfolk
508-541-PETS (7387)
Hero Helpers of America & Ernie
Boch Jr’s Music Drives Us Foundation
Hosting first ever Boots & Strings Food & Music Festival
PAWS Act Passes
“Combating animal
abuse in our state has
been a major priority
of mine, and this legislation makes major
strides to tighten our
current laws and increase penalties for those convicted of these
heinous crimes,” said Ross. “As
a dog owner, my hope is that
this bill will offer some comfort
to our communities and assist
in deterring these acts in the
September 1, 2014
On September 14, 2014 at
Lake Pearl Luciano’s in Wrentham, MA, from Boston’s
best and most patriotic end of
summer bash will be taking
place from noon to six. This
is an all age family event. The
hottest bands in New England
are set to play. Red Square,
Element 78, The Houston Bernard Band, and Dalton & The
Sheriffs. As well as Charlie
Farren, Amanda Carr, and Jilly
Martin singing the national
anthem and the Boston Strong
Organizations from all over
New England have stepped
in to help this great cause.
100% of funds raised will be
directly effecting our troops
and the overwhelming effects
of PTSD.
Over 30 of the areas hottest
restaurants will be offering
free tastes of their best dishes,
along with companies such as
Hint Water, and Pretzel Crisps.
In addition there will be
activities for kids to partake in
such a “Hero Touch-A-Truck”
featuring military and first responder trucks, face painting,
balloon artists, photo booths
cotton candy and more!
Celebrities such as Boston’s
Finest, Bobby Wahlburg, Miss
Massachusetts, The Andelman
Brothers, Fast Freddie, Ernie
Boch Jr., Gregg Daniells &
Karson are all anticipated to
attend and help out this extremely important cause.
“Our goal is to make an impact on our service members
lives, but also to raise awareness of our service members
needs overseas, and at home.
This is a special event for me
personally as my brother is
currently serving overseas
in Afghanistan.” Eliopoulos
said. Lauren Eliopoulos is the
Founder of Hero Helpers of
General Admission tickets
are $20 for adults and children
accompanied by an adult gain
free admission. VIP tickets are
$50. VIP Tickets include half
hour early entrance, VIP gift
bag, 2 drink tickets, 2 raffle
tickets, and admission to the
VIP lounge. To purchase tickets please email [email protected] or call
508.631.4758 or go to www.
musicdrivesus.org to purchase
tickets online.
Companies such as Lake
Pearl Luciano’s, William Grant
& Sons, Metro Event Security,
Image Productions, Quality
Beverage, Guitar Center, and
more have joined forces with
the two organizations to make
this event truly unforgettable.
Created in September of
2013, Hero Helpers of America, Inc., is a non-profit organization that aims to supply the
men and women of The United
States Military, Veterans, and
family members of service
members, consistent support
and appreciation. Hero Helpers
of America focuses on reaching out to communities across
America to raise awareness of
our military’s as well as when
immediate requests are sent
from our service members,
veterans, and their families.
Hero Helpers of America aims
to give back to those who give
their all. Lauren Eliopoulos
started the foundation when
her brother LCpl George Eliopoulos graduated boot camp.
He is now serving in Afghanistan.
Music Drives Us is a New
England non-profit organization supplying grants to music
programs designed to effect
positive change for people of
all ages. The Foundation seeks
out organizations and individuals interested in using music as
a tool to better the lives of people in all segments of society.
Local Town Pages www.norfolkwrenthamnews.com September 1, 2014
Page 21
Why Now is the Best Time to Buy Life Insurance
Local Insurance Expert Recommends Putting a Financial Safety Net in Place
group. “The fact is, the vast
majority of Americans need
life insurance and, sadly, most
people either have none or not
enough,” says Schweitzer. “If
someone depends on you financially, you need life insurance.
It’s that simple.”
By Jeffrey Schweitzer
The sluggish economy continues to put financial strain on
many of us. So it just makes
sense to examine our budgets
and look for ways to trim the
fat from our monthly expenses
and put more into savings, if
“That’s a great way to help
stabilize your finances, but it’s
also important that you have a
financial safety net in place in
case something were to happen
to you,” says Jeffrey N. Schweitzer, EPA, CEP, ATP, RTRP,
a Tax, Insurance & Financial
Services Professional with
Northeast Financial Strategies
Inc in Wrentham, MA. “Life
insurance is one of the few
guarantees your family could
rely on to maintain their quality
of life if you were no longer
there to provide for them.”
There are 95 million adult
Americans without life insurance, according to LIMRA,
an insurance industry research
September is Life Insurance
Awareness Month, making it
the perfect time to take stock
of your life insurance needs.
Schweitzer offers three additional reasons why now is the
best time to look into getting
life insurance.
You’ll never be younger than
you are now. While that may
sound obvious, youth is on your
side when it comes to lifeinsurance. It makes good financial
sense to get coverage when
you’re young and healthy, as
premiums are based on your age
and health. For most policies,
your premiums will be locked
in at that rate over the life of
the policy, and can’t be raised
due to a change in your health
It’s affordable, with rates near
historic lows. People overestimate the cost of life insurance
by nearly three times, according
to a recent study conducted by
LIMRA and the LIFE Foundation, a nonprofit insurance
education organization. In fact,
life insurance rates remain near
historic lows; the cost of basic
term life insurance has fallen by
nearly 50 percent over the past
decade. For example, a healthy
30-year-old can buy a 20-year,
$250,000 level-term policy for
about $13 per month.
Life happens. One day life is
going along smoothly, and the
next, you’re thrown a curve
ball. No one knows what the
future holds. None of us expect
to die prematurely, but the
truth is roughly 600,000 people
die each year in the prime of
their lives. That’s why today is
always the best day to take care
of your life insurance needs.
“Life Insurance Awareness
Month is the ideal time for a
life insurance review,” says
Schweitzer. “I urge everyone to
take a few minutes out of their
busy schedules this month to
make sure they have adequate
life insurance protection.”
According to Schweitzer, consumers can get a general sense
of their life insurance needs
by going to www.lifehappens.
org/lifecalculator and using
the online calculator offered
by the LIFE Foundation. The
next step, suggests Schweitzer,
should be to contact a local
insurance professional, who can
conduct a more comprehensive
needs analysis and help you find
the right products to fit your
specific needs and budget.
About Life Insurance
Awareness Month
Held each September, Life
Insurance Awareness Month is
an industry-wide effort that is
coordinated by the nonprofit
LIFE Foundation. The campaign was created in response to
at www.localtownpages.com
All Up To 0% for 84 Months for Oil,
Gas, or AC • Expires 8/31/14
growing concern about the large
number of Americans who lack
adequate life insurance protection. Roughly 95 million adult
Americans have no life insurance, and most with coverage
have less than most insurance
experts recommend. For more
information on life insurance,
visit LIFE’s website atwww.
Jeffrey Schweitzer can be
found at Northeast Financial
Strategies Inc (NFS) at Wampum Corner in Wrentham. NFS
works with individuals and
small businesses providing
financial and estate planning,
insurance, investments and also
offers full service accounting,
bookkeeping, payroll, income
tax preparation, and notary
public services. For more information, stop by the office, call
Jeffrey at 800-560-4NFS or visit
online - www.nfsnet.com
Run Your Inserts and
Ads With Us!
Call Tiffany
(508) 203-0890
Financial Planning
Estate Planning
Income Tax Preparation
For Individuals & Small Businesses
is Life
667 South Street Route 1A Wampum Corner
Wrentham MA
800-560-4NFS www.nfsnet.com
Local Town Pages www.norfolkwrenthamnews.com
Page 22
September 1, 2014
Should You Be a “Hands-on” Investor?
ment, and so on. But if you
want to completely run your
own show, you will need to
put in a lot of work — such as
studying the financial markets,
staying up-to-date on changing
investment environments and
monitoring your portfolio to
make sure it is still appropriate
for your financial needs and
By Mike Kerrigan
If you want to send your
children or grandchildren to
college, retire comfortably and
achieve other important life
goals, you will have to invest
— it’s that simple. But the process of investing can sometimes
seem anything but simple. What
can you do to gain confidence
that you are making the right
investment moves?
The answer may depend on
how involved you want to be
with your investment decisions.
Initially, you might think that
you would like to be totally
“hands on.” After all, how you
save and invest your money is
unquestionably a highly personal matter. And once you start
exploring the investment world,
you may find it fascinating, as
it entails virtually every human
endeavor imaginable: business,
politics, science, the environ-
Most people find that they do
not have the time or expertise to
manage this investment process
on their own, which is why they
turn to professional financial
advisors. The key advantage
in working with an advisor is
that he or she knows your risk
tolerance, goals and family situation, and can help you create a
personalized, long-term investment strategy. A good financial
advisor will communicate with
you regularly and make recommendations. A financial advisor can offer you a variety of
strategies and types of investments — such as stocks, bonds
and mutual funds — to help
you work toward your goals.
Ultimately, though, you will be
the one to make the “buy” or
“sell” decisions.
Some investors prefer to leave
even the buy-and-sell decisions
to professionals. Most financial
advisors offer advisory pro-
Run Your Inserts
Ads With Us!
Call Tiffany
(508) 203-0890
Schedule a free
portfolio review.
Mike Kerrigan
Financial Advisor
167 South St Rte 1a
Plainville, MA 02762
Member SIPC
grams that take care of this for
you. With these programs, you
choose a professionally managed portfolio of investments.
The programs typically offer
a wide range of portfolios, so
you can choose one that’s appropriate based on your needs,
goals and risk tolerance. Each
portfolio contains a broad range
of investments that are selected
by professional analysts and
represent a variety of asset
classes. Advisory programs also
offer a sophisticated rebalancing process designed to keep
your assets allocated appropriately, which can help keep you
on track toward your specific
financial goals.
Whether you choose to make
your own decisions in consultation with a financial advisor
or to invest in an advisory
program — or both — you
really should learn as much
as possible about your investments. Whichever method you
decide is best for you, remember that investing involves risk,
and investment performance
is never guaranteed. So make
sure you’re asking the right
questions, such as: What are the
risk characteristics? How has
a particular investment vehicle
performed relative to others in
its category? What are the tax
implications of owning and
selling a specific investment
vehicle? What are the costs
and fees associated with each
As you may have heard many
times, knowledge is power —
and that’s certainly true in the
investment arena.
This article was written by
Edward Jones for use by your
local Edward Jones Financial
Edward Jones is headquartered
in St. Louis. The Edward Jones
website is located atwww.edwardjones.com, and its recruiting website is www.careers.edwardjones.
com. Member SIPC.
Mike Kerrigan is a financial
advisor with Edward Jones serving the Plainville, Franklin, and
Attleboro areas. He is a member
of the United Regional Chamber
of Commerce & North Attleboro/
Plainville Rotary Club. His office is located at 167 South St
(Rt. 1A) in Plainville near the
police & fire station. Mike works
with clients in all life stages and
advises them on how to save for
retirement, plan for children’s
college tuition, spend in retirement, and protect assets through
life insurance. He can be reached
at 508-643-0601 or at [email protected]
Dean College Receives $20k
Support from The Rockland
Trust Charitable Foundation for
Berenson Center for Mathematics
Dean College, a private,
residential college located
in Franklin, Massachusetts,
recently received a $20,000
donation from The Rockland
Trust Charitable Foundation to
support the college’s Berenson
Center for Mathematics.
The Berenson Center for
Mathematics (BCM) at Dean
College was established in the
fall of 2013 as a hub for all
facets of mathematic instruction
and student support. The Center
is a permanent and visible part
of the Dean College campus,
located on the first floor of the
Science and Technology Center.
To benefit more students and
better meet their needs, the
BCM sought out funding from
The Rockland Trust Charitable Foundation for additional
equipment and software to aide
students, as well as funding for
faculty development workshops
and professional tutors.
“Dean College is very grateful
for support given by The Rockland Trust Charitable Founda-
tion for the college’s Berenson
Center for Mathematics,” said
Dr. Paula Rooney, President of
Dean College. “The grant will
be used to enhance the Center’s
technology, equipment, and faculty development needs. In addition, this grant will enable the
Director of the Center to support the faculty in planning and
teaching strategies in math so
that Dean College can deliver
a higher quality math program
to its students.” The Center is
open six days a week with both
professional math tutors and
peer tutors available to students.
“In today’s world, mathematical knowledge, math reasoning
and math problem-solving skills
are critical for students to build
confidence and to succeed in
their chosen careers,” added Dr.
Trust Charitable Foundation
has contributed more than $1
million dollars in grants to nonprofit organizations in the communities of Bellingham, Blackstone, Foxborough, Franklin,
Hopedale, Medfield, Medway,
Mendon, Milford, Millis,
Newton, Norfolk, Waltham,
and Wrentham. Rockland Trust
is committed to supporting its
communities through philanthropic giving with the belief in
strengthening the communities
in which we work and live. “As
finance professionals, we at
Rockland Trust recognize the
importance of math for everyone,” said Laurel Katsaros,
Branch Manager at Rockland
Trust. “We are pleased to support Dean College’s mission to
enhance the Berenson Center
for Mathematics.”
Dean has a long standing
reputation for working with local businesses and is excited for
the partnership that has been established with Rockland Trust.
Founded in 2005, The Rockland
For more information about
Dean College, visit www.dean.
edu. For more information on
The Rockland Trust Charitable
Foundation, visit www.rocklandtrust.com.
September 1, 2014
Local Town Pages www.norfolkwrenthamnews.com Page 23
It’s a Sign of the
Op/Ed: Voters, It’s Up to
You to Remove Those
Who Abuse Power
Chivalry may be dead, but
nepotism is alive and well.
The “good old boy” network
now includes women! What a
treat. Are you paying attention
to what’s happening within
your town boards? Are you
noticing who is doing what
and with whom, while spending your tax dollars? Every
dollar that is paid to a friend to
accomplish a task is taken on
the chin by taxpayers.
It’s music to your ears to hear
that a town board member, as
an example, secured a piece
of business because he/she
reminded someone of the fact
that he/she “signs their check.”
I wonder if other towns are run
in this manner! Could this be a
sign of the times? Some things
just never change….
Abuse of power through the
“good old boy” and “good
old girl” network is commonplace. Do you think that
members should be using their
town board positions to gain
personal wealth? Do you think
that board members should be
using their position of power
to secure business?
Voters may want to think
twice before casting a vote in
the future for a member who
has a clear conflict of interest
by sitting on a town board. The
conflicts of interest are many
within our boards and as a result, the tax payer is suffering.
Barbara Todaro is the sales
manager of RE/MAX Executive Realty in Franklin and a
team leader for The KuneyTodaro Team. Barbara has 36
years of real estate experience
and is the marketing agent for
her team members. She is a
A friend of a board member
blogger on several real estate
being handed business is an
platforms including ActiveRabuse of power, and it hapain, Google+ and other real
pens more often than anyone
estate websites. For further
could imagine. Whose fault is
discussion about this month’s
it? This burden is on the voter
who casts a vote without think- topic, Barbara Todaro can be
reached at (508) 520-9881.
ing properly. Nepotism is accompanied by abuse of power.
Run Your Listings
With Us!
Call Tiffany
(508) 203-0890
Home for Sale in Wrentham
Custom built estate home set on
2.02 acres. Offering a resort style
atmosphere with an oversized patio,
heated in ground gunite pool, spa,
cabana, and children's playhouse. Ideal for summer entertaining!
Gourmet kitchen with new stainless steel appliances, oversized
island with granite counter. Family room and sun room share a
see thru fireplace. Master bedroom with vaulted ceiling and
Jacuzzi bath. Second floor features a potential au pair or in
law suite with private entrance. Walk
out lower level has a game room with
wet bar, media room, office or
bedroom, sitting room, and full bath.
Heated oversized garage with 9ft
doors for the hobbyist! This is a must see home, meticulous in
every detail. Horse lovers please note that horses are allowed,
nearby riding trials, and room for a barn! $749,900
Chris Doucette
Bob Pett
Page 24
Local Town Pages www.norfolkwrenthamnews.com
September 1, 2014
Orthodontics and Invisalign for Children and Adults
Now celebrating our 42nd year of crafting beautiful smiles for generations of Norfolk and Wrentham residents.
Premier Elite Invisalign Providers (1200+ cases treated)
Friendly and Professional Atmosphere
Convenient Appointments
24/7 On-Call Emergency Coverage
New Patients Always Welcome
Complimentary initial exam and orthodontic diagnostic records
Easy Flexible Payment Arrangements • Most Insurances and Flexible Spending Plans Accepted
Trust your family's smiles to one of the most experienced orthodontic practices in the area.
508-359-2576 • 16 Park Street, Medfield
Fall into Shape at Fitness Together
Jump Start Your Fall
Training with 3 Private
1 on 1 Training Sessions
for only
99 !
13 Main Street, Franklin MA 02038
Visit us online!