Eilat Bakery Café September 30, 2016



Eilat Bakery Café September 30, 2016
March 8, 2015
9 Sivan 5776
This is to certify that
Eilat Bakery Café
9060 W. Pico Blvd. | Los Angeles, CA 90035
is certified kosher by the Vaad Hakashrut of the
Rabbinical Council of California
Café is Dairy Cholov Yisroel. Mashgiach is present during cooking.
This letter of certification is valid through
September 30, 2016
Rabbi Yakov Vann
Director of Kashrut Services
3780 Wilshire Blvd | Suite 420
Los Angeles, CA 90010
(213) 389-3382
Rabbi Nissim Davidi
Kashrut Administrator
This certificate and the RCC sticker(s) are property of the RCC and may be removed at our sole discretion.

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