a moment of grace - Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Cincinnati District



a moment of grace - Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Cincinnati District
Society of St. Vincent de Paul – Cincinnati
2013 Annual Report
a moment
of grace
“Grace is love that
cares and stoops
and rescues.”
John Stott
2013 Annual Report • Society of St. Vincent de Paul – Cincinnati
dear friends,
As our volunteers visited homes across Cincinnati this year, they
found many families who were struggling — single mothers with
empty refrigerators, families sleeping on the floor, children without
coats in winter, and people on the verge of homelessness.
In the midst of the suffering and chaos, we brought help with
rent, utilities, food, clothing, medicine, furniture and more. In tiny
apartments and empty homes, as one hand reached for another,
our Vincentians provided a break from the stress, a pause from the
uncertainty…a moment of grace for those in need.
That moment, that pause in life when you feel that good really is
possible, doesn’t come often enough for the less fortunate in our community. But when it does, it is a gift for those giving help as well as
those receiving it.
A grandmother visited our West End Outreach Center one day,
overwhelmed at the responsibility that had suddenly been placed on
her. Her grandchildren had shown up on her doorstep with only the
clothes on their backs, covered in lice and bed bugs. Unknown to the
grandmother, the children had been living out of a car, never receiving proper healthcare, education or socialization. The boy was five
years old and struggled to even speak.
As our volunteer carried sheets and pillows to her car for the bed
we were going to provide, the grandmother asked the young boy to
step out of the car and say hello. The boy looked down at the ground,
struggling to mutter a hello. Then the grandmother told the boy, “This
nice person is going to give you a bed.” The boy looked up at the volunteer with tears in his eyes and softly mumbled, “You give me bed?”
For the boy, the sentence was a major accomplishment — a sign
of how important this moment was to him. For the volunteer, it was
a sign to pause and reflect on the impact that she was having in
this child’s life. And for the grandmother, it meant one less thing to
worry about — her grandchildren would have a place to sleep. Just a
few seconds in a tumultuous day, but those seconds can be the most
meaningful…those moments of grace that you make possible.
In this annual report, you will read about more of the grace-filled
moments you created for struggling families through your love and
generosity. Those moments turned lives around. Those moments created hope in times of darkness. Those moments made all the difference to someone in need and to all of us privileged to help them.
Thank you.
Liz Carter
Andrew Curran
Executive Director
A St. Vincent de
Paul volunteer
a moment of grace • food & nutrition
In the midst of life’s many worries, you
can create a moment of grace for a family
in need. Your gift of $60 will feed three
families for one week.
Growing up in foodinsecure families makes
children vulnerable to
poor health and stunted
development from
the earliest stages of
life (Source: Feeding
After Emilie’s husband passed away, she felt lost.
“He dealt with all of our finances, business, everything,” sighed Emilie. “I really miss that old turkey.”
While grieving, Emilie had to deal with the
added stress of piecing together their finances. She
thought the car was paid off and unknowingly fell
behind on payments. Then, unbeknownst to Emilie,
Social Security overpaid her. Once they realized
their mistake, they halted her payments for several
months, leaving her with no income, unable to buy
food or pay her bills.
Emilie’s granddaughter had moved in with her
to finish high school. She is graduating with honors
and Emilie beams when she talks about her. “She is
so good to me,” smiles Emilie. “Sometimes I call her
my babysitter because she’s always worrying about
me and checking in on me. She’s such a good girl; I
am so proud of her.”
Imagine Emilie’s depression when she didn’t
know how she was going to feed her granddaughter.
Then, she got a disconnect notice from Duke.
Emilie almost lost hope, until a neighbor told her
about St. Vincent de Paul. “God works in mysterious ways,” said Emilie. “I rarely spoke to that neighbor, but she could tell I was struggling and helped
me find St. Vincent de Paul.”
St. Vincent de Paul volunteers visited Emilie’s
home to give emotional support and assistance
with food and bills until she got back on her feet.
“I thank God for the volunteers of St. Vincent de
Paul,” she said.
In 2013, you provided
groceries to struggling
families more than
100,000 times through
St. Vincent de Paul’s
many food services,
including our 9
pantries, numerous
food closets and
individual home visits.
a moment of grace • charitable pharmacy
The St. Vincent de Paul Charitable
Pharmacy provides free medication
to people in need. Our patients
include the uninsured, people with
low income who have Affordable
Care Act plans with little or no prescription insurance, elderly people
who face insurmountable gaps
in their Medicare coverage, the
chronically ill and the working poor.
This year, we are also focusing
on Medication Therapy Management (MTM), a program to help
patients manage their medications
and improve their health while
reducing their doctor visits, emergency room trips and other healthcare costs. Through the first half of
2014, the MTM program saved our
patients an estimated $181,000 in
additional healthcare costs!
Thanks to you, the Charitable
Pharmacy filled 47,043 prescriptions valued at more than $5.8
million in 2013.
For every $1 invested in the Charitable
Pharmacy, we are able to provide $8 of
medication. You can help a sick neighbor
in their time of need. Your gift of $5,000
will fill 500 prescriptions.
Eddie graduated from the University of
Cincinnati with a business degree. He spent
most of his career at the Ohio Department of
Developmental Disabilities, helping people
with disabilities learn life skills. He never
dreamed he would one day be reaching out
for help himself.
When Eddie’s Medicare Part D prescription insurance was cut, his prescription
costs skyrocketed to more than $2,000 a
month. Eddie lives on a fixed retirement
income and was already struggling to make
ends meet. Without his prescription insurance to cover the cost of his diabetes-related
medication, Eddie didn’t know how he was
going to survive.
“I literally started wondering what I was
going to have to sell to live,” said Eddie. “My
family wanted to help me, but they didn’t
have that kind of money either.”
A friend saved Eddie’s life by telling him
about the St. Vincent de Paul Pharmacy, the
only charitable pharmacy in Southwest
Ohio. Eddie knew it was his last hope. “There
are no other resources. I don’t know what I
would have done without St. Vincent de Paul,”
said Eddie. “The value of the Charitable Pharmacy is immeasurable.”
Now, Eddie advocates for the pharmacy
whenever possible.
“I tell anyone I can about the Charitable
Pharmacy — friends, family, people at the bus
stop,” said Eddie. “It just might save their life,
like it saved mine.”
“I tell anyone I can
about the Charitable
Pharmacy — friends,
family, people at
the bus stop. It
just might save
their life, like it
saved mine.”
“It’s a constant struggle
and I feel stuck. I have
a high school diploma
and took some
college courses,
but decent
paying jobs
require a
a moment of grace • homelessness prevention
The Homelessness Prevention Program keeps
families in their homes. More than 89% of those
helped are able to avoid eviction for at least six
months. Your gift of $500 can save a
family from homelessness.
expense can send the
Derik is a veteran who served our country durfamily’s finances spiraling the Gulf War. Haunted by the tragedies he
ing. When a high utility
witnessed, he suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress
bill resulted in a disconDisorder (PTSD).
nect notice, Derik didn’t
Despite his disorder, Derik was determined
know how he would pay
to succeed in the civilian world after his service
his rent, feed his girls and keep the lights on.
ended. He started his own car detailing company,
“If it was just me on my own, I could go crash
but lost everything during the recession. Soon after,
on a friend’s couch, but it’s different with my girls,”
he gained full custody of his beautiful daughters,
said Derik. “I can’t uproot their lives and no one has
Brittany, Simona, Natalie and Joelle.
the room to take in all five of us.”
A single father of four teenage girls, Derik tries
St. Vincent de Paul volunteers visited Derik
to provide for his daughters while keeping up with
and his girls at home. The importance of this call
their sports schedules, homework and dreams of
for help was not lost on them — the slide toward
becoming actresses.
homelessness often begins with a high utility bill
“It’s a constant struggle and I feel stuck,” said
that a family is unable to pay. They listened to
Derik, who joined the military instead of finishDerik’s struggles, went over a budget, and gave
ing college. “I have a high school diploma and
him help with his bills. “I don’t know what we
took some college courses, but decent paying jobs
would have done without their help,” said Derik.
require a degree.”
“We are very grateful.”
Derik keeps a tight budget, but any unexpected
Homelessness takes a
terrible toll on a family. In
Hamilton County, 50% of
homeless children show
developmental and
behavioral problems, compared to
16% for the general
population. A small
investment to keep
a family stable in
their home also
saves approximately
$4,565 in costs
to shelter and
re-house a family.
St. Vincent de
Paul is the oldest and
largest private provider
of Homlessness Prevention services in
Cincinnati. In 2013,
our volunteers visited
the homes of neighbors in need 7,876
times. Thanks to you,
5,344 families received
one-time emergency
rental or utility assistance to keep them in
their homes.
“It was really, really
hard at first. I just
kept thinking
to myself, ‘You
have no idea
what you’re
a moment of grace • thrift store & donation centers
You can give hope to families in need by donating used
clothing, furniture, household items, and even unwanted
vehicles to St. Vincent de Paul. Or, a gift of $100 can
provide a new bed to a neighbor in need.
When 21-year-old Nina learned that her sister and
three brothers had been abandoned, she didn’t hesitate to take them in.
“I heard that they were living with a neighbor in
a four bedroom apartment with eight other children,” said Nina. “I just asked myself, ‘What is the
best thing you can do to help them?’”
Nina was already busy trying to earn her
nursing degree while working two jobs. But without a second thought, she filed for an emergency
custody hearing.
“It was really, really hard at first,” Nina said.
“I was broke because I didn’t have any help. I just
kept thinking to myself, ‘What are you doing? You
have no idea what you’re doing!’”
Nina had nothing for the children. “All five of us
were sleeping in my bed,” said Nina. “I was getting
kicked in the face and pushed off every night.”
Nina turned to St. Vincent de
Paul for help. Volunteers visited
Nina and gave her beds and
clothing for the children. They
offered encouragement, budgeting advice, and connections to additional resources.
Nina applied for help with food and medical expenses and learned how to manage her budget.
“Now I buy what the kids need first and then take
them out for something special if we can afford it
at the end of the month,” she explained.
“They’re such good kids,” said Nina. “I don’t
understand how someone could leave them.”
This fledgling family will receive one more
surprise. This year, Nina and her four siblings will
get all the help they need to have a magical Christmas, complete with holiday meals and toys for
all the children.
Thanks to you, St. Vincent de Paul Store and
Donations Centers
provided more than
$600,000 in
free clothing, furniture
and household items to
neighbors in
need in 2013
— items that
make a house
a home and
help children
feel secure. More than
988 beds were given
to struggling families
who were personally
visited by our volunteers. Donations can
be dropped-off at any
convenient Thrift Store
and Donation Center
location, or call 513421-CARE (4673) to
schedule a free pickup of large donations
and vehicles.
At the Society of St. Vincent de Paul,
we are blessed to witness moments of
grace every day. Moments that touch
our hearts and remind us that Christ is
present in all we do. Moments made
possible by your support for our drives,
programs and events.
Bob and Sylvia Rahe
Mattress Fund
and drives
Inside a tiny Colerain apartment, an
elderly lady with COPD pulls her chair
closer to the window air conditioner
given to her by one of St. Vincent de
Paul’s volunteers, thanks to you…
A child’s face lights up with wonder
at the gifts under the tree on Christmas
morning, while her mother says a quiet
prayer of thanks, wishing she could
freeze this moment of grace, thanks
to you…
Two young brothers who went to
bed with hunger pains last night, come
home from a long day at school to find
dinner on the table… thanks to you.
The Bob and Sylvia Rahe Mattress Fund provides a mattress, box spring and bed rail set
to neighbors in need
who are personally
visited by our volunteers. In 2013, 988
local adults and children were lifted from
the cold floor into a
warm bed because of
your generosity.
A special thank
you to our Kids
Dream Too! program
partners: Morris Home Furnishings, Ashley
Furniture Homestore, Olympic gold medalist
Mary Wineberg, WLWT and The Cincinnati
Enquirer. The Kids Dream Too! program gives
beds to local children in need.
a moment of grace • programs and drives
Fan and Air
Conditioner Drive
Cincinnati Reds Strike
Out Hunger Food Drive
Many older apartments in Cincinnati have
poor ventilation and no cooling system,
making them dangerous in the hot summer
for those who are frail, sick, elderly or very
young. In 2013, 700 fans and 320 air conditioners were given to neighbors in need,
thanks to you.
Thank you to our 2013 partners: WCPO,
Huntington National Bank, Braun Heating
and Air Conditioning, Coney Island, Tedia
Company, Inc. and Stor-All Self Storage.
St. Vincent de Paul pantries struggle
to keep their shelves stocked due to an
increased need for food when children are
on summer break. Your donations to the
Strike Out Hunger Food Drive provided
help to struggling neighbors when they
needed it most. In 2013, Reds fans donated
15,000 pounds of food,or 10,000 meals,
providing nourishment and hope for families
throughout Cincinnati.
Thank you to our 2013 partners: Cincinnati
Reds and WLWT News 5.
In 2013, 6,600 coats were
collected for local adults
and children in need.
Five Cares Coat Drive
When budgets are stretched to the breaking
point, getting a winter coat can be an impossible expense. In 2013, 6,600 coats were collected for local adults and children who had
no other protection against the harsh weather.
Thank you to our 2013 partners: WLWT
News 5, Gold Star Chili, Kemba Credit Union,
City Dash, Youthland Academy, participating
fire departments, Starr Printing, and many
other groups who collected coats.
Kroger and Fox 19
Food From the Heart
From Delhi to Anderson Township and
Bridgetown to Finneytown, our volunteers
visit families who live with the constant
worry about where their next meal will come
from. The Food From the Heart food drive, a
cherished Cincinnati tradition, places food
collection barrels and coin-boxes at Kroger
store locations to accept donations during
the holiday season. Kroger shoppers donated
more than 100,000 meals in 2013.
Thank you to our 2013 partners: Kroger
and Fox 19.
and Christmas
The holiday season is a time of joy, but for
families struggling to make ends meet, it
can be overwhelming and lonely. Through
Thanksgiving and Christmas food baskets,
Adopt-A-Family, the Angel Toy Program,
Holiday Hearts Luncheon and Shop with
a Bengal, you embodied Christ’s love and
created grace-filled memories for neighbors
in need. You helped 6,634 people during the
2013 holiday season.
St. Vincent de Paul partners with the University of Cincinnati College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning (DAAP) to inspire
the spirit of giving through fashion. Students
design ensembles using just $10 worth of
goods selected from a St. Vincent de Paul
Thrift Store and Donation Center. The lively,
one-of-a-kind fashion show is the highlight of
the evening with all proceeds supporting St.
Vincent de Paul’s programs.
Prescription Fore Fun
Charity Golf Outing
Thanks to the 8th Annual Prescription Fore
Fun Charity Golf Outing, the Charitable
Pharmacy is able to fill crucial prescription
medications for our neighbors in need. In
2013, proceeds from the annual golf outing
provided $200,000 worth of prescriptions to
people in need.
cincinnati district
council conferences
Suburban poverty in Cincinnati has increased
by 83% since 2000, with many at-risk families
now isolated in suburban communities where few
services are available. St. Vincent de Paul’s network
of 910 parish-based volunteers serving more than 71
Cincinnati neighborhoods places us at the front lines
of suburban poverty, uniquely positioned to reach and
assist these families, regardless of race or religion.
During home visits, we personally witness the hardship
a family faces when the breadwinner loses their job or
has their hours cut, someone falls ill, or a car breaks
down. In spite of news stories about the recovering
economy, the families we serve are in crisis.
All Saints
Bellarmine Chapel
at Xavier University
Cathedral of St. Peter
in Chains / St. Xavier
Christ the King
Church of
the Resurrection
Corpus Christi /
St. John Neumann
Good Shepherd
Guardian Angels
Holy Family
Holy Trinity
Immaculate Heart
of Mary
Little Flower
Our Lady of Lourdes
Our Lady of the
Rosary / St. Matthias
Our Lady of Victory
Our Lady of Visitation
San Carlos /
St. Charles
St. Aloysius Gonzaga
St. Ann
St. Antoninus
St. Bartholomew
St. Bernard –
Spring Grove Village
St. Bernard –
Taylor Creek
St. Boniface
St. Catherine
St. Cecilia
St. Clare
St. Clement
St. Dominic
St. Gabriel
St. Gertrude
St. Ignatius
St. James the Greater
St. James
of the Valley
St. John
the Evangelist
St. John the Baptist –
St. John the Baptist –
St. Joseph –
West End
St. Joseph –
North Bend
St. Jude
St. Lawrence
St. Margaret
of Cortona
St. Margaret Mary
St. Martin of Tours
St. Mary – Hyde Park
St. Mary – Aurora
St. Michael
the Archangel
St. Pius Pantry
St. Saviour
St. Teresa of Avila
St. Vivian
St. William
Sts. Peter & Paul
Roger Bacon
High School
Mount Notre Dame
High School
a moment of grace • giving
give a moment of grace
Give your time
You can
share a moment of grace by either meeting
directly with those in need or working behind
the scenes. Whatever your age, interests, or
background, there is a place for you at St.
Vincent de Paul.
Participate in Service Learning
The Ozanam Center for Service Learning
offers immersion experiences for adults and
students that connect people from diverse
backgrounds, engage participants in poverty
and justice issues in Cincinnati, and cultivate
a commitment to long-term service and community engagement.
Give Financial Support
You can help
a struggling neighbor through a difficult
time. Your gift will provide spiritual, emotional and material assistance during a family’s hour of greatest need. Nearly all of our
funding is from individual people and private
foundations who want to help people in need.
Make a Planned Gift
You can leave a
legacy of hope through tax-favored and financial estate planning.
Give goods or your used vehicle
• To volunteer, call (513) 562-8841 x 211.
You can donate clothing, furniture, household
items and even a vehicle to help neighbors
in need.
• To participate in service learning,
call (513) 562-8841 x 231.
Host a Drive
Hosting a drive for food,
personal care items, clothing and other basic
necessities is a fun, easy way to work with
your friends, family or co-workers to help
local people in need.
• To make a financial or planned
gift, or to host a drive, call
(513) 421-HOPE (4673).
• To donate goods or a vehicle, call
(513) 421-CARE (2273).
Thrift Store and Donation Center Locations
Colerain • 6900 Colerain Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45239 .............................(513) 741-1641
Este Superstore • 4530 Este Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45232 ......................(513) 681-9838
Evendale • 9864 Reading Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45241 ................................(513) 563-2949
Mason • 1065 Reading Rd., Mason, OH 45040 ..........................................(513) 492-7940
Milford • 813 Main St., Milford, OH 45150 .....................................................(513) 248-2664
Mt. Washington • 2300 Beechmont Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45230 ......(513) 231-1239
Western Hills • 5555 Glenway Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45238 ..................(513) 347-0342
Outreach Center Locations
West End • 1125 Bank St., Cincinnati, OH 45214 .........................................(513) 562-8841
Winton Hills • 4848 Winneste Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45232 ....................(513) 641-0382
Assistance Provided
In 2013, volunteers contributed 106,832
hours of service:
Conference members (Parish-based volunteers):
910 members gave 62,563 hours
Edyth and Carl Lindner Choice Food Pantry,
Charitable Pharmacy, other services: 1,623 volunteers
gave 23,430 hours
Store and Donation Centers: 20,839 volunteer hours
In 2013, St. Vincent de Paul helped more
than 120,200 people:
Conferences (Parish-based volunteer groups) helped
50,667 people and made 7,498 home visits
Outreach Center Social Services helped 35,258 people
St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantries helped people with
food more than 100,000 times
The Charitable Pharmacy filled 47,043 prescriptions
valued at $5.8 million
Other programs and events resulted in an additional
3,979 people helped
a moment of grace • financials
2013 Statement of Activities
Auto & other
Investment gain
Contributions &
legal bequests
Revenues, Gains, and Other Support
Contributions & legal bequests ................................................. $4,184,916
Donated food & other goods.........................................................9,244,359
Investment gain ..................................................................................... 578,341
Auto & other ............................................................................................ 730,719
Total revenue, gains & other support.........................................$23,017,369
Program services
Food pantries ....................................................................................$1,805,938
Furniture, clothing, & other goods ........................................... 13,380,501
Other assistance to needy ............................................................. 3,641,693
Donated food
& other goods
Sources of Support
Total program services ............................................................... $18,828,132
Management & general
Car donation program ...........................................................................$552,160
Car donation program
Assistance to needy
Supporting services
Management & general ...................................................................$659,629
Total supporting services ............................................................ $1,272,464
Food pantries
Total expenses ...................................................................................... $20,652,756
Furniture, clothing,
& other goods
Uses of Support
Change in net assets ..........................................................................$2,364,613
Net assets, beginning of year ......................................................... $16,301,088
Net assets at end of year .................................................................... $18,665,701
St. Vincent de Paul relies almost exclusively on the generosity of private
individuals, businesses, foundations
and organizations for support. Our
deepest gratitude goes to all our supporters, both those who made gifts to
the Cincinnati District Council in 2013,
as well as those who donate to the
St. Vincent de Paul collection through
their parishes. Your gift created
moments of grace for struggling families throughout
our community.
a moment of grace • donors
Society of Service ($100,000 and up)
Society of Humility ($50,000–$99,000)
The Carol Ann and Ralph V. Haile Jr./U.S. Bank Foundation
Elaine and Henry Fischer
The Hamilton County Health and Hospitalization Levy
The Robert T. Keeler Foundation
The Ed and Joann Hubert Family Foundation, Inc. *
Jacob G. Schmidlapp Trusts, Fifth Third Bank, Trustee
The Kroger Company Foundation *
Mrs. Ellen M. Miller *
The Robert H. Reakirt Foundation
Society of Simplicity ($25,000–$49,999)
William and Anne Burleigh *
The Catino Family Foundation
CVS Health
The Estate of Laverne L. Kramer
The Estate of Richard Davis
The Estate of Wayne E. Williams
Protective Life Corporation
“Everybody can be great…because
anybody can serve. You don’t have to
have a college degree to serve. You
only need a heart full of grace. A soul
generated by love.” Martin Luther King, Jr.
Society of Charity ($10,000–$24,999)
Society of Justice ($5,000–$9,999)
American Financial Group, Inc.
American Fan Co.
Donna Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Burns
Prentice and Liz Carter *
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Castellini *
Ron and Vicki Christian *
Carl and Linda DeBlasio *
Joseph and Michele Evelo *
GBBN Architects
Mr. James Gielty *
Bob and Sharon Hoverson
Krombholz Jewelers
The LeBlond Foundation of Makino
The Leser Family Fund *
Macy’s and a Friend of RetroFittings
Charles and Ann McCarthy *
Morris Furniture Co., Inc.
Thomas J. and Linda G. Mueller *
Sheldon and Norma Braun *
Catholics United for the Poor *
City Of Cincinnati
Nehemiah Manufacturing
Company, LLC *
Niehaus Financial Services, LLC *
Order of Malta – Cincinnati
Marylyn and Ray Clark
Paula M. Steiner Family
Foundation, Inc. *
Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Connelly
Joseph A. and Susan E. Pichler
Theodore and Mary Lou Elchynski
The Farmer Family Foundation
The Robert and Jeanne Diesel
The Hatton Foundation
John and Sherry Sawyer
The James J. and Joan A. Gardner
Family Foundation *
SC Ministry Foundation *
Michael and Kathleen
Jennings, M.D. *
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Sedler *
William and Suzanne Joiner
Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati
C. Bart and Linda Kohler *
Paul and Meg Tarvin
Ms. Mildred W. Kuhn
Tedia Company, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. McNerney
Western & Southern Financial Group
Scripps Howard Foundation
Michael and Janet Sepela *
* These donors have financially contributed to the Society of St. Vincent de Paul – Cincinnati District Council for five or more consecutive years.
Mueller Roofing Distributors, Inc.
John and Mary Ann Mushaben
Urban and Barbara Neville *
Mr. and Mrs. Tom O’Brien
Jim and Dennie Patton *
Michael and E. Diane Rohs
William and Amy Schult *
St. Xavier High School *
Joseph and Barbara Trauth
Dorothy C. Wallace Trust
West Side Capital, LLC
Wildermuth Family Foundation
William H. Albers Foundation, Inc.
David and Barbara Witte
The Wohlgemuth Herschede
Foundation *
“We are all sinners.
But God heals us
with an abundance
of grace, mercy and
tenderness.” Pope Francis
Society of Truth ($2,500–$4,999)
Barbara Apking *
The Bank of Kentucky,
Crestview Hills
Mr. and Mrs. James Berg
Dr. and Mrs. Amar Bhati
Veronica Disimile
Jim and Elizabeth Dodd *
Mr. Frank Dowd *
Duke Energy
Esther Price Candies Corp.
George Hubert Family, LLC
Steven and Linda Giessler *
Robert and Carol Gramann *
Mary Dean Grote *
Haglage Construction, Inc. *
Huntington National Bank
Adam Jones
JTM Meats
Lisa and Steven Knutson
John and Mary Larson
Paul and Maureen Lechleiter
Vickie Magliano
Reynold Tala Maualuga
Mr. and Mrs. William McCloy
Dennis Nead *
Terence Newman
O.K.I. Auction, LLC
Ohio Valley Electrical Services, LLC
Domata U. and Anna M. Peko *
Mrs. Dorothy G. Roth *
RPP Containers
Thomas Schuster
Peter and Krista Settle
William and Jeanne Shoemaker
Andre Smith, Jr.
Mary Kotte Smyth
St. Rose Church
St. Susanna Parish
Katherine and Tim Stautberg *
James and Linda Steffen *
Taft, Stettinius & Hollister, LLP
Ms. Gail J. Taylor *
Truist – Matching Gift Program
UBS Financial Services, Inc.
Andrew and Melissa Whitworth *
The Williams Family Fund
James Winter
Society of Spirit
Tim and Bonnie Albers
Archdiocese of Cincinnati *
Paul and Gwen Arling
Rev. Thomas R. Axe
Bartlett & Co.
Gregory and Julie Bauke *
Myles and Elizabeth Berling *
John and Joyce Berning *
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Besse
Blue Ash Protective
Association, Inc.
Stanley M. Boric *
Charles and Joan Brady
Kimberly Brannon
Nancy Bride
Sandy and Bruce Brielmaier *
The Helen and James G. Broe
(LGW) Fund
J. Robert and Dianne Brown *
Michael and Patricia Brunst
Jane Buehler
Robert A. and Kara Bult
Troy and Jennifer Burt
Steve Calme
Gus Camacko
Pat Cassedy
Steve Chapman
Joan and Richard Chouteau
The Christ Hospital
Medical Associates
City Dash, Inc.
David and Mary Kay Clark
Norma L. Clark *
Maryann Cleary *
Robert and Patricia Coffaro
Jackie Combs
Andrew and Liz Curran *
Mrs. Beverly Davis
Lucy Davis
Ms. Mary G. Davis
Gerard and Lisa Deehan
Scott and Mitzy DeNoma
The DeWine Family Foundation
Carmine and Michele DiLonardo
Rick Dodd
James and Janet Donnellon
Mr. Brad Dreier *
Robert J. and Nancy Dudero
Duke Energy Foundation –
Matching Gift Program
Louis and Diane Eichhold
The Elder Schwarzer Family Fund
Tripp and Margaret Eldredge
Electrodyne, Inc.
David and Mary Ann Ellerbrock *
Rev. David J. Endres
Jerome D. Fagel, Jr.
Patrick and Mary Fages
Bob and Paula Farrell
Nora Fink
Daniel T. and Susan Fleming
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Fogarty
Mark Frey
Dr. and Mrs. Harry F. Fry
Dorothy J. Garland, Trust
a moment of grace • donors
Brian and Anne Marie Gibler
Give With Liberty –
Matching Gift Program
Jeanne Glassmeyer
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gorman *
Graydon, Head & Ritchey, LLP *
The Greater Cincinnati Foundation
Fred and Nancy Habegger
William and Lana Haller *
Clark and Joanne Handy
Mr. Richard H. Haneberg *
Michael F. and Mary J. Haverkamp
Jeffrey Herbert *
Brian and Allison Herriott
Janet Hickman
Phil and Gloria Hock *
Jack and Jacqueline Hoeting *
Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Hoeting *
James Howe
Arthur and Rita Hudepohl *
Lawrence and Marlene Humbert *
Tricia and Eric Johnson *
Johnson Investment Counsel, Inc.
Johnson Investment Counsel, Inc. –
Charitable Gift Fund
Gregory and Jeannette Jones
Marcia Joseph
Ronald G. and Caroline Joseph, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Jung
Arleene Keller
David A. and Sharon M. Kitzmiller
Tom and Stacey Koenigsfeld
Richard and Eva Komoroski
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Koopman
Chris and Victoria Kotsovos
Dr. and Mrs. Michael J. Kramer
Mr. James H. Krueger
S. George and Joann Kurz *
La Salle High School
Al and Mary Lahti White *
Frank and Teresa Lamantia
Jean M. Lambert *
Mr. John Larkin
Mary Letty Lavely
Martin and Helen Lawson
Michael and Molly Lippert
Mr. Donald G. Lipps
Dave and Judy Lococo *
Virginia Stix Lurie Fund
John and Deborah Majoras
Michael Martin *
Steve and Mary Martin
Matlock Electric Company Inc.
The Manuel D. and
Rhoda Mayerson Foundation
Timothy and Jennifer McConnell *
Mary Sue McDuffie
Malcolm McElroy
Mr. Thomas G. McKenney *
Virginia and Denny Meador *
Daniel F. and Debi Meyer
Jeffrey and Peggy Mossbarger
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald P. Motl
Chole Garibay and Timothy Mullen
Kenneth and Theresa Mullen *
Brian Murray
Don and Phyllis Neyer
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Neyer, Sr.
Anne Niehaus
Rev. Thomas C. Nolker *
George and Carol Osterfeld
William and Renate Otteson
Julie and Michael Peters
Michael C. and Pamela R. Pratt
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Puccini *
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen H. Rabe
Raveen Rajavarma
Jay and Beulah Raymond
Endowment Fund
Michele Reardon
Ms. Rita H. Riddell *
William and Jo Ann Ropp
Audrey and Thomas Ruthman *
Kevin Ryan
Michael and Christine Ryan
Safelite AutoGlass Foundation
Charles and Bre Sambuchino *
Timothy Sanders
Bill Schauble
Mary A. Schell Trust
Robert C. Schemenauer
David and Cheryl Schildmeyer
Loren Schramm
Mrs. Elizabeth B. Schulenberg *
Gregory Schultz
Schwab Charitable Fund
Harry and Carol Schweer *
Lana and Jason Scott
Terry and Ken Segerberg
Becky and Aaron Seurkamp
Anthony and Grace Severyn
* These donors have financially contributed to the Society of St. Vincent de Paul – Cincinnati District Council for five or more consecutive years.
Kathleen Shaut
Tony and Lynda Shipley *
Ken and Kathy Skau
St. Jude Church
Fred Stang
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Stautberg *
James and Kim Stegeman
Michael J. and Marianne Storck
David and Cheryl Stouffer *
Steven T. and Mary C. Sullivan
Lisa Summe
Verna Taylor
Scott and Helyn Teepe
Mrs. Mary Theresa Thiemann *
U.S. Bank
Lee and Kathleen Vonderhaar
Francis Wagner
Tracey Wagner
Geraldine Warner
Ronald and Alice T. Wehrle
Mary Werdmann
Jean Werning
Mr. Thomas E. Westerfield
Phyllis Weston
Ray and Elaine Westrich
Zachary and Karen Wiley
Christopher and Diane Williams
Rebecca Williams
Shane Winslow
Rick and Kathy Wissel *
Gary and Paula Yerke *
Sharon E. Ziegler
Society of Faith ($500–$999)
ABS Business Productions, Inc.
Catholic Volunteer Network
Thomas and Claire Ackerman
Stephen and Kathleen Chambers
AdvancePierre Foods
Manuel and Cynthia Chavez *
Chris Aluotto
Hoon and Aesook Choi
American Endowment Foundation
Joseph Clasgens
Ameriprise Financial, Inc.
J. H. Clasgens II *
Lorraine Austin *
Mr. Earle Clayton *
Patricia and Joseph Baker
Michael J. and Nancy D. Conaton
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Barden
Dr. and Mrs. C.J. Condorodis *
BASF Corporation
Contractors Choice
Judith Bausher *
Rev. Ronald C. Cooper *
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Bayliss
Bill Bayuk
James and Eileen Creed
Bob and Barb Becker
Steve and Gina Culbertson *
Berenfield Containers, Inc.
Brittney Curtis
Bruce and Karen Berno *
Michael Danowski
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Berns, Jr. *
Daniel and Melanie DeBrosse
Noel J. and Romaine M. Biesik
Mrs. Nancy Debrunner *
John Craig Brinkman
Joseph Degaro
Timothy and Catherine Brinkman
David and Susan Deye
Lori Brison
William Diebold
Tom and Mary Brokamp
Dennis and Jennifer Brown
Richard Donaldson
Jeff and Amy Bruns
Terrence M. and Joyce Donnellon
W. Alan and Margaret M. Burke
Bryan Dougherty
Carol Burns
Mr. and Mrs. Terrence Dyer
Charles J. Burridge
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Edgell
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Burwinkel
Lisa Egner
Patricia Calo
Marina Ellison
Carespring Health Care
Management, LLC
Ms. Mary E. Fay
Edward Castleberry, TTEE
Matthew E. Feldman
and Julie R. Baker
Mr. Frank Fellerhoff
Melvin Firestone
Rebecca Flesch
Flynn & Company
David and Anita Freeman *
Robert and Karla Gauger
Joseph Gockerman
Eileen Goode
Google – Matching Gift Program
Michael and Jennifer Goris
Lisa Grant
Alex and Amy Gray
Michael Grieff
Paul and Laura Griffith *
William Groneman
Thomas Hake
Richard Hansman, Jr. *
Jeff and Joy Harris
Rhonda Harris
Craig A. and Linda Hayden *
Jessie and Jason Heikenfeld
Mark and Mary Hennessey
John and Dianne Hergenrother
Stephen Hightower
Monica M. Hizer
Gary Hoffman
Ms. Margaret M. Hogan
Martin F. Hollenbeck
David Horn
Diana Housman
Hubert Company
Matthew and Heidi Hudson Flege
Huesing Family Foundation
Dan Hurley
Jon and Laureen Hussey
i-systems Corporation
Steve and Heidi Jark-Kenat
Oscar Jenkins
Elizabeth Johnston
Scott A. and Mary Johnstone *
Dorothy E. Kaiser *
Mr. Jerome Charles Kathman *
William and Nancy Keating, Jr.
Ms. Judith Marie Keiber
Neil Keller
Donald and Kathy King
Timothy Kinne
John and Sheila Kippley
Suzanne and James Kopcha
Mark and Diane Kosobud
Dan and Mary Kramer *
Mr. Robert Kramer
Thomas A. Kuhn
Lawrence H. Kyte
Kevin J. Lab
Rev. Francis G. Lammeier *
Ramon and Betty Landenwitch
Barbara Levy
Tom Lienhart
Dr. Jennifer Loggie *
Peggy Loux
Daniel and Anne Lovell *
Mary Ann Lynn
Arthur and Maryann Maines *
a moment of grace • donors
“In the end, the number of prayers we say may contribute to our
happiness, but the number of prayers we answer may be of
even greater importance.” Dieter F. Uchtdor
Tac Company, Inc.
Mr. Raymond A. Teepen *
Mr. Franklin D. Thomas *
Ms. Mary M. Thran
Connie Tracy
Don and Susan Mashni
Brian and Anne Pellot
Robert and Charlotte Schaengold
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Mayer *
Richard and Bonnie Peterson *
William C. Schmidter
Lawrence and Mary P. Uebel *
Kevin and Julie McGehee
Rosemarie Peterson
Donald and Joan Schmitt
Union Savings Bank
William J. and Carol J. McGowan
Michael Petrucci
Thomas J. and Mary Schmitz *
United Way of Greater Cincinnati
James and Constance McKiernan
Ronald J. Pfleghaar
Enid Schneider
Bob and Patricia VanStone *
Michael and Kathy McQueen
David C. and Liane Phillips
Dan and Robin Schuckman
Ms. Susan M. Vergamini
Brian and Hope McRedmond *
John and Sue Pugh
Stephen and Joann Schweitzer
Richard A. and Marilyn Vogele
David Metz
Mr. Paul H. Ravenna
SCS Construction Services, Inc.
Barbara Vollmer
Barry Miller
Kenneth and Bernice Reeder
Edward and Mary Jo Seibert
Montgomery Inn, Inc.
Remke Markets
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald L. Shawhan
Carolyn and Richard Morin
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Sholtes
Eric G. Mueller
Amy Reynolds
Ed and Mary Jo Siebert
Joyce Mukes
Sean Reynolds
Kristen Simmons
Jeff and Julia Muntel
W. Emerson and JoAnn Rhodes
Linn Sinnott
Joseph and Marlene Nasello *
Michael and Barbara Ricke *
David and Linda Smith
National Endowment
for Financial Education
Frederick and Laura Riehle
Jennifer Smith
Fran Rielag
David and Linda Sparke
Newman Foundation, Inc.
Jean S. Ring
Emilio Spinosa
Raymond Neyer
Lawrence J. Robert
St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church
Dan O’Connell
Cliff and Mary Jo Roe
Michael and Kay Stefanics
Rafaela Olanda
William and Joan Rohde
Christina Ostendorf
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Rohling *
Michael E. and Mary Elaine
Steiner, TTEE
Jonathan and Michelle Ostrander
Patri Rolling
Mike and Kathleen Stenger
Mary Wineberg
Nicholas Ostrosky
John T. and Carole Ruschulte
Robert Stricker
Mr. and Mrs. James Yunker
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Overbeck *
George and Linda Strietmann *
William Yusko
Parson-Bishop Services, Inc.
Sabre Holding,
Give Together Campaign
Chris and Danielle Strotman
Brian Zappia
Patrick B. Points and Wijdan Jreisat
William H. and Judith M. Sander
Karen Sturgeon
Gerald and Dee Zobrist
Peerless Printing Company
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel F. Sauer
Russell E. Sunberg *
John W. Zorio, CLU, CHFC
* These donors have financially contributed to the Society of St. Vincent de Paul – Cincinnati District Council for five or more consecutive years.
Jerry Trefzger *
Herbert A. Vonderheide
William and Gail Waham
Allison Weber
Mr. Jonathan T. Weber *
Jerome W. and Dianne Wedig *
Keith Wells
Jay and Kathy Wertz
WesBanco Bank, Inc.
Michael and Susan West
Tim Whalen
Mike and Rosemary Whitney
David and Janet Willig
Sonya Wilson
Society of Samaritans ($100–$499)
Paul and Barbara Abbinante
Joan Abbinate-Nissen
Elizabeth Abbott
Valerie Abbott
Kevin and Kim Abele
Bellkiss Abril-Roman
Mr. James W. Ahlrichs
Jagjeet and Claire Ahluwalia *
Mr. and Mrs. George Ainge
Teresa Albertson
Marc Alexander M.D.
Jeff Allan
Romola Allen *
Mark Altmayer
Thomas and Lynne Alverson
American Precision
Metalworks, LLC
Mark Amorini
Dolares M. Angel, CPA
Frank and Ann Antenucci
Eugene A. and Rosanna Ardine
Michael J. and
Ruth Anne Armentrout
Mary Armor
Mary Armstrong
Marie Arnult
Mr. Paul V. Arszman
Ms. Connie Arthur *
Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Auciello
Katherine and Joseph Auger
Michael and Vicki Aylward
Albert and Patricia Babey
William Backs
Steven and Valerie Badinghaus
Chris and Julianne Badylak
Todd and Ann Bailey *
Rose Baker
Gregory Bakos
John and Linda Ball
Sheila Bandy
Mr.and Mrs. Donald C. Bang
Ms. Karen Bankston PhD,
Hillary Barhorst
David and Glenda Barkalow
Kip Barker
Rose Ann Barone-Wirth
C.F. Barrett
August Bauer
Helen Baur
Robert and Ruth Baur
Mrs. Mary L. Baurichter
Dominica Bazeley
Nancy Becker
Donald Beckert
Rev. Jason Bedel
Henry and Elsie Beekley
Margaret Beeman
Richard and Sara Bell
Robert P. and Karen Bell
Ms. Ann L. Bellersen
Cheryl Bennedict
Marilynn Bennett
George W. and Martha K. Bens
Herb and Darlene Benson
James L. and Nancy L. Berendt
Ann Berger
Kit Berger
Ms. Ellen Berghamer
Michael Bergman
Mildred Berning
Lucille Berninger
Julia Bernzott *
Mark Besanceney
C.M. Beyersdorfer
John Bibler
Claire Biebel
John J. and Marilyn E. Bishop
Bishop Family Fund
David and Joan Bittner
Glenn and Martha Bitzenhofer
Michael Black
Dave and Kathy Blandford
Harry A. Blaney, M.D.
Jeanne Bloemer
Shirlee Bloom *
Kelsey Blum
Mr. Leonard A. Blum, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. William Boardman
Michael and Pam Boehm
James and Dana Boeing *
Ms. Barbara A. Boggano
Mr. William A. Bohne
Maggie Bolin
William and Carol Bonapfel *
Jim and Moira Bonn
Book Exchange, Inc.
Andre Borders
Matthew and Christine Botica
James and Kimberly Bower
Steve and Diane Bowman *
Reid and Mary Bradford
Mr. William J. Bradley *
Ms. Mary Frances Bray *
Tom and Mary Anne Brennan
Ray Brenner
Mary Anne Bressler
Virginia Brezinski
Linda and Steve Brill
Christine Brinker
Ellen Brinker
Stephen and Lea Brinker
John and Cheryl Brinkmeyer
Marta Brockmeyer
Joseph D. Broderick, M.D.
Brenita Brooks
Carole Brown
Daniel Brown
Don and Terri Brown *
Lauren Brown
Ron and Linda Anne Brown
Chris and Stacey Browning
Leroy and Lois Bruck *
Walter and Tia Brueggemann *
Ms. Mary W. Bruening
John and Margaret Bruggeman
Daniel Brunck
Ms. Rosemary Brune
Robert Bruning
Allison and John Bruns
Michael and Ruth Brunsman
Rich and Julianne Bruzina
Mary Budde *
Roy and Derenda Buddenberg
Angie Buechner
David and Karen Bulman
Kathleen Bunnell
James Burgemeir
Robert R. and Felicia Burger
Susan Buring *
Marcia Burke
Mary Jo Burke
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick T. Burke *
Diedra Burns
Gary and Mary Ann Burns *
William D. Burnside
Ms. Karen Burr
Mr. David M. Burridge *
Lee Burroughs
John Burwinkel
Mrs. Mary B. Busch *
Mr. Fritz Buschmann
John and Mary Buse, Sr. *
Cheryl and Gary Bush *
Tim and Donna Butler
Christine Buttress
Ruth Bydash
Richard and Catherine Byrne
Robert E. and Virginia L Byrnes
Mr. Thomas S. Calder
Richard and Mary Alice Calme
Lanthan and Louise Camblin
Whitelaw and Carol Campbell
Mr. John H. Cannon
John and Mary Canny
David and Becky Capella
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Card
Greg and Maura Carpinello
Patrick Carrothers
Shannon Carter
Janet Case
Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Casella
Peter and Nancy Cassady
David and Marie Catanzaro
Kurt Caudill
Michael Caudill
Mr. and Mrs. David R. Celmer *
Robert Chaloult
Mrs. Kathleen Chambers
R. Guy and Judy Chandler
Paul and Barbara Chenault
a moment of grace • donors
Nancy Ciarniello
Nancy C. Ciccarello
James Cimprich
Cincinnati Mennonite
Cincinnati Stage
Employees Local #5
Cincinnati USA
Regional Chamber
Edward and Shirley Clancy
Erin Clancy
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Clanton
Kevin and Kate Clarisay
Rory Clear
Mary C. Clifton, Trustee
Philip Codding
Cecil Cole
Timothy and Janie Colegate
Joseph Coll
Marguerite Comparetto
Coney Island
Maureen Conley
Mr. Andrew Connaughton
Mr. and Mrs.
Edward G. Connelly *
Dan and Jamie Constable
Sheila Conway
John Conwell
Ralph and Donna Cook
Gene and Rosemary Cooke
Nancy Cooke *
Ms. Nancy Coomer
Cooper Electric
Eugene Cordier *
John and Virginia Corsini *
Terrence Cosgrove
Janet Costello
Nancy Costello
Dennis P. and Patricia Coyne
Jeffery A. and Phyllis M. Cramer
Andrew Crawford
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Crew
Richard L. and Roberta J. Criss
Cristofoli-Keeling, Inc.
Ms. I. Joyce Cronin
Floyd Crouse *
Ms. Margaret Culkin
Charles J. and Rita A. Cullen
Ms. Karen Cullion
Pierce and Roberta Cunningham
Matthew and Rachel Curran
Steve and Laura Curran
Jenny Cussen
Anna Daddabbo
Dalton Roofing Co.
Betty Dance
James and Vivian Daniels
Mr. and Mrs. James Darnell
Mr. Jeffrey Darnell
Kevin and Barb Daugherty
Ms. Lucille Daugherty
Peter and Lisa Dayton
Thomas and Cheri Dean
Ms. Patricia Decker
Robert C. Dehner
Kathy DeLaura
Jamie and Gregory DeLorenzo
Peter Deltufo
Ronald and Barbara DeNamur
Angela Dennis
Stephen Derose *
John Di Silvestro
Teresa Dicaro
Stephen and Carolyn Dick *
Carl and Judith Dickhaus *
Teresa Dicolandrea
Thomas and Sandy Digman *
Bill and Kathy Dillhoff
Paul DiMario
Terence and Melenie Dinan
Michael and Jessica Disimile
Lucille Dixon
Barbara and Jeannette Doddy
Ann and Joseph Donahue
Mrs. Dianne M. Donlan
Mr. Robert Donovan
Paul Dorger
Robert Dorsey *
Michael and Carolyn Dowling
David and Kelley Downing *
Mariana Dragomir
Emilie Dressler
Carol and Jerry Drew
Robert and Rita Driehaus
Mr. and Mrs. William Dulle
Suzanne Dunbar
Albert A. Duplace, Jr.
Joyana Dvorak
Frederick Dwyer
Albert Early
Rich and Louise Easterly *
James and Theresa Eby
James Eckels
Mr. William Edmund
Maurice and Mary Edris
Cheryl Edwards
Goldie Edwards
Janet Edwards
Mrs. Mary Joanne Egbers *
Carol L. Egner, M.D.
Greg Eichhold
Jonathan Eichhold
Ms. Shirley L. Eiden *
Albert and Carla Eilers *
Joan Elder
* These donors have financially contributed to the Society of St. Vincent de Paul – Cincinnati District Council for five or more consecutive years.
Kenneth and Patricia Elder
Stephen and Kay Elliott
Anthony Elsass
Ed Emmerling
Marc Emral
Danita Enouen
Epoxy Systems
Blasting & Coating, Inc.
Omer Erdmann
Mr. and Mrs. William F. Erman *
Mary J. Esbenshade
James Esmail
Frank Espel
Mike and Mary Espel *
Group of Merrill Lynch
Everest Group
Mrs. Mary Jean Evers
Mary Jo Eyink
Noreen Eynden
Mary Ann Fagel *
Ms. Margaret Fanella *
Pam Farley
Jim and Peggy Farwig
Alan M. and Carol R. Faulhaber
Daniel and Raymond Fay
Mary A. Fay
Katherine Federle
George Fee *
William Fehn
Thomas and Ruth Feiertag
Mr. John Feighery *
Heidi Felton
David W. Ferguson
Candice Fern
Herman and Esther Ferris
Mary Jo Ferris
Mrs. Barbara A. Fiedler
Patricia Filak
Nancy Finch
Mr. Joe Finke
Bonnie Finn
Jim and Vivien Finnigan
JoAnne Fiorini
Ann Firestone
Renee Fischer
James T. and Leslie Fitzgerald
Laurel Fitzgerald
James Fitzpatrick
Mr. and Mrs.
Robert R. Fitzpatrick, Jr.
Maureen Flanagan
Dr. David C. Flaspohler
Mildred Fluegemann
James Flynn
James and Mary Beth Flynn
Kevin Fogarty
Robert and Mary Fogler
Daniel and Lela Foley
Catherine Folyes
Mrs. Mary Lou Folzenlogen
Mr. Spencer Foote, Jr. *
Forest Hills Local School District
Deborah Foster
Ms. Diana Fowls
Barb France
Mary Frank
Thomas R. and Peggy V. Frank
Ellen L. Frankenberg
Mr. and Mrs. David S. Frazer
Mr. Thomas L. Frazer *
Christopher Frebis
Gary Fredensborg
Patricia Frey
Barbara Frey-Blum
Vanessa Freytag
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Friedmann *
Jonathan Friedmann
Mrs. Patricia Froehle
Jayne Fronk
William and Kathleen Fussinger
Steven and Kathleen Gallagher
Jeffrey and Lindsey Galles
James Gangloff
Earl E. and Mary Kay Gardner
Richard and Nancy Gardner
Linda Garrett
Carolyn Garriott
Timothy Garry
John and Camille Gartner III
Eleanor Gates
Harry and Mildred Gates *
Marianne Gatewood *
Bernard B. and
Suzanne J. Gawne
GE Fund
Kristine Geisen
J. Robert Geisen, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Gerhardt
Anthony Gerstner
Donna Gessler
Mr. and Mrs. Earl G. Gettelfinger
Judy Gierl
Augustine and Pam Giglio
Jeffery and Margaret Gilbert
James and Jennifer Ginocchio
Tom Giordano Mary Jo Lane
Cynthia Marie Givens
Mary Ann Gleason
Gene and Cindy Gleeson
Glenmary Lay Missioners, Inc.
Thomas P. and Blanche M. Glenn
Ms. Marilyn J. Goldfeder
Mr. and Mrs.
Thomas W. Goldschmidt
Kenneth Golick
Susan Goodman
Marianne Gorby
Mr.and Mrs. Mark D. Gorman
Robert H and Diane Gottmer
David and Karen Gramke
Thomas and Cynthia Gravett
Great Oak Construction, Inc.
Greater Liberty Baptist Church
Linda Greenberg
Victoria Gregory
Susan and Gary Greiner
Richard and Rosemary Greiwe
Mrs. Patricia A. Greulich
Geoffrey Griffiths
John Griggs
Kathleen Grismer
David and Laura Groenke
Laura Groenko
Ms. Ardith A. Grote
Jo Anne Grote
Susan Grote
Tom Grote
David Gruber
John and Sue Gruber *
Richard L. Gruber
Donald Gruber
Guardian Angels Church
Doug and Michelle Guenther
Bruce and Amy Guiot
Clifford Gump
Elizabeth Gurley
Thomas Gutekunst
Ronald and Deb Gutzwiller
Rosemarie and
Jerome Gutzwiller
Jeffrey Haas
Thomas and Jane Habig *
Marwan and Sahar Haddad
Ronald C. Haft
Tom and Sandra Hagenbarth
Theodore L. Haglage *
Nick and Barb Hahn
Haire-Bohmer Wealth
Management Group, LLC
Fred and Eileen Hall
Mrs. Ruth Ann Halpin
David Hamilton
Mary K Hamilton
Kathy Hamm
Ms. Barbara Hammersmith
Mr. Robert Hammersmith
David and Cynthia
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Handel *
Keith and Patricia Hanley
Richard and Jeanne Hannan *
Mary Jo Hanrahan
Mrs. Nora Hanseman *
Michele Hardrich
Kenneth Hare
William Harmeyer
Anna Harmon
Ms. Joan E. Harpring *
Allyson, Joanne
and Chuck Harris
Nancy Hart
Robert Hartlaub
Deborah Hasken
Nitasha Hatcher
Kevin Havens
Andy and Tina Hawking
Lisa Hayes
Anthony and Nancy Heagney *
Mr. Raymond J. Healy
Marianne Heck
Janet Heiden
Carol Heidt *
Mr. Donald J. Heimbrock *
Sheila Heinen
Paul Heisel
Mark Hensler
Roger Henthron
Jack Herb
Joseph E. and
Patricia M. Herbers
Ms. Carol L. Herbert *
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Herbert
P. A. Heringer
Steve and Sally Hext
Henrietta Heywood
Mary Hilleary
Ray Hils
Joan Hilton
Ms. Mary R. Hilvert *
Carolyn Hinkle
Chris Hirsch
Steven and April Hoak
Robert and Carmen Hodge
Dennis and Maggie Hoerst
Charles and Ethel Hoffman *
David Hoffman
Denis M. Hoffmann *
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hogan
Richard Hohn
Charles and Jean Holder
John and Martha Holland
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Holliday
Carl and Cynthia Hollister
Cydny Holt
Amy Holter
Roger W. and
Mary H. Honebrink *
Charles Hood
Juanita Hood
Dan Hopkins
Mr. and Mrs. Gary M. Horton *
Nicholas and Jennifer Hosmer
Sandra Houck
Jerry and Nancy R. Howard
Jennifer Howe
Jim Howe
William and Jane Howe *
Fred and Dorothy Hudepohl *
Craig and Mary Hudson *
Art and Paula Huesman *
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Hughes *
Mike and Lora Huhn
A. J. and Kathy Humbert, Jr.
Steven and Colleen Hunt
Ruth Hurley-Franchi
Tom Huster
Suzanne Jackson
David and Carol Jacob
Michael Jacobs
Lela Jaynes
Mrs. Avis Celeste M. Jenkins
Mary Jenkins
M. Jenkins
Mildred Jenks
Ms. Marva L. Johns *
Eugene and Eliane Johnson
Robert G. and Virginia Johnson
Ron and Gloria Johnson *
Ruth Jones
Stephen and Susan Jones *
Jay and Kim Jordan *
Ms. Mary Carol Joseph *
Jerry and Erika Judd
Robert and Anne Jurek *
Jeanne Kabenji
Dee Dee and Doug Kahn
Mary Kaiser
a moment of grace • donors
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kaiser *
Robert Kaiser
Larry and Doris Kallmeyer *
Joseph C. Kammer Law Offices
Robert and Cynthia Kamp
Joan Karwisch
Anthony John and
Audrey Kasak
Clarence Kathman
Rebecca Keating
Max Keck
Geoffrey and Elizabeth Keenan
Michael and Lynne Kehoe
John and Rita Keim
Mr. and Mrs. Lorrence Kellar *
Ruth Keller *
Brian Kellett
Ellen A. Kellogg
Ken and Diane Kemen
Jeffrey Kemper
Patricia Kennedy
Steve W. and Grace Kennedy
Mr. and Mrs. John V. Kennevan
Kenwood Women’s Club
Michael and Nancy Kern
Ms. Kate Kern
Prem Khosla
Chris Kief
Mary Lou Kiefer
Michael Kiefer
Joseph Kiesler
Bill and Joan Kimble
Tom and Colleen Kinder
Marilyn Kinne
Shannon and Brian Kinne
Jean A. Kinney *
David W. and Kristy M. Kissell
Beth Klaine
Mr. and Mrs. George Klapper
Timothy Klapper
Ken Kleeb
Mr. and Mrs.
James Kleingers
Charlotte Kleinhaus
Brian Kline
Bob Klocke
Thomas and Judith Kloenne
Tim and Elizabeth Kloppenborg
Thomas Klosterman
Mrs. Marilyn Klug
Joe and Laura Klunk
Richard and Nancy Klus *
Albert and Merrie Knopp
Rita M. Knueven
Dennis and Jeanne Koehler
James Kohrman
Mr. and Mrs.
Christopher Koob
Jonathan and
Jessica Koopman
Ms. Jane A. Koval *
Amy Krabbe
Donna Krabbe
Ryan and Abigail Kramer
Mr. Ronald Kratz
Carol Kreiner
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kroger
Mr. John Kron
Ms. Mary Lou Kronke
Alexis Krulcik
Robert and Patricia Krumdieck *
James and Dorothy Krumme
Robert and Mary Krummen *
John and Julie Kruse *
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Krzeski
Samuel and Sandra Kuehn *
Sue Kuehnle *
James and Geri Kummer
Edward G. and
Cheryl L. Kunkemoeller
The John A. Kupfer and
Jean M. Kupfer Family Trust
Joyce Kupfer, D.D.S.
Jay Kurtz
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Kurzhals
Barbara Lachance
Gerald Lahrman
* These donors have financially contributed to the Society of St. Vincent de Paul – Cincinnati District Council for five or more consecutive years.
Thomas and Jane Lake *
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence F. Lampe
Jack and Linda Langlitz
James C. LaPlant
Linda Larsen
Richard Lauch *
Mr. Peter J. Ledwedge *
David and Marla Ledwin
Mr. and Mrs. William Ledwin
Michelle Leeson
Sheila Lehrter
Lorrraine Leibel
Susan Lennert
H.M. and Barbara Libby
Amanda Lietz
Richard Lindhorst
Michael and Molly Lippert
Mary Lipps
Erin Loch-Henz
Marianne Locke
David Lockwood
Mary Loescher
Ina Loftspring
Catherine Logulo
Joseph Lohmueller *
Dan and Elizabeth Long *
Dolores Lorenz
Joseph and Meredith Loughran
Margaret Loux
Loveland City School District
The James C. and
Mary Ann Lowe Trust
Oliver Loyd
Ralph Luebbe
Ms. Dorothy A. Luebbers *
John and Kris Luebbers *
Mr. Donald and Joan Luebbert *
Mr. and Mrs.
William Luehrmann
Paul Luken
Amy Lund
Melissa Lutz
Kevin and Ann Lynch
Ms. Virginia A. Lynch
Mark and Julie Machuga
Kenneth and Alice Haven Mack
Mr. William E. Mack
Lisa and Mike
Maechling Debbeler
Michael Maier
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey M. Malec *
Dennis and Patricia Malik
Ken Maltry
Marianne Mandell-Brown
Lisa Manetta
Anthony M. and Jane F. Mankus
Kathy Marks
Al and Betty Marous
Michael Marrero
Carolyn Martin
David and Laura Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Martin
Russell J. Martin
Thomas and Linda Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Martini *
Mason High School
Mason Homestead Garden Club
Gary and Mary Massa
Joseph Massarelli
Lisa Mather
Robert and Marg Mathes
Marilyn Mathlie
Bruce Matthews
Mary-Morse Matthews
Kurt Matthys
John J. Mattscheck
John and Renee Mattson
James Mayer
Todd and Julie Mayer
Emily Maynard
Kevin and Judy McCabe *
Susan McCabe
Mr. James F. McCafferty
April McCane
John McClain
Malcolm and Mary McClellan
Richard H. McClure
Janie McCormick
Wendy McCormick
Joyce Ann McCoy *
Patrick and Mary Ellen
John and Dianne McGoron
Ann McGrath
Michael McGraw
Parnel C. McGreevy
Albert McGrover
Kern McKee
Jack and Marianne McKenney
Jeanette McKnight *
Ms. Sue A. McLaughlin
Cindy McMahon
Mr. and Mrs.
Joseph R. McSwiggin *
Linda McWilliams
Mary Mehmert
Sue Mehne
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Meibers
Karen Meiners
Mary R. Meiners
Chris Mendel
Mark Menden
Mark and Pattianne Menden
Michelle Menke
Richard and Mary Menke
Anthony Merchinsky
Claire Merryman
Bill and Lori Merz
Erica Messer
Mr. James Messer
Metal Spinners, Inc.
Jan E. Methlie
Mary Metz
Allen Meyer
Barb Meyer
David and Debbie Meyer
Greg Meyer
Harry J. Meyer
Karen Meyer
Kenneth and Carol Meyer
Mr. Thomas R. Meyer *
Tamara Miano
Pat and Kathy Michel *
Mr. Lawrence J. Mick
Mr. Paul E. Middlekamp
Donna L. Mierenfeld *
Robert and Star Mierenfeld *
Mr. and Mrs. Donald B. Miller *
Douglas and Ann Miller
Gary and Carolyn Miller
Gloria Miller
James Miller
Kristie Miller
Lawrence and Jane Miller *
Ray Miller *
Raymond and Ruth Miller
Emily Mitchell
Molly Mitchell
Mitchell’s Salon & Day Spa, Inc.
Jacqueline Mize
Ms. Mary Jo Mock *
Modern Aluminum
Castings Co., Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Al Moeller
Paul and Nancy Mohr
J. R. Momper
Murray Monroe, Jr.
Dianna F. Moore
Joseph M. Moore
Patricia L. Moore
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Moore *
Charles and Barbara Moorman
Kathy Morgan
Steve Morgan
Frank and Marlene Morris
Marion Morrison
Sue Morrissey
Scott Morrow
Harriet E. Moster *
Mother of Mercy High School
Carolyn Motz
Mount Notre Dame High School
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mroz
Ms. Barbara Mueller
Sean Muldoon
Eileen Mullen
Kenneth and Christina Mullis
Mr. David Munroe
Molly Murphy
William and Julia Murphy
Mr. Gerald Mushaben *
Lisa Muvich
Sean and Maureen Napier
Rodney Napier, Sr.
Ahid and Joann Nashif *
May Nassef
Edward and Linda Neenan
Richard and Janet Neidhard
Mr. Timothy W. Neiheisel
Mr. and Mrs.
William A. Neiheisel
Mary Nemith
Jacqueline C. Neumann
Julia A. Neumann
Richard Newman
Esther Ng
Ms. Mary Nicolay *
Kenneth and Jean
Niederhausen *
Ms. Mary Niehaus-Fay *
Alan and Lynn Niergarth
Jim and Linda Niewahner
NNR Global Logistics USA, Inc.
Terrie and Chris Noe
Ms. Eleanor J. Noe, TTEE
Michael and Mary Nolan
Timothy and Margaret Nolan *
Donald and Matilda Nordmeyer
Sally Norman
Northend Gear & Machine, Inc.
Notre Dame Club
of Greater Cincinnati
Charles and Sally Nugent *
John and Joyce Nunns
Paul J. and Janis M. Obermeyer
Russ and Karen Obermeyer
Mr. Michael O’Brien *
Susan A. O’Brien *
James O’Connor, Trustee
Elizabeth Odley *
Ed and Judy O’Donnell
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. O’Herron
MaryAnn O’Leary
Mr. Paul J. Olsen *
Martha Orabella
Patrick and Karen Orsary
Sybil Ortego
Eric Osborne
John and Patricia Osborne
Patricia Osborne
Nadine Ostermann
Greg and Angie Otis
Colleen O’Toole
Donald and M. Kathleen Ottke
Daniel and June Owens
Mary Owensby
Howard and Eileen Paff *
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Pahren *
Mr. Joseph W. Palazzolo
a moment of grace • donors
Kathleen and David Palmer
Steve Palun
Tom Paquette
Estelle Partridge
Melanie Patrick
Mary Pearce
Norman and Debbie Pearson
Pediatric Associates, PSC
Mr. Theo M. Penker III
Barbara Perez
Felicitas Perez
Julie Perrino
Amy Perry *
Helene Perry
Mary Persinger
Nancy Peters
Amy Peterson
Mark D. and Eileen R. Pezzutti
John and Donna Pfiester *
Terry Pfister
Mr. and Mrs.
Charles Pfizenmayer
Amy Pflum
Betty Pflum
Jane Phelan
Bonnie Pickett
Richard and Rosina Pirchner
Cathy Pokorny
Daniel and Laura Pontzer
C. Douglas and Robin Postler *
Ryan and Kelly Postlewaite
Melanie Poston
Anthony and Stacey Potts
Mrs. Jeanette Preuth
Terri Price
Van Prince
Ellen Prudent
Robert Puthoff
David and Maria Quehl
Jane Rahill
Mukesh Ram
Jason Ramage
Robert Ramsay
Ms. Gayle Rapien *
Paul and Ann Rapien *
Charles Rasch
Jane L. Rasico, Trustee
Mary and Ranjit Rath
Mr. and Mrs.
Edward J. Rathman *
James and Carole Rauf
Norman and Virginia Rave *
Audrey E. Reddy
Julie Reed
Nancy Reed
Michael and Joyce Rees *
Mark and Linda Regensburger *
Rev. Paul L. Rehling
Nicholas and Katherine Reilly
Judith Reilman
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Reinstatler
Mrs. June Reisiger
Marilyn Renaker
John Rentz
Rho Chi Society
Richard and Kelly Riccetti
Todd and Anna Richardson
Steven and Susan Ridgway
Mr. Thomas Riehle
Candace Rinderle
Stephanie Ring
Mr. Tom Rinsky
P. Rixner
Ms. Amy Roark Carty
Anne and Mark Roberto
Mary Caroline Roberto *
Robertson & Company
Jaimie Robinson
Mike and Kathleen Robinson
Wm. T. Robinson III
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Rocklin
Mike Rodarte
Lois Roell
Roger Bacon High School
Lynn Rogers
Steve and Susan Rogers
Donald and Donna Rogers
Joyce Rohan
David and Priya Rolfes
Leo H. Rolfes, Jr.
Raymond and Mary Roll *
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Romer *
Durwood and Margaret Rorie
Anthony and Laura Roth
Gail A. Roth
Round Bottom Recycling
Mary Routledge
Mr. and Mrs.
Jeffrey P. Rowekamp *
Thomas and Estelle Ruehl
Mike Ruggiero *
Mark and Kimberly Rumpke
Mr. Robert Rumpke *
Amy Ruschulte
John and Virginia Rush
Richard Rushing *
Shane and Aimee Russell
Lindsey Rutter
Ms. Kathy Ruwe
Marsha Ruwe
E.P. Ryan
James J. Ryan
John Ryan
Mary Jeanne Ryan
* These donors have financially contributed to the Society of St. Vincent de Paul – Cincinnati District Council for five or more consecutive years.
Ely M. T. and Joan M. Ryder
Mr. and Mrs.
Robert R. Saelinger *
Paul and Sue Ann Sallada
Deborah Sander
Audrey Sandman
James W. and Sandra Sauer
Martha Savage
Mrs. Patricia Scharf
Gerald Schatzman
Clara Schawe
Genevieve Scheibly *
Mr. Robert Scheid
Michael Schenk *
Mr. Norbert J. Scheper
Eric Schickli
Marlene A. Schirmer
Sally Schlotman
Lee and Mary Ann Schmidlin
Michael and Judith Schmidt
Thomas and Linda Schmidt *
Martin and Suzanne Schmitt *
Megan Schmitt
Rev. George Schmitz *
George Schmitz
James and Linda Schmitz
April Schneider
Ferd and Barbara Schneider
Jon W. and Alyce K. Schneider *
Mr. and Mrs. William Schneider
Schoenberger Tile & Marble, Inc.
Teresa Schofield
Mr. and Mrs.
Norbert B. Schomaker
Mrs. Marian R. Schott
Charles and Rebecca Schroer
Ralph R. and Carol Schroer *
Mr. Jerry O. Schuehler
Mark and Barbara Schuermann
Stephen and Jennie Schuermann
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Schuler
Mark Alan Schultz
Michael Schumacher
Charlene Schuster
Michael N. Schuster
Charlene Schwab *
Brad and Molly Schwartz
Carol Ann Schwartz
David and Sandra Schwartz
Phyllis and Stephen Schwartz
Ms. Mary D. Schweitzer
Jim Scott *
Seapine Software, Inc.
Russell and Barbara Searing
John and Jackie Sehr
Gene Servizzi
Terese Severyn
Mary and Tricia Sexton
Ron and Alice Sexton
Mark and Sheila Shafer
Jane Sharkey
Kevin Shepard
Elizabeth Shepherd *
Martin and Joan Sheridan
Guy and Irene Sherman *
Mr. Joseph E. Sherman
Gregory and Margaret Shields
Christopher and
Meghan Shimala
Patricia Short
Margaret Sieber
Ms. Betty Siefke
Christian Sigman
Meghan Simonson
Skilled Care Pharmacy
Skynet Innovations
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Smith
Doug and Shelby Smith
Larry Smith
Larry and Arlene Smith
Mark Smith
Steve Smith
Edie Smitson
Southeastern Ecumenical
Ministry, Inc.
Louis and Jeanne Spadafora
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne R. Specht
Noviko Spiegel
Barbara Spinelli
The Spirit of Cincinnatus, Inc.
Chris Sprenkle
Jodi Squicciarini
St. Henry District High School
St. Nicholas Deaf Club
Carlin H. and Cheryl Stamm
Elizabeth Stautberg
Joan and Greg Steele
Randy Stegbauer
Donald F. Stegeman, Trust
Robert and Marian Stehlin *
Dr. and Mrs. Frederick L.
Steinbeck, D.D.M.S.D.
Steven F. and Sue F. Steller
Christopher and Janet Stenger
Bryan W. Stephens, CPA
Verna Stockmal
Samuel and Carole
Cleo Stoll
Kenneth and Cherie Stoll
Bradley R. Storck
Juanita Stork *
John and Cathy Strathern
Paul and Janet Street
Henry Striet
Phyllis Strizak
David Strode
Judith Stubenrauch
Mr. Wayne and
Vicki Stubenrauch *
Patrick Stucker
Al and Sue Stuempel
Joseph Stuhlreyer
John and Tamie Sullivan, M.D.
Mr. and Mrs.
Walter L. Sunderhaus
Douglas and Maria Sunnenberg
Supply Post Business Products
Robin Symes
Todd Szewc
James Taggart *
Catherine M. Tallen
Alan and Shelley Tarshis
Maureen Taylor
Mary Ann Tebbe *
Ted and Dianne Teixeira
Ms. Jacquelin Tepe
Robert and Mary Tepe
Yvonne Tepe
Mr. and Mrs. John Terbot
Mark Thaman
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Thesing
Susan Thinnes
Thomas J. Dyer Co.
Carolyn Thompson
Doug and Kay Thompson
Anita Threet
Lisa Thrush
Mr. Andrew B. Thul
Elizabeth Tieman
Ms. Judith B. Titchener
Richard J. Tobin
Gerald A. Tonges *
Peggy Torbeck
Ms. Mary Tracey
George and Linda Trebbi
Kathryn Trent
Cindee Tresslar
Robert L. Trick
Mike and Giovanna Trimpe
Jim and Julie Triona
Victor Trouy
Mr. and Mrs.
Joseph E. Tuchfarber
Raymond Tull
John and Dawn Twarozynski
Ms. Rita E. Uehlein
Martha Uhl
Woodrow H. Uible
Alan and Marjorie Ullman
Grace Ulm
Gerard and Ann Umberg
Lynette Unger
Unified Capital Solutions, Inc.
Ursuline Academy
Kinn Valenti
Denise Vaughn
Mr. Rick A. Vaught
Linda Verrilli
Catherine Vicory
VIP Supply Chain Solutions
Kathy Voegele
Robert and Marilou Volkman
George and Jill Vonderhaar
VonLehman & Company, Inc.
Carolyn Voss
Matthew Voto
John and Connie Wagner *
Richard and Anne Wagner
Greg Wagner
David and Beverly Waligora
Andrea L. Wall *
Kevin Walsh
Edward and Glenda Walton
Sarella M. Walton
Edward and Carole Warfel
Mr. Michael C. Warmbier
Peggy Warren
Stacy Weatherbie
Martha Wehrle
Susanna Wehrman
Robert Weigel
Thomas and Janet
Weingartner *
Donald and Sandra Weinkam
Charles Weisbrod
Wilson G. Weisenfelder
David and Sandra Weiskittel
James and Jacquelyn Welborn
Kathleen Welch *
Mr. Randall Welch
Ruth Weller *
Stanley Welling
Ben and Judy Wells
Michael and Becky Wenger
Steven and Carolyn Wenstrup *
John Wernke
Ms. Helen J. Wess
Alvin and Evelyn Wessel
John Wessling
Harold M. and Carolyn H. West
Robert and Ruth Westerfield
Lynne Whang
Derek and Catherine Wheeler
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Whitacre *
Ms. Katherine Whitehead
Doug and Michelle Whitmore
Dorothy Wietmarschen
Mary Paula Wiggins
Mr. David L. Wiles
Mary Wilkens
Kathleen Wilkins
Janet Willenborg
Emma Williams
Mr. and Mrs.
John Williams M.D.
Robert and Peggy Williamson
Mr. Edgar L. Willig
John E. Wilp
Linda Wilson
Rev. Barry Windholtz
Daniel E. and Wendy Wines
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Winstel *
Lothar Witt, Jr.
John and Karen Wittenbrook
Dennis Wittenbrook
Kelly Wittick
Brian Woeste
Harry and Carol Wong
Sean Woock
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Wright
Sharon Wright
J. Richard Wuest
Xavier University
Robert and Joanne Yeager
Darwin and Patricia Yung
Kenneth Zalewski
Mr. William E. Zenk
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Zerhusen
Mark and Milia Ziegler
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Zolg *
John and Michele Zompero
legacy society
You can bring hope where there is despair, love where there is loneliness
and faith where there is emptiness through a tax-favored estate gift to St.
Vincent de Paul – Cincinnati. We promise to carry your legacy of hope to
where it will do the most good — as our founder Blessed Frederic Ozanam said, “not in a comfortable meeting room, but rather in the cheerless
attic tenement, or in the sick room…the old age home or any place where
love is needed.” Please consider joining these generous donors who
have included St. Vincent de Paul – Cincinnati in their estate plans.
The Frederic Ozanam Legacy of Hope Society Members:
Ms. Mary J. Bonfield
Richard and Carole P. Cocks
Mr. Richard Davis
Carl and Linda DeBlasio
Jim and Elizabeth Dodd
Mr. Jerry Duwell
Jerome and Diane Eisele
Mr. Stephen J. Elsaesser
William and
Rosemary Erman
Ms. Dorothy Garland
Tim and Christine Jette
C. Bart and Linda Kohler
Mrs. Laverne L. Kramer
Mr. Ralph Luebbe
Bob and Liz Maxwell
Mrs. Celia Mileski
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Miller
Ms. Jacqueline C. Neumann
John T. and Carole Ruschulte
Audrey and
Thomas Ruthman
Mr. Robert H. Sparrow
Mrs. Mary Theresa Thiemann
Mr. James C. Vandivier
Mr. Wayne E. Williams
Edgar and Alice Willig
2013 General
Special Thanks
We offer our most heartfelt
thanks and gratitude to all who
partnered with us in 2013:
Chris and Wes Adamson
Addressed for Success
American Fan Company
Ashley Furniture Homestore
b graphic design
Dave Babcock
Batavia Floral
Creations & Gifts
Braco Window Company
Braun Heating and
Air Conditioning
Luke Brodbeck
Emily Buck
Caruso Produce –
Steve Caruso
Mary Casella
David and Marie Catanzaro
Cincinnati Bengals
Cincinnati Central Credit
Union – John Nunns
Cincinnati Enquirer
Cincinnati Reds
Cincy Chic
City Barbeque
City Dash
Clear Channel – Cincinnati
Coca Cola, Inc.
Coney Island
Amusement Park
Mary Beth Cooper
a moment of grace • special thanks
Cumulus Radio
Jen Dalton
Dental Care Plus
Dollar General
Eastern High School
Photography Class –
Tracey Staggs
Elder High School
Esther Price Fine Chocolates
Candy Company
Evergreen Baptist Church
EyeMed – Luxottica
Ann Firestone
Gregory L. Goetz
Gold Star Chili
David and Cindy
Andy and Tina Hawking
Artrell Hawkins
Heidelberg Distributors
Holiday Inn – Eastgate
Hubert Company
Huntington Bank
Mike and Kathleen Jennings
Megan Knapke
Kotsovos Bridal,
Fur and Prom
Dave Kramer – WCET
Kemba Credit Union
Michael Krienik
Krombholz Jewelers
Jilda Kvashilava
“Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may
obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.” Hebrews 4:16
Dan and Deborah Meyer
Moeller High School
Dr. and Mrs. Frederick L.
Steinbeck, D.D.M.S.D.
Stor-All Self Storage
2013 Coat Drive Special Thanks
Style Edit
A special thank you to the compassionate businesses, municipal
departments and community organizations that partnered with
us in 2013 for the Coat Drive:
Mother of Mercy
High School
Tamie Sullivan
Sweet Petit Desserts
Addyston United
Methodist Church
Gerald Motl
Paul and Meg Tarvin
May Nassef
Tavern Restaurant Group
Anderson Township
Fire Departments
Nathaniel Green Lodge –
Green Township
Tedia Company
Anderson Township Hall
Toys “R” Us – Eastgate
Blue Ash Fire Departments
Nehemiah Manufacturing Co.
The Children’s Theater
of Cincinnati
The Paul Mitchell School
Burlington Coat Factory
Mount Healthy
Fire Department
City Dash
Northeast Pediatrics
Deerfield Township
Fire Departments
Ohio Department
of Transportation
Gold Star Chili
One Warm Coat
Green Township
Fire Departments
Press-Tige Dry Cleaners
Queen City Glass Arts
Ursuline Academy
Julie Vehorn
Harrison Fire Department
St. Mary School
Joe Rigotti
Kemba Credit Union
Scarf It Up
Sacred Heart Radio
Poul Lemasters
Sharonville Fire Department
St. Bellermine
Walgreen’s Co.
WCPO – Channel 9
Liberty Township
Fire Departments
Springdale Fire Departments
St. Ursula Academy
WKRC – Channel 12
Little Miami Fire Department
St. Xavier High School
WLWT – Channel 5
Loveland Fire Department
Stor-All Self Storage
Amy Scalia
WXIX – Channel 19
Mariemont Fire Department
The Container Store
Mason Community Center
The Goddard School
Mason Court House
WLWT News 5
Mason Fire Departments
Youthland Academy
Pete Settle
Mary Wineberg
Xavier University
Mason Municipal Center
Starr Printing
Youthland Academy
Milford City Hall
Zion Christian
Temple Academy
Morris Home Furnishings –
Kids Dream Too!
Newport Aquarium
One Warm Coat
Papa John’s, Inc.
Peerless Printing
Press-Tige Dry Cleaners
Mike and Missy Puccini
Scarf It Up
Dave and Sandy Schwartz
Seton High School
University of Cincinnati –
University of Cincinnati –
Interdisciplinary Clinic
Milford Fire Departments
Montgomery Fire
Montgomery Police
Rhinestahl Corporation
Springfield Township
Fire Department
2013 Charitable Pharmacy Special Thanks
A special thank you to the physicians, physician practices
and pharmacies that supported the efforts of our Charitable
Pharmacy in 2013:
“Grace is the power of God to do for us what we
cannot do for ourselves.” Unattributed
2013 Pantry Special Thanks
ABS Business Products Inc.
Kenwood Pulmonary Clinic
Americares U.S. Partnerships
Dr. Jason Mattingly
We would like to thank all the generous businesses, organizations and individuals that contributed
goods to the shelves of our choice food pantry:
Medpace, Inc.
85 Broads
GH Testing
Protective Life Insurance Co.
Harrison Farms
Chuck Rapp
American Lung Association
Heritage Girls
Reinhart Foods
Pete Bushelman
JTM Meats
Roger Bacon High School
Busken Bakery
John Morrell & Co.
Rob Sander
Cathedral of St. Peter
in Chains
Ryan Kramer Family
St. Gertrude Parish
Kroger – Anderson
St. Mary’s School
The Kroger Co.
Sts. Peter and Paul Parish
Kroger – Food from the Heart
St. Rose Church
Cincinnati Children’s
Hospital Medical Center–
Psychology Fellowship
Kroger – Woodlawn
St. Thomas More School
Cincinnati Hills Christian
La Salle High School
St. Ursula Academy
Cincinnati Reds –
Strike Out Hunger
Demar Lewis
St. Xavier High School
Loveland High School
Sam’s Club
Sara Lee Corporation
Catholic Health Partners
City Barbeque
Mane, Inc.
Merck, Inc.
Seapine Software, Inc.
Christ Hospital Medical
Associates (Suites 200,
440, 334 &520)
City Dash
Matthew 25 Ministries
Mercy – St. Raphael’s
Coca-Cola Company –
Patrice Moore
Tim Mayer Family
Bill Settle
Midwest Primary Care
McCauley High School
Dr. Chole Mullen
Crossroads Church
Mercy High School
State Farm –
Leah Brantley Insurance
Dr. Donald Nofziger
Steve Culbertson
Miller Poultry
Sunrise Advertising
Custom Design Benefits, Inc.
Ursuline Academy
Collaborative Care Pharmacy
The Ohio Heart & Vascular
Center – Mt. Airy
Mount Notre Dame
High School
Mary Taylor
Dental Care Plus
Nehemiah Manufacturing
Visitation School
Direct Relief International
Tom DiNuoscio
Our Lady of Visitation
Walmart – Scott Valentine
Dr. Rasheed Ghani
Rho Chi Honor Society
Ethicon Endo-Surgery, Inc.
Panera Bread
WCPO – Channel 9
Heart to Heart International
Skilled Care Pharmacy
Bob Farrell
Papa John’s, Inc.
WLWT – Channel 5
Dr. Michael Jennings
Dr. Mary Jo Slattery
Fidelity Investments
KeySource Medical, Inc.
Springdale Family Medicine
Freestore Foodbank
Princeton High School
WXIX – Fox 19 –
Food from the Heart
Christ Hospital Medical
Associates – Bridgetown
Christ Hospital Medical
Associates Endocrine
a moment of grace • boards
St. Vincent de Paul Board of Directors 2014
Andrew Curran, President
President & COO, DMR/Interactive
Becky Catino, Chairperson
Sr. Mary Ann Humbert, SC,
Spiritual Advisor
Sisters of Charity
Partner, 625 Investments
Dr. Karen Bankston, PhD,
Chris Williams,
Vice President
Assoc. Dean of Clinical Practice,
Partnership, & Community
Engagement, University of Cincinnati
Director of Consulting,
Operational Results, Inc.
Tricia Johnson, Treasurer
Executive Director, Ernst & Young, LLP
Ron Christian, Secretary
Charitable Pharmacy Board Rep.
Partner, Taft\
Moira Clark Bonn
Senior VP of Corporate Marketing,
U.S. Bank
Fr. David Endres
Asst. Professor of Church History &
Historical Theology & Director of
Field Education, Athenaeum of Ohio/
Mt. St. Mary’s Seminary of the West
Joe Evelo
Dan Hurley
Gary Massa
Managing Director, Wealth Mgmt./
Private Wealth Advisor, The Evelo/
Singer/Sullivan Group, Merrill Lynch
Private Banking & Investment Group
Director, Leadership Cincinnati
VP for University Relations,
Xavier University
John B. Gartner III, SIOR
Brokerage Senior VP/Principal,
Cincinnati Industrial Services Group,
Colliers International
Cindy Givens
Customer Assistance Funds Program
Manager, Duke Energy
Bob Gramann
Lisa Knutson
Senior Vice President & Chief
Administrative Officer, E.W. Scripps
Anne Niehaus
Bart Kohler
Mike Pratt
Attorney, Niehaus Law Offices, LLC
President & CEO, Hubert Company
Retired, Procter & Gamble
John Larson
John Sawyer
Lead Independent Director, KAR
Auction, Inc.; Former CEO, Escort, Inc.
Senior Vice President & Chief
Distribution Officer, Protective Life
Dan Long
Liz Carter, ex officio
Partner, VR Business Brokers
Executive Director, St. Vincent de Paul
Chairman, GBBN Architects
St. Vincent de Paul Charitable Pharmacy Board
Mike Jennings, MD,
Chief Medical Officer, Christ Hospital
Kelley J. Downing,
Vice President
President/CEO, Bartlett & Co.
Brad Schwartz, CPA,
CFO, Mueller Roofing Dist. Inc.
Mike Puccini, RPh, Secretary
Ron Christian
Julie McGehee
Andrea Wall, R.Ph.
Pharmacy Business Dev. Mgr.
Cincinnati/Dayton KMA, Kroger
Partner, Taft Law Firm
VP Benefits & Compensation/
Corporate Secretary, E.W. Scripps
Assistant Dean for Student and
Alumni Affairs, University of Cincinnati/
James L. Winkle College of Pharmacy
Amar Bhati, MD
Internist, Christ Hospital Clinic,
David Catanzaro, Pharm D
Medical Science Liaison,
Actelion Pharmaceuticals
Sandra Kuehn
President/CEO, Center for Chemical
Addictions Treatment
Susan Mashni, Pharm D
Drug Policy Dev. Specialist,
Catholic Health Partners
Chole Mullen, MD
Outpatient Psychiatry Attending,
NorthKey Community Care
Donald Nofziger, MD
Former President,
Academy of Medicine
Bob Saelinger
Jay Wertz
Director, Wealth Advisory Services,
Johnson Investment Counsel, Inc.
Liz Carter, ex officio
Executive Director,
St. Vincent de Paul Cincinnati
Partner, Graydon Head & Ritchey LLP
St. Vincent de Paul Advisory Board
Ron Brown
Mike Conaton
Jim Dodd
Neil O’Connor
Tamara Sullivan
Chief Operating Officer,
The Armor Group, Inc.
The Midland Company
Retired Senior Vice President,
Fifth Third Bank
Clark, Schaefer, Hackett & Co
President, Sullivan
Communications, Inc.
Willie Carden
President & CEO,
Catholic Health Partners
Ron Joseph, Jr.
Director, Joseph Auto Group
Commercial Regional Manager, Senior
Vice-President, Huntington Bank
Director of Parks,
Cincinnati Park District
Mike Connelly
Chris Shimala
Robert Conway, Sr.
John Kron
Bob Stautberg
Mark Casella
Chairman, The Bistro Group
Retired, Deloitte
President/CEO, Coppertree, Ltd.
Steve Culbertson
Dan Meyer
Retired Vice President,
St. Xavier High School
CEO, Nehemiah Manufacturing Co.
Rev. Barry Windholtz
Pastor, St. Peter in Chains Cathedral
Management Team
Production Credits
Liz Carter,
The 2013 Society of St. Vincent
de Paul Annual Report was made
possible through the dedication
and generosity of the following
team members:
Executive Director
Prentice Carter,
Operations Director
Mike Espel, R. PH.
Design & Production:
Charitable Pharmacy Director
Scott Bruno, b graphic design
Matt Flege,
Strategic Initiatives Manager
Merrilee Luke-Ebbeler,
Beebo Photography
Cindy Hammerstrom,
Finance Director
Gary Horton,
Volunteer and Member
Services Director
Kevin Lab,
Programs Director
LaMonica Sherman,
Site Winton Hills Manager
Kristen Klein,
Development Director
Society of St. Vincent de Paul
1125 Bank St.
Cincinnati, OH 45214
Elysa Hamlin,
(513) 562-8841
Senior Communications
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