June 2011



June 2011
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Rio Rancho Phoenix Gazette
May/June 2011
Published Four Times Per Year
Rio Rancho Middle School
1600 Loma Colorado Blvd.
NE Rio Rancho, NM 87144
Issue #1
M i d d l e
S c h o o l
Dear Parents/Guardians:
As we come to the close of the year, I have spent a great deal of time reflecting on
our accomplishments and looking forward to next year. In this year, our second year, we
have worked hard to establish our school culture. Our Positive Behavioral Support Team
implemented the use of the PBS signature cards to catch our students doing the good
things. Students have been rewarded for their good behaviors. Our goal was to make
sure that students know we not only notice the bad things but we also notice those who
follow the rules and go out of their way to make RRMS a great place!
This year, thanks in part to a grant initiative, we grew our mental health department.
There are now six mental health counselors/social workers on campus to help support
students. Two of these folks work solely with students who are struggling academically.
We feel that this program will help insure that students are receiving the services they
need to be successful in middle school.
As far as the physical building goes, last year we focused on changing the appearance
from Rio Rancho Mid-High to Rio Rancho Middle School. This year, we focused on making
the center courtyard an inviting place for our middle schoolers to spend their lunches. We
had a beautiful canopy installed over the eating tables. This provides needed shade as
well as protection from the elements. We have also installed volleyball nets, tetherball
poles and four-square courts. The students are eagerly spending their lunch time trying
out these new activities.
Every school year is such a new and different one for families and our staff. I hope that
as you look back over the year, you can be pleased with your child’s progress. If you have
any suggestions for improvement next year, please email them to me or send me a letter.
I would really like to capture those thoughts and suggestions for our leadership team to
work on over the summer.
Those of you moving on to the high school level, we wish you the best. If you ever
need anything, please do not hesitate to ask. Those of you returning for another year, we
will be here to welcome you in the fall, ready for a new year.
Amy Roble, Principal
Rio Rancho M.S.
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Administration Directory
Principal........................................Amy Roble............... Ext. 222
Office Secretary . .......................Sandra Lucero ...... Ext. 221
Registrar ......................................Kelle Zarrella........... Ext. 230
Asst. Principal..............................Deb Moya................ Ext. 421
Asst. Principal..............................Steve Detrick ......... Ext. 446
Volume 3 Issue 1
Counselor.....................................Jamie Anderson...... ext. 224
Counselor.....................................Sara Brion................ Ext. 445
Counselor.....................................Tina Whitt................ Ext. 316
Site Specialist..............................Eric Wheeler........... Ext. 236
8th Grade Final Exam Dates
Thursday, May 19th: Math and English
Friday, May 20st: Social Studies and Science
Monday, May 23rd: Make-up day
We Need Parents!!!
Social Worker..............................Cindy Jaramillo........ Ext. 443
Social Worker..............................Jessica Floersheim.Ext. 236
Social Worker..............................Ashlei Sparks.......... Ext. 313
Attendance Clerk........................Marie Salgado........ Ext. 252
Receptionist.................................Jennifer Hickam . ... Ext. 250
Special Education Secretary....Frances Leyba ....... Ext. 246
Librarian.........................................Tiffany Bem.............. Ext. 213
Athletic Director..........................Adam Churchill....... Ext. 705
Get Involved in your
Child’s School and Join
PTO to Benefit our
Children’s Educational
Nurse.............................................Marlene Nankin....... Ext. 260
8th Grade Dance
May 23rd, 2011
6:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m.
Board members are needed to get
this exciting organization off the ground
for RRMS. We will also need members
who are willing to help out on an occasional
basis with fundraisers, activities, etc. This is a
great opportunity to get to know the school’s
administration and teachers, and help our
school community be strong and active.
Interested parties should contact Mrs. Bem,
Librarian, at 891-5335 x 213 or Mrs. Leyba,
Special Education Secretary, at x 246.
We look forward to hearing from you soon so that our PTO
can be established before the start of the 2011/2012 school
year to maximize opportunities to help our school and enhance
your child’s middle school experience and education.
All 8th graders from RRMS are
invited to attend the dance. (No students
from other grades or schools will be allowed to
attend.) Tickets will be on sale in the library for $5.00
each, starting May 16th. In order to purchase a ticket,
the student must be cleared in both the library and
the textbook room, have no outstanding fines with the
bookkeeper, and have no Level 3 infractions.
Attire is semi-formal: no jeans, t-shirts or shorts, and all
clothes must be appropriate with regards to modesty and
decorum. No costumes or masks from home (masks
will be provided at the door – no exceptions!)
**If any parent is interested in helping prepare or
provide appetizers, please contact Mrs. Bem at 891-5335
x 213 or Mrs. Leyba at x 246.
Supporting Rio Rancho Middle School
specializing in smiles for children and adults
board certified
free consultation
located mid Rio Rancho
Contact Lenses - Glasses - Eye Exams and LASIK Surgery
Daryl Bigelow, OD - Barbara Marsh, MD
Rob Melendez, MD - Jeff Strosnider, OD
Tina Watterberg, MD
Cost of the Summer Academy
$25 non-refundable registration
fee + $100 fee
Total Cost per student: $125
*Non-refundable $25 registration
Hours: Monday – Thursday,
8:00 A.M. – 11:00 A.M.
Dates: June 6 - 30, 2011
Focus: Enrichment and Remediation
Who Should Attend: Students who
have completed 5th -7th
Grades in School Year
Where: Lincoln Middle School
2287 Lema Rd. SE
Rio Rancho, NM 87124
Phone: 892-1100
fee due April 29, 2011
Volume 3 Issue 1
The Middle School Summer Academy will offer students who
have completed 5th – 7th grades the opportunity to enrich their
school experience as well as provide remediation in reading
and/or math. Enrichment courses will provide a wide variety of
experiences to engage students in learning a new skill or to engage in fun activities that will enhance their lives.
*Required to reserve your child’s
(There will be a limited number of
partial scholarships available for
students who demonstrate financial
REMA I N I NG $ 100 due
May 20, 2011
Check, cash, money order accepted
Grading is based upon Pass or Fail.
If absent more than 3 days,
student will not receive a passing
grade. (Extenuating circumstances
will be considered.)
Payable to: Rio Rancho Public Schools
Ph.D. in Music Education • 505-892-5216 • 505-240-5061
[email protected] • www.tanyaallston.com
2909 Aberdeen Dr. SE • Rio Rancho, NM 87124
• TV For Everyone
• Super Fast Internet
• Talk Forever Phone
Piano Lessons
& Concert Pianist
Rio Rancho Phoenix
What Families Can Do to
Nurture a Fit Family
Volume 3 Issue 1
Take the 5-2-1-0 Challenge
Support the American Academy of Pediatrics and
other health organizations recommendation to:
• Eat 5 or more fruits and vegetables a day
• Restrict TV and video game time to 2 hours a day
• Get at least 1 hour of physical activity a day
• Eliminate sugar-sweetened beverages from your diet
Families play an important role in shaping children’s healthy eating
and physical activity behaviors. Here are some ways families can instill
healthy behaviors in their children.
• Prepare and eat more meals together: create routines and
traditions that work best for your family, make mealtime a special
time to eat and talk together.
• Boost your family’s intake of fruits, veggies , and whole grains:
keep washed, ready to eat produce in easy reach, try at least 3
bites of one of these food groups each time – it can take 7 to 10
tries before your family likes it.
• Downsize portions: use small er plates and glasses for family
meals, eliminate second helpings.
• Be active for at least 60 minutes a day: create family routines
and traditions for active living, turn off the TV and play games
• Re-think your drink: replace sugary beverages such soda with
water, add lemon or lime to add flavor. Change to low fat or skim
• Limit eating out: stock up on basics to whip up a meal in 30
minutes or less and cook enough for leftovers.
• Tame the TV; turn it off during meals and remove it from your
child’s room.
• Make sure family members get 8 to 9 hours of sleep.
From the Health Office and the NM Department of Health
Our Children Are At Risk!
In 2010 the NM Department of Health established an elementary school Body Mass Index (BMI) surveillance system. They
looked at the height and weights of 3,442 kindergarten and third grade students. The results are alarming! NM’s third grade
graders have higher obesity rates than the national average. 13.2% of kindergarteners and 22.6% of our third graders were obese.
Do you see the difference in these percents? Obesity almost doubles by the time kids get to third grade. What does this mean in
terms of actual weight? The healthy average weight for a third grader is 60.7 pounds; the obese average weight for third grader
is 98.9 pounds, with some weighing between 150 and 200 pounds. The Health Department concluded that this study suggests
childhood obesity is an epidemic.
As a consequence of childhood obesity, many of our children face very serious health problems. There is a dramatic increase
in child onset of type II diabetes, something that rarely existed just a generation ago. 60% of our overweight children have at least
one risk factor for heart disease and stroke, including elevated levels of cholesterol, triglycerides, insulin and high blood pressure.
Childhood obesity also leads to increases in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease which leads to liver scarring and cirrhosis. As we age,
it becomes harder and harder to lose weight so the time to act is now. Do we want our children to grow up and be chronically ill
and unable to function in society at the ripe old age of 40? Think about it and act now when they are young.
From the Health office and the NM Department of Health
Team Builders
Counseling Services, Inc.
Serving New Mexico Since 1995
541 Quantum Rd. NE
Rio Rancho, NM 87124 505-994-9178
4359 Jager Dr NE, Ste E
Rio Rancho, NM 87144
Innovative and client-centered
counseling, therapy, and family
support services designed to
empower our children and families.
Se habla español
Order Online at
Large Slices *Party Pizzas * Sicilians * Calzones * Wings
Hot & Cold Subs *Pastas * Salads * Desserts
1690 Rio Rancho Dr. #E Rio Rancho, NM 87124
RRMS Student Poetry
Only in My Heart
By Joana Fernandez, 7th Grade
Even though I’ve never seen you, I believe I will someday.
I have heard a lot about you, and I can see that your lessons
have worked because they have now been taught to me and
taken me to where I am today.
I love you already and I know that you can hear me.
Because I have strong faith in God, I hope that some day
he’ll forgive me and take me to that wonderful place where
you are today.
I was only seven months old when it was time for you to go, and
yet I feel a strong connection that grows between us both.
I hope that these feelings go both ways, but even if they don’t,
I thank you for the courage that you have given me to write
this today.
By Anonymous 7th grader
Dear pain,
It’s been a while since we’ve talked.
After all, you did have me locked.
But no, not anymore,
I realized my strength and tossed you to the floor.
You won’t own me a second longer,
Volume 3 Issue 1
You are not only my grandpa but you are part of my prayer
every night and day.
Dear Pain
You are more to me than just a mystery, and sometimes I see
you in my dreams.
the grip you had on me was only getting stronger.
We Are Who We Are
By Joana Fernandez
We are who we are until the very end.
There are a few parts in my heart that have not yet been taken,
and one of them is reserved especially for you.
Races, colors, and languages; we’re all different today.
I can’t wait any longer and this anxiety in me keeps on
getting stronger.
We should be proud of who we are and not who we’re pretending
to be.
I know that I have to live my life to the fullest before I can
meet you, but this road that I’m taking is much too long until it
reaches a dead end.
At one point in our life, we are all an ugly duckling that seeks help,
but how are we supposed to get it when we’re not ourselves?
Who says we all have to be the same?
Before I know the minutes turn to hours and from hours to years.
Our life is like a tumbleweed, picking up things along the way
and sometimes falling apart on a windy day.
I take this as a step closer to meeting you and I can’t wait
until I do.
Yes, sometimes we are all lost and fall, but it’s our job to get
back on our feet.
I don’t want to leave yet, but I hope that when I do I don’t regret
the choices that I’ve made and that people that I leave, look at
me just as I look at you.
When we do just that, we’ll see that we really do fit in.
Don’t ever forget me, because I’ll always remember you.
I hope I see you there someday but until I do, all I can say is
three simple words,
No matter who we are, what we speak, what race we are or
where we are standing on this planet, we should be proud of
who we are, because it won’t be long until we are no one at all.
We are who we are until the very end.
“I love you.”
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Introductory 1-hour customized
massage session
1-hour Healthy
Skin Murad facial session
Supporting Rio Rancho Middle School
With professional estheticians and massage therapists,
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Rio Rancho Phoenix
RRMS visit Washington D.C. and New York City
8th Grade Trip to Washington
D.C. and New York
When? Spring Break 2012
Who? Any 8th grade student next year who does not have
a level 3 infraction
Volume 3 Issue 1
Great, educational, possibly once-in-a-lifetime
chance to see so much history and culture in one trip; Our
participants this year had a fantastic, jam-packed trip!
$1919 – payment plan available, and we will
What’s included?
Airfare and accommodations for 6 days
Breakfast and dinner every day
All ground transportation, security and professional tour
• All activities (see below!)
Activities (some may depend on availability or weather):
• Tour of D.C, including Capitol Hill, the White House, the
Lincoln Memorial and more!
• A visit to several of the Smithsonian Museums (National
Air and Space Museum, National Museum of Natural
History and Museum of American History)
• Visit to Mt. Vernon, George Washington’s home, and a
tour of Old Town along with a costumed guide sharing
ghost stories, legends and folklore about Alexandria
• Night view of NY from the observation deck of the
Empire State Building
• Tour of NBC studios in NY
• Guided tour of NY City, including Central Park,
Manhattan, Greenwich Village, Times Square, SOHO
and the World Trade Center site
• Metropolitan Museum of Art
• Get to see a Broadway show!
• Ferry ride to Ellis Island and a visit to the Statue of
Contact Mrs. Bem, librarian, for information
and questions 891-5335 x213
By Marcus Sanchez, 8th Grade
This past Spring Break, 35 8th graders, along with 10 adults,
went to see two great U.S. cities on the Atlantic Coast. The
first, Washington D.C., was filled with the amazing Smithsonian
Museums which we visited the first day of our trip. We saw the
Museum of Natural History, (where “Night at the Museum 2”
was filmed), the Museum of American History, and the Museum
of Air and Space. The next day we headed over to the famous
monuments of the city, including the Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson
Memorial, F.D.R. Memorial, and more. We also visited Arlington
National Cemetery where we saw the changing of the guard by
the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, and J.F.K.’s gravesite. Mount
Vernon, birthplace of our Nations First President, was our next
stop. On Wednesday we visited the White House, U.S. Capitol,
Library of Congress, Carlos’ Bake Shop, and Times Square all
in the duration of the day.
In New York, we went sightseeing and walked throughout
Manhattan. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Central Park (where
we got to see part of the St. Patrick’s Day Parade), and, after
dinner in Times Square, Broadway to see the Phantom of the
Opera were some of our activities. Phantom of the Opera was
really something to see, with beautiful music, songs, dancing, sets,
and fire; this was
easily the highlight
of the trip for me.
York City
By Brianna Plant,
8th Grade
many things to do
in New York! My RRMS students at Alice in Wonderland
favorite part was the Statue in Central Park.
Broadway play -we got to see Phantom of the Opera. I wasn’t
expecting to like the show but everything was fascinating and
it kept me on the edge of my seat. We also went to the Empire
State Building at night. It was so cool to see New York all lit
up. Surprisingly, the Statue of Liberty is not as tall as it looks in
movies. There were so many places to shop. For instance, there
was a four-story Toys’R’Us, a four-story Forever21, an Oakley
store, a three-story Aeropostale, H&M, the New York Yankees
store, Sephora, and even an M&M world. I recommend this trip
to anyone thinking about it for next year!
Looking for the very best in your child’s dental experience?
In-Office Movie Theater
Heated, Massaging Dental Chairs
Each chair equipped with HD movies
All Private Insurances accepted
Specially trained staff just for kids!
Spencer Tasker, DMD
2421 Cabezon Blvd., Rio Rancho 87124
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A proud sponsor
of Luggage for Kids.
For more information please call:
Kathy (505)362-6878
*You will be required to complete a criminal background check and home study.
Spanish Spelling Bee
Congratulations to RRMS Spanish Spelling Bee Winners:
Marcus Sanchez 8th Grade - 1st Place
Antonio Mora 8th Grade - 2nd Place
Both boys were awarded plaques, and also competed at the
RRPS District Spanish Spelling Bee.
Rio Rancho MS
Girls Softball Season
As we approach the end of the school year, please
remember that all students must return all school materials such
as textbooks, library books, choir dresses, etc. before the end of
the year. Any outstanding fines or fees for overdue, damaged
or lost books or materials are the responsibility of the student
and must be paid before the student is cleared for registration
for next year. If a student has outstanding materials or any
fines at the end of the year, his or her report card will be held
and registration delayed until the fine is paid or the materials are
returned. Thank you for your help in ensuring that your child is
being responsible and that our school has enough materials for
students next year!! Have a wonderful summer!
Mrs. Bem - RRMS Librarian
Come see why over 400 families have
chosen to make Loma Colorado home.
This Pulte Homes master planned community sits
adjacent to Rio Rancho High School, the indoor
aquatic center, Loma Colorado library and the Rio
Rancho Sports complex.
Volume 3 Issue 1
Textbook and
Library Book Reminder
The Rio Rancho girls softball season has begun, and
is off to a great start! They have been practicing hard
out in the field, and opened up the season with three
scrimmage games against the other local middle schools,
starting off the unofficial record as 3-0. The girls took on
Lincoln Middle School and won two out of three.
Coach Tina Whitt says “It’s so great to see the girls
coming out each day and working hard! This softball
experience will last them a lifetime!”
We invite everyone to come out and cheer on our
girls during our season. GO PHOENIX!!
Phoenix Track
Cleveland Middle School
track competed in Belen and both
7th and 8th grade boys and girls
came away victorious! They
also did well in a recent meet in
Bernalillo. Great work Phoenix!
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[email protected]
P h o e n i x
G a z e t t e
Rio Rancho Middle School
Non-Profit Organization
U.S. Postage
Permit #1889
Rio Rancho, NM
1600 Loma Colorado Blvd.
NE Rio Rancho, NM 87144
RRMS gladly collects “Box Tops for Education.” They can be dropped
off at the front office. Thank you!
Health Partners
10511 Golf
Course Rd. NW
Suite 103
5150 Journal
Center Blvd. NE
Orthopedic Department
General Orthopedic Care
Sports Medicine and
Joint Replacement
Damen Sacoman, M.D.
Laurence Laudicina, M.D.
Thomas McEnnerney, M.D.
Mario Quesada, M.D.
Richard Meredick, Jr., M.D.
Dentistry for Children and Teens
a plan to fit
every budget
learn more at
(505) 892-9010
Smiles for
Did you know…?
Tooth decay is the #1 childhood disease in
New Mexico!
Private Insurance & Medicaid Welcome
8201 Golf Course Rd., Ste C-3, ABQ 87120
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