Water Booster Systems Wastewater Lift Station Sears Tower



Water Booster Systems Wastewater Lift Station Sears Tower
The utilization of variable frequency drives provides a wide range of benefits for a variety of
pumping systems. From sanitary and storm water to domestic and municipal water systems,
VFD’s offer several advantages over constant speed systems including: reduced energy
consumption, constant pressure supply, improved system control and operation, steady-state
flow, surge and water-hammer reduction, reduced wear and damage to system components,
and increased pump life.
Water Booster Systems
191 N. Wacker, Chicago, IL
Variable speed water pressure systems use a
transducer to sense pressure and automatically vary
the speed of the pump(s) to maintain a constant
discharge pressure regardless of the system
demand. Energy is saved due to the elimination of
PRV valve losses and also developing a constand
pressure at all flow conditions.
Wastewater Lift Station
Bolingbrook, IL
Qty. (3) - 100 HP, 8” non-clog pumps,
3 - 100 HP Variable Frequency Drives,
Programmable Logic Controller with Touch
Screen, Environmentally Controlled Stainless
Steel Outer Enclosure.
Sears Tower, Chicago IL
Retrofit control system with variable
speed drives and local & remote touch
screens. Operates three (3) pressure
zones with local zone integration.
31st Floor Zone
64th Floor Zone
88th Floor Zone
Domestic Water
37 Forestwood Drive
Romeoville, IL 60446
(815) 886-9200 • Fax (815) 886-6932

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