Leadership Greater Chicago
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program report
Leadership Greater Chicago
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program report
Broaden Your Vision
From Our President and Executive Director
The Fellows Year in Review 4
Leadership Fellows Association
Distinguished Fellow Award
The 2010 Leadership Fellows Class
Stories of Impact
Celebrating 25 Years of Inspiring Civic Leadership
Applying for the Fellows Program
Thanks to Our Contributors
Boards of Directors
Leadership Greater Chicago’s mission
is to create lifelong partnerships
and develop community awareness
among leaders in the Chicago
metropolitan area. It accomplishes
this mission by:
uilding relationships characterized by
respect, trust, and understanding among
leaders who represent the diverse segments
of Greater Chicago. Such representation
includes race and ethnicity, gender,
occupations, and the many communities
of Greater Chicago;
amiliarizing these leaders with the multiple
perspectives regarding Greater Chicago’s
challenges, opportunities, and resources; and
ctively encouraging and enabling these
leaders to be involved in the Greater Chicago
community throughout their lives.
2010 Program Report
From our President
and Executive Director
Andrea L. Zopp
David DeCoursey
Dear Friends:
Challenging times call for leadership. Leaders whose eyes are opened to the resources,
opportunities and tests our community faces. Leaders with a vision of what our community can be.
Leadership Greater Chicago is meeting the challenge of the times by broadening the
vision of smart, passionate and diverse rising stars from all sectors—and inspiring them
to new heights of community involvement. The only organization in Chicago committed
to developing civic leadership, for 26 years Leadership Greater Chicago has been feeding
the pipeline of visionary community leaders who drive civic betterment.
Our Fellows are indeed the drivers of the future.
Leading Chicago in a time of crisis
LGC Fellows are leaders in virtually all aspects of civic life—housing, transportation,
healthcare, education, arts, advocacy, governance, economic development and more.
The impact of our Fellows’ civic commitment is felt throughout the metropolitan area.
Take a look at our website—www.lgcchicago.org—for information on our 797 Fellows.
Leaders abound.
Taking the LGC ethos to Washington
In 2009, many of our Fellows extended their civic commitment from Chicago to the
nation. Michelle Obama needs no introduction. Valerie Jarrett brings her wisdom to
the White House. Arne Duncan has taken the national helm on education. Economist
Austan Goolsbee is a well-respected voice on the Council on Economic Advisors. We
have several other Fellows now serving in Washington—among them, Robert Rivkin at
the Department of Transportation and Erika Poethig at the Department of Housing and
Urban Development.
We are so proud of these Fellows—they are taking the LGC ethos of respect, understanding, open-mindedness, dialogue and inclusiveness to the national stage.
The latest additions to the leadership pipeline
Our 2009 Fellows class nimbly incorporated the changing economic and political
environment into their examination of the Chicago area’s resources and challenges.
Broaden Your Vision
With open minds, a wealth of questions and rich thought, they demonstrated a deep
capacity for leadership going forward. You’ll find highlights of their exceptional year
on pages 4–7.
LGC’s Recruitment and Selection Committees have done a stellar job of assembling the
class of 2010, an outstanding group of diverse rising stars. LGC will challenge the 2010
Fellows to connect, collaborate and think creatively as they examine the pressing issues of
our day and build the skills to become the civic leaders of tomorrow. Meet LGC’s newest
class, beginning on page 10.
Leading the leaders
Leadership Greater Chicago is graced with an extraordinary Board of Directors. We
acknowledge specially this year Jennifer Steans of Financial Investments Corp., who has
completed her term on the Board. Jennifer served ably for nine years, two of them as
Board Chair. We thank her for her commitment and vision.
Our whole community felt the recent loss of Board Member Judge Sandra Otaka. She is
sorely missed.
We are pleased to welcome our new Board member, Michael Cho of JPMorgan Chase.
We look forward to his guidance and ideas.
Celebrating amid challenges
In 2009, our Fellows responded to difficult community challenges with creativity and
commitment. And amid the challenges, we at Leadership Greater Chicago celebrated
the organization’s 25th Anniversary—a quarter century of broadening the vision of
community leaders.
We are grateful to all the supporters and leaders who have made our program possible.
We acknowledge in particular the Chicago Community Trust, our visionary founding
donor. The Trust remains our central partner in building civic leadership for the
Chicago area.
Andrea L. Zopp President
David DeCoursey Executive Director
2010 Program Report
the 2008-2009
fellows program
connecting and
mobilizing leaders
The 2009 Fellows class followed the 25-year tradition
of learning about Chicago’s resources and challenges,
exploring innovative approaches to community
betterment, connecting with civic leaders and with
each other, and becoming inspired to advance their
community leadership.
Fellows met with over 70 community leaders, policy
makers and experts. They visited neighborhood sites
throughout Chicago—schools, places of worship,
housing facilities, community centers. They met people
working at the grassroots and people working at the
upper echelons of government.
And they learned from each other. From the opening
An unsurpassed
and social opportunities in between, the Class of 2009
that I will carry
became a unit, building relationships that will become
with me for life.
retreat to the closing retreat, with discussions, dialogues
Leadership Greater Chicago
powerful forces for community betterment.
educating and
across classes
the leadership fellows
Since 1992, the Leadership Fellows Association (LFA)
has served as the alumni connection and education
arm of Leadership Greater Chicago. LFA keeps Fellows
up-to-date on key community issues, helps Fellows
stay connected to each other and to the organization,
promotes cross-class networking and collaborations,
and inspires community leadership long after Fellows
have completed their Fellowship years.
2010 Program Report
The Fellows year in review
September 2008
January 2009
team building During the two-day opening retreat,
Fellows got to know each other, shared leadership experiences and explored goals and visions for the Fellows
Program. The creative and social event helped develop a
team atmosphere for a great start to the year.
race and ethnic relations For one evening
and the next full day, Fellows grappled with complex issues
of race and ethnicity. After sharing personal stories, Fellows
engaged in study and dialogue with experts on how race
relations have shaped Chicago’s geography and institutions,
corporate efforts to build diversity, assimilation and cultural
preservation, and the future of race in the Obama era.
october 2008
community awareness The Fellows visited
Chicago’s Pilsen and Little Village neighborhoods, getting an up-close perspective on challenges and opportunities from local community leaders. Later, small groups
were hosted by LGC Fellows for mini-site visits in the
North Lawndale, Lakeview and Greater Grand Crossing
february 2009
Healthcare Fellows spent a full day at Stroger
Hospital learning about healthcare finances, the Obama
healthcare plan and arguments for and against it, the challenges of access to healthcare, and disparities in healthcare
treatment, with breast cancer as a case study. The session
included a tour of Stroger Hospital.
march 2009
Community Awareness session
was a phenomenal opportunity to
become exposed to areas of the city
that I hadn’t encountered before.
november 2008
global chicago Organized in collaboration with
the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, this session featured
experts speaking on how the Chicago region influences—
and is influenced by—three areas of global import: world
business development; immigration patterns; and energy
and climate issues.
December 2008
education Meeting at CPS’s Manley Career Academy,
Fellows dialogued with experts on school choice, school
funding, teacher education and community-school linkages.
housing This year’s housing session focused on the challenges caused by the country’s foreclosure and jobs crises,
as well as the opportunities for positive housing outcomes
using “green” strategies. In addition to dialogues with
experts, Fellows visited Sanctuary Place, a residential complex for homeless women with special needs, CHA’s Lathrop
Homes and the Green Exchange, a newly developed sustainable business center.
race and ethnic relations
session was not just powerful in
terms of LGC but in my whole
life experience. Rarely, if ever,
have I had the opportunity
to witness and share feelings
around such a complex and
emotional subject. The diversity
of our class and everyone’s
willingness to participate made
the experience incredibly rich
and transformative.
Leadership Greater Chicago
Global Chicago session was
absolutely fascinating and put
Chicago in a whole new light. It gave
Chicago context in the bigger picture
of the global economy—it’s hard to
imagine how you can address issues
in Chicago without attention to its
place in the world…
April 2009
crime and violence Meeting at the Juvenile
Justice Bureau in the Circuit Court of Cook County, the
Fellows dialogued with experts in four hot-button areas:
sentencing guidelines, the state of the Illinois juvenile justice
system, reentry from prison into the community and the
war on drugs. Later, Fellows participated in police ridealongs for a close-up look at crime control.
may 2009
philanthropy and volunteerism Nine
experts and community volunteers offered their viewpoints
on the state of philanthropy in Chicago, how to manage
donor relationships, changing models of service and giving,
and the personal motivation for and impact of volunteerism
and philanthropy.
june 2009
Envisioning the future Wrapping up their
Fellowship year, Fellows spent two days exploring the
principal lessons for the year, discussing responsibility
for Chicago’s challenges, identifying ways for class members
to support each other and creating personal plans for
civic involvement and activism. A fine ending to an
outstanding year!
Broaden Your Vision
Top: Erika Poethig, MarySue Barrett and Ed Tanzman
at the 25th Anniversary Symposium.
Middle: Arnold Randall leads small group discussion
on the 2016 Olympics at Symposium.
Below Left: Harry Chandler at Symposium.
Below Right: Soo Ji Min and Shelley Davis at 25th
Anniversary Celebration.
Leadership Breakfasts
and Lunches
Left: Symposium participants
discussing Chicago and change.
Left: Steve Derks and David Tropp
Below: Chicago Community Trust
President and CEO Terry Mazany
and Keynote Speaker Dr. Manual
Pastor of UCLA share their
Each year, Fellows have the unique opportunity to dialogue
with high-level community leaders on critical public policy
issues. Fellows in the class of 2009 met with: Arne Duncan,
Andrew McKenna, Anita Alvarez, Patrick Fitzgerald,
Marca Bristo, Francis Cardinal George and Michael
cultural and social gatherings
Chicago’s arts community adds immeasurably to the community’s richness. The 2009 Fellows experienced the city’s
arts with visits to Lookingglass Theater, Chicago Sinfonietta
and the National Museum of Mexican Art. Added on to
these visits were opportunities for Fellows to continue the
dialogues begun in formal sessions. These social and informal gatherings deepened the Fellows’ LGC experience and
paved the way for lifelong relationships.
found the program
valuable. I learned
a lot, became friends with a
diverse group of people I most
likely otherwise would never
have met, and was challenged
to think through how I could
personally give back to the
Chicago community.
Above: Howard Learner, Jane Ramsey and Ron Daly
2010 Program Report
the leadership fellows association
tuesday breakfasts
Parties and reunions
New this year, these monthly breakfast forums featured
panels of experts, many from LGC’s ranks, discussing topics
linked to the current class’s agenda. Approximately 20-30
Fellows attended each session, engaging in stimulating crossclass dialogue. Topics included:
• community awareness
• creativity and culture in Chicago’s economy
• the federal role in education
• talking about race in the Obama era
• healthcare policy updates
• Chicago’s response to the foreclosure crisis
• violent crime in Chicago and
• trends in philanthropy.
The always well-attended Holiday Party gave Fellows a
chance to connect socially across class lines, and included
a fundraising benefit for Housing Opportunities and
Maintentance for the Elderly (H.O.M.E.). The second year
of LFA’s Annual Class Reunions Weeks drew almost half of
our Chicago-area Fellows for reconnection with classmates.
special events
LFA continued its practice of offering opportunities for
Fellows to meet with extraordinary leaders from the public
and private sectors. 2009 featured two special programs
drawing Fellows from all classes. In January, over 200
Fellows and guests joined LGC in Washington D.C.
during inauguration week for a special reception honoring Chicago’s leaders moving to the national stage. And
in February, over 60 Fellows heard from a stellar panel on
ethics reform in Illinois, featuring Lisa Madigan, Patrick
Collins and Cynthia Canary.
Annual appeal
Sectoral diversity is a core value of Leadership Greater
Chicago—and LGC could not achieve that diversity without gifts from generous supporters to cover the program
costs for Fellows from the nonprofit and government sectors. The Leadership Fellows Association is on the frontline of fundraising for LGC, sponsoring the organization’s
Annual Fellows Appeal and motivating Fellows to donate
generously. LGC is grateful for the generous volunteer
efforts of LFA’s leaders and the financial support of Fellows.
the 2009 Distinguished Fellow Award
Howard Learner, Executive Director
Environmental Law and Policy Center
At the 25th Anniversary Dinner in May 2009, we were
delighted to honor Howard Learner, Founder and Executive
Director of the Environmental Law and Policy Center
(ELPC) with the 2009 Distinguished Fellow Award. With
Howard’s outstanding leadership, ELPC is widely recognized
as leading the charge on strategic policies to achieve environmental progress together with economic development.
Howard and ELPC are policy innovators in promoting clean
energy and Midwest high-speed rail development to create
new “green” jobs, spur economic growth and reduce global
warming pollution.
a diverse coalition of national, state and
local policymakers, business groups, labor and
environmental and civic organizations.
Howard is widely respected for his strategic vision and
commitment. He served as Senior Advisor on Energy and
Environmental Issues to the Obama for President Campaign
and his clean energy policy strategy has gained support from
We thank Howard for his leadership and congratulate him
as our 2009 Distinguished Fellow.
The breadth of Howard’s commitments outside
of ELPC is impressive—Friends of Israel’s Environment
(Chair), American Council on Renewable Energy
(Director), Citizen Action Illinois (Board Member), and
Adjunct Professor at Northwestern University Law School.
Howard was the founding President and Chairman of the
Citizens Utility Board.
The 2010 Leadership
Fellows Class
Leadership Greater Chicago’s unique value—and a true
organizational strength—is our ability to connect a cross
section of talented leaders from different backgrounds with
diverse interests. All these leaders bring to the table our core
values of civic commitment, curiosity, respect for others and
enthusiasm for Chicago. We welcome the 36 members of the
Class of 2010, who admirably reflect these values.
Broaden Your Vision
Executive Director Cabrini Green Legal Aid
In March 2004, Mr. Acton was named Executive Director of Cabrini
Green Legal Aid, a nonprofit agency that provides free legal representation to 5,000 low-income Chicagoans each year and engages
in policy efforts to strengthen lives and communities. Mr. Acton
serves on the Board of Illinois Legal Aid Online and the Advisory
Board of The Axelson Center for Nonprofit Management. He teaches
nonprofit management at North Park University. Mr. Acton has held
a number of leadership positions in the Chicago Bar Association’s
committees on legal aid and pro bono work. Mr. Acton was nominated by President Charles Middleton of Roosevelt University, Adam
Stanley of Aon and Lisa Colpoys of Illinois Legal Aid Online.
Associate Professor of Medicine
Northwestern University
Dr. Ahya is both a clinician and teacher in her medical specialty
of nephrology. She directs Northwestern’s Nephrology Fellowship
Program and collaborates with the Internal Medicine Program on
medical education research. Dr. Ahya founded and volunteers at
the Nephrology Clinic at the Community Health Center Clinic in
Chicago. She has also volunteered in clinics in India and Bolivia.
Dr. Ahya is active in the American Society of Nephrology and the
National Kidney Foundation of Illinois. She was nominated by
Dr. June McKoy of Northwestern University Feinberg School of
Medicine and Krenna Weiss of JPMorgan Chase.
Director, Public Affairs U.S. Cellular
Ms. Antoniewicz oversees U.S. Cellular’s philanthropy, grant making, volunteerism and in-kind donation programs and leads the
company’s United Way campaign. She has developed company-wide
grassroots education initiatives and spearheaded a company-wide
volunteer program. Prior to joining U.S. Cellular in 2004, Ms.
Antoniewicz was the Director of Development and Communications
for Christopher House; she now chairs the Board of Advisors for
Christopher House’s GEAR UP program. She has also been active in
Community Support Services. Ms. Antoniewicz was nominated by
John Rooney and Thomas J. Griffin of U.S. Cellular.
Deputy General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer
Heidrick & Struggles International Inc.
Mr. Beard provides legal advice to the management of Heidrick
& Struggles, an executive recruiting and leadership advisory firm.
Mr. Beard developed and is responsible for global implementation
and oversight of the firm’s formal ethics and compliance programs.
Previously, Mr. Beard was a member of Schiff Hardin’s Corporate
and Securities practice group. Among his many civic activities,
Mr. Beard is a Board Member and volunteer sponsor for LINK
Unlimited and has served as Vice President of the Metropolitan
Board of the Chicago Urban League. Mr. Beard was nominated
by Patricia Holmes of Schiff Hardin LLP and L. Kevin Kelly of
Heidrick & Struggles.
Director, Labor and Employee Relations
Exelon Corporation
Mr. Campbell establishes Exelon’s overall corporate labor relations
and employee relations strategies, directs employee arbitrations and
grievances, implements labor laws and policies and acts as the lead
company negotiator for the generation business sector. Prior to joining Exelon in 2004, he served as Senior Director of Labor Relations
at BellSouth Corporation. Mr. Campbell serves on the Board of the
National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship and has had
leadership roles on the Corporate Advisory Board of the Kennesaw
State University School of Conflict Management. Mr. Campbell was
nominated by Diana Sorfleet of Exelon.
Assistant General Counsel
BlueCross BlueShield of Illinois
Ms. Coleman manages legal matters for BCBS-IL in corporate real
estate, facilities contracts, consumer marketing and advertising and
corporate litigation. Before joining BCBS–IL in 2005, Ms. Coleman
was a Major Claims Oversight Analyst for CNA Insurance Co.
Ms. Coleman is active in the Black Women Lawyers’ Association
and serves on the Boards of the Council on Legal Education
Opportunity, Midwest Minority In-House Counsel Group,
Constitutional Rights Foundation and the Center for Performing
Arts at Governors State University. Ms. Coleman was nominated
by Aurora Abella-Austriaco of Austriaco & Associates, Deborah
Dorman-Rodriguez of BlueCross BlueShield and many others.
2010 Program Report
Chief Operating Officer
Breakthrough Urban Ministries
Vice President and Chief Development Officer
Chicago Transit Authority
Since 2000, Mr. Curry has held positions of increasing responsibility
at Breakthrough, a social services nonprofit in East Garfield Park. He
is currently responsible for program operations, fund development,
administration and strategic direction. Previously, he held leadership
roles at Middletown Christian High School. Among his community
activities, Mr. Curry founded the Lighthouse Christian Fellowship
in East Garfield Park and is a Board Member of the Garfield Park
Preparatory Academy. Mr. Curry was nominated by Arloa Sutter of
Breakthrough Urban Ministries, Mike Ivers of Goodcity, Phil Jackson
of The House Covenant, Kate Maehr of Greater Chicago Food
Depository, Greg Welch of Spencer Stuart and David Doig.
Ms. Delgado is responsible for the Chicago Transit Authority’s
Government and Community Relations department, in which
she oversees relationships between the Authority and elected
officials, community organizations and government agencies.
Previously, she served as Deputy Director of Mayor Daley’s Office of
Intergovernmental Affairs, where she managed the City of Chicago’s
state legislative agenda. Ms. Delgado has been active in the National
Hispanic Institute and the Illinois Municipal Conference. She was
nominated by Carole Brown of Siebert Brandford Shank and Richard
Rodriguez of the Chicago Transit Authority.
Vice President Fifth Third Bank
Mr. Doucet serves as Vice President in the Middle Market Lending
Division and was one of the developers of a specialty lending group
for the construction and engineering industry. Previously, he was
Vice President of Crum & Forster Insurance. He regularly gives
banking solution presentations to contractors and community
groups and teaches minority contractors at the Turner School of
Construction Management. Mr. Doucet is President of the Outreach
Commission of St. Vincent DePaul Parish and a Mentor/Sponsor
with LINK Unlimited. He was nominated by Chip Reeves of Fifth
Third Bank, Leslie Anderson of Harris Bank, Joseph McCoy of
Perkins Coie and Robert Frentzel of The PrivateBank.
Deputy Chief, Office of School Innovation
DC Public Schools
Director, Human Resources Kraft Foods
Mr. de las Alas is responsible for human resources for Kraft’s North
American Foodservice business unit. Previously, he was a Senior
Manager in Leadership Development for Ford Motor Company. Mr.
de las Alas has been active with Michigan State University College
of Business Alumni Advisory Board for Multicultural Business
Programs, Society for Human Resources Management and the Kraft
Foods Asian American Employee Council. He is active in Kraft’s
leadership development and diversity efforts, and mentors junior
talent. His volunteer activities have included church ministries and
summer camps for disadvantaged children. Mr. de las Alas was nominated by Tom Sampson and Stephanie Bradley Smith, both of Kraft.
Broaden Your Vision
Prior to joining DC Public Schools as Deputy Chief of the Office of
School Innovation, Mr. Edelman was Executive Officer of the Office
of New Schools for the Chicago Public Schools, leading the preparation of school operators opening new school options. Prior to that
position, Mr. Edelman was principal of SEED Public Charter School
and involved in the SEED Foundation. Active in various educational
organizations in California and Washington, D.C., Mr. Edelman
also served as a youth mentor with the RISE Program and Real
Men Read. Mr. Edelman was nominated by Donald Stewart of the
Harris School/University of Chicago and Hill Hammock of Chicago
Deferred Exchange Company.
Vice President Strategy McDonald’s Corporation
Mr. Flores is responsible for developing the strategic agenda, threeyear business plans and communications platform for the Senior
Leadership Team of McDonald’s USA. Prior to his current position, he served as Vice President General Manager of McDonald’s
Pittsburgh Region. Mr. Flores has been active with the Ronald
McDonald House Charities and St. John of the Cross Catholic
Church and School. He co-founded New Hope Connection, a community group resettling refugees from the former Yugoslavia. Mr.
Flores was nominated by Bridget O’Keefe of Daspin & Aument and
Don Thompson of McDonald’s USA.
Right: Jason Malave makes a point in Pilsen.
Below: Jim Sifuentes, Rob Acton, Venu Gupta and Lisa Montez at
a community site visit in Pilsen.
Left: Speakers Steve McIlarth
and Lilyam Cruz discuss
effective teaching at the
Education session.
Right: Jill Antoniewicz and
Denise Lam
Far Right: Josh Edelman
addresses class at the education
Above: Juan Rangel and 2010 Class tour UNO Charter School.
Left: Sonia Coleman poses a question.
2010 Program Report
to serve
“Every session was eye-opening,” reports
Since finishing the Fellows Program, Michael
Michael Cho ’08, Senior Vice President at
JPMorgan Chase. When Michael started his
has arranged for colleagues at Chase to visit
Fellows year, he was civically active in Asian
hired an intern from Comer—part of a class-
American professional associations and community organizations in Glenview. His LGC
experience opened his eyes to the diverse
wide project to promote corporate internships for inner-city youth.
Amid the ten months of intensive learning about Chicago’s needs, several site
Michael also noted the value of the LGC experience to his employer. “Chase is in diverse
Chicago neighborhoods, offering lending,
mortgages and banking services. It makes
sense for our people to understand neighbor-
visits stood out for Michael. “Three of my
classmates hosted us at
hood concerns. LGC gave me a close-up view
of the needs of the communities we serve.”
needs in Chicago neighborhoods and inspired
him to broaden his community involvement.
and support Cara, volunteered at Umoja, and
I tell them, you’ll meet the most
talented young leaders in Chicago,
you’ll become connected to an
amazing network of people—and
you’ll have a perspective-changing
year. I did.
their organizations—The
Cara Program, the Comer
Center, and Umoja. I was
so impressed with how
well run these programs
are—and the amazing work
they’re doing for disadvantaged adults and kids.”
Michael now encourages other rising Chase
leaders to consider the Fellows Program.
“I tell them, you’ll meet the most talented
young leaders in Chicago, you’ll become
connected to an amazing network of people—and you’ll have a perspective-changing
year. I did.”
Stories of impact
Broaden your
the value of
Sergio Acosta ’99, an LGC Board
Member, credits his Fellows year
with deepening his understanding of the issues facing Chicago.
“I consider myself pretty wellread, but LGC was an eye-opening experience
when it came to understanding what’s really
going on in Chicago neighborhoods.”
As the Chief of the General Crimes section for
the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Chicago, Sergio
finds the LGC education useful. “My office
addresses all sorts of substantive law issues
that come up in neighborhoods—drugs,
violence and firearms, to name a few. Having
a deeper understanding of the issues that
confront neighborhoods helps me do my job
Observing leadership skills in action is
another benefit of the Fellows experience,
Sergio reports. “You meet and connect with
people who have great leadership qualities.
Broaden Your Vision
You come out of the experience with concrete models for leadership and creative
ideas for how to become a better leader.”
Sergio understands LGC’s value to the community. “People who go through the program go back out into the community with a
deeper knowledge and a broader perspective
on issues facing the Chicago area. That can
only benefit our community.”
You come out of the experience
with concrete models for leadership
and creative ideas for how to
become a better leader.
LGC makes Fellows aware
The Power
to Make
A Corporate Relations Manager at Allstate
when she participated in the Fellows
Program, Angela Cobb ’08 applied to
LGC to get a “survey course on Chicago’s
civic life.”
Since her Fellows year, Angela has transi-
tioned from Allstate to the nonprofit arena,
taking a position as Chief Diversity Officer
at Teach for America. LGC provided the
LGC also exposed Angela to new ideas about
Chicago’s challenges. “I learned so much
about issues that hadn’t been on my radar.
The complexities—and the interrelationships
between issues—were mind-blowing.”
the power of
LGC Board Member Liz
Thompson ‘91 understands
the leverage of LGC’s “people
connection.” Liz worked at
Ameritech when she participated in the
Fellows Program and was becoming involved
in civic activities. For Liz, LGC connected the
dots between the corporate world and the
community. “It was eye-opening to learn how
everybody and everything is interconnected.”
Shortly after her
Fellows year, Liz
boon for those of us who left Ameritech to
become the founding
to change the world!
Executive Director of
City Year Chicago.
“I really saw the power of LGC’s connections
when I needed to get things done for
City Year.
The LGC people connection is a
a difference. That’s powerful.
power to make change,” says Angela. “That
so much to make a difference. That made a
big impact on me.”
world of opportunities to make
What she got was much more. “We have the
was a key take-away from the Program.”
Angela’s classmates were deeply engaged
in teaching each other about community
needs—and quick to volunteer for each other’s organizations and projects. “We were a
small group. But, collectively, we were doing
of the issues and opens up a
catalyst for her transition. “LGC showed me
the urgency of community need—and created within me a real desire to participate
in a more hands-on manner.” Angela’s LGC
classmates were a key resource. “They gave
me a safe space to figure out my path and
provided amazing role models.”
“When people are aware, they can mobilize
and make a difference,” says Angela. “LGC
makes Fellows aware of the issues and opens
up a world of opportunities to make a difference. That’s powerful.”
I could draw on Fellows’ wisdom and
experience; I could call on Fellows who were
lawyers and fundraisers for help; I could contact Fellows in nonprofits to develop great
service opportunities for
my City Year volunteers.”
Liz’s life path took her away from Chicago’s
civic scene for almost ten years. When she
returned, LGC helped her reintegrate. Now
on the Boards of City Year Chicago, Ronald
McDonald House of Chicago and Northwest
Indiana and Chicago School of Professional
Psychology, Liz regularly calls on LGC alums
to help those organizations achieve their missions. “I’ve become more committed to LGC
over time,” Liz reports. “The LGC people connection is a huge boon for those of us who
want to change the world!”
2010 Program Report
Managing Director
The PrivateBank and Trust Company
Mr. Greenblatt is a leader in The PrivateBank’s middle market
commercial banking division. He spent 20 years in commercial
banking at LaSalle Bank and The Northern Trust before joining The
PrivateBank in 2007. Mr. Greenblatt has made a major volunteer
commitment as Board Chair of The Children’s Place Association,
which serves families and children with HIV/AIDS. He is also active
as a coach with youth teams in Downers Grove. Mr. Greenblatt
was nominated by Larry Richman and Bruce Lubin, both of The
Executive Director Chicago Committee on Minorities
in Large Law Firms
Ms. Gupta has been active in the advocacy arena throughout her
career. Currently, she serves as Executive Director of the Chicago
Committee on Minorities in Large Law Firms, which promotes
hiring and retention of minorities in larger Chicago firms. She has
served on the boards of directors of a number of civic and community groups including Business People in the Public Interest, Asian
American Institute, Apna Ghar and Rasaka Theatre Company. Ms.
Gupta was nominated by Judge Sanjay Tailor of the Cook County
Circuit Court and Philip Harris of Jenner & Block.
Executive Director Lawndale Christian Development
Ms. Jackson has worked in housing and community development
virtually her entire career. Currently she is the executive director
of the Westside community development organization, Lawndale
Christian Development Corporation. She has been active in a number of Westside organizations including the Lawndale Community
Church and The Firehouse Community Arts Center, as well as the
national Christian Community Development Corporation. Ms.
Jackson was nominated by Michael Ivers of Goodcity and Philip
Jackson of The House Development Corporation.
Chief of Staff Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office
Mr. Kirk serves as the head of the Executive Staff at the State’s
Attorney’s Office, with responsibility for budget, hiring, and overall
office administration. Before rejoining the State’s Attorney’s Office
in 2008 he was a partner at the law firm of Querrey & Harrow. He
served as Chairman of State’s Attorney Alvarez’s campaign, serves on
the Chicago Bar Association’s Judicial Evaluation Committee and has
been active with Teen Living Programs. Mr. Kirk was nominated by
Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez and Bridget HealeyRyan of the State’s Attorney’s Office.
Broaden Your Vision
Senior Vice President Loop Capital Markets
Mr. Knox is head of Project Finance for Loop Capital Markets with
responsibility for the municipal finance banking area. Prior to joining
the firm in 2007, he worked with Goldman, Sachs & Co. and Open
Prairie Ventures. Along with his wife, Mr. Knox co-founded Radio
Link Media. Mr. Knox currently serves on the Board of Overseers of
the Stuart School of Business at the Illinois Institute of Technology.
He was nominated for the program by James Reynolds of Loop
Capital Markets and Lois Scott of Scott Balice Strategies.
Director of Operations
Greater Chicago Food Depository
Mr. La Luz joined the Greater Chicago Food Depository after leaving the United States Army in 1992. He is responsible for overseeing operations relating to delivery of emergency and supplemental
food, including logistics, transportation, compliance, workforce
development, meal production and government programs. He is
the spokesperson for the organization in the Latino community
and volunteers with Feeding America, the Consortium to Lower
Obesity in Chicago’s Children, and a number of youth sports teams.
Mr. La Luz was nominated by Kate Maehr of the Greater Chicago
Food Depository, Steven McCullough of Bethel New Life, and Greg
Mooney of the Gary Comer Youth Center.
Pastor St. Bartholomew Church
Father Malave has been a leader in parish work in the Catholic
Archdiocese of Chicago since his ordination in 1997. He currently
is the pastor of St. Bartholomew Parish on Chicago’s northwest
side. Father Malave has been active in the Northwest Neighborhood
Federation, which he chaired for two years, and the Interfaith
Committee for Workers Rights. He is a Catholic Relief Services
Global Fellow. He was nominated by Archbishop Francis Cardinal
George and Rev. Joseph Noonan, both of the Archdiocese of
Chief Operating Officer Cook County Department of
Public Health
Executive Director Leaning Tower YMCA of the YMCA
of Metropolitan Chicago
Ms. Lam currently serves as the Executive Director of the Leaning
Tower YMCA in Niles. She is responsible for ensuring the success
of this full service YMCA, which includes social services for families
and children and single room occupancy residential services. Prior to
joining the YMCA, she served as Executive Director of the Chinese
Mutual Aid Association. Ms. Lam has been active with the Asian
American Institute, Chicago Commission on Human Relations,
Niles Chamber of Commerce, and Resurrection Medical Center. She
was nominated by Perry Gunn and Fran Bell, both of the YMCA of
Metropolitan Chicago.
Vice President The Northern Trust Company
Ms. Lind manages Enterprise Data Management for The Northern
Trust Company, providing support for business functions worldwide.
She has been with The Northern Trust for the past ten years. Ms.
Lind has been active with Junior Achievement Chicago as a school
volunteer and the Whole School Program Coordinator. She heads up
the bank’s relationship with Junior Achievement. She was nominated by Rick Waddell and Tim Moen, both of The Northern Trust
As the Chief Operating Officer of Cook County’s Public Health
Department, Dr. Martin is responsible for the public health programs and services for 125 Cook County municipalities. He has
spent his entire career in public health, administering a variety of
local programs after receiving his Ph.D. in Epidemiology. He has
published widely on public health issues and serves on a multitude of public health-related committees and review panels. Dr.
Martin was nominated by Adrienne White of the American Cancer
Society–Illinois and Dr. Eric Whitaker of the University of Chicago
Associate General Counsel John D. and Catherine T.
MacArthur Foundation
Ms. Montez is responsible for legal review of a variety of grantmaking, tax, intellectual property, and general business issues in the
Foundation’s International and General Programs. Prior to joining
the Foundation in 2007, she served as Assistant Director of the
Communities Program at McCormick Foundation in Chicago. Ms.
Montez is a Board Member of Street-Level Youth Media and has
been active with Latino Giving Circle, Sarah’s Inn and the Donor’s
Forum. She was nominated by Jonathan Fanton and Joshua Mintz,
both of the Foundation, and many others.
Assistant Director Illinois Department of Commerce
and Economic Opportunity
Ms. Nava has operating responsibility for budget, regional economic
programs and legislative affairs for the Department of Commerce
and Economic Opportunity. She previously served as Director of the
Illinois Department of Financial Institutions and Vice President at
The Northern Trust Company. Among her civic activities, she has
been a Trustee for the City Colleges of Chicago and Board member of the Illinois Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and Chicago
Southland Chamber of Commerce. She was nominated by Guy
Summers of the Farrell Group, Juan Rangel of United Neighborhood
Organization, and Michele Latz of the Cook County State’s
Attorney’s Office.
2010 Program Report
Left: Mike Campbell looks on
at a session.
Right: Dr. Tim Knowles
discusses challenges facing
urban education.
Left: Class members meet with students at Hector
Garcia High School.
Below: Hector Garcia High School students share
their artwork with the Class.
Above: Lisa Montez listens to panel discussion.
Above Right: Jorge Quezada moderates panel discussion
on school choice.
Broaden Your Vision
Partner Jones Day
Mr. Neumann’s law practice concentrates in advising institutional
investors, lenders, and Fortune 500 companies on complex real estate
transactions, acquisitions, dispositions, financing and joint ventures.
He is currently a board member of Cabrini Green Legal Aid Clinic.
He also provides pro bono representation for the Chicago History
Museum, The Faye Gehl Conservation Foundation, and local theater
companies. He was nominated by Daniel Reidy of Jones Day and
Katherine Gehl of Gehl Foods, Inc.
Vice President and Director Aon Corporation
Mr. O’Brien is responsible for leading sales and business development for Aon Risk Services in state and local government in Illinois,
as well as business development for construction, private equity and
financial institutions. Prior to joining Aon in 2005, he held management positions with Unisys Corporation and Xerox. Mr. O’Brien
is active in a wide variety of organizations including the Civic
Federation, Boys Town of Chicago and Rush Medical Center. He
was nominated by Gregory Case and Bridget Gainer both of Aon,
and Father Bruce Wellems of Boys Town of Chicago.
Executive Vice President of Business Development
Jones Lang LaSalle
Ms. O’Connor is responsible for providing client support and advice
in areas such as tenant representation, economic incentives, zoning
and land use, acquisitions and dispositions, financial analysis, market
research and new business development. Previously, she worked
with Mayor Richard M. Daley for over 16 years, most recently as
the Director of Business Development at World Business Chicago.
Ms. O’Connor serves on many boards and charities including the
Illinois Facilities Fund, Lambda Alpha, COLBA, Chicagoland
Entrepreneurial Center, Chicago Loop Alliance, and Northside
College Preparatory LSC. She was nominated by Daniel Ryan of
Jones Lang LaSalle and Lori Healey of Chicago 2016.
Partner Sidley Austin LLP
Ms. Petrowski practices in the firm’s general litigation group with
an emphasis on False Claims Act cases, reinsurance and insurance
disputes, contested trust and estate matters, and breach of contract
claims. Currently, she serves on the Illinois Chapter of the American
Cancer Society Associate Board of Ambassadors, and is active
with Legal Assistance Foundation of Chicago, Chicago Council of
Lawyers and the American Bar Association. Ms. Petrowski was nominated by Charles Douglas of Sidley Austin LLP and Lee Kite of the
American Cancer Society, Illinois Division.
Director, Project Management and Process Design
Allstate Insurance Company
Mr. Quezada leads a team of management professionals in implementing projects at Allstate by coaching, mentoring, setting strategic
and operational parameters, and leading improvements with systems
design and process. He also oversees Allstate’s Professional Latino
Network (PLAN), leading its transformation from a social affinity
group to a strategic business group. He has been with Allstate his
entire career. Mr. Quezada has been involved with the Association
of Hispanic Professionals for Education, the Urban League of
Orange County and Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Los Angeles.
He was nominated by Rhonda Woodard and Laura Dunne, both
of Allstate.
Partner Jenner & Block LLP
As a litigation partner, Mr. Sacks chairs Jenner & Block’s Technology
Litigation Practice and is a member of the firm’s Complex
Commercial Litigation and Antitrust Litigation Practices. He also
does significant pro bono work. Before joining the firm in 1994, he
served as law clerk to the Honorable John A. Nordberg of the U.S.
District Court for the Northern District of Illinois. Mr. Sacks is a
board member of the Jewish Council on Urban Affairs, the AntiDefamation League, and the Public Interest Law Initiative. He was
nominated by Susan Levy of Jenner & Block and Jane Ramsey of the
Jewish Council on Urban Affairs.
2010 Program Report
Senior Vice President, Director of Public Affairs
Charter One
Ms. Sather joined Charter One in 2005 and is responsible for all
external affairs, including corporate philanthropy, community relations, media and government relations and marketing sponsorships.
She is active with the Parkways Foundation, serving as Vice Chair
and Executive Committee member. She serves on the boards of the
Boys & Girls Clubs of Chicago and the Greater North Michigan
Avenue Association, the advisory board of the Adler Planetarium,
and the YMCA of Metropolitan Chicago’s marketing committee.
Ms. Sather was nominated by former Chicago Tribune reporter John
Schmeltzer, Christine Noel of Citizens Financial Group and Celeste
Wroblewski of the Donors Forum.
Corporate Responsibility Leader
Ms. Schuyler has been with PricewaterhouseCoopers for twelve
years and is currently a Managing Director overseeing the Americas
Corporate Responsibility area. In this role, she directs the Firm’s
internal strategy around sustainability and environmental commitment, community relations and outreach, and external partnerships. Prior to this role, Shannon led the Firm’s Alumni Relations
area, oversaw the Great Place to Work efforts and worked in HR,
recruiting and client service. Ms. Schuyler is a board member of the
Chicago Anti-Cruelty Society. She was nominated by Tom Craren
and John Oleniczak, both of PricewaterhouseCoopers.
Illinois Solicitor General
Office of the Illinois Attorney General
Serving as Illinois Solicitor General since 2007, Mr. Scodro
supervises more than 40 appellate attorneys, participates in critical
litigation decisions, and argues cases in the U.S. Supreme Court,
Illinois Supreme Court, and U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh
Circuit. He is a member of the American Law Institute and a director of the Appellate Lawyers Association. Prior to joining the Illinois
Attorney General’s Office, he was an assistant professor at ChicagoKent College of Law, an attorney at Mayer Brown and law clerk to
Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor and Second Circuit
Judge José A. Cabranes. He was nominated by Illinois Attorney
General Lisa Madigan and the Honorable Robert Dow of the U.S.
District Court for the Northern District of Illinois.
Broaden Your Vision
Partner DLA Piper US LLP
Mr. Thompson concentrates his practice in the areas of general real
estate, land use and zoning, tax increment financing, public/private
financing transactions and real estate development. Prior to joining
the firm in 2005, he was an attorney at Ungaretti & Harris. Mr.
Thompson serves on the boards of the Illinois Council Against
Handgun Violence, Valentine Boys and Girls Club, Bridgeport
Catholic Academy and Aquinas Literacy Center and is a council
member of Nativity of Our Lord Parish. Mr. Thompson provides
counsel to the Chicago Children’s Museum in its quest to build a
new museum at Daley Bicentennial Plaza. He was nominated by Lee
Miller of DLA Piper and Carole Brown of Siebert Brandford Shank.
Director, Wealth Advisor Harris Private Bank
Mr. Vossoughi is in charge of a Harris relationship team managing
more than $125 million in Trust/Investment Assets, $200 million in
custody assets and $100 million in banking assets. He has served as a
private banker with Harris for nearly his entire career. Mr. Vossoughi
is currently an advisory board member of Uhlich Children’s
Advantage Network (UCAN) and Auxiliary Council Governor
of Steppenwolf Theatre. He was nominated by Terry Jenkins and
Zachary Lazar, both of Harris Private Bank.
Senior Vice President GolinHarris International
Ms. Zuno is responsible for planning and managing GolinHarris’s
global internal and external marketing communications initiatives.
She also leads the marketing practice for the firm’s emerging U.S.
Hispanic markets. Prior to joining GolinHarris, she was a senior
consultant to Zimat Consultores, in Mexico City, Mexico. Ms. Zuno
is active with Holy Trinity High School and Healthcare Alternatives
Systems. She was nominated by Keith Burton and Ellen Ryan
Mardiks, both of GolinHarris, Pat Pulido Sanchez of Pulido Sanchez
Communications and Tim Bopp of Holy Trinity High School.
Celebrating 25 Years
of Inspiring Civic Leadership
Far Left: Maria Whelan, Lourdes
Monteagudo and guest
Above Left: Featured Speaker
Kate Maehr
Above: Pam Daniels-Halisi, Rhonda
Hopps and Jean Butzen
Above Right: Mike Ivers, Gustavo
Giraldo and Greta Ivers
Left: Ben Weinberg, Sue Augustus,
Attorney General Lisa Madigan
and Paul Gaynor
Right: Dinner Chair Frank Clark
LGC celebrated its Silver Anniversary in true Fellows fashion—with a substantive, dialogue-filled symposium followed
by a festive celebratory dinner.
Over 100 LGC Fellows and friends joined a distinguished
panel of speakers for an afternoon of learning and dialogue
focusing on Chicago’s ability to adapt to change in the next
decade and beyond. Among the areas discussed were regionalism and regional growth, environment and energy use,
the Olympics bid and philanthropy. The 25th Anniversary
Symposium was co-sponsored by The Chicago Community
Trust and the Friends of Albert C. Maule Fund at Leadership
Greater Chicago and was a program of the Burnham Plan
After the Symposium, over 525 Fellows and friends gathered
at the Hilton Chicago for a celebratory dinner. After a special
video presentation and a rousing tribute to David DeCoursey
on 20 years of service as LGC’s Executive Director, the
highlight of the evening was the call to action from featured
speaker Kate Maehr ‘05, Executive Director of the Greater
Chicago Food Depository. Kate’s passionate talk about
combating hunger in Chicago was insightful, moving and
The 25th Anniversary Dinner raised over $265,000 for
LGC’s Fellows Program. Much thanks to Dinner Chair
Frank Clark and Presenting Sponsor ComEd.
2010 Program Report
Applying for the
Fellows Program
A Unique Learning Opportunity
The Fellows Program is a selective educational and networking experience that exposes emerging leaders in the
Chicago area to a wide range of issues, people, institutions
and perspectives.
Fellows will:
• Gain understanding of the Chicago area’s problems, challenges and resources through in-depth study and discussion
of the following topics: Greater Chicago’s Communities;
Education; Race and Ethnic Relations; Housing; Crime
and Violence; Healthcare; Global Affairs; and Philanthropy
and Volunteerism.
• Learn to view complex issues from a variety of perspectives, and understand the many resources and partnerships
needed to find solutions.
• Meet with 70 key leaders of business, government and the
• Identify their own community and civic interests and create
a plan for civic involvement after the Program ends.
• Develop respect and understanding for diverse class members, and lay the groundwork for lasting relationships with
a broad network of leaders from all walks of life.
Selecting a Fellows Class
Each year up to 100 leaders are nominated to fill approximately 35 seats in the Fellows class. All applicants should
have the following qualifications:
• Demonstrated leadership capacity.
• Record of civic activity and/or genuine interest in becoming more involved in the greater Chicago civic arena.
• Willingness and ability to commit time and energy to
participate fully in the 10-month program.
Broaden Your Vision
Arne Duncan addresses 2006 Class at
Louisa Alcott Elementary School.
• Current residence in Cook, DeKalb, DuPage, Kane, Lake,
McHenry or Will counties.
• Clear ability to function well in a diverse group.
The Selection Committee’s challenge is to review the many
qualified applicants, and create a class that will function well,
challenge members and reflect the multiple perspectives and
leadership needs of greater Chicago’s diverse communities.
The Selection Committee is committed to creating a class
reflecting diversity in occupation, race/ethnicity, gender and
geography. Priority consideration is given to applicants aged
28 through 42.
Nominating and Sponsoring a Fellow
All applicants must be nominated and seconded. Nominators
identify applicants, educate them about the Fellows Program
and prepare a nomination form articulating the candidate’s
leadership potential.
Candidates’ employers are their sponsors. Sponsors may also
be nominators. Sponsors authorize the applicant to make the
necessary time commitment to the program and are expected
to financially support the Fellow’s participation.
Sponsors value Leadership Greater Chicago as a tremendous
leadership development opportunity for their high-potential
employees. The program builds awareness of civic issues,
expands participants’ problem-solving ability, and connects
them to leaders from all walks of life.
Top Left: Guests at the Graduation/Inauguration Ceremony
Bottom Left: Mark Hoyt, Peter Ellis, Mazen Asbahi and Janice Jackson
Center: Mark Williams discusses tour with classmates.
Below: Class tours Hector Garcia High School.
The Fellows’ Personal Commitment
Financial Requirements
The Fellows Program asks for the time, attention and energy
of all class members. All sessions are highly interactive,
and include dialogue with speakers and on-site learning
experiences. The ten-month program requires active
participation in:
Involvement in Leadership Greater Chicago’s Fellows
Program carries contribution expectations.
• Opening and closing retreats, each lasting 11/2 days.
• Eight full-day sessions on the first Friday of each month
from October through May. Each full-day session focuses
on a major issue; most include site visits.
• Five community site visits (on days other than the first
Friday) to meet community leaders and visit schools,
housing and other sites.
• Five lunch and dinner meetings for class discussions.
• Eight breakfast meetings (one each month) with
prominent civic, government or business leaders.
• Four dinner meetings with leaders of Chicago’s
music, dance and theater institutions followed by
a performance.
Attendance at all program events is expected. Fellows
benefit from the program only if they are present to hear
from leaders, visit communities and engage their colleagues
in dialogue. If, in the opinion of the Executive Director in
consultation with the Fellow and officers of the Board,
a Fellow is not receiving the full value of the program due
to absences, the Fellow may be removed from the program.
When circumstances arise that prevent attendance, Fellows
are expected to notify the Executive Director in advance of
the session.
Fellows: Each Fellow is expected to personally contribute
a minimum of $1,000. Each Fellow is also encouraged,
depending on his or her circumstances, to contribute an
additional $500.
Employer/Sponsors: The Sponsorship Amount for participation in the Fellows Program is $17,500. For-profit companies
and larger nonprofit institutions are expected to pay the full
Sponsorship Amount.
LGC encourages strong candidates to apply regardless
of their own or their employer’s ability to support their
participation at the full Sponsorship Amount. The financial responsibilities of organizations that cannot pay the full
amount will be adjusted appropriately. All sponsoring organizations are expected to contribute and/or generate support to
the best of their ability.
Learn more about Leadership Greater Chicago and
complete our on-line application for the Class of 2010
at www.lgcchicago.org.
2010 Program Report
thank you to all our
fy2009 contributors!
Each year, approximately 40% of the Fellows class consists
of nonprofit or government leaders whose sponsors are
unable to meet the full sponsorship commitment. Because
including a varied mix of leaders from diverse sectors is a
core value and key strength of the Fellows Program, every
year we must raise funds to underwrite the participation of
this diverse mix. We extend our deep gratitude to all who
have supported our Fellows Program—we cannot achieve
our mission without you.
The Chicago Community Trust—our founder—continues
to provide critical financial support each year. We are deeply
grateful for its commitment to developing the civic leadership of our community.
Our Fellows’ Sponsors not only fund the program, they also
generously allow their employees the time to participate—a
testament to their recognition of the value of the Fellows
Program experience. We thank them for their support.
The Fellows themselves make a personal financial commitment to Leadership Greater Chicago, allowing the program
to benefit others in their class. We are grateful for their
Leadership Greater Chicago is fortunate to have the
annual support of Fellows from past classes, with contributions driven by the hard work of the Leadership Fellows
Association Board of Directors. The Fellows’ commitment to
the organization is dazzling—we are deeply grateful.
Finally, in our 25th Anniversary year, Leadership Greater
Chicago is honored to have gained the financial support of so
many friends for our 25th Anniversary Gala Dinner in May
2009. Their special contributions help to secure the participation of extraordinary leaders, regardless of their employers’
ability to pay.
Many thanks to all of our contributors!
Sponsors of
2009 Fellows
Aon Trade Credit
Archdiocese of Chicago
Big Shoulders Fund
Boston Consulting Group
CareerBuilder Inc.
Chicago Public Schools
Cook County State’s
Attorney’s Office
Eleanor Foundation
Fifth Third Bank
Free Spirit Media
Henry Crown & Co.
Jenner & Block
John D. and Catherine T.
MacArthur Foundation
Kraft Foods
McDonald’s Corporation
Nicor Gas
Northern Trust
Prairie Capital
(Stephen V. King)
Broaden Your Vision
Reed Smith LLP
Sara Lee Corporation
Sidley Austin LLP
Sonnenschein Nath &
The House Convenant
The PrivateBank
University of Chicago
Medical Center
Wildman, Harrold, Allen &
Dixon LLP
YMCA of Metropolitan
The 2009 Fellows
David R. Askew
John S. Bracken
Johnathan U. Choe
Manuel Flores
Kimberly M. Foxx
Martha L. Gutierrez
Joshua D. Hale
Darrick J. Hooker
Don K. Johnson
Stephen V. King
Mary-Louise Kurey
Alison L. Kutler
Thomas M. Levinson
Elizabeth A. Marcus
Jeff McCarter
Edmund J. Miller
Heidi Rudoph Mitchell
Nadine E. Moore
Rachel B. Niewoehner
Ann B. O’Shaughnessy
Gino Potesta
Anne R. Pramaggiore
Jamiko Rose
Michelle S. Russell
Raj N. Shah
Sherina J. Smith
K Sujata
Carmita P. Vaughan
M. David Weisman
Mark D. Welch
Farhan Yasin
Annual Appeal
Aurora Abella-Austriaco
Sergio Acosta
James Alexander
Mazen Asbahi
Sheila Atkins
Sue Augustus
John Bakalar
David Baldwin
Kathleen Bankhead
Cynthia Barnard
Robert Barnett, III
MarySue Barrett
Fredrick Bates
William Beak
Debbie Berman
Monique Betty
David Blowers
Shauna Boliker
Maya Bordeaux
Craig Bouchard
Robert Bourke
Mary Boyer
Kevin Bradley
Catherine Braendel
David Buchanan
Jhamil Bueno-Abdala
Antony Burt
Jean Butzen
Gavin Campbell
Bruce Campbell
Carlos Cardenas
Mary Caron, PhD
Karen Case
Danielle Cassel
Gloria Castillo
Grace Chan
Elvin Charity
Robert Chodos
Jae Choi-Kim
Mark Chudzinski
Sally Clair
Vincent Clark
Frank Clark
James (Chip) Coldren, Jr.
Wheeler Coleman
Steven Cook
Jill Corcoran
Jennifer Corrigan
John Costello
Rocco D’Alessandro
Elizabeth (Beth) Daley
Ronald Daly
Lawrence Damron
Pamela Daniels-Halisi
Pamela Davidson
Beth Davis
Leslie Davis
Shelley Davis
David DeCoursey
Roxanne Decyk
Harlan Dellsy
Steven Derks
Douglas Doetsch
Robert Dow, Jr.
William Downey
Laura Dunne
Rochelle Edens
Ricardo Estrada
J. Scott Etzler
Kristin Faust
Diana Ferguson
William Filan
D. Cameron Findlay
Sheila Finnegan
Thomas Fisher
Sharon Flanagan
Mark Flessner
Marion Foote
Sondra Ford
Nancy Foster
Lee Francis, MD, MPH
Robert Frentzel
Sallie Gaines
Judith Gall
Kevin Gallagher
Mirna Garcia
Sarah Garvey
Paul Gaynor
William Gerstein
Ruth Ann Gillis
Thomas Glaser
Brian Gold
Quin Golden
Todd Gomez
Rey Gonzalez
Susan Gordon
Dianna Grant-Burke, MD
Carolyn Grisko
Perry Gunn
Darrel Hackett
Tabassum Haleem
Emily Harris
John Heiberger
Flavia Hernandez
Stephanie Hickman
Stuart Hicks
Andrew Hochberg
Mary Hoffman
Patricia Holmes
John Holton
John Hooker
Mark Hoppe
Robert Horne
Joann Horton, PhD
Liz Howard
Mark Hoyt
Josh Hoyt
John Iberle
Kathy Im
Kevin Irvine
Jeremiah James
Edgar Jannotta, Jr.
Noland Joiner
Jennifer Jones
Virgil Jones
David Jones
Nancy Kaszak
G. Preston Kendall
Virginia Kendall
Shannon Kennedy
J. Cletus Kiley
Maria Kim
Kenneth Kimbrough
Timothy King
David Kintz
Donna Kitchen
Richard Klawiter
Kevin Knapp
David Koropp
Geoffrey Koss
Janet Lang
Raymond Lau
Norma Lauder
Howard Learner
Paul Lehman
Thomas Lenz
C. Gary Leofanti
Rafael Leon
Sara Lindholm
Sharon Lindstrom
Jonathan Lotsoff
Michael Luecht
Michael Lufrano
Katherine Maehr
Linda Manning
Robert Manning
Gisele Marcus
Rosanna Marquez
Maritza Marrero
Pedro Martinez
Angela Mascarenas
Anthony McCain
Sally McDonald
June McKoy, MD, MPH, JD
Patricia Mendoza
Mark Miller
Edmund Miller
Consuelo Miller, JD
Soo Min
Theresa Mintle
Arthur Mollenhauer
Gregory Mooney
Diane Morefield
Cheryl Morley
Helen Morrison, JD
Mary Moster
Naoki Nakamura
Constance Nelson
Donald Nevins
Diana Nielander
Felicia Norwood
James O’Connor
Michael O’Connor
Richard O’Malley, Jr.
Michael Orscheln
Jim Palos
Ellen Partridge
Eboo Patel
Susan Plassmeyer
Edward Rafalski
Karen Reardon
Eric Reeves
Amanda Rivera
Genita Robinson
Michele Ruiz
Douglas Ryan
Jane Saks
Thomas Sampson
Jose Santillan, CFA
Jennifer Schlott
Lisa Schneider
Mary Lee Schneider
Robert Schuckman, Esq.
Lois Scott
Zaldwaynaka Scott
Rahul Sekhar
Eva Serrano
Charlie Serrano
Stacy Sharpe
D. Scott Showalter
Kenneth Simpson
Gary Singer
Michael Small
James Smith
Stephen Smith
Francine Soliunas
Natalie Spears
Adam Stanley
Laurence Stanton
Jennifer Steans
Linda Stephans
Barbara Stewart
Elizabeth Swanson
Daniel Swinney
Sven Sykes
Andres Tapia
Jay Tcath
Carrie Teffner
Joseph Thomas
Elizabeth Thompson
Peter Thompson
Cedric Thurman
Darryl Tom
David Tropp
David Trujillo
Mary Tudela
Christopher Valenti
Ramon Vazquez, Jr.
David Vitale
Heidi Voorhees
Joyce Wade
Almarie Wagner
Donna Welch
Maria Whelan
Eric Whitaker
Lynette Wiley
Alvin Williams
Cheri Wilson-Chappelle
Brooke Wiseman
Stephen Wood
Lori Yokoyama
James Young
Paul Yovovich
Andrea Zopp
and Corporate
Chicago Community Trust
founding donor
The Crown Family
founding donor
Bank of America
Boston Consulting Group
Illinois Tool Works
MacArthur Foundation
Sara Lee Foundation
25th Anniversary
Sponsors and
Presenting Sponsor
Silver Sponsors
Allstate Insurance Company
Blue Cross Blue Shield
of Illinois
Hewitt Associates
McDonald’s USA
Sidley Austin Foundation
Bronze Sponsors
Aon Corporation
Ariel Investments
The Crown Family
Fifth Third Bank
Financial Investments
Illinois Tool Works
The John D. and Catherine T.
MacArthur Foundation
Katten Muchin Rosenman
Nicor Gas
RR Donnelley
University of Chicago
Medical Center
U.S. Cellular
Ronald Daly
David Vitale
Chicago Community Trust
Friends of Albert C. Maule
Fund at Leadership
Greater Chicago
Circle Donors
Sergio Acosta
Advocate Health Care
Robert Barnett
Debbie Berman
Calvin Butler
Bruce Campbell
Michael Chu
Larry Damron
David and Joanne
Jennifer Driscoll
Scott Etzler
Diana Ferguson
Sallie Gaines
Brian Gold
Todd Gomez
Michael and Mary
Carolyn Grisko
Tabassum Haleem
Andrew Hochberg
John and Lisa Iberle
Lela Johnson
Shannon Kennedy
Howard Learner
Sharon Lindstrom
Rosanna Marquez
Joseph McCoy
June McKoy, MD, MPH, JD
Rachel Niewoehner
Dick O’Malley
Mary O’Toole
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Terry Peterson
Grace Poe
David Reifman
Rush University Medical
Benj. E. Sherman & Sons
Craig Sieben
Ingrid Stafford
Ronna Stamm and
Paul Lehman
Liz Thompson
Cedric Thurman
Charles Tribbett
Donna Welch
MarySue Barrett
Michael Hernandez
Kenneth Parrello
Anne Pramaggiore
Suzan L. Rayner, MD
Anne Rea
Michelle Russell
Edward Sturrus
Christopher Valenti
Paul Yovovich
Jean Butzen
Gloria Castillo
Michael Cho
Angela Cobb
Shelley Davis
John Heiberger
Fidel Marquez
Jeff McRae
Lisa Newman
Bridget O’Keefe
Erika Poethig
Julius Rhodes
Eva Serrano
Robert Siegel
Lisa Wilkinson and
Dave Kay
Andrea Zopp
In-kind Donations
Element 79 Partners
Jeff McCarter, Free Spirit
2010 Program Report
Leadership Greater Chicago Board of Directors
Andrea L. Zopp
Executive Vice President,
Human Resources
Exelon Corporation
Vice Presidents
Ricardo Estrada
Executive Director
Erie Neighborhood House
Diana S. Ferguson
Former Chief Financial
Folgers Coffee Company
David L. Reifman
Craig R. Sieben
Sieben Energy Associates
Sergio E. Acosta
Assistant U.S. Attorney
U.S. Attorney’s Office
Bruce C. Campbell
Senior Consultant
Advocate Health Care
Joseph Q. McCoy, Esq.
Perkins Coie LLP
Elizabeth M. Thompson
Family Manager
The Thompson Family
Leslie J. Anderson
Chicago Small Business
Market Executive
Harris Bank
Michael H. Cho
SVP/Head, Anti-Money
Compliance, Retail
Financial Services
JPMorgan Chase
Bank, NA
Patricia Mendoza
Associate Judge, Juvenile
Justice Division
Circuit Court of Cook
Ramon Vazquez, Jr.
Executive Vice President
YMCA of Metropolitan
Robert F. Barnett, III
Former Managing
BMO Capital Markets
MarySue Barrett
Metropolitan Planning
Debbie L. Berman
Jenner & Block LLP
Calvin G. Butler, Jr.
Vice President,
Legislative &
Governmental Affairs
Exelon Corporation
Sallie L. Gaines
Senior Vice President,
Hill & Knowlton
Brian J. Gold
Sidney & Austin LLP
Shannon M. Kennedy
Director of Client
The Northern Trust
Gregory Mooney
Executive Director
Comer Science &
Education Foundation
The Gary Comer Youth
David J. Vitale
Former Chief
Administrative Officer
Chicago Public Schools
Terry Peterson
Vice President,
Government Affairs
Rush University Medical
Grace Y. Poe
Leadership Fellows Association Board of Directors
Sallie L. Gaines
Senior Vice President,
Hill & Knowlton
Vice Presidents
Carolyn M. Grisko
Carolyn Grisko &
Genita C. Robinson
Executive Director
Lawyers Lend-A-Hand
to Youth
Michael J. Hernandez
Franczek Radelet
Mazen Asbahi
Law Offices of
M. Asbahi
Jean M. Butzen
Mission Plus Strategy
Lawrence D. Damron
Former Senior Vice
President & Chief
Financial Officer
Aksys, Ltd.
Kimberly M. Foxx
Assistant State’s Attorney/
Supervising Attorney,
Juvenile Justice Bureau
Cook County State’s
Attorney’s Office
Sarah N. Garvey
Former Vice President
The Boeing Company
Broaden Your Vision
Paul J. Gaynor
Chief, Public Interest
Illinois Attorney
General’s Office
Nancy L. Kaszak
Former Midwest Regional
People for the American
LaQuietta J.
Hardy-Campbell, Esq.
Judge, Domestic Relations
Circuit Court of Cook
Maria Kim
Vice President
The Cara Program
Joshua D. Hale
Executive Director
Big Shoulders Fund
Mary C. Hoffman
Marython Associates, Inc.
Joshua W. Hoyt
Executive Director
Illinois Coalition for
Immigrant & Refugee
June M. McKoy, MD,
Assistant Professor of
Preventive Medicine
Northwestern Medical
Faculty Foundation &
Consuelo R. Miller, JD
Attorney at Law
Law Office of Conni R.
Ellen L. Partridge
Deputy General Counsel
Chicago Transit
Authority (CTA)
Julius E. Rhodes, SPHR
Founder & Principal
mpr group
Lois A. Scott
Scott Balice
Strategies, LLC
Daniel D. Swinney
Executive Director
Center for Labor &
Community Research
Cedric D. Thurman
Senior Vice President &
Chief Diversity Officer
Jones Lang LaSalle
Donna M. Welch
Kirkland & Ellis LLP
Brooke M. Wiseman
New Knowledge
Passi on
Commun it y
Insp i ration
Di vers it y
Di alogue
Connect ion
Act ion
lea dersh ip greater ch i c ag o
Portrait Photography Dan Rest Photography
Candid Photography Photography by Michael Chu,
Dan Rest Photography and Howard Wine
Design Wilkinson Design
Printing Rider Dickerson
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LaTonya Bradley
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