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The Rebel Scoop
Volume 2, Issue 1
The 7 Habits
of Happy Kids
Spring 2016
Second Grade Writers
The 7 Habits of Happy Kids is part of a series of books. This children’s
book was written by Sean Covey. He wanted kids to know about the seven
habits that his father, Stephen Covey, wrote about in his book The 7 Habits
of Highly Effective People.
The habits are leadership skills that all students can learn. These rules
make you a better person, and they will help you a lot in life. They are:
Habit 1: Be Proactive (You’re in charge.)
Habit 2: Begin With The End in Mind (Have a plan.)
Habit 3: Put First Things First (Work first, then play.)
Habit 4: Think Win-Win (Everyone can win.)
Habit 5: Seek First To Understand, Then To Be Understood
(Listen before you talk.)
Habit 6: Synergyze (Together is better.)
Habit 7: Sharpen The Saw (Balance feels best.)
Where do you learn the habits? Mostly, you learn the habits at school, but
you could learn them anywhere. Next year, our guidance counselor, Mr.
Jason Poteet, is going to teach all of the students about them. Mr. Poteet
said, “I think the 7 Habits will help students develop good character, take
responsibility, and learn lessons that will help them throughout their lives.”
This book includes eight cartoon animal characters who represent the
eight multiple intelligences: Goob Bear is nature smart. Jumper Rabbit is
body smart. Lily Skunk is picture smart. Sammy Squirrel is logic smart.
Sophie Squirrel is word smart.
Pokey Porcupine is music smart.
Tagalong Allie is people smart.
Ernie the worm is self smart (and
he hides throughout the book).
The 7 Habits were made to
help students lead in their own
lives by making positive choices.
If you simply try to follow these
excellent rules, they will change
Second graders, Aaron Randall and
your life! Second grader, Jenna
Tori Gammons enjoy sharing The 7
Mack said, “The 7 Habits can
Habits of Happy Kids.
help you be a better person.”
Third Grade Writers
Have you heard about Southwestern Elementary’s new Assitant Principal?
His name is Mr. Robert Adams. Not only is he the Assistant Principal
here, he was a student here! His favorite subject was U.S. History. In high
school, he played baseball and basketball. After he graduated from here, he
went to Franklin College to be a teacher and then he went to The American
College of Education to become a principal.
Third grader, Reagan Crawford said, “I really like the new Assistant
Principal, Mr. Adams, because he helps people in the school.” Mr. Adams
said that he likes working at this school a lot, but it is hard work. He has a
lot of roles here at Southwestern Elementary. He helps with busses in the
morning and after school. He helps with discipline problems and talks with
students about their choices. He evaluates the teachers, and he enjoys being
a positive role model for the students.
Mr. Adams is married to Mrs. Christi (Law) Adams (who also went to
Southwestern) and they have two sons, Jacob (3) and Reed (6 months). Mr.
Adams likes to go to the aquarium and the zoo with his family.
Here are some interesting facts about Mr. Adams. His favorite food is
fried chicken and his favorite color is navy blue. His favorite thing to do
outside the school is to go fishing and hunting.
Third grader, Hayden Means said, “I like the new Assistant Principal
because he is very nice, and he takes care of problems, like the kids who
need help with discipline.”
Mr. Adams’s favorite part of working at Southwestern is working with the
teachers and the students. He said, “Not only are academics important to
me, but I enjoy seeing the students grow from year to year as responsible
and respectable young adults.”
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Spring 2016
Ms. Alyssa Richard
Fifth Grade Writers
Ms. Alyssa Richard is a new teacher to Southwestern Elementary. She
teaches fifth grade. She has been teaching fifth grade for four years. Before
she came to Southwestern, she taught two years in Indianapolis and one year
in Jeffersonville.
Her favorite part about teaching is helping students grow not only in their
education, but growing into bright young adults. Jordan DeAtley from Ms.
Richard’s class said, ‘’Ms. Richard is very energetic and makes teaching
Ms. Richard’s favorite subject to teach is math or social studies. Fifth
grader, Carter Harmon said, ‘’Fourth graders will be very lucky to have her as
a teacher next year, because she is very entertaining and amazing.’’
Her favorite hobby is tennis. She is the coach of the Lady Rebel tennis
team at the high school. She went to Marian University, which is a private
college in Indianapolis. She went there four and a half years. She grew up in
Madison, Indiana. Her favorite book is The Giver written by Lois Lowry.
Our school is a better school with Ms. Richard as a teacher. We wish her a
long and happy career here.
Mrs. danielle Hale
Mrs. Danielle (Bruce) Hale is a new teacher at Southwestern Elementary
in Kindergarten. Mrs. Hale has always wanted to work at Southwestern
Elementary, because the staff is a such great team! This is Mrs. Hale’s first
year as a teacher.
Mrs. Hale went to Madison Consolidated Schools in Madison, Indiana.
She has always wanted to be a teacher and has worked in elementary
schools since high school. “My mom worked in the schools when I was
growing up, and she was my inspiration to be a teacher.” Mrs. Hale started
by working at the Anderson Elementary after school program when she
was 16 years old. Mrs. Hale went to college at Indiana University. While
in college, Mrs. Hale was a substitute teacher. Her favorite grades to teach
are kindergarten and first grade.
Mrs. Hale says that the best part of teaching is seeing how much her
students grow and change during the school year. She loves when her
students are engaged in activities such as reading poetry, learning nursery
rhymes, or discovering new math and language stations.
Mrs. Hale is married to Mr. Chris Hale, and they have one daughter
named Morgan. At home Mrs. Hale likes to take care of her animals. She
has 2 dogs, 2 cats, and 12 chickens. Mrs. Hale’s favorite place to relax is
Clifty Falls State Park.
Kindergartener, Braelyn Owens said, “Mrs. Hale is the best teacher. We
have so much fun and I can’t wait to be a teacher like her!”
Spring 2016
Page 3
Mrs. Cassie Hall
Second Grade Writer
This year at Southwestern Elementary, we have a new second grade
teacher named Mrs. Cassie (Royalty) Hall. Mrs. Hall is an amazing teacher
with 23 children in her class. When Mrs. Hall was a student she went to
school at Southwestern! Now that she is grown up, she is married to Mr.
Jason Hall and has two boys, Ryan (6) and Lucas (2). Before she came to
Southwestern Elementary, she taught kindergarten for 8 years at Kathryn
Winn Primary in Carrollton, Kentucky.
Mrs. Hall shared, “I LOVE Southwestern! The students and staff are so
wonderful and inviting. I have always wanted to teach at Southwestern
Elementary, but it wasn’t until my son, Ryan was about to start kindergarten
that I really wanted to get hired. I absolutely love being at the same school
that my boys are/will be attending. Also, my commute to work is a lot
shorter. It took me 45 minutes to get to my last school, and now, it only
takes me 15 minutes to get to Southwestern.”
Second grader, Savannah Petro said, “I like Mrs. Hall because she is nice
and a really fun teacher.”
In her class there are 23 students, here are their names: Azael Alvarado,
Macey Andersen, Evan Boldery, Daniel Hall, Leighton Hearne, Jonathan
Henke, Edilberto Hernandaz, Jocelyn Johnson, Toby Jupin, Cale Kreegar,
Jacob Luenebrink, Bailee Lunsford, Tripton Mardello, Tiana Macintosh,
Areyonna Meals, Jenna Owens, Savannah Petro, Caden Ream, Ava Singh,
Michael Sommer, Madyson Spurgin, Wyatt Smitley and Ethan Weatherbee.
Mrs. Hall tries her best to be a good teacher and she is a good teacher. All
of her students enjoy this fun teacher and have fun. Second grader, Bailee
Lunsford said, “Our teacher is a fun and great teacher because she let’s us
have parties when we reach thirty compliments.” We all love Mrs. Hall
because she is an awesome teacher.
Mrs. Clarissa Akers
Fifth Grade Writers
Mrs. Clarissa (Applegate) Akers is a new teacher at Southwestern
Elementary in the fifth grade. Mrs. Akers chose to work at Southwestern
because the lovely staff members made her feel welcomed. This is Mrs.
Akers first year to be a teacher.
Mrs. Akers went to Scottsburg schools in Scottsburg, Indiana. “When I
was a little kid I wanted to be a Marine Biologist. I love the ocean and I still
do,” said Mrs. Akers. Mr Wright, a language arts teacher in her senior year
of high school, inspired Mrs. Akers to changer her career choice to become
a teacher. Mrs. Akers went to college at Hanover College. The other jobs
that Mrs. Akers had were newspaper delivery in middle school, drive-in fast
food restaurant in high school, a bank teller, and a dog groomer owner and
operator. However, Mrs. Akers shared that her favorite job that she has had
is teaching.
Fifth grader, Tanner Jacobs said, “Mrs. Akers is a nice and welcoming
Mrs. Akers said that the best part of teaching is when she gets to see
“light bulbs” go off in her students. She loves when her students are being
engaged with the activities and ideas she planned. Mrs. Akers said her
favorite subjects to teach are social studies and science, because they get to
have really good discussions and watch neat documentaries.
Mrs. Akers is married to Mr. Kyle Akers and they have 4 children.
Outside of school, she likes to watch her kids play sports and she runs for
Fifth grader, Klara Leach said, “Mrs. Akers is a good teacher and I have
learned a lot in her class”.
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Spring 2016
Famous artists
Fourth Grade Writers
In art class, Mrs. Misty Jacobs taught us about all kinds of artists that we think you should know about, because
they changed the world of art forever. Mrs. Jacobs believes, “Art is important because it is one of the few ways
you can freely express yourself.”
Have you ever heard of Vincent Van Gogh? He made the famous painting “Starry Night”. He was born in 1853
and died in 1890. Vincent was good friends with another artist which is Paul Gauguin. Sadly, Vincent only sold
one painting in his lifetime, but he became really famous after he died.
The next artist that we are going to introduce is Michelangelo. He was born in 1475. He was one of the best
artists of Italian history. Michelangelo was a painter, architect and sculptor. His friends knew his excellent talent.
Michelangelo got assignments from some of the richest and most powerful men back when he was young. He died
in in 1564, but is still famous today.
The last artist that we’re going to introduce is Leonardo Da Vinci. He was born in 1452. He made the famous
“Mona Lisa”, which you may recognize. Leonardo Da Vinci was not just a painter, he was also an architect, an
inventor, and a student of all things that included science. He also painted “The Last Supper”. He died in 1519, but
he is still remembered as one of the best artists.
We asked questions to some of the people at our school. We asked fourth grader, Britt Inman what does she
think of all of the artists we wrote about, and she replied, “They shaped art forever!”
We asked fourth grader, Riley Scroggins what she thought about them and she said, “They made beautiful
paintings!” Now you know about these artists and how they changed the world of art.
September 11th
Third Grade Writer
One of the saddest days in our country’s history, was September 11, 2001. It is commonly known as 9/11.
Shockingly, four airplanes purposely crashed within minutes of one another. The first crash occurred at 8:46
a.m. into one of the World Trade Center Towers in New York City. All of the people in the airplane were killed
and so were many people in the building.
Devastatingly, at 9:03 a.m. another plane crashed into the second World Trade Center Tower. Quickly, people
began to realize that this was not an accident, it was a planned attack. The airplanes were hijacked. Shortly
after the 2nd crash, at 9:37 a.m there was a 3rd plane crash at the Pentagon in Washington DC. The Pentagon is
the headquarters of the United States military.
The World Trade Center Towers then collapsed killing 2,996 people. It left the city of New York in a cloud
of dust and debris. After the 2nd tower collapsed, at 10:03 a.m. a 4th plane crashed in an empty field near
Shanksville, Pennsylvania. It is believed that this was heading toward The White House in Washington D.C.
Nearly 3,000 civilians lost their lives that day. It was the worst attack on American soil since the bombing of
Pearl Harbor in Hawaii in 1941.
Why did this happen? This happened because a group of fundamentalists called Al Queda planned an attack to
put fear into the world. It is believed that 19 people were part of this attack of terrorism. Their leader Osama Bin Laden did not participate in the attack,
but he was in charge of it. He went into hiding for 10 years. But eventually, he was caught and killed on May 2, 2011.
There are several memorials that have been created in memory of the people who lost their lives that day.
Spring 2016
Fun Facts Page 5
facts about the ocean
Second Grade Writer
1) Around 70% of Earth is covered with oceans.
2) The words “sea “ and “ocean” are words used to describe the
interconnected waters of the world and the five great oceans: Atlantic,
Pacific, Indian, Arctic and Southern.
3) Ocean tides are caused by the Earth rotating while the moon and sun’s
gravitational pull acts on ocean water.
4) While there are hundreds of thousands of known marine life, there are
many yet to be discovered.
5) The blue whale is the largest ocean animal and the largest creature on
6) The largest ocean on Earth is the Pacific Ocean.
7) Almost 70% of the oxygen is made from oceans.
8) The ocean is home to the biggest living structure - the Great Barrier
Reef. Measuring almost 1,615 miles, it can be seen from the moon!
9) The word “ocean” is from the Greek “ōkeanos”, which means great
stream encircling the Earth’s disc.
10) The Atlantic Ocean’s name refers to Greek mythology and it means
the “Sea of Atlas.”
15 Weird Facts
Fourth Grade Writers
A lot of kids at our school like to learn odd trivia. “I like weird things,”
fourth grader, Ashley Hartman exclaimed.
These 15 weird facts sound totally false, but they are not. This
information is from the website called 107 Facts about Weird Things. “I
think some weird stuff is cool,” fourth grader, Emily Waldrip said.
1. There are more stars in the sky than grains of sand on every beach.
2. On Jupiter and Saturn it rains diamonds.
3. Your chances of being killed by a vending machine are twice as likely
as a shark attack.
4. Snakes can have two heads and can fight each other for food.
5. Dogs poop in alignment with Earth’s magnetic field.
6. Some sloths still remain hanging even after death.
7. Every piece of plastic ever made still exists.
8. It snows metal on planet Venus.
9. Many female black widow spiders eat their mates.
10. Flamingos turn pink because they eat shrimp.
11. The offspring of a donkey and zebra is a zonkey.
12. There are beers made out of fossils.
13. Gold is edible.
14. Astronauts on Apollo 10 heard unexplained spacey music while
orbiting the dark side of the moon.
15. Two days on Venus is more than a year on Earth.
Fun Facts
Fifth Grade Writers
Here are some fun facts about the world and our local area.
1. Spiders’ silk webs are really strong. We know what you’re thinking,
“Why, when I run into spider webs, do they just fall apart?” Well, it’s
because they are not wound together. When wound together, they are
stronger than body armour.
2. Mount Everest located in China is often believed to be the tallest
mountain measuring 29,029 feet. However, it isn’t actually the world’s
tallest mountain. Mauna Kea, located in Hawaii is actually the tallest. It is
part of an island and the distance between the oceanic base of the mountain
and the summit is about 33,000 feet. This makes Mauna Kea the "tallest"
mountain in the world. However, only 13,796 feet are above sea level.
3. The Great Barrier Reef is 70 million football fields long! More than
1,500 fish species live on the reef, including: the clownfish, red bass, redthroat emperor, and several species of snapper and coral trout. About 5,000
species of mollusks live on the reef.
4. Left-handedness is less common than right-handedness. Left-handed
people are more skillful with their left hands when performing tasks. Studies
suggest that approximately ten percent of the world population is lefthanded. Mixed-handedness is the change of hand preference between tasks.
5. Lakyn Wilson, a freshman at Southwestern High School, earned first
place at the National Archery in the Schools Program World Tournament in
2015. We are proud of her!
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Spring 2016
Peanut Butter Fudge
Fifth Grade Writers
8 ounces of unsalted butter
1 cup of SMOOTH peanut butter
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 pound powdered sugar
1. Combine the butter and peanut butter in a microwave safe bowl. Put the
mixture in the microwave for two minutes.
2. After the two minutes, take the bowl out of the microwave and stir. (The
mixture may be hot, use caution.)
3. After you are done stirring, put it back in the microwave for two more
4. Add the vanilla and powdered sugar to the peanut butter mixture and stir.
(You may want to use a wooden spoon to stir so that it won’t conduct heat.)
5. The mixture will become stiff.
6. Put the mixture onto a buttered 8x8 inch pan lined with parchment paper.
7. Fold the excess parchment paper so it covers the surface of the fudge.
8. Refrigerate the fudge until cool, about two hours.
9. After they are cooled, cut into 1-inch pieces and store in an airtight
container at room temperature. This fudge will be good to eat for about a
10. ENJOY!
Second Grade Writer
1 cup bittersweet chocolate chips
1 stick unsalted butter (cut into 8 pieces)
2 large eggs, at room temperature
1 cup sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
1/4 teaspoon fine salt
1 cup all-purpose flour
1. Wash your hands.
2. Be sure to ask an adult to help you with using the oven and baking.
3. In the oven put the rack in the middle. Then preheat the oven to 350°F.
4. Line an 8-by-8-inch metal baking pan with aluminum foil. (This will
make it easier to get the brownies out and make cleaning the pan much
5. On the stove, in a medium saucepan, combine the chocolate and butter
together and cook over low heat, stirring frequently, until melted and
smooth. Remove from the heat and let cool slightly, about 5 minutes.
6. In a large bowl, combine the eggs, sugar, vanilla, baking powder and salt
and stir with a rubber spatula until mixed well.
7. Add the chocolate mixture and stir until it is blended well.
8. Add the flour and stir until there are no white streaks left (about 20
9. Pour the batter into the baking pan, push it to the edges in an even layer,
and smooth the top.
10. Bake about 25 minutes. (Did you know that if you stick a toothpick in
the center of the cake and it comes out clean, then it is done?)
11. Remove the pan from the oven, and put it on a wire rack to cool off for
at least 20 minutes.
12. To remove the brownies, grip the excess foil and pull it out of the baking
pan. Move them to a cutting board and cut the brownies into 2-inch squares.
13. Enjoy!
Spring 2016
Page 7
Swimming Safely
Third Grade Writer
Splash! Do you like to swim? Swimming is a lot of fun for most people. Third
grader, Brooklynn Boyd, said, “Swimming is fun because you can do a lot of tricks in
water and squirt each other with water.”
While you swim, you have to be safe. Before you go swimming at the pool or the
beach, here are some tips to help you.
Happy hunting
Third Grade Writer (and her dad)
Hunting can be fun for anyone of all ages. There are many
Southwestern students’ families that enjoy this outdoor sport.
Assistant Principal, Mr. Robert Adams said, “I enjoy hunting
because it’s something I grew up doing. Also, I enjoy being
outdoors and observing wildlife and mother nature. It is a quiet
and peaceful time for me.”
There are specific seasons that you can hunt in Indiana.
There is a website for you to use to help you. http://www.
You need a lot of things to hunt. You need a bow and arrows
or a gun and bullets. You need camo clothes and game calls.
“I like to hunt because I love to spend time in nature,” said
my cousin, Bryce Foy.
You might wonder why I like to go hunting. I get lots of
time with my dad, which is a lot of fun. We see lots of animals
like birds (including wild turkeys), deer, snakes and squirrels.
We get to listen to nature and we hear birds chirping, branches
snapping and wind blowing. We get lots of peace and quiet
when we go hunting, because we sit in the deer stand or in the
camo tent. After we have get a deer or squirrel we use the
meat for food.
My uncle, Mike Foy shared, “I love hunting because of the
challenge of pursuing and harvesting the animals.”
Then we stuff the animals with foam to create trophies. You
should try hunting, too.
1) Always swim with someone, not by yourself. You have to be watched while you
swim, so you won’t get hurt.
2) If you’re outside, put sunscreen on so the sun will not burn your skin. Remember
that the sun will burn you more easily between 10am and 4pm.
3) When walking near the pool, don’t get too close to the water, so you don’t fall in.
4) Make sure you can see the lifeguards so they will know where you are.
5) Make sure everyone knows how to swim in your family so if you get in
trouble, they can swim to you fast.
6) You want to make sure when you swim you will be safe.
7) Don’t get distracted when you dive. Be sure the water is deep enough to dive.
8) Be sure that there is a first aid kit and life jackets nearby.
9) Drink a lot of water so you stay hydrated. Avoid drinking soda with caffeine.
10) Call 911 if someone or something is wrong.
These tips will help you have fun swimming and be safe. There are school pools
and many private pools in our community. However, there are two public pools in our
county. One is at Clifty Falls State Park and the other one is in downtown Madison.
Third grader, Penelope Bibbs said, “It is fun to swim at Crystal Beach Swimming Pool
in Madison, because they have a big green spiral slide and good snacks.”
Third Grade Writers
Swimming is a lot of fun.
I play in the day and sometimes in the night, too.
I swim underwater and float on top.
When I swim in the pool,
I wiggle like a worm.
At night I like to catch the fireflies in the pool.
Swimming is really fun
when you do it with a friend or family.
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Spring 2016
Third Grade Writers
Running is fun
Second Grade Writers
Every year many local elementary schools host running clubs for The
Annual Molly Dattilo 5k Run Walk and Elementary Races. The race is
named for Molly Dattilo. She was a young woman who loved to run; but
sadly, she disappeared in 2004.
Our School Corporation Assistant Treasurer, Melissa May, was this year’s
coach for the Southwestern Elementary Running Club. She said, “This is
my seventh year coaching the kids and I really enjoy it. I hope they are all
gaining a love for running and staying active”. The club met during April and May to practice running, so we could get
prepared for the race. Students in grades 1st through 5th grade could be
in it. Second grader, Addison Nussbaum said, “I love to run and I enjoy
running club.”
When we practice we split up into groups by grade level. Each practice
is about an hour. When we get there we stretch, and after that we run laps.
Then we play a game. At the end we get popsicles! There were 145 kids in
our running club this year.
Every year the race is on the second Saturday in May, and it takes place on
Vaughn Drive along the Ohio River in downtown Madison. The girls’ half
mile race goes first, then the boys’ race is next. After that, the girl milers go,
then the boy milers. If you are in 2nd grade through 5th grade, you can do
the mile or half mile. If you are in 1st grade, you have to do half mile. At
the end of the race, many students received ribbons. The girls who ran the
mile came in first place this year and the boys came in third place. It was
very exciting!
It is so fun at running club and you should try it next year. However, if
you do not like running you should not join this club.
Second grader, Jocelyn Brown said, “Running club is awesome!” We
hope that next year you do running club, because it is fun and you would
really like it if you tried it.
At our school there are many different sports to play. One of the most
popular sports is basketball. Third grader, Macy Adams said, “I use to play
basketball when I was little, and I enjoyed it.”
Basketball has an interesting history. James Naismith taught basketball
in Springfield, Massachusetts and he got a trophy for inventing basketball
in 1891. In the beginning, the backboards were made of threads or
wire. Until 1929, the basketball players had to use a soccer ball because
basketballs weren’t made yet. Basketball became an official Olympic
event at the summer games in 1936 in Berlin, Germany. The basketball
association was formed in 1946. Wilt Chamberlain set the single-game
scoring record in the National Basketball Association (NBA) by scoring
100 points for the Philadelphia Warriors in a 169–147 win over the New
York Knicks in 1962.
Michael Jordan was one of the best player through all of his years of
playing. Michael Jordan got famous for scoring (5,987) in one whole
year. Michael Jordan has scored more points in the playoffs than any other
player. Chicago Bulls won all six of the NBA finals that they've been in.
Basketball is like a lot of other sports, there are two goals and two teams.
When you get the basketball in the basket you can score one point, two
points or three points. You get one point for a free throw. You get two
points when you're in front of the three point line. You get three points if
you are behind the three point line.
Did you know if you pick up the ball and then you dribble and dribble
it again the referee will call it a double dribble, and the other team will
get the ball. If you get fouled while you're shooting you get to shoot free
throws. If you make the first free throw you get another free throw, but
if you miss the first free throw you might get another chance to get the
ball or the other team can get the ball. If you get a technical foul the other
team gets a free throw and two more free throws. When there is a foul the
referee will blow the whistle.
There are tons of leagues for basketball. You can play whenever,
anytime. If you can ask your parents if your friends can come over to play
with you, or if you can go to their house and play basketball. Basketball is
usually played inside, unless you're just playing with your friends outside.
Third grader, Haiden Means said, “I like how you keep practicing and
practicing and you get better. I just think the fun of it is amazing.’’
Spring 2016
Page 9
Fourth Grade Writer
The Lady Rebels
Third Grade Writer
Some girls at Southwestern Elementary play softball. They really love
softball a lot, because it is a fun sport to play. One way they learn about the
sport is by watching older players. Have you heard about the Lady Rebels
Softball Team? This is our high school girls’ softball team! Many people
believe that they are one of the best teams in their league. There are 13 girls
on the team. Their coach’s name is Duane Ralston. He has three daughters
who play on the team- Abby, Brittney and Meagan.
Abby Ralson shared, “I love playing softball because I get to be
surrounded by my friends. I like having my dad as a coach because he
always tries to push me to be the best player I can be.”
They play fastpitch softball, that means a player pitches quickly
underhanded to the batter. They are a truly an amazing team. They hit far
and are fast runners. They are good at hitting field balls. They run very fast
around bases.
Brittney Ralston said, “Softball has given me the opportunity to have
some great experiences in high school. It's also a way to take your mind off
things and focus on what's important, having fun!”
They might lose a game or two but it does not matter to them, because
they just want to have fun with their teammates. They are nice to each other
and are good sports. They are not just a team, they are friends.
Meagan Ralston added, “Playing softball has not only allowed me to gain
new friendships, but I have also fallen in love with a sport I love and enjoy.
Over the years, I've learned how to improve my batting and fielding skills
by practicing over and over again.”
They have lots of fans. They have a winning record and have won many
games this year! They are nice to the other teams, but still want to win the
Bing! Redhawks is a traveling baseball team from mostly Jefferson
County. We play around eight tournaments each year.
There is an 8 and under team (8U) and a 10 and under team (10U). I am
on the 10U team.
On my team is Peyton Cloud, William Stockdale, and me from
Southwestern, Jack Miller, Jackson Dew, and Liam Murphy from Madison,
Philip Kahn, Finn Laskowski, and Jacob Hertz from Pope John, and Caden
Richardson from Scottsburg.
This year our jerseys are pink, because Finn’s mom, Sara Laskowski, died
from breast cancer. Our parents and grandparents really like them. Fourth
grader, William Stockdale said, “I love the pink jerseys!”
On the 8U team is my brother, Braxton Lewis, Brady Cook, Braden
Helton, Trent Patterson and Caleb Goode from Southwestern, Matt Macarty,
Bidge Asher, Alex Dew, and Teddy Cyrus from Madison, and Jeter Chatham
from Oldham County.
We play teams from all over the place like Paoli, Indianapolis, Shelbyville,
Bloomington, and other places around our region. My favorites are
Columbus and Franklin.
All of our teams have won many tournaments and have gotten trophies
and medals. My second grade brother, Braxton said this about his trophies,
“They are humongous and awesome!”
Page 10
Spring 2016
Star Wars for Kids
Fourth Grade Writer
Dove Cameron
Third Grade Writer
Many girls at Southwestern Elementary like
watching the actress, Dove Cameron. Dove
is most popular for girls 8-12. She stars in
many TV shows like “Liv and Maddie”,
“Descendants”, “R.L Stine's Monsterville” and
“Barely Leather”.
Did you know Dove Cameron is not her real
name? It is Chloe Celeste Hosterman! Dove
Cameron is a Capricorn and her birthday is
January 15, 1996. She was born at Seattle,
Washington. Dove has blond hair, and her eye
color is green.
Dove is a talented actress. Third grader,
Kaila Ledbetter said, “I love Dove because she
is a very good actress in one of my favorite
shows ‘Liv and Maddie’”.
Third grader, Abby Wagner agreed, “I love
Dove Cameron because I love ‘Descendants’
and she is a really good actress in it. She is
also a very good singer.”
“Liv and Maddie” is on Disney
Channel. In this show she plays the roles of
both characters Liv and Maddie. Everyone
should watch Dove Cameron’s shows to see
just how talented she is.
was created in 1977. That was 39 years ago! Although it all started with just one movie,
there are now 7 of them. The movies are intended for teenagers and adults, but there is a lot
of merchandise for kids. Children of all ages own Star Wars toy characters, toothbrushes,
lunchboxes, backpacks, lightsabers, pillows, bed sheets, clothes, clocks, posters and pajamas.
Star Wars is a popular thing because many children love the unique characters, especially kids
from 2-12. Fourth grader, Joe Drossart said, “ I think it is amazing how (the creator of Star Wars)
George Lucas could imagine these characters and stories.”
It is so interesting that so many kids love Star Wars, yet they cannot watch the movies because
the movies contain bad words and violence. Kids love to talk about Star Wars even though
many of them have not seen the movies. Many kids just talk about the characters and act out a
lightsaber fight.
In my opinion, I think Star Wars is a good series because of all the fight scenes, however I don’t
think that anyone under 7 should watch it. Fourth grader, Colton Dattilo said that, “The Star Wars
Trilogy is the best movie series ever invented..”
Second Grade Writers
Students at Southwestern love to watch movies. If you watched “Despicable Me”, you might
have guessed there was going to be a second movie, “Despicable Me 2”. But it was a surprise that a
third movie was created. It actually tells the story of the minions throughout history. It is a prequel
and the story takes place before the other two movies.
The movie starts at the dawn of time. The minions live to serve and they find themselves working
for many unsuccessful evil bosses. They become very sad. Then one minion, Kevin, has a plan.
Kevin and his pals, Stuart and Bob, go in search of a new evil boss. Most of the movie has just
these three minions in it. They meet Scarlet Overkill, the world’s first super-villainess. Second
grader, Toni Collelo said, “My favorite character in ‘Minions’ is Scarlet Overkill, because she is
It is a very funny and entertaining movie. They even have a theme song. Second grader, Jenna
Mack said, “I like ‘Minions’, because of the song, ‘Banana’.”
Spring 2016
Book Reviews
Page 11
The Energy Bus
for Kids
Fourth Grade Writers
Kindergarten students enjoy reading The Energy Bus and drawing
pictures of their personal energy busses. Front Row: Liam Burton,
Alvia Lipperd, Mae Pierson, Lexis Barker and Savannah Childress
Back Row: Katja Pretorius, Makenzie McCleery, Maggie Joseph, Ben
Owens and Jay Brooks
BEEP BEEP!!!! The energy bus is here! The Energy Bus for Kids is a
book that teaches you how to be positive. The Energy Bus for Kids teaches
you how to stand up to bullies and tells kids how to create a positive image.
George is a kid who is having bad day, a bad Monday. He did not eat
breakfast, and he was late for the bus. When he got on the bus, there was
a substitute bus driver, whose name was Joy. She taught him 5 important
rules. The book teaches you to drive your own bus, in other words you are
in control.
Fourth grader, Ashley Hartman said, “I think that The Energy Bus for
Kids is a great book, because it gives good motivations and positivity to
younger kids.”
The Energy Bus for Kids is actually the second book in this series written
by Jon Gordon. There is an energy us for grownups, too. This book is
similar to the one for kids, but longer because it has 10 rules.
Fourth grader, Torrance Bailey said, “I think The Energy Bus for Kids
was a great book. I like the steps George goes through to be happy.”
This book is great for kids to read! We highly recommend it!
Hidden Oracle
Fourth Grade Writer
Author, Rick Riordan is back with a new book series called the Trials of Apollo! The first book is
called the Hidden Oracle, it takes place in New York City in the aftermath of the Second Giant War.
Apollo, the God of Prophecy, the Sun and Archery is being punished for picking Rachel Elizabeth
Dare to be the newest Oracle of Delphi. She spoke the Prophecy of the Seven which started the
Second Giant War. Apollo’s punishment comes straight from the big boss himself, Zeus. Apollo’s
punishment is being human in the modern world. DAH DAH DUNN!
Fifth grader, Ximena Vilchis said, “I’m so excited about this new book and I can’t wait to read it!”.
So Apollo poses as, Lester Papadopoulos, a normal teenager in New York City who lands in a
dumpster. Apollo doesn’t really know anything about the modern world so he’s going to need some
help . Luckily he finds a girl named Meg McCaffrey who has a dark past, who is a demigod, can help.
Since Apollo is about 4,000 years old, he's made some enemies, but knows of the safest place in the
Eastern half of the USA, Camp Half-Blood. As soon as Apollo gets to Camp Half-Blood, he soon
finds out that there have been campers disappearing. Also, we will get to meet some new and old
characters from Riordan’s other series, Heroes of Olympus.
Kids everywhere, including Southwestern are going to like this new series. Fourth grader, Emma
Schneider said, “It sounds adventurous!”.
Some chapter titles are hilarious, like the chapter called “Armed to the Eyeballs, a Combat
Ukulele, Magic Brazil Scarf”. Happy reading!
Page 12
Funny Page
Fifth Grade Writers
Really Hard Tongue Twisters
A tutor who tooted the flute
Tried to tutor two tooters to toot
Said the two to the tutor
"Is it tougher to toot
Or to tutor two tooters to toot?"
Three sweet switched Swiss witches
Watch three washed Swiss witch Swatch watch switches.
Which sweet switched Swiss witch watches
Which washed Swiss witch Swatch watch switch?
Theophilus Thadeus Thistledown,
The successful thistle-sifter,
While sifting a sieve-full of unsifted thistles,
Thrust three thousand thistles through the thick of his thumb.
Now, if Theophilus Thadeus Thistledown,
The successful thistle-sifter,
Thrust three thousand thistles through the thick of his thumb,
See that thou, while sifting a sieve-full of unsifted thistles,
Thrust not three thousand thistles through the thick of thy thumb.
Here are some more hard tongue twisters!
A big bug bit a bold bald bear and the bold bald bear bled blood badly.
Brisk brave brigadiers brandished broad bright blades, blunderbusses,
and bludgeons -- Balancing them badly.
Can you can a canned can into an uncanned can like
a canner can can a canned can into an uncanned can?
If you must cross a course cross cow across a crowded cow crossing,
cross the cross coarse cow across the crowded cow crossing carefully.
Imagine an imaginary menagerie manager managing an imaginary
The sixth sick sheik's sixth sheep's sick.
For a really short tongue twister say toy boat 5 or 10 times fast.
Now that's HARD!!!!!!!!!
Spring 2016
Second Grade Writers
1. Q. Where do snowmen keep their money? A. At the snow bank.
2. Q. What do you call two banana skins? A. A pair of slippers.
3. Q. Why did the students eat their homework? A. Because the teacher
said that it was a piece of cake.
4. Q. What did the cake say to the fork? A. You want a piece of me?
5. Q. Why can’t you give Elsa a balloon? A. Because she will “let it go”.
6. Q. How do you make a tissue dance? A. Put a little boogie in it.
7. Q. Did you hear about the race between the lettuce and the tomato?
A. The lettuce was a head and the tomato was trying to ketchup.
8. Q. What did the triangle say to the circle? A. You’re pointless.
9. Q. What do you call cheese that is not yours? A. Nacho cheese.
10. Q. Why did the banana have to rush to work? A. Because he had to
11. Q. Why did the teacher write on the window? A. Because she wanted
the lesson to be very clear.
12. Q. Why did the teacher wear sunglasses? A. Because her class was too
13. Q. Why did the teacher go to the beach? A. To test the water.
14. Q. Why was the math book sad? A. Because he had too many
15. Q. Why didn’t the two fours want any dinner? A. Because they already
Spring 2016
Funny Page
Page 13
Page 14
First Grade Writer
Wolves howl at the moon,
When the night is coming soon.
Wolves live in a pack.
And together cross a railroad track.
They eat meat like beaver, bison, elk,
caribou, moose and deer.
So be very careful when they are near.
When they hunt, they are a champ.
Watch out when you are at camp.
Wolves are very brave.
They live in a cave.
New cubs are born every year.
Did you know, they can’t see or hear?
I love them, they are so pretty and cute,
But when you are near them you are on mute.
Wolves work as a team.
If you ever see one,
they will give you a good dream.
The misunderstood
Fifth Grade Writer
Have you ever seen a snake slithering on the ground or sitting in the sun? I
am guessing your first reaction was fear. Fifth grader, Keegan Rogers said,
“I am very scared of snakes! I think they are weird!”
Snakes are misunderstood. They are actually fascinating specimens. Fifth
grader, Clayton Sontag said, “I like snakes because they have cool diets and
they have fangs.”
Did you know that snakes use their tongues for something other than
tasting food? Whenever you see a snake and it’s tongue is going in and out
of it’s mouth, it is actually smelling the ground and air.
There are many different species of snakes and each one has a different
defensive tactic. Some types of snakes try to frighten their enemies and
some roll over and play dead, like a opossum.
When they grow too big, snakes shed their skin to reveal a new and
improved one.
So next time you go walking in the woods and you see a snake remember
that snakes are more scared of you than you are of them. Be careful hiking
in the woods especially in the woods by the elementary playground.
Spring 2016
Second Grade Writers
Some kids in our elementary school like to go to the beach on vacation.
Sometimes they are lucky enough to see a dolphin swimming in the sea or
they get to ride on a dolphin. One lucky second grader, Olivia Simpson said, “It was really fun to swim
with a dolphin. The dolphin was very smooth to touch. I held on to its
fin on top and it swam up and down in the water. The fish thought I was a
dolphin, too, and they swam around me.”
Most kids have heard of Bottlenose Dolphins and Orca Dolphins.
However, there are 43 different kinds of dolphins in the world. A group of
dolphins is called a “school” or a “pod”. Male dolphins are called “bulls”,
female dolphins are called “cows” and young dolphins are called “calves”.
Dolphins are mammals like people. Dolphin babies are so close to their
mothers, because they teach them how to survive.
Dolphins are carnivores (they eat meat). Dolphins eat squid and different
species of fish. Dolphins do not drink water like we do because most of
the water is salt water around them. Nasty! All dolphins get the water they
need from the fish they eat. They may choose to eat different types of fish
depending on the amount of calories and water they need. Dolphins do not
use their teeth to chew their food like you and I do. They use their teeth to
catch their food and then they swallow it whole.
Dolphins have a blowhole like a whale. Dolphins mostly live in shallow
seas. Dolphins come in different colors. They are gray, black, white and
pink. Some dolphins leap out of water.
Most dolphins live in the oceans but four kinds of dolphins live in rivers.
Some people can train dolphins in a pool. Dolphins have 100 teeth and they
only get one set of teeth. Bottlenose dolphins can live up to 40 years and an
Orcas can live up to 70 years.
Can dolphins see well? They sure can! Bottlenose dolphins have great
vision both in and out the water. When dolphins look at objects under the
water, they produce an oil that covers their eyes to protect them. Dolphins
can also see very well at night, just like cats and dogs.
Dolphins are special animals. Hopefully, everyone will have the chance to
see one someday. Second grader, Peyton Hunt said, “It was very exciting to
see dolphins. I was riding on a boat and saw them. One of them jumped up
and splashed water on my face.”
Spring 2016
Second Grade Writer
Each year students from our school visit local zoos in Louisville,
Kentucky, Cincinnati, Ohio and Indianapolis, Indiana. Elephants are always
one of the favorite exhibits. Elephants are really cool!
Did you know that elephants come from two continents? They are from
Africa and Asia. You can tell where an elephant comes from by looking at
the size of its ears. African elephants’ ears are much bigger and look like a
map of Africa, and Asian elephants’ ears are smaller like the shape of India,
which is in Asia. Elephants open their large ears to capture sounds.
Elephant’s skin is one inch thick. Elephants’ skin is very sensitive, they
can feel a fly landing on their skin. Elephants can’t see well, but they can
smell really well. In fact, elephants have the best sense of smell in the
animal kingdom. Elephants waive their trunks in the air to smell better.
Elephants use their trunks for smelling, eating and drinking. Second grader,
Tori Gammons said, “It is awesome to watch elephants use their trunks,
especially when they splash water out.”
When elephants are born they weigh 200 pounds and stand 3 feet tall.
Baby elephants can’t survive without their moms. Fourth grader, Braylon
Renschler said, “I like the different colors of elephants.” Elephants colors
are grey, brown and red. Asian elephants get pink when they get older.
Elephants are the biggest land animal in the world, so they would not
make good pets. Elephants are related to manatees and mammoths. African
elephants weigh between 6,000- 13,000lbs. Asian elephants weigh 6,000lbs.
Elephants can eat up to 300 pounds of food a day. They eat bark, grass, roots
and leaves. Elephants drink up to 16 liters of water a day.
Elephants usually only sleep two to three hours a night. Most of them
sleep standing, but sometimes elephants sleep laying down.
Here are some other interesting facts about elephants:
*Elephants can live to be over 70 years old.
*Elephants are the only mammals, besides humans that have chins!
*Elephants are scared of bees.
*Elephants are the only mammal that can not jump.
*Elephants purr like cats.
*Elephants can recognize themselves in a mirror.
Elephants are very fascinating animals. If you want to know more check
out a book in the school library!
Page 15
First Grade Writer
Kittens are small.
Kittens are soft.
Kittens are cute.
Kittens love to play.
I love kittens.
Do you love kittens?
Rare Calico Cats
Third Grade Writer
Did you know some pets are very rare, like a boy calico cat? I have a
girl one and she is fun; but boy calicos are very, very rare. If someone
would sell one, it would probably cost a lot of money, because barely
anyone has a boy calico. Only one out of every 3,000 calico cats is a boy.
Calico cats are often confused for cats with tortoiseshell color patterns.
Actually calicos are tricolored domestic cats. Boy calicos are orange,
black, white, and caramel. Boy calicos look different from girl calicos,
because they have a different face and body markings. Some boys have
a black spot around their noses, but girls don't. Third grader, Megan Lutz
said, “Calicos are very cute!”
Some people believe that calico cats bring good fortune to families, who
keep them their whole life and do not give them away to other people.
Cats are awesome and you need to take good care of them! Everyday
you should feed and water cats. Third grader, Caleb Seals said, “I have
calicos and they are fun and cute.”
In different countries they have different names. For example, in
Netherlands they are called lapjeskat (which means patches cat). In 2001
calico cats were given the status to the official state cats of Maryland. For myself, I think calicos are cool. Many students at Southwestern love
calicos cats and have them for pets.
Page 16
Pigs 101
Fifth Grade Writer
Have you ever been to the Jefferson County 4-H fair and seen pigs? Do you like
pigs? If so, maybe you should think about getting one. They are fun to raise and
amazing animals. Pigs teach you how to be responsible and they give you a chance
to do things on your own. They are very smart animals, though they can be stubborn
sometimes. I had a pig last year and his name was Wilbur. This year I have two pigs.
The gilt’s (which is the girl) name is Sassy. The barrow’s (which is the boy) name is
There are all different types of pigs to choose from! They are so fun and amazing!
Fifth grader, Emma Long states, “It’s fun to give the pigs a treat and feed them
marshmallows!” They love marshmellows and crackers! You can feed your pig
anything you want, but you have to make sure that what you are feeding them will not
harm her or him. You also have to think about not feeding them too much, because
they gain weight very quickly and you don’t want them to be unhealthy.
Bathing a pig is something fun, but it can be stressful at times. I say this because
last year it was stressful bathing my pig at the fair. Pigs do not like getting bathed. I
think it might be because of the closed in walls. However, it is fun because you get to
put soap on it and scrub the pig. You get wet too which is fun to me!
Did you know pigs can communicate with each other? They have different grunts,
oinks and squeals to communicate. Pigs are very social animals. They have often
proven to be very intelligent. Studies have shown that pigs can be smarter than some
kids up to age three!
When you think of pigs you probably think messy, dirty and gross. Pigs are actually
pretty clean. They have a special place in their pin where they go to the bathroom each
time, so they don’t have to lay down in the gross part of their pen. So maybe next time
you will think, wow pigs are not so nasty after all!
“Dogs look up to you, cats look down to you and pigs look you straight in the
eye and consider you equal.” This saying is so important to me, because I feel like it
describes pigs personalities in an honest and truthful way. Pigs won’t judge you; they
will just go along with you.
If you get a pig, maybe
you should think about
doing our local 4-H fair.
You will get to show your
pig, but you have to auction
it off. If you are interested
in the fair go to Aleea
Crumley’s article and you
can learn more.
Pigs are amazing,
intelligent and loving
animals. I hope after this
article you might consider
getting a pig of your very
Spring 2016
Mountain Bluebirds
Second Grade Writer
Chirp! Chirp! Most people in our community like Eastern
Bluebirds. They can be spotted flying around our school. Did
you know that they have a relative called Mountain Bluebirds
that live in the western half of the United States?
Male Mountain Bluebirds are blue and gray, and females are
brown and blue. They are 7 inches tall.
Mountain Bluebirds eat beetles, grasshoppers and
caterpillars. They sit from a high perch and wait for a bug to
get to the ground. Then they dive for it.
Mountain Bluebirds live in a mix of short grass, shrubs and
trees. They look at chimneys and vertical pipes to nest or
roost. They will even fight tree swallows over nesting sites.
They fly south (migrate) in the winter because they need to
find enough food. Mountain Bluebirds fly in flocks of 50 to
People in Idaho and Nevada must really like Mountain
Bluebirds because it was chosen as their state bird.
Eastern Bluebirds can mate with Mountain Bluebirds and
have babies.
My mom, Mrs. Tonia Joseph, likes Mountain Bluebirds
because they are pretty to look at and
watch. My friend Braxton Lewis
enjoyed looking at pictures of fuzzy
ruffled Mountain Bluebird chicks.
What do you think of mountain
First Grade Writer
Kangaroos are mammals.
So am I.
Kangaroos jump.
So can I.
Kangaroos eat.
So do I.
Kangaroos kick.
So can I.
Kangaroos have ears.
So do I.
Kangaroos live in Australia.
So could I.
Spring 2016
Page 17
Second Grade Writer
Roar! Kids at Southwestern love seeing lions at the zoo. Lions are native
to the continent of Africa. There are many interesting facts about lions.
Lions live in a group called a pride, which includes about 30 lions. Male
lions are larger than female lions, and they have a mane of hair around their
necks. Males and females take on very different jobs in the pride. Males
defend their homes and female lions are the hunters of the group. Lionesses
usually hunt at night. A lion’s diet is large animals such as elephants, hyenas, hippos and rhinos,
and small animals like lizards, birds, mice and tortoises. After the lions kill
their prey, they share it.
Lions are the laziest of the cats. They sleep 18-20 hours a day! The lion is
the second largest cat in the world (the tiger is first).
Pride members keep track of one another by roaring. Both males and
females have a very powerful roar that can be heard up to 5 miles away. For
all their roaring, growling, and ferociousness lions are family animals.
All about bunnies
Second Grade Writers
Our school playground has a wooded area where wild rabbits are often
seen. Have you ever wanted to know more about them? Rabbit habitats
include woods, forests, meadows, grasslands, deserts and wetlands.
Rabbits live in groups called “herds”. Did you know that a girl rabbit is
called a doe and a boy rabbit is called a buck? A baby rabbit is called a kit
(or kitten).
Here are some interesting facts about
rabbits. Rabbits are plant eaters. Rabbits
are born with their eyes closed and without
fur. Rabbits have long ears. More than half
of the world’s rabbits live in North America.
Second grader, Kaylee Renschler said,
“Bunnies are very interesting. I especially
like their big ears.”
Rabbits are hairy creatures. Rabbits weigh
up to 4 pounds. Rabbits have short tails.
Rabbits are different from hares. Hares are generally larger, and have
longer hind legs than rabbits and longer ears with black markings. The
skulls of rabbits and hares are also different. Rabbit’s fur coat remains its
color year-round, while hares change color from grayish brown in summer
to white in winter.
Second grader, Jenna Owens said, “I like bunnies a little. The thing I
don’t like is that they eat food out of your garden. What I like about them
is that their soft and cuddly.”
Fourth Grade Writer
Bark! Many Southwestern Elementary School students have pet dogs.
Second grader, Tori Gammons said, “I have a dog that is a yorkie. It is
really hairy and can do tricks.” Yorkies are the sixth most popular dog in
America. They are so cute and tiny. In fact the smallest dog in the world was
a yorkie. Cool, am I right?
I have my own yorkie at home, and his name is Elvis. Yorkies live up to 16
years. Right now, my yorkie is 12, and he has been a part of my family my
entire life. Since yorkies are so small, the oldest yorkie in the world would
still looks like a puppy. Isn’t that crazy!
Fourth grader, Ashley Hartman said, “My sister has a yorkie, and it is very
fun to have one, because they don’t grow that big, and it is very fun to play
with them when they are so little.”
Despite a yorkies size, they are extremely brave. So I have to say, I am
embarrassed because my yorkie is scared of the vacuum. Once there was a
6 pound yorkie that scared off a bear in New Jersey. The very first therapy
dog was a yorkie.
Something really cool is that one of our presidents Richard Nixon and his
family had a pet yorkie in the White House. Something AMAZING is that a
World War II hero was a yorkie named Smoky. Those were some pretty cool
facts about yorkies. I guess you could say yorkies always have your back.
Yorkies are such good pets, because they are not too big and not too small.
They are really loving and friendly pets.
Page 18
First Grade Writer
Amazing sloths
Second Grade Writers
Cheetahs are so cute.
Cheetah cubs are so cute, too.
Do you like cheetah babies?
Cheetahs are so cute.
The cheetah spots are
black and yellow.
Cheetahs are so cute.
Cheetahs’ pads on
their feet are pink.
Cheetahs are so cute.
Cheetahs are fast.
Faster than I am.
Cheetahs are so cute.
Sloths are fascinating creatures. They live in jungles in Central and South America. In the
wild, sloths live 10 -16 years and in captivity (an animal kept and not allowed to leave) over
30 years.
Sloths have about half as much muscle tissue as other animals of similar weight. That’s
why they move so slowly. Second grader, Max Joseph said, “It is very interesting how they
move slowly and I like them.”
The way they get out of danger is they can bite with their teeth and they scratch with their
sharp claws. Jaguars, large birds of prey, snakes and humans are their predators (animals
that hunt them).
A sloth is an endangered species, because of human threats and predators. Sloths have
no odor, because they don’t sweat which helps them avoid predators. Sloths are excellent
swimmers. Second grader, Kaylee Renschler said, “I didn’t know that sloths are excellent
To stay happy and healthy, sloths require a special diet, and a unique home. Sloths eat
many leaves on trees. They love the water. Sloths can sleep up to 15 to 18 hours every
day. Sloths can hang from trees when they sleep. They are nocturnal animals that sleep
during the day and are awake at night.
The female sloth gives birth to one baby sloth a year after a period of six months. Baby
sloths stay with their mother for 6 months.
Sloths are medium sized mammals. Sloths can extend their tongues 10-12 inches coming
out of its mouth.
Sloths see the world differently, because they are in trees most of the time. They hang
upside down sometimes. They don’t do it always.
Algae (green stuff) grows on sloth’s fur, that’s what makes them blend into the forest.
The three toed sloths have fur on their face, which makes them look like they are always
Sloths in the wild can survive up to 20 years. Some sloths in captivity can live up to 40
years! Sloths will not harm you. Sadly, three toed sloths are now becoming extinct. Studies
have shown that it is not because of the predators of a sloth, it is due to people’s actions or
intervening in the sloths’ habitats.
Sloths are slow and amazing creatures. However, sloths do not make good pets, because
they are a wild animals.
Spring 2016
Green sea
Third Grade Writers
Lots of people like sea turtles. “Swishhh” that
is the sound of a Green Sea Turtle swimming
through the ocean. Third grader, Booklynn Boyd
said, “I like the way they glide through the sea so
The first sea turtles were found more than 250
million years ago. There are seven different kinds of
sea turtles.
Sea turtles are endangered, which means they are
dying out! They are dying out by eating trash that
people throw into the ocean.
Here are some interesting facts. Sea turtles can
swim very far distances. Sea turtles live most of
their life underwater. They can sleep for five hours
before they go up to get air. They are between 3
to 4 feet long and can weight up to 300 to 400 lbs.
Turtles have a lifespan of 80 years. Green sea turtles
are the world’s largest hard shelled sea turtles.
Turtles are found nesting along the coastline. Turtles
lay eggs on the beach. They lay
up to 115 eggs. In two months,
the turtles will be able to hatch
out of their eggs.
Green sea turtles usually eat
crabs, jellyfish and sponges.
(Sponges are a type of animal.)
Unlike most turtles, green sea
turtles also eat sea grasses and
Unlike any other sea turtle the
green sea turtle swims only about
two miles a day. Sea turtles also migrate only a little
distance from their nesting ground. Third grader,
Emily Keeton said, “I like how they are so colorful
and they just mind their own business.”
Green sea turtles live in many different places like
Asia, Africa and New Zealand. There they live a
good life. Sea turtles have very hard shells that have
little designs on them. The designs kind of look like
little octagons. Their shells are very slick sometimes
because they get moss all over them.
That is the life of green sea turtles.
Spring 2016
Third Grade Writer
Minecraft is a video game that many kids around the world enjoy. Students at
Southwestern love it, too. Minecraft is a cool video game that you can play on your
tablet, ipod, smart phone, computer, laptop, playstation, or xbox. It is like building
with LEGOS, but it’s on the computer. You just have to download it and then you
can play it. Third grader, Caleb Seals said, “I like how it takes no internet to play the
Minecraft has a lot of mods like different kinds of dogs, cats or even horses! They
also have mods for furniture! Third grader, Braden Helton said, “I like Minecraft
because there are so many cool mods.”
In this game, you can be as creative as you like. You can build schools, houses,
cities, farms, parks, prisons, caves, pools or even cars! You can build cars, but
unfortunately you can’t drive them.
You have a village full of villagers they are like people. You can trade paper with
them. When you have a village, put torches on the ground everywhere. You make
iron golems, put flowers down everywhere, and then spawn more villagers. You
may be wondering what an iron golem is and how to make one. An iron golem is a
creature that is used for protecting villagers. You make an iron golem by putting one
iron block on the ground and then stacking one on top of that. Then put one block on
the left and one block on the right. Then you put a pumpkin head or a jack-o-lantern
head on the very top and it spawns!
Minecraft is a very good video game for everyone to play. KEEP CALM AND
Page 19
Awesome Aliens
Third Grade Writers
Have you ever thought about if aliens are real? In our school, some students believe in
aliens and others do not.
Third grader, Matthew Hernandez feels, “Aliens aren’t real because I have never seen
Third grader, Brooklynn Boyd said, “I think aliens are real because my papaw saw a
spaceship with lights that crashed into the woods by Jefferson Proving Ground.”
But some people think aliens are green gooey monsters. Some people think they can be
just like human-beings. Did you know Stephen Hawking is working with a billionaire to find
alien life? They are focusing on space exploration and the search for life in the universe.
Some say that aliens live on Mars. Some think that they have seen alien life on Earth.
Some say aliens live underground!
Did you know the first U.F.O. sighting was 1450 Egypt, but it was really a comet
named Halley's Comet. There was a crash near the Roswell Army Air Field in New Mexico
on July 8, 1947. There was some alien footage, but he faked it. Did you know that the
Roswell Crash was made into a movie? The military said the U.F.O. was a weather balloon.
Exciting news... astronomers have recently discovered three planets orbiting a nearby star
(similar to our sun). They could have life and water. The sizes and temperatures of these
worlds are similar to those of Earth and Venus. A group of international astronomers from
MIT, NASA, the University California at San Diego, the University of Liège and other
institutions made the discovery.
It is hoped by many that we can find life on another planet.
Fourth Grade Writer
Have you heard of a device called a hoverboard? Well, if you haven’t then you are
about to. They are devices that can move you around. Have you ever been to a big shopping
center? Well if so, you might have seen a cop ride around on something that's called a
segway it’s basically like that, but with no handles. They are also known as “electric handsfree scooters.” Many students from Southwestern have tried riding on hoverboards, and they are the latest
gadget that many kids are begging their parents to buy them. Fourth grader, Britt Inman
said, “ When you ride a hoverboard it basically feels like you're flying.”
A good thing to know might be, which hoverboard won’t explode and kill me? There
have been a few reports about cheap versions of the devices being sold with low quality
battery packs that overheat, and then they explode.
You should not really consider hoverboards as toys, but more as a personal transportation
device. Although some parents might like to buy their children the hoverboard because
it’s becoming more and more popular, remember there is some risk involved. With all the
electrical wires on the bottom of the hover board, if a kid were to mess with the wires it
could be harmful, explode, and cause death for a child.
Fifth grader, Chelsea Baker said, “The first day I rode a hoverboard I felt uncomfortable,
because it was really hard to balance and control the movement. Now that I have learned to
ride a hoverboard I feel more comfortable.”
If you are considering buying one of these devices then they say not to buy the really
cheap ones under $500, because those are the most dangerous kinds you can get. It might
seem like a great deal, but just wait till something happens to it, then you will know that you
did not really get a deal. You will have to pay money again to get it fixed or buy a new one,
plus medical bills if needed.
Maybe you are now interested in the hoverboard device, if you choose this device be very
careful, get the right type and don’t play with any of the technical things with the device.
Good luck and happy hovering!
Google Car
Fourth Grade Writer
Vrooom… No driver needed. It may seem impossible, but Google has created a car
that drives on its own. Currently, eight states allow public road testing of driverless
cars, but Indiana is not one of them. Google created a software called Google
Chauffeur. This software has been installed in various electric cars. Each of these cars
is identified with special lettering on the side.
Google plans on making these cars available to the public in 2020. That is just 4
years away. These cars are currently being tested. When it sees traffic lights it will
automatically stop or go or slow down. They have an emergency brake, if the car has
gone out of control that the passenger can press.
It is powered by an electric battery and it does not run on gasoline. Fourth grader,
Sidney Petro said, ”I love the idea! It is my dream car.”
The front of the Google Car is made of soft foam. Fourth grader, Joe Drossart said,
“That it is really interesting how scientists came up with it.”
Many kids at Southwestern want a Google Car because it is amazing.
Page 20
The Woods
Fifth Grade Writer
The deep woods nice and thick
The cracking noise when you step on a stick.
There is a deer that is near
It galloped away I knew it wouldn’t stay.
There was a man with a plan
to pick mushrooms.
He smiled at me
I smiled back.
It was my dad!
It made me glad.
Cause then I knew I was safe in this dark and mysterious place.
I love pizza!
First Grade Writer
Pizza is yummy!
I LOVE it!
My favorite is sausage.
I wish that I could eat it everyday.
I would eat it in the hall.
I would eat it at the mall.
I would eat it in the fall.
I would eat it playing ball.
I would eat it ALL!
I LOVE it!
Fun in the Summer
First Grade Writer
I love summer!!!!
I play all day with my sisters, Raygan and Belle!!!!!
We climb big trees!!!!!
We love to play on our trampoline!!!!!
We go swimming with our cousins in Barren River Lake!!!!
We stay in a cabin in Mississippi!!!!
I love to play all day with my mom and dad!!!!!
We play board games like Fibber!!!!
We catch lightning bugs in jars with holes in the lids!!!!
I keep the lightning bugs and feed them popcorn!!!!
I have a sleepover with my Nana and Poppop!!!!
I love summer, come join me!!!!!
Spring 2016
Summer is Fun!
First Grade Writer
First Grade Writer
Summer is fun!
Here are things
In the summer you get to go
That I enjoy most about spring.
I love the sunshine, shining down on me.
And dive in the pool,
Animal babies are born, on farms and in the woods.
And go to King’s Island,
Fawns are very cute, their fluffy tails and little spots.
And ride the roller coasters,
Rain sounds are tapping on windows.
And go to camp,
Storms boom loudly, and lightning flashes.
And roast marshmallows,
I love to hear the birds chirp in the morning.
And go to the park,
I love watching plants blooming.
And slide and swing,
There are many spring birthdays.
And go to a Florida,
There are many paintings about spring.
And go to the beach,
Spring, beautiful spring.
And go to Dairy Queen,
But my favorite
And eat ice cream,
And go to the zoo,
And feed the giraffes,
And play outside,
And fly your kite,
And go to the waterpark at Holiday
And go swimming all day,
And go to the fair,
And see the horses,
And go to grandma’s and grandpa’s
And go fishing,
And play with family,
And climb trees.
Summer is fun!
Summer Fun
First Grade Writer
In the summer I have lots of summer fun.
I have picnics outside in the hot sun.
I play with Willie, my black and white dog.
We like to run and jump over a log.
I go swimming at Hardy Lake.
My towel, floaties and sunscreen are the things I like to take.
I go for a walk on the sandy beach.
Rocks, sticks and shells are the things I can reach.
Spring 2016
Cool Games
First Grade Writer
There are certain awesome games I like.
I Iike awesome Minecraft.
I like awesome Terraria.
I like all awesome Wheely games.
I like awesome Dogs in Space.
I like awesome, awesome, very awesome
Family Game Night.
Wonderful Winter
First Grade Writer
In winter it’s fun
You get to ski
When you sled
You feel free.
You can play
In a snowball fight
Or build a snowman
That is white.
Lot’s of people stay
warm inside,
But some like to be out
On the ice and glide
It is cold, it’s 32°F.
But the cookies are warm and sweet.
I love this time of year!
Our family eats a special treat.
I like to play with my brother,
At this time of year,
EVERYTHING is awesome,
Christmas time is here!
You need a jacket in winter
A really heavy one.
So don’t let cold stop you,
Because winter is really fun.
First Grade Writer
Page 21
First Grade Writer
If I had my own YouTube channel
My name would be Legendary Diamond.
My YouTube videos would be
Minecraft, Roblox and Animal Jam, friend.
One day my mom, Lisa
Walked in with a pizza.
I ate it all.
Would I get a lot of subscribers?
I would make new videos every day.
I really want to be a YouTuber
So my fans could push “PLAY”.
Then we went to the mall
And when we got home,
There was another pizza
For my mom, Lisa
Because the pizza man came.
First Grade Writer
Pop! Pop! Pop!
I watch the kernels hop in the popcorn machine.
I like it salty.
And buttery, too.
I really love popcorn.
How about you?
I’m going to eat popcorn today at the movies.
Pop! Pop! Pop!
First Grade Writer
I love doughnuts.
My mom buys them for me.
They are SO GOOD!
Doughnuts are sweet.
They are sticky, too!
I love chocolate
doughnuts the best.
I eat them in the morning.
I eat them outside on my porch.
Doughnuts are so sugary.
They are so yummy.
The pizza came alive
And started to dance and sing.
Then I woke up, and realized
It was all a dream.
My mom’s name is Victoria.
Ice cream
First Grade Writer
Ice cream is sweet.
It is a good treat.
Strawberry is my favorite.
I love every bit of it.
Ice cream is yummy.
I like it in my tummy.
It’s cold to the touch.
I love it so much.
First Grade Writer
Friends are nice!
Friends are cool!
Friends are sweet!
I love my friends,
And they love me, too!
Keygan, Turner, Brennen,
Jackson, Gabriel and Kingston
are my best friends!
Page 22
Spring 2016
Fourth Grade Writer
“Wow, that was too much driving,” I said as we got out of the car. We had just driven
18 hours to Florida and had arrived at our hotel. Over fall break my family went to
Florida and it was amazing. We went to the city of Clearwater first to visit a beach. Then
we went to Kissimmee and visited Walt Disney World.
In Clearwater we stayed in a hotel called Marriott. It was awesome and it was very
clean. There was a rock statue with water pouring out in the pool. There was a type of
tropical bird there that could talk! However, when my 12-year-old brother, Jack said, “Hi,
birdie,” the bird only went, “SQUAWK!”
The beach we went to the first day was covered in seaweed and it was disgusting, but
the second day we were there, we went to a different beach. That beach was fun. While
we were there we played beach volleyball and Mini Man. Mini Man is a game where you
get on your knees and jump over the waves.
Then we went to Disney World. We stayed in a house that was big and beautiful. We could also walk to the bus stop from our rental house. It had two
bathrooms, two bedrooms, and a kitchen. Plus, it had a pool and a playground beside it. “It was the best rental house ever,” my 7-year-old sister, Zuzu said.
There are four parks in Disney World. They are Epcot, Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom. My favorite rides were, The Rockin
Roller Coaster, Pirates of the Caribbean, Tower of Terror, The Jungle Cruise, and a Star Wars ride. My favorite place to eat was The Jungle Cafe.
There are two water parks, which are Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon. Our family did not go there.
Many students at Southwestern like traveling to Disney World. Fourth grader, Riley Scroggins said, “This summer will be my ninth time going and I
like to go to Disney World because they have new characters every summer that you can meet and greet.”
Fourth grader, Isaak Bachmann said, “I think that Expedition Everest was the best because it was a thrilling and scary ride.”
Here are some facts about Disney World. Every year people in Disney World lose more than 6,000 cell phones, 3,500 cameras,and 18,000 hats! Good
thing we didn’t lose anything. Disney has found 1.65 million pairs of glasses since 1971! Mickey Mouse has more than 290 outfits and Minnie has more
than 200 outfits!
Our trip to DisneyWorld was amazing and I think everybody should go. Clearwater was awesome, too.
Paris, France
Fourth Grade Writers
Paris, France is an amazing place. We want to go there someday. Paris was founded in the 3rd Century, BC by Celtic people
called the Parisii, who gave the city it’s name, but originally it was a Roman city named “Lutetia”.
France is known for their awesome and unique cuisines. Have you ever seen the movie “Ratatouille”? Did you that ratatouille
is actually a vegetable soup. A baguette is a long breadstick in a bag. An escargot is a SNAIL!! EW. They drink a lot of wine
and mineral water. There are a lot of cafes and street restaurants in France. Macarons are awesome pastries, which are two
cookies with icing in the middle and they come in many colors. THEY ARE DELICIOUS! Crepes are good too. They are thin
pancake like pastries with chocolate sauce and sprinkled sugar.
Some reasons to visit Paris are the special places! We all know that the Eiffel Tower is beautiful, but there are other places to visit, too. There is a place
called “The Catacombs of Paris” in which dead bodies were moved from above ground graves to underground for fear of disease. Another place to visit
is the Notre Dame Cathedral. It is an amazing giant church in Paris. It is in the middle of Paris and is a gothic cathedral.
The population of France is 66,553,766 people. France is the 21st largest country in the world. Every year, millions of people visit France. French is the
official language in France and it is also the second major language in Europe. France is physically one of Europe's largest countries. It is bordered by 6
countries: Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Spain and the United Kingdom . You should pick up a little French like, “bonjour, bonsoir, je
voudrais, excusez-moi, and au revoir”. Those are common phrases that mean, “hello, good evening, I would like, excuse me, and goodbye” in French.
Thoughts on Paris, France from two students in the 4th Grade said, “Paris is the most beautiful place on Earth, I think!” said Chloe Hebner.
Shyla Butters said, “ I think it's beautiful and really fantastic!” We hope you enjoyed learning about Paris, France. Au Revoir!
Spring 2016
Page 23
San Francisco, Ca
Second Grade Writer
Have you ever been to California? I have. My family took a trip to San Francisco, California.
It is a big city with lots of interesting things to see. It is located near the middle of the state
along the coast of the Pacific Ocean. In this article, I will share my vacation memories.
My adventures began with a long airplane ride. Riding an airplane was really fun. I packed
some toys and my 3DS to do on the airplane. It was so fun to go up in the air. When we got up
really high, my ears popped. It felt weird. We flew over mountains and deserts.
When we got there, we rented a car from Enterprise; it was a white Camry. I got to stay in
a Holiday Inn and my mom and I played Speed. Speed is a card game and I beat her one time.
There was a cabinet in the room and I put myself in it and got squished.
San Francisco, California is a cool place. The Golden Gate Bridge and Lombard Street are there. I got to see them both. I thought The Golden Gate
Bridge was gold, but it is really red. Lombard Street is the curviest street in the world. It is very steep and we drove on it.
I went to a pizzeria called Dino’s and it was really good. My mom, dad and I went on a boat cruise around the bay and we could see Alcatraz. It was a
prison for really bad people, but it closed on March 21, 1963. It is on a really big rock in the ocean. My dad wanted to go there, but we could not take a
tour because the tickets were sold out.
There was a chocolate factory. It had giant lollipops. I got one and it was really good. I did not finish it, because it was too big. We ate at a restaurant
on Pier 39 that had seafood. I got lobster and it was really good. In a bakery, there were big pieces of bread that looked like real animals.
There are a lot of sea lions on the pier. They would fight each other. There were lots of street shows. There was one that was a one man band. He
played all of the instruments at once. I got to be part of a magic show. He picked me out of the crowd to help him and he called me Superman, because
I had on a Superman jacket. It was fun. There were these steps that were painted like a piano and when you jumped on them, they made piano sounds.
There was another magic show where a guy was strapped in chains and he got out. There was also a merry-go-round. There were a lot of sights to see and
things to do on Pier 39.
We drove across the Golden Gate Bridge to Muir Woods National Monument Park and I got to see Redwood Trees. They were humongous. There were
trees surrounding a broken tree in the middle. It was called the Grandfather. It got it’s name, because there was a fire and it got burned. The seeds that
were in it came to the ground. Trees started to grow around it.
The people that were in front of us taught us how to take pictures a new way. It was called panoramic. I forgot how to, but it is really cool. When you
take a picture this way, it let’s you be able to get more view on your picture. I really liked seeing the trees.
Across from the Golden Gate Bridge, there was little road, where you could see the ocean and the bridge. We took our picture there. (See above.)
I got to go to the Lucas Films Studio. I saw Darth Vader, Chewbacca, R2D2 and Boba Fett. I also saw, Han Solo’s blaster, Yoda’s, Darth Mole’s, Darth
Sidious’s, Luke SkyWalker’s, and Darth Vader’s lightsabers. Before you walk in, you saw Yoda. We took a picture with him.
I got to see the Facebook Company.
I got to go to the aquarium, where I saw sharks. There was a thing that you got to know how parts of an octopus felt. There were live crabs in a cage.
I went to Chinatown. There was laundry hanging outside their windows and they had markets that were on the sidewalks. In San Francisco, there are
Cable Cars everywhere.
I got to go to the Walt Disney Museum. There were a lot of cool things to see from Disney. One was Tomorrowland. There were old Mickey Mouse
shows. Mommy really liked it. There was an old movie player, and I got to control a robotic bird that talked.
We saw the house from the TV show “Full House”. The house was on Girard Street.
We got to go see the beach. It was cold and we had to wear jackets. You could see the Golden Gate Bridge. My mom, dad and I wrote our first and last
name in the sand.
At a Mexican restaurant, the seagulls were coming up to the people and one came up to our table. In the afternoon, there was a lot of fog. At an ice cream
place, I got birthday flavor ice cream.
At another restaurant, it took a long time to get our table. It was busy. I watched water go down rocks and it sounded like a real waterfall. Outside in
the dark, there was a statue of Sea Lions and I climbed to the top of it.
My dad said, “For me, the biggest joy was being able to take my family to see all the sights of San Francisco and to experience it with them. We had a
great time together and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”
My mom said, “I enjoyed being with my husband and son and seeing all the sights. My favorite was seeing the Redwood trees.”
I really liked the trip to San Francisco. It was fun.
Page 24
Advice Column
ask jalel
Spring 2016
Dear Jalel,
Hey, I need help. I got an F on a math test. What do I do? ~Mr. Mad at
Dear Mr. Mad at Math,
Be sure to ask your teacher questions as they arise; don’t wait until the
day or two before the test. Skills in math, as in sports, must be practiced,
so you should study. There are many ways to help you remember the
facts. You can make flashcards and study them. Do some work on each
problem - try to work at least part of each problem because partial credit
is better than none. Check your answers and look for careless mistakes
during the last few minutes of your test time (budget this important time).
Dear Jalel,
I’m stressed about passing ISTEP, so what should I do. ~ISTEP Stressed
Ask Jalel’s advice column is written by Jalel Zaabani. He is a fourth
grader at Southwestern Elementary. He likes helping others to solve
Dear Jalel,
What do you do if you’re getting bullied? ~Sad Student
Dear Sad Student,
There are many things you can do if you are being bullied. Different
methods can work in different situations. When possible, ignore the bully.
Build an invisible wall around you and pretend that their mean words
bounce off the wall. Imagine that person looks silly. Stay positive and
think of things that you do well, and remember that you are a valuable
person. Surround yourself with people who care about you. Tell the bully
to leave you alone. Ever heard of the phrase “kill them with kindness”?
Be nice to the bully. But if the bullying doesn’t stop, don’t be afraid to let
someone know you are being bullied. Other people can be a great help. If
you are being bullied at school find a trusted teacher, school psychologist,
principal or guidance counselor. If you are being bullied at home, tell
your parents or another adult. Always remember that your friends accept
you for who you are.
Dear Jalel,
Our classroom chairs and desks are very loud and we need to keep them
quiet. What should we do? ~Chair Squeaker
Dear Chair Squeaker,
You should put felt pads or tennis balls (with holes cut into them) on the
bottom of the chair and desk legs. That will stop them from squeaking.
Dear ISTEP Stressed,
You should try to eat well, sleep well, and exercise. Stress often causes
quick, shallow breaths so try to close your eyes and take deep breathes. Be
sure to review the Indiana Academic Standards. There are study guides
for you to read through online and at the library.
Dear Jalel,
Some of the girls in fifth grade keep starting drama! It’s happened for a
long time and it’s getting old! I just want everyone to get along for our last
year in elementary. We need help! I don’t want this to happen in Middle
School. ~#No Drama Zone
Dear #No Drama Zone,
You should tell the other girls how you feel. Tell them that they need to
stop causing drama. It’s your last year in elementary school and you want
it to be your best year, too. There are several other things you can do. Let
go of any rumors and don’t hide something you did (it will make it worse).
Avoid getting involved if two of your friends are arguing. Let them know
that you value both of their friendships. Ignore people who make fun of
others, or let them know that you don’t think it is funny. Keep your private
life private! Don’t share details about things that you don’t want lots of
people to know. Accept other people’s opinions, but don’t change yourself
because of their opinions. Choose your friends wisely. Make sure they
like you for who you are.
Dear Jalel,
I need help remembering multiplication facts, can you help me?
~Multiplication Rookie
Dear Multiplication Rookie,
You should study your fact cards daily. You should get a Multiplication
Table and study it. Start trying to remember one column or row at a time.
When you have one column or row remembered go on to the next one.
There are many inexpensive and free apps to assist you with learning
your multiplication facts.
Spring 2016
Pirates: The Musical
Fourth Grade Writers
Arrrr mateys! The pirates invaded Southwestern Elementary School:
ship shape and groove! The fourth graders, under the direction of Mrs.
Judy White, performed Pirates! The Musical for their spring program.
We sang, “Pirates All Are We”, “Stowaways”, “So You Want To Be A
Pirate” , “ King of the High C’s”, “Singing a Pirate Song” and “Lost At
What should we do to the stowaways that got on our ship? Should we
throw them overboard? Or hang them by their heels? Fourth grader, Sofia
Alvarado said, “ Feed them to the sharks!”
Fourth grader, Riley Scroggins said, “They will get the black mark and
go to the brig.” Will the stowaways be DOOMED?
Fourth grader, Alex Hitchcock played the lead role of The King of the
High C’s. He said, “I wanted to be the King of the High C’s because that
character was just like me.” Now, to our REAL subject, will our precious
king loose his voice? If our king has lost his voice, we won’t win 1st
prize of * drum roll * SARSAPARILLA!
This show was one of the students favorite musical programs. The
parents and family members really enjoyed watching it. Fourth grade
parent, Ms. Michelle Wagganaar said, “This was the best singing this
group has ever done. My favorite part was when The King of the High
C’s got angry and threw his hat off.”
We both got to play pirates in the performance. We want to publicly
thank Mrs. White for the time and effort that she put into this musical.
We loved the scenery, songs and costumes. You are an inspiration to the
fourth graders and the entire school.
Fourth grade pirates, Cadence Long, Riley Scroggins and
Trinity Storm are trapped behind bars.
Page 25
Southwestern Show Choir or
Marching Band
Fifth Grade Writer
Music is a very important part of Southwestern Schools. Mrs. Judy White,
the music teacher at the elementary school, teaches us many things about
singing, dancing and reading music. In middle school, you may choose to
take either band or choir. In 7th-12th grade you can choose to join marching
band or show choir. Both of these musical activities are hard work, but are
enjoyable and rewarding.
Marching band involves playing an instrument, while marching in unison
with your bandmates. It requires many hours of practice. You have to play in
temperatures ranging from freezing cold to burning hot. You have two weeks
of band camp before school starts in August. Then, sometimes early morning,
or after school practices. All that hard work is in preparation to compete
against other schools.
Many well-known, successful people have been involved in marching band.
Gwen Stefani, Alanis Morissette, Halle Berry, and Tina Fey all played flute
in high school marching band. Clarinetists include Jimmy Kimmel, Julia
Roberts, Sara Evans, Steven Spielberg and Gloria Estefan. Saxophone was the
high school instrument of choice for Norah Jones, Jennifer Garner and Lionel
Richie. Steven Tyler, Samuel L. Jackson and Ke$ha played trumpet, while
Nelly Furtado chose trombone.
Southwestern Middle School’s own Brady Suthard feels that marching band
makes him smarter. He says it is due to the combination of playing music
and marching, which exercises his brain and body at the same time. The best
part, Suthard said, “In band you can be yourself. It challenges you with the
simultaneous acts of playing a song, and marching to the choreographed
routine. That gives me brainpower.”
The other musical option, show choir, can also be very rewarding. Show
choir consists of dancing and singing. It can be an intense workout...
physically, vocally and mentally. Southwestern has a very competitive
show choir that has been quite successful over the years. If you have an
opportunity, you should check out all the trophies on display in the choir
room that they have earned in their 30+ years of performing. Show choir
requires a lot of dedication. They practice 3-4 nights per week. Further,
during competition season, they travel to locations all over Indiana, Ohio &
West Virginia. This can mean reporting to the school on Saturday mornings
at 5:00 a.m., traveling up to four hours each way, often times performing
twice, and then returning home anywhere from 10:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m. If
you are a girl, you will wear a dress, high heels and stage makeup. If you are
a boy, you will need to wear a suit and formal shoes. Middle school student
Alida Flores (previous student at Southwestern Schools) said, “It takes a
lot of effort, dedication, and most importantly, time; however, the thrill of
performing as a group in front of large crowds and competing against other
talented schools is undeniable.”
If you are music lover, the choice is yours... marching band or show choir.
Just select whatever brings you the most joy. You can’t go wrong with either,
joining either marching band or show choir will enrich your life!
Page 26
Spring 2016
Terrifying tornadoes
Third Grade Writers
Whoooooooooosh! What is that sound? That is a tornado! Did you know that a tornado hit our
elementary/jr. high school and high school in 1974. It was part of the “Super Outbreak of 1974”. Fourth
grade teacher, Mrs. Paula Waller was a student here when it happened. She remembers, “the high school
was destroyed beyond repair and the elementary/jr. high was severely damaged. I remember being
permitted to come into the school to clean out my locker. It was such a mess.”
The first tornado ever recorded was in 1054 and took place in Ireland. Some tornadoes can be miles
long and super strong winds up to 300 mph. The widest tornado ever recorded was 2.6 miles wide.
If you are wondering how tornadoes form, warm rising air hits cold air by the clouds and starts
spinning and then it happens. If you are in a car on the road and a tornado is happening, park your car
over on the side of the road. Get in a ditch face down and use your hands to cover your head and neck. If the ditch is too wet, get in a shelter or behind a
sign. Do not go by trees or power lines because you can get seriously hurt.
Tornadoes can cause billions of dollars of destruction in homes, hospitals, schools and more. Tornadoes can be really dangerous, so when one happens,
you need to get away from windows and go into a closet or a basement. When a tornado warning is issued, you have just a few minutes. You can quickly
grab a few things like a radio that uses batteries, a flashlight and some bottled water. You can get a few things that are really special like pictures or a toy
you really love. Also, get covers and pillows to protect yourself in case your house gets hit by the tornado.
Tornadoes do not have to be cone shaped, and they do not have to be skinny. Some tornadoes can be cylinder shaped, really wide and super big. the size
of a tornado is not necessarily an indication of its intensity. Large tornadoes can be weak, and small tornadoes can be violent. Tornadoes are measured by
the Fujita Scale and the new Enhanced Fujita Scale. These scales are used to rate the intensity of a tornado by examining the damage caused by the tornado
after it has passed over a man-made structure. The F scale rates a tornado from F0 all the way to F5, with a F5 tornado having the fastest wind speeds and
causing the most damage.
Third grader, Macy Adams said, “I’m really scared of tornadoes, because they look scary, they can wreck houses and they can hurt families.”
If you live in a mobile home and there is a tornado warning, do not stay in it. A lot of deaths happen in mobile homes even if it is tied down. Just go in
a ditch or another safe place other than the mobile home. If you are wondering how to spot a tornado, you need to spot a supercell, which is a super strong
thunderstorm and ask your mom or dad to see the radar on their phone and watch for a little hook. If you see one, then tell your mom or dad that there is
rotation in the storm start preparing for the tornado. Remember go to a room with no windows and one door, and put as many walls in between you and
the storm. If you want to know what time of year tornadoes usually happen, it is mostly in spring and summer. Tornadoes usually happen in a supercell
which is a super strong thunderstorm.
Fabulous firenadoes
Third Grade Writers
Lots of students at Southwestern Elementary like talking about the weather, even tornadoes. But have you ever heard of a firenado?
A firenado is a column of smoke and fire caused when fire gets into a tornado. Firenadoes can also be called fire whirls and fire devils. Firenadoes only
form on hot and dry places. Heat, ash and fire are formed into a spinning mass of air. A brush fire causes a firenado. There are parts of a firenado. They are
called elements, which are: fuel, cold wind, hot wind and atmospheric imbalance. When the right conditions are present, the incredibly intense heat caused
by the wildfire allows the air to quickly rise, stretch out and rotate, creating the "tornado" of fire and smoke. A firenado is so strong that it can uproot trees.
Third grader, Caleb Seals said, “I like researching on firenadoes because they’re interesting.”
A firenado is more like a hurricane because of the way it’s formed. Isn’t that cool? They are also very uncommon. Firenadoes are usually 30-200 feet
tall and contains winds over 100mph, and they last for more than 20 minutes. Fire collects oxygen. The core of a fire tornado can reach over 1,000 degrees
Third grader, Destani Harmon said, “Firenadoes can be very dangerous and scary.”
Indiana has a wet and humid climate and therefore firenadoes would be extremely rare. Some people find firenadoes so interesting that they try to create
them on their own using a fire pit and fans. Students should NOT try to do this. Instead you can watch several videos on YouTube of firenadoes.
Spring 2016
Page 27
Fourth Grade Writer
Mooooo! Did you know that we have cows that live at our school?
Greg Schneider, former agriculture teacher at Southwestern High School, now
a teacher at Greensburg High School, started a program at Southwestern called
the Community Calf Project in March 2014.
Mr. Schneider said, “Meat protein is one of the most shoplifted food items.
Protein is vital for proper brain development as young people grow .25% of
Jefferson County come from a food insecure environment. The Community Calf
Project was a way to involve agriculture students in creating a viable solution to
a problem in their community.” These calves are normally 3 or 4 days old when
they arrive at Southwestern High School.
The Community Calf Project raises these calves for meat and then DONATES
the meat to places like House of Hope. The Community Calf Project also raises
crops. Cassie Rudolph one of Mr.Schneider’s former students said, “From the
Community Calf Project, I’ve learned how to become a leader and teach others
about the wonderful project.”
Not all people can go to Walmart and buy their meat. A lot of people in
Photo courtesy of The Madison Courier.
Jefferson County go to House of Hope (which is a food pantry located in
Madison) to get some of their food. Southwestern has a food pantry at the high school, too. Cassie Rudolph said, “I never realized how many families
couldn’t really afford food for their meals, so my motivation for helping with the Community Calf Project is actually getting to help and feed families in
Jefferson County.”
“The original idea was discussed December 13, 2013. By March 2014 all necessary permission was secured and $14,000 in grants cash and in kind
donations had been raised to start the project. Ground was broken on the facilities in March and the first calves arrived the following May. To date,
27 calves have been raised through the project which has contributed vital meat protein for literally thousands of meals in Jefferson County,” said Mr.
The Community Calf Project has some supporters that help it through the year. “Right now our biggest supporter is Robert DeBoer from Bull Run Acres
in Lexington,” Cassie says.
So now you know why we have cows that live at our school. Southwestern students can see the calves in the agricultural laboratory, which is located
next to the high school. This project has made an impact on so many people. (On a personal note: I am very proud of my dad, Greg Schneider!)
Fifth Grade Writer
Have you ever attended the Jefferson County 4-H Fair? Do you participate in 4-H ? If you would like to do regular 4-H, you have to be in third grade
or higher. However, you can do Mini 4-H if you are younger than third grade. 4-H is a fun thing to do and you can choose from many projects. All of the
projects are fun to do, but it depends on what your interests are. I participate in photography, rabbits, poultry and goat showing.
Fifth grader, Autumn Gross said, “Something I like about 4-H is that you can do something different each year.”
Some people think you can only show animals, but you can do projects like crafts, sewing, electric, gift wrapping and many more. If you have an animal
to show, you can probably show it in the fair, but some exotic animals you cannot show. Fifth grader, Angelina Hall said, “I like showing pigs, because I
get to take care of them.”
4-H has been around for a long time. In 1902 Albert Belmont Graham, a school teacher, started a agricultural boys and girls experiment club. By 1905 he
decided for it to be called 4-H which stands for head, heart, hands and health. Today 4-H is in all 50 states and in over 70 other countries.
So, if you think 4-H is somthing you would enjoy doing next year, contact your local 4-H office, our local 4-H office, in Madison Indiana’s phone number
is 812-265-8900. So I hope I will see you doing 4-H next year!
Page 28
Field Trips
Spring 2016
The Kentucky Science Center
Second Grade Writer
The Kentucky Science Center in Louisville, Kentucky is a very fun and educational place
to visit. The second grade students from Southwestern went there for their field trip. The
students were split up in groups of 3 people with one adult chaperone.
There are many things to do and see there. When you first enter the center, there is a
giant bubble maker. Second grader, Bailee Lunsford shared, “I liked when I got in a bubble
because it went over my head and popped!”
There are a lot of other fun things, too. It is a big place. You can make a news video, you
can take a test with a robot, see bones, play with water, look for animals and bugs, build
things with nails and wood, get in a little car, make balls float, get in a spaceship, swing
on pool noodles with ropes and playhouses, play with air and fabric, test metals, play a
theremin instrument, and watch an IMAX movie about the last coral reef.
Second grader, Toni Colello shared, “I like the little play house that I got to climb in and
go up really high!”
You should plan a trip with your family soon to visit The Kentucky Science Center!
Heritage Days
Fourth Grade Writer
Second graders, Cale Kreegar and Michael
Sommer build things with nails and wood at
The Kentucky Science Center.
On May 24th Southwestern’s fourth grade students took a field trip to downtown Madison for Heritage Days. The fourth graders took busses and
spent the whole school day. The organizer of the event, Mrs. JoAnne Spiller’s favorite part of Heritage Days is sharing local history with students.
She is the Jefferson County Historical Society Museum Educator.
Did you know that Madison is over 200 years old? Madison became a town in 1809. Madison is named after former President James Madison. “My
favorite part about Heritage Days is learning about our local history, and how it connects to the big picture of the United States history,” said Mrs.
Noelle Stockdale.
The places we visited included: the J. F. D. Lanier Mansion, the Jefferson County Historical Society’s Heritage Center Museum, the Railroad
Museum and Caboose, the Historic Madison Inc. Schroeder Saddletree Factory, the Springdale Cemetery, Georgetown District and the The Walnut
Street Fire Company.
The Lanier home was completed in 1844. The Lanier Mansion is an Indiana Memorial to a wealthy man who helped Indiana twice during financial
stress. Many people visit this home every year. Fifth grader, Amiah Owen said, “When you go inside the Lanier Mansion be sure to look up the spiral
staircase, because it is really cool.”
The Heritage Center has many displays for students to learn about the history of Jefferson County. Some of the displays are permanent while others
Madison Railroad Station is next to the Heritage Center. It has an interesting octagonal waiting room which is over two stories tall. It was built in
1895 by the Pennsylvania Railroad. It was used until 1931 when trains stopped coming there.
“My favorite things on this field trip were eating lunch on the Lanier home’s lawn and listening to the interesting stories from early Madison,” said
Mrs. Paula Waller, fourth grade teacher.
The Saddletree Factory was opened in 1850. The Saddletree Factory’s products sold to all 50 states. During the Saddletree Factory’s long life the
plant supplied saddle trees for the Civil War, Spanish-American War, Boer War, World War I and World War II. Saddle trees are the wooden frame of a
Springdale Cemetery, located at the bottom of Hanging Rock Hill is Madison’s earliest still-active cemetery. Springdale Cemetery is also the
resting place of numerous Civil War veterans. “My favorite part of Heritage Days was going to Springdale Cemetery and hearing the stories about the
soldiers who gave their life for our freedom,” shared Mrs. Cindy Traylor, fourth grade teacher.
The fourth graders really liked attending Heritage Days.
Page 29
School Events
Career Day
Second Grade Writers
At Southwestern Elementary School the guidance counselor, Mr. Jason
Poteet, organizes our school-wide Career Day every year. The speakers at
Career Day come to our school to talk about their jobs. Mr. Poteet said,
“Our school does Career Day each year, so kids can learn about jobs that
they could do when they grow up.”
Mr. Poteet plans Career Day right after spring break in March or April.
The speakers usually come to our classroom, but sometimes we go listen
to them outside. The teachers help Mr. Poteet by contacting the speakers.
There are four or five speakers in each grade level.
Second grader, Jenna Mack said, “I liked watching the wood carver the
most, because he made a cowboy hat out of wood. It was really cool.”
Some of the other careers featured included: a police officer, a dietitian, a
judge, a dentist, a firefighter and a dairy farmer. This year we had twentyfour speakers in all.
Second grader, Addison Nussbaum said, “I like Career Day, because you
can learn about the different jobs you can do.” We are looking forward to
next year’s Career Day.
Parade of States
Spring 2016
Noteable Hoosier
Wax Museum
Fourth Grade Writer
Freeze! The Notable Hoosier Wax Museum was in the school
cafeteria. Mrs. Cindy Traylor’s class in fourth grade were the Notable
Hoosiers. At first the lights were off, the doors were shut, and then the lights
turned on and the doors swung open! Parents came walking through! The
rest of the fourth grade classes came in the wax museum after about five
minutes. All the wax figures stood still until someone came to them. The
wax figures waited for a second while someone would stand there. Then
they came to life and gave a speech about their person.
There were very many famous Hoosiers like Jeff Gordon, Axl Rose,
Colonel Sanders, Tony Stewart, Jim Davis and Michael Jackson. Everyone
did a great job. The wax museum lasted for an hour. A lot of the students
that did the wax characters said, “It really hurt my legs to stand still!”
Fourth grader, Braylon Rentschler said, “ I really like Colonel Sanders
chicken a lot.”
Also, fourth grader, Britt Inman said, “I thought it was really cool.” Mrs.
Traylor shared, “My favorite part was the Hoosiers that I got to learn more
Mrs. Traylor is retiring this year and her students want to wish her well.
Fifth Grade Writer
50 Nifty United States! On May 23rd the fifth grade students put on a
Parade of States! The fifth graders were paired off and got to design a box
with information about a specific state that they were assigned. Every state
was used.
First, the students did research and found pictures. After they researched
about their state, they sorted the information to find the most important parts
to display on their box. “This is also helpful because the students are using
math and science skills when they figure out how to make the objects on the
float the right size,” explained Mrs.Susan Varble.
Then, they got to pick and paint a box that they used for their float. After
that, they put things onto the float. This consisted of pictures, facts and
maps. Next, the teacher did a final spot check on the float. Finally, the fifth
grade students presented their state!
Throughout the process of building and decorating, the students had to do
a lot of research on their state. Fifth grader, Aleea Crumley shared, “I was
so excited! It was fun making our project about West Virginia!”
Preschool-4th grade was invited to attend the event. During the parade,
the fifth graders presented their states by walking around the playground.
One student held a sign saying what state they represented, while the other
student pulled the float on wagons or skateboards.
Fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Varble added, “It was a way for fifth graders to
showcase their abilities before they go to the middle school.”
Fifth graders, Christian Moore and Aidan Jeff proudly show their
Virginia box that they designed for the Parade of States.
Spring 2016
School Events
Page 30
Southwestern Elementary Art Teacher, Mrs. Misty Jacobs sits in the front lobby surrounded by the Art Club’s creative handmade auction items.
Art Club Auction
Fifth Grade Writers
Art Club is an after school program sponsored by the elementary art teacher, Mrs. Misty Jacobs. When I asked why she started the club she said, “The
hardest part about becoming an art teacher three years ago, was not having just 18-20 students. I didn’t get to see the same students every day like when I
was an aide in kindergarten. Instead, I had nearly 700 students. That was a HUGE difference! Sadly, I only saw each student once a week, too! So, I started
thinking how can I develope that personable classroom experience with just a small group of kids much like I had in kindergarten, but also instill the love
of art and creativity in them. Thus, the idea of Art Club and here I am loving it!”
To help raise money for the club, each year the students create projects and sell them at an Art Club Art Auction. Some of the items that were made
included paintings of trees, birds, bowls and someone even duct taped a chair.
The first day of Art Club the children went on Google and found something that inspired them and that they thought would sell. Then they bought
supplies and got to work. They spent many hours working over several months. Fifth grader, Tanner Jacobs said, “We got to do exotic art projects!”
On April 15 the Art Club Auction was finally here. The kids prepared all year for this amazing moment, and their bright colorful art pieces were on
display on the day of the auction.
At the auction in the art room kids could paint, draw and play with playdough. A lot of adults also donated their time to help and watch the kids. In the
cafeteria there were the projects on display and snacks.
A real auctioneer came and started the bidding process. The bids started high. All of the Art Club members came up on the stage and they started the
group projects. After everybody left the stage, then we brought out projects we did ourselves. The students were so excited when they were standing up
there watching everybody have bright, facial expressions about the colorful projects. Parents, grandparents and strangers bid for the projects that they
liked. Whoever bid the highest received the art project!
It took Mrs. Jacobs and her club two days to set things up. Mrs. Jacobs said, “It takes a while, but it is worth it!” The money goes back to Art Club and
gets more supplies! Mrs. Jacobs is planning on doing it again next year.
At the last meeting they went to the Children's Museum to celebrate the great work that they have accomplished this fantastic year! That’s how Art Club
works. This is what we do at our school!
Page 31
A Great Way
Of Teaching!
Fifth Grader Writer
Ms. Chitwood is a fifth grade
teacher. When she was younger,
she hoped she would be a
teacher. She always had a love
for learning and her brother
and sisters taught her a lot. I
asked Ms. Chitwood if she felt like her home life
contributed to the way she teaches. She replied:
“Yes, I do! I had excellent role models. I learned a lot
from my parents and many things that can't be found
in a book. They taught me life!” Fifth grader, Ben
Flores said, “She transforms stories about her life
into lessons.”
This year she is teaching in a different way, using
Daily 5 and Daily 3. In the morning, we do Daily 5/
LA. She teaches us the lesson for the day. We get
to choose from 5 different activities to show her
we understand the lesson. These activities go along
with the standards we are working on that week.
We need to complete them, but we get to choose the
order we do them. We do it this way, because Ms.
Chitwood wants to allow us to be in charge of own
learning. Now, we can work at our own pace and
finish our assignments much easier. She feels it gives
us structure and freedom. Fifth grader, Christopher
Nelson said, “She makes it easier to understand.”
Then after lunch, we do Daily 3/Math. This is
when Ms. Chitwood talks about the standard for math
we are working on that week. Then, we do a rotation.
The only difference is these rotations focus on math.
Fifth grader, Felicia Rector said, “I like the way Ms.
Chitwood teaches, because she makes it fun.”
She has taught many different grade levels, which
she believes helps her know different abilities and
the learning levels of her students. Ms. Chitwood
feels this way of teaching benefits everyone, not just
the students. It helps them become lifelong learners.
Ms. Chitwood explained, “Students understand and
realize expectations, what they need to do to achieve
success, and it helps them with all aspects of life.”
As for me, I know this way of teaching has helped
me become a better learner. She always works to
make learning fun and encourages all of us to do our
School Staff
Spring 2016
Mrs. Rene Madison-Roche
Fifth Grade Writers
Mrs. Madison-Roche is a teacher at Southwestern Elementary. She has been
teaching for 20 plus years. She did a lot of substitute and contract teaching
between Madison and Southwestern schools before landing a permanent
position at Southwestern. Most of her teaching years has been in the sixth grade.
She has been an on-going college student since graduating high school to kept up with the required
changes in teacher licensing.
Her college career began at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana. For most of her college
career she attended Indiana University Southeast in New Albany, Indiana where she received her
Right now, she teaches fourth grade and loves it! She likes most aspects of her job, especially
when she makes positive social and academic connections with her students.
Fifth grader, Emma Long said, “Mrs. Madison-Roche is more like a friend than a teacher and she
understands kids.”
Mrs. Madison-Roche has two daughters, Mandy Perry and Cara Perry Lococo. Her husband’s
name is Keith. She is related to a student in Mrs. Shepherd’s class, her granddaughter, Kate Perry.
She has taught one special class at Southwestern Elementary, which was computers. That wasn’t
her cup of tea. Mrs. Madison-Roche’s first name is Mary and her middle name is Rene. She has no
favorite subject to teach, and that is one reason why she chose being an elementary teacher versus
high school.
Fifth grader, Klara Leach said, “Mrs. Madison-Roche is an amazing, funny and nice teacher.”
Mrs. Madison-Roche’s favorite color is cobalt blue. She has one pet cat given to her by Klara
Leach and his name is Tiger. Her favorite subject when she was a kid was mostly P.E. and
language arts.
Fifth grader, Aleea Crumley said, “I had a lot of fun in Mrs. Madison-Roches class.”
Meet Officer McClellan
Fifth Grade Writers
This year Southwestern Elementary has a new school resource officer,
named Officer Stephan McClellan. He started working here second
semester. Officer McClellan has never worked as a school resource officer
before. He wanted to be an officer since he was 21. He shared, "I was
inspired to be a police officer by my best friend in Trimble County."
Officer McClellan has been an police officer since January 1, 2015.
He said that he loves working as an officer. Officer McClellan said, “I
have been tazed and pepper sprayed. The pepper spray was worse.” An
interesting fact about Officer McClellan is when he was 14, he lost part of his finger. He was
folding a lunch table and the lunch table folded back down on it his finger.
Officer McClellan was born in Madison, Indiana. He went to school in Trimble County,
Kentucky. His favorite subject in school was math.
He is married and he has two children. He has two pets, a chihuahua and a hamster. Officer
McClellan said, “My family has been in danger, but they have to know who I have arrested for
their safety.” His favorite hobby is going to amusement parks with his family.
Officer McClellan said that he loves his job here. The students are so happy to have him around.
He has many duties including: monitor all school buildings for safety, teach safety classes to
students, watch who comes in and out of the school buildings and try to make the school fun but
safe. Officer McClellan shared, “I really like this school district and the people in it.”
Spring 2016
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Page 32
Goodbye Elementary School
Fifth Grade Writer
Fifth grade is the last year of elementary school. After fifth grade comes middle school. Some of the fifth graders reflected on our time here at
Southwestern Elementary School and we wanted to share some of our memories.
First up, Cambryn Bryant recalled, “My favorite memories were when my friends and I made a club called the Five Z’s in fourth grade. I would like to
thank my buds Macey Murphy, Sophia Banta, Bridget Cline and Ximena Vilchis for always being my best friends.”
Next, Jennifer Tankersley shared, “My favorite memory would have to be when we were in 4th grade, and we dropped eggs off of the ladder in Mrs.
Traylor’s class. I regret getting into arguments with friends. Keep trying and never give up.”
Riley Lundsford said, “One thing I regret is being a jerk to kids to look cool. My favorite memory is when I got picked to do the morning
announcements. One thing I have to say to my friends is, thank you for being my friends, even if we disagree.”
Aleea Crumley remembered, “One of my favorite memories in school was when we got to throw color powder on each other for the ‘True Colors’
music video.”
Sophia Banta shared, “One of my favorite memories was last year when we performed the ‘Summer Camp’ musical.’’
Bridget Cline said, “One of my favorite memories was being in Mrs. Anderson-Hamilton’s class. Always remember, you were given this life because
you were strong enough to live it.”
Keegan Rogers recalled, “One of my favorite memories was in third grade when Ben Flores ran for student council, and we took a picture of us all
wearing mustaches. For the friends who are going to sixth grade with me, I hope that your are ready for it.”
Amberly Gosman added, “I regret that it has to end. I love the school dance. I have to say that I hope we all do well next year in middle school.”
Macey Murphy said, “My favorite memory is playing a game called bull and hanging out with friends. Shout out to Cambryn, Bridget, Ximena and
Klara Leach shared, “One of my favorite memories are all the musicals we did. I also liked putting the pies in the principles faces for Jump Rope for
Heart! My advice to other students is to always work your hardest, because your hard work will be recognized and will pay off.”
As for me, my regret is not spending more time with my friends, instead of spending so much time playing sports. One of my favorite memories is
being in Art Club. Life is like a game of Uno, you play with the cards life gives you. A piece of advice, if someone is mean to you, ask them what is
wrong and try to help them work through his/her problem.
When the time comes to go to middle school, you will want to do elementary school all over, the good and the bad days. However, you can’t,
because it’s time to move on, so cherish every moment.
The Rebel Scoop
These fifth grade girls, Cambryn Bryant, Ximena Vilchis,
Macey Murphy, Bridget Cline and Sophia Banta are leaving the
elementary school in style.
Thank you to the student writers and
photographers from SWJCS Star Productions
who helped create this newspaper. Thank you to
everyone who provided information, interviews
and photographs to help complete the articles.
Thank you to Miss Christian Cull and the staff
at “The Madison Courier” for providing training
and printing. Thank you to all of our editors for
their assistance with putting all of the pieces
together including: Mrs. Shannon Dattilo, Mrs.
Carole Sloan and Mrs. Julie White.