with the OV-chipkaart



with the OV-chipkaart
Using The Hague’s trains, trams and buses
with the OV-chipkaart
Please find below an explanation of how you
may use your OV-chipkaart, and the travel
products available (see the back side).
OV-chipkaart: your travel ticket
across the Netherlands
The OV-chipkaart is a plastic pass,
the size of a bank card. It is the
perfect means of payment when
using public transportation in the
Netherlands. Simply add money
(credit) onto your OV-chipkaart,
and you are ready to go. All you have
to do is check in and out.
An extended period of time
in the Netherlands?
HTM recommends the anonymous
OV-chipkaart (€ 7.50)
• The anonymous card can be used
by several persons but not at the
same time.
• Online overview of trips is
available on your ov-chipkaart.nl
markets and bookstores (pay with
PIN pass).
• At vending machines at the train
stations Den Haag Centraal and
Hollands Spoor, pay with coins,
bills, credit card, PIN card
(Maestro is accepted).
Where to buy?
• HTM Service Points at the railway
stations Den Haag Centraal and
Hollands Spoor.
• Vending machines at every
NS train station.
• Different shops, like supermarkets
and bookstores (incl. Primera,
Bruna, Albert Heijn).
• Your anonymous OV-chipkaart
is ready in an instant.
Loading your OV-chipkaart
in different ways:
• At the yellow add value machines
at different stores, like super-
• At the HTM Service Points at the
train stations Den Haag Centraal
and Hollands Spoor (pay with coins,
bills, PIN card and credit card).
How to use your OV-chipkaart
onboard The Hague’s trams
and buses
Check in: At the start of your
journey, make sure you swipe your
OV-chipkaart in front of a card
reader. All trams and buses are
provided with card readers. There is
one next to each door. Here’s how
it works: keep your OV-chipkaart in
front of the pink logo of the card
reader. Wait for the beep. The card
reader will check whether you have
sufficient balance and whether
your travel product is valid. The
basic rate of € 4 will be withdrawn
directly from your balance.
Check out: Check out each time you
leave a train, tram or bus. Here’s
how it works: keep your OV-chipkaart in front of the pink logo of the
card reader. You will hear two short
beeps. The card reader will calculate the amount due for your trip.
This amount is settled automatically
with the basic rate. The display of
the card reader will tell you exactly
how much money has been withdrawn (left). It will also show you
how much money you have left on
your OV chip card (right).
Forgot to check out?
If you forget to check out, € 4 will
be withdrawn from your balance.
If your real travel costs are less than
€ 4, it means you have paid too
much. You may claim your overpayment within 3 months.
For this you need to go to htm.nl/
klantenservice or visit one of the
HTM Service Points. Alternatively
you may contact HTM Customer
Service by dialling 0900-4864636
(usual call charges).
Using your OV-chipkaart for
train travels
Your very first train travel requires
you to activate your OV-chipkaart.
You may do so once you load your
OV-chipkaart at the NS ticketmachine
(2nd class is the standard). If your
balance is already sufficient, please
follow the instructions on the screen
of the NS ticket vending machine.
For train travels your OV-chipkaart
should represent at least € 20.
Forgot to check out at the
end of your train travel?
You may check out up to six hours
after the start of your journey.
For this you need the check-out
post at the NS railway station.
If you need some help, please
contact NS Customer Service by
dialling 030 - 751 51 55 (24/7).
Keep your account number at hand.
Using The Hague’s trains, trams and buses
with an individual ticket
If you do not have an OV-chipkaart, you may buy
an individual ticket to travel by tram and bus in
The Hague or by train in the Netherlands.
3 Day
The Hague
e-ticket on ns.nl/producten/lossekaartjes/p/retour. Your ticket will
be valid from 0.00 to 4.00 on the
next morning.
You may purchase your CT ticket
at the NS ticket vending machine
or the NS desk at the train stations
Den Haag Centraal or Den Haag HS.
The paper ticket comes with a chip
which you need in order to check
in and out.
Train day tickets start at
€ 51.40
T R A M / B U Sdd
1 hour travel card € 3.50
Your 1 hour travel card allows you
to spend one hour travelling onboard HTM’s trams and HTMbuzz’s
buses (not valid for HTM Nachtbuzz). Wherever you wish to go and
of course you may change vehicles.
Visit Zoetermeer or Kijkduin seaside
resort, or how about Delft or downtown The Hague. Your 1 hour travel
card is available with all tram and
bus drivers.
1 day travel card € 6.50
If you plan on travelling the whole
day, HTM recommends the 1 day
travel card (€ 6.50). HTM’s 150
3 day travel card € 16.50
and HTMbuzz’s buses will take you
Your 3ddday1 travel card is valid
on26-0215 12:47
safely and comfortably to your
board all HTM trams and HTMbuzz
preferred destinations. Your 1 day
buses. Please check in each time
travel card is available with HTM
you enter or leave a vehicle. Your
Service Points, VVV (tourist informaticket is valid from the first check-in
tion centre) and also onboard tram
(day 1) to the end of the 3rd day.
number 1, 9 and 11. Your 1 day
3 day travel cards are available with
travel card is an individual single
HTM Service Points and VVV (tourist
OV- chipkaart. It requires that you
information centre).
check in and out each time you hop
on or off. Just like with a regular
OV- chipkaart. Unless if you have
purchased your 1 day travel card
1 day return ticket starting
from the driver (on tram number 1,
at € 2.60
9 or 11). You need to present this
You may purchase an e-ticket
card when entering a tram or bus
or CT ticket if you travel by train
and also during ticket inspection.
occasionally. You may order your
17-10-14 11:
Want to buy an OV- chipkaart?
We are glad to help. Please go to
OV-chipkaart.nl, htm.nl, NS.nl or
visit one of our Service Points at the
railway stations Den Haag Centraal
or Hollands Spoor.