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Master of Science Pediatric Dentistry
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Master of Science
Pediatric Dentistry
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The Master of Science (M.Sc.) which is an internationally acknowledged degree will be awarded by the University of Greifswald in
cooperation with the German Association for Pediatric Dentistry
(DGKiZ). The program includes practical parts at a German university and theoretical units with an international team of speakers at
various universities in Germany.
For whom is this master?
For dentists who wish to specialize in Preventive and Pediatric
Dentistry for a modern and comprehensive dental treatment in children on a scientific basis. Residents in Germany need the facility to
independently treat patients in a practice or clinic to complete the
"Workplace Learning". For foreign students, the German Association for Pediatric Dentistry will assist to find a German university
where this is feasible.
How is it structured?
The theoretical part of the master program Pediatric Dentistry consists of six
basic, core and advanced modules which deal among other topics with:
• basic scientific evidence-based dentistry
• ethics, biostatistics and scientific writing
• growth and development
• child psychology
• behavior management and pediatrics
• modern caries management including individualized prevention
• pain management and sedation
• endodontics and pharmacological therapy
• children with chronic diseases & hospital dentistry
• oral pathology, facio-maxillary surgery, periodontics
• practice-, quality- and stress-management
The modules are divided into weekend seminars (15 hours each presence and 45
hours "Workplace Learning" which also include clinical case documentations).
All six theoretical modules and the master thesis must be successfully completed
to acquire the Master of Science.
How much is of M.Sc.?
The study fees are 20.092 € (VAT-free for foreign
students) including the master thesis with the possibility of a performance-based reduction.
What are the possible degrees?
PD Dr. K. Bekes
Dr. T. Roloff
University of Halle/D
Pediatric Specialist, Hamburg/D
The Master of Science (M.Sc.) is acquired with a master Prof. Dr. M. Duggal
thesis. A diploma in Pediatric Dentistry is awarded University of Leeds/GB
OÄ Dr. V. Ehlers
with 4 modules without a thesis.
When does it start?
Herr Prof. Dr. Splieth
Preventive & Pediatric Dentistry
University of Greifswald
Rotgerberstr. 8
17487 Greifswald/Germany
[email protected]
University of Hamburg/D
Prof. Dr. A. Schulte
University of Mainz/D
University of Heidelberg/D
OÄ Dr. C. Gibb
Prof. Dr. Ch. Splieth
University of Greifswald/D
University of Greifswald/D
The next introduction is in October 2015, opening is in Dr. Ch. Graetz
February 2016. Including the master thesis, a duration University of Kiel/D
Prof. Dr. Ch. Hirsch
of 2 ½ years is intended.
University of Leipzig/D
Prof. Dr. U. Schiffner
Prof. Dr. J. Türp
University of Basel/CH
Prof. Dr. S. Twetman
University of Copenhagen/DK
Dr. A. M. Kant
Dr. J. S. J. Veerkamp
Pediatric Specialist, Oldenburg/D
University of Amsterdam/NL
Prof. Dr. K.-F. Krey
OÄ Dr. G. Viergutz
University of Greifswald/D
University of Dresden/D
Prof. Dr. A. Jablonski-Momeni
Dr. H. van Waes
University of Marburg/D
University of Zurich/CH
Prof. Dr. S. Paris
PD Dr. M. Wicht
University of Berlin/D
University of Köln/D
Prof. Dr. K. Pieper
Prof. Dr. Dr. J. Wiltfang
University of Marburg/D
University of Kiel/D