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F is for Final Things. - Local Links Media Burton on Trent
Heather Digby
Sarah Deakin
Dear Readers,
Well here we find ourselves in September and the start of another
school year. If your child is not quite at school age, it’s never
too early to start thinking ahead. This month, we’ve got useful
information on school admissions to keep you in the know and
fully equipped.
If you’re stuck for ideas for those pesky school lunchboxes, then
have a peep in this month’s magazine, we’ve got lots of fun and
healthy ideas for you. They’re so good, you won’t need to worry
about food coming home uneaten!
Parents! You need to make time to look after yourselves too! It’s
easy to lose track of things with the hectic pace of the school
routine. Why not get a little romance back into your lives by
having a go at some of our easy, stay in ‘date nights’. Have a
laugh with the person you love, it’s what will help you through
the tough times.
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4 Local Links Issue 72
School Starts
or many households,
September brings with
it that ‘back to school’
pandemonium, but if your
parenting experience has just
begun and your little ones
haven’t started their school
life yet, you’ll be in for a
shock how quickly that time
will roll around! If you’ve
not already thought about
what school you’d like your
child to go to, it can’t hurt to
get your thinking cap on!
A is for Admissions!
usually the year
before your child
is due to go to school. This
year the application for
Staffordshire school places
opens on the 3rd of November
2014 and applications close
on the 15th of January 2015.
Applications are processed
during the following spring
term and you’ll receive
notification of your child’s
place on or after the 16th of
April 2015.
Images: FreePik
B is for Best Start.
Every parent wants
the best for their
children and giving
them a great start
in life is paramount. A great
primary school can instil
in children a life-long love
of learning. Looking at the
school’s Ofsted report (www.
ofsted.gov.uk) and its position
on league tables (www.bbc.
co.uk/school) can give you a
good indication of how well
a school is performing.
C is for Choosing.
schools are in your
catchment area is
a good first step in
choosing a school.
You stand a better chance at
securing your child a place in
a school that you’re near to.
Visiting the school’s website is
a must to give you a good idea
of what the schools about.
Often they have information
on school lunches, uniforms,
their ethos, and other things
like newsletters, activities
and events that the school
gets involved in. An active
school will give your child
great opportunities to try
new things.
D is for Decisions.
factors that will help
your in the decision
making process are
you child’s and your
own needs. Does your child
have special or individual
needs? What do you need
from the school, additional
support for example. Does
the school have experience
in catering for people with
similar needs to you and
your child?
If you’re a working parent,
you may need access to
school lunches, after school
& breakfast clubs to help
with managing your worklife balance. Does the school
offer these or partner with
another provider to give you
E is for Exploring!
Parental espionage
is a must! Visit the
school when it holds
events that are open
to the public. School fetes,
activities and events are a
great way to see pupils and
how they interact with their
school. Often schools will
also hold open days and
evenings for parents to visit.
Make sure to ask lots of
questions and get a real feel
for the environment. Look
at displays and children’s
workbooks to see the kinds
of support that teachers
F is for Final Things.
In an ideal world,
every parent would
be able to get
their first choice school.
Unfortunately, many schools
can be over subscribed. If
you have good reasons for
choosing a particular school
such as medical grounds or
difficult circumstances, you
can always appeal a decision
against your favour, 35%
appeals are accepted.
E-mail us at [email protected] or call us on 01283 564608 5
6 Local Links Issue 72
E-mail us at [email protected] or call us on 01283 564608 7
Alive & Kickin’
eing a qualified First Aider is a really
great thing, you never know when you
might help to save a life. Don’t let formal
training stop you from helping in an emergency
though, even limited assistance could help
someone in need. Here are some important
things you should know that may come in useful
one day, we hope you never have need to use
them, but like the Boy Scouts... be prepared!
A stroke is a ‘brain attack’ caused by a disturbance
of the blood supply to the brain. There are two
main types of stroke, those caused by a blood
clot that narrows or blocks the blood supply to
an area of the brain or strokes caused by a burst
blood vessel in the brain resulting in bleeding
and damage to the brain.
If someone has suddenly collapsed, is not
breathing normally and is unresponsive they
are in cardiac arrest. Calling 999 and pushing
hard and fast in the centre of their chest to the
beat of Stayin’ Alive by the Bee Gees until an
ambulance arrives could help save their life.
Research shows people are more likely to start
CPR if they only have to carry out Hands-only
CPR on a casualty. CPR with rescue breaths
should remain the gold standard but if someone
is untrained, or unsure about how to give rescue
breaths and chest compressions, Hands-only
CPR is better than nothing at all. If someone has
collapsed, is not breathing normally and is not
responsive to shaking and shouting then Handsonly CPR can increase their chances of survival
prior to a defibrillator and professional help
Recognising the signs of stroke and calling
999 for an ambulance is crucial. The sooner
the person having the stroke gets urgent
medical attention, the better their chances of a
good recovery. The signs to look out for are:
Has their face fallen on one side?
Can they smile?
Can they raise both arms and
keep them there?
Speech: Is their speech slurred?
Time to call 999 if you see any
one of these signs.
For more information on strokes and reducing
your risk of stroke visit: www.nhs.uk/actfast
8 Local Links Issue 72
It’s been shown that chest compressions are
often carried out at the wrong depth and speed
so ‘hard and fast’ is a very simple message that
lots of people will hopefully remember. ‘Hard’
means pushing on the chest to a depth of 5cm to
6cm, and ‘fast’ means 100-120 compressions a
minute, roughly the same speed as Stayin’ Alive
by the Bee Gees.
So if you’ve been trained in CPR, including
rescue breaths, and feel confident using your
skills, you should still give chest compressions
with rescue breaths.
10 Local Links Issue 72
By The Barn by Angela Sargent
Photos: Rob Young
’ve been picking the
first ripe blackberries
from the hedge,
pestered by increasing
numbers of small wasps.
These can present a
problem to the bees at
this time of year, as their appetite for all things
Wasps fight with bees to get in to the
hive so we make the entry smaller to give
the bees chance to defend themselves.
The summer honey will be taken off this month.
The buzzards have been out calling and tree
hopping recently, no doubt teaching younger
For more information on all things
farming join Angela on twitter @bythebarn
E-mail us at [email protected] or call us on 01283 564608 11
12 Local Links Issue 72
Stretton Scouting
n 14th August 2014 Stretton Scout Group
celebrated its 50th Birthday.
They successfully complete their Scouting in
Stretton from their base at St Mary’s church hall
and currently have over 80 children on their
books between the ages of 6-14 years in Beavers,
Cubs and Scouts.
They have a lengthy waiting list of children from
the age of 2years right up to and including those
who are of an age to join the Group, who are
unable to be offered a place due to their current
sections being full and a lack of adult leaders and
Stretton Scout Group are opening a second
Beaver Colony on a Tuesday night from 5:45pm6:45pm from November 2014. If you would like
to be involved in this Colony either as a child
or an adult leader/helper please contact the
Group Scout Leader (GSL) Gary Keen at [email protected]
strettonscouts.org.uk or on 07936 103207. Visit
our website for more information: strettonscouts.
E-mail us at [email protected] or call us on 01283 564608 13
Little Mites
ith children heading back to school they may not just bring home cute paintings and A+
stories to show you... they could have hidden visitors lurking about their person, not to
mention the abundance of contagious things that kids can pick up. This is the article we
really did not want to write as it completely makes our stomachs churn, but in our public service
duty (we’re too good to you!) we’ve taken the ugly plunge... so here’s a list of what you need to
know about what your kids can catch!
Lice are tiny parasites that
live off of the blood in scalps.
Though the gross out factor with
lice is about a 10, the danger
factor is less than 1. Lice crawl
(they can’t jump) from head to
head, which is why they plague
children, all those little heads
huddled close together. Watch
out for your child itching their
scalp (an allergic reaction to
the saliva of the lice); pinheadsized nits (unhatched eggs) in
the hair (if alive, they are tan
and if dead, black; you may
also find the white casings of
hatched eggs); sesame seed–
sized brown bugs that hang
out in the hair behind the ears
or at the nape of the neck and
run from light.
shampoos and conditioners
kill lice and their eggs and are
usually used two times—once
when the lice are discovered
and again 7 to 10 days later
to get any remaining nits. If
OTC products do not work,
your doctor can prescribe a
medication. Always remember
that all of these treatments
are pesticides, not regular
package directions exactly is
important to keep your child
safe. And never use them
until you have a confirmed
to be extra-vigilant about
making sure infected children
wash their hands thoroughly
(and their bedding and clothes
should be frequently cleaned
in hot water). Because the
worms emerge at night to lay
their eggs, good bathing in
the morning is recommended
to prevent spreading the eggs.
should consider treatment.
Pinworms are tiny worms
whose eggs can be found in
animal faeces. If a child plays
in dirt (or a sandbox) that has
them, he or she can become
infected through hand-tomouth contact. The eggs hatch
in the digestive tract and the
worms make their way through
the body (causing no harm)
before they emerge in an itchy
heap to lay more eggs in the
skin around the anus. If you
notice your child scratching
the area, become your own
diagnostician. Sneak into
his room at night and, using
a flashlight, look for tiny,
threadlike worms making their
exit. Nice.
You get rid with a course of
tablets but until the treatment
is complete, parents will need
14 Local Links Issue 72
There’s no way to sugarcoat
this: Scabies are tiny mites that
burrow under the skin, lay their
eggs, and cause a very itchy
rash and is caught from skinto-skin contact. It is an itchy
rash characterized by pencillike red lines or pimple-like
nodules. Sometimes hidden
between fingers, the rash is
most bothersome at night.
Treat it with a chemical
pesticide from the chemist, if
not it will continue to spread
and cause discomfort until it is
properly treated.
16 Local Links Issue 72
Back To School Lunches
t’s tough to get the kids to eat healthily at the best of
times and packed lunches can be uninspiring. Why
not invest in some small cookie cutters and create
fun shapes out of fruit and vegetables to fill lunchbox
salads? You can use larger cutters to cut sandwiches
into cute shapes which will surprise and amuse even the
fussiest of eaters! Healthy snacks and lunchtime bites
are easy to make, try these flapjacks and pinwheel pizza
bites as an alternative to sandwiches!
100g pitted dates
100g pitted prunes
2 ripe or slightly
over-ripe medium
bananas, peeled
150g honey
2 tablespoons
coconut oil
325g medium
porridge oats, or
jumbo oats
200g of your
favourite dried fruit
100g any seeds and
nuts that you like
Line a shallow baking tray, about 20 x
30cm, with baking parchment.
Put the dates, prunes, bananas, honey,
coconut oil and 2 tablespoons water in
a food processor and blitz to a thick, fruitflecked purée.
In a large bowl, combine the oats, dried
fruit and seeds.
Stir in the puréed fruit and honey and mix
Tip the fruity oat mixture into the prepared
tin and gently press it out, getting it as even
and level as you can.
Put the tray in the fridge for 2–3 hours to
allow the flapjack to set, then turn out on to
a board and slice into bars.
Pinwheel Savouries
100 g ham or
100 g salami,
chopped fine
1/2 cup cheese,
1/4 cup pizza
2 sheets ready
rolled puff pastry
Preheat oven to 200c.
Combine the chopped ham and cheese
in a bowl.
Spread sauce onto each sheet of pastry,
leaving a 2cm border along one side, top with
the meat and cheese mixture over the top.
Roll up the pastry to enclose the filling (like a
swiss roll), leaving the plain edge until last.
Brush the edge lightly with water and fold
to seal.
Cut each roll into 1cm rounds (use serrated
bread knife) and place on lined oven trays.
Bake for 20 min or until golden
E-mail us at [email protected] or call us on 01283 564608 17
18 Local Links Issue 72
E-mail us at [email protected] or call us on 01283 564608 19
his month the lovely
folk at The Boars Head
Hotel of Station Road in
Sudbury have given LOCAL
LINKS three £50 Gift Vouchers
to pass on to our lucky readers!
The Boars Head Hotel has
been family owned for the past
29 years by the Crooks family.
Their well established business
is as much of a favourite with
the locals as it is with visitors.
It has a 3* AA rating, popular A
la Carte restaurant, separate bar
and traditional roast carvery.
The Royal Boar Restaurant
provides all guests with a
traditional relaxed dining
experience and offers both an
A La Carte Menu as well as a
set Evening Menu priced from
£17.95 and lunch menus of
two courses from £9.99.
Renowned for using the
finest fresh ingredients
and regional produce, it
is an ideal venue for both
individuals and parties
catering for special
events and weddings.
There is always a warm
welcome at this family
run hotel.
To enter this month’s
competition, all you have to do
is put your name, address and
daytime telephone number on
a postcard and send it to:
Boars Head Hotel Competition
PO Box 2619
DE14 9JD
W: www.boars-head-hotel.co.uk
E: [email protected]
T: 01283 820 344
Alternatively, you can e-mail
your details to:
[email protected]
Closing date for entries is
the 14th October, and the
winners will be announced in
our November Edition. Good
The Boars Head Hotel
Station Road, Sudbury, Derbyshire, DE6 5GX
E-mail us at [email protected] or call us on 01283 564608 21
22 Local Links Issue 72
at the
Riverside Hotel, Branston, Burton on Trent, Staffordshire,
DE14 3EP. Tel: 01283 511 234
E-mail us at [email protected] or call us on 01283 564608 23
Treasure Tour
the Staffordshire Hoard
is a family friendly,
developed by Staffordshire
County Council’s Museums
Service as part of the Mercian
Trail. It tells the story of the
discovery of the Staffordshire
Hoard – a process which is
still ongoing, and has been
funded by a generous grant
of £47,000 from the Heritage
Lottery Fund to help take
the story of the Hoard to
audiences across Staffordshire
and surrounding areas. It is
designed to tour venues which
are unable to host original
Anglo-Saxon objects from the
Staffordshire Hoard such as
schools, libraries, churches
Features include high quality
replicas and reproductions,
video, interactives, costumes
and an opportunity for visitors
to add their own thoughts and
opinions to the Staffordshire
Hoard story.
developed to link venues
across Staffordshire and the
West Midlands and to tell the
story of the Staffordshire Hoard
and the Anglo-Saxon kingdom
of Mercia. The trail is based
around 5 complementary
From 7th October to 27th
November this exhibition will
be coming to St. Wystan’s
Church, Repton. It is especially
appropriate that the Exhibition
is coming to Repton as the
8th century Saxon crypt of St.
Wystan’s Church dates from
the same time as the Hoard.
The Mercian Trail is being
24 Local Links Issue 72
Potteries Museum & Art
Birmingham Museum &
Art Gallery,
Lichfield Cathedral,
Tamworth Castle &
the Treasure! exhibition.
For full details of opening
and directions see www.
reptonchurch.org.uk or contact
Revd Martin Flowerdew on
01283 619686.
E-mail us at [email protected] or call us on 01283 564608 25
What’s On Guide
East Staffordshire Ramblers
Walkers of all abilities are welcome
to join us on Wednesdays and Fridays
for walks in Staffs, Derbys & Leics.
Visit www.eaststaffsramblers.org.uk or
contact 01283 713209.
Burton Community Gospel Choir
Rehearse every Thursday evenings, at
William Shrewsbury Primary School in
Stretton from 6.30-8.30pm. They are the
“sister” choir to the Derby Community
Gospel Choir that rehearse on Mondays.
Contact: Jon Eno Tel: 07792550437.
Cruse Bereavement Support Group
Volunteer Services Centre, Burton.
Friendship, empathy, support, chat and
refreshments, all for free. First and Third
Thursdays of the month.Tel: 01283
Doveside WI
Doveside WI at Rolleston Club,
Burnside, Rolleston. Starts at 9.45am,
new members and visitors welcome.
Third Friday of every month.
Burton-on-Trent Markets
Market Place, Burton on Trent. Markets
every Thursday, Friday and Saturday
from 8.30am - 4pm. Outdoor market
on Station Street. Indoor market 12
shops & stalls.
Afternoon Tea for St. Giles Hospice
Afternoon Tea at the Catholic Church
Hall, Wales Lane, Barton-underNeedwood, from 3.00pm to 5.00pm.
The cost is £3.50 each for tea,
sandwiches and cake and there is no
need to book in advance.
Wildlife Watch Group
Third Saturday of every month from
2pm - 4pm. Everyone welcome to feed
the birds at the National Arboretum
call ahead to check availability £10 per
child. parking available at the National
Arboretum £1.50 all day. Contact:
National Arboretum Tel: 01283792333
Alrewas Bridge Club
Meets at 2pm each Monday, Tuesday,
Wednesday and Friday at the Royal
British Legion Club. All welcome.
Contact David. 01283 792464
Fitsteps Dance Fitness
Every Tuesday 6:30pm, Rolleston
Club, Rolleston-on-Dove, class fee
£4.50. Devised by Natalie Lowe & Ian
Waite from Strictly Come Dancing,
Fitsteps will see you Cha cha cha-ing,
Quickstepping and Waltzing your way
to fitness! All details at www.facebook.
com/stephjdancefitness. Contact: Steph
Fitzpatrick Tel: 07806 931664
1st Branston Guides
Every Wednesday Evening. A fantastic
unit for girls aged 10-14. They will
make friends, grow in confidence and
learn lots of new skills. To make it
better, all this is done through a wide
range of activities, from ice skating to
canoeing, and craft to cooking, there is
something for every girl! Contact: Kirsty
Tel: 0779475960
Scrabble Club
Every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each
month. A small group playing scrabble
for fun. Beginners welcome. Meet in
the Voluntary Services rooms at 2pm.
Contact: Jean Tel: 01283 565830
Burton Bridge Club
Every Monday and Thursday at 7 pm.
We are a small friendly group who
enjoy playing duplicate bridge. We
meet at the Albion, Shobnall Road.
We are always happy to welcome new
members, just give us a ring before
hand. Contact: Judy Anstice Tel: 01283
Church Bellringing
St Mary’s Church, Rolleston. Meeting
every Thursday from 7.30pm to 9pm.
If you would like to learn the art of
bell ringing, campanology, then why
not come along on Thursday evenings.
Tuition given, thriving social scene. Tel:
07973 411431
Derby Academy of Classical Dance
Vivaldi and J.S. Bach. Visit www.
detailed information or call the Box
Office: Claire Tetley 01543 263304
Macmillan Coffee Morning
The Waterfront will be taking part in
the World’s biggest coffee morning
in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support.
10am till 12noon All proceeds from
the coffee morning will be donated to
Macmillan. Macmillan raffle tickets will
also be sold. Contact: The Waterfront
Tel: 01283711500
RSPCA Car Boot Sale
Car Boot Sale in aid of the RSPCA
Hillfield Animal Home, Hillfield Lane,
Stretton, Burton-on-Trent DE13 0BN.
Car Boot Sale outdoors at our animal
centre at Stretton. Booters from 12pm,
buyers from 1pm. £6 per pitch. 50p
RSPCA Prize Bingo
Priory Centre Church Road, Stretton
DE13 0HE. Doors open at 6.30pm
Eyes down 7.30pm Admission £1
including tea or coffee at the interval.
Bingo books £1 each Raffle and
tombola stall too. Contact: Yvonne
Asker Tel: 01283 569165
The Needwood Singers
A programme of light music for a
summer evening at St James’ Church
Barton-under-Needwood at 7.30pm.
Tickets are £8.00, £6.00 for concessions
with children under 12 free.
Paget High School Apple Day
Come along and join us at the Paget
High School Community Orchard
Apple Day where we will be handing
out free samples of freshly pressed
apple juice, apple muffins, take a walk
around the orchard and farm. 1:00 p.m.
to 4:00 p.m. Contact: Kim Wilson Tel:
01283 239 000
Food & Craft Market
Hosted by Sketts at Barton Marina.
Located between Derby and Lichfield,
where you can arrive by car or boat its
a truly wonderful place to explore. It is
not just home to some fantastic eateries
but also boasts great shopping and
fabulous walks around the lakes and
woodlands. Featuring an assortment
of vintage goods and tasty treats. Last
Sunday of the Month. Contact: The
Waterfront Tel: 01283711500
Walking For Health
National Arboretum Walk: Mondays at
2:30 pm. Keep fit, get out in the fresh
air and meet new friends; walking is
the perfect activity! There are a wide
variety of weekly Health Walks for you
to choose from in South Derbyshire. All
walks are led by trained walk leaders
and last approximately one hour. These
walks are free to attend and there is
no need to book, just turn up. If you
would like more information about
these walks or any others in the local
area before attending, please call
Tor on 01283 563483 or email [email protected]
roslistonforestrycentre.co.uk. Contact:
Tor Tel: 01283 563483
Lichfield Mens Keep Fit
Keep fit for men aged 19 and over.
Long warm-up, circuit excercises and a
game usually volleyball. Small fee per
session. Tuesdays during school term
7-9pm in the gym at King Edward VI
School. Contact: Roger Richards Tel:
01283 530962
Ladies Pink Ribbon Lunch
The Pavilion at Branston Golf and
Country Club on the first Wednesday
of most months for a fund raising lunch
in aid of Breakthrough Breast Cancer.
To book for our next event, with Guest
Speaker, please phone 01283 512211.
A two course meal with wine and
coffee is £14.50. Contact: Liz Tucker
(committee member) Tel: 01283 53182
26 Promote your event for free at www.locallinksmedia.co.uk...
Find more events on our website
Live Country Music
Shobnall Sports and Social Club.
Thursdays Weekly. Everyone Welcome.
Live Top Artists from all over the
country. Freestyle dancing. Good
Country Music. Tickets £3.50 (pay on
the door). Tel: 01283 568340.
Claymills Victorian Pumping Station
Open every Thursday & Saturday 10am
until 4pm. Guided tours given around
one of Britain’s largest Victorian steam
pumping stations. Magificent Victorian
workshop where you can see steam
restoration in action. Videos of the
station in steam in the visitor centre.
Contact: Roy Barratt Tel: 0128350992
Bingo & Kids Chocolate Bingo
Bingo at Barton Bowls Club every
Friday. Eyes down at 8pm followed by
Kids Chocolate Bingo. Come and have
a laugh! The more there are, the bigger
the prize!
Burton Flower Club
Barbara Colins: ‘A Taste of the Orient’.
Our meetings are held at the Priory
Centre, Church Road, Stretton at
7.30pm. Visitors £3 except for our
Christmas Demonstration- members
and visitors £7. For more information
contact: Barbara Buxton on: 01283
Krafty Kids Art Club
The Mug Tug, Barton Marina. Every
Saturday Morning. Art fun for children
aged between 8yrs and 16yrs. Come
and explore different art materials and
mediums to help discover your own
artistic expression. No artistic skills
necessary but a want to join in and try
a must. Just £8.50 per session which
includes all materials and a drink.
Drop off at 9.30am and collect at
12noon every Saturday Morning during
Staffordshire term time. Contact: Lesley
Mason Tel: 01283711341
Derby Academy of Classical Dance
Cuarteto Casals, a String Quartet of
exceptional poise and tonal refinement,
will play quartets by Mozart, Schubert
and Ravel. Their recently released
CD of works by Haydn has received
high critical acclaim.
Visit www.
detailed information or call the Box
Office: Claire Tetley 01543 263304
Three Tunns Deep Sea Fishing Club
Deep sea fishing trips, regular monthly
meetings. New members welcome,
no monthly membership fee! Contact:
Trevor Tel: 07985 330428
Burton Bridge Club
Meeting every Monday and Thursday
at 7 pm. We are a small friendly group
who enjoy playing duplicate bridge.
We meet at the Albion in Shobnall
Road. We are always happy to
welcome new members, just give us a
ring beforehand. Contact: Judy Anstice
Tel: 01283 704102
Burton Wine Society
Meetings 2nd Friday in each month at
the Priory Centre Church Road Stretton.
8pm start, until 10pm. Speakers, wine
tastings, events, weekend breaks. You
do not need to be a winemaker to join
just enjoy drinking it! Visitors fee £2.00.
Further info contact: 01283 561959
Coffee Morning
Barton Mews, Short Lane, Barton. First
Tuesday of every month, from 10.30am
- Midday. Come and join us! Tel: 01283
Paget High School Harvest
Come along to Paget High School
Community Orchard and Farm and
learn how to harvest your fruit and
vegetables. 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. For
more information contact: Kim Wilson
Tel: 01283 239 00
Alrewas Bridge Club
Meets at 2pm each Monday, Tuesday,
Wednesday and Friday at the Royal
British Legion Club. All welcome.
Contact David. 01283 792464
Burton Hospital Bingo
Burton Town Hall, First Tuesday of every
month. Open 6pm, Eyes Down 7.30pm.
Cash prizes, tombola and raffle.
Admission £1 with free refreshments.
Contact: Rita Ross Tel: 01283 813659
Doghouse Folk Club
With Stef Dziuba and Martin Ryan
at The Swan, Longdon, a good old
fashioned sing-along. You never know
what guest artists may turn up! Always
has a great regular turn-out. A happygo-lucky’ clean, enjoyable, cheap
and audience participation kind of
entertainment, it really is a wonderful
atmosphere. Admission just one £1
raffle ticket. Doors open first Tuesday of
every month at 7.30pm for 8pm start.
Contact: Martin Tel: 01283 790777
Hot House Burton Big Band
Every Wednesday evening during
school terms. Burton Big Band is a
fun and exciting youth big band that
rehearse every Wednesday evening at
William Shrewsbury School in Stretton.
The band rehearses between 7pm - 9pm
and play all genres of music including
Latin! Big Band, Swing and Funk. Come
along for a free trial or call me for any
further information! Contact: Stuart
McCrone Tel: 07817221860
Save The Date!:
Thursday 9th October
Homestart Children’s Charity
Coffee Morning
Please join us for coffee, great
raffle, cake, jewellery and other
stalls in aid of Homestart Children’s
Charity. From 10am - 12pm at
20 Station Road, Barton-UnderNeedwood.
Congratulations to our Cineworld
Burton competition winners, each
winning a Family Pass of 4 Tickets:
Andrew Dawber – Stretton
Cynthia Waterson - Stapenhill
Mrs S Wild - Barton-under-Needwood
Sarah Kavanagh - Burntwood
Look out elsewhere in LOCAL
LINKS this month to win a £50
Voucher from The Boar’s Head Hotel.
Burton Belles WI
Second Thursday of every month at
7.30 pm. Lots of different activities
and a wide variety of speakers, book
club, knit & natter, plus social events.
Non members always welcome (£4 per
meeting) We’d love to see you! St John
Ambulance HQ, Millers Lane, Burton
on Trent, DE14 2NS Contact: Helen
Hall Tel: 01283 534321
...find more events online: www.locallinksmedia.co.uk 27
E-mail us at [email protected] or call us on 01283 564608 29
Time for Two
ith the kids back to school, life is sure to get that bit more hectic, ferrying and fetching,
after school activities and rushed evening dinners. It’s all to easy to fall into a routine
and neglect the love of your life. Setting a ‘date night’ can help you focus on the one that
means the most to you and inject some fun back into one evening a week. Choose any night, as
these ideas for you to try, can easily be done with the kids sound asleep upstairs.
Be a little silly - Challenge each other to a ‘triathalon’ of funny tasks. Set a succession
of 3 silly things for you both to try and do in the quickest possible time! Try, eating marshmallows,
while saying a tongue-twister and stacking paper cups. You’ll end up laughing the whole time. Take
it in turns to set the challenges.
Spend the night at the fireside -
The flickering light of the TV set is no
competition for gentle fire light. Turn off the lights, open a bottle of wine and play a board game to
while away the hours. You’ll end up chatting and laughing more with each other, as nothing will
be competing for your attention.
Go ahead, be a little cheesy - Choose a country and buy a selection of
different cheeses from it. It’s fun to try new things and tasting different cheese can be a lot of fun or
disasterous...which can be equally funny! If you want to go the extra mile, try matching a beer or
wine with a few cheeses from the same place. For added fun, why not try and make up your own
comedy tasting descriptions and see who can come up with the funniest description.
Venture into the kitchen - Cooking together is a great way of connecting.
not talking Gordon Ramsey attitude though, open a bottle of wine or a beer and relax into cooking
something you’ve not had before. Doing a job together can help you to reconnect, catch up on
each other’s days and at the end you’ll both enjoy the meal. Try not to eat it in front of the TV!
Cocktail hour - Buy a selection of miniatures but stick to a theme. Different rum, or
gin, or fruit liquers. Try each of them neat and then try mixing them for some crazy concoctions.
You’ll have some you love and you’ll taste some that are hideous... that’s half the fun! Stick to
miniatures as we do want you to drink responsibly! For a great selection of miniatures visit: www.
Play a childhood game - Make it a fun night in and recapture your misspent youth!
Dig out those ‘Hungry Hippos’, saddle up that ‘Buckaroo’, get yourself knotted with ‘Twister’, you’ll
be laughing together and it’s a great way to unwind after a tough work week! Nostalgia-triggering
activities can make you feel more connected to your partner. Order in a pizza and just have fun.
Stargaze - It’s so classic that it’s almost a cliché, but spending the night outside is so romantic
we couldn’t resist including it. If it’s a clear, dry night, why not head out into the back garden with
a snuggly blanket and a flask of tea and see what constellations you can find. There are lots of free
apps available to help you identify the night sky, why not try: Starchart, available for Apple and
Android devices.
30 Local Links Issue 72
32 Local Links Issue 72
Purr-fect Christmas
Photo: AZRainman via flickr
ave a purr-fect Christmas
and help Derby cats.
The Cats Protection
Charity Shop at 31 Wardwick
(opposite the Central Library)
is already well into the spirit of
Christmas. They have stocked
up with their ever popular 2015
Cat Calendars but don’t delay as
they sell out fast. They make excellent stocking
fillers for cat loving friends. They also have cat
related Christmas cards and 2015 diaries.
To put us all in the mood for the Festive Season,
a Christmas Fair is being held at the shop on
Saturday 15th November so come along and join
the fun. A quality raffle will be drawn at 3.30
pm by Anton Rippon, local author and celebrity.
Tickets on sale now at the Charity shop and on
the day.
For more information call the Cat-Line on: 01332
E-mail us at [email protected] or call us on 01283 564608 33
34 Local Links Issue 72