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Ben Salem Voice
Ben Salem United Church of Christ
PO Box 128, Andreas, PA 18211
July and August - 2013
Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
July is upon us and our national holiday is either coming soon as you read this or has just passed. The
Fourth of July of course is the day we remember the people so many years ago who stood strong in unity so
this land could become an autonomous, independent nation. They stood together in the face of ridicule and
threats from the Mother Land. They drafted what later became known as the Declaration of Independence
only to unanimously ratify the final document. And they carried this out during the height of a war with the
very nation that colonized the land. They not only demanded independence but through their actions gained
support from others around the world. It took bravery and a strong devoted contingent to carry out and
complete what they did.
That is true with any group that forms for the soul purpose of coming together for a common belief or
cause. There must be a strong devoted contingent who will stand together bravely and without falter. The
church is such a group, although in this day and age I feel the church as a whole has lost some of its edgy
radical roots. The church has become complacent in its original mission of saving lost souls and standing up
for those who suffer the injustices of our present society. Many times as the church we look the other way
because we don’t want to “rock the boat”, we think because Jesus can calm the waters, we can continue to
sail without any worries of becoming sea sick. But that is not how the earliest Christians proceeded, they
challenged the empire in which they lived, they stood together in the face of persecution and did not let their
love of God be compromised.
During the month of July we will be holding one worship service at 9:15am in which I will present a
sermon series I hope will lead us to rival the energy and devotion our Christian ancestors and our nation’s
forefathers portrayed. The theme of the series will be The Underground Church and throughout the series we
will be looking at how the mainline church has fallen away from its original radicalness to only become
more in-line with the powers of our secular society. It is my hope that this series will make you stop and
think, maybe even raising some hairs on your neck and move you to start a discussion on what the church
should be.
If you think the church is no longer relevant, if you feel that nothing seems to happen in the church
that matters, I challenge you to come out and listen. Maybe, just maybe, the Spirit will move you to make the
same commitment our forefathers and Christian ancestors made, a commitment that could help move the
church back to relevance with those who have lost hope. Through your faith in Jesus let God’s Spirit move
you to be the change you want to see in the church.
May the love of God and the peace of Christ
be forever in your heart,
Pastor Mike
Worship Services for July and August
July 7, 14, 21, 28 (9:15 AM Service only) following Summer Schedule
July 14 – “Blessing of the Animals”[Outdoor Service] Bring lawn chairs
Note: If it rains, this service will be held on Sunday, July 21.
August 4, 11, 18, 25 (Services at 8:15 and 10:30 AM)
Summer Communion Services:
July 7, 2013 at 9:15AM (summer schedule)
August 4, 2013 at 8:15 and 10:30 AM
Bible Study:
will resume in September
Summer Worship Theme - “Underground Church”
Worship Schedule for month of July:
On July 7, 14, 21, and 28 there will be one service starting at 9:15 AM.
July 7 – Music by Daybreak, Senior Choir & Hand Bell Choir
July 14 – Outdoor service for “Blessing of the Animals”…Bring lawn chairs! Service will feature a
Hymn Sing from Sunday School Hymnal. There will also be special music.
In case it is a rainy day, that service will be held on July 21.
July 21 – Music by Daybreak, Bob Keller and Cathy Smith
July 28 – Music by Daybreak, Cathy Smith, LaRue Fritz, Dayle Smith & Jeff Elder
Visit Penn Northeast Conference Website at :
If you would like to receive the weekly newsletter from Penn Northeast Conference which is
packed with lots of information including church events and other functions that the
Conference offers, send your home e-mail address or the address where you would like to
receive the newsletter to [email protected] Recent graduates who are planning a future in
education, medicine or ministry should visit the PNEC website for information on the
Gwilym T.Williams Scholarship Fund.
Prayer Shawl Ministry:
The Prayer Shawl Committee is in need of helpers to make prayer shawls. If you can knit or
crochet and would like to help, please contact coordinators Betty Nothstein at 570-386-5644
or Barbara Snowberger at 570-386-2112 for more information.
Photographs… Barry Fink has set up an email address for members to send photographs of church
activities: The email address is [email protected]
Photos should be sent as attachments to the email please note in the e-mail what activity is being
represented. Emails must be under 25 Meg in size. Please note: The photographs may be used in
presentations prior to or during worship services.
Church Business
How to Contribute to Our Operating Budget: to pay Ben Salem’s bills]
+ Use your weekly envelope [in your envelope packet]
+ Designate “Current Expenses”: [Benevolence is only for Missions – OCWM]
+ Place in offering plate or send to the Church:
Ben Salem UCC, PO 128, Andreas, PA 18211
2013 Church Board Members:
Officers: Jeffrey Elder, President
Kevin Lusch, Vice President
Karen Hayman, Church Board Secretary
Elders: Brian Beidleman, Jeffrey Elder, Kenneth Oswald, Bernice Steigerwalt
Deacons: Tammy Beidleman, Nadine Blair, Karen Hayman, Richard Hook,
Kevin Lusch, Judy Pope, David Rex, Jr., Kelly White
Pastor: Rev. Michael McGowan
Church Secretary: Dollie Behr
Treasurer: Dawne Beidleman
Financial Secretary’s Address: Susan Messina, 66 River Road,
Tamaqua, PA 18252
Upcoming Church Board Meeting: July 15 and August 19 at 7 PM
Ben Salem History Books
are still available / $60
Contact the Church Office [570-386-3870]
Cemetery Association Officers: Next meeting – September 5, 7 PM
President: Dennis Frantz
Vice-President: Christopher Galloway
Caretaker: David Fritz
Secretary: Walter Keeck
Treasurer: Doris Lusch
Trustee: Sal Messina
Have you remembered the
church in your will?
Hospitalization ?
If you or someone you know is
going to be in the hospital for surgery, please let the church
office know a day or two before the surgery. This way the
Pastor will make every effort to be there to visit and pray with
the patient before the surgery.
Remember, it is
important to keep us
informed of any address
changes. Please give
changes of address to
either Dollie Behr or
Sue Messina.
Have you moved
recently? Each time we
send out our newsletter our
secretary receives changes
of address from the Post
Office through newsletters
that have been returned.
When this happens we
incur added postal
expenses because the Post
Office charges for these
returned letter. Each
member can help by
updating the church office
with their new address prior
to moving. It is also
helpful to provide the
church office with your
home phone numbers, cell
phone numbers and e-mail
addresses if you wish. By
doing this we can keep in
touch with you and also
provide you with important
information regarding the
church. Thank you in
Upcoming Committee Meetings
Health & Wellness – Blood Pressure Screening [1st Sunday of Month]
Called to Care – July 16, 10 AM
Property –July 18 and Aug. 15, 7 PM
Membership & Growth – No meeting scheduled
Mission – No meeting scheduled
Fundraisers Meeting – August 13, 6:30 PM
Memorial – No meeting scheduled
Scheduling Events at Ben Salem Church:
To prevent scheduling problems…prior to calling meetings or events,
please check with the Church Secretary at 386-3870 to make sure
that the date you have planned is available.
Altar Flower Sponsors:
Note from Church
Office & Financial
Recycle…save your soda cans…
Herlin Haberman will take aluminum cans to
Zaprazny’s. To help with this project…
bring your aluminum soda cans [crushed or uncrushed]
to the Old Social Hall and drop them off at the lower
basement entrance. Benefits the Phase II Building Fund.
Please do not throw any other garbage items in
with the aluminum soda cans.
[Checks payable to Ben Salem UCC]
A sign up sheet is located in the narthex. Cost of flower sponsorship is $20.00. If you would like to sponsor flowers call Cindy Smith at
570-386-4248. ***Payment should be sent directly to: Cindy Smith, 707 Hoffman Rd., Lehighton, PA 18235.
Bulletin Sponsorship: [Checks payable to Ben Salem UCC]
Please call Sue Messina at 570-386-2880 with
your sponsorship information or e-mail Sue at [email protected] Cost of Bulletin Sponsorship is $7 per week. *** Payment should be
sent directly to: Susan Messina, 66 River Road, Tamaqua, PA 18252.
Please do not call the church office with sponsorships!
The Phase II Project:
To contribute to Phase II, please use the gold envelopes included in your offering
packets – checks payable to Ben Salem UCC.
Ben Salem Phase II Update
The Ben Salem Phase II Building Committee has been inactive, but appears to be approaching a point where it will be time to call
the group together to organize and make decisions as we approach our 200,000.00 dollar goal. In the meantime some questions and
comments have been brought to my attention that I feel are worth addressing for everyone.
A brief review of the meetings last Fall may help answer one question. The Phase II Study Committee met and determined there
were some changes that could be made to the existing plans of Phase II to help save money. After these changes it was determined
by the builder - Arthur Funk, that an estimated cost of 1.2 million was a reasonable cost for the project in today’s dollars. A study
of financing was done and it was determined that if the
to be paid in full. If we have the $200,000.00 to begin the preliminary work in August, breaking ground for construction is still a
year away, which would allow anyone who pledges one year to pay your pledge in full.
One comment I’ve heard was – “I’m wondering if I will see the building completed.” While we never know how long our time is
on this earth, I have to presume the answer is YES. If we reach our $200,000 dollar goal by August of this year, a well-informed
estimate of when we would be utilizing Phase II would be June 2015. The building would be there not only for us but also for all
future members of Ben Salem to come.
I hope this addresses any questions you may have had. On another subject, the committee is requesting that anyone who has
knowledge in communication and wireless systems please join with us on the committee as we continue to plan and prepare for
this wonderful undertaking.
Rodger Diehl
If so, please fill out the following form and place it in the box located in the narthex or mail it
to Ben Salem UCC, PO 128, Andreas, PA 18211.
e-mail: ___________________________
Blanket Makers / Quilters The Blanket Makers and Quilters meet on Thursday mornings starting at 9 AM.
Anyone is welcome to come and join them. The quilt for this year is a beautiful Lancaster Rose pattern. Tickets are
available now. Call Betty Nothstein 386-5644 or Dollie Frantz 386-4034 to purchase tickets. Tickets are $1 each or 6
for $5. The drawing will be held in December.
Blanket Makers/Quilters Clothing Drive
Starting on July 21 and ending September 19 , the Blanket Makers/Quilters will be collecting clothing, bikes, stuffed
animals, accessories, and shoes. Please contact Dollie Frantz at 570-386-4034 to schedule a time to drop off
items. Oversized toys, strollers, high chairs, car seats, cribs, play centers, bouncers, walkers, and swings will
not be accepted. The profit from this project is used to offset heating costs at the Social Hall.
Trip to Shady Maple & Sight & Sound Theater
The trip to Shady Maple & Sight & Sound will take place on Fri., July 19. We will go to Shady Maple
for an all you can eat lunch and then to Sight & Sound Theater for the musical production of “Noah’s
Ark”. Bieber Tourways is providing the transportation, leaving at 11:00 AM. We will depart Shady Maple at
3:00 PM and go to see “Noah’s Ark” for 4:15PM show after which we will return to the church. Drinks and
snacks will be provided for the ride home. Call Kevin Lusch at 570-778-3448 with questions or concerns.
E-mail: [email protected]
There is no meeting scheduled at this time.
The mission committee has been steadily moving forward and growing in determination
and spirit. We have been following God’s path and have been reaching out and ministering
to our brothers and sisters in need in the name of Jesus Christ. Please pray that we receive
God’s favor and grace as we continue to care for the poor and disadvantaged.
Family Promise Information
We are hosting Family Promise from July 7 to 14…help is needed…please contact
Lonnie Christoff is you can volunteer! Also…you can help by making cash donations to help
with the program, please talk to Lonnie. We will have two families this time and your help is greatly
appreciated. If you can make a cash donation, do so by placing it in a blue mission envelope and putting it in
the offering plate. Help us to help those less fortunate…give to Family Promise!
Party for a Cause … featuring “Boomerang”
A Dinner Dance will be held on Saturday, August 24 from 6 PM to 10 PM at
the Beaver Run Rod and Gun Club, 676 Stewart Creek Road, Lehighton.
This dance is to benefit Family Promise’s Mission to provide temporary shelter, meals and
fellowship to homeless kids and their families. Come out and support Family Promise by
purchasing a ticket for $25 or get a group together [8 tickets for $150] if paid before August 9 .
Admission includes food, drinks, and live music.
Mail your check to Family Promise of Carbon County, 167 S. 3 St., Lehighton, PA 18235.
Response from Mission Help:
We received a note from an uncle of a little boy named Emmanuel who lives in Zambia. I have personally sent him a mosquito net
when he kept getting malaria. He received a shoe box YEARS ago and I have kept in touch. The mission committee recently sent him
$100 for medicine because he was diagnosed HIV positive. He is being raised by his uncle along with his grandmother. His mom died
young, probably of AIDS, they are thinking. Just want the church to know that we are doing good things and reaching real tangible
people around the world and the recipients are very thankful for our help. The help is direct and we know who we are helping in this
case. Very nice and comforting. Following is the note from Emmanuel’s uncle to Ben Salem Church:
Hi Lonnie, It has been a long time since we communicated, we have been okay, including Emmanuel, he has not been
admitted to the hospital since that time, but he has continued taking the medicine, as you know that medication is for life,
you just have to take it. How is your family and the church who helped Emmanuel with that financial support, I want say
thank you to the Almighty God and all the people who contributed towards that. Bye and God bless you, Bernard
Blood Drive
Ben Salem Church will host a Blood Drive on August 18 starting at 7 AM to Noon. If you
would like to register to donate, you can do so on the Church website at or by contacting Lonnie Christoff.
Health & Wellness Committee offers: FREE BLOOD PRESSURE SCREENINGS on
the first Sunday of each month between the 8:15 and 10:30 AM Service.
Also, Coming up on July 11 - The Health & Wellness Committee will have a presentation on
“Following a Heart Healthy Diet” on July 11 at 6 PM at the Church. Anyone is welcome and
encouraged to attend this presentation. A dietetic intern will give the presentation and will
answer questions. The presentation will last approximately one hour.
Sign up by calling 570-386-3870.
July 27, 8 AM at the Social Hall
Come out and enjoy!
The Membership & Growth Committee are holding a T-Shirt,
Sweatshirt and Hooded Sweatshirt Sale
Shirts have the Ben Salem UCC logo on them
T - Shirt - $10
Sweatshirt - $15
Hooded Sweatshirt - $20
Items will be for sale between the Church Services
…or contact Sharon Elder to purchase 570-386-2530
Fundraisers - Gift Cards
Do you shop at Giant? Do you buy gas there? See
Sue or Sal Messina in the narthex after the service for your Giant gift cards. You pay nothing extra
and Ben Salem will get 5% of your purchase. So for every $100 in gift cards, the church gets $5.
The profit for 2013 as of this printing is $250.00.
Happening in our community:
July 7, 7 PM “SPOKE FOLK” Concert at Trinity Lutheran Church, Lehighton… Spoke Folk is a 12-day
biking and musical ministry tour for up to 30 participants (15-20 years old) and 10 adult counselors (21 and
above). These people are from different states all over the country. Each of the tour bikes during the day
and shares an evening concert/worship service with host congregations. Spoke Folk is very passionate
about sharing and living the Gospel through biking, music and community. Phone: 610-377-4303 FMI
July 13, 2013: The Barnstormers in Concert at Trinity Lutheran Church, Lehighton at 7:30PM.
Free Admission! Phone: 610-377-4303 FMI
July 22-26, 2013: St. Peter’s Church, Mantzville – Vacation Bible School, 6-8:30PM. “Backyard Bible Bash!”
July 27, 2013 – St. John’s Church, Mahoning Valley will hold their Ice Cream Festival from 3 to 8 PM
August 24, 2013 - Party for a Cause … featuring “Boomerang” 6 – 10 PM
at the Beaver Run Rod and Gun Club, 676 Stewart Creek Road, Lehighton.
[more information on Mission Page of Newsletter]
Special Prayers
Our Members and Friends with Special Needs:
In Institutions:
Norman Ellis, The Summit Nursing Home, 211 N.12th, Lehighton, PA 18235
Eleanor Green, Stabon Manor Personal Care Home, 1555 Haak St., Reading, PA 19602
Lillie Hagenbuch, Pleasant Trees Senior Center, Ashfield, PA
Joanne Haney, Manor Care, Allentown, PA
Ethel Kershner, The Summit Nursing Home, 211 N. 12th St., Room 103, Lehighton, PA 18235
Phyllis Kobal, Cedar Brook, 350 S. Cedar Brook Road, Rm. 609D6, Allentown, PA 18104
Pauline Leiby, Warren Haven, 350 Oxford Rd., Oxford, NJ 07863
Gloria Ott, Weatherwood, 1000 Evergreen Ave., Weatherly, PA 18255 [Area 3, Room 15]
Charles Rutman, Pleasant Trees Senior Center, Ashfield, PA
Leighton Steigerwalt, Mahoning Valley Conv. Home, Lehighton, PA 18235
Gayle Stewart, Spring Village at Floral Vale, 600 Township Line Road, Yardley, PA 19067
Keep in Your Prayers:
Rosemary Andreas
Sandy Bealer
Rev. Paul Cope
David Fink
Ray Hassler
Phyllis Seems
Richard Steigerwalt
Darlene Wargo
Ruth Ann Andreas
Richard Bloom
Lucille Cope
David W. Frantz
Marie Heim
Alice Skrabak
Brenda Strausberger
Dr. Lewis Williams
Timothy Andreas
Betty Anthony
Paula Breiner
Pam Buchinsky
Peg Daniels
Ellen Diaz
Mary Frantz
Edith Fritzinger
Louise Houser
Rosanne Reed
Cynthia Smith
Ethel Steigerwalt
Derek Szenas
Regen thor Straten
Missionary Jeff Mensendiek [Japan] & Sendai Student
Norma Barndt
Isabel Burkett
Bill Dromsky
Gail Handwerk
Skip Rudy
Pearl Steigerwalt
Marlin Troxell
Prayer Chain: The Prayer Chain is a way for anyone to request prayer for a specific need….[or thanksgiving or joy]. To have
our Prayer Chain pray for you: Contact Betty Nothstein at 570-386-5644. Please call Betty if you would like to be called with others’
prayer requests as part of the Prayer Chain.
Called to Care: Trained volunteers from our church are available to assist the Pastor in visiting people. If you would like a
“Called to Care” volunteer to visit you, please contact the Pastor at the Church Office [570] 386-3870. We are looking for more
volunteers for this Committee…Please call the Church Office or speak to the Pastor if interested. The next “Called to Care”
Meeting is scheduled for July 16, 10 AM.
Support Our Troops - All military personnel
Jessica A. Bealer: FC# Bealer, Jessica, A 959 Dahlgren Road Box 3107, Dahlgren, VA 22448
*Please notify us if you know of anyone who is serving at this time or if any names are missed or if status changes.
Our Sympathy is extended to the family of Eleanor Arner.
Eleanor passed away on June 2.
Her funeral was held on June 6.
Our Sympathy is extended to Terra Bradford on the death of her father, Dennis Faust.
Dennis passed away on June 11.
Please keep these families in your prayers.
Congratulations to Jim and Julie Diehl on the birth of their daughter,
Katherine Morgan Diehl. Katherine was born on May 28.
Congratulations to David & Kristen Rex on the birth of their
Kasey Grace Rex. Kasey was born on June 2.
1 Monday
3 Wednesday
4 Thursday
Social Hall
Blanket Makers
Clothing Drive Begins
11 AM
Youth Group
Bus Trip to
Sight & Sound
& Shady Maple
8 AM
at Social
Summer Schedule
9:15 AM Worship
7 PM
Board Mtg.
10 AM
Called to Care
6:30 PM Youth
Group Meeting
6:30 PM
Hand Bells
7 PM Property Comm.
6:30 PM
Hand Bells
9:15 AM Worship
9:15 AM Worship
6 Saturday
6 PM Health &
Wellness Presentation at
the Church “Heart
Healthy Diet”
9:15 AM Worship
Blessing of the
Animals Outdoor
Worship Service
Bring lawn chairs
1 Thursday
2 Friday
3 Saturday
Pastor on
6:30 PM
Hand Bells
8:15 AM Worship
9:15 AM Adult
Sunday School
10:30 AM Worship
6:30 PM
Hand Bells
8:15 AM Worship
9:15 AM Adult
Sunday School
10:30 AM Worship
7 AM Mobile
Blood Drive at
Social Hall till Noon
7 PM
Church Board
6:30 PM
6:30 PM Hand Bells
7 PM Property
6:30 PM
Hand Bells
8:15 AM Worship
9:15 AM Adult
Sunday School
10:30 AM Worship
8:15 AM Worship
9:15 AM Sunday
resumes classes
10:30 AM Worship
6:30 PM Youth Group
6 PM
6:30 PM
Hand Bells

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