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catalog - University of Baltimore School of Law
UBSPI thanks you for coming and
we hope to see you again next year!
March 9th, 2012
University of Baltimore
Students for Public Interest Law
18th Annual
UB ‘77
UB ‘78
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18th Annual
Table of Contents
Sponsors.......................................................... 5
Board and Grantees................................... 6
Award Recipient........................................... 7
Thank You From UBSPI.............................. 8
Evening Program......................................... 9
Auction Rules......................................... 10-11
Live Auction Items................................ 12-22
Silent Auction Items............................. 23-30
Raffle Items................................................ 31
Page 4
18th Annual
Association of Corporate Council
Warnken LLC, Attorney-at-Law
Friends of the Office of Public Defender
Professor Jane C. Murphy
Professor Charles B. Shafer
Professor Amy E. Sloan
Professor Donald H. Stone
Ms. Evelyn Spurgin, Hillman, Brown & Darrow
Patrons of UBSPI: Professor Barbara Babb, Mr. Andrew Bailey,
Ms. Charlene Bradley, Ms. Joyce Domneys Gantt, Mr. John Gessner,
Professor Steven Grossman, Professor Daniel Hatcher, Ms. Janet Henderson,
Ms. Virginia A. Pizza, Professor Ruth Pritchard-Kelly, Mr. Martin Maarbjerg,
Professor Lynn McLain, Ms. Cheryl A. McLeod Mr. William Reid, Professor
Arnold Rochvarg, Mr. Mark Rohrbaugh, Professor Robert Rubinson, Mr.
Robert Seward, Ms. Jennifer A. Schick, Mr. Zachary J. Stewart, Ms. Veronica
G. Smith, Ms. Elva Tillman, Ms. Hope Tipton, and Mr. Edward F. Vlcek.
Page 5
18th Annual
Board and Grantees
PRESIDENT: Catherine Seward Jackson*
VICE-PRESIDENT: Katheryn Anderson*
SECRETARY: Nicole Harris-Crest
TREASURER: Erin Heidebrecht
ADVISOR: Professor Michele Gilman
*Auction Chairs
2011 Summer Grant Recipients
Amy Joy Omens – U.S. Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division
Benjamin Stirling – Maryland Office of the Public Defender,
Neighborhood Defenders
Catherine Seward – Maryland Disability Law Center
Gillian Yeadon – Howard County Center for Domestic Violence
Jessica Emerson – Legal Aid Society, Trafficking Victims Legal Defense
and Advocacy Project
Katie Walsh – Maryland Office of the Public Defender, Neighborhood Defenders
Kevin Hilgers – DC Appleseed Center for Law and Justice
Laura Chafey – Mid-Shore Pro Bono, Inc.
Lauren Whitaker – Maryland Coalition for Inclusive Education
Natalie D’Antonio – House of Ruth
Nicole Harris-Crest – Maryland Office of the Public Defender, Juvenile Division
Sara Cimino – Project HEAL
Shiri Ahronovich – National Partnership for Women and Families
T. Hayden Barnes – Project HEAL
Tawny Holmes – National Association of the Deaf
Page 6
18th Annual
Robert M. Bell Award
Congratulations to Debra Gardner, Legal Director, Public Justice Center !
Before joining the PJC,
Debra Gardner joined the
Public Justice Center (PJC) as
Ms. Gardner worked in poverty
its Legal Director in January
2000. Since then she has
law at the Legal Aid Bureau for
participated in a wide range
attorney and then as the Chief
of impact litigation and other
Attorney of its Midwestern
over fifteen years, first as a staff
advocacy, including serving
Maryland office in Frederick.
as the PJC’s lead in various
She also worked at the
Massachusetts Law Reform
national and company-wide
collective and class actions
concerning wage and hour violations and
employment discrimination. She is also lead
counsel in Thompson v. Dallas (No. 24-C-09-
Institute for approximately one
year in 1983-1984. During her time at Legal Aid,
Ms. Gardner handled substantial impact
litigation as well as a large volume of direct
2775), in which the Circuit Court for
service litigation in housing, consumer, domestic,
Baltimore City enjoined the Maryland
child advocacy, and public entitlements. She has
Department of Human Resources to provide
been a trainer and mentor in substantive law,
food stamps, Medicaid and temporary cash
advocacy skills and legal supervision skills since
assistance to poor applicants throughout
early in her career.
state and federal law. Among her other
Ms. Gardner graduated from the Northeastern
University School of Law in 1982. She is licensed
responsibilities, she directs the PJC’s
to practice in Maryland and Massachusetts and
Maryland within 30 days as required by
Appellate Advocacy Project, coordinates
is admitted to the federal courts in those
PJC’s effort to achieve a right to counsel
jurisdictions as well at the U.S. Courts of
under the Maryland constitution in civil
matters involving basic human needs, and
also coordinates the National Coalition for a
Civil Right to Counsel.
Appeals for the First and
Fourth Circuits.
(Biography acquired from
Page 7
18th Annual
Thank You from UBSPI
The UBSPI Executive Board would like to give our heart felt thanks to all of the UBSPI
Sponsors, donors, and auction volunteers who helped to make this evening a success.
Thank you faculty, staff and administrators for your enthusiastic support and
dedication to UBSPI and our mission of promoting public interest opportunities for
UB law students. We would especially like to thank Dean Higginbotham and our
Faculty Advisor, Professor Michele Gilman for their leadership and guidance in
preparation for the auction.
The UBSPI Board would like to thank the Dean for Finance and Administration,
Steve Wilson; Assistant Dean for Law Career Development, Jill Green; Director of Alumni
and External Relations, Laurie Terbeek; Director of Annual Giving and Alumni Relations,
Kate Crimmins; Assistant Director of Database Management, Donna Woods; Gift
Processing Coordinator, Noah Brandon; Conference and Events Operations Manager,
Dan Nagle; Student Activity Coordinator of Rosenberg Center for Student Involvement,
Joe Slider; Copy Cat Printing, Lisa Tasker and all the staff that work with them behind the
scenes to help make this event so successful.
We are also thankful for the time and hard work of all the Physical Plant, Housekeeping,
Audio Visual, and Conference Services employees that helped us transform the Business
Center Atrium into a hopping casino!
We would like to thank all the generous support that we receive from the alumni,
especially our Master of Ceremonies, Byron Warnken and Auctioneer, Mark Epstein.
A very special thank you to Chief Justice Robert Bell for always challenging us to be better
advocates for justice and to Debra Gardner for stepping up to the challenge and being a
model example of a public interest leader working for equal access to justice in Maryland.
Thank you to all the UBSPI Members who volunteered in preparation for tonight’s event,
especially to the volunteers who helped to comb the streets of Baltimore for
donations, Peter Ciferri, Sara Cimino, Ellen Cobb, Natalie D'Antonio Christy Dorfler, Kevin
Hilgers, Amanda Kosmerl, Shamara Martin, Chris Pirog, Ellyn Riedl, Ben Stirling, Michael
Stone, Catherine Villareale, Katie Walsh, Andrew Wong, and Rexanah Wyse.
We would like to also thank the businesses, firms and individuals who donated to the
auction or made monetary contributions. Please help us in thanking them by frequenting
their establishments! Lastly, we would like to thank BOND DISTRIBUTING COMPANY for
donating the beer and for ROUGE CATERING for generously discounting the catering
expenses for UBSPI.
Page 8
18th Annual
6:30 p.m.– Unveiling of Silent Auction Items
8:00 p.m.– Silent Auction Ends
8:15 p.m.– Greetings and Award Recognition
8:30 p.m.— Live Auction Starts
Thank you for coming and supporting UBSPI and the
University of Baltimore School of Law School as we work
to provide opportunities for students to gain invaluable
experience from working with public interest lawyers
each and every summer!
"My UBSPI grant gave me the freedom to dedicate last summer to working
for a nonprofit in Washington, DC. That hard work paid off with a job offer.
I will never forget the efforts of UBSPI and the generosity of donors for
making this possible."
- Kevin Hilgers, UBSPI grantee, Summer 2011
Page 9
18th Annual
All sales are final. No exchanges or refunds are possible. All Items are sold "as
is." We have done our best to describe all of the items correctly, but UBSPI
assumes no responsibility for the authenticity or description of any item.
Your Auction ID, the number on your card given at the door, is how we identify
your purchases. Please keep track of the card.
The specific time limitations and restrictions mentioned in the item descriptions
must be adhered to unless later altered by the donor.
Many items, including certificates and passes, have specific use or expiration
dates. We have done our best to note them in the Catalog or Bid Sheets.
The buyer is responsible for contacting the donor for all items and services.
In any case, all items must be used within one year of the auction. Failure to
do so may result in the loss of that item.
The auctioneer reserves the right to add or withdraw, without notice, items to
or from the auction.
Items offered in the silent auction will have a Bid Sheet on a table nearby. You
may bid by simply writing your Auction ID number with the amount you
want to bid on the appropriate Bid Sheet.
You may bid any amount more than the prior bid as long as your bid increment
is equal to or more than the minimum bid increment allowed for that item.
The next bidder must bid a higher amount (using the minimum increment)
than you did to be successful.
You may bid on any item in the silent auction until the section is closed. Bidding
for items in the silent auction will close promptly at 8:30 pm. A silent auction
official will circle the top bid number and amount. The successful purchaser’s
bid number will be posted at auction closing.
If the silent auction official designates your written bid as the top bid, you have
a legal contract to purchase that silent auction item.
UBSPI reserves the right to reject any bid that is not in compliance with the
Minimum Bid increment over the prior bid. UBSPI board officers will mediate
any disputes. If you have any questions, please ask a silent auction official.
The Live Auction will begin promptly after the awards ceremony and will
continue until all items are sold.
Bidders must hold up the cards with their Auction ID numbers (given at the
check-in table) to signify their bid. The highest bidder acknowledged by the
Auctioneer will be the purchaser. The Auctioneer will have the sole and final
authority to determine the winning bidder. Bidders are financially
responsible for the use of their Auction ID numbers.
Page 10
18th Annual
Top bidders may pay for their items at the auction cashiering stations - located
in designated room - which will open for service at 9:00 p.m. Payment must
be made in full prior to leaving the event.
Auction items will be awarded to one purchaser only. The top bid amount for
an auction item will not be split among bidders who may have agreed to
pay a portion of the top bid amount. A purchaser who wishes to so split the
payment for an auction item must collect the individual payments from the
other bidder(s). Then (s)he either presents those payments to the cashiers
when paying for the purchase, or accepts those payments as a partial
reimbursement for the total payment the purchaser has made.
Payment is by check, Visa, MasterCard or cash.
All checks must be made payable to “UB Foundation”
Purchase raffle tickets for 50/50 raffle for $5 (cash only). Fifty percent is
donated to UBSPI and the other fifty percent will be raffled off to the lucky
winner at the end of the night. The 50/50 Raffle winner does not have to be
present to take home the prize. If the winner is not present, the winner will
be contacted.
Basket of Cheer Raffle ($5 cash only). The winner for the Basket of Cheer Raffle
does not have to be present to take home the prize. If winner is not present,
the winner will be contacted.
Miscellaneous Raffles ($2 per ticket). The winner must be present to claim prize.
If winner is not present a new ticket will be chosen. Winners will be
announced by 9:30 p.m.
University of Baltimore Students for Public Interest Law (UBSPI), the
University of Baltimore School of Law, the University of Baltimore and
the Regents of the University System of Maryland make no warranties or
representations, and in no event shall be responsible for the correctness
of descriptions, genuineness, authorship, provenance or condition of the
items. No statement made in this catalog or made orally at the auction or
elsewhere shall be deemed such a warranty for tax purposes or fair
market value. Items have not been appraised unless otherwise noted.
Please contact your tax adviser about the use of donations for tax purposes.
Page 11
Live Auction
Page 12
Texas Hold 'Em Tournament for
3 Students with Professors
Jaros, Hubbard and Starger
Donated By:
Professors David Jaros,
William Hubbard and Colin Starger
We bring the (decidedly cheap) beer,
the chips (both corn and poker), the
cards, and the skill. You (three
students) bring your obvious tells, your
lousy bluffs, and a $20 buy in. If you
win (like that's gonna happen), you
keep their money and bragging rights.
If we win, we donate the winnings to
UBSPI and lord it over you for all time.
Wanna bet? Raise your hand!
Golfing with Professor Dillard
Feeling insane or stressed out these days?
Then head out for the lush fairways for a round
of golf. This great package includes a round of
golf (18 holes plus driving carts) for four at
Diamond Ridge, RockyPoint, or Longview/
Foxhollow. (Buyer's choice). If you’re up for the
challenge, Professor Dillard is happy to be one
of the foursome, in which case, she'll add some
tasty refreshments to the deal. Get your
backswing ready and raise your paddle high!
Page 13
Donated By:
J. Amy Dillard
Lunch with Professor Easton
Do you enjoy discussing the news when
you’re not hitting the books? Then this
opportunity is for you to enjoy a lunch
anywhere in town with this media law
professor and scholar!
Donated By:
Professor Eric Easton
Manicures & Mochas
with Professors Koller and Gilman
Donated By:
Professor Dionne L. Koller &
Professor Michele E. Gilman
Are you overdue for a manicure? If so, you
and three friends should join Professors
Koller and Gilman for manicures and
mochas at Zohras along with tasty treats
afterwards at City Café. Those engaging
professors will be happy to discuss anything
from representing low-income clients
to sports law.
Orioles’ Field Box Seats for 3 Students
with Professor Warnken
The Orioles are getting better (they foiled the
Boston Red Sox in their last game!) and you can
witness this fact in box seats directly behind home
plate along with a chat with renowned criminal law
professor Warnken. As a bonus, food and drink is
also a part of this deal Anyone ready to say “Take
Me out to the Ball Game??”
Page 14
Donated By:
Professor Byron Warnken
Aspiring Politicians,
Pay Attention!
Here’s your opportunity for you
and up to three friends to get an
insiders’ view of City Hall.
Enjoy a personal tour of City Hall
and lunch at Koco’s Pub with
Councilman Curran.
Donated By: Councilman Robert W. Curran of 3rd District
A Networking Dinner with Claudia Diamond!
Here’s your chance to grab invaluable networking
and academic support tips from Claudia Diamond,
UB Law '95, and Director of Academic Support, and
Phil Diamond, UMD Law ‘99, partner at Gallagher,
Evelius & Jones, LLP while enjoying dinner at Petit
Louis in Roland Park.
Donated By: Claudia Diamond
Night at the Theatre for Two
with Professor Neal
Enjoy a pre-theater dinner then head over to see a moving
performance of the “The Whipping Man” on April 17th at
CenterStage with Professor Neal.
Donated by:
Odeana R. Neal
The theater’s description of the play:
“Why is this night different from all other nights? For three
Richmond Jews—one a former Confederate soldier, two his
former slaves—gathered around a makeshift Seder table at
the close of the Civil War, age-old questions of justice and
freedom find new and surprising answers.”
Page 15
A Run followed by an Orioles’ Game
with Professors Stone and Brown
Training for the Baltimore Marathon? Tired of
listening to your I-Pod while running? Whatever
the reason, race your hand up already for a run
with Professors Stone and Brown. Don’t worry you
will have time to catch your breath afterward while
taking in an Orioles’ game at Camden Yards.
Donated By:
Professor Donald Stone &
Professor Fred Brown
An Opera Good Time!
Enjoy dinner and a night at the opera with
Professor Dolin at the Washington National Opera
or the Metropolitan Opera in New York. Winning
Bidder’s Choice. Transportation and accommodations are the responsibility of the bidder for the
Metropolitan Opera.
Transportation included for the Washington National Opera.
Donated by:
Professor Gregory Dolin
Dinner and Two Tickets to
Baltimore Speaker Series
Don’t miss this opportunity to see General
Stanley McChrystal, a retired four-star general
& former commander of U.S. Forces in
Afghanistan, speak at the Meyerhoff as part of
the Baltimore Speaker Series (March 27, 8pm).
Enjoy a nice dinner before hand at Sammy’s
Trattoria ($50 gift certificate).
Page 16
Donated By: Abby Boyd and
Sammy's Trattoria
Cigars and Grand Marnier
for 4 with Professor
Sit back, relax and enjoy Davidoff
Anniversary No. 2 cigars while sipping on
Grand Marnier at Fader’s Cigar Lounge in
Towson with the enjoyable company of
Professor Warnken
Donated By:
Professor Byron Warnken
Lunch for Four People with
Professors Goodmark and Johnson
Donated By: Professors Leigh R.
Goodmark & Margaret E. Johnson
Passionate about women’s rights?
Interested in family law clinic? Then
raise your hand high for this great
opportunity for lunch with the
co-directors of the Center on Applied
Feminism who also co-teach the
Family Law Clinic.
Start the Day Right!
What could be better than starting
the day with a interesting discussion
about the federalist papers or
contract law over breakfast at a
local restaurant with Professor
Meyerson and a friend?
Page 17
Donated By:
Professor Michael I. Meyerson
Golf and Lunch for Three at Woodmore
Country Club with Professor Holmes
Need to improve your golf swing?
Well, you and two of your friends can get some
pointers from Professor Holmes at Woodmore
Country Club, the 7th top rated Mid-Atlantic
golf course (Golf Digest, 2011 ) designed by
Arnold Palmer in Mitchellville, MD while
discussing family law and constitutional rights
of children! Afterward, enjoy a relaxing lunch
inside the country club.
Donated By: Professor Gilbert Holmes
Jumpstart your Week over Lunch
with Professor Lande
Donated By:
Professor Robert Lande
Have any burning questions about
torts, antitrust laws or law and
economics? If so, get a few friends (2
-3) together for a lunch date on a
Monday afternoon with Professor
Dinner for six with Professor Hayes
Donated By:
Professor Michael Hayes
Don’t pass up dinner for six and a chance
to discuss the latest torts law with
Professor Hayes! Dinner will either be held
at Professor Hayes’ home or at any
Baltimore area restaurant.
Winner’s Choice!
Page 18
An Exclusive Dinner Concert with
Professor Shapiro
Enjoy dinner and a private concert at Professor
Shapiro’s house for four people. If you love
food and music, this item is perfect for you!
Donated By: Professor Stephen J. Shapiro
A Lunch for 6 with Professor
Bessler in Washington, D.C.
Grab this opportunity to be one of the first to
discuss the recently published book, “Cruel
and Unusual: The American Death Penalty
and the Founders’ Eighth Amendment” with
Professor Bessler, the author and five of your
friends over lunch in Washington, DC.
Jump up for this, it won’t be cruel or unusual
if you do!
Donated by:
Professor John Bessler
Picnic and Steeplechase with
Professor Sellers and
Two Guests
Donated By: Professor
Mortimer Sellers
Been out to the country lately?
Have a love of horses? Enjoy a
picnic and watch an exciting
steeplechase with Professor
Sellers and his wife on April 14th.
Page 19
D i n n e r f o r Tw o w i t h
Professor Anderson
Donated By:
Professor Jose Anderson
Feeling hungry? Then take up on this offer
for a dinner for two people at any local
restaurant and get a brush-up on
Constitutional Criminal Procedure with
Professor Anderson!
A Perfect-Sounding Date
at the Symphony
Donated By:
Leslie Metzger
This date night package includes: two
grand tier box seats to “Do You Hear
the People Sing? Miss Saigon to Les
Misérables.” at the Meyerhoff on
Saturday, April 21st at 8 p.m., free
parking pass, and a $100 dinner AMEX
card to be used at a restaurant of your
Karaoke with Professor Epps
Tired of the same old evening routine? Then
you’ll enjoy a couple drinks and a fun night
out with Professor Epps and up to 3 friends
at a local karaoke bar. Professor Epps
promises at least one 80’s rock anthem and
a song of bidder’s choice.
Polish up your vocal chords by bidding loud
and clear for this!
Page 20
Donated By:
Professor Garrett Epps
Two Regular 2012 Season
Baltimore Ravens game tickets
Enjoy a pair of tickets in Section 124 to a
mutually agreed upon regular season
Baltimore Ravens Game. What more do you
need to get that bid number raised high?
Donated By: Jim McIntyre,
S.A.F.E. Management
Watch the Washington Capitals
take on the Winnipeg Jets
Find a friend and head to D.C. to watch
the Washington Capitals face off with the
Winnipeg Jets on Friday, March 23 in
these prime seats (Section 226, Row D). ,
Row D).
Donated By:
Professor Angela Vallario
Three Club Level Tickets to a
2012 Baltimore Raven’s Home
Game with Professor Warnken
Be the envy of all your friends, enjoy
three club level seats to a 2012 Raven’s
game, food and drinks with Professor
Donated by:
Professor Byron L. Warnken
Dinner with the Dean
Wondering about the latest law school
news? You and two of your friends should
join Dean Higginbotham for dinner at the
Center Club, Baltimore’s premier private
business dining club.
Donated By: Dean Michael Higginbotham
Page 21
Sneak a Peak of the New Law
School and Enjoy Lunch for Five
Been wondering what the new law
school building looks like from the
inside? Professors Kimberly Brown,
Nienke Grossman, William Hubbard, and
Colin Starger are offering an exclusive
hard hat tour of the new law school
building. As a bonus, after you finish
climbing those twelve flights of stairs,
they'll treat you to lunch at the Station
North Arts Café!
Donated by: Professors Kimberly Brown, Nienke
Grossman, William Hubbard, and Colin Starger
A night of fun and gaming with a private
10’ Craps Table for you and your friends!
This deal includes three hours of gaming
and lessons from a professionally trained
dealer in the privacy of your own home.
Use your custom money to spend like a
high roller at the table!
VALID March 2012 through
October 2012.
Donated by:
Travel expenses covered within a 50 mile
radius of Frederick. Additional expenses
may be incurred for travel outside radius
Page 22
Silent Auction
Page 23
8x10 A. Aubrey Bodine reprint of “Gilman Hall, Johns Hopkins University” in
an 11 x 14 mat Donated by Jennifer B. Bodine, Courtesy of AAubrey
8x10 A. Aubrey Bodine reprint of “Tattoo Parlor” in an 11 x 14 mat
Donated by Jennifer B. Bodine, Courtesy of AAubrey
Framed painting of a Silhouette of a woman's face
Donated by Kathleen West
Original print of the Baltimore Inner Harbor (black and white)
Donated by Judith Estrin
Set of two water color paintings of Inner Harbor
Donated by Judith Estrin
Painting of the State House
Donated by Judith Estrin
Original print line-drawing of the University of Baltimore School of Law
Donated by Professor Kenneth Lasson
Two matted and framed color nature photos
Donated by Joe Bettinger
Signed print of “Maryland Monument at Gettysburg”
Donated by Mr. Louis Curran and Mr. Jolie Susan
Collection of art: 2 ballet costume sketches, 1 female portrait, 1 small print
Donated by Professor Will Tress
Large framed Rosa Parks photograph
Donated by Stephen Hlibok
Two black 4x6 photo frames
Donated by Fleckenstein Gallery
Hand-embroidered Indian tapestry and an Indian wood and bone desk set
Donated by A People United and Ten Thousand Villages
Bird Wall Sculpture
Donated by Foxfire Pottery
Copper Candle Sculpture
Anonymous Donation
Bamboo Bread Box
Anonymous Donation
Page 24
ART & HOME DÉCOR, Continued
Hand Painted Black-Lacquered Ukrainian/Russian Eggs.
Donated by Oleg Fastovsky
Full length wooden decorative mirror
Donated by Shirley Skiles
Constitutional Law Package: Signed copies of Professor Bessler's new book, “Cruel and
Unusual: The American Death Penalty and the Founder's Eighth Amendment” and Justice Breyer’s Book, “Making our Democracy Work” and a UB bookmark
Donated by Professor John D. Bessler and UB Law Dean’s Suite
Signed copy of Justice Breyer’s Book, “Making our Democracy Work” and a UB bookmark
Donated by UB Law Dean’s Suite
Autographed copy of “The Martian Chronicles” by Ray Bradbury
Donated by Professor Alan Lyles
Signed copy of “Ashanti to Zulu” by Margaret Musgrove, illustrated by Leo & Diane Dillon
Donated by Mr. Louis Curran and Mr. Jolie Susan
Signed, first-edition copy of “Coming Soon” by John Barth
Donated by Mr. Louis Curran and Mr. Jolie Susan
National Lawyers Guild 50th Anniversary “History” and gala dinner commemorative
Donated by Mr. Louis Curran and Mr. Jolie Susan
$100 gift certificate to Brewer's Art
Donated by Brewer’s Art
$50 gift certificate to The Dogwood
Donated by the Dogwood Restaurant
$50 gift certificate to The Helmand
Donated by Professor Matthew Lindsay
Page 25
DINING, Continued
$50 gift card to The Hill
Donated by The Hill
$50 gift certificate to Mama’s on the Half Shell
Donated by Mama’s on the Half Shell
$50 gift certificate to Nacho Mama’s
Donated by Nacho Mama’s
$30 in Turtle Bucks to the Green Turtle
Donated by Greene Turtle
$30 gift card to Indigma Restaurant
Donated by Indigma Restaurant
$25 gift certificate to the Sly Fox Pub
Donated by the Sly Fox Pub
$25 gift card to Bluestone
Donated by Bluestone Restaurant
$25 gift certificate to Shapiro’s Cafe
Donated by Shapiro’s Cafe
$20 in gift certificates to Soup’s On
Donated by Soup’s On
$20 in gift certificates to Soup’s On
Donated by Soup’s On
Gift certificate for any two entrees and two soft drinks
Donated by California Pizza Kitchen
Two General Admission tickets to Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament
Donated by Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament
Bowling for 4 at Parkville Bowling Lanes
Donated by Parkville Bowling Lanes
“Lunch date” with Arthouse Cafe & Gallery owner Lou Catelli, includes a trike tour of the Avenue
in Hamden
Donated by The Arthouse Café & Gallery
Two tickets to any Creative Alliance Members Event and a "Duo" Creative Alliance membership
Donated by Creative Alliance at the Patterson
Page 26
Two tickets to any Creative Alliance Members Event and a "Duo" Creative Alliance
membership Donated by Creative Alliance at the Patterson
Two tickets to the Women's Law Center's Annual Wine & Chocolate event
Donated by Professor Leigh Goodmark
Two tickets to the Women's Law Center's Annual Wine & Chocolate event
Donated by Professor Leigh Goodmark
Wine tasting for two at Chesapeake Wine Company
Donated by Chesapeake Wine Company
Tickets for Four to a Binology 101: Basics of Wine Tasting Class at Bin 604
Donated by Foreman Wolf
Spirit of Baltimore Cruise On The Inner Harbor for Four
Donated by Spirit Cruises
Four Baltimore Orioles tickets to a 2012 regular season game
Donated by Brown, Goldstein, & Levy, LLP
Four Baltimore Orioles tickets to a 2012 regular season game
Donated by Tydings & Rosenberg LLP
A pair of tickets to Baltimore Ravens 2012 preseason football game.
Donated by Bob D'Antonio
A pair of tickets to Baltimore Ravens 2012 preseason football game.
Donated by Mike and Lilian Curran
A pair of tickets to see the Washington Capitals play the Buffalo Sabres on March 27th,
Donated by Jeffrey and Lynn Snyder
A pair of tickets to a Washington Capitals hockey game
Donated by Washington Capitals
Three Months Full Membership pass to Meadow Mill Athletic Club
Donated by Meadow Mill Athletic Club
One month membership to Federal Hill Fitness
Donated by Federal Hill Fitness
Page 27
HEALTH & BEAUTY, Continued
Shellac manicure and a hair cut & style
Donated by Zena’s Salon and Spa
Two $20 gift cards to the Beatnik Barber Shop
Donated by The Beatnik Barber Shop
Elegant hairbraiding services
Donated by Pandora’s Locks Hairbraiding
One Free Eyeglass Exam at Pearle Vision in Towson
Donated by Pearle Vision
UB Fit for her: UB Under Armour Sweatshirt and Water Bottle
Donated by UB Law Dean's Suite
UB Fit for him: UB Under Armour Sweatshirt and Water Bottle
Donated by UB Law Dean's Suite
Kid Care Package: Features a stylish boutique baby wipes case and burp cloth from
“Katie’s Originals,” and a gift certificate for a dozen of kid-friendly cupcakes from
Mommy Makes Cupcakes
Donated by Mommy Makes Cupcakes and Katie’s Originals
Bundle of Joy Package: Soft and snuggly hand-knit white baby blanket and hat and a
“Katie’s Originals” boutique baby wipe cases and burp cloth
Donated by Eleanor Wascavage and Katie’s Originals
Set of 4 popcorn bowls and popcorn
Donated by Professor Lynn McClain
Teavana Gift Box
Donated by Teavana
Golfer's Delight: his and her UB golf shirts, $100 gift certificate to Golf Galaxy, and a set of
golf balls
Donated by Professor Douglas Chapman and UB Law Dean's Suite
Jewelry Package: silver bracelet, ring, and earrings
Donated by Professor Will Tress
Handmade 4-strand fresh water pearl necklace with sterling silver clasp
Donated by Elizabeth Anderson
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RETAIL & SERVICES, continued
$100 gift certificate for custom picture framing
Donated by The Framer’s Vise
$75 Gift Certificate to MOMS Organic Market and one dozen jumbo vegan cupcakes
Donated by MOMs Organic Market and Carrots Vegan Cupcakes GC
$25 Gift Certificate to 5 Wacky Women Boutique
Donated by 5 Wacky Women
$15 gift certificate to Wild Birds Unlimited
Donated by Wild Birds Unlimited
Four one-hour French lessons
Donated by Caroline Dewey
Wedding officiant service at your choice of venue
Donated by Reverend Susan Gerhart and Pastor Laura Gerhart of My DC Wedding Officiant
Two hours of American Sign Language instruction for up to 10 people
Donated by Tawny Holmes & Sophara Sok
Commercial Law (UCC 3, 4 & 9) Final Exam Review session for up to 30 Students via
live webinar by Professor Shemer
Donated by Shemer Bar Review
A $500 Gift Certificate for Shemer Maryland & Multistate Bar Review
Donated by Shemer Bar Review
A $500 Gift Certificate for Shemer Maryland & Multistate Bar Review
Donated by Shemer Bar Review
MBE Final Review Courses
Donated by Kaplan PMBR
MBE Final Review Courses
Donated by Kaplan PMBR
1L Legal Bag: over $200 in study aides for 1L Spring Semester
Donated by Lexis Nexis
Public Interest Legal Bag: over $200 in upper level study aides
Donated by Lexis Nexis
Casebook of the Student’s choice
Donated by West Law School Publishing, a Division of Thomson Reuters
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The Perfect Date Package: $40 floral arrangement, a bottle of Chateau Souvenir
Red Wine, a box of chocolates, and $110 in BNotes, which can be used at a
number of local Baltimore restaurants
Donated by Flowers by Gina D., Mills Fine Wine and Spirits, Glauber's Fine Chocolates,
and Professor Jaime Allison Lee
Family Night: Four tickets to the aquarium and a $100 gift card to Cheesecake
Donated by the Student Bar Association
Symphony and Dinner: Voucher for two tickets to either Tchaikovsky's Fifth or
Romeo and Juliet and $50 giftcard to City Café
Donated by Baltimore Symphony Orchestra and City Café
Dinner and a Movie: 2 general admission tickets to the Charles Theater and a
$50 gift certificate to Joe Squared
Donated by Charles Theater and Joe Squared Restaurant
Guy’s Day Out: men’s hair cut at Baltimore Barber lounge and $25 gift
certificate to Never on Sunday restaurant
Donated by Baltimore Barber Lounge and Never on Sunday
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Basket of Cheer
Donated by Claire D'Antonio
50/50 Raffle
UB Spirit Basket-Female
Donated by UB Law Dean’s
Suite of Cheer
Donated by Claire D'Antonio
UB Spirit Basket-Male
Donated by UB Law Dean’s Suite
Basket of Chick-fil-A Products
Coffee Lovers Basket
Cockeysville, MD
Donated by Baltimore Coffee & Tea Company, Starbucks Coffee Company, & Dean’s Suite
Spice Up Your LifeSelection
Basket of Maryland Beers
Donated by Kevin Hilgers & Rebecca Christopher
Donated by Bertucci’s Towson
Italian Food and Wine Basket
Donated byBeers
M. Evelyn Spurgin & Gary Christopher
Assorted Maryland
Donated by Kevin Hilgers
Rebecca Christopher
Basket &
of Chick-fil-A
Donated by Chick-fil-A Cockeysville, MD
Italian Food and Wine Basket
Wine Basket
Donated by M. Evelyn
Gary Development
Donated by Law
Coffee Delight Basket Oriole's Fan Basket
Donated by O’s OPD Game Night
Donated by Starbucks Coffee and Bertucci’s Towson
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-!.'/ #/#/.54 *5)#% "!2 '2),, 410.837.2626
-!2)!3 35"3 0)::! 410.528.9340
4(% "!,4)-/2% "%!#( 3(!#+ 443.857.6328
-).!3 $%,)'(4 855.810.8096
#!4%2).' !6!),!",%
&2%% 7)&) 4%,%6)3)/. &/2 0!42/.3 s !4- /.3)4% s #2%$)4 #!2$3 !##%04%$
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!'6 !#376(%"2+5!"# #
"3)15 *
#!$##" ##%
!#$!!/ *"##**$"
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UBSPI thanks you for coming and
we hope to see you again next year!
March 9th, 2012
University of Baltimore
Students for Public Interest Law