Vanier, John Abbott and the French Cegeps



Vanier, John Abbott and the French Cegeps
N.B. These rules apply to all SRAM
affiliated CEGEPs
(i.e. John Abbott College, St-Jerome,
Montmorency, Lionel-Groulx, etc.)
Admissions Guide
How to apply to Vanier
N.B. These rules apply to all SRAM
affiliated CEGEPs
(i.e. John Abbott College, St-Jerome,
Montmorency, Lionel-Groulx, etc.)
• All Vanier College
applications can ONLY be
completed online at:
• SRAM is a processing
centre for college
• Practice your
application on the
simulation site.
• BUT do not forget to do
your REAL application .
Personal Information
• You will be required to
fill in some information,
follow the prompts
• Most important
You will be required to fill in some personal information,
follow the prompts. Most important will be the Program/
College selection: be sure that you select the appropriate
program (i.e. 300. 30 Social Science vs 300.31 Social Science
with Math vs 300.32 Social Science Commerce vs 300.33
Social Science – the individual, etc. – all of these are different
programs, therefore be sure to verify the program). Be sure
you have the pre-requisites required (i.e. For Commerce you
need to be in Math 5 Enriched)
A "Round" is a portion of an application period
during which:
- you can submit your application for the first time
- you can change your choice and try again if you
were refused at a previous round
With SRAM, you must choose a single program in a
single CEGEP. If you are refused, you can take
part in the following round for the same semester by
making a new choice out of the remaining spaces.
You will not have to pay additional application fees.
Selection Per Round
• Colleges on the SRAM network will only give
you the option of 1 College, 1 Program each
• You may choose an alternative option
(College/Program) if you are refused on Round
1 or 2.
In Round 1 the maximum number of spaces is open to applicants. After
Round 1 admissions, the remaining spaces are open in the next round.
Since spaces are filled at each round, there are fewer spaces available
as the application process moves forward. A Table of Available Spaces
is published for Rounds 2 and 3. See your Guidance Counsellor for more
Incomplete Applications
• Submit to SRAM all requested documents
(most Quebec born students will not need to
submit any documents, only pay the
application fee)
Transmission Receipt
Print your transmission receipt for:
• your student/file number
• SRAM’s scanning process and address
• Listing of any missing information,
payment, documents, etc.
DEADLINE March 1st, 20156 11:59pm
• DO NOT wait until the last minute to make
your application.
• Why? If you miss the deadline, your
application will not be considered for the 1st
• You may be called for an English Admissions
Test, or an Audition or an Interview depending
on your program of choice
• It is mandatory that you attend these
Status of your Application
• Check SRAM at, under
Status of my Application, for news
on your application.
Evaluation of Applications
• Applications are evaluated on the basis of
Academic Strength.
• Each program is competitive due to the limited
number of spaces.
Conditional Acceptance
You are accepted on the condition
1. you obtain your Diplôme
d’études secondaires (D.E.S.)
2. You obtain the pre-requisite(s)
required for your program
Confirming your acceptance
• You MUST confirm your
acceptance by the date
specified in your acceptance
letter, or your ACCEPTANCE to
Vanier College will be
IF Refused
• 2 more rounds to re-submit
or modify your application
• Questions regarding your
refusal may be answered by
Vanier Admissions Office at
• Check the table of available
• Go to Modify my Choice (on the
SRAM site) to indicate your
Program/College of choice
• You will not have to pay the
$30 fee again.
Admission is Conditional
• Your acceptance CAN be revoked
in the summer if you fail to obtain
your D.E.S. and/or program prerequisite(s)
Re-instating your Admission
• You must notify the Admissions Office that you
have registered to take a supplemental exam and
provide marks before the end of registration
• Depending on available spaces and your results,
your admission MAY be re-instated.
Any questions?
If you have questions,
you may contact:
Vanier College Admissions Office
[email protected]

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