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April 2014
Issue 2014—4
President: Janet Price
Editor: Natalie Medvedev
Membership: Maria Michel
April Meeting
2013 Diamond Winner
Submitted by Karen Brewster, 1st VP / Program
“America”! That is the name of the new film directed and
co-written by our April speaker, John Sullivan. It is based on
the NY Times Bestseller “What’s So Great About America?”
and will be released July 4, 2014.
Featured Speaker:
John Sullivan
Sportsmen’s Lodge
12833 Ventura Blvd.
Studio City, 91604
Wednesday, April 9th
10:30am—Check-in begins
$30 per person
Reservations must be received by
April 4th, 2014
For reservations, please call:
Shirley Colvin
(661) 255-7752
or email:
[email protected]
No-shows will be billed.
Lunch Selections:
-Rotalini Chicken w/ Mozzarella
-Grilled Salmon w/ Citrus Sauce
-Pasta Primavera
Table of Contents:
President’s Message……….....………..2
Save the Date....………….……………..3
Reading Room………...…………………3
Pictures from March Luncheon…...…3
Opposition Research……………………6
Under the Radar……..………………….7
Member’s Corner………………………..8
John Sullivan is a producer, writer and director. In 2012 he codirected and co-wrote the hit film “2016 Obama’s America” with
Dinesh D’Souza. “2016” is the #2 political documentary of alltime. He also produced the film “Expelled” with Ben Stein on
academic freedom which earned $7.7M at the box office and is
the #6 political documentary of all-time. The combined box office
of these films make John the second most successful political
documentary film maker in history, behind Michael Moore,
something he would like to change!
John started his entertainment career in concert promotion at
the age of 15. This early experience gave him a deep
appreciation of entrepreneurship, hard work and the virtues of
being a small business owner. Along with “America”, John is
developing several projects, including feature films on
Presidents Ronald Reagan and George Washington, along with
two reality shows. John is also a senior fellow of the
American Freedom Alliance based in Los Angeles.
John Sullivan is so popular as a speaker that I had to book him
one year in advance. Come and see excerpts of his latest film
and you’ll find out why. Bring husbands, friends, neighbors,
co-workers, etc. Be sure not to miss this exciting speaker!!!
Our morning speaker will feature Pete Peterson, Republican
candidate for California Secretary of State.
To learn more about him, visit his website at
Page 2
Submitted by
Maria Michel, 2nd VP
“No pecuniary
consideration is more
urgent, than the
regular redemption
and discharge of the
public debt: on none
can delay be more
injurious, or an
economy of time more
-George Washington
“I, however, place
economy among the
first and most
important republican
virtues, and public
debt as the greatest
of the dangers to be
-Thomas Jefferson
Our St. Patrick’s Day luncheon was lovely…both the room and the ladies
decked out in a “bit ‘o the green”! Heartfelt thanks to all those who worked so
hard to make the day such a success!
Our program was equally enjoyable and informative, starting out with our
member, Nancy Kremer of RPLAC, giving us valuable information about the
importance of local elections. After all, since “all politics is local”, that’s where
the grassroots effort begins. She educated us in how to get involved and
support conservative candidates, a great segue to our afternoon speaker Linda
Paine of the Election Integrity Project.
Linda brought us a message that she warned could be dispiriting. “Get out the
Tums!” It might have been had she not showed us how we can absolutely
“de-fang” the enemy. She enlightened and inspired us….with a timely message
to boost any flagging Republican spirit. We left feeling, more than ever, that
“When Women Work We Win!”
Mark your calendars now as our April luncheon is another one not to be
missed! Program Chair, Karen Brewster, has been hard at work to bring us an
exciting program, as Hollywood producer John Sullivan, co-producer with
Dinesh D’Souza of the hit movie “2016: Obama’s America”, will be our featured
speaker. He will bring us an insider’s view of the film world and what it is like
to be a lone conservative voice in a predominantly liberal industry.
Make sure to contact Shirley Colvin and get your reservations in early as we
look to have another filled-to-capacity room! Invite family and friends….this is
a luncheon your guests will be sure to enjoy.
Keep the faith, ladies! Wishing all of you a Happy Easter and Happy Passover!
“Tax rates are pricesprices for working,
saving, and investing.
And when you raise
the price of those
productive activities,
you get less of them.”
-Ronald Reagan,
Presidential Address,
June 22, 1983.
“Man is not free
unless government is
limited. There’s a
clear cause and effect
that is as neat and
predictable as a law
of physics: As
government expands,
liberty contracts.”
-Ronald Reagan,
EORWF President
President—Janet Price
1st Vice President / Program—Karen Brewster
2nd Vice President / Membership—Maria Michel
3rd Vice President / Campaign Precinct—Rita Medvedev
4th Vice President / Ways & Means—Margaret Cohen
Recording Secretary—Mary Claire Powell
Treasurer—Nonie Geismann
Newsletter Editor—Natalie Medvedev
Digital Communications Director—Sylva Martayan
Corresponding Secretary—Shirley Colvin
Awards—Sylva Martayan
Parliamentarian and Chaplain—Vita Cortese
Like us on
Page 3
Submitted by Margaret Cohen, Ways and Means.
Encino Oaks’ Annual Fashion Show Fundraiser Theme:
Wednesday, May 14th, 2014
Sportsmen’s Lodge—$50 per person
Fashions by: Holiday Hats and Gowns
Featuring raffles, silent auctions, gift baskets, a fashion show and lunch.
This is our BIG event for the year. Please gather your friends; you’re guaranteed to have a great time helping
our club. We will have some fantastic gift baskets to win, and for the first time we will have a few silent
auction items. Since we do not have a credit card machine, please bring your
check books or, of course, cash.
We always have such fun at our fashion shows, so please join us.
Thank you to those of you who have donated towards our great gifts. It's not too late to contribute money or
gift cards to some of your favorite places.
To donate or volunteer, contact Margaret at [email protected] or 818-249-7757.
Submitted by June Diane Swanson
The Baby Boom by P.J. O’Rourke
Falling in Love with America Again
by Jim DeMint
Unbalanced by Stephen Roach
George Washington’s Secret Six
by Brian Kelmeade and Don Yaeger
Rush Revere and the First Patriots
by Rush Limbaugh
And don’t forget to catch America, from
Dinesh D’Souza, in theaters on July 4th!
Page 4
Submitted by Maria Michel, 2nd Vice President
Hi again ladies,
Well, we have arrived at crunch time for paying our dues. If you have not paid the dues for 2014,
you will be delinquent at the end of March. If you are not sure that you have paid them, you can
call me and I will check the records for you. I know that sometimes we just forget, but I just want
you to keep getting the newsletter so you will continue to be informed. I look forward to getting all
those envelopes with your checks so we will have reached our numbers once again. In the
meantime below are the ladies who have renewed, new members and associate members who have
joined this month:
Barbara Heberger
Gloria McCord
Myrtle Lou Gray
Victoria Jarvis
Susan Gettle
Nam Young Horn
Sheila McGuire
Mary Ann Weyman
Kara Nelson
Marianne Raia
Until Next Month...
2014 EORWF MEMBERSHIP FORM (please print)
Make checks payable to EORWF. Regular Membership - $30; Associate Membership $20
Name: _____________________________________________________________________
Address/City/Zip: _________________________________________________________
Home Phone: ______________________________________________________________
Cell/Home Phone: _________________________________________________________
Email: _____________________________________________________________________
Associate Club Name (if already member of Federation): __________________________
Mail Membership form and check to: Maria Michel, 4544 Longridge Ave.,
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423.
Page 5
Submitted by Sylva Martayan, Awards
Please remember to submit your volunteer hours on
the spreadsheet below. You can mail them in or
bring them to the next luncheon. Reminder that
both members and associate members can submit
volunteer hours. Since 2014 is an election year
there are many opportunities to volunteer, especially
supporting our candidates for office. For
volunteering opportunities, check out our website
www.encinooaksrwf.org! If you have any questions
on what counts and what doesn't, please ask Sylva.
See you in April…..Sylva
Mail completed forms to: Sylva Martayan, PO BOX 260553, Encino, CA 91426
or bring your completed form to the next meeting.
2014 VOLUNTEER HOURS FORM (please print)
Name: ________________________________________________________________
Circle Month Covered (ONLY ONE) Note: You should print a separate form for
each month you submit hours.
Voter Registration
Work at a Republican HQ
Operation Gratitude
Work at Polls (election day)
Walk Precinct
Neighborhood Council
Phone Bank (other than HQ)
Distrib. of Campaign Literature
Senior Center
LA County Fair Booth
Republican Fundraiser
Non-Profit Organizations
Attend LACFRW Meeting
Attend CFRW So. Div. Meeting
Federation Conventions
Sub-total Hours
Sub-total Hours
Total Hours This Period
Page 6
Submitted by Natalie Medvedev, Editor. Source: The Patriot Post.
Tens of thousands of Connecticut residents have not complied with the "Constitution State's"
unconstitutional and draconian gun laws passed in the emotional aftermath of Sandy Hook. Now, things
are possibly coming to a head. "Connecticut officials are urging owners of now-illegal assault weapons and
large capacity ammunition magazines to relinquish them to the police or make them permanently
inoperable," reports the Associated Press. Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection
Commissioner Dora Schriro denied rumors that guns will be confiscated, but let's be realistic: If the state
government says these guns are illegal unless they're registered or no longer in the state, what's their next
step? [3/17/14]
Columnist Burt Prelutsky: "Obama, through his sock puppet Chuck Hagel, is calling for budgetary cuts to
the Pentagon so that we'll have a leaner, more flexible and efficient, military. So why is it that he
simultaneously insists on a fatter, more sedentary and wasteful federal government? What rationale is
there for cutting the Army down to 440,000 while constantly increasing the number of federal
bureaucrats, a number that currently stands at just under three million? I mean, who are these civil
service palookas prepared to fight? Besides the Tea Party and other conservative groups, that is. When
Obama and the Democrats display such favoritism towards federal bureaucrats, it all comes down to their
acknowledging on which side their ballots are buttered." [3/24/14]
Columnist Jeff Jacoby: "[H]ow much is a full-career public employee pension worth in dollars and cents?
In the average state, those lifetime retirement benefits -- again, not including health coverage -- have a
present value worth $768,940. In many states, they're worth even more -- $848,735 in Massachusetts, for
example, and more than $1.3 million in Nevada. For the average career government employee retiring
today, pension benefits will equal 87 percent of their final salary. Those benefits are eating taxpayers alive,
as the pension bomb ticks ever louder." [3/24/14]
Time spent on extraneous international junkets are becoming about as common for Barack Obama as golf
outings. According to the National Taxpayer Union Foundation (NTUF), Breitbart reports, "After five years
in the White House, Obama has taken 31 trips for a total of 119 days abroad," good for first place. George
W. Bush was close with 116 days after five years as president, as was Bill Clinton at 113 days.
Additionally, "taxpayers are on the hook for about $228,288 per Air Force One flight hour in 2013, a 27
percent increase from the previously confirmed cost of $179,750 per," making Obama the most expensive
president as well. Of course, this comes out of taxpayers' wallets, many of whom continue to suffer
through Obama's anemic economic recovery. Far too many of these taxpayers were also duped by Obama's
faux promises to curtail wasteful spending and tackle the federal deficit. [3/24/14]
Columnist Jonah Goldberg: "Lately, Obama and Kerry have been talking a lot about how Russian
strongman Vladimir Putin is on the 'wrong side of history.' Before that, Obama announced that Putin was
on the wrong side of history for supporting the Assad regime in Syria. He also said that Assad himself was
on the wrong side of history. And so on. Note the difference in usage? In domestic affairs, it's a sign of
strength. But in foreign affairs, invoking history as an ally is a sign of weakness. On social issues like, say,
gay marriage, it amounts to a kind of impatient bullying that you can afford when time is on your side;
'Your defeat is inevitable, so let's hurry it up.' But in international affairs, it is an unmistakable sign of
weakness. When the president tells Putin that he's on the wrong side of history, the upshot is: 'You're
winning right now and there's nothing I can (or am willing to) do to change that fact. But you know what?
In the future, people will say you were wrong.'" [3/21/14]
CBO Director Douglas Elmendorf is no stranger to adding up the cost of congressional schemes. In
February, the CBO outlined some of the costs imposed on the nation by ObamaCare, which turns four on
Sunday. Less work and more federal spending about sums it up. Elmendorf had fresh warnings this week,
saying we just can't pay for all this massive government expansion: "So we have a choice as a society to
either scale back those programs relative to what is promised under current law; or to raise tax revenue
above its historical average to pay for the expansion of those programs; or to cut back on all other
spending even more sharply than we already are." The challenge isn't so much annual deficits, he said, as
"the very high level of debt" over the long term. Call it what we've been calling it all along: A debt bomb.
Page 7
UNDER THE RADAR by John McDowell
Submitted by Natalie Medvedev, Editor. Source: The San Mateo Daily Journal, March 22, 2014
I spent last weekend at the Burlingame Hyatt Regency hotel, not as a guest but as a participant in something
flying under the radar of most Californians. The California Republican Party held its semiannual convention
with the theme “Rebuild Renew Reclaim” and by all accounts it is doing just that.
Most people in San Mateo County might find that hard to believe, since Republicans cannot claim a single
elected official in partisan offices within the county. However, at the same time, Republicans are surging in the
state and across the country. Many pundits, including Chris Matthews of MSNBC, concede that this fall
Republicans are poised to take control of the U.S. Senate, as well as increase their majorities in the House of
Representatives and in state legislatures across the country.
And right here in California, recent special elections have shown surprising strength for a party proclaimed to
be on life support. Last month, Kevin Faulcouner won as mayor of San Diego in a special election held in the
wake of the resignation of Democrat Bob “Filthy” Filner. The almost 10-point victory came in city where
President Obama won by 25 points and Democrats hold a 13-point lead over Republicans in registration.
Last year, Hanford farmer Andy Vidak won a special election for state Senate with nearly 52 percent of the vote,
in a district that is both majority Democratic and majority Hispanic. In addition, in November, Republican
Susan Shelly lost a special election for the Assembly by only 329 votes in a heavily Democratic district in the
San Fernando Valley.
Moreover, the Los Angeles Times reports that four California Democratic freshmen representatives are
endangered this fall, including districts in the San Diego, San Bernardino, Ventura and Sacramento areas.
Delegates and attendees at the convention reveled in the newfound energy and excitement. Hordes of College
and Young Republicans roamed the convention floor, and danced the night away in former Treasury official and
gubernatorial candidate Neel Kashkari’s hospitality suite. Older delegates gathered to hear Venezuelan actress
Maria Conchita Alonso sing in support of candidate Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, who is also running for
But the true hot spot was the luau-themed party hosted by the Log Cabin Republican Club, the LGBTQ
volunteer arm of the Republican Party. Delegates of all stripes were sporting leis from the event, and it certainly
generated a buzz among the party faithful.
It wasn’t all partying and sloganeering, as real work was done too. The Hispanic forum covered by Univision
and sponsored by GROW Elect, attracted a large, standing room only crowd. There delegates, and a large
contingent of Hispanic high school students, heard from Hispanic office holders and candidates about how
their message of opportunity, education and empowerment resonates with Hispanic voters.
Across the hall, a high-tech event showcased 11 startups pitching the newest methods for identifying,
contacting, converting and turning out voters. Many of these products were showcased in the recent
Republican victory in the congressional special election in Florida. There, the Republican National Committee
used volunteer-powered, data-centric voter contact efforts (many developed here in San Mateo County) to turn
out voters. These efforts were just the first step, more predictive analytics, micro-targeting and real-time data
analysis tools will be rolled out later this year.
The convention highlighted the diversity of the GOP. As RNC Chairman Reince Priebus made clear in his dinner
remarks, more than 60 million people voted Republican in 2012. It’s doubtful they agree on many things.
Proving the point, California Republican candidates and delegates included pro-lifers and pro-choicers, as well
as those pro-marriage equality and those pro-traditional marriage.
For San Mateo County voters, it all may be a bit much to take in. We haven’t had a Republican elected official
in a while, so the prospects for Republican victories up and down the state may have some progressive-liberals
in denial. As Bob Dylan sang, “And something is happening here, But you don’t know what it is, Do you, Mister
Jones?” It’s no secret that the Republican Party in California fell on hard times while flourishing in the rest of
the country. Nevertheless, with bold new leadership, the California GOP is on a mission to “Rebuild Renew
Reclaim.” Something is definitely happening here — the party’s rebirth won’t be under the radar for very much
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Submitted by Natalie Medvedev, Editor. Source: Patriot Post Digest for 3/24/14.
Wisconsin Republican Gov. Scott Walker signed into law today a
$541 million tax cut returning $406 million to state technical colleges to reduce their property taxes. Another $98 million will go to
low-income taxpayers, reducing the state's lowest bracket from 4.4%
to 4%. Walker first proposed the rate cuts in January, and the last
procedural hurdle for passage was cleared this past week when the
state Assembly passed the bill 61-35. That was fast.
The bill's passage barely rated 10 lines in The New York Times,
which chose to bury the story deep inside the paper's A-section. Leftmedia outlets have done all they can to keep the Wisconsin success
story out of the headlines as well. Walker, who survived a truly vicious recall effort after taking on the state's unions a couple years
ago, has been behind a drive that has improved the state's economy,
brought accountability to the school system, and pushed the unemployment rate down to 6.1%, its lowest since 2008. A recent poll reports that 95% of business owners in the state are optimistic about
the future of the economy in Wisconsin.
The story of Wisconsin's recovery is one that Republicans around the country need to follow. Media outlets
that care about reporting the facts should take heed as well. Walker's success has come despite the attempts
of leftists to block his efforts at every turn with increasingly despicable methods. From shirking their legislative duties to preventing a vote on Walker's reforms to bussing in union thugs during the recall effort so as
to shut down the capitol, Democrats have been merciless in their attempts to prevent the pro-business,
small-government model from succeeding. They are particularly set on blocking it in the state that birthed
the "progressive" movement a century ago.
Meanwhile, Walker's Democrat opponent, Mary Burke, is using her own underhanded tactics in an attempt
to unseat the governor. She released an ad claiming that the state's unemployment rate is rising, and when
she was called out on the blatant falsehood, she offered no regrets, saying in effect that the ends justify the
lies. She will have a tough time convincing voters that Wisconsin is in need of new leadership, so expect the
lies and mischaracterizations to keep on coming. That's the one tool that leftists know how to wield.
Submitted by Pamela Franklin.
Hopefully, in the 2014 elections, the Republicans take the House and Senate. There appears to be a rift
in the party between the old establishment Republicans and the Tea Party group. Now is not the time for
this; united we can win, divided we send the wrong message to voters. If we as Republicans sit by and do
nothing to help the turn out of the voting base we rely on, then we have ourselves to blame for the result.
Voter fraud is growing each year and something must be done to combat this, as it only helps the
Democrats. We, too, have “a pen and a phone", so let's use them!
This year, we have "Obamacare" to use against the Democrats. This is the worse piece of legislation ever
to have passed, and Chief Justice John Roberts made this happen! Go figure.
President Obama met with the new Prime Minister of Ukraine in the
White House, which made for a photo op and little else. The Europeans
no longer unite with us, as they sense a weakness in our leadership. At
this moment in time Putin appears to be the leading force and we, as a
country, have lost a lot of respect from the world, which now sees the
U.S. as weak on the international stage. A perfect example: Nero fiddled
“whilst” Rome burned. Obama played golf in Key Largo “whilst” Putin
took over Crimea. Who says history doesn't repeat itself?
Page 9
Submitted by Natalie Medvedev, Editor. Source: CFRW Advocate, Capitol Update 3/21/14
SCA 5 Dead… For Now
What was deemed as “the most racist bill in California history,” SCA 5 (Hernandez, D) has been put on hold
by the author. SCA 5 would have amended the 1996 legislation that outlawed affirmative action in California
to allow race and gender based standards in state hiring and state school admissions. If SCA 5 passed it
would have put the amendment before the voters to decide. Luckily there was a huge uproar from
Californians against the bill and a change.com petition to stop SCA 5 received over 112,000 signatures.
Sometimes the legislature listens when their constituents complain. Senator Hernandez has pulled the bill
from consideration though hopes to bring it back after community education on the legislation. Senator
Hernandez said, “I believe we need to make sure there's equal opportunity for everyone in the state of
California.” Ironically that is exactly what SCA 5 would destroy, equal opportunity, by creating quotas for
race and gender instead of hiring or granting admission based on merit and qualifications. Hopefully this
terrible bill stays dead and buried!
High Speed Rail Nonsense
Governor Brown is still trying to push High Speed Rail down our throats and he gave an interesting reason
earlier this week as to why it is important to support: senior drivers. Brown said at an event, “There's a lot of
old people who shouldn't be driving. They should be sitting in a nice train car working on their iPad, having
a martini.” Now, ignoring the ageist statement made by the Governor, at what price would that comfy train
car and martini come at? When the people of California voted for HSR back in 2008, the estimated costs
were $45 billion. But in a business plan released by the California High Speed Rail Authority, they’ve
increased the proposed costs to as much as $117 billion! Since that plan was released they have cut rail
lines to reduce the cost to a whopping $68 billion. This project has been highly mismanaged, the ridership
numbers are severely flawed, and many despite what Governor Brown thinks, seniors on a fixed income will
not be able to afford the expensive ticket to ride. Not to mention what would probably be a $20 martini!
Submitted by Natalie Medvedev, Editor. Source: NFRW Political Briefing for the Week of March 25th, 2014.
On Friday, March 21, Governor Bobby Jindal (R-LA) published an op-ed in The Washington Examiner about
the Department of Education's new regulations concerning institutional eligibility for federal funds under the
Higher Education Act (HEA) of 1965. Here's what you need to know about the new regulations and Governor
Jindal's response:
Two weeks ago, the Department of Education released a draft of new regulations on "Program Integrity:
Gainful Employment" concerning the eligibility of postsecondary education programs for the federal
student aid programs authorized under title IV of HEA. These regulations, officially published today in
the Federal Register, primarily deal with community colleges.
The regulations set performance metrics for postsecondary education programs--mostly community
colleges, as stated above--to determine whether graduates of these programs are finding gainful employment after graduation. If the graduates of certain postsecondary education programs are not finding
gainful employment after graduation, the regulations would strip the program from federal student aid.
On March 13, federal officials held a conference call with reporters about these regulations, and said that
about 8,000 educational programs will be scrutinized under these new performance metrics. Education
Secretary Arne Duncan anticipated about 16 percent of the educational programs will fail to meet the set
In a March 21, 2014 op-ed in The Washington Examiner, Governor Jindal argued that, "The proposed
'gainful employment' regulation--which imposes performance metrics on colleges when it comes to their
students' post-graduation employment and earnings--sounds good in theory." But, adding that the "devil
is in the details" he says "Targeting only institutions that serve non-traditional students means these
students, who come from disproportionately low-income, African-American, and Hispanic communities,
will be harmed. Facing new mandates that could put them out of business, some institutions may
respond by avoiding non-traditional students less likely to graduate--thus reducing education access to
those who need quality training most."
Click here to read these new Department of Education regulations. There is a 60 day period after
regulations have been officially published in the Federal Register where citizens are free to make
comments on the regulations. To make a comment on the new Department of Education regulations,
click here.
Encino Oaks RWF
4544 Longridge Ave.
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423
Local, Regional, State & National
March 28th—Townhall Meeting w/ LA Sheriff Candidates
March 29th—SCRMW General Meeting (Van Nuys, CA)
April 1st—SFVRC General Meeting (Galpin Ford; North Hills)
April 2nd—CFRW Southern Division General Meeting (Hilton Garden; Carlsbad, CA)
& Hollywood Congress Republicans Mixer (N. Hollywood, CA)
April 9th—EORWF General Meeting (Sportsmen’s Lodge)
April 14th—EORWF Board Meeting (Location: TBD) &
Passover Begins at Sundown
April 15th—Tax Day
April 18th—Good Friday
April 19th—RPLAC Full Committee Meeting (N. Hollywood, CA)
April 20th—Easter
April 22nd—Earth Day & Last Day of Passover
April 23rd—LACFRW General Meeting (Bistro Gardens; Studio City, CA)
April 25th-27th—CFRW Advocacy Workshop (Doubletree; Anaheim, CA)
April 27th—Holocaust Remembrance Day

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