Connect ONE dealer brochure



Connect ONE dealer brochure
No Software to Maintain Always Up-to-Date
Security & Video
Arm & Disarm with Zone Bypass Capability
Conveniently interact, view, and manage all locations and system functions from anywhere
Easily add and delete system user codes
Event notifications can be sent via email / text and on-screen pop-up alerts
Stay Visually Connected
View multiple cameras from all locations on the same screen
Video Verification: Link alarm, access, or other events to cameras
Access Control
Access Codes & Permissions
Manage multiple locations with ease by only having to enter the user once
Control Doors & Lockdown Feature
Lockdown multiple locations and send custom notifications to personnel with a single action
Generate Reports
View activity from all locations on a single report
Receive customized daily/weekly reports via email
Powerful in/out report automatically calculates employee productivity
Maximize Energy Savings
Temperature systems can automatically follow the security system status for maximum
comfort and savings on energy costs
Critical Temperature/Humidity Monitoring
Avoid expensive product & property damage with instant high/low alerts
Monitors & logs temperatures and humidity automatically for historical reporting
ONE simple interface
can do it all...
Call for details: (866) 976 - 3520
200+ Doors & 10,000 Users
on One Control Panel
Easy Access for Multiple
Quick & Simple User
Multiple Security
Safeguards including
Unlock Doors Fast Using Smartphone or Tablet
Introducing ScanPass powered by Connect ONE. Now you can provide Cutting Edge
Technology and Value to your clients while generating significant additional Monthly
Recurring Revenue. Easily affixed barcode stickers eliminate access control cards/fobs
and readers. Complete jobs faster, more profitable and secure!
All Lock Types
Including Z-Wave
Codeless Arming &
Works with the Connect ONE
Access Expander. Supports ScanPass
and Proximity Cards/Readers.
Click or Scan to
see it in action...
Watch a quick Video!
Call for details: (866) 976 - 3520

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