Liberation is in the Palm of Your Hand



Liberation is in the Palm of Your Hand
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The Palyul Retreat Center
Liberation is in the Palm of Your Hand
2009 Palyul Summer Retreat Program
The Three Heart Sons of HH Penor Rinpoche
The Three Heart Sons of the late Dzogchen
Master His Holiness Penor Rinpoche will this
lead year’s summer retreat.
They are the major Palyul lineage holders,
reared and directly guided by His Holiness
Penor Rinpoche, and uniquely qualified to
transmit the spirit, blessings and the essence
of the teachings.
H.E. Mugsang Kuchen Rinpoche
12th Throne Holder,
His Holiness Karma Kuchen Rinpoche
H.E. Khentrul
Gyangkhang Rinpoche
The Heart Sons have received the Ngöndro
Tsa Lung and Dzogchen teachings of the
Namcho Cycle numerous times from His
Holiness Penor Rinpoche.
are very unfortunate because our
beloved and compassionate root guru and
guide, His Holiness Penor Rinpoche is not
here with us today, as he passed away into
Parinirvana for the benefit of all sentient
beings. However, His Holiness’ enlightened
mind and spirit, his blessings and inspiration,
his priceless words
are still very much
intact and fresh in
our hearts. If we feel
that we are worthy
and devoted spiritual
offspring of His
Holiness, we need to
keep his enlightened
within us, and we
have to carry out
his noble wishes so
that we will always
be blessed with his
ever-present wisdom
and compassion.
present with us physically, his enlightened
wisdom and compassion have taken the form
of the three great and qualified teachers, his
three heart sons, namely His Holiness Karma
Kuchen Rinpoche, His Eminence Gyangkhang
Tulku Rinpoche and His Eminence Mugsang
Kuchen Rinpoche – along with Khenchen
Norgay Rinpoche.
His Holiness Penor
and cared for us
for ten years. In
the same way, all
of the Heart Sons,
Khenchen Tsewang
Gyatso Rinpoche,
and Khenpo Tenzin
Norgay Rinpoche
and present the
teachings in exact
accordance with the
original teachings
activities, the onemonth
summer His Holiness Drubwang Pema Norbu Rinpoche centuries ago by
the Terton Migyur
retreat held in the United States is one of the
most wonderful spiritual projects he undertook Dorje. Therefore, those who have previously
in the West. The retreat has provided students attended the one-month retreats are advised
with the means to receive and practice the to continue, and those who wish to begin
priceless Ngöndro, Tsa Lung and Dzogchen should welcome this wonderful opportunity
teachings from the Namchö Cycle. His to receive the teachings from the Three
Holiness expressed the wish that we continue Heart Sons. Khenchen Tsewang Gyatso
the study and practice of these vibrant and Rinpoche and Khenpo Norgay Rinpoche will
dynamic teachings even in his absence. provide translation, commentary and practice
Therefore, even though His Holiness is not instructions. -- From Namdroling Monastery
The 12th Throneholder: His Holiness Karma Kuchen Rinpoche
His Eminence Mugsang
Kuchen Rinpoche
was recognized as the unmistaken reincarnation
of Chogtrul Kunzang Sherab by HH Dudjom
Rinpoche and HH Penor Rinpoche. From the age
of three, Penor Rinpoche took care of him and
spiritually nourished him with the distinctly unique
Nyingma teachings including empowerments, oral
transmissions and pith instructions. He received
the Rinchen Terzod Empowerment from HH Dilgo
Khyentse Rinpoche and the Oral Transmission
from HH Dodrupchen Rinpoche. He also received
Kama empowerments and instructions on Ngöndro
Tsa Lung and Dzogchen teachings directly from
His Holiness Penor Rinpoche. After enrolling in
the Ngagyur Nyingma University, he studied Buddhist philosophy and practice as well as grammar,
poetry, logic and literature. He has perfected the
rites and rituals of the Palyul lineage. At present,
His Eminence Mugsang Kuchen Rinpoche is fulfilling administrative responsibilities as co-head of
Namdroling Monastery,
was recognized by HH Penor
Rinpoche and HH Dudjom Rinpoche as the unmistaken reincarnation of
Karma Thegchog Nyingpo,
the fourth Karma Kuchen
Rinpoche. In Namdroling
Monastery, under the guidance of HH Penor Rinpoche,
he received basic and advanced Buddhist teachings
on philosophy and practice
and excelled in all of them.
He received many Nyingma
teachings including Kama
and Rinchen Terzod Chenmo from HH Dilgo Khyentse
Rinpoche and HH Penor
Rinpoche. After entering
Ngagyur Nyingma Institute, he studied the sutra and tantra along with poetry, logic, literature
Khenchen Tsewang
Gyatso Rinpoche
is one of the three seniormost Khenpos at Ngagyur
Nyingma University (“NNU”)
Namdroling Monastery
in India.
He translates
into English, and provides
commentary and practice instructions for the retreat
classes. Khen Rinpoche also teaches at Palyul Dharma
Centers worldwide twice yearly and therefore has a
keen understanding of contemporary culture and issues
confronting students of Buddhism.
and grammar. He also received Ngöndro Tsa Lung
and Dzogchen instructions of the Namcho Cycle
from HH Penor Rinpoche.
In view of his wonderful
qualities as a master, Penor
Rinpoche appointed him
as the head of the Palyul
Mother Monastery in Tibet and he was formally enthroned him as the
Twelfth Lineage-holder of
the Palyul Tradition. As
of HH Penor Rinpoche’s
Parinirvana, His Holiness
Karma Kuchen Rinpoche
began to care for both the
Palyul monastery in Tibet and Namdroling Monastery in India, as well
Palyul Dharma Centers worldwide.
Khenpo Tenzin
Norgay Rinpoche
was trained at NNU and
enthroned as Khenpo by His
Holiness Penor Rinpoche in
1998. Khen Rinpoche spent
several years teaching Shedra
at the Palyul Monastery in
Tibet and was assigned by His Holiness Penor Rinpoche
to the United States, teaching in conjunction with
the ongoing programs of Khenchen Tsewang Gyatso
His Eminence Khentrul
Gyangkhang Rinpoche
was recognized as the authentic incarnation of the
Third Gyangkhang Rinpoche by HH Penor Rinpoche,
HH Dudjom Rinpoche and HH Dilgo Khyentse
Rinpoche. HH Penor Rinpoche invited him to
Namdroling Monastery at the age of four. Khentrul
Rinpoche received the basic and advanced monastic
training including Ngöndro, Tsa Lung and Dzogchen
instructions from His Holiness. He studied all the
aspects of Buddhist doctrine at Ngagyur Nyingma
University including sutra and tantra. In his fifth
year at NNU, Gyangkhang Rinpoche displayed his
scriptural knowledge by giving a lengthy discourse on
Guhyagarbha Tantra in front of the 14th Dalai Lama
and an assembly of thirty thousand from the different
religious traditions of Tibet. HH Dalai Lama praised
his wisdom. He received empowerments, oral transmissions and pith instructions on the complete Kama
and Terma teachings from many great Nyingma masters. Based on his scholarship after the completion of
the nine-year course at NNU, HH Penor Rinpoche
bestowed upon him the title of “Khentrul.” He has
taught Buddhist philosophy and practice at NNU and
around the world. Khentrul Rinpoche fulfills teaching and administrative responsibilities as co-head of
Namdroling monastery.
A one-month commitment is strongly recommended in order to
receive the teachings and transmissions in their entirety. Partial
attendance is permitted for Ngöndro as per the chart in the
registration form. Retreatants must complete the full set of classes
in the Ngöndro section before proceeding to Tsa Lung. Tsa Lung
and above may be split as half-month retreats starting July 10 and
July 24. Any retreatant who participates in a half-month retreat
must attend the beginning session first. The second half of each fullmonth retreat is only open to those who completed the first half.
(Please Print)
retreatant INFORMATION
Last name:
First Name:
Is this your legal name?
Middle Name:
If not, what is your legal name?
 Mr.
 Mrs.
Age Range:  Under 12
 Yes
 No
Street address:
 26-45
 Miss
 Ms.
 12-17
 18-25
 46-64
 65 plus
Home phone:
ZIP Code:
Email address:
Work / Mobil phone no.:
in case of emergen cy
Friend or relative to contact in an emergency:
Alternate Discounts
- Eligible for 25% discount (shared tent only)
- Student I.D. with proof of full-time student status
Inside the temple, receiving teachings
- Advance registration is strongly recommended to ensure
ccommodation availability
- Full payment must be received by June 10 to complete
- After June 10, accommodations will be available on a firstcome first-served basis with receipt of full payment
- Payments can be made in cash, check, traveler’s check, or
money order, in U.S. funds, payable to: Palyul Ling International.
- Eligible for 50% discount (shared tent only)
- Proof of ordination required.
Discount of 5%
No discount
Last Date for Cancellation
Postmarked by June 1
After June 1
Postmarked by June 29
Children - Discounts and Important Notes
Other Notes:
A limited number of work-study positions are available on an
as-needed basis. The application form can be downloaded from and must be mailed with registration
form postmarked no later than June 1.
 Nyungné
Thursday, July 2 – Sunday, July 5
- Accommodations are not transferable between retreatants
- Part-time retreatant’s arrival is 3 pm; arrivals before 3 pm must pay for an
additional day.
- Retreatants receiving overnight visitors must pay an extra
accommodation fee.
- No pets allowed (except for certified guide dogs).
- To be eligible to advance to the next level, retreatant must attend at least 21
days of each class level.
Note: Arrivals before 3 PM for first day of part-time retreat are billed an additional day tuition.
 1st year:
Please select only one:
 1st Year
MM / DD to MM / DD, 200__
 2nd Year
Tsa Lung (Tummo)
 3 Year
Tögal I
 4 Year
Tögal II
 5th Year
Trekchö I
 6th Year
Trekchö II
 7th Year and up
Trekchö Heart Teaching
- Children between the ages of 12 to 17 are eligible for a discount of 50% in
shared tents only.
- A parent paying for a full single tent or single room may bring up to two
children between 4 and 12 at 75% discount for each child.
- Parents are asked to remove their children from the temple should they
become disruptive in any way to the sessions in progress.
- The children’s play area will include live sound from the temple so
parents will not miss teachings (Ngöndro and Heart Teachings only).
Personal retreats in off-season are now available in the South Dorm, built 2007
Friday, May 22 – Monday May 25
Platform tent in woodland behind South Dorm
part-time retreat
 Memorial Day Weekend Special Puja
Previous Class:
- Postmarked by June 30: full refund less $90 processing fee
- Postmarked after June 30 and by July 15: 50% refund minus a
$90 processing fee
- No refunds after July 15
Work / Mobil phone no.:
full-time retreat
Please indicate last year/class attended before selecting below:
Home phone no.:
co urse of study
- No pre-registration or any other discounts can be combined.
- Full payment must be received postmarked by June 10.
Full-time college students
Relationship to retreatant:
Refuge Vows & Practice
 July 22-24:
Bodhisattva Vows & Compassion Practice
 July 25-28:
Mandala Offering
 July 29-Aug 1: Vajrasattva Purification Practice
 Aug 2-5:
Guru Yoga
 Aug 5-10:
 July 18:
* Any retreatant who participates in a half-month retreat must attend the beginning session first.
No one will be permitted to begin with the second session. Arrival date is July 8-9 for the first
session and July 24 for the second session.
Green Tara
 July 19:
Refuge Vows
 July 25:
 July 26:
 August 1:
Guru Rinpoche
 August 2:
 August 8:
 August 9:
Amitayuus/Long Life
 2nd year and above, two-week retreat. Year of and name of last class attended:
Dates of intended participation:
From MM / DD to MM / DD, 2009
 Single night stays; please indicate arrival/departure dates under “Arrival and Departure,” next page.
Note: Please complete a separate form for each session. For example, one form for the nights of July 14
and 15 and a separate form for the nights of August 4 and 5.
I would like to share a room/tent with:
 Yes
The Four Thoughts that turn the mind to the Dharma
 July 19-21:
 Empowerments (“Wangs”):
* A retreatant who has been practicing Ngöndro in another tradition may apply for Tsa Lung or
Tögal only upon the written approval of HH Karma Kuchen Rinpoche or Khenchen Tsewang Gyatso
Are you a vegetarian?
 July 10-18:
Note that your roommate must file an application for retreat within 10 business
days of our receipt of this application.
 No
Do you have any dietary restrictions?  Yes
 No
* Palyul Ling cannot accommodate special diets. Retreatants must make their own arrangements. Please notify us of severe food allergies.
Do you have any chronic health issues? Physiological:
 Yes
 No
Do you require medication or other treatment to manage your condition?
 Yes
 No
 Yes
 No
* Please use a separate sheet to describe your health conditions in a way that will guide the office in case of an emergency, and to help us to place you in the appropriate housing.
** While the center is accessible, the site is rustic. Also, the retreat does not take the place of medical advice or treatment. Please consult your health care specialist before registering.
retreat w ork ROTA Assignment
 Dish & pot washing
 Dining hall mopping  Food prep & chopping
 Meal set up, serving & clean up
 Bathroom  Garbage & Recycling  Gardening  Temple
 OTHER:  Please place me where help is most needed  Special Skills / Professional Expertise:
arrival and departure INFORMATION
How are you traveling to the retreat?
 Bus
 Car
 Air
Official arrival dates: One-month - July 8-9. Half-retreat - July 8-9 or July 24. Arrival for single nights is after 3 PM (early arrival at additional fee).
circle one
Tent Shared
$ 935
$ 775
Per Night
$ 145
$ 105
$ 135
$ 125
$ 400
$ 300
$ 400
$ 300
$ 375
$ 275
$ 120
Sugg. donation Mem.
Day Weekend
$ 380
$ 290
$ 375
$ 275
$ 360
$ 270
$ 120
2nd Choice:  North dorm single  North dorm shared  East dorm single  East dorm shared  Tent single  Tent shared
 South dorm single  South dorm shared
Note: “North” was “New” dorm; “East” was “Old” dorm; and “South” is new, two-story dorm.
Retreat fee calcul ation
Enter Retreat Tuition from Table above (multiply single nights by number of nights):
Discount No discount may be combined.
 Pre-registered - postmarked by June 10 - 5%. Multiply total by 0.95
 Pre-registered - postmarked by May 1 - 10%. Multiply total by 0.90
 Student (shared tent only): less 25% of fee from table above (I.D. with proof of full-time student status) Multiply total by 0.75
Name of college:
 Ordained sangha (shared tent only): less 50% of fee from table above. Multiply total by 0.50
(Please include a reference of ordination on a separate sheet including name of master who conferred ordination, date of ordination, center phone number
and address.)
 Teenage between 12 to 17 (shared tent only): less 50% of fee from table above. Multiply total by 0.50
All retreatants, including children, must summit the registration form.
 Children between 4 and 12: less 75% of fee. Multiply total by 0.25.
(With non-discounted payment of single room or tent fee by parent/guardian)
1. Age:
2. Age:
Parents/Guardian signature:
 Additional Donation:
 Money order
Check No.
Card No.:
 Check (enclosed)
*** Fee includes room, board, teachings. Text/other practice items additional.
 Visa
 MasterCard (No Diner’s Club)
Please make checks payable to Palyul Ling International.
Expiration Date:
The title of our retreat, “Liberation is in the Palm of Your Hand,”
means the possibility of enlightenment is with you always, never
farther away than the palm of your hand. The Palyul Monastery
has maintained an unbroken and untainted transmission of
these teachings and practices since
they were revealed to Terton Migyur
Dorje by the Buddha of Compassion,
Avalokitesvara. These teachings have
been passed down from generation to
generation to the present lineage-holder
His Holiness Karma Kuchen Rinpoche,
in a direct lineage from realized master
to disciple, an unbroken chain of
First-Year Course: Ngondro
(Foundational Practices)
The preliminary practices include compassion, refuge and
prostration practices, Mandala offering, Vajrasattva Purification,
Guru Yoga Devotion and Phowa (the Transference of Consciousness
Upon Dying), a complete set of practices that have the potential
of awakening the seed of enlightenment in the practitioner.
Prerequisite: None. Phowa, August 5-10, can be taken out of
sequence as a short retreat.
Second-Year Course: Tsa Lung/Tummo
(Vajra Channel and Inner Air)
“Tsa” means “channel” and “Lung” means, “air.” This is a practice for
purifying one’s obscurations through working with the subtle body
(tsa, lung and tigle), a rich practice that totally engages body, speech
and mind. Prerequisite: The first year retreat and completion of
the Ngondro practices. Also open to students who have completed
the Ngondro accumulation in other lineages with prior written
permission from Khenchen Tsewang Gyatso Rinpoche.
Third and Fourth Year Course: Togal
Togal, which literally means “skip over,” is a swift Dzogchen practice
that allows one to directly perceive the pure vision of exalted
body and wisdom with the pure vision of a realized Bodhisattva.
Prerequisite: Students who have completed the previous year’s
retreat and have permission from HH Karma Kuchen Rinpoche or
Khenchen Tsewang Gyatso Rinpoche.
*CCV No:
*The “CCV number is the three-digit security code (or four-digit for American Express) on the reverse side of your card, after the account number.
Mai l to : palyul l ing international, 359 H o llow Roa d, mcdonou gh , NY 13801
 I would like to “opt out” (not receive) paper mailings as part of Palyul Ling International’s Campaign to Be Green. My email: ____________________
compassion, wisdom and insight. With this retreat we have
the opportunity to follow in their footsteps and learn from the
wisdom of the teachings here in the United States without having
to travel to India or Tibet. This series of courses spans seven
years and offers participants a unique
opportunity to receive transmissions of
the Vajrayana teachings exactly as they
have been taught for centuries in Tibet.
The program is suitable for all levels:
newcomers, intermediate or advanced
students. Retreatants have the choice of
living in country dormitories or woodland
platform tents.
Fifth and Sixth Year Course: Trekcho Foundation
Trekcho literally means “cutting-through.” Via single pointed
contemplation (shine/shamatha) one recognizes the naked
awareness according to the oral instructions and blessings of
one’s root master. Prerequisite: Students who have completed
the previous year’s retreat and have permission from HH Karma
Kuchen Rinpoche or Khenchen Tsewang Gyatso Rinpoche.
Seventh Year and Above: Individual Instruction
Depending upon the practitioner’s particular level of
accomplishment, pith instructions for the highest teachings: may
be granted. Instruction will differ based on each individual’s past
meditative experience. Prerequisite: Must have attended the
sixth year retreat.
The Namcho Cycle of empowerments will be granted on weekends.
Note: This schedule is subject to change or cancellation without
notice. For updates, please check:
Join our email list at After entering your
email address in the box at the upper right, be sure to select “Palyul
Retreat Center (US)” for announcements pertaining to retreats.
IMPORTANT: To ensure email delivery, add “[email protected]” to
your email address book.
On holiday weekends, the Palyul Retreat Center
offers short retreats for practitioners interested in a
shorter program. This year’s schedule:
Memorial Day Weekend
Prayers for the Swift Rebirth of
His Holiness Penor Rinpoche
July Fourth Weekend, July 2 - 5
Nyungné Purification and Fasting Retreat

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