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St Mary`s Primary School - St Mary`s School Hokitika
St Mary’s Primary School
Our Values
“Learning Values, Valuing Learning”
“Te ako i te Uara, Te Uara i te ako”
Wednesday 23 March 2016
Our Vision Statement
St Mary’s students will be independent young people learning for life and living the Catholic faith
This months Virtue
Upcoming Events
March 23rd
March 24th
March 24th
March 25th
March 28th
March 29th
April 2nd
April 4th
April 15th
Stations of the Cross
Year 7/8 Sailing
Holy Thursday
Good Friday (School closed)
Easter Monday (School closed)
Easter Tuesday (School closed)
St Mary’s Fete
Top Team Challenge this week TBC
Mass 9.30am everyone welcome
Last day of Term 1
May 2nd
First day of Term 2
May 6th
Westpac Chopper Appeal Mufti Day
May 12th & 13th Special Character Review
May 16th
Catholic Schools Day
May 18th
Year 7&8 Rugby
May 19th
St Mary’s Cross Country
May 20th
May 24th
May 25th
May 26th
May 31st
June 3rd
June 6th
June 7th
June 10th
June 14th
June 17th
June 21st
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June 24th
June 28th
June 8th
Cross Country pp date
‘Be Right Eat Right’ show
West Coast Cross Country
West Coast Cross Country PP date
ICAS Science / Year 7&8 Rugby
Year 5&6 Rippa Rugby
Queens Birthday (school closed)
Year 7&8 Rugby
Year 5&6 Rippa Rugby
Year 7&8 Rugby
Year 5&6 Rippa Rugby
Year 7&8 Rugby
Canterbury Cross Country
Year 5&6 Rippa Rugby
Year 7&8 Sevens June 29th PP day
End of Term 2
We welcome the following students to St Mary’s School – Summer San Juan,
Lilleylee Jones, Sienna Muir and Danny Lockington, it is lovely to have you with us.
Virtue The virtue for March is “Manners Month March” Manners are the everyday ways we respect
other people and are small but meaningful ways of trying to make life a little more pleasant for the
people around us.
Holy Week Students have been preparing for Holy Week during their Religious
Education lessons. The children know about
Fasting, Alms Giving and Prayer. They have
listened to stories about what happened in the
lead up to Jesus being crucified. The Stations of
the Cross re-enactment is a powerful way to
remember. Today we celebrated the Stations of
the Cross in our school hall. This was a whole school gathering
with prayer, retelling and acting
the Holy Week events with
narration and some singing. We were joined by some Parish, school and
Community members.
Shrove Tuesday
The school celebrated Shrove Tuesday on the 9th of February. Pancake
Day is another name for Shrove Tuesday, the day before Lent. The
Church is getting ready for Easter. A big thank you to the Parish for
making the pancakes and giving the children the opportunity to
celebrate this day.
Ash Wednesday: The children attended Mass on 10th February to celebrate Ash Wednesday.
St Mary’s Swimming Sports: The Junior children in Rooms 2,3 & 4 had their swimming demonstration on
Tuesday 1st March. On Wednesday 2nd March Rooms 5 & 6 had the middle school swimming sports
and on Thursday the senior sports took place with Year 5—8 students participating. Swimmers who were
placed1st, 2nd or 3rd qualified for the District swimming Sports which were held on March 9th.
Congratulations to the following students who qualified to represent the district at the West Coast
Swimming Sports- Aubrey Gilmour, Brad Thorn, Shari Tacon, Aoibheann McClunie, Merryn Jellie and
Ysbelle Orozco.
Year 3 & 4 Girls Self-Defence: On Friday 11th March all of our year 3&4 girls participated in a selfdefence course for the day. The feed back from the girls was very positive.
St Patrick’s Day Thank you to everyone for dressing up and
making a donation to Shine “making homes violence free” We
had lots of fun with Irish music and dancing in the morning, then
we were entertained by a band from Garin College in
Richmond. Many thanks to the Parish for making all the children
green pikelets and decorating our school fence with green balloons.
Cricket The year 7 & 8 Cricket team have competed against Westport,
Darfield and next week will compete against Greymouth. A thank you to the parents who have been
able to provide transport for this team, we very much appreciate it,
Thank you to the Barker family and John Houston from our Parish for donating a laptop for our students
to use for homework. Thank you to Greg Maitland who kindly replaced all the trestle tabletops from the
school hall.
St Mary’s Fete . Reminder please a grocery item for raffle next Weds 30th at New World if not done so
already and please return your Fete Helpers Form asap.
hat have we been up to?
Room 2: Maclane Gordon: I have been learning about numbers to 10. We can read stories
to 10. Eli Eagle: I’ve been learning about giving for lent. I gave money to Fiji.
Room 3: Summer San Juan: We have been talking about emotions, We learned about who we could
trust and who we shouldn’t give in formation to. Jai Ngaamo: We have been learning about ‘w’ words.
Some of them are whistle, whopper, woooo, and whip.
Room 4: Pera Gordon: We have been learning about plants. The seed goes into the soil and the roots
break out of the seed. We have planted carrots, peas and cuttings of mint. Jordan Thorpe: I am special
because my birthday is at Easter. My birthday is on Easter Sunday.
Room 5: Anne Barker: We did some Pop Art and we had to try and make it
stand out. We all did a different colour. I enjoyed it. Sophie Love: We did
Tagzedo’s– these are pictures of us using words about ourselves.
Room 6: Merryn Jellie: Yesterday I went to the West Coast swimming Sports in
Greymouth and swam in 7 races. It was a lot of fun. Brynne Gordon: We went
to Shantytown and learned about the Chinese Community. It was interesting.
Room 7: Jemma Jones: We have been growing beans in a CD case. We are
waiting for them to grow. Oliver Nixon: We have been writing acrostic poems.
We have been using our names down the side and then writing about
ourselves using those letters. E.g L .. Lover of lego
St Mary’s
Bake Sale
Tomorrow ASB
Frontage 9 am
Room 8: Marty Rochford: Our school cricket team played against Westport
South on Monday . We ended up losing but we are still going to Darfield next Monday and then we will
play St Patricks the next week. Ocean Brooking-Breeze: We have been doing ‘Uniqueness’ which is
when you design your own Coat of Arms and you do your mihi and then make a digital one. We also
have to get a head and shoulder photo of ourselves and write words about ourselves over it.
Kind Regards, Karen Payne

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