Spring/Printemps 2013 - Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary



Spring/Printemps 2013 - Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary
The Congrega on Leadership Team meets Province
Leadership Teams in April 2013 in Lesotho, Africa.
L’Équipe de la Congréga on rencontre les équipes
de leadership des différentes en tés au Lesotho,
Afrique en avril 2013.
Personnes associées Saint-Jean-Baptiste
par Estelle Sabourin, personne associée Notre conférencière pour la rencontre du 20 mars
était Sœur Yvonne Massico e du Comité sur l`Eau. Elle est venue nous parler au sujet de la fractura on et des sables bitumineux (oil sands) et leurs effets néfastes sur l`environnement et sur les ressources d`eau. À l`aide d`un diaporama, Yvonne nous expliqua le processus de la fractura on, une méthode u lisée pour aller chercher le gaz et huile dans le roc sous‐
terrain. Ce e méthode u lise de grandes quan tés d`eau et de produits chimiques lesquels sont toxiques et polluent les lacs et les rivières. Yvonne nous rensei‐
gna aussi sur l`u lisa on d`énormes quan tés d`eau pour extraire l`huile des sables bitumineux, ce e eau étant ensuite trop polluée pour être récupérée. Nous sommes aussi surprise d`apprendre l’existence du Bak‐
ken Basin qui s’étend de l’Alberta, à la Saskatchewan au Montana et au Dakota du Nord et qui con nue à être exploité. Yvonne nous recommande de visionner le film White Water Black Gold pour se renseigner sur la recherche faite pour démontrer le niveau de pollu on qui existe déjà grâce à ces exploita ons. La rencontre se termine avec une célébra on sur le thème de l’eau et in tulée L’eau n’appar ent pas à personne, c`est un don de Dieu. Par l’entremise du récit de la Samaritaine, Jésus et le puits de Jacob on comprend que l`eau c`est la vie et que ce e source de vie vient de Dieu. On se demande comment venir en aide à la défense de l’eau car on se sent impuissante devant les gou‐
vernements et les grosses compagnies qui ne se sou‐
cient que des gros profits économiques….quelques idées suggérées : ‐ faire notre part pour protéger les ressources que nous avons. ‐ s’informer pour être capable de réagir; en parler avec d`autres, les encourager de s’informer à leur tour. ‐ PRIER. Inter… Inter…Inter…
Intercultural, Intergenera onal and Interna onal
The associates lived this reality specifically in our last two gatherings. The April 10th gathering found us at the House of Peace where we were greeted by Sis‐
ters Vera and Lesley and some of the residents. First of all, three girls from St. Mary’s Academy shared their experiences with the women from the House of Peace. Then, Sr. Lesley made a brief presenta on on the reality of newcomers to our country. We enjoyed our intercultural, intergenera onal, interna onal experience throughout our tour and light refresh‐
ments. Au mois de juin, les deux groupes (francophone et anglophone) se sont réunis pour célébrer l’Eucharis‐
e. « S mulées par les appels à l’interdépendance, ssées par nos Cons tu ons et le travail des Cha‐
pitres généraux précédents, et convaincues que les besoins d’aujourd’hui nous appellent à l’ac on pro‐
phé que, nous choisissons de vivre notre charisme dans un esprit d’interdépendance plus tangible». Quelle bonne façon de vivre notre charisme que de prier ensemble! Merci à Paule e et Michelle qui nous ont rassemblées en un groupe pour célébrer!
Marylyn Gibney, SNJM Jeannine Verme e, snjm WOULD YOU
By Johanna Jonker, SNJM Louise Simbandumwe Dorota Blumczynska Presenters S aturday morning at 10:00 sixty people gathered in the Library of St. Mary’s Academy. Students, Sisters from several communi es and Associates wanted to hear from “Immigra on Ma ers Coali on” pre‐
senters. As has become obvious in the past year, Immigra‐
on and Refugee Policy has been undergoing a sudden and rapid shi . Federal Immigra on Minis‐
ter, Jason Kenney, in the me leading up to the changes, has used language as a weapon against refugees and immigrants. He has, at mes, re‐
ferred to newcomers as ‘bogus refugees’, ‘immigra on queue jumpers,’ ‘marriage fraud‐
sters’, and foreign criminals’. In the same breath, he has praised the generosity of Canadians and Canadian policy. The combina on of nega ve and posi ve language encourages an a tude in Cana‐
dians that our generosity is being repaid with fraud and trying to take advantage of us. As Canadians, it behooves us to ques on the values being legislat‐
ed by our leaders. Are those values which we as Canadians really want? The Leadership of the Religious Congrega ons in Manitoba felt it was necessary to provide their members with factual input. Each presenter ended his/her presenta on with the ques on, “Would you have let me in?” The first presenter was Ali. He shared a difficult story. In his efforts to address injus ces in his own country he was imprisoned for years and was tor‐
tured on six different occasions. Since the me he arrived in Canada and became a ci zen, he has a empted to sponsor his mother and his daughter; each me unsuccessfully. The last answer from immigra on officials was that his mom did not qualify because she had no bank account. Ludi‐
crous? Seemingly. How was she to have money for a bank account in a refugee camp? He has been in Canada 20 years now but he re‐
mains alone unable to see or be united with either rela ve; con nually punished for his earlier work in his country. Louise Simbandumwe is a woman from Burundi. She arrived in Canada as a child along with her family. She is the CEO of SEED WINNIPEG, a won‐
derful organiza on which helps refugees and low income residents save money so they can invest in buying basic necessi es. Under present rules and regula ons, she would have been refused entry. Dorota Blumczynska also presented. The Coali on meets at her house on Sundays. She has a young child whom she brings everywhere. It is inconven‐
ient but Doroty is passionate that Canada remain a welcoming country. *Not all the informaƟon in this arƟcle came from the
meeƟng. There are some comments from other publicaƟons that seemed important to include.
The World is charged with the Grandeur of God
…and we, Sr. Johanna Jonker’s family, friends,
and snjm Community join her in gratitude and
Carol Peloquin, snjm
awe as she celebratesher Golden Jubilee.
Sister Johanna’s love for nature and her profound gra tude to the God who is its Author and Sustainer quickly emerged as the theme for her Jubilee Celebra on. As she loves to quote from Scripture, “All Crea on stands on ptoe!” So it is not surprising that a gorgeous sunny day echoed her theme, adding a spring in the step of each invited guest who walked into the SMA cafeteria on the a ernoon of May 4. Her nature mo f was evident in the decor as well. Each table sported a magical centerpiece created from a bunch of parsley perched in a hollowed out yellow, red, green or orange pepper. Once upon a me. . . Sister Edith Grenier welcomed everyone and moved us into a well‐
organized program. The Bart family and Sister Charlo e Leake provided musical support for our singing, and accompanied Johanna’s brother Harry as he led us through an amazing ren‐
di on of “How great Thou art”. We then joined Johanna in a renewal of vows followed by a joy filled singing of the Magnificat. Tributes to Johanna and “insider” sharing followed. Her sister Cec shared anecdotes from their child‐
hood, going back to the years in Hol‐
land. Michael Rennie, a parish social jus ce rep and friend from Johanna’s years in leadership at Micah House Diocesan Centre, expressed his gra ‐
tude for the inspira on Johanna has been as role model and mentor for his …voilà search to deepen his own commit‐
ment to Jus ce. Sister Marylyn Gibney spoke for the Manitoba SNJM’s fo‐
cusing on Johanna’s ability to balance “high expecta ons and uncondi onal love” in her response to youth at risk, and the special understanding Johan‐
na possesses of “deep down things” that spill over into our daily lives. transi oning It was le for Johanna to provide the words that would close her Jubilee Celebra on. The words she chose were words of gra tude and of awe in which she highlighted the Gerard Manley Hopkin’s poem, “God’s Grandeur” in which the Spirit’s Presence is all about love and hope...” the Holy Ghost over the bent world broods with warm breast and with ah! bright wings.” Ross Srs., Carol, Johanna, and Marylyn Srs. Rolande and Pauline with crea ons Soloist Harry Jonker with Sr. Charlo e Leake Time out with brother Neil Corsage me with Sr. Edith doing honours Johanna with sister Lena; standing sisters Cec and Toni Ernie Bart, Indira and Michael Rennie, and Lucille Bart Taking it all in with her sister Cec …Nousrecommandonsàvosprières
Sœur Estelle Goye e, SNJM( M.-Pierre-Bernard) décédée à la Maison Jésus‐Marie à Longueuil, le 12 mars 2013, à l’âge de 89 ans dont 64 ans de profession religieuse. Sister Emily Marie McKernan, SNJM (Josephine Marie McKernan) who departed this life March 23, 2013 at O’Connor Hospital in San Jose, California. Sister Emily Marie celebrated 93 years of life and 73 years of her religious profession. Sister Maria Scior no, SNJM (Sister Feliciana) who departed this life on March 29, 2013 at Hospice of the Comforter in Altamonte Springs, Florida. Sœur Rita Adam, SNJM (Léa-Marie) décédée à la Maison Jésus‐Marie à Longueuil, le 12 avril 2013 à l'âge de 87 ans, dont 56 de profession religieuse. Sister Dona Van Hoomissen, SNJM (Sr. Bernice Marie) who departed this life on May 2, 2013 at Marie Rose Center, Mary’s Woods in Lake Oswego, Oregon. Sister Dona had celebrated 86 years of life and 62 years of religious profession. Sœur Thérèse Mar n, SNJM sœur Lise-Marie) décédée à la Maison Jésus‐Marie à Longueuil, le 14 mai 2013 à l’âge de 86 ans dont 64 ans de profession religieuse. Sister Miriam Irene Furrer, SNJM (Irene Rita Furrer) who departed this life on May 16, 2013 at Good Samaritan Hospital in San Jose, California. Sister Miriam Irene had celebrated 87 years of life and 61 years of religious profession. Sister Cecile Thibault, SNJM (Sister Martha of the Sacred Heart) who departed this life on May 23, 2013 at Devonshire Seniors Residence in Windsor, Ontario. Sister Cecile had celebrated 94 years of life and 71 years of religious profession. Sister Mary McNassar, SNJM (Sister M. Ann Carmel) who departed this life on May 30, 2013 at the Marie Rose Center, Mary's Woods in Lake Oswego, Oregon. Sœur Laure e Leduc, SNJM (M.-René-de-Jésus) décédée à la Maison Jésus-Marie à Longueuil, le 1er
juin 2013 à l'âge de 100 ans dont 80 de profession religieuse.
Élisa Aude e, personne associée, décédée le 24 mai 2013 au Foyer Valade, St‐Boniface, Manitoba.
En visite au Lesotho
Visiting Lesotho April 2013
Soirée culturelle — Cultural Night
Typical Scenes in Lesotho
HIV/Aids Projects Centre
Mohali Barrage/Dam
1 2 1. Accueil chaleureux par nos sœurs.
Warm welcome by our sisters.
2. Sœurs de la paroisse de Ste‐Bernade e
où nous demeurions. Sisters of St. Ber‐
nade e’s where we were staying.
3. Élèves de St. Bernade e: 1346 dans
l’école dirigée par Sr Monica. Students
of St Bernade e's Elementary School
where Sr Monica is principal of 1346
3 3 3 3 ……………………………………………………………..
3. Gagnants des Bourses SMA
Scholarship Winners
3 3 4. Messe à Peka: Eucharis c Celebra on.
5. Visite à la Maison St. Angela. Visit at
St. Angela’s Home.
Below: Sr. Bathilda Heqoa receives the
Transforma on Resource Award.
4 6. Les enfants de la maternelle durant leur
Sieste à Qua Qua. Kindergarten Children in
Qua Qua.
5 6