Thin-Set - Bomanite of Wisconsin



Thin-Set - Bomanite of Wisconsin
What Can You Imagine?
For New
Or Existing
Custom Color, Custom Made
Imagine concrete flooring and paving
innovative enough to transform expanses
of plain gray concrete into beautiful and
appealing spaces. With Bomanite
Thin-Set, you can turn damaged
concrete floors and old paving areas into
“new” colored and imprinted surfaces.
Old patios can look refreshing, worn
drives dazzling and new with the help
of this amazing restorative system. With
hundreds of creative patterns and an
endless palette of colors, let Bomanite
Thin-Set unleash the potential that
lies right beneath your feet.
Infusing Quality and Design
3/8-Of-An-Inch At A Time.
Bomanite Thin-Set is a
specially formulated,
polymer-modified topping
system applied at a thickness
of approximately 3/8-inch.
A great design option for
virtually any structurally
sound surface, old or new, Bomanite
Thin-Set offers all the durability, costeffectiveness, and ease of maintenance
decorative concrete has to offer.
Bomanite Thin-Set is one more way we
bring you quality without compromise.
Turn New or Existing Concrete Spaces
Into Beautiful Places
Bomanite Thin-Set is the perfect design
solution for all renovation and restoration
needs. Without needing to remove the
existing surface, Thin-Set can transform the
old and worn into fresh and striking. From
dilapidated public spaces, older retail centers
to commercial offices, restaurants to hotels,
theme parks to municipal parks, schools to
museums, practically any surface will benefit
from this durable facelift. Bomanite Thin-Set
transforms surfaces at a fraction of the cost
of removal and replacement of installation of
similar tile, brick or stone.
Thin Is In
Call today and see how Bomanite Thin-Set
fits into your design needs. Bomanite
Toppings Franchise Partners in more than
30 countries worldwide exclusively install
Bomanite Thin-Set. Call the highly skilled,
specially trained and licensed Bomanite
Franchise Partner in your area today and see
why Thin-Set could be the design solution
you’ve been looking for.
Your authorized Bomanite Toppings Franchise Partner is:
Bomanite Corporation
P.O. Box 599
Madera, CA 93639-0599
(559) 673-2411 Phone
(559) 673-8246 Fax
©2006 Bomanite Corporation.
Bomanite®, Bomacron® and Patène
Artectura® are registered trademarks
and servicemarks with the U.S. Patent
Office and other countries. 5M406
Bulletin 200
Imagine The Possibilities.

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