Maeve Gilchrist



Maeve Gilchrist
Harpers Hall presents
workshop & concert
Saturday, June 23rd, at Alice's home
workshop: 1pm - 4pm
snack & visiting break: 4pm - 6pm
concert: 6pm - 8pm
(I've got) Rhythm, Hand independence, and a new tune
Who could ask for anything more?
Maeve's workshop will combine both rhythmic and melodic elements of harp playing. We will begin
with a focused rhythm warm up. This tackles technique, hand independence and rhythmic stability
and is often based on ostinato patterns over which different rhythmic patterns are introduced. It may
sound complicated, but it's actually very straightforward and applicable to many levels. This
excercise can always be developed or simplified. After that, we'll carry over this left hand technique
into an arrangement of a tune. The left hand is our 'orchestration' hand and after learning the melody
we will focus in on ways to bring it to life and arrange it. We'll try different ways to approach one tune
and get everything that we can out of it!
Between the concert & workshop we'll break for a typical Harpers Hall potluck snackfest.
Invite friends, family, and neighbors!
Maeve Gilchrist was born and raised in Edinburgh, Scotland. Daughter to an Irish mother and Scottish father she grew up immersed in
traditional folk music. She grew up playing piano, clarsach, and singing. She studied jazz and world music at Berklee School of Music
in Boston, where she had received a full scholarship.
The variety of her talents is indicated by some of her performance venues -- they include the Scottish Parliament, the Edinburgh Harp
Festival, Tanglewood Jazz Festival, the World Harp Congress (Netherlands) and ICONS Irish Festival. Kevin & Carol enjoyed hearing
her at a Pop & Jazz Harpfest in Salt Lake City.
She has collaborated with some of the most celebrated contemporary musicians on the scene today such as Darol Anger, Vardan
Ovsepian, the Unusual Suspects, Kathy Mattea, Esperanza Spalding and Martyn Bennett. Her debut CD 'Reaching Me' was released
in 2006 and last year she released her second album ‘Song of Delight’ on Adventure Music Records.
Maeve is currently based in Boston MA. She tours regularly with her own trio, featuring Scottish bassist Aidan O’ Donnell and fiddler
Duncan Wickel, fusing her Scottish roots with the colors and freedoms of jazz to produce a fresh and unique new sound. Maeve is
also a member of the Traditional Irish group ‘the Forge’ and plays with the legendary fiddler Darol Anger’s new ‘All Star Band’.
workshop: $25
concert: $10 both: $30
contact [email protected] for directions & reservations