Trade show support ISPO Munich 2016: positive experience for



Trade show support ISPO Munich 2016: positive experience for
press release
Wednesday, February 24, 2016
TRADE SHOW SUPPORT ispo munich 2016:
positive experience for French BRANDS
Outdoor Sports Valley, Sporaltec, and the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes Region provided
trade show support to 39 French companies at ISPO Munich 2016, which took place
from January 24-27. The third edition of the French village at ISPO Munich generated
unprecedented interest from visitors at the show. This extraordinary success
encompasses an overall positive experience for the companies receiving support.
39 French
OSV, Sporaltec, and the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes
Region provided trade show support to 39 French
companies at ISPO Munich. This program provided
them with assistance from OSV all throughout
the project, access to shared services, and a
communications plan highlighting each French brand
and their products, as well as a French "Camp
de Base" common booth space that drew an
enthusiastic crowd throughout the four-day show.
The 39 brands (including 22 exhibiting at the
Camp de Base common booth space and 17
exhibiting at individual booths in the other halls
of the show) represented more than 1400m² of
overall booth space, making the French village one
of the largest national exhibitor spaces at ISPO
Munich alongside the Scandinavian Village, the
Sport Textile Village from Portugal, and the Spanish
Outdoor Village.
This year, the Camp de Base showcased French
innovation through an all-new visual identity and onbooth events program.
With each passing year the common booth space
hosts an ever-increasing number of visitors and
once again served as the perfect setting to highlight
the French winter/outdoor sports industry and its
products through a jam-packed events program:
• 4 French OutDoor Awards Winter presented
by Sporaltec and the Auvegne Rhône-Alpes
Region during an awards ceremony that brought
together a plethora of industry stakeholders
(retailers, distributors, media...), awarding
Picture Organic Clothing (apparel), Raidlight
(accessories), Zeemono (digital), and The M
Equipment (hard goods) in their respective
• 3 fashion shows were held to highlight
several brands’ products in an original and lively
Outdoor Sports Valley
[email protected]
• 3 evening parties at the Camp de Base set
the mood for the entire hall, and allowed each
brand to invite their clients to enjoy the warm
and friendly “Made in France” atmosphere.
committed partners
This venture would have never come to fruition to
provide such an overwhelming benefit to exhibiting
companies without the project management and
financing from OSV, Sporaltec, the Auvergne RhôneAlpes Region, Creative France, and CCI74.
In addition, the work provided by Camp de Base
partners more than contributed the unbelievable
success of this latest edition. From booth
construction to catering, by way of all three fashion
shows, everyone played a key role in making the
Camp de Base the place to be: AFYDAD, Caroline
Ogier, ECTRA, Filière Sport, Imprimerie Villière, Italian
Outdoor Group, Les Brasseurs Savoyards, OIA UK,
Opinel, Outdoor Experts, Outdoor Magazine, Picture
Organic Clothing, Ride O’Meter, Sporaltec, Traiteur
La Suite, Wood Stock Creation!
All of these stakeholders working together provided
the opportunity to offer incredible visibility to the
39 French brands and startups receiving support,
and without missing a beat, these partners have
already started preparing for the OutDoor Show,
which will take place from July 13-16, 2016,
in Friedrichshafen, Germany, to host French
companies in the same advantageous conditions.
+ View photos of the Camp de Base!
+ Learn about the 39 brands receiving
trade show support!

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