March 8, 2015 - Church of the Pines



March 8, 2015 - Church of the Pines
Worship on Sunday, March 8, 2015
Third Sunday in Lent
Into the Presence of God
Prelude Praise to You, O Christ, Our Savior
Greeting and News of a Church Alive
Holy God, We Praise
UMH 79
Thy Name. v.1
*Call to Worship
Leader: We stand in need of the presence of
People: Our lives can easily become corrupted
by our own greed.
Leader: But the Lord has heard our cries, and
calls us forward on this journey.
People: Lord, guide our steps.
Leader: Come, let us worship God, who is always
with us.
People: Let us open our hearts to the healing,
restoring love of God. Amen.
Time for Children
*Doxology Praise God From Whom
All Blessings Flow
*Prayer of Dedication
Lift High the Cross
UMH 159
Prayer of Confession
Patient Lord, we have cluttered the “temples”
of our lives with so many unnecessary things,
that they have blocked out Your healing words
of hope and mercy. We have been keenly aware
of our economic situation, and have spent much
time and energy worrying about these things.
Forgive us when we have been so preoccupied
with these things that we have not listened to
Your words and followed Your ways. Clear away
our fears and frustrations. Give us clean hearts
and spirits. Help us to be confident in Your
mercy and transformational love. These things
we offer in the name of Jesus, the Christ. Amen.
Words of Assurance
Rejoice! You are forgiven. Let the clutter of your life
fall away and be replaced by the love of God in Christ
Jesus. Amen.
Pastor Mark Gilbert
The Word of God
Scripture Matthew 25:31-46
Lynn Tosch
pg.29 of the New Testament
Lord, Whose Love Through
Humble Service
UMH 581
Interpretation of the Word
Pastor Mark Gilbert
“Driving A Stick Shift”
Moment for Reflection
Our Response
Offertory The Glory of These Forty Days
UMH 94
Prayers of the People and The Lord’s Prayer
*Hymn Majesty, Worship His Majesty UMH 176
March 8, 2015 10:00 am and March 11, 2015 5:50 pm
Lenten Theme: A World Worth Saving
Into the World
Pastor Mark Gilbert
*People’s Response: Live Christ’s Love NOW!
*Closing Song Forth In Thy Name. v.1 UMH 438
Forth in Thy name, O Lord, I go
My daily labor to pursue
Thee, only Thee resolved to know
In all I think or speak or do
Theme: Feeding Others and Starving Our Guilt
(Motivated Neither by Fear, or Guilt, but by Love)
Text: Matthew 25:31-46
This worship service will help me see that, when I serve another,
I serve Christ.
In These Days of Lenten Journey
415 Chippewa Street (corner of Chicago St. and Highway 51N) P.O. Box 144 Minocqua, Wisconsin 54548
(715) 356-3041 FAX: (715) 356-3225 Email: [email protected] Facebook: United Methodist Church of the Pines
Rocking Horse Childcare Center & Preschool: (715) 356-5567
We are a Stephen Ministry Church.
March-April 2015
Worshippers, please sign the red Friendship Pads, located in the
hymnal racks. Guests, please place your name and comments
in the Guest Registry in the South Entry. Guest name tags are
available in the hymnal racks.
We encourage you to use the time before worship for prayer, to open your heart and mind to God and His message for you.
Please be considerate of others when you enter the Sanctuary by entering quietly.
Large print bulletins, hymnals, and Bibles are available. Hearing assistance is also
available. Please ask an usher about any of these!
If you have a prayer request, please complete a prayer card. These are pink and can be found in the pew rack.
Hand the card to an usher when we receive the offering.
Daylight Savings
9:45 Child Care
1:00 Prayer shawl 2:00 Bible study
10:00 Worship
11:00 Coffee Hour
5:30 Bible studies
9:00 Choir
9:45 Child Care
10:00 Worship
11:00 Coffee Hour
7:00 Bible study
5:30 Bible studies
Worship Stewards
Greeters: Byron and Mary Wechter
Ushers: Larry and Bonnie Duffee
Liturgist: Lynn Tosch
Flowers: Jeff and Sue Nienow, for their
WOW Musician: Anna Gilbert
9:45 Child Care
10:00 Worship
11:00 Coffee Hour
Mission Stock Sales
Turn-the-Page Book Club meets
the 3rd Thursday of each month
at 5:30 pm—join us!
A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
by Betty Smith
AARP Foundation Tax Aide
Free tax help to low-and-moderate-income
taxpayers, especially those
60 years and older.
Appointments available at the
Lakeland Senior Center
hosted by Bryn Lottig
March 19, at Bryn’s house
in Arbor Vitae
To be on our book club email list, contact
Sandi Rexroade, [email protected]
February 2—April 8, 2015
Mondays, 8:30-3:30
and Wednesdays, 11:30-3:30
For an appointment, call (715) 356-9118
7:00 Bible study
6:30 Ministry
10:00 Between
2:00 Bible study
5:30 Bible studies
9:45 Child Care
10:00 Worship
9:30 Lydia Circle
12:00 Ruth Circle
3:30 WOW classes
4:45 A Time To Be Still 5:30 Choir rehearsal
5:15 Dinner
6:30 Stephen
5:50 WOW Worship Ministry
6:30 GROW & Impact
5:30 Odd
6:00 Family
Movie Night
12:00 Keenagers
2:00 Bible study
There are activity bulletins for children. Child Care is offered at 10:00 in the Nursery for children four years old & younger.
We also have a Cry Room at the back of the Sanctuary. Please ask an usher or a greeter if you need assistance.
Please join us in the Ministry Center for coffee fellowship at 11:00.
9:30 Dawn Circle
7:00 SPRC
Palm Sunday
11:00 Coffee Hour
12:00 UMW General
2:00 Bible study
4:45 A Time to be Still
8:00 Lakeland
Food Pantry
8:00 Men’s
3:30 WOW classes
4:45 A Time To Be Still
5:15 Dinner
5:50 WOW Worship 5:30 Choir rehearsal
6:30 GROW & Impact
12:00 Esther Circle
5:30 Bible studies
7:00 Bible study
8:30 Early service
9:00 Choir
9:45 Childcare
10:00 Worship
11:00 Coffee Hour
5:30 Missions
6:00 Deborah
7:00 Bible study
3:30 WOW classes
4:45 A Time To Be Still
5:15 Dinner
5:30 Turn-the-Page
5:50 WOW Worship Book Club
Mission Stock Sales
6:30 GROW & Impact
9:30 Dawn Circle
1:00 Martha Circle
2:00 Bible study
6:30 Trustees
12:00 Good
Friday service
5:00 Choir rehearsal
6:00 Maundy
Thursday service
9:30 Lydia Circle
12:00 Ruth Circle
3:30 WOW classes
4:45 A Time To Be Still
5:15 Dinner
5:50 WOW Worship
6:30 GROW & Impact 6:30 Stephen
UMW Rummage &
Bake Sale
6:00 Family
Game Night
Official Cancelation Policy: During the week, if the schools are closed, all church activities are canceled (meetings, classes,
meals, services). If there is a safety issue, the office will close at the discretion of the Pastor. Sunday morning cancellations will
take place at discretion of the pastor, Ministry Council chair, and Lay Leader, with notification being made as early as possible,
preferably the night before. If school is canceled ahead of time for Thursday, Sunday’s procedure will apply to WOW activities.
Next Week’s Worship
Theme: Seeking Justice
Text: Micah 6:8; Isaiah 11:1-10
This worship service will help me see how my
actions should build justice and community.
Greeters: Joan Crawford and Mary Fasse
Ushers: Len and Alice Hill
Liturgist: Carolyn Hendry
Special Music: Bob Smith
United Methodist Church of the Pines Staff
Rev. Mark D. Gilbert………..…………………....................……...………..Pastor
Andrea Yates………....Coordinator of Children, Youth & Family Ministries
Anna Gilbert……..………..…………………...………….Administrative Assistant
Kim Albano………………..………...………………………....…..Childcare Provider
Rudy Vlosak……………………………………………………………………….Custodian
Sue Meyers……………………………………..…………..…………………….Organist
Lisa Hernandez..………………...…………………..…………..…….Choir Director
Carol Cady……………….……………………………………………………...Lay Leader
Daniel and Rachel Gabler…………………...………………………..Missionaries
United Methodist Women
Dawn Circle will meet next Wednesday,
March 11, at 9:30 am in the Ministry Center.
Bonnie Duffee and Marilyn Remien are hosts.
Ruth Circle will meet next Wednesday,
March 11, at noon, at “Tootsie’s.” Call Jean
Bishop or Nancy Pallin for more information.
Lydia Circle will meet next Thursday, March 12, at 9:30
am, in the Ministry Center. Luella Lakich will lead the study
of chapter 9. Sue Loeffler will host.
Our General Meeting is March 25, at noon, in the Ministry
Center. Deborah and Martha Circles are hosting. A speaker
from the Tri-County Council on Domestic Violence & Sexual
Assault will be presenting. This is an agency we support
through our mission money, and we will have a chance to
hear their story. The program is open to anyone, not only
UMW members. To hear the program only, please come
after lunch at 1:00.
Worship On Wednesday March 11, 2015 5:50 pm
Into the Presence of God
Passing the Peace
Worship through Music
Prayers of the People and Lord’s Prayer
The Word of God
March 15 is a day to give to One Great Hour of Sharing.
UMCOR, the United Methodist Committee On Relief, will
mark this Sunday of sharing with a service of celebration
at the New Jersey church where it was founded in 1940—
75 years ago. One Great Hour of Sharing Sunday is a day
during which churches across the globe collect an offering
that enables UMCOR to continue its 75-year legacy of responding to those in need. Donations to One Great Hour
of Sharing fund UMCOR’s administrative costs, and allow
100% of all other donations to be spent on programs as
specified by the donor. Plan to give generously!
Go to and scroll down to
“One Great Hour of Sharing.”
Matthew 25:31-46
Pastor Mark Gilbert
Our Response
Offering and Closing Song
Into the World
Live Christ’s Love NOW!
Children, Youth, and Family Ministries
Join us for our next Family Movie Night on Friday, March 13 at 6:00 in the Ministry Center! Our
movie this month is based on the classical theatrical “Our Gang” short subject series. The sanctity
of a little boys’ secret club is threatened when one of its most respected members, Alfalfa Switzer,
falls in love with a girl! It’s up to Alfalfa’s friend, Spanky McFarland, to set his pal straight before
Alfalfa’s indiscretions jeopardize the club’s chances of winning the big go-cart race in a few weeks.
Kids are encouraged to come in their cozy clothes and bring a sleeping bag or blanket and pillow.
Popcorn will be served!
Mission Stock Sales: You can support our youth summer mission trip by purchasing Mission Stock after the
worship services on March 18 and 22, and on April 19. This summer’s trip will be to Milwaukee the week of June
14. Your donations help with the cost of the rental van and gas, chaperone fees, church t-shirts, and financial
scholarships. When you purchase Mission Stock, you will receive a postcard from one of the youth while on the
trip, and you will be invited to our Pasta Dinner on July 16. The Dinner is a time of thanks and sharing. We appreciate your
generosity and support of these life-changing trips.
Andrea Yates, Coordinator of Children, Youth, & Family Ministries
[email protected] (715) 356-3041, ext.3
Would you consider being a positive role model for a child, and teaching them about Christ’s love?
We are in NEED of adults who will
At the March Trustees meeting we talked about the window well covers and concrete work that
will be completed as soon as possible (weather depending) to prevent flooding downstairs.
encourage, nurture, love,
and help teach our children what it means to Live Christ’s Love NOW!
Thank you to Jerry Weber for getting prices on doors for in Rocking Horse.
Thank you to Louise for volunteering to paint Kathy Almekinder’s office downstairs. We will set a
date to paint the back stairway.
Thank you to Brandon Komarek and Scott McDougall for working on the closet in Rocking Horse.
We checked a bubble of wallpaper in kitchen. It is all dry so we will just keep an eye on it.
Thank you to Bryce for leading the meeting and everyone who came to the meeting.
Current and upcoming opportunities include:
assistant in the Nursery on Wed. & Sun. evenings
Vacation Bible School Leader (July 2015)
L.A.M.B.S. Leader (Fall 2015)
King’s Kids Leader (Fall 2015)
Christmas Program Assistants (Fall 2015)
Thank you for considering this!
Please call Andrea Yates to with any questions, or to volunteer! (715) 356-3041, ext. 3
Nurture: growing in our relationship with God and one
Odd Couples meets this Friday, March 13 at 5:30 pm at
Norwood Pines Supper Club. The hosts are Al and Lindakay
Ebel and Skip and Lynn Tosch. Dessert will be served afterwards at the restaurant. To RSVP, please call Lynn Tosch at
(715) 356-6656.
Outreach: reaching out beyond ourselves/our church to love
Keenagers will meet next Wednesday, March 18, at noon
for their potluck lunch. Do you know what “Caritas” is? Come
and hear our speaker, Judy Ozinga, tell us about Caritas and
what it does. Anyone who is interested in local missions
should hear this program. If you would like to come only for
the program, plan to arrive at 12:30. Tom and Patty Frandy
will be hosting.
When John Wesley said that there is “no holiness but social
holiness” he was warning the church against the practice of
isolating itself from the world. There is always a danger of
hiding away within the walls of the church while the world is
perishing around us. Holiness calls us to be God’s witnesses
in a hurting world. We cannot hide, for we live not in the
isolation of our holy temples but in the world where people
are hurting. The faith that Jesus demonstrated is lived out in
the world. It is a faith that cares about the needs of the poor,
cares about the illnesses of the sick, the nakedness of the unclothed, the oppression of the enslaved, and the loneliness of
the imprisoned. Biblical faith is active faith. It isn’t reserved
for the purity of the holy cloister. It is faith that rolls up its
sleeves and goes into the world to make a difference. Yet
most Christians fail to make this connection. Church for most
Christians is something we do on Sunday. Many create a
strong divide in their minds between “church” and “society,”
the sacred and the secular. Church is the pure sanctuary
where we come to be holy. Society is the sinful world where
we live the rest of the week.
Study of Samuel meets Monday evenings at 7:00 pm. Pastor
Mark Gilbert is the leader.
Afternoon Bible study meets Tuesdays at 2:00. Pastor Mark
studies the scripture for the upcoming worship service.
Making Sense of the Bible meets Sundays at 5:30 pm. Led
by Pastor Mark; child care provided.
Road Trip small group study meets Sundays at 5:30 pm. Lead
by Anna Gilbert; child care provided.
Sign up for the Prayer Chain! If you are interested in being
part of this ministry, please contact Patty Frandy at (715) 3562172 or [email protected] There will also be a signup sheet in the Ministry Center until March 15. You can either
be part of our e-chain, or our traditional phone train. Our
chain currently has about 60 “links,” but more participants
will only make it stronger!
Please keep these individuals in prayer: Kristine Buchholtz;
Marge Chadek; Fran Ouimette; Fritzi Braatz; Jayne Claflin;
Donna Liebenstein; Hedy Blank; Jim Goetz; Betty Jones; Mary
Erickson; Mary Ellen McEwen; Eve and Warren Luy; Tom
Caroselli; Andrea Yates; Peggy Drehmel; Irene Boudreau;
John and Judy Allen; Fran Bechtolt; Alberta Almekinder;
Dick Hewitt; Howard and Alice Fager; Doretta Strassburg;
Barb Saving; Jim Erickson.
Please share your joys and concerns on our Prayer Chain so
we can all support each other. Call Patty Frandy at (715) 3562172, Jean Bishop at (715) 356-9289, or email the church
office, [email protected]
If you have information for this column, or for any prayer
chain additions, please contact Mary Fasse, Nurture Team
Leader, at (715) 358-5032 .
As our church explores putting our faith and spiritual practices
into action this Lenten season, we would like to share an
excerpt from Church and Society 2013-2016 (copyright 2012 by
Cokesbury. Used by permission):
How can United Methodists become disciples transforming
the world if we never bring the church and world together?
Jesus wants broken people to experience healing, sinful people
to experience love and grace, fallen people to regain their
strength and leap for joy. This is the way He lived. These are
the lessons He taught. So why would it be any different for
those of us who are committed to be followers of Jesus in
the twenty-first century. If the church is the body of Christ,
we need to constantly measure ourselves by the example of
Christ. Are we walking “in his steps”?
What will you do today and in the days ahead to reach out
and share God’s love with others?
If you have information for this column, please contact
Dennis and Lonni Harrison, Outreach Co-Leaders, at (715)
358-0419 or email denlon [email protected]
Worship: living lives that glorify God every day.
A Guy Named Bill
His name was Bill. He had wild hair, wore a t-shirt with holes
in it, blue jeans and no shoes. In the entire time I knew him
I never once saw Bill wear a pair of shoes. This was literally
his wardrobe for his whole four years of college.
He was brilliant, and became a Christian while attending
college. Across the street from the campus was a church
full of well-dressed, middle-class people. They wanted to
develop a ministry to the college students, but they were
not sure how to go about it.
One day, Bill decided to worship there. He walked into the
church, complete with wild hair, t-shirt, blue jeans and bare
feet. The church was packed, and the service had already
begun. Bill started down the aisle to find a place to sit. The
people were looking a bit uncomfortable, but no one said
As Bill moved closer and closer to the pulpit, he realized
there were no empty seats. So he squatted and sat down
on the carpet right up front (although such behavior would
have been perfectly acceptable at a college fellowship, this
was a scenario this particular congregation had never
witnessed before!) By now, the people seemed uptight,
and the tension in the air was thickening.
Right about the time Bill took his "seat," a deacon began
slowly making his way down the aisle from the back of the
sanctuary. The deacon was in his eighties, had silver-gray
hair, a three-piece suit and a pocket watch. He was a godly
man, and very dignified. He walked with a cane and, as he
neared the boy, the church members thought, "You can't
blame him for what he's going to do. How can you expect a
man of his age and background to understand some college
kid on the floor?" It took a long time for the man to reach
the boy. The church was utterly silent except for the clicking
of his cane. You couldn't even hear anyone breathing. All
eyes were on the deacon.
But then they saw the elderly man drop his cane on the
floor. With great difficulty, he sat down on the floor next to
Bill and worshipped with him. Everyone in the congregation
choked up with emotion. When the minister gained control,
he told the people, "What I am about to preach, you will
never remember. What you've just seen, you will never
by Rebecca Manley Pippert, copyright 2000 Canfield/Hansen
submitted by Jake Bonack
If you have information for this column, please email
[email protected], or speak with a member
of the WOW Planning Task Force.
The season of Lent is upon us, and we have begun, with
Jesus, the journey to the cross and Easter. Instead of
giving something up for Lent, we are being encouraged
to put our faith into action, to Live Christ’s love NOW.
Encouragement will come as we follow Rev. George
Hovaness Donigan’s A World Worth Saving, weekly in
our worship. Each week he will give as daily suggestions
for putting our faith and spiritual practices into action.
This third week of Lent we continue to seek to serve
others, not out of a sense of guilt, but out of love for
Jesus. We are also encouraged to take action to ensure
everyone has the necessities of life.
Day 1. Pay attention to how our community is seeking
to ensure that everyone has food, clothing, and shelter,
especially in the winter. Pray for guidance about how
you could help care for people in this way. If you already are doing something, how could you do one thing
more? Go and do it.
Day 2. Talk to someone else in church about providing
a monthly meal at the homeless shelter in Rhinelander.
When you have talked together, come speak with
Pastor Mark and Dennis and Lonni Harrison, and see
who else is going to help.
Day 3. Today, examine why you want to help feed and
shelter others? What feelings do you have? If you feel
guilt or duty, pray that God would take those feelings
from you and fill you with his love for all.
Day 4. Pray today that you will see Jesus in each and
every person you meet. Pray that you will see Jesus in
every person you interact with today. Literally, say to
yourself or out loud, “I see Jesus in you.”
Day 5 and 6. Continue praying for the issue of hunger
and poverty in our community. Ask God how you can
address these issues here.
Day 7. Rest and worship.
Pastor Mark

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