Dear Prospective Sponsor,
My name is Patrick Watral; currently I am the Vice President of the James Madison
University Triathlon Team. We are a respected and well-known multi-sport team in
Virginia and across the Mid-Atlantic region.
Running strong for over a decade, our team has grown from a small contingent of
endurance freaks to a roster of over fifty-five committed student-athletes. At our on
campus training facilities our team has access to two swimming pools, multi-sport
weight rooms, cycling studios, and miles and miles of off-campus road and trail to hone
our skills. Over the years our team has seen consistent success winning collegiate team
and age-group competitions.
As I am sure you know triathlon can be an expensive sport or hobby to keep up. As a
team we work hard to fundraise and have side jobs, but our tradition of seeking out
influential sponsors has been integral to our success.
It is my hope that you will look through this sponsorship request packet and decide to
support us by becoming an official sponsor of the JMU Triathlon Team. There are many
ways to show your support as an official sponsor, and many ways for us to show support
for you and your company!
In return for your support, you can receive the full promotional and product-placement
power of our team. We will sport your gear and logos at all training and race events,
place your banner on our team website, and even hand out print advertising at
triathlon, running or cycling related events.
Thanks for taking my offer into consideration,
Pat Watral
JMU Triathlon Vice President
The JMU Triathlon Team is comprised of dozens of skilled, professional, and highly
motivated student-athletes. With a roster numbering approximately fifty-five we
represent all walks of life at JMU, with racing experience ranging from novice to elite
endurance warriors. In the ‘10-‘11 school year, we introduced about thirty new
students to the sport of triathlon to incredible results, and we expect to grow even
bigger this coming year. Recently, JMU named our team “Sport Club of the Year” a
prestigious distinction earned due to our relentless pursuit of excellence and our above
and beyond community service performance and record setting fundraising.
Recent Accomplishments
JMU 2010 “Sport Club of the Year”
Over 400 cumulative hours of community service performed
Raised $2,000+ for team fund
Presence and Visibility
Our team is well known throughout the JMU community both for our reputation as the
hardest working athletes on campus, and for our tremendous school pride. We are a
major presence at most big events in the Virginia triathlon scene, as we show up to each
race with dozens of athletes, big purple tents, and a support team with enough spirit to
go around for the entire competition. We often win the “Team Spirit Award” as a result
of our intense cheering and support for other racers.
The Challenges We Face
The sport of triathlon is fun and rewarding, however as you may know competing in a
sport that is actually three sports (swimming, biking, running) can be very expensive. To
the average college student who must balance, tuition, books, rent, and more,
maintaining a competitive edge in triathlon can be a difficult task.
Our team is proud to introduce many new athletes to the sport each semester, and we
do our best support new athletes but the cost of entering the sport can be a deterrent.
It is our hope that you will find it beneficial to help support our dedicated team by
becoming an official JMU Triathlon Sponsor.
Becoming a Sponsor
There are many ways for you to be recognized as an official supporter of our team.
Aside from selecting a sponsorship package option (see below), which help the team
function as whole, there are other specific challenges that our team members face that
you could help with such as discounts to any triathlon gear you might be selling, or
contributions to our team’s Equipment Fund.
The Equipment Fund is a collection of triathlon related gear that our team started
growing recently. It is our hope that by building up this collection we will be able to
help new athletes participate in the sport by “renting” equipment from the team such
as goggles, tire tubes, swim caps, helmets, water bottles, race belts, glide, toolboxes,
Sponsor our team: Sponsorship Package Options
The chart above describes the different package options that may be purchased by your
company to support our team. The top row denotes the name of each package option,
and the far left column describes the benefits provided by our team in return for your
For example if your company chooses to purchase “The Dry Run” sponsorship package
(above), your logo will be placed on our t-shirts, hoodies, and website, we will promote
your company on social media outlets, and we will hand out print ads with your
company information at our events.
Clarification of Benefits
Logo Placement- We will print your company’s logo on the back of our team t-shirts,
team sweatshirts, and on our team website ( We wear this team gear
almost daily to each of our practices on campus.
Social Media Connections- We will link our team’s Facebook page to your business’
page and engage in online social promotion strategies (i.e. posting pictures, comments,
Print Ad Handouts- For each event we attend as a team, we will create and handout
fliers with your business’s information on them. By request we will do this on JMU’s
campus as well.
Logo on team uniform- This our most coveted logo space. Traditionally only the most
supportive sponsors are placed on the racing jersey of an athlete.
Specific Recognition at Award Ceremonies- At each event we attend, we almost always
win multiple team and individual awards. When our athletes are recognized as winners
and go up to accept at the podium, they will pose for pictures with a sign bearing your
business’ logo.
Pictures and Video- We will shoot professional quality photos and video of our athletes
at practice and at events using and demonstrating your products. If requested we will
frame a team photo for your place of business.
“Commons Day”- An all day event would be held on a central traffic point of JMU’s
campus known as “The Commons.” We would set up a tent to expo your business, play
music and hand out promotional items designed to draw attention to your business.
Students passing by the commons on JMU’s Campus (LEFT) Front Page of Team website
We sincerely hope you will give thought to supporting our team! We are confident we
can help your team expand its limits as we test ours!
Accepting Collegiate Team 1st Place at a Virginia Tri Series Race
Packing the vans for a race trip (above)
Leading finishers through a cheering tunnel at a
Virginia Tri Series Race (Right)
Senior Matt Cobb leads his relay to a solid finish
at Giant Acorn International. (Left)
Junior Tyler Steel accepting his 1st in AG medal
at a Virginia Tri Series Race. (Above)
Arriving at airport
in Texas for USAT
Contact Us
Patrick Watral
Team Vice President
[email protected]
(862) 219-0916
Christopher Brown
Team President
[email protected]
(434) 227-1236
University Recreation
MSC 3901
Harrisonburg, VA 22807
(540) 568 - 8737

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