Mind Express for AAC PDF



Mind Express for AAC PDF
Mind Express™ 4
Key features
• Automatic communication grid building
Need symbol and text based communication?
Trust Mind Express™ 4
• Easy creation of pages from templates
For years a number of people with communication difficulties,
their companions, families, speech therapists and their
teachers, have trusted in Mind Express as a tool for assisted
communication. This software is extremely flexible and
useful for everyday communication, and also functions as an
educational and therapeutic tool.
• Agenda functionality
• Full control of other applications
• Text, phone and email messaging
• Symbol prediction
• Phrase prediction
• Dynamic lists
The new version, more user friendly
Mind Express 4 retains all of the best features of Mind Express 3. Mind Express 4 is an
updated, easier to use program. You will find it easier to program and operate!
The menus and options have been transformed, providing an even more logical and
efficient interface. Mind Express 4 is full of new possibilities:
Multimedia features, agenda features, dynamic lists, free drawn grids, etc. The
software has become more dynamic and adaptable to better enhance the lives of
users. Creating new communication grids? Or extra exercises? This can be done
very quickly thanks to the extensive symbol sets, speech capabilities and the large
number of additional features!
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Aardvark to Zebra
Dynamic Lists
Mind Express 4 provides an abundance
of symbols. Bliss, SymbolStix, Mulberry
and the Sclera symbol libraries are now
included for free with Mind Express 4.
What makes Mind Express 4 even easier
to use are dynamic lists.
Mind Express 4 now supports: Word
Prediction, Symbol prediction and
sentence/phrase prediction. Any
combination can be used on a page.
Users can also create their own
sentences and store them for easy
retrieval at a later date. Users can also
create documents that can be saved,
printed and read out.
Other symbol libraries available are: Beta,
PCS, Picto, ARASAAC, Picture This and
Widgit Symbols. Personal images can
also be used.
For example, by pressing the + symbol
under each heading the other boxes
will dynamically change showing more
symbols of that list. This is a good way of
having more vocabulary items on a single
page without the need for multiple pages.
Using the inbuilt picture editor it is possible
to edit and modify all symbols. Multiple
symbols can also be used in one cell.
It is possible to have multiple dynamic
lists on a single page.
Computer Control
Agenda Functionality
Extra Features
Mind Express 4 can be used as an
onscreen keyboard and mouse emulator
allowing full control of other programs on
a computer.
Mind Express 4 has built in agenda and
calendar functions. Cells can be set to
show different symbols at different times
of the day, useful for timetables. Users
and therapists can set alarms prompting
Mind Express to speak and show a
message at a predetermined time of
the day, useful for important reminders.
Mind Express creates calendar pages
automatically, so there is no need for
time consuming creation of calendars
each year.
Mind Express 4 offers not only
communication from symbols and/or
text, but also many other options:
This feature allows users to access and
control popular programs such as Skype
and Facebook. Time consuming tasks
such as logging into a Facebook account
can be automated into a single cell in
Mind Express.
• Dynamic lists
• Full control of Windows applications
• Integrated music playback & control
• Integrated video playback & control
• Slide shows of photos
(eg holiday photos)
• Send and receiving of emails
• Text messaging and phone control
N.B. images of sender are
automatically shown to user
• Picture taking with a webcam
• Environmental control
• Planning with time and calendar
• Ability to hide/unhide cells
• Free drawing mode in page
To order call us on
01476 512881 email [email protected] or visit www.techcess.co.uk

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