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Winter/spring 2012
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Philadelphia, PA 19102
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2012 Alegria Ball: Fiesta Mexicana ¡Que Viva Mexico!
The 2012 Alegria Ball: Fiesta Mexicana
celebrated Hispanic business success and
Mexico’s splendid and diverse culture as enjoyed
by over 400 guests from an array of industry and
professional backgrounds. The Alegria Ball is the
GPHCC’s largest signature fundraiser providing
access to small business education to hundreds
of small business owners. Mainly supported by
corporations and small business owners, the
Alegria Ball has grown to be the most desirable
Latino business networking event in the region.
State Farm staff and executives pose with Varsovia Fernandez, GPHCC President & CEO
Region Executives Share
Leadership and Diversity
Experiences with Members
Productivity and Generational
abuelo would you text me?
The Professional Mentoring Network
(PMN) hosted the Executive Leadership and
Diversity Forum providing chamber members
with an opportunity to hear about corporate
diversity directly from three seasoned executives
in uniquely strong leadership positions.
Latina leader Roseline Hernandez Marston,
CEO of A.D. Marble talked about her experience
as a woman in an environmental engineering
firm — founded by a woman — and the
challenge to find minorities and women to
fill engineering jobs.
Robert J. Ciaruffioli, CEO, ParenteBeard LLC
shared Ms. Marston’s experience in addressing
similar challenges faced in the accounting
profession. Ciaruffioli shared incredible career
and leadership stories and know-how practiced
throughout the growth of his career; including
the importance of taking risks. James E. Nevels,
Chairman of the Swarthmore Group and the
Hershey Company spoke about his small
business tenure in building one of the largest
institutional asset management minority-owned
firms in the country.
Comcast University offers members of the
Professional Mentoring Network (PMN) a series of
three classes this year that focus on productivity,
communication, and presentation skills. The
format offer a variety of valuable skills in an
interactive and engaging environment as classes
have been designed for professionals seeking to
sharpen their skills and grow their careers. Spring
class “Super Productivity for Leaders” focused on
strategies that professionals can implement daily
to increase their performance in the workplace
and maintain a healthy work-life balance.
Members learned how to accelerate their
productivity, set reasonable goals, and achieve
tasks in a timely fashion.
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Attendees at PMN & Comcast University class “Generational
Communication” with facilitators Neen James and Kim Higgins
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Small Business New
Member Orientation &
Educational Series
New Chamber members pose at Tierra Colombiana
after their orientation
New members gathered to learn how the
Chamber can help their business grow, meet
staff, and learn how to make the most of their
GPHCC membership. Especially customized for
the small Latino business market, State Farm
agent Kevin Lowber talked about managing
debt, retirement planning, fixing credit
mishaps, the need for proper business
insurance levels, working out tax problems and
saving for college or a home. GPHCC’s new
member orientation motivates business owners
to actively participate, invite other potential
members, and become effective members who
contribute towards the Chamber improvement
while capitalizing from potential opportunities.
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President’s Note:
Staff Announcements
The SixTh AnnUAl AlegriA BAll kiCkeD oFF The new yeAr
to a great start for the hispanic Chamber members and friends. The
gPhCC board and staff remain appreciative for the awesome support
and commitment you continue to provide. what a great networking
event you all have created! Alegria Ball: Fiesta Mexicana attracted
over 400 guests bringing together small business owners, corporate
executives and professionals to celebrate latino business success in a
setting of rich and diverse Mexican culture. The third excelencia Business Awards recognized the
achievements of hispanic Business of the year Swain Techs, hispanic Professional of the year
Anthony rosado, Corporate Advocate of the year general electric and latin America Business
Pioneer Talson Solutions. State Farm and The hershey Company made it easier with incredible
financial support for the Small Business Development and education Program as the presenting
and Chili Pepper sponsors. The incredible support of all members and sponsors paved the way
for a successful first half of 2012. This success manifested in the 22nd Annual Meeting of
the Membership when members gathered to learn about gPhCC’s 2011 results and the 2012
outlook. PeCo, an exelon company made this event possible, which allowed SrC Chair Pedro
ramos to address the audience and hear member’s concerns regarding education. The staff and
board would be remiss if i didn’t mention their recognition of my sixth year tenure leading the
organization. Thank you.
For the past seven months, the Small Business Development and education program has
continued its programming to help small business owners learn best practices and standards
for accounting, banking, credit and insurance among other business functions. The program
successfully has continued its goals to move the needle towards leadership among latinas
with its latina leadership network efforts. The lln hosted U. S. general Services regional
Administrator for the Mid Atlantic region, Ms. Sara Manzano-Diaz and U.S. navy lieutenant
Commander Audry T. oxley to speak about their cultural identity experience in the context of
career and leadership. The Professional Mentoring network hosted James e. nevels, Chairman
of the hershey Company, roseline h. Marston, Ceo of A.D. Marble and robert J. Ciaruffoli,
Chairman and Ceo of ParenteBeard for an executive leadership and Diversity Forum. Panelist
shared their experience and insights about the role of diversity in leadership. Consistent with
the Comcast University classes in presentation skills and generational communication, guests
had an opportunity to learn about the importance of how presentation skills, shared corporate
values, being at the table, keeping up one’s word, mentoring and giving back can both define and
develop one’s career path. we are incredibly grateful for the volunteerism behind these events.
your hispanic Chamber is proud of its work and continued efforts to nurture latino Philadelphia’s
highly entrepreneurial spirit. The minority series Doing Business with the City
of Philadelphia and Pennsylvania Certification Made Simple, together, with how to do Business
with the Federal government has proven to be rewarding to our members as we continue to see
the number of certification and minority contracts grow. we urge you to continue your support of
our efforts as we look forward to seeing you on September 10 at radnor valley Country Club for a
stellar 10th Annual golf outing. Carlos “Chooch” ruiz will be teeing it up for us this year!
Mihir Suzuki
Temple University Fox School intern
Mihir Suzuki is gPhCCS’s website
content management intern. he is
responsible for website updates, social
media pages, and the Viernes Social
weekly newsletter. Born and raised
in the suburbs of Philadelphia, he is
now a Junior studying international
business. Mihir is fully bilingual in
english and Japanese.
Jennifer Mota
Community College of Philadelphia
intern Jennifer Mota assists with
the Small Business Development
and education program. raised in
Philadelphia, Jennifer will transfer
to the Art institute of Philadelphia to
pursue a Fashion Design bachelor’s
after receiving her associate degree
in communications. Jennifer is fully
bilingual in english and Spanish.
Natalie Habbershon
natalie habbershon was raised in
several different cities in the United
States, but was able to truly find her
home in Philadelphia. natalie received
her Bachelor’s degree in 2011 for
Spanish and Sociology from grove City
College where she was very involved
in the planning of fundraisers such
as relay for life, and managing the Pan hellenic Council. After
graduating, natalie returned to Philadelphia to work in the nonprofit arena with Project h.o.M.e. She developed a passion for the
Spanish language and culture at a young age through her college
studies and time spent abroad studying and volunteering in Spain,
Argentina, honduras and Chile. now a member of the gPhCC staff,
natalie is continuing her pursuit of helping others while nurturing
her love for the hispanic culture.
Pennsylvania Revenue Secretary Daniel P. Meuser’s Presents 2012 – 2013 Budget
To Membership Leaving Optimism And Motivation For Latino Business Advocacy
photo 1: Secretary Daniel P. Meuser addresses the group of
gPhCC members and supporters to learn about the governor’s
budget plans and initiatives
photo 2: Secretary Meuser and gPhCC members network after
the presentation
SeCreTAry oF revenUe For The CoMMonweAlTh
Daniel P. Meuser gave a special presentation to
gPhCC members about the various initiatives
and projects the Department is implementing
to maintain a balanced budget and shorten the
existing deficit for 2012 – 2013. The event was
coordinated with the intention to inform members
about Corbett’s Administration budget plans for the
upcoming fiscal year and have the opportunity to ask
questions and express concerns. Participants also
learned about the state fiscal crisis and challenged
the dignitary regarding the increased small business
tax situation in the City of Philadelphia and
financial barriers placed on small business which
impede on their growth. The discussion included
questions regarding Marcellus Shale revenues and
members questioned Pgw increased costs. Members
connected with Secretary Meuser and began a
valuable informal dialogue about the state-wide
initiatives, which has motivated them to become
more involved in state advocacy. The success and
enthusiasm surrounding this event has fueled
participation for the annual latino Business on
the hill, held in harrisburg in october.
Program Events
(1/1/12 TO 6/21/12)
health Partners
nueva esperanza, inc.
international Airport
Center City opera
Univision 65 wUvP/Tv
AArP- PA state office
el Pilon
Family express
keD Deli grocery
The Training resource
group, inc.
Visit the GPHCC website for more information at
robinson Aerial
Surveys, inc.
Small Business Development and Education
Upcoming Events
Professional Mentoring Network
Upcoming Events
September 4, 2012
September 7, 2012
Comcast University Class
Productive Presentation
and Presence for leaders
Comcast Center
8:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
october 15, 2012
Thomas edison high School
youth Summit – By
invitation only
opportunity for Corporate
Affinity groups & hr
December 13, 2012
Toy Drive Mixer
Save the Date
5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.
henry Canelo
Paula Frenes
Catherine gil
Selina kedziora
karolyn Mena
James Miranda
lorenzo Montalvo
September 14, 2012
noe espinosa
Cheyenne Palma
Angelica velasquez
First Financial group/
Mass Mutual
kym wilner
liz’s hair Salon
ladivah hidden
Fernando lizarraga
MAF Consulting
erika Carrilio
Mimada Beauty
Jose Colon
nadir Zenith, llC
Taller Puertorriqueño
19 & 20, 2012
october 2012
Sofia Contreras
J. Alfredo de la Pena
Christopher Malone
english as a Second
(15 weeks series)
Two Penn Center Plaza
1500 JFk Blvd. Suite 200
Philadelphia, PA 19102
Supported by:
Sovereign | Santander
& verizon
hispanic heritage
networking reception
6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Sponsored by: Smith
license and inspection
latino Business on the hill
A statewide latino
business advocacy day
Capitol hill, harrisburg, PA
Michele Silva
Productivity and Generational Communication:
abuelo would you text me? continued from page 1
Summer class “generational
Communication for leaders”,
presented an analysis of the
varying generations and
communication styles found in the
workforce today. Facilitators neen
James and kim huggins organized
the generations into four categories
and developed a guide on how to
understand why and how each
generation is most likely going to
communicate in the work place
based on external factors and
historical changes. Class
participant Denise Flores
thoroughly enjoyed the training and
shared a comment with us:
“Facilitators are inspirational and
on target; they provided great tips
that i can definitely start
implementing in the workplace.”
have you thought about your
client’s preference? The average
age of latino residing in the
greater Philadelphia region is 24.
Pew hispanic recently announced
that some 74 percent of latino
Americans access the internet from
smartphones. “it’s incredible how
minority communities, particularly
latino communities, are adopting
this technology to empower their
lives.” Said Joan Marsh an AT&T
vice resident in response to Pew’s
June 2011 report.
GPHCC Does it Again! Another Great Meeting
of the Membership
The AnnUAl MeeTing ShAreD 2011
accomplishments, challenges and
2012 strategic goals and activities
with membership and guests The
newly inducted Members of the Board
of Directors were also introduced
which include: Mercy Mosquera, owner
of Tierra Colombiana and Mixto, Clara
rivas, general Manager of Telemundo
65 and James k. wujcik, Market
gPhCC Board of Directors and gPhCC
President & Ceo, varsovia Fernandez, at the
executive, Sovereign | Santander.
22nd Annual Meeting of the Membership
The event offered a fantastic
and PeCo sponsored the event
opportunity for new and existing
members, partners and guests connect and learn about the potential
business opportunities they may share. A great presence from the norristown
latino business owners was felt as everyone recognized the incredible growth
of the hispanic Chamber and enjoyed the pleasant business setting.
Students Learn What They Visit:
Boxes, Jobs and a Cargo Airplane
A group of students from Thomas edison high School
and other local schools visit the second largest UPS hub
in South Philadelphia for a day of shadowing employees,
touring the hub and learning about the importance of a
high school and college degrees
“i reAlly enJoyeD The TriP
and from now on i am
committed to improve my grades
and attendance in order to be
considered for these types of
opportunities in the future” said
Jonathan Medina; a high school
student profoundly touched by
his recent visit to UPS when he
realized the urgency of finishing
high school and pursing a
college degree.
For four years now, UPS, a highly
involved gPhCC corporate
partner has hosted a PMn youth Shadowing Day in their Philadelphia hub, the
second largest in the nation. A group of ten high school students from edison
high School and Congreso programs toured the facilities while learning about
the variety of jobs and skills needed to do such jobs. The goal is to inspire
students to continue their high school education into college and illustrate the
connection between education and entering the workforce.
Shadowing Day activities exposes the students to the corporate work environment
and a variety of career paths that are options for them to pursue regardless
of educational and socioeconomic barriers. Students also learn about UPS
scholarship and long-term career path opportunities. The program follows
the same citywide strategy and values led by the Philadelphia youth network.
Shadowing Day concludes with the students following UPS employees in different
jobs offering an opportunity for them to learn specific tasks and duties the
employees accomplish on a daily basis. The positive impact on the students is
immeasurable and reinforces the power of opportunities for members and youth.
if you are interested in hosting a shadowing day at your company contact ileana
garcia at [email protected]
“Don’t be afraid to
fail” UPS President
Rosemary Turner
Tells Latino
at Executive
in ADDiTion To iTS involveMenT
wiTh PMn yoUTh, UPS hosted an executive Breakfast for several
minority professionals. rosemary Turner, President, Chesapeake
District, gathered hispanic and African American mid-level
professionals for an intimate lesson about the things that make a
career path and leadership. Ms. Turner shared the successes and
challenges she faced growing up as a professional, a manager and
a leader to UPS second largest facility in the United States. Ms.
Turner’s insights about her transition from her earlier career days
to President were filled with determination, focus, communication
and authenticity. She urged attendees to not be afraid to fail
because success is achieved when you are able to get up and do it
right. She emphasized the importance to network with the right
people, to have a sponsor and a mentor and to know the difference
between these two in pursuing a position of leadership. She spoke
about diversity and the power of the hispanic market and shared
the buying power of latinos as a market that spends $12 million
dollars cash a day. Members experienced empowerment
and walked away inspired by Ms. Turner’s wisdom based on
perseverance and a commitment to ethical values.
photo 1: rosemary Turner, President, Chesapeake District of UPS, and hispanic
professionals gather to learn about Ms. Turner’s career and leadership story
photo 2: UPS presents PMn members and Advisory Board members with a grant of
$5,000 in support of workforce development programming for professionals and youth
2012 Latina Leadership Network Series Kickoff Success!
photo 1: After a successful lln seminar, the speakers, U.S. navy
lieutenant Commander Audry T. oxley . S. general Services regional
Administrator for the Mid Atlantic region, Ms. Sara Manzano-Diaz pose
with varsovia Fernandez, gPhCC President & Ceo, Clara rivas, member
of the gPhCC Board of Directors and general Manager of Telemundo, and
Fanny Z. korman, facilitator of the lln
photo 2: Participants at the first lln seminar of the year listen intently
as the speakers are introduced for the evening
in 2011 The gPhCC SUCCeSSFUlly
lAUnCheD the latina leadership network
(lln) with the goal to help grow the
region’s latina leadership. The program
does this by featuring leadership stories
of proven latina leaders and guests have
included U.S. navy lieutenant Commander
Audry T. oxley; this Mexican American
latina shared what it is like to “drive a
nuclear warfare ship” in protecting her
country as a woman under 40! kicked
off with Philadelphia’s First lady lisa
nutter’s leadership story, the network
has continued its success with senior
vice president of Amerihealth Mercy
and Foundation president Maria Pajil Battle,
Benefits Plus Ceo norma romero Mitchell and
Sara Manzano-Díaz, regional Administrator,
U.S. general Services Administration. latina
professionals gather for a facilitated discussion
founded on leadership and learn about
relevant topics to help them forge their path.
Using a cultural approach topics discussed
include “knowing About yourself and the
value of Being latina” and “leadership and
Social responsibility”. The gPhCC strongly
encourages women to join the lln network and
to participate in these very useful lessons and
Region Executives Share Leadership and Diversity
Experiences with Members
continued from page 1
An African American, nevels
shared academic and
professional experiences
and his role in diversity
and inclusion in leading a
Fortune 500 company. The
diverse background of the
panelists and organizations
represented provided for
valuable insights and
perspectives for hispanic
Chamber members and
PMn executive leadership and Diversity panelists, robert J. Ciaruffoli,
Panelists emphasized
Ceo & Chairman of ParenteBeard, roseline Marston-hernandez,
importance of shared
President & Ceo of A.D. Marble, and James e. nevels, Chairman of
corporate values, being at
The Swarthmore group, with varsovia Fernandez, President & Ceo of
gPhCC, Mario Zacarjasc, Principal at PZS Architects and member of the the table, keeping up one’s
gPhCC Board of Directors, and nicholas Jimenez, government Affairs at word, mentoring and giving
Comcast Corporation and member of the PMn Advisory Board
back. They also emphasized
the shortage of minority engineers, accountants and executives in leadership. in october,
the Professional Mentoring network’s 2012 youth Summit at edison high School will
emphasize these career paths in collaboration with general electric, PeCo/exelon, UPS, the
City of Philadelphia, The hershey, wells Fargo, and Comcast and the Comcast Foundation.
2012 Alegria Ball:
Fiesta Mexicana
¡Que Viva Mexico!
continued from page 1
in this event, supporters like State Farm,
The hershey Company, Sovereign | Santander,
CignA, the American Petroleum institute, wells
Fargo and others come together with small
business owners and consumers to connect
with emerging latino markets opportunities
and build next generation relationships.
guests enjoyed Mexican cuisine prepared with
fresh Philly region products, danced to local
Mariachi Flores and Jimmy Jorge latin express
bands and celebrated the 3rd Annual
excelencia Business Awards recipients: Swain
Techs, Small Business of the year, general
electric, Corporate Advocate of the year, and
Anthony rosado, hispanic Professional of the
year. The 2013 Alegria Ball will celebrate the
history and culture of Panama.
Small Business New
Member Orientation
& Educational Series
continued from page 1
el Coqui Bakery owner, yazmin Auli shared el Coqui’s
small business story: the corner bakery in north Philly,
grew from initially two owners to over 20 employees and
moved to a latino-owned ~6,000 sq. ft. north Philly
facility, to become the largest (probably the first) latino
business to business bread and baked good distributor
and b-t-c local latino bakery in the City.
new Chamber members listen to owner of el Coqui Bakery, yazmin
Auli’s, business story and relationship with gPhCC
el Coqui received micro lending financing help from
gPhCC partner CBAC and equipment financing from
gPhCC corporate member TD Bank. it is stories of
success such as el Coqui what keeps us going at the
hispanic Chamber and it is support such as State Farm
and wells Fargo what makes it possible.
The small business educational series workshops across
Philadelphia latino communities and norristown deliver
a sole objective to inform and educate small businesses
about critical business functions that help them grow
and access capital. in Philadelphia, the City of
Philadelphia Department of Commerce office of economic
opportunity and Business Services stand behind us in
support of taking these businesses to the next level of
growth by educating them in minority certification,
joining the City registry, gaining access to minority
contracts and help fuel local economies by creating jobs.
el Coqui will benefit from this second tier level of service
the gPhCC provides.
photo 1: Sue Murray, vice President of operations
at State Farm, gPhCC Chairman, Paul lima, and
gPhCC President & Ceo, varsovia Fernandez
present the Small business of the year award to
Manuel Trujillo, President of Swain Techs.
photo 2: The hershey Company, Chili Pepper
Sponsor at the 2012 Alegria Ball, at the reception.
Small Business member workshop in norristown where members
gather to learn about the importance of tax filing
wiNter/spriNg 2012
200 South Broad Street, Suite 700
Philadelphia, PA 19102
Phone: 215-790-3723 • Fax: 215-790-3840
iN tHis issUe: