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Buena Vista News - Holiday Health Care!
July 2016
Buena Vista News
July Events
4th of July
Double Bingo
@ 2pm - Pavilion
Tuesday Teas @ 2pm
Friday Entertainment
Fridays at 2pm
Neil Yockey
July 11th @ 2:00pm
Saints Alive!
July 21st @ 1:30pm
Tari Martin
July 21st @ 6:30pm
We hope everyone is enjoying summertime at the Heritage Center. We’ve
had a few really hot days, and then some relief. Lots of rain… and lots of
sun. Beautiful flowers, foliage, and sweet birds singing. Its all good…
A special thanks to Robby Helfrich, a junior at Mater Dei High School.
Robby is working on his Eagle Scout rank and
came to us with a project proposal. The long and
short of it…. We now enjoy
a new garden area outside
the big windows in the Pavilion. Robby, with assist
from his team, came and
cleaned out the area, did
lots of trimming and prep
work, and installed a new multi-tiered pond and
water feature. Some new plants were added.
There are a few more changes and updates coming
to the garden area, but we would like to send a big
thank you to Robby for providing a beautiful garden
that will provide hours of enjoyment
for our residents and families. We
have multiple bird feeders and
butterfly bushes that are already
attracting birds and butterflies. By
the way, Robby’s stepmom works
here… Kabreea Helfrich,
our beautician!
Mondays @ 6:30pm
Thursdays @ 2pm
Saturdays @ 2pm
Sunday Afternoon
Church Services
2pm every Sunday
Some special days are coming up in...
July 1st - Hershey Kiss Day….
We’ll be giving out kisses to everyone!
July 17th - National Ice Cream Day
Serving up some cool and sweet treats!
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July 2016
You Deserve a THUMBS UP!
If you have someone you’d like to nominate, please attend the Resident Council
meeting on July 25th at 2pm in the Pavilion. Those who attend the meeting also
get their names entered to win a special door prize! Last month’s winner was
Virgene Gaither.
Volunteer of the Month
Dan Cuffle
Dan is the husband of
resident, Shaleen Cuffle, who
resides on the Horizons Unit.
Dan regularly assists in Bingo,
crafts, and other activities.
He also ministers to and prays
with both residents and staff,
encouraging them in the Lord.
Thanks for all you do on
behalf of our residents, Dan!
Monica works in our dietary
department. Residents
appreciate her kind and
helpful attitude in meeting
their needs.
Monica Helm
Thanks, Monica for putting our
residents first and making
their dining time more
Resident of
the Month
Anna Loverso
Anna resides on the
Harbor Unit after coming
to us from New York!
We appreciate Anna’s
sweet spirit and look
forward to getting to
know her better.
Welcome, Anna!
I am daily watching for the goodness of God. I am not disappointed because I continually
see God’s goodness all around me. The harder the days the more of God we need and
the more He gives! There are seasons in our life when will feel like we will faint.
Our confidence must be in the promises of God. As we live and believe in the
promises we learn to rely on the on God’s goodness!
This summer in our Heritage Faith and Fellowship Group are studying
Psalms 91 which gives awesome promises of God’s care and protection.
In verse 4 it talks about God covering us with His feathers.
Oh how safe it is to be covered with His feathers!
These promises bring me great comfort
and I would encourage you to read the
91st Psalm with us and find the
promises you need for your life.
God is truly good and I see it all the time!!
Judy George
Spiritual Care Coordinator
812-429-0700, ext. 2257
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Rice Krispie Treats cut
into rectangles, dipped in
white chocolate that has
been tinted with food
coloring, and then decorated with sprinkles, icing,
and decorative straws!
Enjoy these snack ideas.
Happy 4th!..... and all summer long.
Wishing everyone a very blessed, fun-filled and
safe 4th of July… and the rest of July, too!
Stay cool….
Patriotic Coconut Water
& Berry Popsicles!
3 cups fresh berries
(blueberries, raspberries,
and sliced strawberries)
16 oz. coconut water
(100% natural, without
added sugars)
Drop berries into popsicle molds. Pour coconut water over the
berries to fill the
molds. Insert
popsicle sticks.
Cover and freeze for
several hours.
Serves 6….
and only 54 calories!
Administrative Staff
Administrator: Britt Fehrenbacher
Director of Admissions: Theresa Anderson
Director of Staff Development: Marina Tieken
Director of Nursing: Courtney Dile
MDS Coordinator: Michelle Williams
Social Services: Jenn Freeman
Business Office: Rhonda Tate
Nutrition Services Manager: Mary Casteel
Environmental Services: Jean Rough
Maintenance Director: David Bretz
Bridges Director: Sandy Taylor
Your Unit Directors
Gwynna Lockhart: Horizons
Amy Stockton: Harbor
Kim Braukhauf: Reflections & Hearthside
On June 28th, we celebrated marriage at the
Heritage Center. Wedding dresses, table decorations, flowers, punch and a beautiful wedding
cake by Sweet Bettys made the afternoon
special. Love songs were sung by Deena Ashley
(along with our residents), prayer and blessings,
and photographs of some of our staff and residents at their own weddings were highlights of
the day. This special tea time also served as a
reception for our administrator, Britt Fehrenbacher, whose own wedding was just last month.
Britt Fehrenbacher…. The cake topper says,
“All of Me Loves All of You”
Beautiful love songs
by Deena Ashley
July Birthdays!
Mary Schurger
Joyce Holley
Irene Larvo
Beverly Goins
Delores Heck
Hazel Smith
John”Jack” Roy
Dorothy Happe
Irene Wolfe
Anna Loverso
Roberta Behme
June Crow
Evanda Pike
Mary Hughes