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THRUSTER Air Services
Air Services
North Hangar, Wickenby Airfield,
Langworth, Lincoln. LN3 5AX
t: e:
01673 885083
[email protected]
[email protected]
THRUSTER Air Services
Thruster Air Services at
Wickenby Airfield is open for
business, with full A1 & F1
CAA approval to build, modify
and test the Thruster series
of microlight. We support all
Thruster models from the
TSTs to the latest Sprints.
The British built Thruster aircraft is known for it’s ruggedness
and affordability with owners varying from first-time pilots,
though to flying schools and professional commuters.
A tried and tested design, the Thruster is a remarkably capable
aircraft with some innovative designs and an excellent safety
record. It’s short field performance is exemplary, making
nearly every field a potential landing site.
The T600 with Jabiru 2200A engine cruises at 65 knots (75
mph) and has a maximum climb rate of 1200ft a minute.
With a 50 litre fuel tank and fuel burn of as little as 10 litres
an hour, you can easily make it across the UK or in to Europe!
The Thruster is the most fun
you will have in the air for a
price that will not break the
bank. Please contact us for
more information - we’ll be
happy to discuss anything
Thruster with you.
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Specifications - T600 Sprint 450kg
Fuel Tank
Two side by side bucket seats, positions adjustable, equipped with a 4-point safety harness.
Fully enclosed with doors, or open versions available both with
Lexan windscreen. Sprint version has enclosed rear fuselage
incorporating Lexan side windows.
The suspension system is manufactured from 4130 Chrome Moly
steel tubing. 13” pneumatic tyres are fitted to the main undercarriage. The T600T has a solid 5” tailwheel and the main
wheels are equipped with cable-operated drum brakes. The T600N has a nosewheel controlled via push rods connected to the rudder pedals, with drum brakes or disc brakes fitted to main wheels
Monoplane with double surface high wing. Aerodynamic airfoil struts
support each wing and are braced by jury struts.
Full 3-axis operated by conventional centre mounted joystick and
dual rudder pedals.
50 litre aluminium tank.
Fittings are manufactured from 316 stainless steel. All other steel
parts are manufactured from 4130 chrome Moly steel and powder
coated in satin black. All aluminium tubing is clear anodised.
A.N. aircraft grade bolts and hardware are used thorughout the airframe. Wing and control surface skins are made from UV protected laminated fabric, available in several colours.
Wing Span
Wing Area
Wing Loading (MTOW)
Total Fin Height
Dry Empty Weight
Max Take Off Weight
Fuel Capacity
Gearbox Propellor
Additional Features
Standard Instruments
Rotax 582 Engine
Max Level
Stall at MTOW
Cruise at 5200 rpm
Roll rate
Rate of climb at MTOW
Sink at MTOW
80kts / 92mph
76kts / 86mph
34kts / 39mph
60kts / 68mph
1.5 secs 45 deg - 45 deg
800 ft/min (2 people)
1200 ft/min (1 person)
650 ft/min (2 people)
425 ft/min (1 person)
Jabiru 2200A Engine
Max Level
Stall at MTOW
Cruise at 3000 rpm
Roll rate
Rate of climb at MTOW
Sink at MTOW
102knts / 117mph
90kts / 103mph
35kts / 40mph
65kts / 75mph
1.5 secs 45 deg - 45 deg
800 ft/min (2 people)
1200 ft/min (1 person)
650 ft/min (2 people)
425 ft/min (1 person)
[450 kg] 28.67Kg/m2
2.4m (T600N) 1.66m (T600T)
(T600T) 187kg
50L (T600N & T600T)
Rotax 582 water cooled 2-stroke or
Jabiru 2200A 80HP 4-stroke.
All tractor configuration.
‘E’ type. Electric start on the 582. Direct drive on the Jabiru.
Warpdrive composite 68” 2-Blade.
Rectifier regulator. Remote choke valves. Electric
fuel pump. Lord engine mounts fitted to 582 engine for effective vibration damping.
0-120 knots ASI. 0-20,000ft altimeter. Slip indicator 0-8000rpm tachometer. (0-4000 rpm on Jabiru) Dual EGT gauge with probes. And Jabiru versionsinclude oil temp/press instruments.

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