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Best Employers
Annual Awards
June 27, 2012
Park Hyatt
Washington D.C.
Welcome to the 8th Annual
Best Employers for Healthy Lifestyles
awards ceremony and dinner
This prestigious award program has continuously evolved since
the first awards were given in 2005, reflecting the significant growth
and evolution in the field of corporate wellness. Within the last
eight years the Best Employers for Healthy Lifestyles program has
recognized the outstanding achievements of 125 U.S. corporations
and 325 employee health and well-being programs. Led by our
Institute on Innovation in Workforce Well-being, these awards
recognize mature, dynamic and innovative programs with measurable
results. From its inception the awards provide a forum for sharing
successful interventions, strategies and services, and illustrate best
practices that can be emulated by other companies.
We are delighted to recognize such an outstanding group of
companies for their ongoing commitment to promoting healthy
work environments. For the second year, we recognize the elite
Global Distinction winners, led by the Global Business Group on
Health—recognizing multinational companies that have developed
comprehensive and practical approaches to providing wellness and
health promotion programs for employees around the world. The
Global Distinction is selectively awarded to winners of the U.S.
Gold or Platinum award.
We are very grateful to our Institute Board members, judges, current
and previous applicants, and awards ceremony sponsors for their
role in making this program a showcase of best practices and
innovations in workforce well-being. Congratulations to all of the
2012 Best Employers for Healthy Lifestyles winners!
Helen Darling, President and CEO
National Business Group on Health
Best Employers for Healthy Lifestyles Awards 2012
Dinner Program
Welcome Helen Darling, President and CEO, National Business Group on Health
Presentation of Awards
Tré McCalister, Ed.D., Health and Productivity Strategist, Global Benefits/Human
Resources, Dell Inc. and Institute on Innovation in Workforce Well-being Board
Fred Williams, Director, Health Management Strategies, Quest Diagnostics
Incorporated, and Institute on Innovation in Workforce Well-being Board Member
Ann Meverden, Senior Benefits Manager, Wellness, Microsoft Corporation and
Institute on Innovation in Workforce Well-being Board Member and 2012 Best
Employers for Healthy Lifestyles Judge
Audrietta Izlar, Manager, Health Improvement Initiatives, Verizon Communications,
and Institute on Innovation in Workforce Well-being Board Member
Chong Begala, Global Health & Well-being Program Manager, Intel, and
2012 Global Distinction Judge
LuAnn Heinen, Vice President, National Business Group on Health
Best Employers in Action—Video Presentation
Concluding Remarks
LuAnn Heinen, Vice President, National Business Group on Health
Photo Session
Immediately following the program in Salon 5
Best Employers for Healthy Lifestyles Awards 2012
Special Thanks
The Business Group enthusiastically acknowledges our esteemed employer
judges and award dinner sponsors.
Best Employers for Healthy Lifestyles Judges
Julie Croom and Jennie Fice, Southern California Edison
Christine Dragotta, Sodexo
Monica Foster, Limited Brands, Inc.
Julie Gritter, Meijer, Inc.
Michelle Hatzis, Google, Inc.
Kristin Kubas, Wyndham Worldwide
Ann Kuhnen, MD, Lockheed Martin Corp.
Ann Meverden, Microsoft Corporation
Roberta Murray, TE Connectivity
Mikisha Nation, Target Corporation
Christopher Powers, Principal Financial Group
Meghan Simmons, NIKE, Inc.
Kimberly Young, Booz Allen Hamilton
Best Employers for Healthy Lifestyles Global Distinction Judges
Chong Begala, Intel Corporation
Janis Davis-Street, Chevron
Donna Shenoha, Wells Fargo
Special thanks to our Best Employers for Healthy Lifestyles sponsors
Platinum Sponsors
One Verizon Way
Basking Ridge, NJ, 07820-1097
Gold Sponsor
213 Washington Street
Newark, NJ, 07102
700 Anderson Hill Road
Purchase, NY 10577
Best Employers for Healthy Lifestyles Awards 2012
Institute on Innovation in Workforce Well-being
Board Members
Electric Power
Barbara Radous
American Express
Jim Dwyer
Melanie King
Aon Hewitt
Stephanie Pronk
Jim Winkler
Baptist Health South
Leah Holzwarth
Maribeth Rouseff
BP America, Inc.
Karl Dalal
Cardinal Health
Kendell Sherrer
Coca-Cola Enterprises
Kimberly Azerski
Deere and Company
Sharon Hodson
Carol Lewis
Dell Inc.
Tre’ McCalister, Ed.D.
Ethicon Endo-Surgery
Inc., a Johnson &
Johnson Company
Henry Alder
Express Scripts, Inc.
Steven Miller, M.D.
Robert Nease, Ph.D.
Larry Zarin
Exxon Mobil
Leba Shallenberger,
PepsiCo, Inc.
Susan Moley
FedEx Ground
Kelly Gray (Co-Chair)
Prudential Financial
Myrtho Montes, M.D.
Fidelity Investments
Tracey Crowell
General Mills, Inc.
Michael Davis
Julia Halberg, M.D.
Melissa Fitzgerald
IBM Corporation
Stewart Sill
Institute of Medicine
Rose Marie Martinez
Kellogg Company
Nate Anderson
Lincoln Financial
Audrey Im
Medtronic, Inc.
Gen Barron
Ann Meverden
Julie Sheehy
NextEra Energy, Inc.
Andrew Scibelli
Paychex, Inc.
Jake Flaitz
Pitney Bowes, Inc.
Elysa Jacobs
Quest Diagnostics
Fred Williams
Sanofi US
Nuala Culleton
Francis Rienzo
John Spinnato
Debra Dailey
Franceen Friefeld
StayWell Health
Grossmeier, Ph.D.
Sue Willette
Texas Instruments
The Boeing Company
Leslie Crow
The Hershey Company
Jeannie Hanna
The J.M. Smucker Co.
October Riggenbach
Union Pacific
Railroad Company
Marcy Zauha
Best Employers for Healthy Lifestyles Awards 2012
UnitedHealth Group
Jeannine Rivet
Beena Thomas
Audrietta Izlar
Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
David Hoke
Weight Watchers
International, Inc.
Tom Futch
Karen Miller-Kovach
WellPoint, Inc.
Cynthia Finter
Wells Fargo
Dee McKellin
Donna Shenoha
Wyndham Worldwide
Kristin Kubas
Xcel Energy
Sarah Jensen
Ruth Lowenthal
U.S. Department of
Health and Human
Services, Health
Resources and
Maternal and Child
Health Bureau
Denise Sofka
About the Best Employers for Healthy
Lifestyles Awards
The Best Employers for Healthy Lifestyles awards recognize the most
outstanding workplace well-being programs—programs that are
comprehensive, achieve strong levels of engagement and improve
health outcomes.
Programs that produce measurable and sustainable changes in employee
behavior and health provide an example and a challenge not only to Business
Group members but to all employers. It is essential that we celebrate these
achievements and allow them to inspire us, especially now when Americans
are in a state of declining health for the first time in history, and two-thirds are
overweight or obese.
The Best Employers for Healthy Lifestyles awards program, now in its eighth
year, serves as a means of sharing successful interventions, strategies and
services, and illustrates best practices that can be emulated by other companies.
The focus and specific criteria for the award are updated annually with evidencebased standards that reflect the evolving field of workplace well-being and
health promotion.
Recognizing the Best Employers for Healthy Lifestyles winners both energizes
corporate health and productivity initiatives and contributes to the national
policy agenda.
Best Employers for Healthy Lifestyles Awards 2012
About Global Distinction
The Best Employers for Healthy Lifestyles designation of Global
Distinction recognizes companies dedicated to impacting the physical,
psychological and emotional health and productivity of their global
employees and dependents.
Now in its second year, the Global Distinction award acknowledges
strategy and action taken at the level of both corporate and country.
The intent is to reward those organizations that are making strides to
changing the health profile of their extended worldwide workforce using
a wide variety of tactics, including employee HR policies and benefits,
communications, engagement and sustainability programs, and health
promotion initiatives.
Global Distinction Winners
Hewlett-Packard Company
Kimberly-Clark Corporation
Best Employers for Healthy Lifestyles Awards 2012
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Learn more
more about our health
ealth initiatives
initiatives at
at www.PepsiCo.com.
Platinum Winners
* Aetna
* Baptist Health South Florida
Kaiser Permanente
Northern California Region
Campbell Soup Company
Mayo Clinic
Cardinal Health
Carolinas HealthCare System
Michelin North America, Inc.
Cerner Corporation
NextEra Energy Inc.
CVS Caremark
Quest Diagnostics
Dell Inc
Texas Instruments
Franciscan Missionaries of
Our Lady Health System
The Boeing Company
General Board of Pension
and Health Benefits of the
United Methodist Church
UnitedHealth Group
Healthways, Inc.
University of Pittsburgh
Medical Center/UPMC
Health Plan
H.J. Heinz Company
JPMorgan Chase & Co.
Visant Corporation
Kaiser Permanente
WellPoint, Inc.
* Special Recognition winners
Platinum Winners
Special Recognition:
Best Stress Management Intervention
Aetna is one of the nation’s leading diversified
health care benefits companies. Aetna is dedicated
to helping people achieve health and financial
security by providing easy access to safe,
cost-effective, high-quality health care. Aetna’s
wellness program is part of the employee benefits
plan and supports the total health management
strategy. Under Aetna’s wellness umbrella, several
programs and resources are offered to inspire
employees to take charge of their health, including:
• Get Active Aetna — Aetna’s most popular
annual wellness program that offers prizes to
motivate employees to eat healthy and exercise
over a 16-week period.
• Healthy Lifestyles Incentive program — a
program that offers financial incentives for
exercising and eating healthy.
• Metabolic Syndrome program — a testing
program that measures employees’ risk for
certain conditions, such as cardiovascular
disease and diabetes.
• Virtual Wellness Center — a computer-based
resource that offers a virtual kitchen, where
chefs prepare healthy recipes on video, and a
virtual fitness center, where animated instructors
lead workouts that vary by intensity.
• Mind-Body Stress Reduction Program —
a mindfulness-based stress management
intervention called “Mindfulness at Work” and
a therapeutic yoga-based “Viniyoga Stress
Reduction Program.”
Special Recognition:
Best Family Engagement
Baptist Health created Wellness Advantage in
2000 as an organization-wide commitment to
improve the health and well-being of our
employees and their families. Wellness
Advantage offers a comprehensive program of
health-related employee services. We believe
Wellness is the key to every success Baptist
Health enjoys, whether it’s the ability to care for
our patients, to balance our personal and
professional lives or to focus on our mission.
Practicing wellness also means that we can keep
our own health care costs, including our medical
plan premiums and our health care service
utilization rate, as low as possible. From our free
on-site employee health clinics, to our innovative
weight-loss portfolio, from our award-winning
video library to our focus on prevention and
safety in the workplace...our mission is to have
the healthiest workforce in America.
Best Employers for Healthy Lifestyles Awards 2012
Campbell’s mission, “Build the world’s most
extraordinary food company by nourishing
people’s lives everywhere, every day,” is the
cornerstone of all that we do in the workplace,
marketplace and community. When it comes to
our health & wellness programs, we encourage
employees to “Nourish Their Health.”
The Healthy Lifestyles program works to promote
the "well-being of everyone” by maintaining
health through work/life effectiveness resources,
self-check guides, Web-based tools, screenings
and preventive care; improving health and reducing
risk through biometric screenings, health
assessments and coaching; and managing
health and chronic conditions through condition
management, wellness programs, and nurse
Our programs include a strong focus on
maintaining and improving the well-being of
employees and their families. We offer employees
integrated and targeted resources, tools and
services from preventive care and ongoing health
coaching to disease management, as well as
Medical Decision Support™ services that provide
free, independent and expert advice on a broad
array of medical conditions and topics. Each year
we formally recognize employees who practice
healthy behaviors and positively influence others.
Leadership support from the C-suite to line
management is leveraged along with targeted
incentives and networks within our sites to drive
a culture of health within our workplace.
Carolinas HealthCare System (CHS), one of the
nation’s leading and most innovative health care
organizations, provides a full spectrum of health
care and wellness programs throughout North
and South Carolina. CHS is a diverse, integrated
health care network of more than 650 care
locations and academic medical centers.
Together we work to improve and enhance the
overall health and well-being of our communities
through high quality patient care, education and
research programs, and numerous collaborative
partnerships and initiatives.
The Cardinal Health Healthy Lifestyles program is
part of the company’s overarching benefits strategy
to support the well-being and development of its
employees. This innovative approach to employee
health incorporates work/life effectiveness
initiatives and programs emphasizing wellness
and prevention. The program includes consumerdriven health plans, disease management and
wellness programs, enhanced work/life programs,
flexible work pilot programs, financial savings
plans and employee assistance programs.
To live our mission and be fully prepared to
serve our patients and communities, it is
important that teammates focus first on their
own health. CHS LiveWELL is committed to
providing opportunities to improve the health and
well-being of all CHS teammates in the Charlotte
region and throughout the Carolinas.
CHS LiveWELL creates an environment for all
CHS teammates to “Work meaningfully, Eat
healthy, Learn continuously, and Live more fully.”
Best Employers for Healthy Lifestyles Awards 2012
program, which covers a vast portfolio of benefits
and services offered to Cigna employees.
Cerner is contributing to the systemic change of
health and care delivery. For more than 30 years
Cerner has been executing its vision to make
health care safer and more efficient. We started
with the foundation of digitizing paper processes
and now offer the most comprehensive array of
information software, professional services,
medical device integration, remote hosting and
employer health and wellness services.
Cerner is headquartered in Kansas City, Mo., and
employs approximately 10,000 associates globally.
Cerner’s U.S. health plan covers approximately
13,500 lives, with a large majority of them in the
Kansas City area.
Cerner’s senior leadership shares a dedication to
supporting associates’ health and wellness. This
is evidenced by a variety of investments, including
two on-site clinics and pharmacies, two on-site
fitness centers, a robust wellness program and
targeted promotion of disease and condition
management through trained wellness coaches.
Improving the health, well-being and sense of
security of the people we serve is Cigna’s number
one priority. And, we extend that commitment to
our over 35,000 employees around the world.
At Cigna, we believe in leading by example.
Healthy Life, our internal health and wellness
strategy, was created with the ultimate goal of
helping our employees and their families achieve
their personal health potential — thereby
increasing productivity and lowering the costs
associated with medical care, absenteeism, and
presenteesim. Healthy Life is one of the
components of our overarching Total Rewards
Healthy Life aims to empower employees take
control of their health. Through health advocacy
programs, incentives for maintaining healthy
behaviors, on-site services and proactive
communications, employee and dependent
engagement in Cigna’s culture of health has
increased, which has resulted in positive
lifestyle changes.
CVS Caremark is dedicated to helping people on
their path to better health as the largest integrated
pharmacy company in the United States. Through
more than 7,300 CVS/pharmacy stores, its leading
pharmacy benefit manager serving 60 million
plan members; and its retail health clinic system,
the largest in the nation with approximately 600
MinuteClinic locations, it is a market leader in
mail order, retail and specialty pharmacy, retail
clinics and Medicare Part D Prescription Drug
Plans. As a pharmacy innovation company with
an unmatched breadth of capabilities, we know
that our colleagues are our greatest asset and we
are committed to our colleagues’ health, careers
and well-being. With CVS Caremark’s WellRewards
program, colleagues earn rewards each time they
take a simple step to improve their well-being,
such as getting a preventive screening or flu
shot, or joining a smoking cessation, weight-loss,
EAP or maternity program. The three main
components of the WellRewards program are
biometric screenings (Better by Numbers), health
assessment (Wellness Review), and rewards.
Best Employers for Healthy Lifestyles Awards 2012
members with chronic conditions receive by
working with Healthy Lives™ health coaches to
reach their goals.
At Dell, our team members are our most valued
asset and being healthy is a way for them to
remain productive and successful at work and
in their life outside of work. Dell supports the
healthy lifestyles of team members and their
families through Well at Dell, a comprehensive
health and wellness initiative designed to enhance
the well-being of Dell participants. This goal is
reached by removing barriers and creating a
healthy work environment with access to
convenient, low-cost health and wellness
programs/resources. Dell partners with suppliers
who provide best-in-class programs to ensure
participants maintain good health and make
improvements when needed. Dell participants are
encouraged to engage in healthy lifestyle choices
through health promotion activities, prevention
and early detection, wellness challenges, and
awareness programs. Additionally, all participants
have access to 24/7 health and medical decision
support and personalized health improvement
programs through a single online portal, and a
nurseline (1-866-Well-Dell).
Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady Health System
(FMOLHS) designed Healthy Lives™ to be a
complete solution to help employers improve
employees’ health and productivity and reduce
health care costs. The four components—analytics
and interpretation, health assessment, wellness
services, and health coaching—are data driven,
customizable, supported with incentives, and
informed by deep clinical experience. A key factor
to our success is personalized support that
With more than 10,300 employees and 13,000
insured members, an 80% participation rate,
Healthy Lives™ shows great promise to
effectively engage employees, improve health,
and save money. Based on 12 months of data,
we project a 4:1 return on investment over five
years, a savings of $37.3 million. Due to the
success at FMOLHS, we are offering Healthy
Lives™ to employers across the country.
The General Board of Pension and Health Benefits,
a not-for-profit agency, provides retirement plans,
investment funds, and health and welfare benefits
to clergy and lay workers of The United Methodist
Church (UMC). HealthFlex is the self-insured
health plan, covering 27,000 lives and offered
through the agency’s Center for Health. HealthFlex
wellness is a vital component in supporting the
well-being of clergy and lay employees, and
thereby the mission and ministry of the Church.
Program offerings include: biometric screenings,
health assessment, walking program, health
coaching, online wellness tools, emotional health
supports, and targeted communications for
preventive screenings and condition management.
These offerings are aligned with individual needs
across the health continuum. HealthFlex’s
wellness program is anchored by data, including
health and disability claims, health risk
assessment results, and biometric screenings.
High engagement in assessment and screening
has been critical to accurately assessing health,
risk, and readiness to change in the UMC.
Best Employers for Healthy Lifestyles Awards 2012
Healthways’ well-being program, Move to Health,
is available for all colleagues and their families
and focuses on improving physical, social,
financial, career and community well-being.
This comprehensive program was designed to
motivate all participants to take charge of their
health by reducing preventable health risks and
improving their quality of life. The corporate value
proposition of this program is that improved wellbeing results in lower health care cost and
increased productivity.
Move to Health offers participants a full range
of personalized programs, robust incentives,
communications and preventive tools. Proactive
tools include a well-being assessment and
screening, one-on-one health coaching, online
fitness and nutrition plans, weight management
and tobacco cessation programs, and free
memberships to fitness centers nationwide.
Our metrics prove that Healthways’ Move to
Health program has inspired a sustainable
culture of well-being throughout the organization
and is designed to make the healthy choice,
the easy choice.
H.J. Heinz Company offers employees and their
families the opportunity to get and stay healthy,
both physically and financially, through a variety
of wellness programs, resources, savings
opportunities and support tools.
The Pittsburgh, Penn.-based company, one of
the world’s leading marketers and producers of
healthy, convenient and affordable foods, strives
to meet the health care needs of its ethnically
and geographically diverse employees and their
families through a culture of health that
emphasizes healthier lifestyles, diligent health
care decision-making, and active participation in
wellness programs.
These wellness initiatives are part of our
commitment to offering comprehensive
benefits and enhancing the health of our more
than 8,000 U.S.-based employees.
Heinz helps employees and their families take
control of their health through free wellness
programs for all types of health needs. Heinz
also provides routine, on-site access to screenings
for employees who may not be independently
motivated to pursue healthier lifestyles.
JPMorgan Chase offers enhanced programs,
tools and resources to help employees and their
families take control of their health. The most
senior levels of the firm champion the wellness
program, which is expanding the number of Health
& Wellness Centers to 29 from 20, and staffing all
centers with physicians. On-site services include
biometric screenings and flu shots, and programs
such as tobacco cessation, health coaching,
disease and lifestyle management, healthy eating,
and employee assistance and work/life programs.
Using a health assessment and biometric
screening, coupled with analysis of health care
claims data, our health and wellness vendors
target individuals for participation in programs
aimed at improving health and preventing or
managing chronic conditions.
Our employee incentive program, Wellness
Rewards (integrated into the medical plan in
2012), helps drive participation. Ongoing
communications remind employees of resources
and rewards, and important steps to take,
including preventive care.
Best Employers for Healthy Lifestyles Awards 2012
Kaiser Permanente is the nation’s largest integrated
health care delivery system providing high-quality,
comprehensive health care services to more than
9 million members.The Healthy Workforce program
was launched in 2010 as an extension of the
comprehensive health care services Kaiser
Permanente provides for its more than 157,000
employees and their families.
Healthy Workforce initiatives leverage proven
research, a variety of motivational techniques,
and interactive tools to encourage healthy habits
for employees at all levels, including executives
and front-line union workers. The programs
include coordinated approaches to promote
total health and wellness and have been jointly
developed with the Coalition of Kaiser
Permanente Unions to assure high levels of
worker involvement and engagement.
The Healthy Workforce program goals include
fostering a culture of workplace health,
reinforcing the Kaiser Permanente Total Health
brand, Thrive, and providing all employees
with tools and resources to lead healthy,
balanced lives at work and home.
Kaiser Permanente Northern California Region
As one of the nation’s premier health care
organizations, Kaiser Permanente is dedicated
to being the best place to work and to receive
care. Being the best means having employees
who are not only engaged and committed in the
workplace but who also feel supported and
inspired about leading a healthy lifestyle.
Our Live Well Be Well program is comprehensive
and strategically designed to inspire and motivate
employees to focus on their own health and
wellness. The program leverages Kaiser
Permanente’s integrated health care delivery
model, advanced technology systems, clinical
excellence, and health promotion expertise to
provide online, on-site, and telephonic services
to over 60,000 employees throughout Northern
Live Well Be Well includes 250 services organized
into six major categories of focus: Prevention,
Healthy Eating, Physical Activity, Emotional
Health and Wellness, Healthy Workplace, and
Healthy Community.
The objective of all health education is to change
the conduct of individual men, women and children
by teaching them to care for their bodies well…”
— Dr. Charles Mayo, 1932
The concept of personal wellness that Dr. Charles
Mayo introduced more than 80 years ago is heartily
embraced by Mayo Clinic today. Employee health
has been woven into the fabric of the Mayo Clinic
culture as evidenced by its inclusion in our
strategic operating plan.
We offer multiple, integrated health promotion
programs to help nearly 43,000 employees
achieve and sustain optimal health. Extensive,
multimodal promotional initiatives guide
employees to the most appropriate health and
wellness resources relevant to their personal
situation. Programs and activities at the Dan
Abraham Healthy Living Center, through Mayo
Clinic Employee and Community Health
services, and via our branded LiveWell program
complement each other to create an environment
where healthy choices are easy choices.
Best Employers for Healthy Lifestyles Awards 2012
Medtronic is dedicated to improving the
health and well-being of people worldwide.
That commitment begins with our employees.
Total Health empowers employees and their
spouses via personal health coaches, to take full
advantage of our comprehensive health program
offerings and online tools. The Total Health
program integrates health components and
creates consistency across locations. Goals are
to improve health through behavior change,
increase access to appropriate resources, increase
awareness and responsibility, reduce inappropriate
utilization of health care, and limit health care
cost increases. Components include on-site
wellness screenings, health risk questionnaire
(HRQ), access to personal healthy lifestyle
coaches, lifestyle management programs,
personal wellness plans, Health Assistants,
disability management, mental health and
work/life resources. Employees who maintain or
improve their health can earn Recognize! points
to purchase prizes. Employees who enroll in the
program and complete their HRQ pay $50 less
per month for their health premium.
Cited by the U.S. Department of Health and
Human Services as an example of innovation,
and awarded an Honorable Mention in the C.
Everett Koop National Health Award competition,
Choose Well-Live Well (CWLW) continues to help
employees achieve measureable improvements
in their health. CWLW is a holistic, multifaceted,
highly integrated wellness program that uses
attitudinal segmentation and behavior-based
marketing principles to encourage employees
and covered dependents to take steps toward
better health. It integrates preventive care and
consumer-driven medical plan design with
healthy food choices, health assessments, health
coaching, weight management, condition/disease
management, case management, incentives,
enhanced EAP and more. Benefits advocates help
employees navigate the health care system and
improve efficiency through better care coordination.
Because CWLW is based on achieving long-term
financial and health outcomes linked to a 15-year
model projecting annual ROI, it shifts the focus
from treatment of illness to wellness, prevention
and quality of care.
With 20 years of work site health and wellness
experience to draw from, NextEra continues to
innovate and evolve its offerings.
Today, NextEra Health & Well-Being offers
comprehensive health and productivity
management programs to more than 33,000
employees and covered dependents. Our program
mission is “to advance a culture that allows
employees to be fully engaged and achieve a
healthy and high performing work life that meets
the business needs of our organization and the
needs of their family and community lives.” Our
emphasis is on high-value services delivered at
the locations and times most conducive to
participation and success. Service is offered in
five primary categories: health promotion, fitness,
nutrition and weight management, health centers
and employee assistance program. All are
integrated into a benefit design that emphasizes
the inter-connectedness between health and
productivity. Our integrated approach also
features initiatives in safety, absence
management and disease management.
Best Employers for Healthy Lifestyles Awards 2012
PepsiCo offers the world’s largest portfolio of
billion-dollar food and beverage brands, through
our main businesses — Frito-Lay, Gatorade,
Pepsi Cola, Quaker and Tropicana. PepsiCo’s
employees share a unique commitment to
investing in a healthier future for people and our
planet. This includes our promise to provide a
wide range of foods and beverages and a great
workplace for our 101,000 U.S. associates. Our
Healthy Living program plays a vital role in
keeping our promise to support the physical,
mental and financial well-being of our employees
and their families.
Our associates recognize the Healthy Living
brand as a comprehensive health and wellness
resource. We have raised visibility of employee
health with annual biometric screenings at over
375 locations and easy access to care at over
40 work site clinics. We have successfully
engaged employees and families with
personalized multimedia communications
and rewards for healthy behaviors.
Since 2005, the Quest Diagnostics HealthyQuest
wellness initiative has focused on fostering a
workplace culture that encourages employees
and dependents to optimize their health.
HealthyQuest continues to have a significant
impact with helping Quest Diagnostics
employees and their families to measurably
lower their health risks by adopting healthier
to 30 laboratory tests. The service is available at
no charge to our more than 40,000 domestic
employees as well as their spouses or domestic
partners. Armed with information from their
Blueprint for Wellness personalized reports,
employees can access the company’s diverse
educational and support programs, supported
by hundreds of employee volunteers, to make
lifestyle changes. Programs include physical
fitness, weight and stress management resources
and tobacco cessation counseling.
Texas Instruments is one of the world’s leading
semiconductor companies. Every day, our
semiconductor innovations help 90,000
customers unlock possibilities for a smarter,
safer, greener, healthier and more enjoyable
world. Our focus on building a better future is
ingrained in everything we do, from responsible
semiconductor manufacturing, to employee care
and active involvement with the communities we
live in. The care for our employees is reflected in
an array of health and wellness programs offered
to employees under our Live Healthy initiative.
The Live Healthy programs provide employees
with access to everything from fitness centers
and weight loss programs to on-site health
screenings. The ultimate goal of TI wellness
programming is geared toward providing
employees with the services, tools, and work
environments that help them lead healthy and
productive lives.
At the heart of the HealthyQuest program is the
company’s Blueprint for Wellness™ health risk
assessment service, which includes a panel of up
Best Employers for Healthy Lifestyles Awards 2012
The Boeing Company’s Well Being initiative stems
from the belief that employees who actively
manage their health and financial well-being are
more productive, satisfied and engaged overall
and able to perform their best at work, at home
and in the community. The company’s Well Being
initiative is designed to offer employees multiple
programs and tools to help them learn about their
physical, emotional and financial health; to help
them reduce their health risks and manage
conditions and medical issues; and to help them
make good choices. Along with offering a number
of Well Being programs, such as Boeing on the
Move, a six-week physical activity challenge;
on-site screenings; and a Quit For Life tobacco
cessation program, Boeing promotes healthy
options in the cafeterias and offers discounted
access to fitness centers and in-house medical
clinics. Over the past four years, the program has
experienced a significant increase in participation,
lower employee health risk trends and improved
health outcomes.
Unilever is one of the world’s leading consumer
products companies with over 160,000 employees
globally. Our vision is to work to create a better
future every day.
Unilever has a rich history of working to
improve the lives of consumers and employees.
Sustainability is at the heart of everything we
do: we aim to double the size of our business
while at the same time halving our environmental
impact, thus improving the health and well-being
of the billion people who use our products. Our
commitment to our business is also apparent in
the integrated approach to health management.
With over 9,000 employees in the U.S., our
programs facilitate engagement by encouraging
individuals to take small, positive steps every day
to manage their health. To maintain engagement,
we consistently refine the program and as
testament to this, we have been honored with the
Best Employers for Healthy Lifestyles Silver award
in 2009 and the Gold award in 2010 and 2011.
UnitedHealth Group (NYSE: UNH) is a diversified
health and well-being company dedicated to
helping people live healthier lives and making
health care work better. With headquarters in
Minnetonka, Minn., UnitedHealth Group offers a
broad spectrum of products and services through
two distinct platforms: UnitedHealthcare, which
provides health care coverage and benefits
services; and Optum, which provides information
and technology-enabled health services. Through
its businesses, UnitedHealth Group serves more
than 75 million people worldwide.
UnitedHealth Group is committed to helping
employees and their families live healthier lives.
UnitedHealth Group incents employees to meet
specific health targets; offers on-site support
through The Well clinics, healthy café options,
CookingWell classes, fitness centers, and local
Wellness Champions in the workplace, wellness
initiatives such as the Employee Assistance
Program and the Diabetes Prevention Program
outside the workplace; and wellness coaching
(telephonic/online), virtual NowClinic, and the
new Health4Me mobile app for people on the go.
Best Employers for Healthy Lifestyles Awards 2012
Together the University of Pittsburgh Medical
Center (UPMC)—a world-class academic medical
center—and UPMC Health Plan—UPMC’s wholly
owned award-winning insurance entity—partner
to deliver innovative My Health programs and
services to the Health Plan’s 1.6 million members.
UPMC’s 35,000 group health insured employees
are the largest single employee group to make
use of My Health programming, which is designed
to maintain and advance the health, productivity,
and quality of life of employees while reducing
their incidence of health risks and the cost of
those risks to their employer. Since My Health’s
inception in 2004, UPMC senior leadership has
fully supported My Health as both a business
strategy for health cost reduction and an
employee empowerment tool. Employees have
embraced the initiative, demonstrating more than
90% participation every year.
With a workforce of almost 10,000 in the U.S.,
U.K., and Ireland, Unum is a leader in providing
disability, group life, and voluntary benefits to
businesses and their employees.
Unum recognizes the value of an engaged,
healthy, and productive workforce. Our health
care strategy provides accessible tools that
enable employees to maintain and improve their
health. Employee wellness has been identified
by our CEO as one of the key components of
our corporate strategic vision, illustrating the
importance this issue has for Unum as a business
and an employer.
With the slogan “Take Advantage, It’s to Your
Benefit,” we offer employees and their families
a broad range of resources to promote wellness,
identify and manage risk, and educate about
healthy behaviors. These resources help keep
our workforce healthy and productive while
managing health care costs.
Best Employers for Healthy Lifestyles Awards 2012
Visant Corporation has continuously introduced
and sustained innovative health care plans and
wellness programs. Using an integrated spectrum
of resources, our Health Matters campaign
offers programs that promote health awareness,
improvement, and educate consumerism.
We engage employees through newsletters,
monthly promotions, corporate-sponsored
health challenges, on-site biometric screenings,
telephonic coaching, online consumerism tools,
targeted and varied incentives, and local
campaigns that can include fitness competitions,
weight management programs, and nutritional
counseling. The overall outcomes of Visant’s
Health Matters are positive results in claims
trend, improved employee health status readings,
and individual employee successes.
As one of the largest health benefits companies
in the country, WellPoint works to improve the
lives of the people we serve and the health of
our communities. We know that the health of
our associates and their families matters too and
that health care costs are rising, in part due to
lifestyle choices. Wellness programs that help our
associates and their families improve their health
outcomes are critical not only to containing costs,
but also to having a happy and successful
workforce. So, WellPoint is committed to offering
a wide range of wellness programs that make it
easier for our associates and their families to
make healthy choices. And we reward our
associates and their families when they show
their commitment to their own health by offering
incentives that reduce the amount they pay for
medical coverage.
Best Employers for Healthy Lifestyles Awards 2012
Gold Winners
Accenture, LLC
American Airlines
* American Express
° Hewlett-Packard Company
Ingersoll Rand Company
*° Kimberly-Clark Corporation
Assurant, Inc.
McKesson Corporation
Medical Mutual and its
Family of Companies
Blue Cross and Blue Shield
of Alabama
Mercy Health
Boehringer Ingelheim
Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Paychex, Inc.
BP America Inc.
PNC Financial Services
Group, Inc.
Chesapeake Energy
Pitney Bowes Inc.
Chrysler Group LLC
Providence Health &
Services Alaska
Compass Group
DTE Energy
Erie Insurance
State Farm Mutual
Automobile Insurance
Geisinger Health System
General Dynamics
Electric Boat
Texas Health Resources
General Mills
The Home Depot
Georgia Power/
Southern Company
Union Pacific Railroad
* Special Recognition winner
° Global Distinction winner
Verizon Communications
Gold Winners
Accenture is a global management consulting,
technology services and outsourcing company,
with 244,000 people serving clients in more than
120 countries. With a mostly Gen X and Gen Y
workforce that primarily work remotely at client
sites, Accenture and the nature of its client work
challenge the idea of a traditional wellness
program. As a result, the company’s Live Well
at Accenture program is dynamic and offers
something for everyone. Live Well at Accenture
combines work/life integration, wellness solutions
and health benefits into one portfolio to offer
employees a complete suite of health programs.
Employees are provided tools, resources and
incentives to equip them to be fit, eat healthy,
manage time, finances and stress, and enjoy a
work/life balance.
American Airlines’ ability to provide great service
to its customers begins with the good health,
safety and overall well-being of its people.
American Airlines’ Healthmatters programs
provide support, resources and information to
help employees better understand important
health issues and achieve the highest levels of
health and wellness. Healthmatters programs
serve all eligible American Airlines employees,
retirees, and their family members—a total
of nearly 160,000 people—through a
comprehensive set of programs and incentives.
American Airlines has built a network of over
150 volunteer Wellness Champs whose goal is to
inform, educate and inspire the American Airlines
family to initiate and sustain better living through
healthy choices. The Wellness Champs strive to
make wellness an everyday activity through work
site wellness programs, system-wide campaigns
and by promoting Healthmatters programs and
Special Recognition:
Best Communication Tactics
American Express is expanding its industryleading, total health management program,
Healthy Living, to impact a broader spectrum
of employees and their dependents in the U.S.
and globally. In 2011, Healthy Living was launched
in Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark,
Finland, Norway and Sweden. The U.S. program
Best Employers for Healthy Lifestyles Awards 2012
includes employees’ families and the growing
population of virtual-based, remote workers.
Healthy Living is geared toward improving health,
business productivity and performance, and
controlling long-term health costs. Now in its
second year, the program continues to show
substantial results, including widespread
participation, positive improvements in medication
adherence and gaps in care, coupled with high
levels of employee engagement and satisfaction.
American Express is fostering a strong culture of
wellness by investing in its employees.
ARAMARK’s Take Care program is designed to
build a culture of health and wellness among
employees and family members and to support
their efforts to get and stay healthy. Wellness
programs address physical and emotional wellbeing. Resources assist individuals with the full
spectrum of health states, from preventive care
to assistance with chronic illness. These resources
include: fitness centers; annual health fairs; blood
pressure and blood sugar monitoring; health
assessments; a Healthy Steps program providing
counseling and support from registered nurses
for those with chronic health conditions, which
is integrated with disability case management;
smoking cessation program; 24/7 telephone
nurseline; 24/7 EAP; telephonic support for
nutrition counseling, obesity, and fitness; bi-weekly
telephone wellness seminars; and regular
communications on health topics and benefit
plan resources. ARAMARK’s plans also feature
Centers of Excellence, a Kidney/Transplant
Resource Center, and high-performance networks.
Assurant strives to create a healthier workplace
to benefit our employees, and in turn, our
customers, shareholders and communities.
Through our health and wellness program AHA!
(A Healthier Assurant) we support employees in
their efforts to identify and manage health risks
and those of their family members. Best-in-class
Assurant sponsored programs help employees
achieve their wellness goals. At Assurant, our
health plan designs rely on evidence-based
medicine and encourage individual choice and
responsibility. We promote a culture of wellness
and provide tools to help employees make
informed health care decisions, while
encouraging healthy lifestyles and improvement.
Our AHA! employee website, educational
brochures, articles, company-wide wellness
challenges, local wellness activities, blogs and
lunch ‘n’ learns are among the many resources
available to engage employees throughout
Assurant in their health.
BD is a global medical technology company
whose corporate purpose—“Helping all people
live healthy lives”—begins with its associates
and their families. BD is a more productive
company when its associates are healthy, and BD
is committed to providing them with resources
and support for their health and well-being. To
bring that commitment to life and build a
consistent approach to wellness, BD introduced
the BD Healthy Lives program in 2006. The
program encompasses a wide range of flexible
programs equipping associates with tools,
support and resources necessary to promote
Best Employers for Healthy Lifestyles Awards 2012
better habits and better health. The program is
part of a multiyear wellness strategy that drives
positive behavior changes and supports these
key business objectives: to provide quality and
competitive health care to all associates; to create
a healthier environment; to strengthen capabilities
and organizational effectiveness; and to control
and reduce health care program costs for
BD associates.
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama is
committed to the health of our associates.
Our corporate mission is to provide employees,
families and individuals access to quality,
affordable health care, because we care about
our members’ financial security, health and
peace of mind. To fulfill this mission, Blue Cross
provides an integrated health management
system through the health plan. The wellness
program provides education and opportunities to
make healthy choices with a work environment
and social culture that support well-being.
For more than 125 years, Boehringer Ingelheim
has been committed to “making more health”
for patients and families, for the community, and
for our employees. This vision is realized through
an integrated team of professionals who provide
employee benefits and wellness solutions to
encourage optimal quality of life, health and
Boehringer Ingelheim’s wellness programs are
as diverse as the employees themselves. Key
components include a health assessment and
nutrition, fitness, general wellness, environmental
health and safety, and work/life balance programs.
The company provides on-site occupational
health services, a fitness center for employees
and their spouse/partner, healthy dining options,
wellness screenings, indoor/outdoor walking
paths, disease management resources, a nurse
hotline, online wellness workshops, an employee
assistance program, 100% coverage for preventive
medical and dental health care, and fitness
center reimbursement for remote employees.
Through the BeHealthy Wellness program,
associates are encouraged to make changes
related to nutrition, exercise, stress reduction
and healthy living. Initiatives and encouragement
are communicated to associates through a variety
of communication vehicles. In 2011, we added
a program component to further enhance our
supportive culture through a social networking
Participation and outcomes data are encouraging
year-over-year, indicating many associates have
made lifestyle changes as a result of wellness
Best Employers for Healthy Lifestyles Awards 2012
BP offers a full suite of measurable wellness
programs to provide employees, retirees and
their dependents with the best possible health
care in an affordable and competitive manner
while actively working to improve their health.
BP consolidated existing local programs into
one national, integrated approach with a broad
framework, with the ability to tailor locally and
by segment (e.g., core menu with add-ons).
The program is all-inclusive: available to all BP
populations, including union, opt-outs, spouses,
pre-65 retirees, etc. The BP Wellness Program is
integrated with other BP programs (e.g., EAP,
BH, disability).
In year one, approximately 94% of active PPO
employees completed their health assessment
(HA), and 93% of those same employees earned
their wellness points. In year two, more than 93%
of employees and 90% of spouses completed
their HA. The most recent 2012 results indicate
employee and spouse participation of more
than 90%.
At Oklahoma City-based Chesapeake Energy
Corporation, a well-rounded approach to health
and wellness is a key component of the
corporate culture. The company’s headquarters
house a 72,000 square-foot fitness facility,
including a junior Olympic-sized pool, rock
climbing wall and cardio, weight and cycling
rooms. Through a corporate wellness program,
employees can earn a cash bonus for living
healthy lifestyles, including completing a
biometric health screening. On-campus
restaurants offer healthy, made-to-order meals
with nutrition information published, and the
company’s registered dieticians and free Weight
Watchers program help employees maintain
healthy weights. Pregnancy wellness sessions, an
employee garden and an on-site health center
are some of the additional benefits offered to
employees and their families. Mental health is
also prioritized, and the company offers a “Your
Life Matters” program to provide employees
with resources, classes and access to three
corporate chaplains to deal with the stresses
and situations of life.
Chrysler Group LLC is committed to creating and
sustaining a culture of health and believes that
“Healthy People Drive our Future.” The company
is committed to providing a comprehensive
wellness program designed to enable employees
and their families to lead healthier lifestyles and
improve their quality of life. Chrysler Group
accomplishes this through a variety of integrated
health care plans that offer many covered
preventive services, a comprehensive employee
assistance program that includes mental health
and substance abuse assistance, United Auto
Workers (UAW) benefit representatives, a health
and wellness advocate (RN) for salary employees,
on-site medical departments, dedicated on-site
wellness staff, online employee health portals,
on-site fitness centers, disease management
programs and an on-site retail medical clinic and
pharmacy. The Chrysler-UAW National Wellness
Program has evolved over the past 27 years to
meet the needs of all active employees at its
U.S. locations and highlights Chrysler Group’s
Best Employers for Healthy Lifestyles Awards 2012
continuing commitment to employee health and
well-being from hire to retire.
Compass Group is the world’s leading contract
food service and support services company.
Its North American Division has over 180,000
associates and 2011 revenues of $11 billion. With
food management as our core competency, it is
imperative that our associates deliver wellness
and nutrition to our clients across 48 states and
15,000+ locations. Through our newly launched
HR Portal—www.altogethergreat.com, we drive
programs to improve our associates’ health.
Compass Group has partnered with the country’s
leading benefit carriers and consultants to ensure
our associates have access to the best quality
networks of doctors and hospitals who can
deliver a high level of personal care to them and
their family members. Wellness, nutrition, and
improved lifestyle choices are a constant message
in all our communication channels.
DTE Energy is a Detroit-based, diversified energy
company involved in energy-related businesses
and services nationwide. Built on a strong utility
base, DTE Energy’s largest subsidiaries are Detroit
Edison, an electric utility serving 2.2 million
customers in Southeastern Michigan, and
Michigan Consolidated Gas Co. (MichCon), a
natural gas utility serving 1.2 million customers
in Michigan. DTE Energy has more than 9,700
employees and offers their wellness programs
to employees, retirees and their spouses. The
company’s health and wellness program,
Energize Your Life (EYL), is based on four pillars:
communication and education, environment and
culture, health stewardship, and support and
guidance. EYL takes a “ground up” approach
to creating a culture of wellness by offering
everything from healthy food choices in the
cafeteria, to health coaches, dietitians, and
on-site wellness classes. The program strives to
encourage all individuals to live with high energy,
good health and passion for life.
Best Employers for Healthy Lifestyles Awards 2012
Erie Insurance provides comprehensive programs
and services to help employees and their families
achieve and maintain good health. ERIE is
committed to a long-term holistic approach that
promotes wellness, education, health management
and shared responsibility. Programs are available
to help participants improve their health, control
chronic conditions and make wise health care
purchasing decisions. Employees and their
families can access a wide variety of health and
wellness resources, such as personal health
coaches, online wellness programs, on-site fitness
classes and disease management counseling.
Through ERIE’s wellness program, Healthy
Directions, employees and their families are
encouraged to participate in health assessments,
live tobacco-free, obtain preventive care, monitor
blood pressure, manage stress and engage in
physical activity. Financial rewards are provided
to employees who demonstrate these healthy
Widely recognized for its development/
implementation of innovative care models,
Geisinger Health System is dedicated to
improving the health and wellness of its
patients and the communities it serves
throughout central and northeast Pennsylvania.
The organization has also recognized the value
in cultivating a culture of wellness among its
employees. More than five years ago, Geisinger
made this commitment upon the establishment
of its Employee Wellness program. This program
is designed to motivate Geisinger family members
to be active partners in achieving healthy lifestyles
—ultimately creating a true culture of wellness
among employees, their families and their
colleagues. The Employee Wellness mission is
being accomplished through the identification,
development and promotion of interactive
educational opportunities highlighting the
benefits of healthy behaviors, as well as the
risk factors associated with chronic disease.
Most recently, the organization launched the
incentive-based MyHealth Rewards program to
help motivate and activate employees toward
healthy lifestyles.
The General Dynamics Electric Boat health and
wellness program, EB Building Better Health is
a robust combination of services integrated into
all business units. Partnering with outside
vendors and our health insurance plan, we have
strengthened our services with health coaching,
disease management and nurse hotlines. We
deliver a consistent messaging of responsibility
for one’s health through adoption of health habits.
Evidence-based, our programs engage individuals
in behavior change and facilitate personalized
action plans. Departmental “House Calls” are
performed in which the medical, health and
wellness team visits the employee’s workstation
performing biometric screenings, education and
counseling. This counseling utilizes Motivational
Interviewing techniques while following the
Transtheoretical “Stages of Change” paradigm.
The end result of these interactions is the
creation of a customized action plan for health
improvement. This action plan is revisited and
addressed periodically at the recurring House
Calls, on-site medical clinic visits or companysponsored health fairs.
Best Employers for Healthy Lifestyles Awards 2012
For 27 years, General Mills has provided programs
and resources to employees that encourage them
to live a healthy lifestyle. We provide workplace
wellness programming because we believe it’s
the right thing to do for employees AND the right
thing to do for the business. It’s a natural fit to
our mission statement of Nourishing Lives—we
nourish our employees’ lives through programs
that have a balanced emphasis on physical,
intellectual and social well-being. We want
employees’ work time to be healthy and safe.
The key to our success has been to provide
centralized support for workplace wellness
programming and decentralized, local
administration of the programs. We continue
to create innovative programming to meet the
ever-changing needs of our employee population,
and have added free nourishment centers stocked
with healthy food choices, walking workstations
and flexible sit-to-stand workstations.
Southern Company and Georgia Power have
demonstrated a longstanding commitment to
the health and wellness of employees and their
families. The wellness program SouthernLifeStyle
focuses on awareness and education for
identifying behaviors and conditions that put an
individual’s health at risk while providing tools
and resources to impact those risks. Programs
are designed to help eliminate or minimize risks
as well as support those at low risk to maintain
that healthy state. Programs include on-site
biometric screenings, health assessments, on-site
programs, wellness physicals and screenings,
disease management, on-site clinics, fitness
opportunities to include on-site fitness centers
and lifestyle programs such as weight
management and tobacco cessation. Wellness
benefits and health support are integrated within
the benefit plan to include screenings, medication
support, EAP benefits and financial planning
assistance. Participants also receive incentives
through a medical premium reduction, gift cards
and merchandise.
Best Employers for Healthy Lifestyles Awards 2012
Global Distinction
HP is actively building a global culture of
wellness. The foundation of this program
has three pillars: physical wellness, stress
management, and financial well-being. HP’s
“Winning with Wellness”—an integrated
companywide approach—focuses on prevention,
accountability, and personal commitment to
wellness by driving engagement, productivity,
diversity, and best-employer initiatives.
HP offers employees in 33 countries a variety
of resources to help them take charge of and
manage their own personal wellness. HP provides
19 fitness centers in six countries as well as
full-service, on-site health centers in Texas,
California, and India, available to employees and
covered spouses/domestic partners enrolled in HP
medical options. In the U.S., employee “wellness
ambassador” volunteers create local activities to
keep employees motivated and wellness-focused.
Globally, employees and family members have
access to stress management tools and mental
health professionals, personal concierge services,
back-up child and elder care, and family-focused
wellness programs through HP’s global employee
assistance program.
Health Progress is Ingersoll Rand’s health and
productivity program. With Health Progress, the
company is committed to helping all employees
and their families make well-being a priority, in
turn creating a healthier and more productive
workforce over time. Through education, diverse
program offerings and personalized support,
Health Progress is designed to empower
participants to improve health and well-being,
both in the short- and long-term. The program
takes a holistic approach, partnering with multiple
vendors to provide a range of solutions to address
individual needs and willingness to change
behavior. Core components of the program
include: annual biometric health screening;
Well-Being Assessment (online HRA); Well-Being
Plan (online portal activities); Wellness Coaching
(telephonic); Condition Management; Back Pain
Program; HealthMiles Activity Program and the
QuitNet Tobacco Cessation Program. In addition,
vendor partners provide complementary services
that support the program. Finally, annual local and
site-level wellness activities are also sponsored.
With assets of approximately $87 billion, KeyBank
provides deposit, lending, cash management
and investment services to individuals and small
businesses, and a broad range of sophisticated
corporate and investment banking products to
middle market companies.
KeyBank’s systemic approach to wellness aims
both to improve employee health and drive down
medical costs by helping employees become
more involved with their well-being. Our wellness
journey includes: single medical administrator
since 2001; simple plan designs (two HDHPs,
Best Employers for Healthy Lifestyles Awards 2012
one PPO); integrated absence management;
vendor summit and coordination; wellness
premium credit; and programs for healthier
eating options, increased physical activities and
on-site immunizations
In 2011, KeyBank Foundation awarded a fouryear, $1 million grant to Susan G. Komen for the
Cure to develop a Community Health Advisors
(CHA) Training Program. CHAs will provide breast
health education and screenings to 110,000
medically underserved women in 17 cities across
the nation where KeyBank has a presence.
Global Distinction
Special Recognition:
Best Community Outreach
Kimberly-Clark Health Services first began in
1977. Since then, we have been able to provide
a wide range of health services to enhance the
lives of our employees around the world. We
believe that the workplace is an ideal setting to
provide health promotion programs because so
much time is spent at work and many of our
health habits can be influenced (negatively or
positively) by our work environment and culture.
K-C Health Services offers health screenings to
employees, spouses and domestic partners to
help them identify any health threats and provide
them with assistance for healthy change. K-C also
has a Corporate Athlete program, which is designed
to strategically help K-C employees become
more productive and effective under pressure by
managing their energy more effectively. KimberlyClark recognizes that it is important for employees
to know how healthy they are and to obtain the
tools necessary to reach their goals.
As a leader in the health care industry, McKesson
believes that building healthier organizations will
deliver better care to patients. By investing in the
health and wellness of our employees, we lead
by example, creating a culture that genuinely
supports our employees and their families, as
well as our customers and partners.
We started our wellness journey more than three
years ago. We partner with our employees to
provide customized first-class benefits that
emphasize prevention and wellness. Under the
program known as You. Even better, McKesson
provides employees with tools and resources to
enable them to improve their health and realize
their full wellness potential. Preventive care is
always covered 100% and online tools provide
easy access to personalized resources. This
scalable program emphasizes choice and
flexibility, while providing McKesson with
verifiable data on employee participation and
measured outcomes.
Developed in 2003, Medical Mutual’s SuperWell
Wellness for Life program has matured into a
successful, comprehensive, integrated and resultsbased initiative, intended to encourage healthy
behaviors and mitigate health risk. The initiative
is fully endorsed by senior leadership, administered
by a dedicated Wellness Team and recognized by
employees as a core component of the company
culture. We strive to retain and encourage
sustained program participation while shifting
focus to concrete, measurable outcomes—a
reduction in health risks and annual economic
analysis. Goals are integrated into program
Best Employers for Healthy Lifestyles Awards 2012
objectives, vision/mission statements and an
operating plan. The initiative includes incentives
integrated into the benefit plan, a structured
point-based Rewards program and an internally
developed wellness portal. The portal keeps
employees engaged and supports four categories
of wellness: health promotion, health education,
fitness and healthy habits. The major risk areas of
tobacco cessation, physical activity, stress, healthy
weight maintenance and nutrition are targeted.
Mercy Health is a prominent integrated health
system, headquartered in St. Louis, MO, with
communities in seven states (MO, AK, KS, OK, LA,
MS, TX). The systems’ innovative Healthification
movement is a new model for our evidencedbased, comprehensive wellness program.
Comprised of four distinctive pillars: Eat for Life,
Move for Life, Balance for Life and Breathe for
Life, Healthification delivers to Mercy co-workers
services, tools, educational resources and rewards.
Healthification gives Mercy co-workers the
strategic resources they need to make positive,
sustainable changes in their personal health and
well-being. Mercy’s Healthification movement
empowers the systems, co-workers to lower their
risks of chronic disease, improve health behaviors
and lower the trajectory of medical care spending
for the system.
The Paychex Active Health program is a
comprehensive wellness initiative that supports
and rewards employees for making a healthy
lifestyle a priority. Using a pioneering behavioral
approach, Active Health is integrated into
medical benefits in a way that helps employees
appreciate the relationship between their
lifestyle, their health, and their health care costs.
Active Health supports the Paychex culture of
wellness with components that include:
outstanding medical plans with 100% coverage
for routine preventive care; a dedicated wellness
website that gives employees access to tools,
information, and programs that help them be as
healthy as possible; a points program that offers
employees a cash reward of up to $325/year for
healthy behaviors; free on-site health screenings
and flu shots; free access to a best-in-class
tobacco cessation program for employees and
eligible dependents; work site programs that
allow employees to participate in healthy
activities in a team-based setting; and more.
Understanding that the value of the organization
lies in a healthy, engaged and productive
workforce, Pitney Bowes has worked to build a
Culture of Health since 1993. From the top levels
of the organization, investment in the health of
employees has proven important for the overall
success of the corporation, providing value for
employees and shareholders. In designing
programs, Pitney Bowes believes that employees
and employer need to work in partnership in
prevention of health conditions and cost
containment. Programs assist in attainment of
healthy behaviors and utilize a variety of program
and educational formats, as well as incentives to
Best Employers for Healthy Lifestyles Awards 2012
appeal to diverse employees. Using evaluations,
benchmarking, and program analysis, Pitney
Bowes has advanced the company’s health
improvement programs and seen positive results
in health improvement and in containing health
care costs. Pitney Bowes continues to refine
programs and services to meet the changing
needs of employees and its shareholders.
PNC Financial Services Group offers PNC
Living Well, an integrated wellness program
supporting employees and their families in the
areas of health, financial wellness, and work/life.
PNC Living Well offers live, telephonic, and
online resources and incentives to create more
understanding and enable employees to make
better decisions. PNC, headquartered in
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is one of the nation’s
largest diversified financial services organizations
providing retail and business banking; residential
mortgage banking; services for corporations and
government entities; and wealth and asset
management. Supporting 57,000 employees,
the wellness initiatives are part of PNC’s
commitment to employee engagement,
resilience, and productivity. The program is
designed to help contain health care costs for
both employees and the company by promoting
healthier lifestyles that reduce and eliminate
health risks. Program components include
coaching, team fitness challenges, a fun and
irreverent intranet advice column, healthy dining
options, and stress intervention for health,
financial, and work/life concerns.
Providence Health & Services Alaska is the largest
private employer in the state, with an employee
population in excess of 4,400. Providence Alaska
recognizes the benefits that ripple out to the
surrounding community when all members of an
organization are well and engaged in creating a
culture of health and well-being. Pursuant to this
vision, in 2008, Providence leadership created
the Health Management Services department.
After more than three years, the department
continues to serve as a key integrator for all of
the services required to fully manage the health
of the Providence Alaska employee population. This
includes services provided directly to employees,
as well as assisting in the development of
overarching vision and organizational direction
surrounding employee health and well-being
LiveWell, is a comprehensive health and wellness
program, dedicated to promoting personal
sustainability of our employees and their families,
which directly impacts safety and productivity.
Our mission is to offer valued programs that drive
long-term health improvements to effectively
manage costs, improve productively, and support
better business results.
Saint-Gobain has identified five areas to focus
on to ensure our culture of wellness: competitive
benefits, health improvement, cost management,
health partnership and personal engagement.
The program provides intervention support for
our top health risk factors: asthma, diabetes,
inactivity, nutrition, smoking, stress and weight.
Risk reduction programs consist of wellness
Best Employers for Healthy Lifestyles Awards 2012
assessments and biometric screenings, lifestyle
management, tobacco cessation, physical activity
programs, education programs and a heavy
focus on prevention. Our goal is to encourage
members to improve their health by being smart
consumers of health care services through
information, decision support tools, program
offerings and design.
Sprint views well-being as a partnership with
employees and offers a top-notch selection of
benefits and programs that employees and their
families can use to protect their health, finances
and future. While offering many programs
specifically focused on health, Sprint also
recognizes that there is more to well-being than
physical health. Thus, Sprint provides employees
with tools and programs that focus on all aspects
of well-being: career, social, financial, physical
and community. Some well-being resources
Sprint offers include on-site health clinics, fitness
centers, financial counseling, non-profit volunteer
opportunities, education assistance, wellness
ambassadors, 401(k) matching contribution,
fitness challenges, cultural celebrations, medical,
prescription, vision, dental, and adoption
assistance benefits. At its inaugural fitness
challenge in 2011, over 14,000 employees
collectively lost more than 41,000 pounds, took
almost 4.8 billion steps and logged nearly 22
million exercise minutes. Sprint also provides
premium discounts for living in a tobacco-free
household and taking the health assessment.
State Farm® cares about the health of its associates
and their families. Its Live Well, Be Well initiative
encourages associates to make informed lifestyle
decisions in the areas of physical activity, nutrition
and weight management, tobacco cessation,
stress management and preventive screenings.
State Farm helps its associates manage the risks
of everyday life by providing a variety of quality
benefits, resources and programs. The company
believes that its associates represent its strongest
competitive advantage, and their Live Well, Be
Well efforts are one way the company hopes to
make a positive difference in its associates’ lives.
Making healthier decisions reduces stress,
increases well-being, improves physical fitness
and productivity, and ultimately allows associates
to be at their best both on and off the job.
State Farm remains dedicated to creating a
supportive environment in order to encourage
healthy lifestyle choices and empower its
associates to Live Well, Be Well.
Best Employers for Healthy Lifestyles Awards 2012
The mission of Texas Health Resources is
to improve the health of the people in the
communities we serve. We believe that improving
health begins with our own employees. Our
Total Health benefits program motivates our
employees to move from health awareness to
action to inspiration through our employee
wellness program called Be Healthy. Be Healthy
helps employees make informed lifestyle
decisions and overcome barriers that prevent
them from living a healthy lifestyle.
Employees can earn up to $250 annually in
incentives by completing elements of Be Healthy
designed to increase their health awareness. In
addition, we offer programs to help employees
understand and manage their health, including
health advocacy, disease management, tobacco
cessation, on-site fitness centers, health fairs,
fitness challenges, employee assistance program,
lifestyle coaching, healthy back program, Weight
Watchers at work program, medical nutrition
therapy, diabetes education, maternity support
program, and on-site hospital case managers.
The tremendous adoption of better health
programs by our associates is helping them lead
fuller lives as we reduce costs, making this a
win-win approach.
Our offerings include health challenges, on-site
wellness champions, free flu immunizations and
Healthy Living Credit incentives. More than
50,000 associates participated in our Health
Challenge in summer 2011 and more than
14,000 of our associates have quit using tobacco
with the help of our free Quit for Life program.
As a result, we’ve received countless calls and
emails from associates who have taken action
and achieved success. We will continue to give
associates the tools they need to be healthier
and more productive because while living well
benefits our company, the most important benefit
for us is our associates.
Best Employers for Healthy Lifestyles Awards 2012
Through its prevention-focused Wellness Program,
Union Pacific strives to be one of America’s
healthiest companies and to help each of its
employees live the fullest, healthiest life possible.
The program launched in 1987 to assist employees
in making healthy decisions every day, at any
stage of life. It has evolved into a comprehensive
initiative that specifically targets asthma, blood
pressure, cholesterol, depression, diabetes,
fatigue, inactivity, nutrition, smoking, stress and
weight, teaching employees how to reduce their
personal risk for these conditions.
Union Pacific’s Wellness Program provides
employees access to wellness assessments,
biometric screenings, lifestyle management
tools, tobacco cessation resources, more than
2,600 system health facilities, health education
opportunities, research grants and injuryprevention initiatives. Program components are
integrated into Union Pacific’s safety efforts and
field occupational health nurse services. The
program’s “Live More” philosophy reinforces that
employee wellness is a way of life: “Every step
you take on the path to wellness leads to a richer,
fuller life. Take charge. Feel better. Live more. And
know that you have Union Pacific’s support.”
We empower our employees to Be Well, Work
Well which is built on the strong foundation of our
corporate values. Providing innovative programs
that simplify access to preventive care and early
detection and encourage healthy lifestyles is
paramount to managing health. We have more
on-site fitness centers than any other company in
North America, support healthy nutrition choices
through food services, and endorse programs to
address racial and ethnic health care disparities.
Major strategies include plan design to steer
healthy behaviors and consumerism, work site
initiatives to foster convenient services and a
healthy environment, targeted communications to
personalize messaging and telephonic outreach
to increase engagement. Tools providing health
action plans, personal health records and trackers
allow employees to set and meet health goals.
Other key programs include: 100% coverage for
preventive services; exercise coaching; nutrition
and weight management; chronic condition
management; tobacco cessation; stress
management/reduction; pre/postnatal health
education; and biometric screenings and
Best Employers for Healthy Lifestyles Awards 2012
Best Employers for Healthy Lifestyles Awards 2012
Best Employers for Healthy Lifestyles Awards 2012
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