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Checking The Numbers - GreenSilk Mulberry Leaf
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rowing alongside
the rise of
diabetes is the market
for dietary supplements
and functional foods
and beverages to help
manage blood sugar.
Checking the
According to Nutrition Business
Journal, consumer sales of supplements
for diabetes reached $1 billion in
2010—a six percent growth over 2009
sales. The American Diabetes
Association has published data showing
that in the U.S. alone, in 2010, $218 billion was spent on medical expenditures
on diabetes-related illnesses. An estimated 366 million people worldwide
now suffer from diabetes and the global
epidemic is getting worse. Recently,
The International Diabetes Federation
described the number of cases as
“staggering,” with one person dying
from diabetes every seven seconds.
Bryan Hatcher, sales and marketing
manager with Vita Logic Vitamins
(Columbus, GA), noted that 25.8 million
children and adults in the U.S—8.3 percent of the population—have diabetes,
“We believe the correct approach is to
address blood sugar control before it
develops into full-blown diabetes, at
The need for
healthy glucose
By Janet Poveromo
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Checking the
the first signs of blood sugar instability,”
he said. “For example, when someone
experiences mood swings, sugar cravings, headaches, cold hands and feet,
concentration problems or fatigue, all of
which can be signs of fluctuating blood
sugars. Our blood sugar formula works
equally well during these early warning
signs and after a diagnosis.”
The state of this market is characterized by explosive opportunity, added
Mitch Skop, senior director of new
product development with Pharmachem
Laboratories Inc. (Kearny, NJ), who
agreed that an emphasis should be
placed on gaining control.
“We’ve seen a significant spike in
younger people who have erratic blood
sugar response and advised by their
physicians to change their lifestyle
habits or suffer eventual diabetes. The
good news is that through proper diet
and supplementation, individuals can
manage healthy blood sugar response.”
Future of the Category
“Fundamental nutritional issues also
factor into diabetes, and this is where
natural products can come into the
picture,” said Oron Cohen, herbalist
with GreenSilk LLC (Pasadena, CA). He
pointed out that according to Global
Industry Analysts, Inc. (GIA), the global
herbal supplements and remedies market is forecasted to reach $93.15 billion
by the year 2015. “Escalating prices,
tighter budgets, high health care and
lifestyle costs have actually driven consumers toward the more economical,
healthier and safer option of alternative
medicine and dietary supplements for
relief from physical and mental disorders,” Cohen added. “In the U.S. alone,
the sales of vitamins and supplements
at the retail level has progressed steadily from 5.5 percent annual growth in
2007 to 7.5 percent in 2009, bringing
U.S. retail sales to $9.4 billion a year.”
There are seven million people who
have diabetes and not yet diagnosed
and 79 million who are prediabetic
according to the American Diabetes
Association. “So obviously there is a
great opportunity for the natural prod-
ucts industry to show tangible results
especially if we can reach these people
sooner rather than later,” noted
Hatcher. “This can increase legitimacy
for the industry and demonstrate a
need for natural products in mainstream
treatment plans.”
With quite a pool of potential customers, is the public aware of natural
products available to help manage a
healthy glucose response? “Many
consumers are aware of the lifestyle
changes that can help, but they are not as
informed about the great results we are
seeing with natural supplements,” said
Hatcher. “This information is beginning to
be disseminated via the internet and other
media outlets such as radio and television
as the research is starting to accumulate.”
Ingredients and Science
Cinnamon, gymnema sylvester, fenugreek and bitter melon plus EFAs and
antioxidants are coming to the forefront
of blood sugar control. The products that
not only address the blood sugar itself
but also more holistic products that help
with neuropathy and eye/circulatory
health are really beginning to shine in
this market, said Hatcher.
Getting Radio Play
o best sell products that address
healthy blood glucose, nationally there needs to be more direct
to consumer marketing that includes
mainstream publications and other
media outlets including radio and television, said Bryan Hatcher, who
works in sales with Vita Logic
Vitamins, a supplement manufacturer. “Health fairs, fundraisers and
other public venues can also make
an impact as these products can
have profound effects on glucose levels when sampled. Getting health
care professionals including physicians to recognize the benefits of natural products is a must for the future.”
Hatcher added that educating people on the seriousness of unregulated
glucose is perhaps the biggest challenge. “They need to understand that
the underlying complications such as
blindness, amputation, heart disease,
stroke, high blood pressure and kidney disease can possibly be avoided
if we recognize and address uncontrolled blood sugar as early as possible.”
Regarding consumer knowledge of
natural options, Jamie Stuckert, store
manager with Peachtree Natural
Foods in Columbus, GA, said, “Our
perspective is quite a bit different.”
That is because storeowner, Duke
Liberatore, co-hosts the No. 1 nationally syndicated health talk show in
the nation with Dr. Jan McBarron,
called “Duke and the Doctor.”
“We have a base of listeners to
the radio program. So it’s not just
people coming in asking about products,” Stuckert explained. “They
know about the products the store
carries and specifically inquire.”
Of course, there are the customers
who may not listen to the radio pro-
gram, but are nonetheless curious
about options and choices available
to them. “They are frustrated with
pharmaceutical drugs,” Stuckert said.
One product often recommended
by McBarron—and therefore sold
frequently in the store—is Vita Logic’s
Blood Sugar Formula. “It is a superb
combination,” said Stuckert. “A lot
of people will seek ingredients such
as cinnamon, and it’s in there.
It’s a go-to.
“The topic [of blood sugar] is
epidemic,” Stuckert added. “It is a
daily question we get in the store,
without a doubt.”
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Checking the
InterHealth Nutraceuticals (Benicia,
CA) predicts its Zychrome™ ingredient
will reinvigorate the blood sugar market
as the next generation in chromium
supplementation. “The clinical results
we’ve seen as well as the published
preclinical data are very promising,”
said Paul Dijkstra, company CEO. “This
is a step in the right direction in managing insulin function and ultimately blood
sugar control for millions of Americans.”
The ingredient is a patent-pending
chromium complex consisting of
chromium, niacin and L-cysteine
(chromium dinicocysteinate). Published
preclinical research demonstrates that
Zychrome increases glucose control and
insulin regulation, and decreases inflammatory markers and oxidative stress.
A study published in the May 2008
(volume 8, issue 25) edition of the journal Nutrition Research shows
Pycnogenol®, an antioxidant plant
extract from the bark of the French maritime pine tree, reduces blood sugar in
type II diabetes patients, allows people
to lower their antihypertensive medication and improves cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk factors. The study, conducted at the University of Arizona,
Tucson, indicates Pycnogenol may serve
as a potent adjunct to prescription
medications for the 20 million people in
the U.S. living with diabetes.
Originally developed as an ingredient to
aid in weight control, Pharmachem
Laboratories’ Phase 2 Carb Controller
white bean extract has been generating
interest for use in supplements geared
toward healthy management of blood
sugar—primarily because it reduces the
digestion of dietary starches which are converted to glucose, and eventually fat, if not
burned by the body, according to Skop.
For instance, an article in a 2010 issue
of The Open Nutraceuticals Journal, a
peer-reviewed publication, describes
two double-blind human pilot studies
demonstrating the ability of Phase 2
Carb Controller to decrease glucose
The article, “Investigation of an
Amylase Inhibitor on Human Glucose
Absorption after Starch Consumption,”
by Joe A. Vinson, Hassan Al Kharrat and
Donna Shuta, University of Scranton,
concluded, “The bean extract has in
vivo efficacy for inhibition of starch
absorption and may prove beneficial in
weight reduction in individuals consuming large amounts of starch. It also may
inhibit starch-induced hyperglycemia in
normal and diabetic subjects.”
When participants consumed four
slices of white bread and margarine with
or without Phase 2, glucose absorption,
as measured by the area under the plasma glucose time curve, was inhibited by
66 percent in the Phase 2 group.
Accordingly, only one-third of the carbohydrates in the bread were absorbed. In
addition, the glucose returned to baseline earlier than the control.
Over the last several years there have
been a variety of clinical trials on the
effects of mulberry leaf conducted all
over the world. Despite the lack of
awareness in the U.S., the mulberry leaf
has quickly gained support from doctors
and medical researchers by producing
significant results stabilizing blood sugar
levels and inhibiting carbohydrate
absorption in subjects without any
adverse side effects.”
In one clinical trial, mulberry leaf was
shown to inhibit carbohydrate absorption by 21 percent resulting in less elevation of post-meal blood sugar levels
and lower calorie intake. Additional
clinical studies proved that 1g three
Phase 2 Carb Controller has also
been shown to significantly reduce the
glycemic index (GI) of white bread in a
clinical study performed by Jay Udani,
MD. The study demonstrated a
reduction of the GI of white bread with
the addition of adequate amounts of
Phase 2 brand white bean extract in
powder form.
“Healthy blood sugar management is
derived from the synergy of various natural ingredients along with proper diet
and physical activity,” added GreenSilk’s
Cohen. “The basis of this synergy in
GreenSilk’s formulations comes from a
medicinal plant known as mulberry leaf.
times daily for four weeks reduced fasting blood sugar levels by 27 percent,
compared to an eight percent reduction
with a known pharmaceutical drug;
three times greater results.
“After years of research, we find mulberry leaf to be the herb of the era,”
said Cohen. “Based upon scientific evidence one of the most unique qualities
of the mulberry leaf is that it contains
compounds that inhibit intestinal
enzymes from passing sugars into the
bloodstream, known as 1Deoxynojirimycin (1-DNJ),” he added.
Additional studies show that healthy
people who used 1.2g of mulberry leaf
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“We’re also always interested in seeing
studies demonstrating how such
ingredients work in common dietary
situations, while many people who are
told by their doctors that they are in the
stages of pre-diabetes may overhaul
their diets—many others do not.”
— Mitch Skop, Senior Director of New Product Development, Pharmachem Laboratories, Inc.
powder did not experience a hypoglycemic reaction. Mulberry leaf extract
contains compounds that help stimulate
insulin secretion; reduce LDL levels;
reduce arterial plaque; promotes circulatory health; assists in digestion and
metabolism; contributes to weight loss
and management; improves liver and
kidney function and is shown to
improve skin conditions. In addition, the
mulberry leaf is full of antioxidants, high
levels of protein, amino acids, iron,
calcium, vitamin A, C and B family of
vitamins making it a great supplement
for anyone.
“From our standpoint,” noted Skop,
“manufacturers want to see doubleblind, placebo-controlled published
studies that show ingredients are effective in reducing starch absorption and
the glycemic index of foods.”
At Pharmachem Laboratories, “We’re
also always interested in seeing studies
demonstrating how such ingredients
work in common dietary situations,” he
added. “While many people who are
told by their doctors that they are in the
stages of pre-diabetes may overhaul
their diets—many others do not. We
cannot force people to abandon simple
carbs and sugars in favor of loading up
on complex carbs and fiber. How do
ingredients work in those with elevated
blood sugar response when they still
enjoy the ice cream or potato chips
while watching ‘Monday Night Football’
or ‘Dancing with the Stars’?” VR
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To read promising
information on a barley
ingredient for blood sugar
and weight management,
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