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READ MORE - MicroMetrics
Retail Franchise
uses Customer Insight
to Increase Marketing ROI
The Company
With over 95 locations, Popeye’s Supplements
Canada is one of the largest health supplement
retailers in North America, with a loyal customer base
built on industry experience and expertise.
The Challenge
Popeye’s had consistent foot traffic coming into their
stores, but knew little about why these customers
were choosing Popeye’s over others. They had
made some attempts to gain insight about their
customer base, but the data was inadequate for
making decisions and required extra labor to make
it actionable.
MicroMetrics’ Customer Insight Platform empowers
franchises and multi-location enterprises to make
decisions using real-time customer intelligence.
Start collecting richer, contextual data by engaging
your customer in short, customized surveys on
the spot – when their feedback matters most.
The Solution
The Result
Popeye’s implemented MicroMetrics’ Customer
Insight Platform to engage customers throughout
their stores. Customers were able to offer feedback
at their leisure while still in-store, providing insight
into their buying habits and decision-making
process. Popeye’s was able to combine this insight
with contact information for more targeted
marketing efforts.
As a result of using the MicroMetric’s platform,
Popeye’s quickly learned that the majority of their
new customers had discovered them through their
Facebook campaigns and national flyer program.
The platform allowed Popeye’s to engage their
customers on the spot and review the results in real
time. They quickly discovered that less than 7% of
new customers were coming in as a result of radio
ads, despite 40 percent of their advertising budget
being spent on airtime. The lessons they learned
through their use of the MicroMetrics platform made
it evident that radio was no longer generating the
leads it previously had.
“It was a bit of an eye-opener for our
marketing budget. We increased our
flyer & Facebook campaigns because
it was proven they were working.”
– Aaron Labarre, Owner, Popeye’s Supplements Ottawa
The insights captured empowered Popeye’s decision
to reduce their radio advertising spend to just 7% of
their marketing budget, allowing them to re-allocate
the remainder to other promotional channels. This
substantially impacted the effectiveness of their
marketing dollars, and resulted in a 55% increase in
new customer acquisitions.
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