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STEM Brochure - Arizona Western College
A r i zona We st e r n Col l ege
Your pathway to a NAU Industrial Technology
Management BAS Degree
Arizona Western College
Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
(STEM Emphasis)
Automotive Technology
(STEM Emphasis)
(STEM Emphasis)
Construction Trades Management
(STEM Emphasis)
Culinary Arts
(STEM Emphasis)
Drafting CAD Technology
(STEM Emphasis)
Electrical Technology
(STEM Emphasis)
Industrial Technology
(STEM Emphasis)
Solar Photovoltaic Installation
(STEM Emphasis)
Welding Technology
(STEM Emphasis)
Northern Arizona University
BAS: Industrial Technology
Career and Technical Education
AWC Main Campus
2020 South Avenue 8E
P.O. Box 929
Yuma, AZ 85365
Office: (928) 344-7567
Arizona Western College does not discriminate in admission or access to, or treatment or employment in, its
services, programs or activities regardless of religion, sex, creed, national origin, race, age, and disability or
handicapping condition. © 2013 AWC
Seamless Transfer Path to a B.A.S. Degree
in Career and Technical Fields
A Federal STEM grant through the U.S. Department of Education enabled
AWC and NAU-Yuma to establish a seamless transfer degree allowing
students in eleven CTE fields to earn 75 credits at AWC and 45 credits
at NAU-Yuma to achieve a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Technology
U.S. Industries that will Boom in the Next Decade
• • • • • • Commercial/Industrial Machinery
Industrial Engineers
Industrial Maintenance and Operations
Automated Manufacturing Technology
Welding Fabrications
With almost 70% of jobs in Arizona requiring some form of job training
or degree beyond a high school diploma, increasing the state’s postsecondary attainment rate is a critical strategy to ensuring a competitive
climate for job attraction and creation and making Arizona a great place
to live.
Start Smart and Save!
AWC 2 NAU Joint Admission Program
Keeping up with rising college costs can be difficult. In Arizona, the tuition
at state universities is currently more than five times what you pay at
Arizona Western College. Our goal is to offer you a quality education in
state-of-the art facilities while keeping your costs as low as possible.
AWC 2 NAU enhances your overall higher–learning experience by offering:
Since the early 1960s, Arizona Western College has served local residents
and even international students seeking to continue their education.
AWC graduates can continue their studies toward bachelor or master
degrees at the Northern Arizona University-Yuma branch, which shares
the AWC campus under an arrangement that dates to the late 1980s.
By earning the B.A.S. Degree in Industrial Technology Management,
students at NAU-Yuma, students save additional money since 75 credits
are earned at AWC where the tuition is lower than at a University.
The road to a degree can be paved with financial aid. Don’t let a current
lack of funds slow you down from achieving the education and the career
you want. Students can apply for federal pell grants or other tools to
alleviate cost concerns.
Transfer to NAU-Yuma with Joint Admissions
STEP 1: Contact: Jeremy Spencer (928) 317-6406.
STEP 2: Meet with an Academic Advisor: to schedule an appointment
call (928) 317-6432.
By combining the study of the business principles with the skills of
Industrial Management, the Industrial Technology Management program
will help you develop a quality skill set and prepare you for a supervisory
STEP 3: Meet with a Transition Coordinator: a semester before
your transition, call to meet with a Transition Coordinator
at (928) 217-6093.
Expand Your Job Options*
STEP 4: Apply for Admissions to NAU-Yuma: Contact Enrollment Services
at (928) 317-6443.
Career Opportunity
Operations Manager. . . . . . . .
Construction Manager. . . . . . .
Industrial Production Manager. .
Average Salary in Arizona
. . . $98,910
. . . $94,890
. . . $94,890
Other well paying jobs our graduates have entered include Training
and Development Managers, Business Operations Specialists, Sales
Managers, and General Managers. To learn more, visit
Salary and job statistics from U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, May 2012.
STEP 5: Apply for Financial Aid: the free application for FAFSA
(Federal Student Aid) will become available January 1st of
each year. Complete the application at; use the
school code 001082. visit for more information.
• Waived NAU admissions application fee
• A free NAU ID card
• Access to NAU online resources, personalized web portal,
library privileges, and NAU email.
• Access to on-site AWC 2 NAU coordinators who will connect
you to NAU resources
• Eligibility for a merit-based scholarship.
Estimated Costs:
Arizona Western College $2,000 per semester X 5 semesters = $10,000
Northern Arizona University $4,000 per semester X 3 semesters = $12,000
Estimated total cost for the AAS to BAS degrees over four years = $22,000 *
* Costs are based on estimates of tuition, books, fees, and supplies only.
Other personal and/or living expenses are NOT included. The approximate
cost of $22,000 is an estimated only based on the 2013–14 school year.

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