Winter 2008 Newsletter - Minerva Valley Companies



Winter 2008 Newsletter - Minerva Valley Companies
641-487-7399 •
8 new cable channels added!
n November and December, we added
for just $50.00 a month! And don’t forget,
We are excited to offer a channel line-up
eight fantastic new channels to our cable
with Minerva Valley Cable, you can watch
that includes more of the channels you want
television line-up that we knew you would
basic cable channels on as many television
for the lowest price possible. Enjoy! ■
enjoy. With the addition of seven new
sets as you’d like for no additional charge!
104 North Pine Street
Zearing, IA 50278
channels to our basic cable line-up, we now
available for under $25.00 a month! You won’t
New Basic Cable Channels
find a better cable value anywhere else!
offer 45 of the very best cable channels
If you want a more comprehensive
*Excludes $30 one-time activation fee on
MEGAtalk plans. New activations only. Phone
pricing requires a two-year agreement on plans
$39.95 or higher. my5 calling does not apply to
directory assistance, voice mail, international or
900 numbers. my5 $10/mo for 1st and 2nd line
on Family Plan; $10/mo per line for 3rd, 4th and
5th lines. Unlimited text is $9.95/mo per line.
Switch for FREE applies to free activation for new
customers who port their number from another
wireless company; available on rate plans $39.95
and higher with two-year agreement. Some
conditions apply. While supplies last. Offer ends
soon. © 2007 i wireless.
Channel 41
The Big Ten Network
Channel 42
entertainment choice with loads of lifestyle
Fox News
Channel 43
channels like HGTV, Style, Discovery
The Learning Channel
Channel 44
Health and the new RFD TV; tons of sports
Animal Planet
Channel 45
like ESPN2, Golf, Outdoor and Speed; the
Hallmark Channel
Channel 46
best in children’s programming like Toon
The Food Network
Channel 47
Disney, Discovery Kids and Noggin and all
New Digital Cable Channel
the music channels you can handle, our 125-
Channel 226
channel Digital Cable package is available
Got a cell phone?
104 North Pine Street
Zearing, IA 50278
It’s easy to send your home phone calls to
your cell phone when you’re out and about!
ometimes people need to reach
rings, answer your cell phone then hang
you, and not everyone has your
up. Now, all your home phone calls will
cell phone number. This is where Call
ring to your cell phone (long distance
Forwarding comes in. If you want to take
charges may apply).
your home phone calls with you when
3) To unforward your calls, just dial *73
you go, just:
and listen for two beeps.
1) Order our Basic Call Forwarding
That’s it! It’s a simple way to make
sure you receive important calls from
2) Dial *72 on your home phone. Wait
family, day care, school, and more…no
for the dial tone, and dial in the phone
matter where you are. To order your Call
number of your cell phone. When it
Forwarding service, give us a call! ■
We need your help to keep your information safe!
ffective in December, the FCC
Therefore, please read and address the
implemented new rules to protect
two areas outlined below. We understand
Open house winners
that #2 may not apply to all customers.
the privacy of information contained in
hank you to all customers who attended our open house in December!
your telephone account, like call detail
These new rules allow Minerva Valley
name, you might want to consider adding
Telephone to ONLY discuss account
the name of your spouse to the account
information with the person(s) listed on the
so that we can discuss the account with
account. Additionally, we are required to
them. If you want to know who is listed
ask for photo ID before discussing account
on your account now, please refer to your
can discuss your account if you have
the bill or the certain call details with
were: Janet Klein, Harold Amundson and LeRoy Renfrow.
Free wireless phone activation was awarded to: Margaret Walters,
Irene Heil and Dorothy Hill. Congratulations!
last Minerva Valley bill, stop by our
details when a customer visits our
office. In certain circumstances, we
Lucky winners of a $20.00 credit toward a future Minerva Valley bill
1. If your account is listed only in your
information and the amount of your bill.
“Do Not Call” List
will not expire!
Due to new FCC rules, we need to set up an authentication
question before we can discuss your account with you.
To make this transition seamless, please fill out the form
below and return at your earliest convenience.
office, or call us at 641-487-7399 or
help with your account, pay your
you that you would like to discuss.
address or e-mail address on record, or you
bill or have any other contact with
your account or make changes, we are
may stop by our office to pick up this call
our company, you will need to add that
required to authenticate your identity. This
detail information.
person’s name to your account. You can
When calling the office to discuss
2. If you rely on someone else to
means you must give us the answer to the
We understand that these new rules will
add necessary persons to your account as
“authentication” question listed below.
change the way we do business, and how
“Authorized Contacts” on the form below.
Certain call detail information cannot
we can communicate with you about your
Those persons can discuss information and
be shared over the phone, regardless of
account. We apologize in advance. However,
make changes to your account. Authorized
authentication. Rather, we are required to
our failure to comply with these rules may
Contacts will not be responsible for payment
call you back at the telephone number on
result in substantial fines and penalties
of your account.
your account, mail the information to your
imposed by the FCC.
To help us better communicate with you, please fill out the form below and return to:
Virgil Phillips resigns
expire this year unless you
re-registered your phone
t is with regret that Minerva Valley must
He has played an important part in nearly
announce the resignation of our General
every aspect of the company and has
feedback, Congress has
Manager, Virgil Phillips. The relocation of
contributed immensely to the success of
reversed this decision and is
Virgil’s wife, Cindy’s, job to the Omaha area
Minerva Valley.
taking steps to ensure that
After receiving negative
has presented them with new opportunities
We will greatly miss Virgil here at Minerva
and paths to follow. Virgil’s career with us
Valley and we will miss the Phillips family in
permanent. We all know how
will end on February 29, 2008.
our community. We wish them the best in
annoying telemarketing calls
Virgil has been a valued employee of
their new location and employment. Thanks,
can be, and according to
Minerva Valley for 28 years and has served
Virgil, for all you’ve done for Minerva Valley
Congress, this new legislation
as General Manager for 12 of those years.
over the years! ■
will give millions of Americans
Please PRINT your answers to the question below on the lines available:
Question for authentication: What is your mother’s maiden name?
Clemons and St. Anthony:
If you want to add authorized contacts to your account, please list them in the blanks below:
Harmon, Joyce
Authorized Contact:
the “Do Not Call” List will be
“a little much needed peace
and quiet.”
Authorized Contact:
❑ Check this box if you DO NOT wish to add Authorized Contacts to your account.
Print your name:
As of today, if you’ve
1321 160th St; Clemons
already registered your phone
Lancaster, Rosalee
104 E 4th St; St. Anthony
number with the national “Do
Rebelo, Phyllis & Paul, Steve
1509 165th St; Clemons
Not Call” List, you don’t have
Prescott, Vanessa
105 Bromley Ave; Clemons
to worry about it expiring.
607 S Center St
If you are still receiving
Browning, Ginger
Telephone Number(s):
E-mail address (if you have one):
By signing this authorization, the account owner requests that Minerva Valley Telephone share certain account information with authorized account contacts and is authorizing the company to share such information with authorized contacts as necessary to address service, account inquiries and changes initiated by the account owner
or any authorized contact.
Signature of person currently listed on account
the end of last year that
the “Do Not Call” List would
Minerva Valley Telephone, 104 North Pine Street, Zearing, IA 50278. You may also return this form with your next bill payment or drop it by our office anytime.
Authorized by:
ou may have heard at
annoying telemarketing calls
Christianson, Kevin
107 E Custer
and would like to register your
D H Blattner
18255 720th Ave
phone number, simply go to
FPLE Story Wind
18255 720th Ave
487-7780, or call
Haskin, Amy
305 S Center St
1-888-382-1222 to register
Reifschneider, Chelsie
412 N Ash St
up to three home and/or cell
Rosendin Electric
18255 720th Ave
TJ Transport
14695 680th Ave
phone numbers. ■