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Mind Mapping - Trainy Days
World Dyslexia Day
about Dyslexia"
Thursday 6th October
See the What’s On section
for further event details
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Surrey RH6 7DE
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Calendar Dates
Hello there!
Autumn term Touchtype Read and Spell
Trainy Days would
like to extend a
warm welcome to
Chester, Elliot and
Harrison who joined our classes this
month. We also welcome everyone
trying out the TTRS course via our
free introduction lesson.
12th September - 15th December
1 hour typing classes will be running
during the October half term holiday
on 27th and 28th October.
What’s On?
Book Look
The Dyslexia Association of Bexley,
Bromley, Greenwich & Lewisham
are holding a special "Chat Show"
event on Thursday 6th October as
part of Dyslexia Awareness Week.
Every Tuesday (4pm
- 4.45pm), St Pauls
Cray Library runs a
crafts and stories
event designed for
children aged 4 – 8.
Dyslexia does present difficulties in
today’s literate society, but this
meeting will explore its magical and
positive qualities too, all of which are
becoming increasingly important
with the modern need for creativity,
alternative thinking and graphical
This meeting will take place at St
Nicholas Church Hall (Village Hall),
Church Lane, Chislehurst BR7 5PE at
Each story session includes a handson activity for the children to make
something to take home.
All children must be accompanied by
an adult.
Free tickets are available from the
library, or telephone 0208 300 5454.
From The Shelf:
Rose between two thorns - Published by Barrington Stoke*
By Sean Callery (Retail price £6.99
Trainy Days price £4)
When Rosie wakes to find herself in 1649, she discovers a country torn apart by
civil war. Friends have become enemies, neighbours have become traitors and
even family members have turned against one another. Can Rosie help lovers
Marie and David stay together, and keep herself safe at the same time?
Would you like to buy this book?
Trainy Days run a second hand and new book service* for those who attend TTRS
courses at our Bromley centre. We have copies of this book in stock, so simply
pay and takeaway at your next session. Alternatively, why not see if your local
library can help you find a copy?
* We sell books because we love them - we have no commercial affiliation to any of the publishers we feature.
Did You Know?
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herb and a berry too. The "tree" from which we get bananas is actually a herbaceous plant (or
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The word "banana" is thought to have its origins in West Africa, which was then passed into English via the
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Despite its long history of cultivation, bananas weren’t widely known about in Europe until the Victorian
era. In 1872 Jules Verne introduced the reading public to bananas via his literary creation "Around the
world in 80 days", describing them as "...the fruit of which, as healthy as bread and as succulent as cream,
was amply partaken of and appreciated".
Do you have anything you would like us to publish in one of our future newsletters? It may be a short story
you’ve written, an article sharing your TTRS experiences, or perhaps about a local event, club or activity
that would be of interest to others. Please send your submissions to [email protected] and we will do
our best to publish them whenever we can.
Don’t Forget! Trainy Days also offer tailored computer training sessions and Inspiration (mind
mapping) tuition too. Please contact us for details, or see our website at www.trainydays.co.uk